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Take Them On Tuesday

Morning all!  Today is a peppermint mocha kind of day, yum! I really wanted to occupy my bed for a longer period of time this morning but the small protestors in my house were pretending they were SWAT and booted me out.

We’ve got work to do this morning peeps.

Action items needed are a phone and google.

OK, so here is the 411.  We all know that the House passes conservative bills only to get shot down in the Senate. What many don’t know is that the Senate has passed a strong balanced budget amendment and it will be voted on in the House this week. The problem is that the house has some old senior members that have sponsored a weak balanced budget amendment and want the credit for getting it passed.

So instead of the House voting on the strong BBA that has already been approved by the Senate making it a done deal, the House is playing “Who gets the credit” and recruiting freshman members to support the weaker version of the BBA bill. That would mean that the House would replace the Stronger Senate BBA with a weaker House BBA and hope the Senate approves it.

What would this mean for Americans?  It would mean that when Congress doesn’t approve the required cuts needed to balance the budget, the judiciary branch will require the Congress to raise taxes. This will allow Congressional members to hide behind the BBA and Judicial branch to raise taxes and blame the courts.  The stronger BBA plan would protect us from this type of abuse.

So, what do we need from you?  We all need to email, call and fax our House of Representative and tell them “NO weak BBA”. They will know exactly what that means.  We need everyone to do this and get everyone you know to do this.


News Roundup:

I’m smiling :)

I knew these people where full of sh%$. I just didn’t realize 70 dump trucks full…

I just want to KISS him (ok, not really)

What part of recuse herself does she not understand?

Lord help me to never cross paths with this woman and witness something like this…

Yes, and I could punt the Super Committee.

and now it’s his turn…

and also his turn…

This could be good news or bad news for the GOP in an election year.

Yes, Scott it would have.

Why yes he would


Well this is thick with irony!

OK, fabulous conservative activists, we need to hit the phones calling all the house members. Repeat after me “No weak BBA”. We own today, lets rock it!!

  • Michael

    It is time for Sarah Palin to reconsider and enter the race. Herman Cain is done. Rick Perry won’t recover.

  • Michael

    Sarah Palin is the North Star (Polaris) and brightest star in the constellation. The brightest star leads way.

  • section9

    I wouldn’t be surprised at all if Palin endorsed somebody tonight, and it would be somewhat upsetting. Palin has found a way to disappoint her supporters over the past three  months and kill off the core of her movement. By her own hand, by the way.

    I’ve told people that Schweizer, Bannon, and Breitbart need a candidate to move the ball down the field to move the issue of corruption. That person can only be Palin.  I do hope she is not planning on stepping all over Schweizer’s book rollout by coming out in support of one of these zombies.

    If she went out and endorsed Romney, I would have to be done with her. But I don’t think she will. Not even Palin could engage in that kind of self-duplicity.

    However, what might be going on is some duplicitous FOX promotion to get some ratings. All the Greta ads actually say is that Palin will reveal who has the best chance to beat Obama in 2012. FNC is parlaying that into an endorsement broadcast. I don’t actually believe that’s what’s going to happen. I think she’s going to puff up Newt and possibly Perry. But I don’t think she’ll actually endorse anyone.

    She can’t be that foolish, can she?

    • hrh40

      I hope she doesn’t “endorse” anyone either.

      But even if she does, I’m still free to choose someone else.

      But it surely will be a disappointment for our country.

      I’m glad my Hope isn’t in temporal politics but in eternal matters.

    • John Norton

      Shed endorse herslf and none of the other current candidates…

  • KatieSilverSpring

    “No weak BBA”.  I repeat after you, Firelight, “No weak BBA”.  AND, I Tweet’d it.  I suggest everyone get the word out and send it out on Twitter as well.  Such a Tuesday …

    • Firelight

      Thank you Katie!!  The House needs to feel the pressure now so that they know the American people won’t tolerate these games.  A few older members want their bill to be passed for “legacy” sake but they don’t seem to care that the bill is weak and will hurt us more than help us.

  • Whitney Pitcher

    Good morning!

    My prediction about Greta tonight:

    Greta:Of all the candidates, who do you think has the best chance of defeating President Obama?

    Gov. Palin: [Insert a few nice comments about some of the candidates with no comment indicating a preference or endorsement]

    I’m no sage political pundit, but I would be pretty surprised if Gov. Palin endorsed a presidential candidate in the primaries. Romney’s too liberal. Cain’s out of his depth; plus, if she was going to endorse him, she would have been out there defending over the allegations. Perry and Gingrich are both crony capitalists; it would be against her character to endorse them. Paul is too crazy isolationist on foreign policy. Bachmann and Santorum have no executive experience in addition to other reasons why she wouldn’t support them. I could be way wrong, but I just don’t see an endorsement or even a supportive statement about a single candidate. All I see is Fox trying to gin up ratings with a somewhat misleading ad.

