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Wassail Wednesday!!

This title is for you Cru!  Excellent suggestion and mine will have lots of Bourbon in it.

I will be out most of the day today. My 7 year old daughter and I have a girls day.  My son is hanging with his Grammie and Papa for the day.  She and I have been looking forward to this.  We are having spa day and making pottery so I will be good as new when I come back and have a new piece of art!

We are now counting down to Christmas and some are celebrating Hanukkah so I know most of you are busy. I love that everyone stops in and I really love hearing everyone’s point of view so I hope to see each peep still check in at some point over the holidays and share their festive happenings.

Have a great day everyone!

Here is the news from yesterday:

Shhhhhh, don’t tell the liberals. It would ruin their Festivus.

Happy New Years!!

Obama to be primaried

This needs to be our new mission task defeat SOPA!!!  This can NOT be passed.

Oh get over it Terry! You are just another notch in his belt. I bet he made the same offer to Nikki, Michele, Chrissy Christy, and others.  Smart to say no.

So people are asking Ron Paul for clarity too… what will we all think if he doesn’t give it?

Good for Gov. Johnson, at least he is being intellectually honest. He does have a good fiscal record but he also turned New Mexico into a drug running corridor with his libertarian drug policy.

Didn’t we all know this? He wants the negative ads running…

Perry had a playdate today…

Rush on Thomas Sowell’s piece endorsing Newt.

Townhall has a piece on Newt destroying Al Gore.

Gingrich picks up some pretty good endorsements.

My takeaway from this… how does the UK still have a AAA credit rating and we don’t? They are in worse shape…

Sure it will be, look to the sky, trust the air… riiiight and this is coming from the Obama Administration… this spells trouble.

Gingrich aims for a comeback.

Wonder what Santa thinks of this list?

Liar, liar pants on fire!  You spend the last 4 years becoming the King of Super Pacs.

Wait, so THIS Alaskan can have a defense fund that is questionable but our favorite Alaskan can’t?

Huntsman likes his New Hampshire chances… anyone know if he is right?

It all sounds good but I can’t see him making a big enough comeback.

Newt having trouble in Florida?

Not gonna lie, this man has influence on me not enough to commit to Newt but it has me thinking.

Santorum landed a big endorsement.

Bachmann, not so much…

bet this makes Bachmann feel special…

Yes, let’s remember that Jeb Bush is no conservative!

Ok, to close out here are some fun video clips: (h/t Janne for the awesome Reagan clip)



  • Michael

    I never give up on Sarah Palin. I don’t sell out and I damn sure don’t settle. That is why I want her to run. I support her all the way!

  • section9

    So, after we drink up that wassail recipe, do we Tebow like Sarah?

  • Patrick_Skacel

    I wonder how much of that bourbon-filled wassail it will take to make this field of candidates start to look good.

    • OldPat

      All of it, Patrick.

    • Bean Counter

      A year’s worth of production at the Jack Daniels distillery in Lynchburg, TN couldn’t begin to make these goobers look good.

      • senator20526

        I remember going to the distillery in the 70’s, and they had Fed. agents living on property to make sure no liquer left the premises without a Fed. tax stamp. Beautiful country around Lynchburg. Went to Operaland (now closed) and to the new Grand Old Opera and saw Bill Monroe and many more. My how time flys by…..over 40 years ago. Also saw “Boxcar Willie” at a little club one night.. On another trip to Memphis, I met Elvis and Prisilla Presley….Ah the memories of my youth.

        • Bean Counter

          The main reason no Jack Daniels can leave the premises is because the distillery is in a dry county! Haven’t toured that place in years, but a friend is coming to visit next Spring and wants to go, so we’ll do that. It’s about an hour southeast of where I am, in between Nashville and Chattanooga. Yeah, they closed the Opryland theme park and put up a mall, which was totally destroyed in the great flood a few years ago. Still isn’t rebuilt, but they’re working on it. Big lawsuit between the mall owners and the insurance company. The Opryland Hotel and the Grand Ole Opry House are all renovated and back up and going great. Those buildings got over 9 feet of flood water. Just devastating.

    • Firelight

      You and me both buddy!!

  • ZH100


  • Bean Counter

    Mornin’ y’all. I’ve been sort of awol the last few days, working on a project I have to finish up today. Only took time out yesterday to get a haircut, which, thankfully, wasn’t the angst filled event that it sometimes is. I’m so particular about my tresses, don’cha know (I usually style it with leaf blower.)

