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What A Stomping! Gingrich Wins South Carolina!

Well, Gingrich won!

Palin moved a LOT of votes. That is power and everyone on every news network last night knows it.  I’m a happy girl!

So my take away from last night:

Newt won BIG.  Here’s a map showing the trouncing…

Funny how Romney got digs in on Newt but Newt offered high praise for all the other candidates and focused his digs on Obama in their speeches last night.

I won’t deny that I have closely watched Gingrich in the past 72 hours and it leaves me wondering if he is getting pointers from Palin. Some observations are subtle changes and others more clear but I see Palin fingerprints on his words, responses, tone, and policy focus.

Well, Palin spoke on Fox last night.  She called herself an arm chair quarterback (boo). She didn’t endorse but that would have been inappropriate on results night anyway. She basically complimented everyone again and agreed that we need to continue the vetting process.  She did claim Newt as the front runner. The video is posted below.

So where do we go from here?  Well, IMO and I know this goes against some thinking here so feel free to disagree but IMO Newt needs to win Florida.

Why? If Romney wins it will embolden him and the establishment and provide more legitimacy to his run but if he loses he will have lost 3 out of 4 primaries and would be seen as expected to drop out.  He probably wouldn’t at first but the pressure would be there and the collapse would likely continue.  The establishment would freak out. They detest Newt and would not under any circumstances tolerate him as the nominee. I think the establishment would attempt to bring in someone new. There is certainly chatter about it.

Well, if the establishment can bring someone new into the race, so can the conservatives….  The penalty for sitting out the bloodbath would be waived.

Now, another reason for Newt to win. If we take Palin at her word that she isn’t running, Newt is the best to beat Romney and I think he could beat Obama. Personally, if Palin isn’t going to run then I would rather be forced to choose between Santorum or Newt than Romney and someone else. I want him sent home humiliated.

Florida is and likely has always been the expected battlefield for the soul of the GOP.  It will be establishment vs Tea Party and I think we will be in store for more dramatics than South Carolina.  There will be no exiting the cudacoaster. I believe she knows this is where the battle will be won.  This is where Palin either injures the permanent political class or they injure her.

I do not see how a Romney win in FL would benefit Palin in any way. The establishment will make this a Palin vs Bush battle whether anyone endorses or not. Palin already tipped her hand toward Newt and Jeb has already tipped his hand toward Romney even though neither have fully endorsed they both have some skin in the game. Both have surrogates that endorsed. Todd endorsed Newt and Bush Sr endorsed Mittens.  If Palin wants to win not just the battle but also the war, Newt needs to win Florida.  If Newt doesn’t, the Bushies will feel that they still hold more sway than Palin and the Tea Party BUT if Romney loses it will rock their world…

But understand this, IMO Florida isn’t a battle of personalities, it is much, much bigger than that. It is a battle of ideologies.

This is all just my humble opinion, it could also be the lack of oxygen to my brain from riding the cudacoaster so much this week.

Today is a day of rest for me. I have done the birthday party circuit for several 4 and 5 year olds this weekend. I can say with confidence that I detest Chucky Cheese almost as much as I detest Romney.  I really detest it twice in one weekend. Today is church and the relaxation that I have been looking forward to. My goal is a nap (which is impossible as I never sleep when the sun is up) but it is still my goal.

Palin talked to Fox News last night:


Other news yesterday:

he he he he…

Gingrich won the women’s vote in South Carolina…

Churchillian?  Is that an official word?

Tony Lee has it right on how Newt won South Carolina.

Mittens oinked out early…

Bwaaahhaaaaa…..  payback baby!

Why do you have to complicate things?

Sure he is staying neutral… NOT!

You are looking bitter dude…

This is not cool….

This is juvenile and really shows a lack of character on Mittwits part. Where are his records? Is this someone we want as leader of the free world?

Unless told otherwise by Mama Griz, tomorrow we go back to not supporting any specific candidate on this site with snark toward all and extra snark toward Romney :)  Of course, we support all things Palin all the time.

Have a great Sunday!!





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  • John Norton

    Its Expected…Enjoy your Victory Newt…  BUT…! we all know it was to prevent Mittens the kitten  Romney from advancing any farther…
     On the 11th at the Marriot park Hotel,2660 Woodley Road NW,Washington DC,we all shall see the real Truth…I ll be there along with untold multitudes and it will all come out in the Wash… all will see… so to all those “Doubting Thomases” out there…We shall see…
    My read on this is Sarah will jump in for the Florida gig Because its time to say those two words on the 11th “Im In”,Game on…
    I watched the short clip with Sarah and appreciate the shout out to us warriors in the field,worth more than all the arm chair bla blaers…Tnks guv…

    • amaze830

      I will be at CPAC this year.

