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Whither the Republican Party? UPDATED

Please visit today’s Watercooler Chat comments section for discussions/debates about the 2012 presidential election and Governor Palin’s role therein. (Yep, this is a blatant sales pitch for more traffic to our site posts! Ain’t capitalism great?!)

Regarding my comments on Governor Palin mentioning the Whig Party and its demise more than once in the last few years, I did some research and couldn’t find the interviews I was looking for. If anyone has those links filed away, please let me know in the comments section.

I’d like to continue the conversation in this post, along with some pertinent articles/links on this topic.

First, here’s fine Palinista blogger, Josh Painter, from today:

Did Team Palin uncover an October surprise in September?

We think Gov. Palin and her advisors sensed “a great disturbance” in the political force

There’s one thing about Sarah Palin that her supporters, critics and even “neutral” pundits all agree on. Her political instincts are remarkably prescient. She has been praised for this keen instinctive ability to read the political tea leaves throughout her entire career. When Gov. Palin announced on October 5 that she had decided not to run for president, she cited family reasons. What this really means is that it was a family decision, but we were left to speculate on what factors were involved in her family’s deliberations.

There’s no question that a national campaign would be a major disruption of family life for the Palins, and security issues almost certainly were factored into the decision. But political concerns had to have also been involved in what was ultimately a key decision involving the governor’s political career. The words “at this time” from her official statement have been cited by some of her supporters as a clue that Sarah Palin, her family and her close advisors saw some new wrinkle in the political landscape that may have caused her to postpone her run, perhaps until 2016 or 2020 …

As you’ll see in my comments on our Watercooler Chat post, I disagree about conceding the 2012 election to the GOP. But YMMV. Read the rest of Painter’s article here.

For another perspective – and this great chronological sequence of Palin’s September/October timeline – check out this lengthy comment at C4P from our Jewish friend, IsraeliCojones:

The events:

September 20: Palin within five points of Obama in new Marist poll
September 21: Beginning of the chatter about a Palin’s run as a third-party candidate (!).
September 22: Last GOP’s candidates debate: Perry’s flaming out after being wildly hyped.
September 24: Cain “unexpectedly” wins FL’s straw poll in a landslide. Duh.
September 26: Tea Party Nation founder endorses Gingrich (“He’s electable”). Duuuuh.
September 26: Sarah Palin Threatens to Sue ‘Rogue’ Book Publisher
September 27: Roger Ailes: Fox News is making a “course correction”
September 27: Palin’s “sudden silence”
September 27: Greta’s interview
September 28: Cain: “I couldn’t support Perry as the nominee.”
September 28: Rush: “I don’t think Palin is going to run”
September 30: The date comes to pass without a Palin’s announcement.
September 30: Florida moves its primary to January 31st.
September 30: Talks in NH about moving their primary too.
October 3: South Carolina moves its primary date to January 21st
October 4: News come out that a law firm linked to SarahPAC has been making early-state ballot inquiries
October 4: Christie not running
October 4: Georgette Mosbacher, the RNC Finance Co-Chair and big GOP fundraiser says: “Now we know who it is who will be our nominee” (Romney). No mention of Palin. She already knew.
October 5: Chatter about a Palin’s independent run, again (which, as expected, she shuts down).
October 5: Palin announces she’s not running.

Read the whole comment here. I don’t necessarily agree with all of the reasoning here, but it’s food for thought!

And one more article, from today, to further the argument regarding the need to DEFEAT the GOP Ruling Class sooner rather than later. Can it be done in 2012? I think that is the central question.

GOP Empire’s Plan to Crush Tea Party Rebels

The Republican establishment is no longer terrified of the Tea Party, The New York TimesMatt Bai reports. It’s now figured out how to absorb them like a slow-moving but powerful star that’s swelling into a red giant. How to take these political hooligans over? There are a couple steps …

Actually, there are five steps in the article. Read the article, including infuriating comments from Fred Malek, Scott Reed, John Feerhy, etc., here.

