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All Aboard The CudaCoaster – South Carolinians – Vote Newt! – Updated

Buckle up peeps we are going for a ride!

It is Thursday. There is a GOP CNN debate tonight and Romney is playing for keeps. South Carolina is make or break.  If Romney wins the chances of anyone recovering their campaign to beat him is next to zero. It is crucial that Romney lose in South Carolina. Gov. Palin seems to think that Newt has the best chance of beating Romney there, therefore, Newt it is…

So, have I jumped on the Newt train?  Only for South Carolina and I have one hand on the escape door come Sunday. However, Mama Grizzly said to vote Newt in South Carolina and I am going to defer to her judgement for the next 3 days.  Take it up with her if you have a problelm. You don’t have to agree with me, heck, I don’t completely agree with me but I’m riding the CudaCoaster and this is the hill we are on.  Hang on! It is going to get bumpy!

Remember what happened last time Palin endorsed in South Carolina?  Yes, rumors of affairs. What was the result? South Carolinians either didn’t buy it or didn’t care. Let’s hope for the same victory.

So for the news:

First to deal with this Ex-wife of Newt.  First, Marianne Gingrich has openly spoken to the media for years. She has no problem sharing her story so for her to come up with something new now would make me think she is lying.  In my opinion, Marianne is the new Levi.  I have a hard time having sympathy for a woman who started out as a mistress first to Newt and wife second UNLESS she had an epiphany of change and sought a path of forgiveness and redemption.  Marianne has not done that in fact when she met Newt she was the mistress of another married man. In her last interview in 2010, she takes no responsibility.

Drudge should be ashamed.  I will temporarily boycott his site as I think this was dirty pool. Let’s review his history to see where this motivation comes from. Matt Drudge has dated Ann Coulter and they remain friends today. He has several ties to Mitt Romney.  To me, this has Romney finger prints all over it.  This is the way Romney plays. We saw it with Palin, there was evidence he was behind Cain’s attacks and now this.  How do I know it is Romney behind this attack? Because the attacks are coming now. That is what I suspect the “civil war” is about inside ABC. The Mittwits vs the liberals. Mitt wants the interview released now and the liberals want to save it for this fall.  Interesting that the Mittwits won…

After the news broke claiming there was a bombshell, these tweets came out:

@HowardKurtz HowardKurtz
I’m told Gingrich’s ex-wife says nothing to ABC she hasn’t said before — but simply saying it on camera makes it a big television story
@JimPethokoukis James Pethokoukis
” … insider says Gingrich’s second wife does not say anything … that she hasn’t said in previous print interviews.”
Apparently, this interview is just a rehash of the 2010 Esquire interview she gave.  So what exactly has Marianne said in the past?
Well, in 1995 to Vanity Fair while STILL married to him:

What happens if Newt runs?, the reporter asks.

“He can’t do it without me,” she replies. “I told him if I’m not in agreement, fine, it’s easy” –she giggles at her naughtiness. “I just go on the air the next day, and I undermine everything…I don’t want him to be president and I don’t think he should be.”

I’m sorry but what wife does that while they are still married?  She also claimed back in 1995 that she could sink his career with one interview. That isn’t a new comment as some are claiming.  I think that she is full of smoke on that one. She is clearly bitter and I think she would have dropped something like that already. Mitt has deep pockets, I think Marianne would have appreciated that.

Newt’s daughters have released this statement. They also spoke last night in South Carolina and CSPAN covered it.

Now, here is the 1995 Vanity Fair article about Newt. It is HEAVY on opinion and clearly a hit job created to undermine him at his height and create questions. The author talks to mostly campaign staffers that were fired by him but VF doesn’t reveal that until closer to the end. Keep Frank Bailey in mind.  The most interesting part is the beginning where it talks about his childhood.  What a sad mess.  I can see why he has inner demons and I actually feel sorry for him.  It explains a lot. Am I defending his adulterous behavior, absolutely not. However, with the exception of those charges everything else is accusations, insinuations and unproven.

84 ethics charges were filed against Newt in 1997.  83 were dismissed. He was found guilty of one and the fine was $300,000. The largest in history.  In 1999, the IRS cleared Newt of that violation ruling that he did not violate any rules.  So in reality, Newt didn’t violate any ethics violations. Funny how the news never mentions that part. Does this sound like someone else we know?

What surprises me the most is in THIS article that also interviewed Marianne in 2010 is just how conservative Newt was.  Yes, there were lots of opinions claiming he had no core beliefs etc… but if you look at his actual actions, he was VERY conservative and took on both party’s establishment class and for a time, he won.  No wonder they hated him.

Rush Limbaugh this week said that Newt is not a part of the establishment. That he is not a part of the permanent political class. They hate him.  Now with all the adultery that goes on in the political world and DC especially, it isn’t Newt’s philandering that is the cause of that hate.  Rush said it is Newt’s conservative core.  I find that interesting and I find his record interesting.

