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It’s Black Friday!!

Morning everyone!  I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and got to eat lots of great food yesterday.  I know I did and I ate all day long.



I only had one piece of pie, really…..

For me, I will be avoiding all malls. I hate shopping anyway so it won’t be hard to convince me to stay away. We are heading up to Beaver Creek but I’ll have my phone and laptop with me.

Quick news:

This is interesting… Both Stacy Drake and Tami Nantz are quoted in the article.

he he he…  poor babies, NOT!

She has proven that she isn’t a team builder so this doesn’t surprise me.

Food for thought… makes some good points but I don’t see that as a path to victory for anyone.

I think he forgets which country he is President of and the history of our country’s founding.

For someone as smart as he is, he sure doesn’t know when to keep his mouth shut. I realize that he didn’t mean amnesty but he gave his opponents and the media too much ability to read into and clarify his statement on their own terms.

Now since Romney wants to jump on Gingrich for Newt’s immigration position let’s look at Romney’s history of comments here, here, and he is “delighted” here. Rush talks about how Romney’s healthcare plan supported illegal immigrants.

Perry releases Thanksgiving day ad in Iowa.

Oh Romney, this is just the tip of the iceberg. It’s one thing for the media to put words in your mouth but the fact that the LSM and Obama can destroy you with your own words is a whole different problem…

Have a great Friday!!!

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  • section9

    Happy Black Friday, everyone!

    Firelight, you and Sheya do a wonderful job here. Just wanted to pass that along.

  • John Norton

    Another day in America…. and continuing to stand with Sarah Palin X 10…

    • Michael

      Right On, John.I would say X a million.

      • John Norton

        and then some…if I had the mark for infinity id post it…!

  • KatieSilverSpring

    Firelight, I go nowhere on Black Friday.  I don’t like the whole idea and especially this year with Thanksgiving Day openings.

    As for Thanksgiving, this was the first year I actually got everything on the table on time.  Only problem is, I still cannot shuck oysters.  I did it as a child but just am flummoxed as an aging adult!

    • John Norton

      Start with the knife at the hinge of the Oyster with the the tip of the blade and twist and open…

      • KatieSilverSpring

        I knew one of you would answer me!  Thank you JohnNorton!  I then went to YouTube and watched 2 different oystermen shuck.  Amazing what a visual can do to help.  I don’t know why I didn’t think of this before.  But, again, JN, thanks for the prodding.

        • John Norton

          It took me a while to get the hang of but an oyster and other mollusks have a soft spot off center of its hinge…

          • KatieSilverSpring

            Thank you, thank you, thank you; I shucked a half dozen absolutely perfect oysters to become on-the-half-shell — all the juice, none of the chips, no meat destruction!  Thank you for the nudge and the stroke of confidence!  and, I used a pocket knife thingy (looked like a letter opener).

    • hrh40

      Totally agree on Black Friday. Though it’s certainly well-named.

      Take God out of everything – including the president’s Thanksgiving message – and all you’re left with is materialism.

      I’m not casting stones, since I know I’m more materialistic than I want to admit to myself, but we’ve got to start pushing back on this godless materialism somewhere, somehow.

      • hrh40

        Here’s a better article on Black Friday than my commentary:

        • OldPat

          HRH, please do not denigrate your political commentary.  Frankly, I have admired it for some years and wish mine were more like your own.  Tho I try, I cannot condense my thoughts into words nearly as well as you.

          Do you not see the power and information you pack into your declarative sentences?

          I have learned over time to slow down and read your posts twice to make sure I have not missed something.

  • hrh40

    Oh, and Firelight, thanks for the Waltons photo for Thanksgiving.

    It wasn’t a perfect show, but it’s a big part of my childhood and had some fantastic moments and characters!!

    Good choice. :)

    P.S. Trivia for those who care: Earl Hamner, Jr., creator of The Waltons and alter ego of John Boy, got his start penning Twilight Zone episodes.

  • hrh40

    Re: the HuffPo article (with Drake quotes), at the very end, Blumenthal “reports” that on Tuesday Palin “announced” who she most likely would support.

    Erm, hey Blumy, she did no such thing. Sigh.

    Wonder if he’s related to CT’s own Vietnam-lying Blumy, Chris Dodd’s Mini-Me, now Senator (gag!) Richard Blumenthal?

    • LS

      I wondered if someone else was going to catch that.

    • John Norton

      I dont beleive for a minitue shed endorse any of the present candidates, furthermore when Sarah decides to come out of her hole in Wascilla to “shake it off”, Shes gonna really cut loose…Its what I pray for every day now…First week of the new year i ll be looking hard for it…

  • Crueladev

    He laid her on the table,
    So white and clean and bare.
    His forehead wet with beads of sweat,
    He rubbed her here and there.
    He touched her neck and then her breast,
    And then he felt her thigh.
    The slit was wet and all was set,
    He gave a joyous cry.
    The hole was wide, he looked inside,
    All was dark and murky.
    He rubbed his hands and stretched out his arms,

    …And then he stuffed the turkey.

    Good Friday Morning P4A Kids.
    Hope you all had a Great Thanksgiving.
    Well My whole Family was sick so I expect to be coming down with something anytime.
    See why I prefer dogs!  😉

    Happy “Sinkie Day”…who would do that??

    Shopping..Nope not me.. I hate it anytime of the year. 

    I wonder if Defend ever got her turkey thawed….hmmmm all have a good day!  I am going to miss the traditional CU/Nebraska Football game.
    I guess that is another tradition out the window along HRH stated…Thanksgiving when all
    stores were CLOSED!!!

    and the poem above was found in my Grandmothers Recipe Box.  It was read as we
    gathered for prayer.  We all had a good tearful chuckle.

  • LS

    Good morning all.  The ‘path to victory’ that Americans Elect is designed to provide is for Obama’s reelection.  The third-party challenge is the only hope that Obama probably has, and you know Axelrod’s been on the case for a couple of years now.  It’s the same strategy he just used to get Deval Patrick reelected as MA guv in 2010.

  • poljunkie

    Happy Turkey Day + one! 

    Who wants to help clean up the Kitchen!? Actuallly everything’s washed, just need to put it all away. I’m with you all re: shopping. Used to love it when I was “young”, but now- not so much!

    Firelight, I look forward to your daily roundups. 

    The Perry ad was really good.

    Marcus Lutrell is a brave soldier, and a good guy,… I hope the punks who shot his dog are still rotting in jail.

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