Here’s the original lengthy New York Times magazine article that Rush Limbaugh made reference to yesterday. Here are some precious gems to give you a sneak peek with my own bolding and comments in brackets:

Establishment Republicans may prefer Romney to Perry, but their assumption is that either man can be counted on to steer the party back toward the broad center next fall, effectively disarming the Tea Party mutiny … [i.e., candidates for sale to the Establishment]

Today’s establishment is really a consortium of separate and overlapping establishments: a governing establishment of those who have served in administrations or in Congress; a political establishment of campaign consultants; a media establishment dominated by Fox News or the editorial page of The Wall Street Journal and a policy establishment at organizations like the American Enterprise Institute and the Heritage Foundation.

If there is any one power center that connects all of these, though, it’s what you could call the money establishment — the group of senior Republicans, many of whom came to Washington as ideological warriors in the 1980s or early ’90s, who now make their living principally through the business of government. They wield quiet power as corporate lobbyists or regulatory consultants or prolific fund-raisers, or often as all of these at once …[i.e. the permanent political class]

yet it’s the very existence of such back-room decisions that so ignites the contempt of the Tea Party activists. The way they see it, too many movement conservatives, who in their day espoused fiscal restraint and limited government, have now become stewards of the Washington shop, working alongside Democrats to keep the federal money flowing so that they and their friends in corporate boardrooms can build second homes and write tuition checks to private schools. Tea Party members call such figures “big-government conservatives” — a category that includes the former president George W. Bush and most of the party’s Congressional leadership. Or they use an epithet that was popular with an earlier generation of conservative activists: RINO, or Republican in Name Only …

most establishment Republicans are optimistic that they can ultimately co-opt the House freshmen, prevailing on them to accept the wisdom of compromise. After all, here he was, the aging insurgent, now managing partner at the lobbying firm of Clark & Weinstock. A lot of the stridently ideological Republicans who came to town in the Reagan and Gingrich years quickly flamed out and were never heard from again, but Washington has more than its share of Vin Webers and Grover Norquists and Karl Roves — Republican politicians and activists who arrived crusading against the city’s corrupt culture and subsequently became fixtures in its boardrooms and restaurants. “They’ll become the establishment,” Charlie Black, the longtime Republican strategist and lobbyist, confidently predicted when we talked about the more radical members of the freshmen class … [unless Governor Palin wins the presidency as a Tea Party candidate and leads the way?]

At the risk of this post getting too long (is it already?), I’ll stop with the quotes and encourage you to go read the original. Don’t forget to come back here and comment!

Again, in conclusion, I believe we NEED to DEFEAT the GOP Ruling Class. Can We the People do it in 2012? What will Governor Palin’s role be in helping us to that end? Those are the questions/decisions before us.



Thanks to KayHarri, who sent us this clip from June 2011, when Governor Palin talks about third party and the Whigs:


You know, a year ago I would’ve said “Please don’t even consider third party. We’ve got to shore up what is good and strong and principled within the Republican Party and we’ve got to run on a Republican ticket, stand strong on the planks and a strong platform that is the GOP.”

Well, I think conditions have changed in this last year where, after the November midterm elections, we swept in a new crop of hard-core, fiscal conservatives with a lot of common sense, who had solutions that they want to see applied in order to get the economy back on the right track.

Well, too many in the GOP are still resistant and resisting of that movement of this new crop of common sense conservatives.

And if they’re not careful in the GOP, there will be a third party rise up, just like back in the day when the Whigs finally went away and Republicans finally rose up.

That is what the GOP should be fearing today, is the electorate will get fed up with business as usual in the GOP and a third party will rise up.

Not that I want to see that, because I still have beliefs, strongly that the GOP planks are best for our country. But, they have, just the machine that runs the GOP has got to be very careful.

Thanks, KayHarri.

I know there are some from last year, too. If anyone has those, let us know.

