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Wishing I Was Here – Wednesday – Updated

Oh yes I did!!!  I have fully entered the fantasy land of Firelight, LOL. I am wishing I was in this picture right now.  Don’t get me wrong, I love where I live but this past week has been so unusually cold and cloudy that I miss my sunshine.  Coloradans are addicted to sunshine considering we get more than 300 days of it a year.  Clouds make us cranky.

I also have my kids home today. I decided we can sleep late and go see Santa. I hate malls anyway so to go see St. Nick when no one else is there and the line is short suits me just fine.  It will be a fun treat for my kids.

UPDATED: Palin will be on Eric Bollings show on Fox Business tonight at 10pm EST!

First, today is the 70th anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor. Let’s take a moment of silence to honor those who were lost.

News roundup:

Whitney hit the big time. She now has a post on Big Government. Way to go Whitney!!

Hot Air is having open registration today. You can go to their open thread to register. I encourage every Palinista to register even if you don’t comment. You never know when Palin may need us.

I’m just shaking my head on this one…

Are you freaking kidding me…?

Merry Christmas everyone!!

We are such a generous nation…

I’m not worried but I can think of a few that this might make some uncomfortable. For me, I’m thinking “Hey Mom, I’m in the Library of Congress! Woot!”

From a medical standpoint, this strikes me as dangerous. From a moral one, this is extremely wrong.

I completely disagree with this study. I’m all about snark and I LOVE South Park. I’d post some of it here if I thought I could get away with it. I love half the Dem list and half the Rep. list. and I’m not a liberal in any way shape of form. According to this study, I we are dry, boring sticks in the mud.  I never got that memo….

It is a complete sham and IMO our own Administration helped orchestrate it.

You can’t see me but I have my thumb and index finger playing the worlds smallest violin for this sad moment. Look at me go….

Now this makes me happy!!

#Winning Lisa, oh yes you are… NOT, we didn’t need you anyway.

Oh wait #Winning GOP and what’s his name Reince (he’s our supposed fearless leader right?) this is a perfect master plan….. for disaster.


Doc Zero has a great article at Human Events on the Eurozone’s new hope.

Illegal? Ya think…?

Good interview… but someone was caught off guard.

Well, who knew it was that easy to get her to backtrack

I have my tiny violin out again for this one. I’m playing a masterpiece…

It pains me to say that Jennifer Rubin wrote a decent article on Huntsman.

Huntsman talks debt. On occasion he makes good sense. Funny that he opted out of No Child Left behind but opted in for Cap-n-trade.

This response to Panetta is very good.

Ron Paul goes negative on Gingrich with big ad buy. It could affect Newt’s lead in Iowa.

Gingrich refuses to go negative on Ron Paul.

Florida Cain supporters moving toward Newt.

I’m doubting his claim. I don’t feel closed nor do I want to be.  He isn’t a good deal.

Anita Perry hits the trail.

Perry Superpac spending the big bucks now.

Pandering to Iowans???

Rick Santorum fundraising off Palin’s kind words.

Rick’s plan

He doesn’t have a problem with Trump moderating a debate and he makes a good point.

Who is in for Trumps debate and who is not.  It’s safe to safe Trump won’t endorse anyone who doesn’t attend.

ummm, hmmmm, uuuuhhhhh, (scratches head), how can I put this mildly….. HELL NO!!  Talk about wasting taxpayer dollars…

This is lovely, expected and just jolly…

Yes, finally someone who gets it.

Don’t keep your opinion to yourself Mr. Ailes, just put all out there on Fox News.

Enjoy the day everyone!













  • Michael

    I hope every Palinista here and at C4P registers at Hotair.

  • LSonDisqus

    You’ve outdone yourself this morning, Firelight.  

    I never know what to expect behind a link.  I see ‘generous nation’ and I get ready for proud sentimentality.  Then further down I come to ‘Merry Christmas’ and think here’s some seasonal sweetness.  

    Interesting that the governor would next appear with Hannity again.

    • Firelight

      LOL! I like to keep people on their toes and believe a little mystery is good for the soul :)

  • section9

    Nice tour of the horizon this morning, Firelight.

    Happy Santa!

    And yes, Remember Pearl Harbor!

    • OldPat

      Do I see signs of the ‘old’ section9 – the section9 I came to know when a broken-hearted lurker stumbled across C4P shortly after it had  formed to offer the GOV safe haven?

      If so, I must thank HRH for she did us all a great favor yesterday, not just you.

      Initially what drew me back to C4P were those marvelous conversations you, PEC, Techno and other posters were having about Palin’s choice of strategy and tactics.

      I live in NE SC, and I was raised on Mother’s milk and tales of Gen. Francis Marion and his band of guerrilla fighters who helped our nation win our freedom from the British.

      Your comparisons of Palin’s and Marion’s strategies and tactics were spot on.

      Eventually what continued to draw me back was my realization that the posters of that site represented a broad cross section of the people who made our country great – patriots who had banded together to protect and to offer safe haven to someone they thought unjustly accused.

