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On Your Mark, Get Set…. It’s Monday!

Good morning everyone!  I was enjoying my long weekend and I’m not ready for Monday.

What an interesting weekend for news!  Today should be fun. Gov. Palin is said to be on Hannity tonight and Eric Bolling!  I really can’t wait to hear what she has to say about the coming week and the Florida primary.  If I get the videos early I’ll post them in a separate thread, otherwise, I’ll post them in the morning open thread.

Well in the news:

There is lots of news on Gingrich, he should be happy. People are emerging to defend him.

This is a very interesting interview with Vin Weber

Gingrich vs leftism

Newt was cleared and this info is enlightening

Tony Blankley wrote an article for Townhall in Dec. defending Newt (May Tony RIP)

Dan makes a great point. We know for certain, our favorite conservatives (the real ones) won’t get a seat at the table with Romney.

Flawed conservatism

More good news coming Newt’s way… this could be important in the near future…

“But above it all we can hear the weeping, the wailing, the gnashing of teeth of the Republican establishment…”

Okay Section9, analyze away… Newt is leading in FL?

He knows his opposition:


“an Iranian nuclear weapon is potentially a second holocaust”


Romney’s ugliness surfacing in his surrogates.

Camp Romney is shocked they are losing to Newt…

Romney’s misery

Embarrassing? Oh poor soul, not even remotely as embarrassing as knowing the father of Romney care actually came from the Republican party. That is embarrassing…

Brilliant strategy… keep it going. This is for sure winning… NOT

Ha! He folded

I don’t have the video but Romney threw a big hissy fit on Huckabee’s show last night. If I find it, I’ll post it.


Santorum focuses on Newt

Citizens United tells him to go home

I’m not ignoring Santorum but he and Ron Paul just aren’t making any news right now. That could be a good thing.


I thought people were kidding when I saw this on twitter…. not so much…

Well lookie who his ties are with…

Down with the establishment!!

No flipping way, NO, NO, NO!

Funny, I’m not feeling inclined to save them. I think I’ll just sit back and watch them self-destruct.

What the hell?

Gabby Giffords will step down this week from her seat. Gov. Brewer will hold a special election in April.

This is NOT good news for Obama…. oh wait, the media will bury it.

Bow, kowtow it’s all Obama knows

bet he won’t bow to this guy but I’d love to be a fly on the wall if he shows up…

He has a point

Give Biden a raise, the man is visionary.


Don’t forget to watch Gov. Palin on Hannity and Bolling tonight.  Have a great day everyone!!  It is Monday after all…





  • AFinch

    Good morning, Firelight. I believe Sheya has the Huckabee video at ElectAd.

    • AFinch

      I don’t see a hissy fit, though so maybe that’s not it.

  • John Norton

    Morning all…What a weekend…Florida…???. Im thinking Sarah could if she wanted to Jump down to the Meadows but… Its just good I gots to say with her at the Helm … SP 2012 or bust…I stand with Sarah Palin after all we are all SP, so said Rush long ago and I know secretly Levin and his daughter are pulling 4 the thrilla from Wascilla…You betcha…X Infinity… Looking 4 that day when Mama Grizzley will shake the snow off and put herself on the backtrail of these rakers and reevers in washington and the rest of them…How one person can change the shape of things to come,she can and I beleive that without question and have since 08..
    One other thing just wanted to say *****… : – ) ~~ ! …Thankyou Firelight 4 an outstanding job for maintaining this site and once Mama Grizzley gets hungry again it will come in to play again in a very big way…

  • Bill589

    I’ll follow Sarah’s lead with who she wants to support. Even if it ends up being Newt.

    Back when there were seven or eight dwarfs, Newt was my least favored. In the olden days, he apparently was a great conservative, but this millennium, he turned progressive. And he spent four decades around DC not noticing the cronyism and other corruption. However, now he talks great conservatism again since being a candidate.

    I just don’t see him as a great reformer. But if the establishment prefers Mitt, then that makes Newt at least a little better than Mitt in my book. And anybody is better than Obama.

