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It’s Hump Day!!!

Sun’s up!  Happy morning to all!

In case you missed it here is Gov. Palin’s interview from last night (h/t SarahNet). I am re-posting it because it is that good!


I think this interview was brilliant.  I will be waiting to see how South Carolinians respond to this soft endorsement. If Newt wins, then Gov. Palin still has the influence she had when she endorsed Haley.  If not, she will have to reassess her strategy.  This isn’t an official endorsement and I thought she showed savvy in balancing that but it should have the same effect on voters this Saturday. If it works like I think it will she will be sending a very big message loud and clear to the establishment. No none has been able to move the vote except her.  That is a BIG poke in the eye and a warning to them.  I definitely think she is trying to stop Romney and continue the vetting of him. So for this Saturday only, I say go Newt!

After Saturday I will likely go back to being undecided until Mama Grizzly speaks up again especially in reference to my state because I really don’t like any of them.

Recent news:

Another one bites the dust…

I trust JC Watts on this… which makes this a corrupt process. So much for the “Christian” part of this coalition.

I support school choice…

Oh please… this is just sour grapes because now he is being taken to task and held accountable. If Palin pulled something like this she would be laughed out of the race (rightly so).

Knock, knock, who’s there…. Harry

Ouch!!!  I do NOT like to even remotely, slightly agree with this lady.

Court rejects Perry appeal…

I think this is offensive and I really don’t care what this man has to say on politics since he was offered a private phone call with a certain politician near and dear to me and he turned it down as he was not interested… Character is who you are when no one is looking…

Please don’t go down this road… not attractive… just make the case for why we should rally around you.

Prove it… my guess is it is much lower…

He plays dirty

In twitter is goes like this…. Carney, Obama transcripts #dodge

This can’t be good…

Oh goody, they get to write their own will…

Everyone needs to start the process to becoming a delegate in their states. It is different for each state and you can call your GOP party to find out how to start it.  Here is the info for each state.

Dude, there is a very specific reason you are selling out this year…. it is spelled P.A.L.I.N.

It appears there will be a recall election in Wisconsin…

Normal meet orange jumpsuit…

John nails it!

This should start being a concern to everyone…

So Murdoch tweets support for Santorum and now criticism of Romney… maybe things are not as they appear…Hmmmm…

Now this is some exciting reading…

Have an excellent hump day!! Do something good for others!









  • indemind

    Good Morning barbarians…. Firelight, what can I say, another Fantastic Round-up … love the line ” Character
    is who you are when no one is looking”… *_*

    The SarahBeautiful interview last night, in 2 words “Focus Determination” …

    In the words of Brianus, “Sarah. has lived the words she speaks.  Gingrich may slow Romney down, only Sarah can stop him.” … *_*

    Again, I’m with Firelght on this one…. Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) has become so large that it has outgrown its home in Washington, D.C. ………..Hmmmm, I wonder why that is……Give you two guesses. … the first one don’t count. …  *_*

    “Sarah herself, is the steel that sharpens steel.”……….. and so, The Beat Goes On. … *_*

    SarahAmerica 2012…….Deo Volento

    • John Norton

      Blackbird,whats up friend…? come over to Sarah’s you betcha nation on FB ifin you get bored we are jamming rt now…

  • Michael

    Romney supporters are such scumbags like this  guy @JoeTurnerNYCMaybe Palin was one of Newts endless mistresses ?
     @lucillerussell9: Palin: If I Were A South Carolinian, I Would Vote For Newt @FoxNews

  • Michael

    There is a rotten Romneybot with twitter name @JoeTurnerNYC . He tweeted that crap. I know he is a Romneybot because he follows just about every Romney related thing on twitter.

