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Hello New Hampshire!

Good morning America!! Today New Hampshire speaks and they tell us who they think is worthy of the GOP nomination.

In case you missed it, Todd Palin endorsed Newt yesterday.

OK, let’s talk about this movie regarding Bain Capital and Romney. Some are jumping to conclusions and immediately defending capitalism as if it has been attacked. It actually hasn’t been. What is being highlighted is the corrupt, crony capitalism that was practiced by Bain.  There is nothing wrong with streamlining a company with layoffs. There is nothing wrong with profit. Not everything Bain did was bad. However, Mitt’s not even in office and he already stuck taxpayers with a $44 million dollar bill by defaulting on pensions, while he profited. That isn’t right.

Romney would love nothing more than for his actions at Bain to be lost in people’s defense of capitalism. He loves that idea. He wants to make this about capitalism vs anti-capitalism. You will start to see Romney stooges out there pushing this narrative.  It isn’t true but that is what they want you to believe.

I know that the producer of the movie is not against capitalism and neither is Gingrich, Perry or Huntsman, all of whom have questioned Romney’s work at Bain. His work should be questioned, it is what he touts the most as his experience for being POTUS.

I also know that there are some conservatives that refuse to accept that there really is predatory lending and predatory capitalism. Well, let me share a bit. Before the economic crash, Mr. Firelight was a Senior Manager in Commercial Finance for a major fortune 500 company. 5 days before Obama was inaugurated his division was shut down.  His division was very profitable for this company but they decided that the profits produced from the loan portfolios they held could be used in other areas.  Did my hubby participate in predatory lending? No, he was a wholesaler but the finance companies and lenders he provided capital to certainly played in the gray.  Predatory lending is real. What does it look like? Well, the most common example is mortgages (not my hubby’s industry). A couple gets approved for a loan and they read their contract at closing (some don’t but many try). Most of the time they don’t really understand it and may ask a few questions of their realtor, lender or title company. They assume that by reading it and asking questions that they will get truthful answers. Many times they are told something completely false but sounds reasonable and sounds correct. Sometimes it is because the person giving the answer really doesn’t know and sometimes they just want to close the deal.  The buyer walks away thinking that they are educated on the loan they received but they are not. Only when something goes wrong do they find out that they were lied to and what they have is not what they thought they were signing papers for.

Now some will say that is their fault. No one made them sign they should have read the fine print, yada, yada, yada. This is all true but many people need to remind themselves that farmer Joe likely does not have a degree in finance, contracts and risk analysis. What he likely does is ask the right questions and make a good-faith attempt to understand what he is getting in to.  I will go out on a limb and say that many (not all) lenders, realtors and title agents know full well that farmer Joe doesn’t understand his contract but they know that if he did, they might lose the deal so they lie to him and dismiss his concerns.

This is what predatory lending is and I’m not talking about the person who lies on their loan docs or is buying a house they can’t afford. The problem is real and it still exists. We normal peons depend on these “professionals” to give us their professional opinion. I can remember when we were told that something was “standard language” and only since my hubby was in finance did we know that it wasn’t. We stopped a closing on a house and made them fix it. They had a meltdown over it and told us we were being unreasonable. Now imagine someone who knows nothing about lending and finance would feel? Most give in and don’t want to make a scene because they aren’t confident that they know what is really going on.

Well, there is also such a thing as capitalism and predatory capitalism. Romney and Bain participated in corrupt, crony, predatory capitalism. Real, true capitalism is success AND failure. It is when a company goes bankrupt and the investors also suffer the financial loss. Romney bankrupted some companies and in at least one case he got rewarded with a government bailout of $44 million taxpayer dollars. We paid him to not suffer the consequences that come with a bad business deal.  How did that happen?

When a private equity firm takes over a company and is forced to empty the pension accounts and use operating funds as their profit, that isn’t profit. That isn’t what capitalism is about. If a company goes under, we should see a loss on Bain’s bottomline. In federal bankruptcy court, a small business owner would be charged with fraud if he filed bankruptcy and profited from it. How is it OK for Bain?

