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Rage Against the Machine Monday

Morning all!

What a weekend!  I got nothing done that needed to be done but I had a lot of fun in Aspen. Today we are back to the grind and I have lots to do. X Games is such a fun and crazy atmosphere.  You hear a lot of different languages. I may have damaged my kids because my daughter would ask me what they were speaking and my answer would always be Austrian, lol. She told me later “mom, there sure are a lot of Austrians here”.  Bad mommy…

What did everyone thing of Palin’s interviews?  Well, it was clear that she taped her Tom Sullivan interview on Thursday, the same day she taped her Stossel interview.  She obviously taped her Judge Pirro interview on Saturday (knew I was right to not like Judge Pirro. I’ve never liked her interviewing style especially her “hard breaks”). Palin makes it clear again that she wants people to “Vote Newt”, “Rage against the machine” and “annoy a liberal, Vote Newt”.  She was pretty clear. She was also pretty angry. She said that she knew she would have been treated the same way they are treating Newt. She told Tom Sullivan that she did not believe she had the organization and logistics that would be necessary for a run.  She did NOT say she didn’t have the support. I believe she knows the grassroots support her. This reminds me of the rumor that I heard from my DC contact that the establishment had put out word that no one was to work for Palin in a campaign role or else.  I heard they made it virtually impossible to hire campaign staff.  SarahPac and its staff can not be used for campaign purposes.  Yes, grassroots are necessary but if someone wants to win they have to be able to hire staff nationally and in each state.  They have to be able to hire experienced, competent staff to help direct and organize the grassroots.  Maybe that rumor is true. Maybe they did block her. Logistically, she has a house in AZ so I don’t think it was a distance thing. I think it was a kids and family thing. It is hard being away from your kids for such long time and Trig needs to be near his therapists.  This has been such a drawn out primary season with no end in sight soon.

What I am starting to see with Gov. Palin is not a desire to run for POTUS but a desire to take down the establishment and crony capitalism.  I also see her wanting a voice and a role with the next administration. She has a fire to expose the frauds for who they are but I really don’t see a desire to hit the campaign trail.  I think we will know more at CPAC.  I am still praying for a miracle that she will get in but if she doesn’t, it is clear she wants us to support Newt, at least for now.

I am not formally endorsing anyone and neither is P4A but for now, I will follow Gov. Palin’s lead. I trust her, respect her and will listen to her. Right now she is asking us to support Newt. So for now, that is what we will do.

Sunday Headlines:

Romney refuses to sign abortion pledge.

Fred Thompson:”Some old score settling is going on” and “Romney has Drudge in his back pocket” McCain no longer gets any goodwill from me. In the video with Thompson, McCain is repeating already debunked talking points.


Latino leaders endorse Newt…

Romney spokesman leading the crusade to push Allen West out of office… %$#*!!!

Vote Newt, annoy a liberal, lol…

Nasty, nasty, nasty man.  His heart is not good…

Praise God that Bella Santorum is improving

I hope this isn’t true… OK, I’m going to say it. Try not to throw things at me but Santorum needs to drop out and go take care of his family.  Rick is young and he preaches family values. That is his ENTIRE platform.  He talks about all these things that destroy the family structure. Well, being away when your kids need you does that too.  He needs to live the same family values he preaches and put his family and kids first. Bella needs her daddy. There is always another chance to run for POTUS.  If Rick wanted it, he could probably negotiate a deal for Sec. Of Health and Human services from either Newt or Romney and he would be very good at it.  If Rick wasn’t such a family values candidate, I would understand a little more and not have such an expectation but as of now, if he stays in the race with Bella’s situation I will start to think he is a hypocrite and lose respect for him. She is going to need him even after she is released and still recovering at home.  I don’t like people preaching to me about how my family should be when they are not living by the same standards they want me to follow.  I pray for Bella Santorum. This isn’t the first time she has been in the hospital while he is on the trail. My heart is with Bella and in my opinion, she comes first and that is the way it should be. I would expect the same from my husband. There is a season for everything and right now it is Bella’s season. Life comes first.  What an example he would set for father’s in this country if he put his family before his ambition.  Ok, flame away at me…

Milquetoast Mitt

Paul Ryan speaks

Battle for the GOP soul

Gingrich fights for Main Street by going after Wall Street and Washington.

This sounds like something the NYT would do to Palin…

This is not good for a city that is already struggling with high unemployment.

Not funny Mr. President… just not funny…

Hmmmmmm, this is NOT OK…

Fact Check: Romney’s not telling the truth on his blind trust…

Gingrich spoke at The Villages today in Florida and Romney’s ilk are getting nastier.

Yes, he was but the LSM doesn’t want to cover it…

Very well said Ron!

PPP polling in Florida…

Mark Levin has had enough of Romney…

Romney lies again

For the man who has been buying influence in our country, his words scare me…

Newt talks to Frank Luntz’s focus group.

Santorum talks to Luntz’s focus group.

Tampa Tribune endorses Newt.

Gingrich is surging again in Florida. Let’s hope he passes Romney when it’s important.

So tired of people telling me Mitt has good character. This proves otherwise:



and this:


Have a great day everyone!  Annoy a liberal :)

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  • section9

    Of course they kneecapped Palin. But that’s something she should have seen coming.

    Anyway, great report.

    • hrh40

      And then done … what … about it?

      • section9

        You know my objections to what she did. I’m not going to relitigate that.

        Suffice to say, it’s water over the dam. Now she’s in a different environment from where she was last summer. Unfortunately for Palin, because she isn’t in the race, there are too many movement people who are willing to throw in the cards in frustration that a deeply toxic guy like Romney is winning.

        However, the season is still young.

        • hrh40

          Yep, the young season. It’s a gorgeous, sunny day here, practically like Spring … except for the frigid breeze! :)


      section, I’m sure she did “see it coming”…..but probably not to the extent that it was. She knew the “grassroot” was there and was very strong, but I guess we ALL have learned a lesson that “grassroots” isn’t everything. 
      The gope has much more power than anyone thought…and let’s not even start talking about holding the purse strings.
      Yes, Sarah ran for governor, but just because she ran a successful local campaign doesn’t mean she would be able to run a successful national campaign….they are too different ballgames.
      This is a continuous education for all of us……for future use. ;))

    • IsraeliCojones

      Whether she had seen it coming or not, what could she do about it? Where could she find these experienced staffers if they all refused to be hired by her?

      • hrh40

        Yes, that’s my point.