    Still, after thinking I would be enthusiastically voting for someone I admire – Newt is a big let down.

    This is the first presidential election I’ve ever paid any attention to. All I know for sure at this point, is that I miss the idea of a President Sarah Palin.

    • John Norton

      Now we are on the same sheet of music William…I trust Sarah 110 % you Betcha…! But she wont with Newt because he is establishment GOP and hes not gonna change his ways and Rick is a dull knife that wont slice meat and Mittens  is a Lib with an R in frnt of his name …So Who does that leave…You know who we got Bill so lets not mince words here Friend…

  • Jim809

    The Republican Party is facing a rebuilding from the bottom up. The rejection of the establishment is a good thing. Santorum has been a part of that establishment – remember his endorsement of ultra-liberal Arlen Specter. Santorum castigates Gingrich about being forced out of Congress but fails to add that removing Gingrich cleared the way for the reckless spending by the Republican Congress that followed, of which Santorum was an eager and fully committed participant.

    • John Norton

      Im still waiting Friend for one of these guys to start coming up with something New…The same old in fighting and worn out Bla Bla…

  • section9

    Reposted from C4P:

    I am astounded that Newt is up by so much in Florida, to the extent that I actually question the polling.

    Romney is going hard negative on Newt. I think it’s a closer race, with Newt and Mittens about even.

    Sarah could close this thing out. She could kill Mittens in Florida by endorsing Gingrich at a rally.

    She chooses not to because she wants the process to go deep into Super
    Tuesday and beyond. She knows how compelling her voice is with the rank
    and file.

    However, her purpose is to make sure that Newt is bloodied and is ready for Chicago Jesus’ propaganda assault.

    • John Norton

      Like Rush said 9 everything else goes outttttttttttttt the window when the Guv. decides enough already,Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr…X infinity…!

      • section9

        Stop assuming that Palin will get in the race: that’s my advice.

        Yes, she holds her cards close to her vest, but it would take the collapse of Newt’s campaign for that to happen, and I don’t see that happening anytime soon.

        Palin’s entry would be a pleasant surprise, but the environment would have to be there for it, and it isn’t right now. My advice is to assume that the campaign will go forward as it is right now and support one of the two conservatives in the race who isn’t Mitt Romney.

        This is still a dog’s breakfast of a primary, and I do hold Palin responsible for this. It’s pretty tough to vote for a Reaganite when the only Reaganite in the Party chooses not to run. We don’t have a genuine outsider to vote for; the only thing we can hope for is that Newt might pick Palin for VP if he’s the nominee.

        However, going forward, it is best to deal with the race as it is, not as we would like it to be.

        • Jim809

          Would it be too much to hope for a stalemate all the way to the convention? 

          • John Norton

            No it wont be ,but its a tough sled keeping folks fom putting the cart before the horse…Sarah is at the Helm and we are fortunate to have her on our side…

        • TENCOLE

          section….I’m enjoying Sarah giving the gope their comeuppance almost as much as would have enjoyed her presidential run…almost.

          Cleaning out the gope and replacing it with Tea Party patriots is her plan now….not running for POTUS, at least not this year.
          Getting rid of the good old boys and their corruption and giving back the gop to the people, if successful, will give her a path to the WH

          If Sarah is successful with her “plan” and gets a notable position out of it, it keeps her name out there and I see her maybe running in 2016, but more likely 2020….but that is a long time away and anything can happen.

          • John Norton

            Huh…? You listen to Bannon too much T which he and others thrown the Guv. under the bus during Grizzley Fest,and the mods that site you hang out at do the same… and thats as far as i will go with it 4 now…
            Yeap you have ben co-opted by the peanut Gallery my friend and thats too bad,but Heres to hoping 4 you…SP  2012 or bust…!

            • Firelight

              no body thru Gov. Palin under the bus during Grizzle Fest.  Where do you get this stuff?