    So, lots of “discussion” about the Bolling and Starnes interviews, huh? Well, here’s how it looks to me — for whatever reason, and I have no clue what it is, she does appear to have her sparkle back, which is a beautiful thing. I wholeheartedly agree that the current GOP field sucks swamp water, and if somebody held a gun to my head and forced me to pick someone, I’d be inclined to tell them to go ahead and shoot. Everyone’s support is so soft that I do think someone else could jump in, if they were fully vetted and of better character and principles than this bunch of rudderless malcontents.

    Did she say she was running? No. Did she say she was reconsidering? No. Did she dance around it? It would seem that she did. But she’s always danced around these questions from the beginning. Can I read her mind? No. Am I losing sleep analyzing every eye twitch and lip curl, the tone and  inflection of every syllable she uttered? No. Do I know what she’s got, if anything, up her sleeve? Not a clue. Did I love the Tebow discussion, Seinfeld reference and Tebowing demonstration? Most definitely!

    Unless she commits some kind of felony, she will always have my unqualified support, for whatever she decides to do or not do. I think the ‘you don’t need a title’ thing is true, but sometimes you DO need the title, and that line is wearing a little thin on me, but God has a plan for her and I believe she is seeking that plan and is trying to follow His guidance. That’s all I need to know and I expect and require nothing more from her. I have no quarrel with how anyone else is channeling their energies with all of this, but I’m content to let this all play out without offering any unsolicited advice.

    Okie dokie, got that out of the way. Emily, good for you on the good grades. We’re all very proud of you! Old Pat, loved the story about Ron McNair, a true American hero. Looking forward to other stories from your small town. I have an affinity for small towns, being the product of one. My childhood was one big Normal Rockwell painting.

    Everybody’s Christmas activities just makes me tired, but I’m all for the wassail thing! I’ll do a bit of baking/cooking for the weekend, nothing too serious, church on Christmas Eve and spend Christmas with some cousins. I’ve got two families of cousins who moved out here from the hometown, so it’s a real blessing to have family transplanted here with me. There are three little kids involved, so it’s the whole Santa thing. We open gifts, eat stuff we have no business eating beginning with breakfast and going all day long, watch movies, and just be slugs. It’s a beautiful thing.

    Just remember, you have to be good, or Santa won’t leave you anything. I’ve got my Scotch (the good stuff, section9), and fresh Krispy Kremes to pick up on Saturday evening….

    • hrh40

      Great perspective in ps 3&4, Bean. I’m right with ya’ on that.

      As for the rest, Enjoy!

    • Riley4Palin

      Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls with vanilla frosting for me.  My Mom started that tradition when we were very young and I still love them on Christmas morning before church. 

      My only complaint – they never came with enough frosting!!  :)

      • Bean Counter

        Love those cinnamon rolls. We do a huge Loveless Cafe breakfast w/their country ham, biscuits, homemade preserves and sorghum and I make smoked gouda grits with their stone ground grits. Then it’s honey baked ham, crackers and smoked cheddar pimento cheese, a Paula Deen pumpkin gooey butter cake, cookies and candy and whatever else we can stuff ourselves with. It’s just obscene. ha

        • Riley4Palin

          I was with you until you mentioned the stone ground grits…  :)

          I feel for Hollywood movie stars during the holiday season.  It must suck to drink a glass of water and feel full.

          • Bean Counter

            Until you’ve had my grits, yankee…….

        • Ting

          I think the Loveless Cafe is the most satisfying meal that I ever ate!  My brother in law was married in Nashville many years ago, and the rehearsal dinner was actually held at Loveless.  Magnificent!

  • Whitney Pitcher

    Good morning!

    I think the difference in the defense funds have to do with Congressional rules vs. Alaska executive branch rules. Palin’s defense fund was carefully set up to be very similar to funds created by Clinton and others at a federal level. The main issue was that the word “official” was used, which indicated that it may be attached to her, especially since it was set up by someone who served on a board appointed by the governor. That said. I think Rep. Young has his own cronyism, earmark issues,etc. Also, they’ve made some changes to the executive ethics rules in Alaska a year ago where now if an executive is cleared of charges the state will pay the legal fees:–22?instance=home_news_window_left_bullets

    • Firelight

      Thanks for the explanation Whit! That has been bugging me since I saw it and it did smack of cronyism to me.  It irritates me to see stuff like that. I know there is probably a good legal explanation but it still irritates me.  Thanks for the info!