        Perhaps she made some overtures and hit a brick wall, because of the GOPE moratorium.

        And that’s when she TRULY realized how powerful the GOPE MAFIA are; they control 90-something % of the Permanent Political Class.

        So as she said in her letter, she could help more and work better by not running a campaign for office, but a campaign against the Machine.

        • blackbird

          I agree hrh40, imho the Governor knows the resistance towards her maybe just not how willful these people are.

  • Akabosan

    Good morning all.

    Mr. Gingrich commented in one of his speeches that the government cannot legislate happy.  Our founders suggested “the pursuit of happiness.”  

    Mr. Gingrich went further to say that there is no Department of Happy, and that government cannot take happy from one group or individual and give happy to another.  There are no “Happy Stamps.”

    On the telephone in one of our early calls, when I told a friend about this, she had the perfect response.  “Our laughter is our happy stamp.”  Individuals can share happiness with laughter, smiles general good cheer, well wishes and prayer.

    I hope each one reading this has a wonder-filled day.


  • Akabosan

    “And whether or not it is clear to you, no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should.”  – Max Ehrmann


  • BostonBruin

    Good morning! I think you make a good point about Santorum and I appreciate you calling it like you see it. I recall that Gov. Palin was criticized for not campaigning in Delaware for COD the weekend before the elections in Nov 2010. Turns out that she was home as Trig was having surgery. It apparently was a minor procedure, but her place was at his side.

    The pressure on Romney is huge because he doesn’t just need to win FL, but needs to win big. A victory of 5-points or less may be seen as a defeat even though he’d get all the delegates. Plus, a narrow loss for Gingrich will increase the pressure on Santorum to get out and that would be very bad news for Romney.

    I am hopeful the Tea-Evangelicals will pull out a victory! Turn-out may be key. Perhaps all this talk about Romney having a huge lead will cause some of his supporters to get complacent and stay home.

    • BostonBruin

      BTW – forgot one important comment. Goooooooooooooooooooooo Patriots!!!

    • hrh40

      Malkin came out this morning in support of Santorum.

      That’s fine.

      But she slams Palin about the Machine talk.

      And now she’s twittering Machine talk, i.e., who is the Machine?

      I reaaaaaaaaalllly hope she doesn’t become as obnoxious as Erickson was after he endorsed Perry.

      • BostonBruin

        If Malkin doesn’t understand what the “machine” is, then she’s really in the dark. Dr. Gina Louden also endorsed Santorum recently.

        I think Tea-Evangelical conservatives could rally around Gingrich or Santorum. Palinistas could be reasonably confident that she’d be offered a position in the Administration of either of them.
        After FL, either he or Gingrich need to get out and endorse the other. Country first.

      • Whitney Pitcher

        I’m disappointed to see her doing this, but I don’t anticipate her going into Erickson territory. 

        • hrh40

          Yes, I think so, too. And her endorsement does point out some of Santorum’s Big Government proclivities.

          I am a little worried that she did this bcuz Hannity went so hard at her over having not endorsed yet.

          I certainly hope she didn’t think she had to endorse before she went on his show again.

          Malkin, Hannity’s not that important.

      • mark1955

        My opinion is, Malkin is really for MITTEN’S and is using Santorum as a screen,much like Coulter and Ingraham  and other’s pretended to like Chris Christie when all along their choice has been MITTEN’S.Malkin knows if she supports MITTEN’S,she loses any credibility she has with the Conservative and Tea Party base.Book sales,speaking engagements and hits on her website would tank.Why else would she list the other candidates in rank of favoribility,with MITTEN’S in second and Gingrich the biggest threat to the establishment last?As a matter-of-fact,why bother to mention any of the other candidates at all unless you were trying to help someone else on that list? If i was writing an endorsement of Governor Palin,i would give the other candidates short shrift,if i mentioned any of them at all.I particularly would not mention them in order of preference u nless i had another agenda.It would be all about why i liked Sarah Palin!

  • poljunkie

    Sounds like an awesome weekend. You really make me miss my son being “little”! I can no longer “taste” his food and tell him I am making sure there wasn’t any poison in it. HA!

    We drove to Aspen ( from AZ) one (loooong) weekend for a Lynyrd Skynrd show. We took our son. It was at the “Belly Up” Saloon. Doug Flutie and his band were the opening act because it was a fund raiser he was promoting for Autism. What a blast we had. Aspen is a great place.

    By the way, I annoy a liberal so much that she doesn’t even speak to me any longer. Yesterday was my birthday and she didn’t even take a second to call. I think I mentioned before that she
    ( my sister) has disagreed with politically all of my adult life. In 2007/2008 she finally had enough of me, and deemed me the stupid one of the family. Really. Too bad, so sad.

    • wodiej

      that is too bad….for her. I had a similar big blowout w a family member over political differences several years ago. She got really ugly-I didn’t talk to her for almost 2 years.  I didn’t lose any sleep over it either.

      • hrh40

        Yep, this is sad. Palin has often said her family is diverse politically but politics should never be the be all end all or get between family members. She has said they talk about family and sports at get-togethers.

        • blackbird

          because of the temperament of some folks, politics and religion should never be discussed and especially at family gatherings.

  • ErinMC4

    Gooood Monday morning everyone! Last one in January…phew.

    Excellent roundup, as always. I’m tellin’ ya, this is the go-to site these days…first one opened in the morning for me. And I find myself always agreeing with you, Firelight. Thank you for always sharing what you really think!

    I like to check out of politics every once in awhile (mostly when it just gets under my skin too much, but sometimes because life gets too busy). I still read what is happening, I just don’t comment too much on it.  So I caught the Gov’s interview with the Judge. First reaction: I think Judge Jeanine is spending too much time with O’Reilly. Lots of interrupting. I didn’t like that. And it was quite obvious she cut her off at the end. I don’t care who you are, you do not treat a public servant like that. And yes, even Debbie Wasserman Shultz (annoying as she is)…I always cringe when F&F peeps interview her bc they are quite rude. It’s just unnecessary.  I have to say, there are very few tv personalities that I think I would like in real life. So I take them with a grain of salt unless they prove one way or another that they are genuine. Therefore, I’ve never liked Judge Jeanine–too judgmental I guess. Never could put my finger on why, but now I know for sure.