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  • Bean Counter

    Nice piece. Very well thought out. The Republican Party is in the toilet and it’s going to take more than some industrial strength Drano to drain the swamp. The way I see it, at least right now, the best thing we can do is follow Gov. Palin’s lead, support the candidates she endorses, work where we are with our local Tea Party groups to change hearts and minds, and just let this thing play out. I think a lot of energy is wasted with all the endless speculation and tea leaf reading — we just wind up spinning our wheels. I’m hoping that Breitbart and Bannon have some killer ammo to fire in a few months that will land a body blow to the GOP establishment. At that point, we have to be ready to sift through the rubble and start over, with the Tea Party leading the charge.

  • RebinTexas

    The Republican party is coming closer and closer to losing me……’s just – there is NO alternative.

    • hrh40

      Not quite yet.

      But maybe soon.

      • RebinTexas

        hrh – nothing I’d like better – and to happen now – in time for 2012. I’d gladly do anything I could to help the process. And, I believe many Americans would also – if somehow they could actually be convinced that We The People – and our Tea Party COULD MAKE A DIFFERENC E – THE DIFFERENCE!!

        May God guide us in our ways, our pursuit of what is right and best for our beloved country.

  • Crueladev

    Great Article HRH!

    The GOP has lost it’s way and after hearing Denny Hastert and others..
    They are nothing more than a sick insane group of money grubbing whores!

    Note to the GOP…don’t expect any money coming in from us “Tea Party Loons”..
    We will take back Conservatism via our WALLETS!!!!

  • PhilipJames

    When you read the article, it is as we all suspected. The “Establishment” whether they think they are or not, is also the enemy. This is not a Republican or Democrat problem… it is the same old human problem of once you get into power, you don’t like to upset the club and therefore risk losing your power. That power leads you to corruption and then you have these jerks in Washington who are there for years and years, who get rich in government and if they leave government, then get rich using their old connections from government. It is a feeding group…. sucking at the government teat and sucking from the political contributions teat. A nice cozy realtionship that is in place between the left and the right at the same time.

    And who is screwed. The American citizen and taxpayer.

    And as we heard in Sarah’s speech, that is the mission. To elect real Conservatives to government in such large numbers that we actually stand a chance of changing things.

    And now you see why Sarah did not run for the GOP nomination. What good would it have done if she somehow could have fought off not only the Democrats, but the Republican Party too? She would be President with the Republican Party as her enemy and working to destroy her every day she was in office. And they would do it too…. to protect themselves. That is the reality.

    Sarah wants to get as many potential allies in office for the time when she does decide to run for the Presidency… whether it is 2016 or 2020.

    • hrh40


      It’s what she faced in AK when she returned home.

      PreVP, she was able to work with the Dems, because she had shown that she wasn’t so partisan that she wouldn’t rout out corruption in her party.

      PostVP, neither the Dems nor the GOP would work with her, because they both feared losing their power in their respective parties.

      “At this time,” perhaps, the Governor sees that even if she wins the White House, there aren’t enough of the new crop there who want to work for the right reasons. And who don’t have their own little fiefdom already set up.

      • NoMoreMeh

        For the first time last night, in 3 years of “waiting for and supporting Palin” and even since her October 5th announcement when I still felt energized and hopeful, a wave of depression blew through, and I started feeling bummed out.  The corruption and power, so entrenched in our government… I always knew it was there.  But suddenly last night, while I was writing on other threads elsewhere, the saturation of it hit me.  Everything in govt is tainted, to a tiny or huge extent.  We do need as clean a sweep as possible; we will need to work for years.  I could know that intellectually before last night.  Now I know it with every fiber of my saddened being.

        I need about 3 cups of coffee this morning to get me out of this funk today.

        • hrh40

          Well, see that Palin made Drudge today!

          Apparently she changed her FB affiliation from Republican to Conservative.

          I can’t verify ’cause I never paid attention before.

          But I think Drudge does some homework before posting so may be true.

          • NoMoreMeh

            Yes, coffee in hand, I am perusing the web ‘o sphere… I certainly see this story was talked about while I was sleepin’!