Now clearly Newt has his fair share of issues but he also got a lot accomplished and I do believe that he is older and wiser now. In the Esquire article the fact is mentioned that he wrote an apology book first and was very remorseful. That shows that he has a soul and a conscience and was looking for some sort of forgiveness and redemption. No one disputes that he is a great father and grandfather. I think he has learned to connect much more deeply than in his early years. I do believe that his conversion to Catholicism is real and while I think he brainstorms out loud far too often, I do think his core is conservative.  I know he isn’t perfect but he has led a revolution before and maybe he learned from his mistakes so that he can be much more successful this time. Maybe that is what Todd and Sarah see in him.

I still want Palin in the White House but I would accept her in a major role and holding Newt’s feet to the fire. Seems that Newt would too.

So in defense of Newt here are the latest articles:

National Review talks about Marianne’s bitterness

Gingrich’s education history

Mark Levin weighs in on this issue putting things in perspective

A leading Pastor weighs in

Not to sound too preachy but I really hold to a belief that people can change and everyone deserves second chances.  My son’s middle name is David. He is named after King David in the Bible. Not once have I ever been asked how I could give my son the middle name of a man who was a serial adulterer, liar and murderer.  Not once.  Instead, people focus on the fact that God claimed David was a man after his own heart, a great King and beloved by God.  Are we talking about the same David? I’ve also never heard anyone claim that David was a bad King or incapable of ruling because of his personal flaws.  Why? Because he was a flawed, human and a forgiven man. Just like all of us. Some food for thought…

The MSM is using Newt to distract from Obama’s refusal to approve the Keystone project and to keep Romney from being vetted.

Please know that my first choice is still Palin. That doesn’t change. I am only advocating for Newt because she is advocating for Newt in South Carolina therefore I feel a sense of duty to help carry him thru poll closings on Saturday.

In other news:

First his still employed staffer claims women should not be in leadership positions and now his still employed staffers are making these claims…  The fact that they are still employed speaks volumes. Our economy is in the tanker, our freedom is at risk and we have countries that want to kill us and this is what they focus on?

Of course the MSM wants to talk about Newt but THIS is what should be getting the attention. This is a BIG, darn deal…

This should also be making news.

How is this not making news?

Why is Romney still the least vetted candidate?

Gingrich is leading Romney in South Carolina. This is credited to Gov. Palin. Let’s pray he keeps that lead.

Good for them

Newt is exactly right… Palin knows this first hand.

Yay!!  Thank you House GOP for saying no more

Obama kills XL pipeline thus killing jobs…

OK Arizona, we can NOT have this person in Congress.

Heh, Erikson and Laura Ingrahm ask Perry to drop out. At this point, I agree. He should drop out and endorse Gingrich.


Santorum wins Iowa by 34 votes.

Here is a great article from National Review about Sarah. There are many friends quoted in it.

She the People…. LOVE IT!

Rick Perry drops out and endorses Newt Gingrich. I think Rick will sleep well tonight. His heart wasn’t in it but it is a shame that his record didn’t get more praise. With Texas being in better shape than most of the US, Rick should be proud. He was tied with Newt as my second choice behind Palin. He had great ads and a swagger that I like. I find it curious that he and his wife only own one home and that most of his money has been made on real estate deals in farm land. For someone who has been in office for a decade, he isn’t wealthy. I know that he dabbled in cronyism but I don’t see the monetary reward from it. I think Perry is an overall good man and hope we see him more in the future. It is being reported that Perry will head up a 10th Amendment project for Gingrich to help devolve the federal government of power and return it to the states.  I LOVE this idea and it is very Texan of Perry to do.

If the Tea Party Express endorses Newt that will be a huge score for Newt. That will help negate the Marianne interview and Santorum’s win in Iowa. Apparently Marianne is quoted as saying Newt wanted an open marriage and she refused. I find it humorous that she was for an open marriage when she was the mistress but against it when she was the wife. Who knew that Marianne was a flip flopper, she should endorse Romney. They are a great match.

Have a great day today!  Enjoy the CudaCoaster and don’t throw up!




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  • Crueladev

    Good Thursday Morning P4A Kids…

    I find the whole Matt Drudge – Newt Thingy funny.  Maybe someone should ask Drudge for his tax records….hmmmm   Ann Coulter was just off the wall the other night on Twitter.  I think she would like to be “closer” to Mitten’s than just as her President….just sayin’…  I think all the pie that has been thrown in her face has clogged her blood vessels to her brain.

    Almost at the end of this house sitting stint.  3 Weeks is a long shift…especially coming off a 9 day stint prior to this one.. Only had two possible break-ins, 2 deer killed, their sons dog who was killed just down the street and a bunch of snarling and snorting beyond the fence line.  HA…I would not have changed a thing except for Chloe…she was a good little dog.   I miss my Fat Grey Kitty tho! 