  • Mia

    Ciao P4A!!

    Isn’t America Grand?!
    I love this Country!

    Keep Spreading the Good Cheer!


    • Riley4Palin

      Yes it is!!


  • Mia

    Oh yeah…one more thing…

    Hey KIDDO!!!

    Good for YOU!!!
    Proud Of YOU!!!

    • Emily Baxter

      Thanks! 😀 

  • Firelight

    All right peeps, I’m off to get pampered!! 

    This will be good since I was very cranky yesterday but I have to say that I LOVE that we can have serious discussions on here and no one called anyone names or got insulting.  I like good healthy debates and I really like it when we can agree to disagree and everyone stays friends.

    We have a good group of people here and it makes my heart happy to see.  Carry on….

    • Riley4Palin

      Pedicures do wonders for my mood.  All women should treat themselves to good things. 

      Have fun!

      • Firelight

        It is really fun to get a mani/pedi with my daughter now. She is hilarious. She has a sarcastic sense of humor like me so we have loads of fun.

  • Whitney Pitcher

    Good news, everyone! You can now print off Romney tags to put on your Christmas gifts:

    I don’t think even President Obama’s campaign is doing anything this narcissistic.

    • Bean Counter

      Well, heck, I’ll just scan my Christmas card from the Palin family and use that as an all purpose tag, greeting, whatever.

      That’s just the dumbest, most outrageous and desperate thing I’ve about ever seen.

      • hrh40

        Reason #1,0000000000000000000 why we cannot put Mitt against BO. I used to call him BO light, but he’s not even that anymore. BO’s Mini Me?


    • Mia



    • Lipstick

      Good grief! What a lame tag.

      This is exactly why we need Palin in this race. Can you picture Palin having such a dull, boring, drab tag as this? Heck no. Hers would have a cool moose with a bow on it’s antlers or something along those lines. Plus, you can bet it would say Merry Christmas, not Happy Holidays.

    • poljunkie

      Thats gotta be fake?

      Who comes up with these ideas?

    • Crueladev

      Note to Mittens…I will make you a deal…You keep your stinkin’ nose out of MY Christmas…and I will keep my foot away from your crotch.   WHAT A PIG!!!

    • Riley4Palin

      Romney gift tag is the Chia Pet of 2011.

  • Lipstick

    The boy is coming home today from scout camp. Missed the boy very much! I am going to don a Has Mat suit prior to digging into his camp laundry. Praying it is not as bad as after summer scout camp.

    Upon glancing at the headline, I thought it said Wasilla Wednesday. Silly me. Wassail must be a yankee thing. I had never heard of it till a couple of years ago. To hot here to drink that kind of stuff anyway. We go for Egg Nog, although I never developed a taste for it. You can spike that as well, but here in the Baptist Bible Belt it is frowned upon.

    I remember my grandfather always drank egg nog (non spiked) at Christmas time. He was the polar opposite of my other grandfather who was a deputy sheriff in a country county. I remember when I was about 9 or 10 wandering out one evening near the back shed and being yelled at to “GIT”. My grandfather was with a buddy and there was a deer strung up they were gutting. This was July because we had shot fireworks the night before… when is deer season????? The next day we had venison steak. Yum!

    Speaking of hot and humid weather, that makes me think of Kjanlady. Where the heck is she? Lost in the Bayou? On some LSU high? Alligator hunting?

    4 miles/ 43:14/ 10:41 pace

    • poljunkie

      Lipstick, to save the agony of smelly camp returns ( both the son and the laundry) do what we did- send him to swim camp. Problem solved! 
      He later went on to be a “champ” ( at least in our minds) and a coach! 

      • Lipstick

        Great idea, but he goes to Boy Scout camp. He aims to make Eagle Scout! He did get his swimming merit badge this past summer, but his other clothes still stank!! LOL

    • Riley4Palin

      Why isn’t hubby doing the laundry??  Haven’t you trained him yet?

  • Riley4Palin

    I am such a sucker.

    My nieces just roped me into taking them to the new Alvin and the Chipmunks movie on Friday.  How many earplugs will I need?  I don’t know what will be more obnoxious….the movie voices of the chips or the zillions of youngsters surrounding me.  What you do for love….

    Speaking of, tonight I need to wrap the nieces gifts and then I am officially done.  They are the only ones in my family I take the time to wrap with cute little paper and bows.  All adults in the fam get gift bags from me.  My family use to give me a hard time about this for years, but guess who is now following my lead? 