  • BostonBruin

    Here is an interview she did with Hannity back in June where she warns the GOP about the possible rise of a third-party:

    • hrh40

      Thanks, BB!

      I also got it from KayHarri.

      See the UPDATE.

  • indemind

    Good one hrh… Read Josh Painter’s piece this morning… Thanks for your “precious gems” of the NY times article, didn’t want to go there anyway.  As far as Rush, haven’t listened to his program in a couple of days.  I’ll go back and listen since I am a 24/7 member. Thanks for the writeup. Excellent post.

  • cookboy

    In simple terms, they suck. And they’re good at it, ’cause they’ve been practicing for a long time. With their metaphorical windpipe crushed, they may not be able to suck so well or so much.

  • cookboy

    Nutmegger, I’m with ya!

  • RedDaveR

    Just this week I went into my town hall and changed my registration from GOP to independent. It felt liberating. Since my state (MA) has open primaries, it doesn’t restrict my voting rights. And afterwards I turned on the radio and heard Rush talking about this NYT article. That convinced me that I had made the right decision.

    I wonder if all this will result in any changes in GOP enrollment numbers.

  • bestbud4Palin

    Thanks HRH, Super Doper!!! :)
    About the GOP’s objectives of crushing the TEA Party, I think you’re Right On HRH… But, we’ll just have to wait and see about them apples!
    That’s the part of the story I can’t wait to unfold during 2012… Im giddy, Im so-with “anticipation” and “goose-bumps” waiting to see and hear Gov Palin “Unleashed” & “Unshackled” as was her way in 2010 when using that [boot-on-the-throat] for purposes of good ole’ stompin’ establishment butt.
    There’s no way on God’s green earth Gov Palin could refrain from the game. IMHO, that “strategizing” she referred to is going to be a full-out assault [ N to infinity], same game plan, “the bigger they are the harder they fall” sort; Of course with her same million dollar smile and humbleness. 
    She Knooooows it works! 

  • Firelight

    Love this piece!  We have brilliance in our presence here at P4A.

    A few things missing of IC’s timeline is Palin’s interview with Judge where she shuts down the Sept. 30th expectation and also the leak that happened sometime around the 20th of Sept. that Palin could have her campaign organization up and running in 2 weeks (which infers that she has plotted and planned such a move).

    Thanks hrh for the thoughtful and detailed piece.

  • gahanson

    I think the headline of this thread should be changed to “Wither the Republican Party,” because it needs to die off, and be replaced with something more vital and forceful.  Unfortuantely, I think it is like a dandilion that won’t go away unless pulled up along with every piece of its root, and that aint easy.

  • Michael

    It is time to change things. The republican party failed us. They lied and coopted people and they screwed us over and the rich rino bush stooges tried to destroy Sarah Palin. It is time to stop the Bush machine, if it takes a 3rd party run to save it then so be it.

  • Tlibo77

    Maybe its time to play by Palin Rules.  Government for the people by the people.  Put the PPC on the endangered, likely extinction list.  

  • NoMoreMeh

    Very good post, hrh40.  I really enjoy reading your articles.  Thank you.

  • NoMoreMeh

    By the way, I thought I’d link to a C4P comment I just put up, within the —Sarah Palin Changed her ‘Republican’ to ‘Conservative’ “update-palins-facebook-political-views-have-always-been-listed-as-conservative”– article.

    It is an informational comment on concept of “top-two” primaries in several states; worth pondering the for’s and against’s, reading at the links within my comment.  Or not.  Might be best to just watch football, then baseball.

    [EDIT: fixed the link… title of post was changed by C4P when Stacy did below update.]

    • NoMoreMeh

      Plus, please note that Stacy added an update to that thread at C4P:

      Update by Stacy: We have confirmed that Governor Palin’s “Political Views” designation on Facebook has always been listed as a “Conservative.” She has NOT recently made any changes to her Facebook profile. This was a rumor that got picked up by us. We apologize to Governor Palin for the error.

  • bestbud4Palin

    I know Im late but wanted to say great post HRH, you’re the best! :))

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