    I am only home for a few days tho..before the next one.  That one is only for a few days.  5 dogs and a cancer patient…oh and a cat.  hmmmm…

    On This Day:

    1825 – Ezra Daggett and Thomas Kensett of New York City patented a canning process to preserve salmon, oysters and lobsters.
    1861 – Georgia seceded from the Union.
    1883 – Thomas Edison’s first village electric lighting system using overhead wires began operation in Roselle, NJ.
    1937 – Howard Hughes set a transcontinental air record. He flew from Los Angeles to New York City in 7 hours, 28 minutes and 25 seconds.
    1944 – The U.S. federal government relinquished control of the nation’s railroads after the settlement of a wage dispute.
    1952 – The National Football League (NFL) bought the franchise of the New York Yankees from Ted Collins. The franchise was then awarded to a group in Dallas on January 24.
    1953 – Sixty-eight percent of all TV sets in the U.S. were tuned to CBS-TV, as Lucy Ricardo, of “I Love Lucy,” gave birth to a baby boy.
    1971 – At the Charles Manson murder trial, the Beatles’ “Helter Skelter” was played. At the scene of one of his gruesome murders, the words “helter skelter” were written on a mirror.
    1981 – The U.S. and Iran signed an agreement paving the way for the release of 52 Americans held hostage for more than 14 months and for arrangements to unfreeze Iranian assets and to resolve all claims against Iran.
    1996 – U.S. first lady Hillary Rodham Clinton was subpoenaed to appear before a federal grand jury. The investigation was concerning the discovery of billing records related to the
    Whitewater real estate investment venture.
    2001 – Texas officials demoted a warden and suspended three other prison workers in the wake of the escape of the “Texas 7.” …Later found not too far from Colo. Spgs living in a now bankrupt Camp Ground. 

    Okay…You all have a good day.  Can’t wait to see the left go after Newt tonight.  I just hope he man’s up and sticks to going after Obama!  Leaving the rest in his dust!

    • hrh40

      Yay for Little Ricky Ricardo. What a cutie!

      That whole Iranian thing may have been arranged by GHW Bush. Bilderberg Group, Council on Foreign Relations, etc. Ick.

      Whitewater. She was probably protected by TPTB in the aforementioned groups. There’s a reason Bush Sr and Clinton have always been so palsy walsy. Card-carrying members. Sigh.

  • section9

    This thing was recycled by the Bush people to try and derail Newt in South Carolina, but more importantly, to keep the possibility of a Newt surge in Florida down.

    I discount the possibility of Newt winning here, but am prepared to vote for the man if Palin thinks it’s the best strategy going forward.

    The Newt story was largely about Florida, I think. I don’t see ANY signs of juicy turnout here. No Palin, no excitement. That’s good for the Establishment, of course, but their guy has no big loyal base of support like, say, Ron Paul. However, Willard has Jeb, Rubio, and all that patronage.

    The big story should be Keystone XL. Palin should get out there and start flogging that story day and night.

    Seriously, this is tailor-made for her. It’s a huge missed opportunity if she just lets it lie there.

    • BostonBruin

      Section9 – is Florida’s primary winner-take-all or proportional?

      • Firelight

        It is proportional and they lost 1/2 their delegates for having their primary early.

    • hrh40

      Like on the first part.

      Not so much the last few sentences.

    • John Norton

      Sarah will take Florida by storm…

    • hrh40

      Oops, I flagged you before I remembered I have mod privileges here.

      So consider yourself warned. You Activities show you to be a serial spammer.

      This site is Palin4America. Remember that.

  • Crueladev

    Wow…you are quoting Frank Bailey…real credible!  Firelight feel free to delete this well as Mr. EMT…
    In future Mr. EMT…cite something that has some truth behind it rather than a washed up pathetic little man trying to change his own diaper….just sayin!

    • ZH100

      Mr. EMT is a Perry supporter and a Palin hater. He is always trashing Gov.Palin in his comments.

      • hrh40

        I wonder if Mr EMT is really RUExperienced, who was also a Perry supporter, who could never seem to talk up his guy, but thought the best way to help him was to tear down Palin.

        Such supporters really only reveal the weakness of their own candidate if they can’t talk him or her up but must resort to taking the opposition out.

        This MO is the ONLY way BO has ever won.

        • hrh40

          See my comment to you above …

    • Crueladev

      I guess Mr. EMT…I am saying to me the money!  You cite Frank Bailey and Politico…but can’t seem to show it anywhere else….Show it too me…Hell You may be right…I am just asking you to back it up with actual emails or sources….other than the idiotic Frank Bailey and year old garbage, a failed book, and a failing website.