              • John Norton

                Yes they did every one of the mods that were running that gig …I know firelight cause I live blogged 4 3hrs straight and everyone of them said Palin was ouyt of it till 2016 …I heard and others did too I wouldnt make it up nor do I lie even if it means I get spanked 4 it…That firelight is tossing her under the “Steamroller” for 2012 Does it not I ask you …Come back please…????

                • Whitney Pitcher

                   John, please. Taking Governor Palin at her word when she made her announcement on October 5th and trying to encourage people to remain engaged and involved in supporting national, state, and local reform minded and conservative candidates is not throwing Governor Palin under the bus. That’s what the focus of the Grizzly Fest was or at least was intended to be though there were some slight tangents. However, can you please stop blasting people who have taken the Governor at her word about her decision not to run? One of the things that many of us respect most about the Governor is that she means what she says. You seem to think she didn’t mean what she said on October 5th. I suppose there is a microscopic chance she could change her mind and get in, but I don’t think that’s going to happen. There are a lot of very hard working people  who threw their heart and soul into supporting Governor Palin in a presidential run–people like Michelle McCormick and Peter Singleton. They took Governor Palin at her word and are striving to be active in other ways,  AND they still support Governor Palin 110%. Please don’t disparage the very people who have been most supportive of the Governor beyond social media support.

                • Firelight

                  John, not every one of them. That is an outright lie because I was also a mod on Grizzly Fest.  I have NEVER said Palin is out til 2016. In fact, I don’t even discuss 2016 except to say Jeb Bush has his eye on it.

                  You are incorrect in your facts. I also was part of the entire 3 hour event, the before, the after. I know that I have never said such.

                  Also, IF you get banned here it won’t be because you still hold the belief that Palin is running. There are several on here that do too. It will be because you are intolerant of other’s opinions and insensitive and insulting to others which is a violation of the rules here.

              • John Norton

                Case in point  TENCOLE just posted and you see how they brainwashed him …””Shes not running Till 2016″ he just said it read 4 yourself…Who do you think is stearing this ship we are on right now ,who do you think has the helm right now… How do you think gave Newt his victory in SC…and Rick his victory in Iowa…Im suprized and amazed at your comment Boss…?
                and now whitney confirms it So im not just wistling dixie here…

                • Firelight

                  you also will be eating crow at CPAC when you realize that Bannon is ENTIRELY responsible for getting Palin that juicy speaking spot.  He negotiated it so you will be forced to thank him and might think about offering him an apology.

                • John Norton

                  I heard what I heard him say and more than once and I would face him with it in a NY Min… Then get him Firelight to take it back what he said about the Gov. not running till 2016…

        • John Norton

          Another thing 9 you bring the mods viewpoints frm where you come frm here and thats not right so my advice to you is leave their viewpoints there and not to bring them here thnks…

          • section9

            Well, no. My opinions are my own, thanks.

  • Elizabeth Stephens

    WATCH the debate tonight!

    • John Norton

      Yeap…Time to count sheep…(Snooz alarm )

  • Lshepard

    We really need Sarah to get into this race. All those Tea Party candidates that won in 2010 need the right leadership and I just am not seeing it with any of the current lineup. If its not too late for Daniels, Christy or Jeb, then its not too late for Sarah.

    • John Norton

      L the House leadership has nothing to do at all with the President and that friend is picked by its members…Boehners seat is being challenged I suggest we do the same 4 cantors,McCarthys, Hennsilings,virginia Foxes,and david dryers seat also in this go around replace them cause they are the problem not the solution…

      • Jim809

        Retaining control of the House is vital. Remember how easy it was for Pelosi and her gang to get their garbage through from 2007 to 2011. It’s not so easy now. The best thing is to solidify the majority gained in the 2010 election, knock off as many Democrat and liberal Republican incumbents as possible this year, replace them with Tea Party members, and then work on the leadership. Numbers are important in Congress. It would also be great to elect more Rand Pauls to the Senate and reach for that 60 member supermajority. Then, a Republican president could really turn this country around.