      Now, the very people that I love are the people our President hates.  He travels the world bowing to our enemies and kissing their (insert word of your choice), ignores our friends and returns home to berate us.  He calls us bitterclingers.  To him we are the enemy, and he intends to destroy our way of life.

      I join HRH in asking you to make your peace with Oct. 5.  Join us, if you can, in withholding judgement until you know all the facts surrounding that day.

      We patriots need the enemy to feel the cold, hard steel of that marvelous mind of yours as we fight for our very freedom, and we need those penetrating political insights of yours – sometimes they border on brilliant.

      In closing, I must ask of PEC.   I have not seen him post in a long time, and I begin to fear the worst.  Have you any news?  

      • Bean Counter

        I see PEC on Twitter fairly regularly, so we don’t need to fear the worst.

        • OldPat

          Thank you, Bean.

  • section9

    BTW, while I don’t expect Palin to reconsider, NOW would be a wonderful time for her to get in the game and start making barnburner speeches for Free Enterprise and Liberty and against the kind of crony corporatism that Obama stood for in his speech from yesterday.

  • Bean Counter

    Mornin’ y’all. Firelight, you may have found your life’s calling. Your news roundups are absolutely brilliant and have become the first thing I check in the morning. I’m with you in disputing the D vs R entertainment survey. I watch NONE of the programs that conservatives allegedly watch, and love Parks & Rec and Modern Family that libs like. I also love Weeds, South Park and Dexter, which are allegedly among the least favorite shows among conservatives. Of course, I’ve never been much of a conventional bandwagoner of any kind, but I’ll put my conservative bona fides up against anyone.

    And Whit, I didn’t have a chance to read your Bigs piece until last night, but I have to agree with Cookboy — it may be time for you to give up your day job. You’re just too stinkin’ good at this. I’m so proud of you I can’t stand it!

    So it looks like we’re in the food fight phase of the primary season. I’m honestly so sick of it all I could cry, and it’s not even really getting cranked up yet. I’ll just wait to see who is the last to be kicked off the island.

    I’ve been registered at Hot Air for years, but almost never comment. It’s always struck me as being nothing more than a Pee Wee Herman “I know you are, but what am I” deal.

    It’s supposed to snow here today. Great. Our city’s snow removal arsenal consists of — the sun. Hopefully we’ll dodge the bullet. I have a showcase to attend tonight for a client. I love these things because I can drink beer and have the company pay for it.

    Stay warm, have fun and drop some green in the red kettle.

    • Whitney Pitcher

      Thanks, Bean. Enjoy the snow! 😉

    • hrh40

      Will every state in the nation get snow before we do????? Enjoy! :)

      • Whitney Pitcher

         We’ve only gotten flurries so far in the part of Illinois I live in.

      • OldPat

        In NE SC we measure our snows in years (between), not inches (of).

  • Agent99SP

    Can’t say about the Hannity appearance announced here and @ C4P (nothing on the site confirming it) but I just saw an ad for the lineup on Fox Business for tonight and it’s showing a video that says that Sarah Palin will be on an “explosive” Follow The Money at 10 pm to discuss insider trading in D.C.     

    • Firelight

      Thanks, I’ll check it out. I also haven’t found anything about her being on Hannity beyond twitter and C4P.

      • hrh40

        When I flipped over to Hannity last night, they did have “Tomorrow: Sarah Palin” in the bottom right corner pop up ad at one point.

        Perhaps the popup operator pulled out the wrong ad?

    • LSonDisqus

      That could become a new noun in news-reporting parlance:

      “I’ve got an explosive on corruption in DC.”
      “Stay tuned for our explosive coming up.”

      • cookboy

        Like in a diaper?

        • LSonDisqus

          Ha!  One with a newborn would think of that.  I do believe I’ve heard it used in that context as well, which only makes it doubly fitting for the media.

  • Whitney Pitcher

    Wow, Firelight. This is really quite a roundup of articles. Thanks! :) I think we’ve gotten your Colorado sunshine here in Illinois. Usually it’s pretty dreary, but it’s sunny this week. Still cold though. I’d like to have a nice snow though. If it’s going to be cold, it might as well be pretty. If we can’t have mountains to look at, at least snow would be nice to look at.

    Regarding the potential for making that drug over-the- counter, The Plan B (“morning after pill”) is exactly why it’s important to make the distinction between life beginning at fertilization or implantation. The pill is pretty much a giant shot of hormones that prevents implantation, meaning that those who believe that life begins at implantation wouldn’t be moralized opposed to such a drug (over-the-counter or not). Not to mention the potential for side effects or problems from the drug when it’s not prescribed. It also may, over time, have an effect on behavior since people know that it’s more accessible. Will people forgo “Plan A” (other forms of contraception) because Plan B is available?

    I worked as a pharmacy tech in college, and I refused to fill that prescription whenever we got one in. “Filling” it simply meant putting a label on the package and giving it to the pharmacist to verify, but I couldn’t do that in good conscience. One of the few could things the state of Illinois has done is allow pharmacists who are morally opposed choose not to fill such a prescription. What will happen if it’s sold over-the-counter? What will that mean for cashiers at pharmacies? It creates even more problems.