    • Whitney Pitcher

      The article you linked is from February 2011. Palin’s emails weren’t released until June 2011. You’re taking Frank Bailey’s word, of all people, that was a really email from the Governor, which is highly unlikely.Besides the emails that were released were from when she took office until right around the time she was nominated for VP, not when the NRSC business happened. 

  • John Norton

    My friends all Americans got news, Big news, biggest since our founding in 1776… Here Goes…!

    At the whim of the President and big corporate entities and the repeal of the Posse Comatatis Act of 1870 and the passing of the National Defense Authorization Act by a 93-7 vote it gives them the right to incarcerate citizens on suspicion of terrorism indefinitly…
    This is an intentional upsurption of our constitution and turns Every american into indentured servants….The MF Global fund which came up 6 Billion short and Corzeim dosnt know what happened to the money…(can ya beleive it) NO…
    Candidate Ron Paul Has filed suit against the Obama Administration for this N.D.A.A. bill…Urging all members of congress to repeal it….Thats why my friends Gov. Palin insists thats its hands off Ron…I didnt know that before But I do now and O my Lord…,is all I can say…
    Corzeim and Yes you got it Joe Bieden know all this planned 4 it and are staying in the shadows hoping not to be detected but they have ben found out …Big time… and before they put their plan into effect we will prempt them… Sarah knows all, and on the 11th look out…!
    Since the patriot act installed by GW in the 90s 600,000 people have ben frisked without explanation and thats not even counting the TSA…
    The Fed dumped 16.5 trillion of “Funny Money” on the world mkt. to bastardize the worlds money supply and make it worthless ,especially 4 those that stuff it in their mattress… so the only true security id in Silver ,Gold ect…
    JP Morgan and other large institutions know,are in the Know…The LSM or what I call the “Presstitutes” are not reporting on the biggest story since our founding…Rachel Madow started but was sat on…
    Economic Marshal law will go into effect worldwide.The Collapse of Italy will be the Impedus ,the spark that sets this off…
    There is not many who are opposing this in congress…Chris Hedges Dennis Kusinish Ron Paul are opposing this ,but they are Grossly outnumbered…Not forgetting that our girl knows this too ,the ace up her sleeve sort of speak…
    Bernie Sanders yelling loudly about it has ben ignored…

    So my friends its up to every one of us to prempt them…I beleive it Fortuitous that this morning stuck in a shelter woke 4 no reason this meeting with one staff member who was a part of Palins campaign or knew them and a young black man met in the kitchen and we talked abouit the future of our great country…

    From a patriot that cares… Please paste and distribute ,spill the beans all over the house…No LOL…This is very serious and effects every single one of us…Dont say you were not warned…
    SP 2012 or bust…

    • John Norton

      Dawn Larson accuses me of spin but I dont cryu Wolf…and anyways thats what they said about Noahs Arc,so good luck to all of those that think im Lying or Spinning…!
      Go to George Noreys interview with Gerald Salenti last night if you doubt me I was shocked as I know you will be…

    • John Norton

      The “Prestitutes” are totally silent on this one…

  • Lipstick

    What is it about SC & juicy marriage issues (lies/old news) coming out just before an election? Haley and now Newt….Personally, I think what Newt did in the past is the past. Terrible what he did (and the women who did it with him), but in the past. I would hate to have something that long ago dug up, after receiving forgiveness from my Savior, for everything I did in college. That is truly scarey!!!

    The world is an upside down place these days. Who would have thought that I would actually be rooting for the San Francisco 49ers, being a looooooooooooooong time Cowboy fan and detesting Joe Montana since he was just so dang good, and rooting for Newt. Good Grief!

    I am ramping up my training for my next Half on March 10th.

    I was so beat down after my last Half on Dec 4th. Knee, foot….. I devised a unique training plan where I am running long every other week rather than every week. It should be interesting as my longest run will be only 12 miles before the race. I also will not run over 18 miles in any given week during this training. I am running for fun, but still think I can beat my Dec 4th time since I will not have a 177ft tall bridge to run over and back on. If I don’t, that’s OK too. Last week my long run was 8 miles, this in my “off” week and I will go up to 9 miles next week. Today is my rest day, I am looking forward to my pseudo long run of 6 miles in the AM!!

    All this is so boring with Palin not in the race. Good grief, can you imagine  the ‘Cuda ripping into Mitt on tax returns, Bain, his record as Governor etc? Just him gasping for air on the debate stage would be well worth the time to watch. What a waste, Palin is just sitting up in Alaska instead.

    I made a rare visit to another website recently. Goodness, reading comments of how Palin IS running her unconventional campaign blah, blah, blah, I was getting a contact high on whatever is being smoked there.