        • John Norton

          Get rid of Boehner and the rest of his GOP henchmen and women as possible cause you do know Jim as wellas I they keep our good conservatives that we have already put in there corrupted…Case in point my friend look what happened in the debt ceiling bill ,boehner and his henchmen corrupted every one of the women and only 22 voted with us  and Allen West was not one of those unfortunatelly…
          Next get rid of that weak chin McConnel who is not worth two bits and install Senator Jim as Majority leader …Reid could do one of three things, One: get put in Levenworth or reopen Alcatraz for him and that Strech Pelosi,Two send him back to Neveda where he can return tyo his Pommegranite trees and rosebushes or and this one appeals to me the most put that tired fracker on the back bench ,the group W bench where he can watch how it is really done…! Sarah will do the rest…O Ha La…You Betcha…Hows that one grab at ya 9…? 

  • Bean Counter

    Mornin’ troops. Well, it’s certainly getting interesting, isn’t it? All of Romney’s money, organization and endorsements are worthless if he can’t close the deal with voters. And clearly, he can’t. Looks like Florida is being turned on its head. There was even an article in the local daily planet that the primary in TN might even be interesting, in that the GOP establishment here is in lock step with Romney, but voters aren’t being the obedient sheep they’re expected to be.

    Local news is going wall to wall with the TSA at the Nashville airport detaining Sen. Rand Paul. He’s standing his ground. Good for him. The least they can do is get him some biscuits from the Loveless Cafe, which has a restaurant in the airport.

    Don’t have a team in the super bowl, just hoping for a good game and better commercials than last year.

    Am hooked on this new series on Fox, “Alcatraz.” Pretty good so far. As long as it doesn’t turn into some “Lost” weird thing that gave me a headache, it might be a good series.

    I guess the debate tonight will be fun. Looks like Romney has decided to engage kindergarten playground tactics — “I know you are, but what am I” strategy. No doubt his campaign has hired Pee Wee Herman as a consultant.

    Well, I’m off, but that’s not some kind of newsflash. Fight the establishment.

    • John Norton

      The whole country excluding the head cases are waiting 4 Sarah…It almost time sarah to get your grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr on…!

    • hrh40

      Hey, aren’t the Patriots your backup team? :)

      Yeah, I gave Alcatraz a watch last week. Not sold on the lead lady yet. Am not thrilled that it looks like it’ll just be the 1 millionth crime procedural show with a mystery overarching. X-Files meets CSI. But I’m gonna’ stick with it for a few more … Been to Alcatraz, fun place to visit!

      Last Friday’s CT straw poll (had to cough up $20 for state GOP so I didn’t participate) but I was pleasantly surprised by radio report I just heard. Results:

      Mitt 29%
      Newt 28%
      Paul 26%

      Something like that. 90% of voters were in-state.

      I thought it would be runaway Mitt.

      • Bean Counter

        Yeah, Patriots are the backup, but Tebow sort of took that away, but I’ll probably not be upset if Brady wins. Re: Alcatraz, it’s got just enough weirdo stuff to make it interesting, but not so much that it goes into Ron Paul territory.

  • Emily Baxter

    Obama is forcing Christian colleges to provide birth control and other drugs that get rid of a growing child, aka ABORTION. WHAT?!?! 

    I was asked by Todd Starnes of Fox News to give a reaction. I am hopping mad! This goes against everything that we stand for. I am thankful for the Catholics to be standing their ground. That’s great for them. 

    Read here:

    Yeah, there’s suing involved. Good for them! :)

  • blackbird

    Good Morning all, excellent news round up Firelight, thanks. In the Vin Weber interview Weber states “the minority party mind set” made me think of how strong the Governor stood up for Conservatives Principles after the 2008 loss and forcefully proclaim hell no!, the Arizona tragedy was another at how silent the Republicans were.

    Looking forward to hearing the Governor later and the debate. Have a great day.

    Dakuwaqa’s Garden – Underwater footage from Fiji & Tonga ~

  • Nancy6

    I so look forward to our nominee going after Obama like they do their GOP rivals!
    What world am I living in?

  • Riley4Palin

    Afternoon All!