    On the other hand–I really liked her interview with Tom Sullivan.  Even her answer about running or not running at this point. She seemed on fire with every answer.  I believe she has a very strong desire to stay involved and I really don’t believe she has ruled out any future run for office.  At first, after her announcment in Oct, I thought maybe she was done (in her mind) with running for office, but now I don’t think so.  We’ll see what happens in the future, especially in the GOP.  Her committment to stay involved is quite clear.

    Anyways, that’s my two cents. Not worth much, ha! Back to the grind…

    • blackbird

      Thanks for the post ErinMC4. The Fox Business people do a good interview with the Governor and I like Hannity.

  • Whitney Pitcher

    Happy Monday, everyone!

    I think Michelle Malkin makes a compelling case for Rick Santorum.Regarding her mocking of the “Who is the machine?”, the “machine” is indeed a bit of a nebulous term. Michelle Malkin remains my favorite blogger/columnist. I think though that her experience has been largely writing and doing stellar investigative research. I don’t know how often she’s been involved in actively supporting a candidate other than in her writing; she may be, and I’m just not aware. The “machine” often acts in the background, while campaign and policies are done in the foreground. The “machine” are the types like our state treasurer/Romney Illinois campaign manager who  worry about trying to get Santorum off of the Illinois ballot, rather than hunkering down in the midst of our state’s fiscal crisis.  They are the people who try to re-district Allen West out of his Congressional seat. They’re the ones who try to manipulate the primary process by changing ballot petition processes and primary dates etc. They’re the ones who even after receiving the largest ethics fine in state history still remain the state GOP chair, like Randy Ruedrich in Alaska. Perhaps in looking at the foreground of policy and “in the open campaigning” Malkin isn’t looking at this.

    I kind of get the sense that Governor Palin would be offering the same kind of support for Santorum as she has for Gingrich, if Santorum was on the receiving end of the attacks that Romney has been launching and if Santorum was the perceived biggest threat to Romney. I could be wrong though. I think that all of these candidates, minus Ron Paul, are Establishment, but only Romney is the the Establishment’s (at  large) choice. I think she really wants to make sure that the people are choosing, not the Establishment. I think also, although she doesn’t want Alinsky style trashing, she wants as many skeletons to come out of the closet for these candidates in the primary so they’re less likely to be a “October surprise”. The longer the primary, the more likely that is to happen. Of course Obama will use lies and underhanded tactics anyway, but at least a longer primary gets more of that out.

    Anyway, my two cents or more.

    BTW, I got a chuckle, Firelight, out of you telling your daughter all those people were speaking Austrian. :)

    • Firelight

      My biggest problem with Santorum is that he has denounced the Tea Party. He has never spoken or attended a Tea Party or conservative rally and yet he wants us to believe he is the real conservative. His fiscal, smaller government record doesn’t match conservatives either.

      I feel like he is also playing the same game as Romney by claiming to be a conservative but shunning the real ones and his record shows it. 

      I don’t like feeling like I’m being played for a fool.  Obama told us exactly what he wanted to do to this country and many just didn’t want to believe him. I don’t want to make the same mistake twice.

      I guess if I held social issues first and foremost over fiscal then I would warm up more to Santorum but I hold them both equal and he is lacking in one.

      I would vote for him if he got the nomination but I still think he should go be with his daughter.

      • Whitney Pitcher

         You just articulated very well why you’re a Palin supporter! :) She knows the proper balance of the three legs of the stool of conservatism.The stool gets wobbly when someone makes one leg longer than the others.

         I agree with you in the way that Santorum has eschewed the healthy libertarianism of the Tea Party. I’m not expressing my support for Santorum by any means. I just meant that Malkin made a compelling case. I think that a good researcher/writer could probably present a reasonably compelling case for Santorum, Gingrich, or Paul, and they could make a compelling case against all of them as well. I think it just comes down to whose negatives annoy each individual the least when it comes to this group of candidates.

        • hrh40

          Yep, that’s what I tweeted Malkin.

          Her piece endorsing Santorum was well-reasoned. She did write of his Big Government tendencies. She was honest.

          Which is why her comments/link about the Machine just seemed like a cheap, unneeded shot.

          Other endorsers run down other candidates as their endorsement rather than talking up their own. Malkin talked Santorum up, so she didn’t need to slam Palin’s comments in the process.

          And then take to twitter ala Erickson to mockingly ask Question of the Day: Who is the Machine?

          I’m hoping it was just a momentary lapse.

          And as I said above, I hope it wasn’t just Hannity’s badgering that made her drop the “holding our nose clips” attitude for an endorsement position.

    • blackbird

      First time I saw Michelle she was on the BOR show and I never felt her if you know what I mean. Michelle is a very smart woman and imho she was mocking the Governor, if she was endorsing Newt she would be highlighting the corrupt machine herself.

      • Whitney Pitcher

         I agree that she was mocking Governor Palin in this instance. Perhaps I’m cutting her slack because I’m a big fan of her writing, research and commentary, but in a lot of other situations, she has defended Governor Palin when others have attacked her, and she has praised her at times as well. I don’t mean to seem like I’m being dismissive of Malkin’s mocking.I’m not. I just don’t think that it is an indication of her overall opinion of the governor. From what I’ve read, Malkin won’t go on BOR anymore because of some comments made on that show about her by Geraldo.

        • blackbird

          To be honest Whitney I much prefer your writing style, you are one hell of a writer. I know what an important voice Michelle is in the conservative movement and blogosphere and she is very passionate. I did not know about the BOR issue, its great she stood her ground and I think she is better off for it.

        • mainelysteve

          If it’s not an indication of her overall opinion of SP, then don’t offer it!

  • IsraeliCojones

    Thank you for this excellent round-up, Firelight :)


    “What I am starting to see with Gov. Palin is not a desire to run for
    POTUS but a desire to take down the establishment and crony capitalism. 
    I also see her wanting a voice and a role with the next administration.
    She has a fire to expose the frauds for who they are but I really don’t
    see a desire to hit the campaign trail.”

    Firelight, it looks like you’re finally starting to see the light. 😉

    Sarah told us what the price was to get the gope’s blessing to run and “selling her soul” wasn’t something she had the stomach for or was willing to do.

    Taking down the gope AND all the crony capitalism that is with it, is a much harder job than being POTUS imho…….and she doesn’t need a title to do that. Funny though, it will probably lead her to the biggest “title” down the road.

  • blackbird

    Good morning everyone.