    • hrh40

      But au contraire, the world is right side up because we are getting detailed running commentary from Lip! :)

  • BostonBruin

    Good morning! Here’s some other articles worth noting:

    Team Romney dismisses Sarah Palin
    Campaign officials with Mitt Romney dismissed former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin’s endorsement of rival Newt Gingrich yesterday, pointing out that the feisty hockey mom has accused him of being “narrow-minded” and “egotistical.”

    Cunning Sarah Palin gives boost to Newt Gingrich – Momma Grizzly picks her cub
    You’ve got to admire Sarah Palin’s cunning … If Newt Gingrich wins Saturday in South Carolina, she can claim total credit … Moma grizzly gores Mittens…

    • Firelight

      Mittwit has always dismissed Sarah.  I loathe that man.

      • ZH100


        From the article:

        “Former Mitt Romney presidential campaign staffers, some of whom are currently working for Sen.John McCain and Gov. Sarah Palin’s bid for the White House, have been involved in spreading anti-Palin spin to reporters, seeking to diminish her standing after the election.
        “Sarah Palin is a lightweight, she won’t be the first, not even the third, person people will think of when it comes to 2012,” says one former Romney aide, now working for McCain-Palin. “The only serious candidate ready to challenge to lead the Republican Party is Mitt Romney. He’s in charge on November 5th.”

    • hrh40

      Thanks for keeping us up to date on the Boston media, BB.

      Edit: And that second story by Margery Egan is actually pretty good. Clearly opinionated. But funny. And she actually watched the interview. And got her facts straight.

      The first piece I’ve read in a while that I didn’t get out my pixel red pen to correct the errors.

    • John Norton

      Mittens the kitten is toast stick a fork in him…

  • Bean Counter

    Mornin’ comrades, wow, it’s a feast for us political junkies today — looks like Mitt didn’t bribe the right Iowa folks to hide the hanging chads, so to speak. Cracks me up. And I’m no Newt fan, but I think this ex-wifey thing isn’t going anywhere. Heck, we already know he’s a jerk, he’s admitted he’s a jerk, and has apologized. I think fair minded folks will see this as a Hail Mary pass by the media to stop Newt’s momentum and to prop up Romney, who they all want to run against, they’ve admitted as much, so if anything, I think some SC voters will vote for Newt, just to stick it to the media. And now, Perry is dropping out — finally. Rick, go home and defend the Alamo.

    I’m sorry, but I still think Callista Gingrich and Carson Kressley were separated at birth.

    And finally, I don’t want to hear anymore crap hurled at my friend Paula Deen. Nobody was forced at gunpoint to eat her food. Like she’s the only one who ever hyped unhealthy food — I saw a t-shirt from Iowa that said — “I visited the Iowa State Fair and all I got was type 2 diabetes.”

    OK, rant over. I gotta get to work. Y’all be sweet.

  • ErinMC4

    There are some days that the news makes me want to bury my head in the sand and never emerge…this is one of those days.  All of those stories that SHOULD be making news, yet we’re concerned on ABC news (and Drudge..ugh) about an ex-wife of a man running for President who clearly has a vendetta???????  Our Country is in the sh***er, our President & Congress are stripping our rights away, not to mention our solvency as a nation, and we’re worried about a former mistress turned wife of a man saying the same ol’ thing about what he was like in the mid 1990’s? What is wrong with people???  (And, by the way, do we as a society suddenly NOT believe people change? If so, why are there so many self-help programs, AA, counselors and therapist, priests and pastors? Baffling, isn’t it?)

    Having said all of that ridiculousness… I could not agree more with Firelight about Newt. Don’t count me a Newt supporter nationally … just temporarily. And really, I wouldn’t even say I’m a supporter of Newt but more a supporter of making this process longer.

    P.S. LOVE David from the Bible—a testament to God’s redemption and Grace!

    • Firelight

      LOL!  Erin my husband just last night when the whole Drudge thing broke stole a line from Christmas Vacation.  He looked at me and said “sh***er is full”.  

      You comment reminded me of that and made me smile, thank you!

      Yes, we have much bigger issues to focus on!

      • ErinMC4

        Hahahahaha…that is one of my FAVORITE lines from that movie. (The other one being when the dog is making those awful noises under the table and Eddie says: “Oh, he’s fine..he’s just yackin’ on a bone.”)  We says those all the time in our house!

        Glad my crazy mood made someone smile. :-)

  • KatieSilverSpring

    “I do believe that his conversion to Catholicism is real” and, Firelight, that is what keeps me going.  I trust Newt; I believe he has been vetted in the right places.  And, I am beyond delighted that Palin is standing behind him, with the fire to the feet.

    • John Norton

      Hang on Katie calvary coming,you betcha…Game On…!

  • Whitney Pitcher

    Good morning!