    • Firelight

      I’m with you Whitney.  I can’t see her endorsing any of these candidates. I have no doubt she will find something nice and positive about each one but that does not equate an endorsement.

      I would just be shocked if she went full in for someone.

    • hrh40

      Well, here’s Greta’s actual write-up for tonight. NOTHING about endorsements – so it does sound like Fox baiting & switching again:

      “The 2012 race has now drifted into surprise and intrigue mode. Each day seems to have a stunning development (yes, never dull!) Make sure you tune in tonight to ON THE RECORD at 10pm…Governor Sarah Palin is our guest ..”

      What I would REALLY love to see is for Palin to shock the world and leave Fox for CNN! Then at least they’d have a real conservative. I’d love to see Erickson’s reaction.

      [Course, I just mean temporarily – until she jumps in the race sometime next year. :)  ]

  • TEX11

    Sarah Palin will not endorse anybody!!!

    Greta is promoting her show by asking simple question:

    “Governor Palin,who do you think has the best chances of defeating President Obama?”

    Sarah Palin has to answer and say something.
    Most likely it will be something like:

    “Any of the candidates can defeat him.
    Newt because ……he’s a (slick) talker……
    Cain because of business experience……
    Perry because jobs in Texas……………



    I can’t believe so many people are falling for FOX’s and Greta’s promotion shtick.

    • hrh40

      See my comment above. Greta’s promo on twitter and Gretawire is fine.

      It’s just Fox/Ailes that is the culprit here.

      Greta and Palin deserve better.


      Hey, might as well add to my comment above, and say that Greta, too, should go back to CNN – don’t they need an “8 pm-er” to quote Levin? And Palin can go, too.

    • LS

      I think that’s true, though I fear Perry’s laughable anticorruption initiative is meant as bait to  tempt an endorsement from Gov. Palin.

      Today also brings a touch of sadness, as I believe another deadline is passed–at least VA, now requiring a massive signature effort to get on the ballot?–without Gov. Palin bailing us out.  I can hardly believe it, but I am now so disillusioned with Romney, Perry, Cain and Gingrich, that I’m wondering if Bachmann or even Santorum deserves another look.  What kind of GOTV can we expect next November with one of these options on the ballot?

      • John Norton

        All of the present candidates arent gonna make it…,they need to think multidimementional,which the Gov. does…

        • LS

          Ha, true.  Newt thinks multidimensionally, but the trouble is that he then acts multidimensionally too.  (And as a big gov bureaucrat, on anything he can get his hands on!)

    • John Norton


  • BostonBruin

    Good morning!

    I would not expect Gov. Palin to endorse anyone tonight. She might say that the candidate who offers the best contrast to Obama will win. And she might give hints at what it would take to get her endorsement (like the candidate must address the crony capitalism issue).

    She did say in one of her post-Oct 5th interviews with Greta or Sean (I forget which) that she might endorse a candidate late in the process. But it’s way to early for that.

  • Mia

    Ciao P4A!!!

    The Guv endorsing a candidate on Greta tonight???


    • indemind

      Firelight….Another great Front Page Roundup……awesome!

      Oh, about the Greta thingy…… Well, I’m with the Lady with the Rolling Pin….(answer, no one)

      sarah 2012…. dio volento…

  • John Norton

    Wind mills are like sailboats no wind and whada got…?   Nada, Bupkiss…
    Anyways on an other note…The house today on the floor monkeys around with our 2nd ammend. rights so we wont be able to defend ourselves…while Rome burns…!

  • NoMoreMeh

    No weak BBA
    No weak BBA
    No weak BBA

    Thank you, Firelight, for today’s post and call to action!

    NoMoreMeh’s bumper sticker idea:


  • Riley4Palin

    Afternoon All!

    I see that Palin will be on Greta tonight.  I don’t think she will focus much of her time on the candidates though.  I think she will be going after Obama as usual and promoting Peter’s new book about corruption and insider trading.  She might as well piss off as many people as possible – including her own employer.

    Herman Cain came to Green Bay yesterday to schmooze with Packer fans before the game last night.  I can’t help but wonder if he was sipping a few too many before he gave that interview about Libya and Collective Bargaining in my state.  Even more ironic, his Block of a campaign manager is from WI.  Goodnight Herm.  You already were playing defense, but screwing up the collective bargaining question in WI was the killer.  Herm sure has gotten more passes than any other potential candidate and it is over now.  Our local talk radio was all over this interview this morning and there wasn’t one caller who defended Herm (and many were his supporters or leaning towards him).

    What in the world?  Chelsea Clinton working for NBC News now?  Good Lord.  We will never be rid of the Clintons.  And then that idiot Brian Williams compares her to Tim Russert?  Are you freakin’ kidding me?!

    It is getting more difficult by the day to follow politics without Palin in the daily narratives. 

    • OldPat

      Riles, it’s Herb, not Herm.  Tks.

