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Thursday Watercooler Chat

Morning everyone!  Geez, the news is slow and I’m at my leisure and then I get busy and the news shifts into high gear.  What is that about?

Well, mark your calendars the big one is going to drop and it is named crony capitalism.  We are 4 days from IT hitting the fan. Grab your raincoats and set your DVR. It starts on Sunday with 60 Minutes. Then Newsweek will be releasing its latest edition focused on crony capitalism and corruption. Everyone needs to tune in Monday night to Stephen Bannon’s The Victory Sessions. You do NOT want to miss this. Bannon will be interviewing Peter Schweizer on his new book and a panel with some familiar names to discuss crony capitalism. Please spread the word to every conservative to watch 60 Minutes, buy a copy of Newsweek and tune in to The Victory Sessions.  It’s housekeeping time in Washinton DC and it starts with throwing them ALL out!

On to the news:

People who are a part of the occupy movement are sick and mentally ill.

Could we really end up picking our nominee at the Convention?  I’m up for exciting and unconventional.

Demint’s Christmas request and it isn’t his two front teeth.

Election night roundup.

If anyone had doubts on Bachmann’s “friendship” with Palin. This article will provide a clue. Is this how you treat a friend and what a peak into the corrupt process of local politics.

Great article from Jedidiah Bila on the traits needed for a GOP candidate to beat Obama. It sounds like someone we know.

Even Wolf Blitzer is hearing from GOP insiders that there is a want for another candidate to get in the race. However, whoever told him Jeb needs a straitjacket.

A new Europe?

These guys are cool.

So the big news is that JoePa was fired last night and ignorant students rioted. I am going to assume they had no idea what they were rioting for. If they really do know then include them with the coaches, administrators and janitors that can burn in hell for what they have done or in some cases didn’t do.

OK, last nights debate.  Could I just say that this election cycle feels like a bad reality show? Everyone seems so disspirited and defeated with our choices. There were some good answers last night and some not so good answers but the current field feels much more like the cast of SNL than serious problem solvers.

We have this… THE infamous brain fart heard around the world and the aftershock. His own campaign knows what it means. I’ve never thought his heart was in it. He even admitted it was his wife that wants it. I am beginning to think he is sabotaging himself because he wants out.

Why does he have to take back some of his best lines? Does he not stand behind what he says in the moment? I understand an occasional misspeak but he has a habit of this which makes me question everything he says. The Tea Party Nation thinks he should drop out.

Here is one summary of the debate. I don’t agree with his take on everything but it is his opinion to voice.

Here is another summary that I mostly agree with.

I thought it was a valid question and agree with his answer. What you see is a flip-flopper and that is what you get. It’s not rocket science.

Have a great day everyone!


  • bourque801

    Hello FireLight….I guess I’m the first one commentating on this thread so I am honored.

    The faster Perry, Romney, Huntsman, and Cain go down In the polls, the more happy I am.

    For me, the only Interesting candidates in the race are Ron Paul(For his advocacy of auditing or ending the Federal Reserve), and Sarah & Todd Palin(For their advocacy of of opening up our energy resorces In ANWR & the Bakken Oil fields).

    I Leave everybody here with an interesting clip I saw on YouTube recently….I think that Charlotte Iserbyt Is on to something….

    Charlotte Iserbyt: The Miseducation of America Part 1-Full

    • generictrainee

      Palin has besides the good parts of Paul what Ron Paul is missing , a reality based foreign policy.

  • generictrainee

    “Everyone seems so disspirited and defeated with our choices. ”

    That would be on a good day..

    It’s hard to accept this as reality.

    • bourque801

      Well….Here’s some write-In Internet meme candidates I may vote for if I don’t have the chance to vote for Paul(Or Palin!!!!)

      The Nyan Cat

      The Spectacularly cute, sleepy Asian baby.

      And finally the Laughing baby.


      I would vote for these “Internet meme’s” over any of the Republocrap presidential candidates, that’s how bad I feel about them. In closing, a Ron Paul/Sarah Palin ticket Is the one for me!!!!

  • LS

    So will Gov. Palin be on with Greta or Sean tonight for post-debate analysis?  If not, why not?

    Here’s a little analysis from Hugh Hewitt: “…if the GOP nominates a ticket that is competitive in the PA-OH-MI-WI-IA-MN region, then the map turns decidedly against the president”.

    Gov. Palin was smoking Obama among independents in polls in that region, while Obama was still winning the popular vote nationwide.  But it is in those blue-collar states that her strength already made her the best overall candidate for the GOP, without her even having announced.  

    • John Norton

      I beleive she wont,reason nothing has changed with those on the stage now… Ohh is she ever sooo in…has ben  and will be…!