    As I heard the “news” about this supposed new Newt bombshell, I think I realized in a different way why I support Governor Palin completely, but just can’t feel I can throw support behind any of these other candidates. Supporting Governor Palin means you defend her from the lies. If you support other candidates, you have to defend them from the truth of their past indiscretions, flip flops, etc. There’s a huge difference in the achievements, principles, and character of Governor Palin compared to the others.

    Thanks for the links and explanation behind the Newt stuff. I completely agree with you about the redemption/forgiveness aspect. I think too, though Santorum may have his strong points, I think Newt poses the best chance to be the non-Romney. I just don’t like Romney and his underhanded tactics, which bloodies his opponents and leaves his hands clean, and it started way back with the anonymous lies about Governor Palin not knowing that Africa was a continent in 2008 as most of McCain staffers were former Romney staffers who were getting their shots in early for 2012. 

    • Firelight

      I would like to see Santorum as Secretary of Health and Human services.  He would make sure that all life was treated with respect. I just don’t think he can beat Romney and I’m not fond of his big government record and policies. 

      I actually think this group of candidates have some strong points that can be utilized in a Palin or Gingrich administration.  I don’t think Romney will give any of them the time of day.

      If it wasn’t for Mama Grizzly, I would not be on the Newt train right now.

      • John Norton

        Same here…!

  • hrh40

    Great essay, Firelight.

    Followed by a great roundup.

    And an even better update.

    You are totally right about Perry sleeping well tonight.


    1. Herman Cain’s supposed to endorse today. With such a full newsday, it’ll be Herman who? Especially if he endorses Romney.

    2. I sent Drudge a “shame on you” message on his tip line. He’s still screaming about Marianne with half a dozen or so above the fold news hits and the open marriage as the big headline. I think he’s trying to cover himself by making it a media ethics issue. But I leaned into him about the nonnewsworthiness of the ex-mistress’s/ex-wife’s comments, as in, they’ve all been out there before, as you so thoroughly document.

    Perry dropping out is the headline news.

    But not for Matt I’m-4-sale-2-Mitt Drudge.

  • BostonBruin

    The Daily Caller has learned that 100 tea party leaders from 25 states will announce Thursday that they are supporting Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich and will form a coalition called Tea Partiers With Newt.
    Amy Kremer said TP Express would endorse before SC. I don’t know if this announcement includes them, but I would expect they too would endorse Gingrich.
    Palin Power? You betcha!

  • John Norton

    Just out Santorum won Iowa by 30 some odd votes…Mittens stick a bloody fork in him…O Ha La…!

  • blackbird

    Excellent post Firelight I just sent Newt a give em hell email and linked to your post. I will be looking to see tonight when Newt draws the smiley face.

    The atlasshrugs link is missing the .html extension.

    • John Norton

      Blackbird we are gonna win this thing…

      • blackbird

        You know John, I believe you are right.

        • John Norton

          We got this tiger by the tail…X Infinity…

  • Riley4Palin

    Howdy All!!

    That is the extent of my Texan accent in honor of Rick Perry today.  Finally we have a candidate that put the country ahead of his own ego.  A little late in coming, but still kudos for him doing it right before the SC primary.  The Romney campaign must be doing back flips right about now in Ann Coulter’s home office.

    Real work is keeping me away more than I want these days but today seems like a very big political day.  I think I will actually watch the entire debate tonight just to see if Romney develops lip sweat. 

    Words cannot really describe the warm fuzzies I get when Palin shows the political class she is not going away.  Her SC Newt endorsement this week must have burned them to no end.  Just when the media and the Establishment were locking and loading for Mitt to be our candidate, Palin swoops in and stirs the pot.  I love it!!   One more thing, I also find great comfort that Palin continues to hold much more power in moving the needle than the Governor of SC.  Hee, hee.  Oh Nikki… and learn how the superstars play.  You made a mistake by aligning with the Establishment on this one.


    Fire, your morning re-caps are the best on the net for political news! 
    A very belated Happy Birthday to you Cru!
    Mamma Mia, I hope you got to shower this week.  :)
    Whip, I’m waiting patiently for you to get your big break.  Well done with another super article getting good play!
    Bean, Brian Ross from ABC News gets seat 1A by the window.  As a matter of fact, go ahead and book the entire “news” team from ABC News on today’s flight.  This “interview” with Newt’s ex is a joke and all planned to keep Obama and his policy decisions out of the limelight. 


    I am finally over my Packer Hangover.  That was a tough one to swallow.  I hate it when people say, “Better luck next year!”  Whatever!

    I’m rooting for the Giants and Patriots this weekend.  I cannot stomach Jim Harbaugh from San Fran. He went to cockiness school with Barack Obama and it makes me want to hurl.

  • Emily Baxter

    Hey everyone! Emily here, and I would like to make an announcement…

    Statistics is gonna KILL ME. I repeat, KILL ME! That, or death panels. One of the two. Or seeing Obama in front of Cinderella’s Castle. That alone makes me not want to go to Disney World ever again, because Obama redistributed the magic…barf barf barf!