  • Bean Counter

    Hey y’all. Nutty morning. Nuttier afternoon. I’m with everybody else in that I don’t foresee the Gov. endorsing any of those goobers. That would handcuff her and diminish a lot of her effectiveness.

    It was just a matter of time before Cain started making brazen rookie mistakes. I figured that would sink him before the sexual harassment issue did. He clearly is not ready for prime time.

    And yeah, I’m with Riley re: Chelsea Clinton being hired by NBC. Unless I missed something, she has no journalistic background at all. Rush thinks they’re grooming her to run for office and the network news exposure will help her to develop a “presence” on TV. Hmm, I wonder how Luke Russert feels hearing her compared to his dad?

    Well, it’s just getting weirder and weirder….hold onto the handrails…

    • Riley4Palin

      Hey Bean:

      How does Cain show up in WI of all places and screw up the collective bargaining question?  You nailed it.  Definitely not ready for prime time.

      Cain already had three strikes.  Then the umpire called that off and gave him another 10 shots at hitting a single out of the infield and he keeps swinging at balls in the dirt.

      Enough already.

      • Bean Counter

        And another Amen.

  • Whitney Pitcher

    OK….I’m ticked, though perhaps I shouldn’t be surprised!

    I’m thrilled that Gabby Giffords has made such a courageous recovery, but now her husband is politicizing the actions of a crazy man by saying that while Governor Palin was not responsible for the shooting, she was “irresponsible”. I guess they are are disappointed she didn’t call to offer her prayers. She released a statement and a video. She addressed in at least one interview. What if she would have called? Would they have turned that in to some situation to blame her even  more for something she played no part in? Was this part of the Democrats plan to kneecap Palin early on in the primary if she ran? UGH!!!!!

    • Riley4Palin

      Ah, nice work hubby.  Using your wife as a political weapon against Palin?   Shouldn’t the husband be more concerned about getting his wife better and not really concerned about doing TV interviews and calling out other Republicans?   These politicos all live in bizarro world.

      Um, and another thing.  I have heard Debbie Blabbermouth Schultz on Morning Joe discussing her pal Gabby.  Does anyone have a record of the hundreds of instances of Debbie Downer’s “best of” idiotic political commentary?

      Shut it Mark.  How about training for another flight for another 20 years and stop being an attack dog for the DNC?

      • Bean Counter


    • section9

      Palin didn’t call because it wasn’t Palin’s place to call. She issued a statement. Palin didn’t know the Giffords family. They weren’t friends or associates.

      The Leftards and the Propaganda Ministry asserted the Palin should have called the Giffords family and offered an apology, which is what they really wanted.

      Palin may have been born at night, but it wasn’t Last Night.

      • hrh40


        I would imagine Palin would feel it would be very presumptuous of her to inject herself into the family during such a tragic time. She doesn’t know them. She never worked with Giffords. Why would she call? She had NOTHING to do with the shooting. NOTHING.

        Just because the media MADE UP the narrative that she did does NOT make it so. Palin knows truth, and the media trying to connect Palin to the shooting is NOT truth.

        I doubt it ever even crossed Palin’s mind to personally call people she doesn’t even know.

    • Firelight

      John Coale called the Giffords on behalf of the Palins and spoke with Mark Kelly. That is more than Kelly deserves. He is acting as if Palin owed him something because she was responsible.

      I want to know if while he had Obama on the phone that he called Obama irresponsible for his violent comments?  Hmmmmm……… 

      I think her recovery is a beautiful story but it disgusts me that Kelly or some media even go there. The good news is that for every 100 comments I have read only 2 or 3 are negative. The other 97 or so are positive for Palin and also take issue with the comments.

    • cookboy

      Being a gunshot victim is kinda like being an astronaut. Neither confers relevance or credibility.

  • Lipstick

    What will happen is Greta will ask “the (new) question”.  And Palin will say….

    “Greta, you know, I have prayed and thought about that and dog gone it, all those yahoos are just boring the hell out of me. So Todd and I have decided I am throwing my hat in the ring. I am now a candidate for the GOP nomination.”

    • Nancy6

      Ooohhh! Interesting!
      Don’t tease, woman!
      From your lips to God’s ear.
      If only.
      Oh, please, please, please, let Lipstick be right!

    • section9

      This is actually conceivable, btw. I don’t expect it. However, I would expect her to do something like that about as much as I would expect her to endorse Romney as a Reagan Conservative.

      Actually, the odds of her jumping in the race are a little higher than calling Mittens a Reagan Conservative.

    • hrh40

      Heh heh, and she’ll phrase it just like that. :)

  • hrh40

    More info on the weak vs strong BBA:

    • John Norton

      Sarah just said on Gretas show that she would not endorse anyone just the cream of the crop she said…!
      I was looking for something by the 15th and she dosnt disapoint…

  • TEX11

    “Hang him from the highest tree! I’ll bring the rope”!

    Sarah Palin talking about pervert Sandusky on Greta’s show.

    Sarahcuda with spine of steel and True Grit !

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