  • free4now

    I liked that Sarah called herself an armchair ‘quarterback’ – my first thought – she’s calling the plays from her armchair…

    • John Norton

      She is for all intensive purposes the director in this on going feature film…!

  • cookboy

    Commenters here present greater insight into the goings on than is available anywhere I’ve found, be it web, tv, or newsprint. Thanks!

    • John Norton

      You betcha ,Cookboy I remember ya frm the other site… But some have jumped the shark and morffed with the changing conditions on the ground as I have …I am a mobile warrior now,Two  wks ago on the west coast Now on the east coast and awaiting the 11th, which on the 10th will be travelling to DC with the outside hope that quite possibly doing a repeat of the Guv.and her husband doing a repeat like at the Machine Shed in Indianola,Iowa…How great would that be…!

      • Firelight

        John, I helped organize the Machine Shed and I can say with certainty that there will not be an event like that at CPAC.

        There will be 10000 people at CPAC from all different conservative persuasions. Not all will be Palin supporters.  There will be a large contingent of Paul supporters.

        CPAC is not remotely the same as Indianola which was a 100% Palin event. The Machine Shed was a private event with reservations and planning.  That isn’t happening for CPAC and the likely hood of you running in to the Gov. at a random restaurant won’t happen.

        Palin will come in and speak and leave. Security will be very tight and you will not see Gov. Palin wandering around the booths and halls at CPAC.  She didn’t even wander around the Machine Shed. The crowd grew so large that she was forced to leave for security purposes. That crowd was 300 strong, now image CPAC with 10,000.

        You need to lower your expectations on CPAC.

        • hrh40

          Yes, and from what I’ve read, these last few years the Paul supporters have been rather obnoxious. Even ruining some events for other folks.

          Wonder if they’ll be dealt with more effectively this year? And no, I don’t mean martial law, but if there will be announcements or some such, demanding respect for every speaker, and if chanting breaks out, the chanters will be removed forthwith. Or somesuch.

          • Firelight

            I just hope some Palin supporters are not obnoxious.  Paul gains himself no respect with the way some of his supporters act. In fact it is a turn off to most.

            I would not expect there to be different rules this year. From what I understand they make those announcements every year and some choose not to follow them. I think it is just getting too big to control that many people.

            • section9

              And now, Firelight, you know why the MachineShed thing came off the way it did.

              Where is the organizational genius of Ian Lazaran when we need him the most!

        • John Norton

          Better hope Firelight they dont have an open mike I can grab on to cause I will avail myself I promise and I do not need a script nor teleprompter to read from and Im not gun shy…I can talk all day non stop of the real problems that plague us all so …weather or not I run into the Gov. or not is small patatoes in the larger sceme of things…Her message is our message and vise sa versa… Id also speculate if I may you may under estimate the crowd size we have ben sounding the clarion call to all about throwing the Guv. a birthday gathering she will  not soon forget..We the people there will keep our eled for instigators andu can write in spades..

          • section9

            Trust me, John. You won’t be allowed anywhere near an open mike. There won’t be one.

            • Bean Counter

              Aww, 9, don’t tell him that. I was hoping he’d try and grab someone’s mike and be arrested.

  • hrh40

    I wonder if anyone has video of Palin’s first appearance, which was interrupted by Ron Paul?

    She snarked at the pundits and said something like “Are those Beltway pundits actually acting surprised?” Or somesuch.

    And then she was interrupted. That would be great to have. :)

  • section9

    Palin wants Santorum to stay in the race. Perhaps to toughen up Newt. Perhaps to keep Evangelicals energized. Newt can’t be happy about that. Still, he knows that Palin’s imprimatur was what supercharged his campaign.

    Mittens can’t be happy about what Jeb did to him last night. Jeb basically stood aside and told Mitt that he was on his own. As Firelight said, an endorsement MAY come. One has, from Poppy and Bar, but Jeb is the big kahuna down here. Rubio’s patronage is miniscule compared to Jeb’s. So is  Governor Rick Scott’s.

    Scott, however, can help Gingrich. He and Palin are friends. A lot will depend on what some of the big bundlers in the State Legislature do going forward. If Mitt’s internals are hemmorhaging the way I believe they are down here, you could see a surge towards Mitt.