    Tomorrow is my last day of work for the year.  I usually see at least 2 or 3 movies during my Christmas break.  Last weekend, I saw Misson Impossible 4 and recommend it if you are looking for a good escape from family.  You don’t have to have seen the other 3 to see this one.  Tom Cruise is back in my good graces after jumping all over Oprah’s couch a few years back.  He does many of his own stunts in this movie and there is one in particular that will leave you amazed.  You couldn’t pay me a million dollars to do it.  Kudos for Cruise for manning up and being a real action star.

    I am still trying to digest the Romney gift tag.  It is such an Obama thing to do.  And this is who we all should be excited to vote for next year?

    • Bean Counter

      Yep, you’re a sucker, alright! I’m one, too. I served my sentence when my godkid was little with all the kiddie movies. She’s now in college, so at least the movies we see aren’t quite so horrid for an adult. But now, I’ve got a bunch of little cousins that beg me to take them to movies, so I’m like Michael Corleone — “Just when I thought I was out, they drag me back in!” — or whatever that quote was. I’ve been to Cars 2, which I actually enjoyed, and there will be more….

      I have a few movie marathons during Christmas time as well. One with my college godkid and another with the parents of the little cousins, so I’m looking forward to that. The MI movie is definitely on the list.

      I hand out unwrapped gifts straight out of the Target bag. Yes, I’m that lazy and uncouth! I ask the kids if they’d rather I spend a couple bucks on paper, bows and gift bags, or take that money and get them another gift. Works every time!

      • cookboy


  • Crueladev

    Good Wassell Wednesday P4A Kids…(sorry..we have always spelled it that way.. 😉 )
    WOW..This is a busy “Holiday”…day…
    Happy Crossword Puzzle Day….I never had the patience for those things. 
    Happy Humbug Day….is that possible?  Maybe we should ask Obama!
    Just when you thought all the Holidays were taken..yes…it is also “National Homeless Person’s Rememberence Day”…and let us not forget as well Miss America’s dream come true….It is “World Peace Day” ..EGADS!!!
    This is my favorite…”Phileas Fogg Win a Wager Day”…I bet Mittens is a LOSER…any takers?
    And last but not least…it is “Yalda” day…I am sure Obama is hosting another party for this day!

    So Mia…how is the puppy thingy?…Oh to be a fly in that home at such a time!  HA!

    Well the house sitting thing is going well.  The two little dogs have adjusted to MY schedule..and they get up now when I do.  No more early morning pee time!   This is really going to mess with the homeowners when they get back.  :)

    Well if we weren’t sure about how bad Boehner and the rest of the “goobers” are..we are sure seeing it now.  Note to Boehner…GROW A PAIR!!!

    Okay..that is all.  You all have a good rest of the day!  Drink Up! 

    • Riley4Palin

      What puppy??

      Did Mamma Mia break down and get a cute little bundle of love and name it The Godfather?

  • Crueladev

     Oh tomorrow “Thistle Thursday”….hehehe
    “Thistle”…comes from Scotland…Aye…you betcha!  Serving = 1
    1 1/2 ounce Scotch Whiskey…(Dewars is good)
    1 1/2 Sweet Vermouth
    2 dashes of Angostura Bitters
    3/4 ice cubes

    Combine all in a shaker or mixer..strain and serve.

    • OldPat

      Cruela, this is what Bean leaves out for Santa along with the donuts, of course.

    • Firelight

      I’m so there!!  This sounds excellent!

  • Riley4Palin

    Just sharing….

    My all-time favorite holiday movie is A Christmas Story.  It is one of my Mom’s favorites too.  Anywhoo….Walgreen’s was selling the Leg Lamp this year.  I almost died when I saw the actual version, but that bad boy was over $100, so I came to my senses and just purchased the smaller version for Mom as a gag gift. 

    I put it in a nice wooden crate and filled it with peanuts, straw and lots of tissue.  Put the “FRA GEEE LEEE” tags all over the crate and wrapped it up.  I expect Mom to pull this thing out every holiday from here on out and place it by her family room window for all her neighbors to see.  Nothing like legs and black fish nets to make anyone in the holiday mood.

    If you’ve seen the movie, you know what I am talking about.  If not, treat yourself and watch it on TBS on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day.  You will not be disappointed.