    One week ago I was dealing with a horrible Packer hangover and today I am estatic beyond belief that Jim Harbaugh’s 49ers got spanked and eliminated from the playoffs.  Is there any more annoying personality in NFL sports than the coach of the 49ers? I use to think Rex Ryan was the most annoying coach with all his sideline brashness and interviews, but Harbaugh takes the cake.   I did the happy dance last night.  It was even more delicious when it was reported that the idiot refused to speak with Fox after the game.  Jagoff of epic proportions.

    Anywhoo….back to politics.  Can you imagine if Obama or Romney won SC by the same margin as Newt?  They would have gone bat s…..crazy and expected all of their challengers to drop out Sunday.  Well done Newt and team!  Now we got a real race here.  Is Romney going to fire some of his inept consultants now?  This is getting comical.  This drama is getting too exciting to skip now with Newt taking it to everyone.  I’ll have to check out the debate again tonight.  How many hours have Gregory and F. Chuck Todd been writing their debate questions?  Will buffoon Tom Brokaw make a surprise appearance and tell us minions that “shared sacrifice” is the noble thing to do?  How many White House talking points will appear?  Will we see our first Barack and Michelle national campaign commerical?

    Hey Whip:  RE:  Mark Kirk’s stroke.  How does that work when an elected official is not available for votes due to medical issues?

    Bean, by chance have you seen the new movie Haywire yet? It just came out and I really want to see it, but I won’t bother if it isn’t worth my time.

    • John Norton

      Say Riley ya think Newt did that on his own…?Ifin it wasnt 4 Sarah putin her husband 2 endorse him  Mittins the kitten would have takin it more than likely…You say we got a real race…? Between whoom…? The only reason Gov. Palin take charge of moderating the debates is because she would make them all look like idiots that they really are…and she wouldnt want to do that at least not yet… Those guys friend ,unless they start talking about the real issues got about as much chance of getting the nomination as a snowball in hades…!

      • Firelight

        I think Riley is right.  Yes, Sarah’s endorsement helped. I don’t doubt that anyone on this blog would deny that but it is still shaping up to be a much better race than it was.  Vetting is happening and issues are being discussed.

        • John Norton

          OK Firelight…How do you make A basket of bad apples good tell me please id like to know…?

          • Firelight

            One of the understandings on this site is that we do NOT participate in pissing matches over Palin support.

            We ALL want her to run, We ALL would be leading the charge, however, some believe that Palin is honest and believe her words. Some also believe while she is currently sitting out, she could get in under the right circumstances.

            Everyone’s opinion is welcome here because we all know that we all support Palin.  I will not let this site become like so many others that are just thread after thread of pissing matches. It is not productive for Palinistas and it doesn’t reflect well for Palin.

      • Riley4Palin


        Do you have a real job outside of spending hours on this site blogging about what you don’t like about the candidates in this race? 

        If not, perhaps some balance in your life would do you wonders and you would be able to see things a bit differently.

        Reality check # 1:  Sarah Palin is not running for President.

        Reality check # 2:  Sarah Palin would never pat herself on the back and stroke her own ego even though she knows that her words and actions carry more weight than other Republicans.  She wants a competitive contest and one that the American people have a voice.  Not a contest that is closed to the public and chosen by the GOP Establishment and the media.

        Reality check # 3:  All remaining candidates (despite their flaws) would be better than Barack Obama. 

        • Bean Counter

          Yes, John, please do yourself a favor and go outside and take a long walk, or take a trip, go on vacation, something relaxing and fun, and leave the computer at home.

          • John Norton

            The computer goes with me sir where ever I go…I am a homless vietnam war era vet and Iraq and other places and Ive ben since 92 ,homeless that is so when I say sir that I mean to instal the Gov. where she rightfully belongs I mean whaty I say cause it my and my family and every persons who lives in this countrys survival at stake…Its called Dedication to purpose and I will suceed in my mission despite how hard others make it…

        • John Norton

          I got a job and have had one for the last 3+ yrs and that is to get Gov.Palin where she belongs even though some her figure shes all washed up 4 2012 which she most asurdedly is not…every day Riley every day I have done my level best to prceed towards the termination of that mission…

    • hrh40

      Re: Kirk, See: Gabby Giffords … until today. Actually, until April and the special election.

