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It’s Iowa Debate Thursday

Morning folks, tonight is the big debate in Iowa sponsored by Fox News.  All I can think about is the really good food at the Machine Shed and the great people I got to meet there.

Who is planning to watch the debate?  Sheya will have a live stream up on the website here for those that can’t watch it on TV.  I’ll be watching and will post in the comments.  This is a pretty big debate as it launches the final stretch for Iowans and really kicks off the voting season of the primaries.

I have some interesting stories to share from last nights Christmas party. I’ll post them in Friday’s Watercooler thread.

Yesterdays news:

I’m sure I’ll be turned in by someone.  This is what the “junk” button is for in my email.

Gov. Palin has a plan

If there is any justice in the world, this man belongs behind bars.

We already have this law in CO except the hands free part. Including that makes me think this is more about government over reach controlling the news cycle by disrupting people’s ability to make calls.  I don’t support the hands free portion.

This is how liberals win…

Well the house tried and the Senate sucks…

I just can’t take it anymore…. in a year when Seal Team 6 takes out Osama Bil Laden, this is who they pick?

Paging HRH…  this mayor is asking people to allow the city to violate our US Constitution…

TRUTH but will anyone listen?:


But he has the whole LSM to help him shape his image.

Oh goody, goody

Bye, Bye Craigy boy. You won’t be missed…

Paul Ryan knows how to get snarky…. me like!

Dear SCOTUS, please block the CO remap too….

Interesting…. is it Ampad or Armpit???  It smells the same.

I think Ron Paul is also Mitt’s best friend. Has he ever run an attack ad against Mitt that is the caliber of what he runs against Newt?

Romney calls Gingrich “zany” just days after he makes a $10,000 bet that he would certainly have lost. um OK…

No soup for you!!!  (I sleep better knowing this).

Yes, you so deserve this Beck. You deserve this and more for your tantrum.

You learn something new everyday… (Chris Matthews issued an apology on behalf of MSNBC for this).

So Ron Paul’s increase in numbers can only be attributed to Sarah’s support. I would love to see him win Iowa, Huntsman or Newt to win New Hampshire and Perry to win South Carolina. Just shut Romney out cold. That would make my day.  However, what message does Ron Paul’s rise give to the GOP?  It is a message to the establishment that people listen to what Sarah says and they follow her lead.  That should be a warning to the GOP establishment. Sarah can get people to even support Ron Paul.  That kind of influence can’t be bought.

Speaking of Ron Paul, he looks to be in some hot water over some very controversial things he has written in his newsletters. I don’t have the full story so until I have all the details, I won’t elaborate more except to say… stay tuned…

Tony Lee from Human Events tweeted this:

Becky Beach on JKUSA says top four in Iowa, not nec in that order, will be Newt, Paul, Romney, Santorum. Says she wanted Palin to run.

You can always find more headlines here.



  • Michael

    I have an idea what do you think of a coordinated show of support for a Palin TV show sent to TLC,DISCOVERY,and A&E stating our desire that they pick up Todd and Sarah’s show. Sort of an internet campaign for Todd’s show which I will watch and hopefully so will every Palin supporter. Maybe if they received a large amount of emails and phone calls and tweets calling for them to pick the Todd show. Bombard them. Anybody else want to help coordinate on it. If someone pass this idea along to every conservative and Palinista there are millions of Palin supporters that want to watch a show with Todd and Sarah Palin and it is time we make our prescence felt and show that Sarah Palin has power and see if we can get through on Radio and Internet and fight for Sarah Palin’s name and brand to stay alive. Let me know if you support this idea. Maybe if we flood Discovery/TLC and A&E with calls, emails, and tweets they will see the power of Palin and her supporters. Pass this idea along and if you want to help find numbers and email addresses to the people that make the decisions make you voices clear. This is my idea. I am Going Rogue here in the name of my friends Todd and Sarah. What do you think. Anyone wanna help with the email address and phone numbers and spreading the word to the folks at C4P and everywhere you think it might be effective.

  • indemind

    Good Morning Barbarians … Another Awesome Front Page Firelight….  Labor Day weekend in Iowa, was Great, What I remember must about The Machine Shed Is that, if it wasn’t for you Firelight, Brianus and I would never have gotten to meet Governor Palin and The First Dude that night. …Yes, the food and the people were great and It was just like being with Family. …

    Well, I didn’t watch the last three debates, so I guess I’ll be watching tomorrow’s debate… and then again, maybe Not… “I Have Been Spoiled”

    and so “The Beat Goes On”

    sarah not 4 sale 2012

  • KatieSilverSpring

    Yes, I plan on watching tonight but my body may vote me down.