  • Bean Counter

    This just in — via e-mail from SarahPAC
    SarahPAC Supporter,

    We stand at the edge of an uncertain future. From the uncertainty of the millions of unemployed to the uncertainty of future tax burdens for small business owners, it is clear that we must now fight against the fundamental transformation taking place against all that has made America truly exceptional. We must bring certainty back into the lives of the American people.

    To do this, SarahPAC will continue to be a driving force in the discussion for reforms that tackle the problem of crony capitalism and promote free markets, smaller government, domestic energy development, and removing the excessive tax and regulatory burdens that have left American industry more uncertain and less prosperous.

    With the 2012 elections right around the corner, now is the time to join Governor Palin and SarahPAC’s continuing efforts to take our country back.

    If you give a gift of $100 or more to SarahPAC, we will send you a copy of “The Undefeated” DVD signed by Governor Palin to show our appreciation for your ongoing support.

    With the holiday season upon us, this collector’s item is the perfect gift for a friend or family member and if your gift is received by December 18th, we guarantee delivery of the DVD by Christmas!

    With your donation of $100 or more to SarahPAC, you will not only be receiving this exclusive signed copy of “The Undefeated,” but you will also have a direct impact on the 2012 election cycle by ensuring that Governor Palin and SarahPAC have the resources needed to help elect conservative candidates and send them to Washington.

    The future of our country belongs to those who are willing to fight for it, and with your
    vital support we can continue to help elect commonsense conservatives who will do what is necessary to ensure that America’s prosperity is renewed.

    Once again, I ask you to take this stand with us.

    Thank you for all you do for Governor Palin and SarahPAC,

    Tim Crawford
    Treasurer, SarahPAC

  • Crueladev

    Good Wednesday Morning P4A Kids…
    Of course it is Pearl Harbor Day…Moment of Silence………
    It is also National Cotton Candy Day.  I would think that would be a summer holiday..hmm

    Whit..Fantastic Job!  I agree..quit your day job. :)

    Firelight..with regards to the weather..being the native that I am…this is nothing.
    Some years we get these cold fronts..and some years we don’t. Back in the mid 1980’s
    we spent nearly all of January at below 0’s temps.  I remember because we hosted a -10 degree margarita party because that was a warm-up day.  :)

    What Mitten’s Can’t handle the Trump Card?  Geez..if he can’t put up with the Donald..
    how is he going to handle the you know Hu…???

    So there was this “Christmas Movie” on the other night starring Jennifer Gray…and it leaves me with “pause”….
    It was about a woman who had to hitch a ride to her wedding to be held on Dec. 24th. I missed the first part of the movie so I have no idea why she had to hitch. But she was to marry an Italian.  Well she hooked up with a father/daughter and through much trial they finally made it to her fiancee.  Of course she played a selfish, whiney, cry baby…much like her Dancing With the Stars appearence…but I digress. 
    Now I am going to give away the ending..frankly because it was a really lame movie.  I am trying to spare all of you from having to watch, mainly because I question the reason why they call it a “Christmas Movie.” 
    Well of course…She finds her fiancee in bed…with…with…are you ready???
    Another man.   Well luckily for her…she had already fallen in love with the father and they all lived happily ever after.   The only “Christmas” about the movie was the date of her wedding.  
    I guess we can chalk this movie up to the “the dummying down of Hollyweird.”  It was also a bad attempt at making social statements of “acceptable material” all the while making Christmas…just another day in the month.   Jennifer.. stick to dancing.

    Okay..that is Cruela’s Movie Review of the Day!

    You all have a good day!

    • Bean Counter

      A big saaaluuute for watching that drivel so the rest of us won’t have to. The only Christmas movie I regularly watch every year is Die Hard.

      • Crueladev

        Well Yeah..that is tradition to watch Die Hard!

        We only watched it because we were putting up the tree and were to lazy to turn the channel!

  • Crueladev

    Obama is NOT going on his vacation? 
    I doubt it has anything to do with Mitt..

    I would suspect it being more of a selfish Christmas gift to himself of time away from Moochy!
    But that is just my personal conspiracy theory….

  • Emily Baxter

    Hi guys!

    Dear Santa, 
    all I want for Christmas is a Daisy Rock Pixie Acoustic Silver Sparkle guitar starter pack! (say that five times fast)

    Almost done with first semester of college. Can’t believe it. My head hurts from all this studying. I think I should take a nap. Finals are next week and I get a month off. 😉 I only have 2 finals. Yippee!

    I better do some homework. I heart y’all to death, I really do. :)

  • Firelight

    Just got back from the mall with a successful Santa sighting for my kids. The picture turned out great and the experience was fantastic for them. It was great for me too since we did not have to wait in line!!  Walked right up and the people in front of us were done by the time we picked our photo package. You can’t beat that.

    I updated the post to announce that Palin will be on with Eric Bolling tonight!  Two people I just adore on the same show. I’m happy!!

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