We need to stay focused. Every conservative wasting time on defending capitalism at the expense of minimizing Romney’s corruption is doing the public a disservice.  We should all be shaping the narrative not playing style and semantics games. Perry, Huntsman and Gingrich are being forced to spend their time defending capitalism because of this semantics and style game. We know they are not anti-capitalists. What a waste of time. We should be saying that this isn’t about honest capitalism so lets not spend time there, it is about corruption. We should not be attacking the messengers even if their execution isn’t exactly the way we would have liked it.  We should be keeping the focus on Romney and the corruption that was real and did/does exist. Don’t play into Romney and the establishments hands by getting side-tracked with the anti-capitalism vs capitalism argument. That is a strawman.  Stay focused on the real issue.

Do we trust Romney to look after us if we have another economic crash? He supported TARP. Will he use our tax dollars to bail out Wall Street? Yes, I think he would. Folks, as Rush said today, that isn’t capitalism.  That is what Romney did with some of his Bain deals.  No, I do not trust him to understand that our tax dollars are not available to him for just any use especially to make sure that his Wall Street buddies don’t have to suffer the consequences of REAL capitalism.

Here are some articles that state the facts:

Possibility that the 100,000 jobs Romney claims to have created were all over seas jobs. That isn’t American capitalism.

WSJ analyzes Bain Capital under Romney’s leadership.

Raiding the pension plans of employees and then getting the government to bail it out is NOT capitalism. Those are our tax dollars.

Romney loves to say that he only served for 4 years but he has been running for election in some type of position since 1994 and has lost most of them.  There is a reason why and it is called Bain Capital. I find it amusing that some conservatives think that if the right doesn’t use it as an attack on Romney, the left won’t either.  Think again…

Before anyone wants to accuse me of anti-capitalism let me just say that the Firelight house is all about REAL capitalism. We also believe in honest, ethical business practices and Mr. Firelight has seen his share of soulless executives who lack those qualities. He knows what they look like, he works with them. Capitalism is VERY good and vital to America but corruption will send us down a road where the Occupy Wall streeters and liberals can convince the masses that we must get rid of capitalism to fight the corruption. We can not let them do that. We must come down hard on corrupt business practices. For the record, Mr. Firelight rebounded just fine. He made an industry change out of finance but is happy working for the sister company of his former employer in Mid-Management.  When the economy turns around, he will likely go back into his field of expertise but Obama will have to be out of the White House for that to happen.

Even Rush doesn’t completely get it.

NEWSFLASH: Just as much as we don’t want to spread the wealth, we also don’t want people like Romney spreading their failure.   Under REAL capitalism, Bain should have suffered the failure.  Did that happen or did tax payers and employees bail him out? When they bankrupted a company, did they lose hundreds of millions of dollars or did they somehow walk away with hundreds of millions of dollars.

To Rush and his millionaire buddies, this little peon is tired of my tax dollars bailing our your buddie’s bad business decisions and practices. That makes me more supportive of capitalism than your buddies who will look to everyone elses’s money to offset their losses.

Bannon interviews Rick Tyler with Newt’s Superpac who bought the movie (they didn’t make it)

Bannon interviews Barry Bennett

Bannon interviews Peter Boyer

Bannon talks with Larry O’Connor who takes issue with the movie


You knew this was coming… Mitt Romney and off shore bank accounts.



This guy has an interesting perspective on it.

OK, done with my soapbox. Feel free to disagree with me.


Mitt caught in a lie…

LOVE this video on Wisconsin and what Walker is doing.

This is what we are fighting against… bye, bye Nikki.

You can pre-order Chuck Heath Jr’s new book.

I don’t want to hear any complaints from conservatives who are defending Mitt and taking issue with this Mitt movie when they read this.

These tea partiers forgot to sign in…

This is comforting…

Mitt drops the F bomb… had you thinking…

This is just wrong… what happened to O’s home for the holidays campaign?


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I’ll be back here tonight watching election results from New Hampshire.

Have a great day everyone! If you live in New Hampshire, please go vote.




  • cookboy

    My two year old is three today, and has no idea about it. Which is kinda nice. All he cares about are French toast and helicopters. I’m with him, for now.

    Keep up the good work!