    We don’t always get the results we want. I read that a few years ago a Ukrainian businessman bought a pager for each member of his staff as a New Year’s gift. He was returning from the store when the pagers caused him to wreck his car. Just as he was pulling up to his office, all 50 pagers on his back seat suddenly screeched. He was so frightened he let go of the steering wheel and the car plunged into a lamp post.

    After he assessed the damage to his automobile, the businessman turned his attention to the message on the pagers. It read, “Congratulations on a successful purchase.” The company’s cheery greeting didn’t create the customer satisfaction they were hoping for. But if nothing else, it proved something significant: folks notice your enthusiasm. And one way or another, they seem to respond to it.

    A story is told about playwright and U.S. Ambassador to Italy Claire Booth Luce. She became a Roman Catholic late in life and, like many others converted to something new, she was zealous and vocal about her new faith.

    A reporter once spotted her engrossed in deep conversation with the pope. He crept within earshot, all the while wondering what important issues the ambassador and the pope could be discussing. Finally, he was close enough to hear the pope say to Ms. Luce, “But I already am a Catholic!” You have to appreciate her passion. . . .

    I’m drawn to people with passion — people who live their lives fully and enthusiastically. As an insect is drawn to light, I am drawn to their energy and vitality. I actually FEEL alive around people who ARE alive. I want to be around them and hope that some of their verve for living just may rub off on me.

    Maybe it’s like the poet Rumi said: “Only from the heart can you touch the sky.” I spend a lot of time living from the head. But when I go to that place where I feel my deepest enthusiasm and passion, I feel as if I can touch the sky. Anything might be possible. And the truth is that good ideas only go so far. It’s people with passion that finally make a difference.

    Dr. Seuss (Theodor Seuss Geisel) had a good idea about a new kind of children’s book — one that contains lively illustrations, whacky characters and humorous writing. His enthusiasm led him to write a poem that became his first book. But it seemed that nobody wanted to publish it. Seuss was passionate about his writing, but he realized that an equal measure of enthusiasm and energy would be required if his book were ever to be published. He untiredly peddled his children’s book to over twenty publishers before one took a chance on him. Having a great idea was not enough; his passion made the difference.

    Charles Goodyear spent every last dollar over five years filled with experiments to try and develop vulcanized rubber. He suffered extreme poverty during those years and was sustained only by his enthusiasm. He eventually succeeded, not because he had the good idea that durable rubber products may have some important uses, but because of the energy he put into his experiments. His good idea was not enough; his passion made the difference.

    If I were able to give my children any gift to sustain them in life, I believe I might give them passion for what they do. For if they can live from the heart, they will surely touch the sky.

    By Steve Goodier

    • Akabosan

      Ah so.  Thank you for that.

      Consider this by Charles Driscoll as well.


      “The longer I live, the more I realize the impact of attitude on life. Attitude, to me, is more important than facts. It is more important than the past, the education, the money, than circumstances, than failure, than successes, than what other people think or say or do. It is more important than appearance, giftedness or skill. It will make or break a company… a church… a home. The remarkable thing is we have a choice everyday regarding the attitude we will embrace for that day. We cannot change our past… we cannot change the fact that people will act in a certain way. We cannot change the inevitable. The only thing we can do is play on the one string we have, and that is our attitude. I am convinced that life is 10% what happens to me and 90% of how I react to it. And so it is with you… we are in charge of our Attitudes.”


      • wodiej

        “attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference.”

      • blackbird

        Thanks Akabosan.

  • Akabosan
  • section9

    I suspect that Mitt Romney will win Florida tomorrow.

    He won’t get my vote. Had the Governor said nothing, I would have voted for Ron Paul. However, as it serves the strategic interests of Palin and the Party in general for Gingrich to get a second wind, I will vote tactically and follow Palin’s advice.

    However, the race will be close enough to deny Romney the kind of overwhelming beatdown that could have a posse of Grey Men show up on Newt Gingrich’s doorstep with an ultimatum to GTFO our be exiled.

    So Gingrich will come in second, but a close second. It’s his organization and his fightback that might help him get close. The fact that he has people, run by McCollum, in each county of this state is going to help him keep this close. That will help his turnout. Predictions of a Romney Romp will NOT help Mittens.

    I expect Santorum to come in a distant third, precisely because he was called away from Florida because of concerns about his daughter. Lastly I expect Paul to be a presence only in some urban areas where libertarians gather.

    Paul’s problem is that while his candidacy is a Vanguard Candidacy, much like Eugene McCarthy’s was for lefty Democrats in 1968, the Paultards are not enough of a critical mass to mount a post-election Putsch to take the Party from the Establishment.

    Palin, too, sees that the rank and file are headed in Paul’s direction. Paul’s problem is that he’s too old and his foreign policy is a non-starter for too many members of the Reagan wing of the Party, like Palin, who believe that a sound military is the prerequisite for a foreign policy of non-interventionism mixed up with Peace Through Strength. 

    Make no mistake, though, Pat Buchanan and Paul are where the Party is headed. The Republicans are returning to the roots of the GOP that dominated the Party from Lincoln’s day through Taft’s battle against Eisenhower.

    Palin gets what is going on; she is playing a very long game withing the GOP. The smart elites know this and are frightened of it, because at some point, the Paultards and the Palinistas will form a natural coalition that will dominate the right. There’s already a quiet but firm alliance between Palin herself and Ron Paul’s son, Rand. This coalition will rise out of the catastrophe of an Establishment defeat at the hands of Obama.

    Paul himself knows he won’t be the nominee, but he also knows that Romney is likely to lose the election, as does Palin. His intent is to push the GOP towards the One True Path of Gold, Hard Money, Solvency, and Limited Government. Foreign Policy and the Jooooooos are less important to Paul, and are probably thrown out there by him because he probably has two or three bundlers who were active in White Nationalism and some folks active in the Arab American Community. That will be a problem for Palin to confront, but since this is Paul’s last campaign, any coalition with Paul will have to come with the firm understanding that the Totenkopfverbande from the White Nationalist community and the Hamas Fellow Travelers who hang around at the fringes of Paultardia will have to go.

    Palin is much more center-right reformist than people have ever given her credit for so being. Whitney, Nicole Coulter over at The Other Site, and RAM, have all (and they aren’t the only ones) written extensively about her willingness to entertain pragmatism in the search of larger goals. In this case, Palin will be looking around for an ally to help her dominate the Right and prevent the rise of False Flag Conservatives like Michelle Bachmann who will be floated by the Establishment in an attempt to keep the Right divided. Palin will therefore hook up with Paul, for both pragmatic and historical reasons.