    Anyways, I’m taking State and Local Government, and we have a new professor, so I promise to be extra nice. (When am I not? 😉 I just got done writing all the terms down. Whew!

    I wish I could come to the meetup. If y’all made it a week earlier I could! But it’s okay, I should video-chat with one of y’all one day. :)

    I must go, I might be head piccolo player today if that other girl doesn’t show up to band. Good grief, we need the piccolo. Come to band darn it! 

    Okay, I’m off! Be magical. And remember… I heart you!

    • BostonBruin

      I used to feel that way about Physics. I survived. You will too!

    • Riley4Palin

      Hi Em!

      • Emily Baxter

        Hiya Riley! 😀

  • John Norton

    All friends…the power of prayer…we got this tiger by the tail…we are gonna win this this thing by a landslide… ***** : ) …~~~… !

  • Nancy6

    When a candidate says: “I am suspending my campaign” is that just code for “I’m putting my campaign in timeout.”?

  • Riley4Palin

    A few points…

    Who is more of a cheater in your eyes as an American voter?

    Newt for his indiscretions, or Barack Obama wasting away our hard earned money for useless programs?

    Newt for his indiscretions, or Michelle Obama using our hard earned money for very expensive vacations and clothes?

    Newt for his indiscretions, or Barack Obama shoving socialized medicine down our throats?

    Newt for his indiscretions, or Michelle Obama thinking she needs her own freakin’ plane for vacations?

    Newt for his indiscretions, or Barack Obama telling his union bosses and slugs all across America to “get in your face” to protect their entitlements?

    Newt for his indiscretions, or the MSM ethical challenges when dealing with Republicans?


    I am officially in the Anybody but Obama camp, but like Palin think it is necessary to drag this primary out awhile longer to get more things out that the MSM was trying to save until the summer months and then the best stuff for October right before the election.

  • Nancy6

    Did Perry mention Newt in his endorsement today, or did he go the Huntsman route, and just make a vague reference to the dude?:)

    • Firelight

      He gave a great speech today.  He did mention Newt.

  • Nancy6

    I think Obama had the impression his whole Presidency would be like living at DisneyWorld.

  • Riley4Palin

    Um…….the photos are priceless.  Leave it to those Harvard Grads who run the PR/Communication Dept in the White House.  

    Someone should have placed a pair of Mickey Mouse ears on TOTUS for added effect.

    TOTUS at Disneyworld officially comes a close 2nd to TOTUS in a school classroom.

    • blackbird

      Thanks for the link Riley, photo no.4 is taken from a bad angle LOL. I have an idea for a new specialty product, a camera that takes TOTUS-LESS photos.

  • Nancy6

    How come the “manipuledia” find it newsworthy to investigate Newt’s “open marriage”, but find it boresville to investigate Obama’s “open marriage” in his capacity as an American citizen and American politician, palling around with terrorists/America’s enemies? Isn’t protecting American citizens the #1 priority for the President of The United States?
    Isn’t a relationship with someone who would terrorize American citizens, kinda important to know and flesh out?

    • Riley4Palin

      Hi Nancy!

      Yep, kinda important. LOL It is quite unbelieveable how anyone would be willing to pay these jag offs each day.

      What is even more irritating is when they say with a straight face when “breaking” Republican personal stories that, “It took awhile to nail down the story and we ran with it when it was finally ready for print.”

      Um………. in the words of Obama, let me be clear.  They are all lying dirtbags.

  • Bill589

    The more I learn about Newt, the less I like him.

    But I am supporting him for this SC primary – for Sarah’s sake.

    May God bless the USA, and may it be His will that we elect the right person for president.

    • poljunkie

      You know, as I wrote at C4P, Sarah speaks to us not for us, Bill. 
      Voters will still make up their own minds. Some will care about Newts infildelity- others will say meh. 

      Myself, I’m not a Gingrich or Romney or Paul or Santorum fan. This election is really a bummer.

    • blackbird

      It’s good that the ex-wife issue comes out now but ABC should have aired it Sunday coming. I saw Santorum with Wolf Blitzer this evening and he makes a good argument why the conservatives should rally around him and I think he is getting stronger as the debates and interviews goes on.

      I too Bill trust the Governor.

  • KatieSilverSpring

    Sorry to return on the same day but this Marianne spin is ridiculous.  1st Mistress imposes Open Marriage on 1st Wife, then as 2nd Wife refuses Open Marriage for 2nd Mistress.  Didn’t she even hear herself?  When you cheat with a cheating man, you think he’s going to change just because it is YOU?

    Thank God some decent daughters came out of this.  This “interview” tonight is going to make Marianne look soooo bad.  I wish it would make ABC look bad.  But Newt knows how to answer this baloney.