      IOW, there is apparently no requirement to be available to vote for your constituents.

      • Riley4Palin

        Thanks hrh for answering my question.  I am not a fan of Kirk, but my thoughts and prayers are with him and wish for a speedy recovery.

    • Bean Counter

      No, haven’t seen it. Don’t have time for movies right now, I may watch one a week on video on demand when my eyes glaze over from staring at the computer. But I think it’s one I’d like. Don’t know anybody who’s seen it.

      • Riley4Palin

        Bean, thanks anyway.  I know you are knee deep in tax crap.  Just thought you might need a break and catch a movie here and there for your own sanity.  I plan to see it this weekend and I’ll let you know my thoughts.

  • blackbird


    Are you too old to get married? Several years ago, Jim Gorringe, 99, and Dinah Leach, 84, wedded at the St. James Rest Home in Christchurch, New Zealand. Both had been previously married and
    great, great grandchildren attended the ceremony.

    Just before the wedding, the groom quipped, “We won’t be having children.”

    I wonder if this is the same older couple who stopped by a pharmacy a couple months before their wedding. They told the pharmacist they wanted to get married. “Do you sell heart medication?” they asked. He said that of course they do.

    “Then how about medicine for circulation?”

    The druggist replied, “All kinds.”

    “Do you have drugs for rheumatism, arthritis, memory problems and scoliosis?”

    The pharmacist assured them that they had a wide array of medicines for all of those problems and more.

    “And you sell wheelchairs, walkers and canes?”

    “Absolutely,” said the druggist. “Whatever you need.”

    They looked at each other and smiled. “Great!” the bride-to-be said. “We’d like to register here for our wedding gifts.”

    You have to admire their enthusiasm. They may have old memories – that is a gift of age. But they also have young hopes.

    Author and television personality Hugh Downs reported some good news for seniors. He said that when older adults are properly motivated, their intelligence does not wane. In fact, the ability to organize thinking may actually increase as folks age. Many people in their 50’s, 60’s and even 70’s can go through college with greater efficiency than at 18.

    Adults over 70 years of age have contributed richly and in varied ways.

    – Emmanuel Kant wrote his finest philosophical works at age 74.
    – Verdi at 80 produced “Falstaff” and at 85, “Ave Maria.”
    – Goethe was 80 when he completed “Faust.”
    – Tennyson was 80 when he wrote “Crossing the Bar.”
    – Michelangelo completed what may have been his greatest work at age 87.
    – At age 90, Justice Holmes was still writing brilliant American Supreme Court opinions.

    And then there’s George Dawson. George learned to read at age 98. (He was forced to quit school when he was a small child in order to help support his family.) “I got tired of writing my name with an
    ‘X,'” he said. Four years later, at age 102, he co-authored his autobiography, LIFE IS SO GOOD, published by Random House.

    Dreams are renewable. They need not expire like an over-due library book. No matter our age, we can breathe new life into old dreams. In fact, we have to renew our dreams, or else they will wither away altogether.

    I don’t want to spend my life so busy looking back that I lose interest in what lies ahead. As I age, I will have old memories. But I also want a few young hopes.

    After all, dreams are renewable.

    Author: Steve Goodier:

    • Riley4Palin

      Thanks for sharing that.  Great post!

      • blackbird

        Thanks Riley.

  • AFinch

    Hey guys, there is an effort underway in the Indiana state legislature to change the requirements for presidential candidates to get on the state primary ballot.  Under current law, candidates have to file 4500 signatures (500 from each district) by Jan. 31.  Under the newly proposed law (brought by a state senator popular with the tea party) a candidate could simply pay $10,000 by the end of March. It would apply ONLY to presidential candidates and it would apply to this election cycle.  This seems like the GOP keeping its options open if Mitt loses FLA.  Are you seeing changes to other ballot access rules in other states? 