    I’ve spent the morning reading blog and online newspaper Comments about who is best, Mitt or Newt.  They are negative and only prove how willing Conservatives are to eat their own – note that I am not saying the GOP eat their own.  People in all categories, Democrats, Republicans, Independents and TEA Party are just publicly airing their laundry in this debate –  anti-Obama voters are not all GOP and TEA Party alone, I want you to know.  I am still registered as a Democrat (but haven’t voted for one since 1992) but I am actively TEA Party, a member of the Maryland Conservative Action Network.

    As I said at The Washington Examiner posting this morning, it isn’t about anything but getting Obama out.  I am a true MarkLevin-ite, I will vote for an orange juice can before Obama.  And, if you don’t understand that, you are not paying attention to the serious damage Obama has done to us, and how prepared he is to do more.

    Chin up, stand tall, move forward. Less than 1 year & counting down! 327 days to go, til Nov 6, 2012 – not by party, but by beliefs.

  • LSonDisqus

    Good morning.

    Here it is, folks.  Trump is a lifelong liberal Manhattan Democrat who suddenly this past year started playing up to conservative voters and flirting with a run for president in opposition to Obama.  Now he’s talking about possibly being the candidate for the Americans Elect online entity created expressly to get a third-party candidate on the ballot in all 50 states.  AE was started by liberal/Leftist Democrat insiders and the bulk of its online voting members are very liberal.  But a candidate like Trump is perfect for their purposes of enabling Obama to win re-election with a plurality of the vote.

    This is exactly how Axelrod got his mini-Obama, Deval Patrick, re-elected as governor in MA.  There they ran a lifelong Democrat pol who somehow suddenly got the ‘conservative’ (for MA) religion and ran as an independent to the right of the GOP nominee.  Of course, it didn’t hurt that the GOP ran a poor candidate, but it is also now clear that the GOP will have only a poor candidate running against Obama, too.

  • Vicki


    Please pass this along to all Palin supporters that you know.

    Tonight during the FOX debate, log onto the live blog and post the following:

    “We want a true conservative. Run, Sarah Run!”

    Goal: 100,000 posts!

  • hrh40

    1. Re: paging HRH, Oh yeah, we’re ticked that the new mayor, who’s the first mayor under the new “strong mayor” situation, has used his powers to issue executive orders willy nilly. We talked about it Tuesday night on our Conservative Corner TV show.

    He had to withdraw one of his orders, because it was against state statutes: Ordering the police not to investigate or prosecute use of marijuana on private grounds.

    But yes, he just made New London a sanctuary city, joining New Haven (whose mayor just yesterday petitioned the state to give illegals the vote!!), and Danbury as sanctuary cities. I live in New London County and am in New London fairly regularly. I think not so much anymore. Sigh.

    2. Re: the no soup for you piece by Painter contains links to a Newt story. I commented to JP yesterday, and he has still not fixed it. Is anyone else getting a politjim story from the links?

    • Firelight

      That is weird on the Painter link.  Yesterday when I read it, I clicked a link and it took me to one of the AK newspapers with more of the Christy story.  Yet, today, it links to a Newt story. That is strange.

      I mostly wanted to highlight the news on the Christy situation.  I’ll see if I can find the article he was originally linking to and link to that.

      Update: Fixed it :)

      • hrh40

        Thanks for correcting. I gave ADN about 20 seconds worth of traffic. Their comments section should be in jail.

        Still wondering why Painter won’t fix the links …

        • Firelight

          He actually turned Texans4Palin over to Martha Cano and Roderic Deane so maybe he forwarded the info to them?

    • generictrainee

      2. Yes ,it’s sneaky to use that story to push newt.

  • Agent99SP

    Everyone…you’ll like this :-)

    • hrh40

      I don’t click on any links that give no indication what’s behind them …

      • Firelight

        It is actually really cute. It’s a parody of Obama using the Christmas song “It’s beginning to look at lot like Christmas” but rewording it “It’s beginning to look a lot like one term”.

        I am with you on clicking links with no description.