  • Pete Petretich

    OK, here’s my big idea as I wake to another long work day:

    If we, the Friends of Sarah Palin, make the investment in a “full page ad” strategy to publicly beg her to re-consider a run for the White House then we should hit the Wasilla, Anchorage, and Juneau papers on the same day. We should probably hit Scottsdale, Arizona, too, since she is now a snowbird.

    These are three (or four) very distinctive cities, but obviously the word would get out. This approach would be cheaper than the usual “New York Times” ad, but also more impactful. Obviously our ad would be all over the Internet very quickly, too, free of charge.

    What say you?

    • generictrainee

      Could at least someone get in contact with Palin and talk to her first?

    • John Norton

      I liked someones idea on billboards…! Get them up on the Major interchanges I 5, I 80 ect… Miss me yet kinda stuff…

  • LS

    Oh, and another thing about Palin as a nominee: she would kill Obama’s most important reelection strategy, which is fielding a third-party candidate.  

    That’s how Axelrod got his other property, Deval Patrick reelected in MA, and it will be very easy to do with Romney as the nominee.  But with Palin, they couldn’t put forth a third-party candidate that would get any traction against her who wouldn’t take more votes from Obama himself.

    • John Norton

      Like Rush said, Palin gets in every thing else is out the window…! lol

  • cookboy

    The clearest commentary on the penn state rapists. is also a commentary on the state of our nation.

    • Riley4Palin

      That by far was one of the most disturbing things I have ever read in my life.  And I agree with the commentary 100%.   

  • Jim809

    I read that a Draft Eisenhower campaign was responsible for his entry into the 1952 presidential race. Why not a Draft Palin campaign in 2012? 

  • Lipstick

    What in the hell is going on at Penn State? This is insane even for yankees. ;0

    In Texas there is a law that says as a teacher, if I have any knowledge WHATSOEVER of a child being abused in anyway and do not contact the authorities…as in POLICE, not some dumbbutt administrators, then I am CRIMINALLY responsible and can be ARRESTED.

    Why in the hell hasn’t Joe been arrested? I don’t give a rat’s butt that he coached some stupid football team for 75 years. Good grief, a 6 year old in the shower???? What the hell is wrong with those people??????

    That just infuriates me to no end. Children have been abused. Then a rule is made to not bring underage children ON CAMPUS…as in, JUST DON’T DO YOUR DISGUSTING DEED HERE. DO IT SOMEWHERE ELSE.

    How on earth could you even stand to look and work with someone you knew was sick and disgusting like that?

    All the good people who work at Penn State, and now their university is shot to hell because of dumbbutt football buttholes and administrator.

    • John Norton

      When I lived in ct. I went to a few of their games,and they are phynatics for the team and its coach but I draw the line with creeps…

  • LS
  • Nancy6

    Good morning P4A!

    Another great roundup, Firelight!

    The next person that needs to go, is Mike McQueary(sp?). He was not a “kid” when he saw that little 10 year old boy being raped!!!!!!! He was 28 YEARS OLD!!! I am so sick of these 20 year olds being called kids! They are grown, responsible adults! Go into that shower and beat that evil old man to a pulp, get that little boy out of there, and call the police! And no matter what vague thing the McQuearys supposedly told Joe Paterno, he should have called the police! What a crock.
    They are all enablers, and those college kids are a disgrace. They are all pathetic.

    Talking to some conservative-moderate Republican friends, none of them are happy with out choices. They are demoralized to say the least.

    • Riley4Palin

      Nancy, Bingo!

      I was talking to a friend of mine about this.  She is an Educator and was absolutely sickened.  She was almost as disturbed about McQueary as she was with that sick pedophile.  Prosecute ALL OF THEM. 

  • John Norton

    You Betcha theres a vacume on the GOP side right now, its the Grand Canyon…lol. Sarah is stepping back to see if her words, her message has taken root…
    Answer…it has.
    Now she waits to see if a leader will step foward…?
    None will… So Sarah is letting this play out a little.
    and then what…?  thata ll be the fun part…SP 2012 and beyond…!

    • section9

      This article appeared in the Hill.

      Someone on the Editorial Staff told him to write this. This didn’t appear out of thin air. Don’t kid yourself. Someone is trying to send up a Moose Signal over Gotham, as someone wrote at C4P a couple of days ago.

      When I wrote that we had a Dog’s Breakfast, I didn’t realize that the Movement people would figure it out this quickly. The rank and file are disgusted.

      On the other hand, Palin doesn’t want to be played like Goldwater was in 1964. She’s nobody’s sucker. I’m not sure she sees a path to victory if the Establishment is going to kill her campaign if she wins the nomination.

      What happened to Goldwater in 1964 was uppermost in her mind when she took a pass. Of that I’m sure. Only Nixon and Reagan ended up backing Barry that year. There was even an establishment group called Republicans for Johnson. I’m not kidding. It was a catastrophe that year. The Conservatives never forgave the Establishment for what happened. 