    Palin’s experience with the last campaign, her shock at the Establishment’s unwillingness to stand up for her after Tucson, and their covert attempts to sabotage her nascent campaign this time around, lead me to believe that she decided this year that the GOP in its present form is a Lost Cause, akin to the Confederacy after the fall of Atlanta. They neither care about limited government, nor the welfare of their Middle Class rank and file, nor give a damn about what Reagan stood for during his entire career. Their anger at Palin is that she is continuing to expose the Establishment as an elite with no clothes, fiddling as Rome burns. And she refuses to submit to them because she knows that the bell will toll for them, and she wants to be on the right side of history.

    I’ve run hot and cold about Palin since October 5th. I didn’t like how she handled her withdrawal, but I didn’t know everything she knew, either. That said, Conservatism as Reagan understood it needs a champion, and there’s no one out there who can argue Reagan’s case to the country better than Palin. It is Conservatism’s great misfortune that Palin has chosent to absent herself from this race at this time. That may change. I doubt it, but one never knows.

    Ronald Reagan believed in timeless things, such as the Constitution as originally considered, hard money, and a sober, if muscular, approach to foreign affairs. A firm belief in great and timeless truths have a way of begetting great policy. However, Reagan had much greater strength within the Party than does Palin today. For her part, I believe that Palin, while in a hurry, is patient enough to make the kinds of alliances (like the one I describe above) that will inevitably make the GOP as friendly to her brand of politics as it once was to Reagan’s. That is Palin’s aim; it is different from Paul’s, but it one that is congruent with the good Dr..

    Until than, however, the Establishment is on a deathride, the outcome of which is as certain as that of any Japanese flyer for the Special Attack units that bedeviled the American Fleet in the last days of WWII. Palin knows this, too. Which is why she is standing clear of the wreckage and planning for the Reconstitution of the GOP thereafter.

    • Jim809

      Good analysis. Do you think the Republican Party will fall apart and a new party formed from the ashes?

      • section9

        It’s possible.

        If the Establishment does what I think it will and blames the Right for Mitt’s loss at Obama’s hands, Palin will be a chief culprit. At least in their propaganda.

        While I would sympathize with a decision by Palin to leave and join the Libertarian Party, I think she will be compelled to form an alliance with Paul and the “Tards and start taking the Party back from below, using the “Citizens for Reagan” model that RR used in the Sixties and Seventies.

        What I suspect will happen to the 04P model is that these personnel will be recruited (if Palin does what I think she will do) to infiltrate precinct committees and county committees and start taking them over. You would be surprised at how many of these are unfilled or unoccupied all over the country.

        The Paultards are doing this already, and show a much greater understanding of applied Leninist tactics than do our people. Palin’s challenge is to make O4P a relevant organizing force again and then to set it loose on the GOP, and, imho, form a tacit if not open alliance with Ron Paul and his outfit.

        Stormfront types excepted, of course. Nobody wants David Duke to show up as a paid speaker at a Palin rally.

  • RefudiateGOPe

    Here’s good article that explains who the “machine” is.

  • Jim809

    Last summer, before the caucuses and primaries, and when all the candidates were still smiling and glad-handing each other, I thought there was no way the Republican nominee could fail to beat Obama in 2012. But that thinking has now been turned on its ear. Now it looks as though none of candidates are capable of beating Obama. What happened? A year ago Obama was as vulnerable as any sitting President has been since Jimmy Carter. The problem goes, as much as anything else, to the way the candidates have conducted themselves in this process.

    Instead of concentrating on the multitude failures of the Obama administration and taking advantage of the media exposure that was available to them for purposes of educating the general electorate on the problems the country faced and clarifying such things as Obamacare, Fast and Furious, and spotlighting the complete incompetence of the Obama administration, the candidates have allowed the debate media sponsors to dictate the debate issues. In the process, all of the candidates have come out looking like total fools.

     Here are some of the issues that could have been discussed in the primary campaign and used to distinguish the candidates, and the ultimate nominee, from Obama:

    1. The so-called stimulus that did nothing but waste a trillion dollars and pad the pockets of Obama cronies. Cash for Clunkers, Solyndra, and many other fiascos.

    2. The bail-outs and the interference in the markets. The government investing in private businesses and short-circuiting the bankruptcy system.

    3. Obamacare and other socialist initiatives. 

    4. Trillion dollar deficits. Three in a row and a fourth looming. There had never been even one before. The future is mortgaged beyond repayment and the U.S. turned into a Poverty Nation. Future generations will never know what a great nation the U.S. once was.

    5. “Fast and Furious” gun-running by the Attorney General.

    6. Failure to enforce the border.

    7. Unemployment compensation for 99 weeks and more with extensions. In the past in was called insurance and was funded by employer assessments. Now just a welfare system? No wonder the recession had lingered longer than any before.

    8. Downgrade of U.S. credit rating. Total incompetency. Every problem has been made worse by Obama.

    9. Obama = The Food Stamp President.

    10. Recess appointments when they was no recess. 

    11. The silly stuff like Obama’s personal campaigning to get the Olympics for Chicago, bowing to foreign leaders, kowtowing to dictators such as Chavez and others, and the audacity to accept the Nobel Peace Prize.

    12. Many other boondoggles too numerous to mention.

    The public doesn’t understand much of this, they only know that things are bad. The candidates have talked in generalities about issues such as Obamacare, Fast and Furious, and the Poverty Nation Obama has deliberately created but have never spelled out the details.

    Obama’s policies have damaged our country far worse than any foreign enemy could possibly have hoped to have done over the last three years and he needs to be held accountable for what he has done.

    In addition to having defaulted on their responsibility to discuss the issues the candidates have gone further with their personal attacks than I have ever seen in any previous campaign. In the process, all they have done is to show the general public that none of them are qualified to be President. 

    The candidates should be ashamed of themselves for what they have done. They have allowed their own personal lust for power to override their responsibility to the nation. Whoever wins the nomination will have a hollow victory and will be easy pickings for Obama when the real campaign starts this summer. They have assured Obama’s reelection.

    • section9

      You assume that the Establishment wants to win this election.

      They are fine with Obama in power. They don’t care what happens to you.

      • Jim809

        I think you are right but I think they are miscalculating on how badly Obama will continue to govern. It makes me sad.

        • IsraeliCojones

          I don’t think they are miscalculating at all: they’ve got Super-Looter in the WH.

          They won’t renounce to him that easily.