    • Bean Counter

      Happy Birthday to our little food dude! Whether he understands it or not, I’m confident there will be some kind of righteous treat for him to mark the occasion, although French toast and helicopters are fine with me.

      • cookboy

        Just before I left for work he asked for “muskit”, which for him is Josh Turner, John Anderson, or Booker T and the MG’s. I’m glad he’s giving up on sesame street.

        • Bean Counter

          My kind of kid. Love his taste in music. Have I told you that Steve Cropper is an acquaintance of mine? I’ve had the honor to be involved in a couple jam sessions with him. He’s still rocking out.

    • Firelight

      Happy Birthday to Cookboy Jr!!!

    • Riley4Palin

      Happy Birthday Cook Jr! 

    • M_Minnesota


      I’d like to follow you.

      My Twitter handle is fullofflight

  • KatieSilverSpring

    Firelight – this is possibly the best thing you have written, and of all I’ve read, the best from anyone.  I’ve Tweet’d it out to the world.

    301 days to go.

    • Firelight

      Thank you.

      • midwestprincesse

        I agree. Excellent job!

        I did a “wow” after reading this because of the gift in writing and analysis it showed. I will link it around various unsuspecting places tomorrow. Well today as it’s near 12:30 A.M. :)

  • Bean Counter

    Howdy y’all. Well, the TN legislature gavels to order today, and even after being out of the bureaucracy for over 20 yrs. this news always strikes fear in my heart. While I am grateful to folks who are willing to serve, I just wish more of them appeared to pass something higher than 4th grade.

    Todd Palin’s Newt endorsement is interesting on several levels. Have no clue what, if anything, is going on, but the timing alone is curious. Fairly obvious, however, that the Palin household aren’t Mitt fans. I wholeheartedly agree on that point.

    And I know you’ve all been up all night eaten up with curiosity about the haircut verdict. It was quite an experience. These folks really pamper you — neck and scalp massage, shampoo, then the fancy stylist asked me all these weird, esoteric questions about what I like and don’t like, and what she thought would look good because of my face shape and all that. Long story short, she worked on me for over an hour, and I didn’t have to undo everything she did when I got home, as I usually have to do at the assembly line hair place at the mall where I usually go. She’s really good, and I can see why she gets the big bucks. Of course, this morning I look nothing like I did when I left yesterday afternoon, but she’s coming by this morning to drop off some stuff and said she’d fix anything I messed up. How many hair stylists make house calls, huh? Anyway, it was interesting.

    Ok, I’ve got a flood in the kitchen, ice maker is leaking. That’ll waste most of the day, which I can’t afford to waste, but oh well.

    Y’all be sweet.

    • hrh40

      K, you take pix of your food … but not your ultra new hairstyle??!!

      Come on, woman, I demand pix!


      • Bean Counter

        Food is much more interesting than hair.

        • cookboy

          Especially when there’s hair in it.

          • Bean Counter

            And……we have a winner!

    • indemind

      Bean… I Wholeheartedly agree with this Post……… *_*

      Even to the point that I have to make a Haircut appointment today……….. 😉

      SarahAmerica 2012

    • Riley4Palin

      I want a picture of your $400 haircut.  Can you make sure you are posing with a mirror like John Edwards and doing the “hair fluff”?

  • John Norton

    Something wouldnt let me sleep last night and this morning I figured it out… Todd said last night to Greta  He was backing Newt cause he stood the best chance against Os billion $ war chest 4 relelection…
    Going back to what his wife said keeps banging at my thoughts what she said to Bret Bier from her Az. home…”God help us if its just about the money”…
    So having said that its not making any sense since the Palins are a tight unit they work as a team..Todd was prepping the stage for his wifes speech at C-Pac on the 11th of Feb ,just a short time away…I and many others will be there the day before like at the Indianola thing…
    Im thinking we all need just two words out of the Gov…at that speech…”Im In”…No more waiting  friends and im thinking Sarah knows that…

  • Whitney Pitcher

    Good morning!