  • Crueladev

    Good Hump Day Morning P4A Kids…
    Went to dinner with the folks last night…and of course we talked Politics.  I do have to say though that I have never heard my Father really come out so strongly against someone as he is the type of man who tries to see the good in everything….(I think I was adopted)….but he is SO STRONGLY against Mittens.  I was sort of shocked at his disgust.  He likes Palin…but he sort of is of the old school about women in politics. I think he too though has come to the realization that the best person is NOT running. 
    Murky and the Creep from CO Udall want Congress to hold hands and sing kumbaya during the State of the Union Address. I think as citizens…we just turn off the tv that night and read about real history to the kids that have to grow up with this crap.  I recommend the Declaration or the Constitution…or perhaps visit an old Reagan SOTU Address.
    or rewatched this..and if this is not a shovel to the face..I have no idea what is…

    You all have a good day.

    • blackbird

      President Reagan’s State of the Union Speech – 1/26/82

      “This Administration has faith in state and local governments and the constitutional balance envisioned by the Founding Fathers. We also believe in the integrity, decency and sound good sense of grass roots Americans.” for anyone to compare the current “they should thank me” President to President Reagan should be drawn and quartered.

      “…I met with leaders of the major industrial powers and developing nations. Now some of those I met with were a little surprised I didn’t apologize for America’s wealth…”

      President Reagan… a Great man.

      Thanks for the video link Crueladev.

  • section9

    This was very shrewd and very balanced. Sarah gets to get the benefits of an endorsement without the risks of going all in with Newt. He blows too hot and cold to have her risk a whole-hearted endorsement right now.

    I don’t think he lasts past CPAC, because I think Romney is going to beat him like a rented mule down here in Florida, just to make a point with the Big Donors. Newt has some organization down here, but it’s nothing like Romney’s.

    Romney has Jeb, Rubio, and all that patronage. Down here, that’s all he needs.

    • John Norton

      You are 100 % spot on your analysis 9…

  • John Norton

    Morning all… waiting 4 the Graphic arts dept. to open so I can get this Sarah sign made up 4 the DC ,Im get the feeling 9 and all the doubters that there will be a new player in the game after the 11th… O Yea…X Infinity…
    Just watched the interview Its classic Gov. Palin Feeling her oats…Time is getting closer 4 all of us to go rouge what say ya 9…LOL
    We all know what red in Apache means…
    Firelight Carla says hi, shes sitting next to me again has ,had problems with a trojan worm on Facebook…Im staying away frm Google using Yahoo as a side door…No LOL

  • KatieSilverSpring

    Speak of arrogance!  Romney says it’s over and he’s the one.  Well, we’ll see, won’t we?  Of course the need is ever greater to watch for Election Integrity.  What the evangelicals in TX are alledged to have done (I’m being polite) and what Dobson said about Calista just proves what I’ve always believed, Political Evangelicals are just as bad as Political Politicals, but possibly meaner.  Where is forgiveness when confession and repentence have been asked and made?  Where was the criticism when the 8-years were actually occurring?  Oh, that’s right, Reagan would have knocked your block off.  He’s not here so you can be pissy now, right?  Politicians are politicians no matter who they say they are, or where they sit on Sunday.  The day of accounting will arrive for these fellows and I don’t mean the primaries.

    “global centralization of election processes”, oh yeah, that’s a good one.  We can’t even verify integrity now in the US, I can hardly wait til it is outsourced.  This is a call for two college grads, a 21st century version of Steve Jobs and Bill Gates to pair up and start a new company; any Econ grads in the Blog here??

    Once again, Firelight, you have outdone ourself.  Thanks for arming me so early this Wednesday morning.

    • John Norton

      Im hearing ya Katie…It wont do him any good though after the 11th…He will be squished like we step on all moonbats drones and trolls…
      Headed down rt now to the graphic arts dept to get my sign made up 4 the 11th…then headed to the library 4 the day see ya and God bless ya…

  • ErinMC4

    I watched her interview last night and even re-watched parts just to re-affirm my first impression.  I liked it. A lot. This is a bit long-winded, and I apologize in advance, but sometimes I just need to let it out…

    I read a lot of comments last night at C4P about this interview. Many were fine, but a couple were disturbing to me.  They were along the lines of complete and utter disappointment that she would side with Newt in ONE state’s primary because of his character/political flaws…and that because she did, they were done with their support. I read someone’s impression (either there or on twitter, can’t remember) too, of confusion that she was so quick to endorse the more conservative candidate in 2010, why not now? (In other words, why not Santorum over Gingrich.)  What people do NOT understand:
    1) This is a presidential election, one with our great nation at a crossroads, NOT one of many congressional races…BIG DIFFERENCE (And if someone can’t see the difference with that alone, I do question their common sense.)