        • section9

          No, no. They are counting on Obama cratering and becoming Herbert Hoover before our very eyes.

          How do you think the GOP Establishment hopes to get Jeb into the White House with almost unchecked power and a pliant Republican Majority in both houses?

          They know the storm that’s coming. But instead of doing anything to stop it; they’d much rather have it take down Obama and give the Family easier access to the White House and the GOP a large Senate majority.

  • Firelight

    Gov. Palin will talk to Sean Hannity tonight!  I’ll post the video as soon as we have it.

  • Nancy6

    The Elites put way too high a premium on perfectly creased pants.

  • Bean Counter

    Well, here’s some good news…
    CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (AP) – A federal appeals court panel has upheld the conviction and sentence in the hacking of Sarah Palin’s email by a Tennessee student in the 2008 election year.

    The three judge panel in a Monday decision affirmed the conviction of 24-year-old David Kernell for obstructing an investigation as a University of Tennessee student at his apartment in Knoxville.

    Kernell’s attorney, Wade Davies, contended at trial that Kernell had no criminal intent and that guessing his way into the email account when the then-Alaska governor was John McCain’s running mate on the Republican presidential ticket was a prank.

    Kernell was released in November after serving less than 11 months and Davies said he is doing well.

    Davies said he will seek a review by the full U.S. 6th Circuit Court of Appeals.

    (Copyright 2012 by The Associated Press. All Rights Reserved.)


  • wodiej

    Great rundown. I agree on Santorum. I thought for sure when his little one was taken to the hospital he would suspend or drop out. I was a bit surprised he did neither. His wife also has MS.

    On Gov. Palin, I think it was a combination of things. Little Trig’s needs, being away from Alaska, and  the constant attacks. You can only take so much before you say screw it. She is still playing a vital role and her and her family are not getting hammered.

    Lots of links in your post too-awesome.

  • AmsterdamExpat

    A cordial good day, everyone — just popping over from C4P for a change.

    Firelight, thank you for relaying the information from your D.C. confidant. Of course we all guessed that the GOP establishment had informed the Governor that it would seek to undermine her candidacy should she announce it; but that “the machine” would resort to an implicit or explicit threat to the campaign operatives around the country that they would be blacklisted should they sign on to her campaign — that such a low tactic would be employed, had not occurred to me. You’ve illuminated another piece of the puzzle that was her October decision.

    That action on the part of the GOP machine is (if it occurred) beyond vile.

    Probably you’ve already done so, but may I suggest anyhow that you compose a summary of what you’ve been told on this score and submit it to both Andrew Breitbart and Joel Pollak, and for good measure to Limbaugh and Levin as well, as a topic warranting investigative reporting in its own right. A report substantiating your tip, if published at an opportune moment, could prove explosive — I mean, it could help ignite an effort to draft her for the position and/or provide additional impetus to the project of assembling a campaign structure across the country.

    At the very least it might encourage those who were threatened to come forward with their stories; it stands to reason that some of them, whatever they may think of the Governor, did not appreciate being subjected to such pressure and would, if they see the makings of efficacious concerted action against it, be happy to participate.

    • Firelight

      Sadly, the way that politics works, those type of threats are normal and common.  People can decide if they want to buck the system or not.

      The same goes with money. State GOP Chairs can send out quiet whisper memos telling their biggest donors to not donate to certain candidates.

      I promise that for people like Bannon, Breitbart, etc… this would be no surprise.  This is how the establishment control who wins elections and who doesn’t.

      • IsraeliCojones

        What you have described is worse than controlling who wins or loses: it’s controlling who can campaign or not.

        They didn’t do this to Santorum, or Paul, or Newt; they did this to the sole Leader the Movement has.

        My mind is now set forever on this: they are beyond repair or redemption.

        Conservative Party 2012. Let them die.

        • Firelight

          They do it all the time. Had they know the threat that Newt or Santorum would be to Romney they would likely have done it to them.

          It happens on the state level all the time. It doesn’t surprise me that it happens on the National level.  It is shocking to us but it probably isn’t shocking to those in DC or the establishment.

          The same goes for endorsements. They pressure people to not accept or not seek certain people’s endorsements and help.  That is why you saw Gov. Palin not appear on stage with some of her endorsees from 2010. They didn’t ask for her endorsement and because of their ties to the establishment they couldn’t utililze it.

          It is call pressure.  Pressure to distance themselves from her, pressure to not help or support her, pressure to not give her relevancy.

          It really isn’t out of the ordinary. It is politics.

          • IsraeliCojones

            Yes, I get it. I’m not that surprised.

            What shocks me most, I guess, is that they could do it to the most passionately popular Conservative Leader your Nation has.

            One of the reasons why I SO want Newt to win FL is that it will also be a payback from Sarah to the GOPE.

            • Firelight

              I agree. It is surprising.

              Now, if Newt could win FL tomorrow, the surprise would be on them 😉

              • IsraeliCojones

                You bet :)

                I would have the biggest chunk of schadenfreude since October 5th :)

      • AmsterdamExpat

        Well, it seems to me that a threat made to campaign operatives around the country, implicit or explicit, of instituting a blacklist is something quite out of the ordinary, even in those circles. But what do I know …

      • RefudiateGOPe

        There might also be another element of this problem with hiring experienced operatives that hasn’t been considered.  It could be that if there were some who would work for her, she didn’t feel like she could trust them.  Whats worse, having an operative that’s not experienced or having one you can’t trust?  Either one has its problems. 

        Face it.  Sarah will always be faced with a conundrum.  She needs operatives who know the nuts and bolts of a national campaign, but she also needs trustworthy operatives.  Are there any really top-notch operatives who can truly pass a loyalty test?  Maybe Sarah will never be able to have a national campaign if she’s limited to fishing in the poisoned pool of current political operatives. 

        • Kylurker

          I think it goes beyond just the campaign process.  How would a non-GOPE  president-elect find trustworthy and experienced staffers to fill a White House administration?  Do you really think “the machine” wouldn’t blacklist those people as well, or at least encourage covert sabotage from within the administration?  In the event that a reformer is able to be elected as president, finding a loyal staff would be critical to enact that reform.  Even someone like a disloyal  event planner, travel organizer, or protocol expert could greatly embarrass a non-GOPE president. 