    • Whitney Pitcher

      Hmm. That’s really interesting to hear, especially since there’s a new push to get Mitch Daniels, Indiana governor to run.

      I haven’t heard of any other states suggesting changes though. 

  • senator20526

    Morning all……Pietro Leatherchest here….A bright, sunny, cool 73 degrees in the desert Southwest today….Riley..Say what you want about 9ers coach Harbaugh, but he got them to believe in themselves and play as a team. He gave Alex Smith a second chance and he made the best of  it. Ms. Bean hope you will be ready for a fun week-end in Phoenix in March….Can’t wait for the Govenor’s assessment of the S.C. primary…..Firelight, great round-up as usual.

    • Bean Counter

      Cannot wait for the weekend in Phoenix. That date will be a good pausing point, as I have to have my corporate clients done by 3/15, individuals done by 4/15. I may be in a coma the whole time, but I’ll be there.

    • Riley4Palin


      I thought the 49ers defense was one of the best in the league this year.  Kudos to the coaching staff for preparing them each week. 

      Personally, I don’t think Alex Smith has what it takes to be a Super Bowl QB.  He had numerous opportunities to show his stuff yesterday and he couldn’t come through in the clutch.  Superstars like Brady get it done.  I was never a huge Eli Manning fan, but I changed my opinion of him yesterday forever.  He got walloped and beat up by an incredible defense and got back up and did what was necessary at clutch times to get the win.

      As for Harbaugh, his brashness comes through very negatively on the TV screen if you don’t live in the San Fran area of the country.  I watched him a few times this year and he was a jerk every single time.

      Our Packer coach Mike McCarthy stated on his last weekly TV show for the season that you can tell a whole lot about a man’s character when you shake their hand after a win or a loss. His statement came after a fan questioned, “How did you handle both wins and losses at the end of big games?” 

  • Whitney Pitcher

    I blame Governor Palin for this horrible  mental picture:!/ericbolling/status/161545197711405056

    • hrh40

      As someone else commented, she just emasculated the blowhard with a bit about panties.

      Looking forward to our faithful filers putting up this vid posthaste for those of us without FBN.

      Wonder if Eric will make mention on the 5 tonight?

      • Firelight

        “emasculated the blowhard”

        LOVE IT!!!!

        The mental picture reminds me of a country Italian restaurant someone dragged me to one time that had a clothes line suspended from the ceiling with garmets clothes pinned to it. One of those garmets was the biggest pair of ladies drawers I have ever seen.  One could have used them for a parachute!  They must have been donated by Chrissy…

    • blackbird


    • Riley4Palin


      I thought we all were suppose to be afraid of that superstar Christie?!

      The more Christie is out front for Romney, the less appealing he becomes. The perception is quickly becoming reality that Romney isn’t strong enough to fight on his own. 

      Palin on the other hand carefully selects who she is going to dissect on any given day and corners them so that they have no rational comeback.  In one interview she has turned the blowhard from Jersey into an overly emotional defensive reactor to all differing opinions to his precious Romney.  Well done Palin!

  • Emily Baxter

    So, I’m mentioned in here somewhere…

    Going to a Christian college myself…well, I’m not happy about it. And more than half the college doesn’t even know about it. At least when I talked to my colleagues. 

  • Nancy6

    Cheerleader ain’t toeing the line is she GOPE?:)

  • Riley4Palin

    Romney is bringing out the big guns today to go after Newt.   T-Paw is the next Iron Chef contestant ready for battle on Team Romney.

    That should go over well. 

  • indemind

    hey Palinistas… Video of Gov. Sarah Palin – Chris made a rookie mistake

    SarahAmerica 2012 ……  Drill Baby Drill

  • senator20526

    You are right about Alex not being a super bowl qb….but, he  did take them to the playoffs and set the plate for 2012 and as far as Harbough…I think the Gov. said it best..”he made rookie mistakes” of course she was referring to Christie… the way, I thought Green Bay would go all the way….
    This is a reply to Riley4Palin

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