      Nixon inherited the Party precisely because he showed his bona fides to the right by backing Goldwater wholeheartedly.

      Palin may not be the New Reagan. She may instead by the New Nixon.

      • hrh40

        Liked the history lesson.

        But don’t like the Nixon comparison.

        Nixon as CA rep was GREAT for Whitaker Chambers during the Alger Hiss trials.

        But Nixon was a big spending Republican. How many fed departments did he start? Energy? Education? OSHA? EPA? Not sure.

        Palin may be early Nixon, but certainly not later Nixon.

        • section9

          The Nixon that ran from 1965-68 is the Nixon I’m talking about. He ran as a conservative. Only in the fall of 1968 did he start getting mushy, and when he did that, he almost lost to Humphrey.

          His mistake was in running away from Conservatism and trying to blur the distinctions between him and Hubert. Blew his damn lead all to hell.

          Of course, were it not for George Wallace, Nixon would have won in 1968 in a landslide. Wallace was a protest candidate who actually won the Youth Vote. People don’t know this. Young voters went for the guy who stood for something.

          Nixon ran as a conservative all during his Wilderness Years to secure the right. When he became President, he became a liberal Republican. When Watergate happened, he had no one left to defend him, because he burned his bridges to the Right.

          All except Reagan. Reagan, it should be noted, refused to join the pile-on against Nixon. Nixon never forgot that, and became Ronald Reagan’s private foreign policy consigliere all through the Reagan years. He also became a chief campaign strategist. Much of the architecture of Reagan’s success can be laid at Richard Nixon’s doorstep.

          The two men were loyal to each other and respected each other. Nixon always respected the fact that Reagan took Strom Thurmond’s advice in 1968 and didn’t mount a floor fight in Miami Beach. He let Nixon have “his shot” at avenging 1960, even though Reagan had a better than even chance at an upset. That took a lot of grace on Reagan’s part.

          That’s what Palin can learn from Nixon and Reagan. There are times for loyalty and grace. There are times to fight and times to wait. We may not see what Palin does now, but we don’t know if her vision is changing as we speak.

          • hrh40

            Thanks for more updates on the history.

            So do you think our country can survive Palin being gracious in 2012 and stepping aside for Romney?

            None of us know what Palin is thinking. But what do you think?

            BTW, just saw tweet from Ian Lazaran that Palin’s doing some special project with Pawlenty for Fox in Iowa this Friday. That sounds like she’s going to go the gracious route.

            I don’t think the country can survive as a constitutional republic if Palin doesn’t run in 2012.

            • section9

              I don’t know what Palin is doing. She’s still under contract.

              • hrh40

                But do you think the country will have free, open elections in 2016 if Palin stands aside for Romney in 2012?

                • Firelight

                  no, I really don’t.

                • section9

                  I hope to G-d you’re wrong, Light. Obama has a Leninist agenda, imho. The Establishment GOP doesn’t get this at all.

            • John Norton

              we do know she wont sit this one out…

      • John Norton

        the 15th…is the date Im looking at or before …we shall see…

  • Daumin Franks

    Reading this site this morning reminds me of why I stopped going to Palin sites.

    Palin worship is a cult. Truly bizarre.

    I greatly admire Sarah. If she ever runs for president, she has my vote. But she is just one person. There are other people in this world — good people. Some of these other people are even worthy of being elected president.

    But apparently, with Sarah not running, the goal of Palin supporters is to tear down every other Republican presidential candidate (you know — the ones who actually decided to run). Because they are NOT SARAH (an inpardonable crime). This is based on the theory that when the Republican side of the ticket is reduced to rubble with no one left standing, Obama is defeated by… nobody… I guess.

    Oh wait, at that point Sarah rushes in like an avenging angel and saves the country… the world…  the cosmos. Is that how the fantasy goes?

    I believe in the old saying that this is a country of laws, not men (or women, as the case may be). Personality cults, besides being extremely creepy, are wrong. And dangerous.

    You should hear yourselves:
    Sarah, please reconsider! Sarah, we need you! Only you can save us, Sarah! Reconsider Sarah! Sarah, you must run! The country will perish without you! Sarah, please run! Sarah please reconsider! Reconsider!  Reconsider!  Reconsider!  Reconsider!  Reconsider!  Reconsider! We need you! We’re lost without you! We’re all doomed if you’re not elected the next president! Only Sarah can save us! Reconsider!  Reconsider!  Reconsider!  Reconsider!  Reconsider!  

    Perhaps this site should be renamed to

    You folks really need some help.

    • Sheya

      I think you made your comment on the wrong website. We are not those cultists you refer too. I doubt you even read the posts. We cover other candidates, we encourage people to check out other candidates and some of the editors of this site have publicly endorsed other candidates,.