    • Whitney Pitcher

      Ha! They have leg lamp stockings too. A co-worker used to put one on her door around Christmas.

      A couple of years ago for fun my family ate Christmas dinner of duck at a Chinese restaurant because of that movie. :) Our experience was a bit different than that in the movie though of course. No decapitations. 

      • Riley4Palin

        “no decapitations”  LOL

        “Deck the Halls with barvs of holly….Far…Rah….Rah….Rah….Rah….”

    • Bean Counter

      Great movie, however, my annual must see Christmas movie is Die Hard.

      Yippie Ki Ay, mother!@#$%^&

    • Firelight


      My cousin has “the leg” lamp and it is the target of many, many jokes in our family.

  • Emily Baxter

    Hiya! 😀

    Today my little sister Sarah turns 16. Ahem, learner’s permit. Yikes. She has wanted to drive since 10. Someone help me. 

    I made Palin a snowflake with all of the family’s names on it. I’m gonna send it and pray she gets it. It’s purty. :)

    No wassail for me. I’ve tried the stuff. Give me some Shirley Temple with OJ any time…

    Anyways, still pretty sure Palin’s not reconsidering. People at C4P amaze me. Anyways, I don’t know, that’s just a hunch.

    Ran today on the treadmill. Don’t remember the time Lipstick, sorry. :(

    Remember…I heart you! <3

    • section9

      Hey, are we like taking up a collection to buy Emmie a Palin scarf in honor of her doing so well on Midterms?

      Maybe Palin will read this thread, take pity on Emmie, and send her that scarf she wore when she was Tebowing with Bolling.

      Just a thought that we all might get together and do a good turn for Miss Emily, who is off at college for the First Time and went through a lot last October.

      Thought for the day about Palin: I’m somewhat more optimistic about a Palin entry-but not like those Palinistas-On-Speedballs over at The Other Site, who are busy queing up to buy hotel space in Maryland for the Palin Inaugural in January of 2013 as we speak.

      Some folks over there can’t dial it down. And woe betide you if you release any cats at the Unicorn Ranch.

      • Emily Baxter

        I liked the scarf. That’s for sure. :) But over there it’s gotten to be a maniac-panic-attack. Or something like that. I don’t really post over there anymore for that reason. People will probably take me down for my opinion about Palin re: not really thinking she’s reconsidering. And that’s not right.

        And I know you didn’t know section9, but I don’t like to be called Emmie. Em or Emily suits me fine. But you didn’t know, it’s okay. :) Occasionally, Emma, when I feel like another personality, one more glamourous and prettier and more imaginative. :)

        I sent the snowflake. Maybe she’ll send the scarf in return. 😉 As a Christmas present! 

        • poljunkie

          My sons recently dating an Emily who llikes to be called- Emma. Shes in college too. She has a little sister that just turned 16. 
          You arent in Arizona are you?, Now that would be too funny.

          • Emily Baxter

            Nope, I have lots of relatives in Arizona though. I live somewhere else. :)

        • section9

          Emily it is! Here’s to Palin sending you that scarf, then!

  • indemind

    Awesome Front Page Firelight. …  You Can Light up my Christmas Tree…

    sarah not 4 sale 2012…….. deo volento

  • Bean Counter

    In case anyone is interested in losing their lunch, below is a very short video of that world renowned thespian Julianne Moore playing Gov. Palin in a scene from the upcoming blockbuster “Game Change.” Geez, Tina Fey would have been more believable.

    • Crueladev

      Maybe SHE will announce her candidacy for President 2012…as Sarah Palin??? 😉

      • OldPat

        Well, Crue, SHE told us she could see Russia from her house, did she not?

    • indemind

      Bean, Thanks for the warning…. But it didn’t HELP. ………………………… up-chuckkkk

      and this was Two Years in the Making…

    • section9

      You know what Moore did? She cheated. She stole Tina Fey’s act.

      Fey ought to sue. Palin doesn’t speak like that. Fey does an exaggeration of Palin’s Alaskan accent, and Moore copied it. 

    • Firelight

      I actually didn’t think she did that bad. It is an exaggerated accent but I kind of expected that. Her hair is not dark enough in that clip to match Sarah’s.

      Problem with Moore is that she still looks like Moore no matter how much she tries or how close she gets and if you can’t convince your audience that you are the character, they won’t buy anything else.

      I thought this was an HBO movie?  This looks like it is going to be released in the theaters. What is the deal with that?

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