          Overcoming the establishment machine and winning an election is only the first step in a sudden and relentless reform of Washingon DC.  Until the GOPE machine is fully exposed and implodes, I don’t see why Gov. Palin would see the point in running.  She would never be able to accomplish her goals without a loyal army in the White House behind her.  I mean, who would have thought 6 months ago that Pam Bondi and Nikki Haley would sell out???  I sure didn’t.  How many more politicians and “conservative” media sources have yet to be exposed?

          P.S.  Seeing how organized and preplanned  Mittens  attack machine is, does anyone wonder if Sarah was tipped off by someone within the Romney campaign  about  what attacks they  intended to use against her and her family?  

        • Firelight

          Exactly!  I am sure there are some that would work for her but they are either not trustworthy or not experienced on the level she would need.

    • Akabosan

      I not only “liked” this post.

      I second the motion, but one would think that good patriots will / would already be headed to full disclosure on a subject like this one.  I am still waiting for the Mr. Breitbart, Mr. Bannon, Mrs. Palin triangulation to be revealed.  


  • senator20526

    Morning all….Pietro Leatherchest here……a bright, sunny 76 degrees in the great desert Southwest….Just e-filed my tax returns…thank God for Turbo-tax…I have a HOA meeting in a few minutes so I just wanted to say hello and wish everyone a happy and safe day….

  • Nativevoice +

    Fire do you think Santorum would allow Palin a place in his administration? I have my doubts. I know Romney wouldn’t.

    • RefudiateGOPe

      What makes you think that Sarah would uproot her family to go to D.C. to help rearrange the deckchairs on the Titanic?  IMO, there’s only one job she’ll take in D.C. and it’s the top one.  She might accept an appointment to some committee that wouldn’t require residence, but I think that’s about it.

    • Firelight

      IMO, no.  He has such strong establishment GOP ties that he is likely feeling the pressure to distance himself from her.

      Really, did he acknowledge her Facebook post at all? If he was smart, he would have thanked her and drawn attention to her support and kind words.   Why didn’t he do that?

      • Nativevoice +

        Thanks for your answer. Not that I want Gov. Palin to be on a Gingrich admin. but at least he has asked. The others done even mention her.

  • Riley4Palin

    Afternoon All:

    Well, isn’t this quickly turning into a very depressing race.  Confident Romney is almost as annoying as Liberal Romney.  He can’t even talk trash the right way when going after Newt in the final days of the FL primary. Ugh.

    Sorry, but I can’t get myself on the Santorum train either.  I’ve listed my issues with him before, but Fire makes another very good point about his family obligations.  For a man who speaks of family values, why are there different rules for him?  Let’s say Bachmann were still in the race and had a young child at home in similar circumstances, would he make this an issue or leak something to the press that a Mom should really be with her child?  Cynical me says yes he would.

    As for Newt, he needs to cut the whining about Romney’s ads and attacks.  Noone wants to keep listening to it and it makes him an unattractive candidate.

    I just caught Palin’s interview with the Judge from Sat night.  I understand her point about Newt getting lambasted from all sides, but I’m not sure I would have used the word crucified either when discussing Newt. I understand she wants to stir up the emotion to motivate the voters, but just didn’t agree with her approach. Just my opinion. 

    • Crueladev

      I can only guess but as for Santorum and Bella…I think maybe that after the initial diagnoses and the fact she was not given long to live every day is a blessing.  But you sort of resign yourself to the fact that the day will come.  You live with that feeling for so long that it becomes “normal”…for a lack of a better term.  Am I making sense?  You can either live in fear of “the day” or you continue to live and move forward.  
      That is my best guess as to what Santorum may be thinking…and thus…I can cut him some slack on this one.

      • Firelight

        I guess if I knew that my child’s days were numbered, I would want to spend as much time with her as possible and fill her with as much of my love and time and I could.  I would know that if she doesn’t have long to live then there is plenty of time in the future to run for President.

        but that is just me…

        • Crueladev

          I can understand that…but they were told early on after she was born that her survival rate would only be months.  She is now 3 years old…at some point you bless the days you have been given but you have to chose to either live life or live your life waiting for “the day”… I can’t speak for them..but it appears the Santorums have decided to take each day as a blessing but moved onto living life.

        • poljunkie

          Totally agree. Hubby and I were just discussing THIS.

  • GetWhatYouPayFor

    Breaking News…….Todd Palin is going to join Newt on the campaign trail. Wow! Who saw this coming? 

    • Akabosan

      I was actually surprised that Mrs. Palin herself did not make a showing in Florida this past weekend.  It may be that her comments from her homestead will have been enough to turn the tide though.  Right now current polling is trending toward Mr. Gingrich.


      • section9

        There’s a reason for this: Palin can’t be an honest broker on the Right if she comes down foursquare for Newt.

        Second, if she endorsed Newt today and he craters tomorrow, guess who will be blamed?

        Plus, she doesn’t want Paul killed off. She’d like to see Santorum leave the field, I’ll bet.

        Sending Todd is the next best thing.

        • Akabosan

          Uh, I do not believe that Mrs. Palin “sends Todd.”

          I really loved her response when Mr. Palin decided to endorse Mr. Gingrich.  Mrs. Palin said;  “First dude went rogue.”

          They seem to have a delightful relationship.  Just like real people.  I invite anyone to find the url for when Larry the Cable Guy “dropped in” on them in Wasilla.  Mr. Palin was all “come on in.”  And Mrs Palin did not want to be seen “like that.”  But she did take a note out to Larry’s truck and Larry got to spend a lot of time with her mom and dad.

          Just like real people.


        • John B. Hefmier

          “Second, if she endorsed Newt today and he craters tomorrow, guess who will be blamed?”

          Karl Rove is already in the process in blaming her for a Newt loss, endorsement or not. He gave her no credit for Newt’s win in So. Carolina, but will gleefully blame him for a loss in Florida.

  • Emily Baxter

    I’m going to point out something and all of you will agree with me:

    The Establishment sucks.

    The end.

  • Crueladev

    Better late then never I guess…

    Good Day P4A Kids…

    Firelight..I noticed an increase in traffic…Congrats!  You are doing a fine job.  It is really nice to
    see you progress as you are!  You have blossomed from that sort of shy young woman I met in a
    mall in Colorado Springs at a Palin book signing to a “Rage Against the Machine”….HA! 

    I kept hearing all day about how Jeb Bush was not going to endorse Romney or anyone for that matter.  I got to thinking about why this one story has me so…shall we say BUGGED!
    I will be following Jebby for the next couple of months.  If he remains quiet and in the background so to speak…I will not worry.  However, if he starts poking around the MSM News shows or newspapers and starts to become more “noticed”…Me thinks there may be a worm in the Can of Beans that will be the GOP Convention. 