    Oh, by the way, while Palin didn’t endorse Newt last night, she is big in Orange County. Do not be surprised if she decides to pull the trigger and fly to Orlando and endorse Newton at a monster rally at, say, the Villages.

    Palin wants to BURY Mitt Romney, and to be seen to be the one who buried Mitt Romney.

    By the way, I understand that Nikki Haley’s Vice-Presidential prospects were last seen strapped to the roof of Mitt Romney’s bus on the way out of South Carolina…

    • hrh40

      Like, no, love, that last sentence. :)

      I’m wondering if the Tea Party Express will throw together some rallies in Florida next weekend?

      Especially with Palin as a headliner?

      She’s done BIG events with them in Searchlight, Boston, and New Hampshire (I was thrilled to be at the latter two!!! ).

      BTW, didn’t Amy Kremer say the TPE would endorse B4 SC? Did I miss it?

      Anyhoo, that’s my prediction: A coupla’ big TPE rallies next Friday and Saturday with Palin and Gov Scott. Maybe Allen West.

      We’ll see if Rubio shows up …

      • John Norton

        Amy Kramer is a bafoon…Shrt and sweet…!

        • section9

          No she’s not. Amy Kramer is a TP organizer of longstanding and a Palinista.

          • John Norton

            Ive heard her and who she encourges folks to back and then claims to be TP…TP has no leader in the first place 9 but you knew that now didnt ya…?
            Talk is pretty cheap with some it seems ,of course present company excluded…

        • Firelight

          No, she is not. She is a fierce Palinista. I like her a lot and have met her.

      • Firelight

        I would love to see the TPE and Palin make an appearance in Florida.

        I have a feeling that TPE might have been set to endorse Perry. He is well liked among conservative TP groups at the national level. FreedomWorks really liked Perry.  I think with Perry dropping out, they might have had to re-group to see what their next move was. Since Newt seemed to have the momentum going his way for SC, they may have thought that waiting until another time to endorse and give him a bump would be more strategic.  I would assume they will endorse before FL.

    • John Norton

      Keeping the conversation going I recon 9 is the order of the day…My sentiments exactlly if she so chose she could drop in at the meadows or any place similar and get more then a warm reception…And yes Nikki is toast stick a fork in her…Jendal too shows his ignorance…

  • pete4palin

    Last night would have been the icing on the cake for Newt is Sarah had said she now endorses him. It would have been a safe choice for Palin siince he won big. It would also have strengthend Newt fdor Flordia.But she wouldn’t.  She even said Santorum should stay in the race.Palin’s goal is not to get Newt elected necessarly,  but rathor just keep this going as she said.  There are plans within plans going on here.  Anybody….  who thinks she’s sitting this one out is in self- denial.  We don’t know what’s going on… but it’s going on! The only weakness I see is those who have given up on their dream of this country having it’s own iron lady.  Believe…. keep marching forward…   and on to success my fellow hobbits.

    • John Norton

      Shes giving herself the option at any time to throw the cards shes ben holding to the winds and spill the beans all over the house,and nothing would make all of his happier so wer can get on to the main event…SP 2012 or bust…

  • Pingback: Governor Palin comments on South Carolina primary day | Connecticut for Sarah Palin()


    Firelight, that Huffpost article is sweeet. :))
    Sarah gave both Haley and Christie a hit in the head with a 2×4…..the more stubborn and most offensive “conservatives” need that.
    The Tea Party voters in South Carolina also spoke loud and clear to both Haley and Christie…….we’re watching you, we’re not liking what we’re seeing and you can be replaced.
    Who said the Tea Party is dead?

    I’ve been saying all along that for Sarah, this whole primary season is a war against the gop establishment and crony capitalism….and getting Obama out of office.
    I see Sarah getting much personal satisfaction in beating the gop establishment and showing them just how “relevant” she remains……oh, and all this setting the way for an eventual Palin Presidency, is just icing on the cake.

    • John Norton

      Both talk a good game T but why in the samhades wpould they would throw their support behind a liberal with an R in frnt of his name like Romney if the were not BOUGHT off by the gop,Jendal too…So …where does that leave us with them obvious Hooligans…?
      Just Bafoons like Amy Kramer that blur the image confuses some…
      You make a ***** star point T at bringing up the crony capitaslism issue with her husbands endorsement of newt only done I say to put the screeching brakes on Mittins the kitten Romney,a milk toast lib that the GOP can and will Manipulate if elected…

      • TENCOLE

        Mitt reminds me of Obama in that if he is elected POTUS…..the gop establishment will be pulling Mitt’s strings, just like Soros/unions pull Obama’s.
        Mitt has no cajones or that steel spine that Sarah always talks about, to fight back against the establishment…after all, Mitt will have sold his soul and will owe them big time if he should win the presidency….he’ll do what he’s told and I’m sure the establishment wants it that way. :( 

        Why Haley did what she did is a good question….maybe she thought she owed Mitt and couldn’t fight the gop?
        I’m hoping that she’s learned a huge lesson and just tries to be the best conservative Governor she can be….and stay away from endorsements.
        Christie on the other hand, isn’t a conservative so his support of Romney is understandable.