    I think this whole Bain Capital thing shows just how bad most GOPers are at messaging. Bain is a problem, but Perry, Gingrich, Huntsman are hitting it from the Left. Focus on the bailout that Bain received! Focus on how entities Bain partnered with are now donating to Romney’s campaign (i.e. Goldman Sachs)! How will this affect the kind of executive he will be? People are hitting this from the wrong direction, IMO. Also, these guys have barely touched Romneycare, Romney’s bad record on judge appointments, etc. To me it seems like all of the sudden they realize it’s time to call attention to Romney’s record, when they’ve had months to do so.

    Interesting reasons Todd Palin gave for his support of Gingrich. I’d have to go back to read exactly what Governor Palin wrote, but I remember in Going Rogue she mentioned the ethics charges thrown at Newt Gingrich, and how he was a victim of Rahm Emanuel “Thumpin'” tactics. I don’t know if Governor Palin will endorse Gingrich personally, if Todd’s endorsement was a surrogate endorsement, or an independent one. I guess we’ll see. I think like Bean said, it shows the Palins don’t want Romney, and they realize the need to have someone who understands the tactics of the Obama machine.

    • cookboy

      I’m with ya, sister. The mooks allow once again the left to dictate the terms of he fight. Take Bain away and there are still plenty of reasons why he’s a POS.

    • Bean Counter

      RE: the GOP and messaging. Sort of makes you wonder if they secretly DO want Romney to be the nominee, doesn’t it? I mean, how lame can you be? There IS a problem with Bain, but they’re loading the wrong ammo in the gun and it’s not going to fire. As cookboy and so many others have said, there’s a veritable buffet of reasons why Romney isn’t fit to be president of anything, but all the GOP is doing is the dems’ work for them.

    • Firelight

      I agree that the messaging is an issue. I just think that instead of attacking Perry, Gingrich and Huntsman for their wording conservatives need to offer clarity. By making the issue about “how” they attacked Bain it takes the focus off Romney and makes the general public think those those guys are lying. It forces Perry, Gingrich and Huntsman to spend their time defending the attacks and capitalism when we all know full well that they are not anti-capitalist. Instead we should give them time to provide that clarity on the bailout, romneycare etc… not making them defend “style”. Conservatives have now made this a fight over petty semantics and not the real issues which is a disservice and our fault. At least these guys are trying to make it an issue. The public will start to tune the whole thing out if all we do is fight over semantics and methods. Romney would love nothing more. I agree that execution could have been better but I just don’t think making execution the issue is the right way to go.

      My gut tells me Romney is going to skate on this issue and it will be our fault for getting distracted.  JMHO.

      • Whitney Pitcher

        I apologize if I came across as if I was trying to make the issue about semantics.I guess I didn’t realize I was “attacking” Perry, Gingrich, Huntsman etc.I didn’t mean that it was a “style” problem; I see it more of a “content” issue–what about Bain are they addressing in their message? I’m not trying to say they shouldn’t address this, and I didn’t mean discount anything you were saying at all. You provided a very important perspective on this. I’m not saying they should pivot now, necessarily. I honestly don’t know why it took so long for them to address Bain. I agree that Romney is probably going to skate on this.

        Anyway, sorry if I came across the wrong way.

        • Firelight

          No, it isn’t you. I didn’t mean to make it sound like it was you.

          I’ve just seen twitter all a flutter with the focus on the wrong thing and I have seen more concern expressed toward “how” the attacks on Bain came than what actually Bain is doing.

          I’m not saying you. I just have a gut feeling that we won’t get a chance to dig further into the bailouts, campaign donations etc… because some leading conservatives are too busy getting distracted.

          I do want to see the bailout issue, the fact made that real capitalism consists of profit AND loss (which Bain seemed to avoid even as the companies went bankrupt) and the campaign issues. I would rather that be the focus but I’m at least happy the conversation has been started.

          I ticks me off that Romney is likely going to skate because conservatives can’t focus on the right thing.  The Big Government sites should have been bold and written an article about the real issues to complement this movie and shape it toward the right issues. If Breitbart wanted shock effect to get attention on the issue he could have called for Romney to terminate his campaign because Americans are not looking for another crony to be running things and Romney has been dishonest with his job creation. Of course, Romney won’t terminate but that isn’t the goal.