      While some of our readers would like her to reconsider, we have NEVER pushed for her to reconsider. maybe on other sites they have, but on this site we have not. 

      So please before you put us all into one group please read our posts and if you have something to say about those you consider as cultists maybe you do so on the sites where they do so. 

  • section9

    Something else is going on at Penn State that we need to watch.

    Someone posted over at C4P that Sandusky, the pedo in these affairs, apparently might have been involved in pimping young boys for rich fundraisers.

    This is something that Andrew Breitbart might want to take a look at.

    This rumor is being played out on Sports radio down here. Rich donors to sports teams donate to politicians as well.

  • hrh40

    Another article including Newt in the Freddie Mac 6-figure cash payouts:

    Jeffrey Lord included this in his American Spectator article on Clark Clifford Republicans, too.

  • Crueladev

    Good Morning P4A Kids..
    Not much time to play today…
    Sister is in town and she wants to go AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! SHOPPING!!!!
    ….help me…..

    Just stopped by to say…HAPPY BIRTHDAY Marine Corps!!!
    Oh and Obama…it is pronounced CORE..not CORPSE….in case you wanted to recognize the day..which I highly doubt.  As luck would have it..It is also “Sesame Street Day”…maybe he can learn English by tuning into that show… just sayin’!

    ….help me….

    Stupid things Romney says or does…has to wait…

    ….help me…

    You all have a good day!

  • Nancy6

    You can’t get any more “at risk” than those boys were in the presence of Sandusky.

    Sorry, to post so much about this, but, I am a sports junkie, and this really, really upsets me.

    • Firelight

      I’m with you and it’s all my house (minus 2 little kids) has talked about last night and today. It is horrible.

      • Guest

        As my husband said, what is wrong with these people? 

        “They would have beat the crap out of this pedophile and taken the child to safety and called the police. ”  DITTO 

    • Riley4Palin

      Don’t apologize.  I am a sports junkie as well and have many close friends and relatives who are in the field of Education.

      Everyone is absolutely sick about this.  They would have beat the crap out of this pedophile and taken the child to safety and called the police.  The silence and cover up makes you wonder about our country as a whole.   

      Why are these idiotic students defending Paterno?  God help us all.


  • LS

    Hello, Iowa!

    As Ian just tweeted:

    Ian Lazaran 
    Palin and Pawlenty are going to be doing a special feature for Fox News from Iowa this Friday with Bret Baier.
    1 minute ago Favorite Retweet Reply

  • hrh40

    BTW, great image for this post, Firelight. :)

  • Riley4Palin

    Ann Coulter has pissed off many Palin supporters of late, but I still enjoy reading her weekly column because I still find her interesting, funny, and snarky.  On occasion, she hits a home run.  This week she puts the puzzle pieces together about the Obama White House/David Axelrod and perhaps their involvement into the Cain drama:


    I just got a chance to tune into Rush and he was just discussing this very article.  It is well worth your read if you get a chance.  This by no means is saying that I think Cain is completely innocent, but I wouldn’t put anything past Axelrod from his past behavior on helping Obama.

    • hrh40

      It’s a section of her book, Guilty.

      She’s a terrific researcher.

      Too bad she’s Uber Ruling Class.

  • Whitney Pitcher

    The whole Penn State thing sickens me–from the asst. coach’s deplorable sexual assaults to the cowardly mishandling by everyone from the grad asst to Joe Paterno to the School as a whole. Not to mention the way the students reacted last night–like some hybrid version of the OWS and Westboro Baptist protesters. Deplorable.

    RE: the article on the Iowa process with Bachmann/Palin etc: To me, that’s been the most eye opening thing that I’ve learned politically over the past several months. So much of politics appears to be debates, rallies, interviews, policy development, but there’s so much more that influences the whole process–the ballot petition processes, the influence of power within the party structure that may not change the message of the election, but changes the mechanics. Really that’s the only way guys like Romney can win. If politics is a sport, Romney and the Establishment would rather change the rules than learn the fundamentals.

    • Riley4Palin

      I am waiting patiently for Romney to get his fair due and karma to bite him in the butt.  Still waiting….


      RE:  Paterno

      I saw a brief clip of him and his wife this am where he thanked all of his supporters for coming to his house.  He stopped on his way back into his house and came back to the mic and camera to say something like, “Oh….and pray a little for the victims.”

      “Pray a little….”

      Are you freakin serious?!

      He needs to spend the rest of his life in jail.

  • Riley4Palin

    Firelight or hrh……get on the horn!!

    Palin just posted a Facebook…..Fire Eric Holder.

    Thank you Governor!

    • hrh40

      Sheya beat us both!

  • cookboy

    I just watched Atlas Shrugged part 1. I hope it sells well, the timing is perfect. Oughta be a double feature with The Undefeated.

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