        • John Norton

          Records show(And this might fall under Ripleys beleive it or not) that Romney worked 4 Obama at one time and thats why he dosnt want his financials exposed…!
          Say T dfont leave Bobby Jendal out of your Synopsis on this one weith Nikki ,Please hes a romney supporter also and I strongly suspect ALL were bought of with Rino McCain by the GOP…! Theres no excuse 4 any of their their ludicrious behaviors,NONE…

  • Jim809

    If, during the next week or so, it appears that Romney is going to win the Florida primary, Sarah may make some kind of decisive move. She may join Todd in endorsing Gingrich, she may ask Santorum to drop out, or, as William Kristol alluded to in his column this morning, she may be the new candidate to drop in.

    • John Norton

      Romney will not win Florida by any strech and am amazed you bring it up Jim…Out of the three Rick is the most Conservative ,But Hes like a dull knife that wont or cant slice meat…!
      As faras william Kristol goes He left his Bloody Hat at home ifin you catch my drift when it comes to anything Sarah…Over and out…!

      • Jim809

        I think that Gingrich’s win in SC opens the door, for the first time, to the possibility that no candidate will get a majority of delegates and there may be an open convention. If that happens, and there is no nominee on the first ballot, anything can happen, including the drafting of the nominee. That is why Palin supporters should do everything they can to become delegates to the convention. They may be bound to the winner of their state’s primary or caucus on the first ballot, but they will be free to vote for anyone on subsequent ballots.

        • John Norton

          I agree with you 110 %.Jim on that one…

  • senator20526

    Morning all….Pietro Leatherchest here…..a bright, sunny 74 degrees in the great desert Southwest this morning…..Just back from church..praise the Lord…A big Palin victory last night…not so much for Romney, Haley, Christie, and the GOPE. Now on to important things….GO NINERS!!!!!

  • KatieSilverSpring

    My head cold won’t go away!  That’s why I am so late to comment today.

    I say get all the candidates onto the VA ballot or Virginians just decide to vote this primary for Ron Paul.  That’ll throw all of them off.

    • Firelight

      I hope you feel better soon!!!!

  • blackbird

    Thanks for the early morning post Firelight, I do not like being first. The “Here’s a map showing the trouncing” link I think should be

    I was looking at this page ~ Florida is winner take all and the next winner take all is on April 3rd and also all the rest from there on out. Texas is 155 delegates and California is 172. Rick Perry will be an asset to Newt when he gets to Texas.

    enjoyed the he he he he… link

    The Nikki Haley discussion, highlighted for me how money can be an issue down the line and hrh40 words come to mind “if you know Palin’s history, she has always won elections as the least-funded person” section9 states “Palin’s choice not to run removed any safe harbor that Haley had” but what a place for Mrs. Haley to be.

    • Firelight

      I don’t know why that site has FL listed as winner take all. I’ll have to do some research but the RNC laws state that if you have a primary before Apr. 1st you are required to award delegates proportionally.  I find this interesting. I am hoping it is a typo on the website.

      I’ll update my map link. I thought I was linking to the right page but something must have happened :(

  • Nancy6

    Ann Coulter is off.

    • blackbird

      Coulter is such a hypocrite and her arguments makes no sense what so ever, she is the one who is sounding like a Democrat, selectively misrepresenting her issues with Newt, I assume Nancy6 you are referring to Coulter’s interview on fox and friends, saw your comment and had to search a little

      • Nancy6

        Yeah, I haven’t been getting her since she began her political fling with Christie and now with Romney?
        It is disappointing because I have always found her sarcasm and humor really entertaining.
        One would think Palin would be a perfect fit for who I thought Ann Coulter was. I guess she isn’t who I thought she was. Pity.

        • blackbird

          Yes I agree Nancy, I liked Ann too but she just made a 360 last year, and that interview with Laura Ingraham and Ann Coulter on the BOR show was telling, one of the Governors unintended consequences is how she exposes these frauds, better now than later.

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