    Well Colorado has already been called for Mitten’s as per the LSM.  I am sure it will go to him.  Colorado likes Big Business and Romney is Big Business.

    Romney should be proud that George Soros compares him to Obama.  Two Peas in a pod. 

    Continued Prayers to Bella Santorum. 

    As for Michelle Malkin…I do know this…she is all about family as is Dr. Gina.  Santorum is the only dog in the race that really has family on the agenda. 

    Okay.. you all have a good rest of the day.

    • Firelight

      Why thank you Cru!  I blame you and Nancy for corrupting me :)  Here I was this shy person and look what you did!!!  LOL!

      I really just had you fooled :)

      • Nancy6

        I am NOT a corrupter!:)

        • Crueladev

          Uh huh….hmmmm

      • Crueladev

        I get blamed for that a lot. 😉 

  • Crueladev


  • Laddie_Blah_Blah

    “This reminds me of the rumor that I heard from my DC contact that the establishment had put out word that no one was to work for Palin in a campaign role or else.  I heard they made it virtually impossible to hire campaign staff.  SarahPac and its staff can not be used for campaign purposes.  Yes, grassroots are necessary but if someone wants to win they have to be able to hire staff nationally and in each state.  They have to be able to hire experienced, competent staff to help direct and organize the grassroots.  Maybe that rumor is true. Maybe they did block her.”

    Your contact should go public. People have a right to know the truth. Whether he, or she, goes public, or not, that narrative is the one that I have always believed to be true. Sarah is a strong visionary, but that is tempered by an equally strong common sense pragmatism. When weighed in the balance, spending precious time with her still young family in Alaska tipped the scales against waging a campaign doomed by implacable opposition from the entrenched GOP nomenklatura.

    “What I am starting to see with Gov. Palin is not a desire to run for POTUS but a desire to take down the establishment and crony capitalism.”

    Sarah has so much support and goodwill precisely because she has always been about doing the right thing, and never about accumulating power and influence for herself.

    • Firelight

      My contact would lose their job and be unemployable in their field. That will never happen.

      Please remember that for us this stuff is new and offensive that they would do it but for inside the beltway, this stuff is not surprising at all.

      The establishment tries to make a deal with each candidate. They quickly find out you have to sell your soul and still not have their backing.

      That is what is wrong with politics.

      • Laddie_Blah_Blah

        Firelight, I lived and worked “inside the beltway” for 35 years, and risked my own career when speaking out was the right thing to do, as many others have also done. So did Sarah when she worked for that Alaskan state oil and gas commission.

        “Please remember that for us this stuff is new and offensive that they would do it but for inside the beltway, this stuff is not surprising at all.”

        If you read my comments over at C4P you would realize that none of this is new to me, at all. Your source does not have to reveal their identity. Look at what an anonymous Mark Felt did during Watergate by talking to Woodward and Bernstein as “Deep Throat.” Felt then lived in the same community that I live in now. His example is more often the rule in this town than the exception. 

        All you need is a receptive and cooperative reporter and a pledge from the reporter that the info you are giving him is “off the record” or “not for attribution.” It’s done here every day.

  • Jasmine Clark

    “(knew I was right to not like Judge Pirro. I’ve never liked her interviewing style especially her “hard breaks””

    what, i don’t see why not to like pirro. she asked great questions, because her questions allowed sarah to explain her logic, not simply state her logic without explaining much. pirro played devil’s advocate and challenged sarah in a respectful way. and her “hard breaks?” she can’t control when the show takes a break. yet you blame her… wow.

    anyway i read your theory on why she did not run. it seems to me like she chose not to run because she wanted to protect her family from the “politics of personal destruction” that the other candidates, and media, would do. but actually i thought that was a reason she SHOULD run! she is the toughest against that kind of thing, she went through that in 2008. this time she could have said “no, i will NOT let the media make a false narrative of me and my family, i will have success unlike 2008.” but she chose not to take that chance. now, there are many people who still have a false narrative of sarah in their minds.

    and you say that the establishment wouldn’t let her hire a good staff? no, i don’t think so, i think if she really wanted to hire a great staff, she could have. the establishment didn’t stop her from running, she stopped herself. it was her own choice not to run. and in the sullivan interview, when she said she wouldn’t be able to gather organization, i think she was referring to right NOW. now, at this point, she would have to gather organization VERY quickly and that’s just not possible at this point in time. it was possible before but not now. so she was right, when she said that on sullivan’s show. but it was her choice not to run, she could have run earlier and gathered staff and organization, but she didn’t want to do that. i think she is the only person who fully understands the reasons she didn’t run, because i sure as heck don’t.

    • Firelight

      Jasmine, I didn’t say those things. I said that is what I heard. I also called it a rumor and not fact. You are fine to disagree but make sure you classify it as your opinion and not fact unless you have inside info to justify your opinion.

      As for Judge Pirro, it was clear to everyone else that she did not actually have a hard break. A hard break cuts directly to commercials Judge Pirro to the time to pimp her next segment. That isn’t a hard break. She cut Gov. Palin off mid-sentence for a reason.  I am not a fan of Judge Pirro, I don’t like her interview style and I have said that many times. I don’t like it with any person she interviews. That is my opinion and I’m fine if you disagree but I am not the only one who recognized that there was no “hard break”. Several major news outlets also recognized it.

      • Dr. Leroy Shitslinger

        Go watch the video again. I noticed right away, the Cheshire-Cat grin that Pirro got on her chops before every loaded question she asked. Check it out and you will see what I’m talking about. Looks like a setup to me…..

  • HuntingMoose


    if the GOP is obstructing her this much,

    than after we have defeated the democratic Anointed one,

    I cannot wait for 2016 to defeat the GOP Anointed one.

    4 years should be enough to build our own party and defeat all those arrogant bastards


  • Michael

    So they threatened anybody that joins her campaign. It would seem possible. That is why Palin needs to recruit those outside of the system or those that have left the game. That doesn’t suprise me and I look forward to it in her third book.

  • Michael

    I suspected that she couldn’t staff up that is why she needs the young and hungry.

  • 01_Explorer_01

    This things about Rick needing to drop out is garbage.  That is a newtbot answer.

    Obama has kids and so did JFK.  Sounds like Newt should drop out to work on relationships, this being his third wife.

    Palin is the only answer to this conservative mess.

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