    Thank God in Heaven, nobody holds me accountable for stupid behavior in my past.  I don’t think I could be so cool about it as Newt is. But it is good exercise for what The Obama Team will be introducing before the General Election.

    The scuttlebutt going around now about good ole Barry back when gives a whole new meaning to those tee-shirts his supporters wore in Chicago.  You remember, “Bro’s before Ho’s” – and we thought it referenced Hillary. 

    Get down, get down (low) … (and, I haven’t even had any wine yet and I’m singing)

    • ErinMC4

      Thank God in Heaven, nobody holds me accountable for stupid behavior in my past. I don’t think I could be so cool about it as Newt is.

      Amen!!  It’s a wonder anyone runs for office these days…

    • blackbird


    • Firelight

      I heard a guy on Hannity today that was very much involved with Newt and Marianne back then as a staffer. He said that there were some significant documents that a were either missed or ignored by ABC regarding the situation and that IF Newt suggested that to Marianne if would be because he had a very good reason to believe that it was something she wanted.  He didn’t go into detail more about it because Hannity cut him off but my take away was that after Marianne cleared out the house and told him she was leaving him she must have also been seeing someone else. Apparently she left him and then they lived separated for 6 years. They tried to reconcile but that didn’t work and Newt asked for an official divorce but she left him first.

      I think this lady is jealous that Newt finally got right with God and settled down.I also think she is jealous because she thinks she would have made a great first lady (clearly not).

      She looks really bitter in the full interview from what I have heard.

  • Crueladev

    Via TexMex on Twitter…Bigfoot removes it’s Romney Endorsement..

  • section9

    There are rumblings about in D.C. about Mitch Daniels being convinced by the Bushistas that Mittens doesn’t have it and the he might have to get in.

    Now what are the excuses for Palin to continue to stay out of the race again?

    • poljunkie

      Really? His wife is going to let him come out and play? 

      • Firelight

        Not after she sees what they are doing to Newt and Calista.  She will run for the hills.

        • section9

          I think it was Mrs. Daniels who pulled the plug originally anyway.

    • Bill589

      It is way, way, way too late for Palin to get in!!!!  Come back to reality, in real-ville.
      Don’t be stupid, thinking she can miss debates and primaries, and just enter!  lololololololol

      Oh yeah – However, there is more than enough time for anybody else to get in.  /s

      • guest

        people can you just think?  palin works for fox network-the media. as long as there is still a contest among the gop candidates then all networks-including fox-gets more viewers for the debates and the primaries.  if romney wraps it up in s.c. then they all lose viewers. palin is speaking for her boss when saying she would vote for newt in s.c. if she were there “to keep things going”…………………for the NETWORKS TO GET VIEWERS-FOR HER AND FOX TO GET VIEWERS!!   go for it. the longer the gop fights among themselves the longer the president has to establish the narative.  the more ads the gop use AGAINST each, the more the president can use those VERY SAME ads against the nominee.

    • hrh40

      He’s doing the GOP state of the union rebuttal this year.

      Don’t know Palin’s exact reasons – except the ones that she stated – and they have nothing to do with Mitch Daniels. So not sure what your point is?

      And if your theory that the Bushes want Romney to lose to Obama, are you saying the Bushes think Newt can beat Obama?

      • section9

        Yes. They know that Romney will lose. That’s why they want him safely nominated.

        Gingrich could win on strength of debates alone. Romney is Thurston Howell III brought to life. Obama will kick his ass. They will do to Romney what Bush did to Kerry.

  • Babylon Cat

    Heh. Stolen from AoSHQ:

    SEEN ON FACEBOOK: “I don’t care if Gingrich was a swinger at this point.
    If he gets the nod, he gets my vote, because at least he was screwing a
    woman and NOT AMERICA.” Heh.

  • Babylon Cat

    And a big thank you to Firelight and any one else responsible for this place. Was a regular poster under a different nic at the other place until 10/5. Just an irregular lurker since.  Total nuts over there now.

    Love the news roundups. You’re a good writer, Firelight. Enjoy your posts and following you on twitter, too.

    Now back to my  regular lurking. :)

  • section9

    Newton Leroy didn’t blow the doors off, but he didn’t do anything to blow his lead, either. He looked and sounded like a guy whose people are telling him that the internals show him 3 pts. ahead. That said, he and Santorum obviously had a sit-down. So I was wrong about Santorum and Mittens. Wouldn’t have been the first time.

    Romney did all right, but he looked like a guy who wants to move on to Sunny Florida.

    • Firelight

      I didn’t get the impression that Santorum and Gingrich had a sit-down. Santorum was after Gingrich all night and in the post-debate interview he was really harsh.

      I get the impression that Santorum is really angry with Gingrich.

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