    2) It is clear to anyone who was watching this last night, and not merely going off of what others said about it, that she wants the person best situated to slow Romney’s takeover of the field.  If you take all the interviews she has done in the past four weeks, please count how many times she has said positive things about Romney, without being specifically asked. She simply does not want this process to be this “easy” for him…”Steel sharpens steel”.  So she told it like she saw it last night: if SHE were a South Carolinian, SHE would vote for Gingrich in an effort to even this field back out and allow for more time to vet these candidates. It really is that simple.

    Now, I love Gov. Palin. I will support her and her family in whatever they do in the future. I think she is a great American hero who has been pounded on from day one.  And, I would love to see her run for President, either in 2012 as a surprise or beyond, because she truly is the best person for the job.  Whomever she endorses or supports, I will look at realistically.  I can’t say for sure if I’d support that person ultimately because like 70% of her other supporters, I’m pretty independent myself. (And this is one of the reasons I think she will hold off completely endorsing, because she knows this.)  But if she decides to support one from this group ultimately, and it doesn’t happen to be someone I like all that much, it doesn’t change my support of her. She, like the rest of us, is choosing from an imperfect field of candidates.


    Firelight….great round up as usual. :)

    The article by John Hawkins is terrific and should have a spot all it’s own here….”selling our souls” to support Romney if he is the nominee, is spot on perfect.
    I wasn’t going to vote in the primary since no other candidate fills the bill for me, but Mr Hawkins spells out exactly what we’ll have to give up if Romney is the nominee…….and personally, “selling my soul” isn’t something I’ll ever do. So I will vote in the primary because, as Mr Hawkins so nicely puts it……
    “…Given the type of man he is, whether Mitt wins or loses, you’re unlikely to look back at fighting like hell to get another nominee with anything other than pride.”

    Firelight, there are LOTS of of things going on that asks “why isn’t this headline news?” and “should concern us”……..the Walker recall is one, and fast and furious is another for starters. :(

    Palin looked beautiful as usual and sounded great as usual…..CPAC should be really, really good….wish I could be there.

    • John Norton

      We will be ther 4 you friend… watch the party we will throw her I suspect it will be a good one…!

  • Bean Counter

    Hey y’all. Sorry I’ve been mostly AWOL, but between end of the year pestilence, tax season cranking up, and a grand mal case of bronchitis, it’s been tough to keep up. I ain’t no spring chicken either — which brings me to this — it is now legal to have chickens in your backyard in Nashville. There are no words.

    Great interview last night, and interesting semi-endorsement for Newt in SC. The biggest takeaway I had from this was the not-so-subtle rebuke of Nikki Haley. And she deserves every ounce of scorn she gets.

    Still don’t like any of them, and I pray I’m wrong, but it would appear that the Mitt fix is in. Spoke to a political consultant client/friend yesterday, who told me that these superpacs have already spent over 930 million. That’s ALREADY spent 930 million. No wonder the voters are confused with such an avalanche of crap dumped on them from all sides.

    OK, I’m headed down the rabbit hole, maybe I’ll see some chickens down there.

  • Pete Petretich

    This is my favorite juicy Romney quote so far, from page 200:

    “I thought becoming rich and famous would make me happy. Boy was I right.” (Tape 78)

    Does anyone know where the tape is of Romney saying this? Such quotes will seal the deal that he is the ultimate “1% CEO guy” from central casting. In other words, he would be toast before the Obama thugs in October/ November, 2012…

  • Pete Petretich
    • Firelight

      I have it linked above in its entirety via the “now this is something exciting to read” line.

      That link provides a PDF file for download and browsing.  It is really good stuff.