          Look at Nikki Haley and her “donation” for her endorsement. That is the way Romney operates. It is what he knows and it is how he will govern. He will use our tax dollars to buy off people so he can attempt to get what he wants. How is that any different than Obama? If the BIG sites want to get attention for the issue, they could be doing it in a better way than defending Romney because of semantics and style.

          I detest Romney and I want him to answer this stuff.  I haven’t come to terms yet that he likely won’t.  grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

          • Whitney Pitcher

             I understand what you’re saying, and I agree. Romney is a perfect example of a “pro-business” Republican. What we want and need is a “pro market” Republican–maybe some day. 😉

            • Firelight

              Exactly!!  Well said that is a perfect description of what we need. :)

    • Riley4Palin


      Smart candidates would hire you in a second for research and consult work because you get it.  Unfortunately, we have none.

      I’m holding out hope that someday Sarah Palin will have you by her side for a future campaign.  :)

  • hrh40

    Fantastic roundup as usual.

    And even better takedown of Romney’s Bain Capital proceedings.

    I’ve tweeted and Facebooked. This needs to get around, folks.

  • LS as guest

    Bain was among the toughest and most soulless of the PE raider firms at a time when buying low, stripping assets, overloading on debt and then selling at a profit was an ugly sort of norm.  From there many such treated firms toppled under the debt, which led to still more layoffs and bankruptcy. And, with bankruptcy could come a government bailout of the employee pension fund.

    That Romney succeeded famously (or infamously) at that game tells you lots and lots about his character: he wouldn’t have done so well at it if he weren’t suited for it and it didn’t match his natural MO.  We’ve seen exactly that kind of underhanded, double-talking dirty deed-doing by Romney–and more specifically his minions who give him plausible deniability–in his political campaigns.  Certainly Sarah Palin got a heavy dose of it from 2008 onward.

    Given that what he did was generally legal, but usually soulless and often dishonest, I wouldn’t exactly think of ‘corruption’ as the best term for it.  I see it more as a Dorian Gray-style bankruptcy of the soul adorned by a falsely painted, rich outer picture.  From bishop at his church to guv of MA and potential GOP presidential nominee, Romney has painted a pretty external picture, but more and more people are seeing through to the real man underneath.

  • OldPat

    Firelight, I agree with Katie.  That is marvelous and informative writing.

    To understand Mitt and Bain Capital, just imagine your neighborhood loan shark writ large – to a national scale.

  • section9

    BTW, there’s a reason the Beltway GOP is uncomfortable with the attacks on Bain.

    Way too many of them made their money the same way. Romney is one of them. That’s what a lot of people don’t get. His actions at Bain proved to the Elite that he could be a ruthless, soulless bastard.

    Just what it takes to be President.

    • LS as guest

      In order for a ruthless, soulless bastard to become president, he has to win the general election.  And for that, he, a la Clinton, must have disarming campaign skills.  Romney doesn’t have that at all and is IMO all too transparent to win the office.

  • indemind

    Firelight, another Awesome Front Page …. You really Light It Up…………. Thanks … *_*

    SarahAmerica…….. 2012

  • blackbird

    Firelight, excellent post. This is exactly how I feel about the whole Bain Capital situation. Thank you and the rest of the folks here for all your hard work and time so this grateful user can point and say this is how I feel. Thanks again.

  • TEXs

    Romney and his cronies are not free market capitalists.
    They are Corrupt Crony Capitalists.
    Bain Capital under Romney wasn’t Venture Capital,it was ‘Vulture Capital’.

    Romney made hundreds of millions of dollars not by starting and building companies
    but by raiding them and looting their assets.

    Characters like him,Icahn,Milken,Boesky…etc…, destroyed  and looted economy of this
    country by trillions of dollars.

    Look at the Wall Street bankers and financiers.No matter how bad economy is,they still
    collect billions of dollars in profits,plus billions in bonuses.

    By doing what exactly,that is great for this country?

  • Whitney Pitcher

    Gov. Palin will discuss NH results tonight on “Follow the Money”:!/ericbolling/status/156808812022599681

  • cookboy

    A picture worth ten thousand words, in the midst of what may be a fatal distraction.