        • hrh40

          Thanks for the info, Fire. Nothing personal, just don’t wanna’ get burned …

  • Whitney Pitcher

    Good morning!

    I’m all for good vetting and juxtaposition of records among all the GOP candidates. It’s better that we know the character and records of anyone running now, so that it can’t be an October surprise from the Obama campaign in 2012. Newt and Mitt are being dumb about the whole 10, 000 bet/Tiffany bill spat. It’s not a matter of who’s more “middle class”, at least among GOPers. It’s a matter of who will present the best plan and record of providing the opportunity for the economy to improve so that it helps everyone. The same stupidity is shown when Mitt calls Newt “zany”. This isn’t a junior high student council election; it’s a presidential election. It’s disrespectful to the electorate to think that kind of name calling is going to sway us.

    Glenn Beck’s really gone off the deep end. It’s one thing to explain how Newt may be a “progressive”, but it’s another to accuse Tea Partiers of racism if they were to vote for Newt over Obama. Newt may have his progressive views and even votes in the House, but to put him at the far left end of the spectrum is wrong.

    I’m not planning on watching this debate tonight. My alma mater made the NCAA volleyball final four, so I’ll plan on watching that game instead. I think it’ll be more entertaining. Go Illini!

    • hrh40

      I’m not planning to watch either … but I don’t have as good of an excuse as you do! Congrats.

    • hrh40

      And further evidence from the tea party/Loudon article linked above of Beck’s cluelessness:

      “Beck said last month that he will not endorse in the presidential race. But he cited Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann as the candidate he trusts most in the race.

      “I think I could fight shoulder to shoulder with Michele Bachmann and not worry about my back,” Beck said.” (emphasis mine)

      Read more:

      Guess he hasn’t talked with Palin in months. Or read Real Clear Politics and Scott Conroy.

      Or heard anything from Trump in the last 3 days.

    • Firelight

      Yep, that is my complaint with Beck.  I have no problem if he doesn’t like Newt and wants to rail on Newt all day long with facts.

      But, to drag the Tea Party into it using such a personal attack that many still feel is raw from when the left used it is just beyond the pale.  All the work that so many have done to disprove the racism charges against the Tea Party are at risk of being undone.  That is just NOT OK with me.  I find it unconscionable that Beck would even go there.

      Have a great time at your volleyball match!!  That sounds like a lot of fun!

      • Whitney Pitcher

        Oh, I’ll just be watching the ESPN live stream on my computer, but it should be fun. :) 

      • generictrainee

        Beck is too full of himself.

    • cookboy

      Vetting? I reckon. But one needn’t step in it to know what it is. 

  • hrh40

    Oh, and the Beck item quotes our own Dr. Gina Loudon! :)

    Another great roundup, Firelight! (although I skip all the politico links, it’s my contribution to their 30% loss of traffic in the last 18 months)


    Ms Beach……We all wanted Palin to run.  *sigh*

  • OldPat

    A few  somber Thursday morning musings for your perusal.

    In 1956 a coal miner’s son bragged ‘We will bury you.’  Today, our nation stands on the brink of economic ruin, and they have one of their own in the White House.  I give you two Communists, then and now – Nikita Khrushchev and Barack Obama.

    As Obama wages his war to transform us, we bitterclingers best remember one thing.  He doesn’t need or want a middle class;  all he needs is a proletariat.

    Good ole Bill Clinton was, is and will die a coward of the worst sort.  If you question this statement, Google ‘Bill Clinton draft dodger’.  He refused the call of his nation during wartime, yet we elected him president – twice.

    The progressive movement intends to depopulate the earth to a more ‘sustainable’ level of humanity.  Proof?  Obama’s ‘Death Panels’ and Planned Parenthood.

    Uncomfortable reading, is it not?  Best get to know the enemy we face.  He is beyond evil, has no honor or integrity, and will stop at nothing to achieve his goal – our destruction.

    The enemy I fought forty-odd years ago halfway round the world has reached our shores, infiltrated our society and intends to steal the minds of our children.  If we let them do this, they will have won this war without firing a shot.  Where did I hear that before?  Ah yes, old Nikita – ‘We will bury you without firing a shot.’

    • cookboy


    • Bean Counter

      I get bitter-er and clingier as the days go by.

  • Nancy6

    A pro abortion group is urging people to donate $10 to pro abortion organizations every time Tebow scores a touchdown this Sunday.
    Just like they did to Sarah Palin.
    These people are sick.