    • John Norton

      Pete I put out the call that if any funny business happens from the alliance between Zuckerburg and Oblabla then P4A is it… so Firelight hope ya got your ears up on that one ,it could get busy here in a hurry if things go south over yonder… No LOL

  • hrh40

    Another boffo roundup, Firelight. Thanks for all your hard work researching and aggregating. Even if I continue my boycott of all politico links. :)

    Edit: Oops, I just realized the Murdoch thing was pollutico. Quick, close down, don’t count me as traffic!

    Childish, I know … 😉

    • Firelight

      I understand the boycott. The sad thing is they provide a lot of news on different topics. It sucks that they suck, lol!

  • Whitney Pitcher

    Good morning, all!

    Well, the Obama administration is going to reject the Keystone Pipeline which would have provided tons of jobs and greater energy security. I guess he’d rather have oil from places like Iran, Venezuela, and Nigeria than an ally like Canada. The Greenies who are complaining about the pipeline don’t seem to care that the oil is going to be developed then shipped to China–a process that probably creates more pollution than the pipeline.

    It shows that Governor Palin has successfully negotiated a pipeline deal and has passed 3 full year budgets, something President Obama has done. I still completely respect her decision not to run, but these kind of issues show why she would be so formidable.

    Regarding the Mitt opposition research file, I remember running across on one of the PDSers websites the oppo research file the Dems kept on Governor Palin when she was in office that the PDSers site released right around the time she ran for VP. Reading her file gave me more reason to respect her. I can’t say the same for Mitt.

    • hrh40

      Ooo, I’d love to see that file if you run across it again … :)

    • John Norton

      Thats no suprise WP,O takes great relish doing the Roper Dope…”

  • senator20526

    Morning all /…..Pietro Leatherchest here……A great day in the sunny desert Southwest….72 degrees and very dry. Great news that TexMex will be at the Meet-up in Phoenix this March…looking forward to some great stories. Well, have a safe and productive day…

  • senator20526

    Obama kills Keystone pipe line…..What a great President…not…The hell with jobs when you can please enviromental wackos.. Unemployment out of sight…debt crisis…and Dumbo votes present.

    • John Norton

      There will be a great contuppence paid to O and his spenthrift, extravigant  first time im proud to be an american Wife…We all know what happened to Marcos in the Phillipines and Napolean…

  • KatieSilverSpring

    You MUST speak to your friends.  One of mine, a legal immigrant from Cameroon and ardent outspoken opponent of illegals, asked me tonight, “Sarah Palin didn’t say she could see Russia from her back door?”  She was stunned that I had plans to hear Sarah Palin at CPAC.  I told her, no, SNL Tina Fey said that.  And I asked her if she saw the black-face depiction of the President by a white actor, which I find profoundly disturbing, to which she answered calmly, yes.

    I talked to her and told her she HAS to hear Sarah Palin for herself.  I may have made a semi-convert, but my purpose for writing this now is to say, YOU must to speak to everyone.  Granted, I live here one block north of DC.  But people are NOT getting the real story.  Maybe it is different where you are – I hope to God it is.  But here in DC, Sarah Palin is Tina Fey or vice-versa.  I have been hesitant to speak of my non-PC politics til now.  I’m pretty outspoken but within “my” group.  I am reaching out further now.  Reaching-out in the PC way, these Obama-zombies need help, need permission to vote outside their requirements.  And, we should be there to help them out.

    Reach out and help … somebody now
    and have a better day

    Reach out and help somebody now
    you’ll have better day …

    okay, okay, too much wine, when I get into singing mode.

  • Emily Baxter

    Hey y’all, 

    New post on Keystone up. Go check out

    I didn’t know that Madeleine McAulay was a Big Government contributor! Cool beans! :) Go read her stuff. (I’m kinda jealous)

    See ya later! 

  • poljunkie

    I’d love to be a Delegate (from Arizona.)With so much  gloom going on currently in my  life it would be nice to have something positive to focus on. 
    Firelight, if you have any other links you can pass my way, Bean C has my email.  I’d appreciate it. S

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