  • Riley4Palin

    Afternoon All:

    Real work has been kicking my butt the last couple days and looky what I miss around here.  Our very own Bean went ahead and got a John Edwards haircut and Todd Palin endorsed Newt.  Who would have thunk it.

    My latest twenty two cents.  Do you think the average American voter cares about Bain Capital or will they instead focus in on Mitt saying he enjoys firing people and perhaps get a bit angry?  Is it fair?  No.  Was it taken out of context?  Of course, but that is how the Dems play…..they play hard all the time.

    Besides political junkies, do you think more Americans watched the debates or the NFL playoffs last Saturday night?  Why would the GOP field agree to a debate on a weekend during NFL playoffs?  Stupid.

    Besides political junkies, who do you think really cares about the New Hampshire primary?  If you don’t live in the state, is that kind of stuff really a priority in your life right now?  Not for me. 

    What is my point?  As usual, the GOP is walking around in circles and wasting their time because they still do not know how to develop proper messaging and unfortunately do not have a candidate in the field to be the good messenger either.  Instead they fight amongst themselves and get easily distracted by inside baseball stuff that takes up days and days.  There is really no real point to their madness.

    Where are the real sound bites from these candidates?  Where are the two or three words messages that Sarah Palin uses to such great effect that can change the political landscape in seconds?

    We’ve all been watching the same candidates for months and can anyone honestly say they know each candidates five main talking points and positions?  I can’t.  They are all over the place and get off their messaging every single day. 

    Is Obama counting on the average American voters to squeak out a win for him in Nov because we have no real GOP candidate with a sound coherent message for America?  Right now, that looks like that is the case.

    This is all so depressing.  Glad I have NFL football to tune into these days.

    • Whitney Pitcher

       Thanks for putting things in perspective, as you’re good at doing. :)

      I use my parents as a barometer for the average GOP voter, even though my parents probably pay a bit closer attention than most. I remember talking to my mom on the phone on the day that Pawlenty launched his bid, and she asked me, ” who is this guy who just announced, and who’s the guy from Taco Bell who is running (she meant Herman Cain)”?She asked about the Iowa caucus results last week and didn’t know who Santorum was.

      This isn’t a knock on my mom at all. She is pretty attune to politics at large, and more so locally. This is just a reminder that perhaps we forget, like Riley said, that the average American isn’t necessarily focused on the day-to-day strategic political battles.

    • cookboy

      My quality of life seems a little better when you post. Don’t be such a stranger!

  • Riley4Palin

    Nancy & Fire:

    Belated congrats on your Broncos win!  I had a good feeling about your game and made a friendly wager on it. 

    In overtime, did you see the Steelers player wink either at his teammates or the camera after they lost the coin toss?  Me thinks he thought Tebow would collapse under the pressure.  HA!

  • Firelight


    Sarah is going to be on Fox Business with Eric Bolling for election coverage. She will reportedly be on Fox News with Cavuto as well.

  • John_Frank

    Excellent post Firelight. Thank you!

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  • John_Frank

    In support of Firelight’s excellent post, people may also find the comments of Dan Riehl of interest in the following posts:

    Conservatives Are Being Played, Perry And Gingrich Are Right

    Lock And Load, Conservatives, It’s RINO Season And Mitt Romney Is Fair Game

    They’ll Hang Romney With A Rust Belt Around His Neck

  • Freempg

    Thanks Fire.

  • $3069072


    As a consumer, small business owner, and former customer service employee, I understand (and appreciate) Romney’s statement about firing service companies who don’t give good service. From my stints at McDonald’s, KMart, JCPenney, as a waitress over the years and  to more recently at Starbucks, the adage is “customer is king.”

    And if the service being delivered isn’t up to snuff, then of course the consumer has a right to “fire” (i.e., go elsewhere) the company serving them. That’s economic freedom (“capitalism” is a Karl Marx term.)

    • Firelight

      I have no problem with people getting fired. I’m not sure where you got the impression that I do.  However, I do agree with Gov. Palin that there is a tone deafness there and a sound bite Romney is going to regret providing.

  • wodiej

    great article.

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