    • Firelight

      That is disgusting.  Karma, that is all I can say.

    • Whitney Pitcher

      It’s a good thing Mrs. Tebow didn’t abort him like the doctors suggested. Otherwise, the pro-abortion people couldn’t have their fundraiser.

      Good grief. This stuff is awful. 

    • bestbud4Palin

      Nancy… Merry Christmas to you and family :)

      “Bitter people may be the loudest and most malicious; But they’re not the majority”…
      Paraphrasing:  Gov Palin’s Thanksgiving Message…

      God Bless you and Family, may all your wishes come true.

  • hrh40
    • poljunkie

      Well after staring at the four guys for a few minutes it finally dawned on me that  maybe it was interactive.

      Boom chcu’ boom chcu’ –That Equestrian on the left can hold a tune, and nice hat too. 

      Wait, maybe its NOT a hat?

  • Mia

    Ciao P4A!!

    Here’s the deal…

    I’m going to enjoy the advent season.
    I’m going on Holiday at the end of next week.
    Will not return until the 4th of January.


    I will deal with the “Pazzo” GOP Candidates at a later date.
    This I do know…They are an Embarrassment!

    Glen Beck? Number one Pazzo!

    pazzo = crazy

    Keep spreading the Good Cheer!



    • Firelight

      Hi Mia!!!  Great to see you here. You have been missed!

      Have an excellent holiday vacation and thank you for the new word for my vocabulary, pazzo!!

      See you when you get back. We’ll still be here same bat time, same bat channel…

      • Mia

        Hey Firelight!

        Thank You!

        It’s a family vacation! 
        it’s a tradition to celebrate the New Year as a family.
        My son is bringing his new girlfriend… uh-oh…

        • Riley4Palin

          New girlfriend on family holiday vacation?  What happened to the old one?  A bit pazzo?  😉

    • cookboy

      Have fun, whether you like it or not!

      • Mia

        Hey cookster!

        I always have fun! 😉
        I will be enjoying the ocean.

    • indemind

      Buona fortuna, Bella Mia

      • Mia

        Grazie Inde.

    • bestbud4Palin

      Merry Christmas and have a blessed holiday… you deserve the very best my friend.
      Yes!… Pazzo… you betcha! :)
      God Bless you and yours.

      • Mia

        Thank You… Bestbud!

        Give Gina my best!

  • Michael

    Sarah Palin should run. GOP or third party. I think third party would be the way to go. If Sarah Palin could get on the ballot everywhere you could finish ahead of Mitt Romney. Sarah Palin needs to run.
    They bought off Huckabee. They strong armed Christie out (Meg Whitman money), and openly blocked and attacked Sarah Palin and plotted against her. They rigged the Florida debate against Perry and now they are unloading on Newt and it appears to be working. Sarah Palin needs to run and call this out.

  • senator20526

    Morning everyone….Pietro Leatherchest here…..Good news, Mrs. Senator back from Mayo Clinic with all tests negative…so far so good. One more test (MRI) on the 23rd. of Dec. We received 1.12 inches of rain here in the desert Southwest on Tuesday, breaking a record held by Dec. 1902. Expect your price of lettus to go up….all the fields here look like big muddy lakes. Yuma grows 90% of all the winter lettus in the U.S. Our annual rainfall is just over 3 inches. Everyone take care and stay warm…Ms. Bean, easy on the hot apple cider.
    Pietro Leatherchest of Sandfire.
    Palin 2012

    • Bean Counter

      Unless hot apple cider comes in K-Cups, I won’t be having any.

      And praying for continued good news re: Mrs. Senator’s health!

      • Whitney Pitcher

        It does. It actually tastes pretty good.

        • Vicki

          yep got some for my mom

    • bestbud4Palin

      Good news for you and Mrs. Senator, so happy to hear, thoughts and prayers concerning her up coming MRI… 
      God Bless

      • senator20526

        Much appreciated Bestbud.

  • Bean Counter

    Afternoon, good buddies. Eat up with the middle of the month crazies. Another day, another debate to not watch. Honestly, it’d do just as much good to rope all those goobers off and charge kids to pet them. Man, it just gets crazier and crazier, but if they want to keep shooting at each other, have at it. I’ll hunker down and watch “24” DVD’s instead. I crave to see bad guys get smoked, even if it’s fiction.

  • Emily Baxter

    Hi everyone! I’m finished with finals and my first semester of college. Wow, that went fast! However, I have bronchitis and an ear infection. Go figure. 

    I did a research paper on liberal mainstream media bias, and got a perfect score! YAY!

    Not watching the debate–little sister’s band concert. Hopefully I don’t run into the ex. YIKES. 

    See ya 😉

    • John B. Hefmier

      Sorry to learn that you have bronchitis.  I have had it twice.  Not fun!!! |^(  However, I am glad to read that you are done with finals.  I hope that you will enjoy the rest, and that your health problems will go away. 

    • senator20526

      …the ear infection comes from listening to all the liberal professors….lol

  • Michael

    They might be able to destroy Newt by the time Florida comes around. Sarah Palin knows the game. The Nicolle Wallace and Steve Schmidt would be what they would used. It is not just Sarah Palin it is anyone that is a threat to Romney.

  • indemind

    As if I wasn’t depressed already …. Just got word that My Big Sister Esther, Pass On this morning…

    Go With God, Esther

    • hrh40

      Sorry to hear that, indemind. My prayers are with you and your family.

    • Bean Counter

      So sorry to hear about all your losses! Praying for you and your family.

    • Whitney Pitcher

      Sorry to hear this. Prayers for your family.

    • bestbud4Palin

      indemind… So sorry,
      Gina and I send our regards to you and family
      Prayers for you and family

    • Crueladev1

      Inde…Prayers to you and your family!
      You are in my heart my friend!

    • cookboy

      Prayers for you and yours.

    • Nancy6

      Praying for you and your family, inde!
      God bless you!

    • Firelight

      Thoughts and prayers with you.

    • OldPat

      My thoughts and prayers to you and your family.  One day you will see her again.

    • RedDaveR

      So sorry for your loss. Prayers for you and your family.

    • Mia

      ll mio profundo condolences… mio amico…

    • Riley4Palin


      I am very sorry for your loss.  My sympathy to you and your family.

  • hrh40

    Here’s something that slipped through the cracks for me: POTUS nominated Morgan Christen to be on the 9th circuit court of appeals. Remember her? The AK Supreme Court that Palin nominated instead of the Green activist.

    She’s being voted on today, I think, in the U.S. Senate. Of course, Murky’s all for her.

    And some press coverage is making a big deal about Palin nominating her because she was on the board of Planned Parenthood at one time. But remember this:


    I’m updating my Palin Resume and Palin Policy/Right to Life pages for future references when Obama tries to throw Judge Christen in Palin’s face to say she’s not prolife.

    Scroll to the bottom of both pages, since they’re in reverse chronological order:

    • Whitney Pitcher

      I can’t search for it right now, but a statement from the Palin admin. at the time she appointed this judge indicated that the judge headed PP during a time when PP did not perform abortions in AK. She also was a judge with enough character to recuse herself in an abortion related case. Palin did the best she could with a bit of a flawed appointment process.

  • pete4palin

    Option B…..       vote rogue!
    If we all did this, Palin would be in the race.

  • Vicki

    flash mob tonights debate twitter feed #iowadebate with “real conservative wanted run sarah run”
    100,000 tweeters needed!

  • indemind

    I Like to Thank You All for Heartfelt words and your Prayers. … I know that I gave myself the Best Gift I can give, because I got to spend this pass weekend with my sister and family…. we laughed, we cried, and I then I got to say Goodbye…

     God Bless You All

  • Nancy6

    Hey Whitney,
    Watching Illini vball!
    My nephew is on the Illini golf team, they brought home the Big Ten Championship this year! I think you were at the football game where they were recognized at halftime.
    Hope a national title is in the cards for the Illini this weekend!
    Go Fighting Illini!

  • Vicki

    flash mob tonights debate twitter feed #iowadebate  or tweet @bretbaier with “real conservative wanted run sarah run”
     100,000 tweeters needed!

  • Nancy6

    Yes! Illini!!

  • Michael

    I hate it. Nikki Haley is endorsing Romney tomorrow. This freaking sucks. Sarah Palin helped put Nikki Haley and Kelly Ayotte in power and they both endorse the Fraud Mitt.

    • OldPat

      CC, I expected as much from Haley.  She takes care of Haley, her buds & supporters, then us IMO.  She’s made some dumb mistakes too.  This is just another one of them.

      Don’t know anything about Ayotte.

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