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WTF? Wednesday

Good morning P4A peeps!

heh, I thought I got out of watching the SOTU last night but I ended up watching (to the best of my tired ability) the repeat.  I have renamed the SOTU speech to the STFU speech.  It’s a perfect fit.  Wow, there were so many lies, nauseous moments and very strong urgings to shower afterward. If you are into torture, you can watch it here.  When I was finally glad that it was over, I got tortured with Mitch Daniels. If I wasn’t tired yet, I was ready to sleep for a week after that. It’s not so much that his talking points were bad but his delivery left a lot to be desired and while he was looking at the right camera he kept practicing his 3/4 blue steel look. If you missed it, you can be thrilled here. Then there was 9-9-9.  Did I say that enough? Cain was exciting to listen to but lacked the details of Daniels and seemed to forget that he isn’t still running.

There is lots of news to report.


Totally “Teavangelical

Lock them up and throw away the key!



Tea Party Rising

Why Newt could win Florida…

Gingrich is more ready for Florida than many think

Is West endorsing Newt? It sure sounds like it.

Drudge is wrong again…

Okay, the last time she threatened this she was quickly shown the fact that the report/file she was referring to was already public so she shut up.  Now she floats it again… I say she has nothing but just wants to plant the idea in people’s heads. Why do I think this? Because there is no way in heck she would be saying anything if she had something. She would be cheering Newt on so that Obama could face him…  clearly she’s not doing that.

Can we talk about those activist judges Newt wants to abolish again?

MUST READ Reagan’s Young Lieutenant especially pages 3-5. Palin did say to look for the candidate that most espouses Reagan.

Holy Moly!  Section will have to keep us posted for impact.

Wonder if this is one of the ads they are running…


Newt talks about forgiveness to CBN



So how is he going to reform or eliminate Fannie/Freddie when he is a stockholder making lots of money off of them? and how does he have a right to criticize Gingrich? Newt was a consultant, not a lobbyist. That is clear in his contract but Mitt is a stock holder. There is nothing wrong with owning stocks but as a pro-life Christians we make sure that we believe in the companies we invest in…

His own adviser doesn’t believe he will repeal Obamacare…

I would take this as a soft endorsement from Rubio but we all knew who he would be pulling for…

I’m waiting for people to loudly protest how Mitt is using leftist tactics to attack Newt

because a man like this has no idea how to accomplish anything without throwing money at it…



So by Romney’s definition, why aren’t we calling Rick a lobbyist? and why isn’t anyone calling him out for his veiled class warfare?

Quit whining… they might pay more attention to you if you weren’t so whiny and boring…


Other News:

So Carney refused to answer the question on whether there is a portrait of Alinsky hanging in our White House?

I hate hypocrisy

Wow, does the people’s opinion matter at all? This isn’t how it works but if it gets Palin in, I’ll take it.

It took them a 1000 days but yay!

Boo Yah!!! That’s how its done… Go Scott go!!  Conservatives got your back.

Yes! I like Jesse!

Crony Capitalism…

Fact checking the SOTU…

Woo Hoo!!!  Congrats Andrew and Peter!


Have a great day everyone!



  • Crueladev

    Good Morning P4A Kids…..
    Good Lord…How many LIES can you pack into 65
    Minutes? I never did hear the answer to the the quetion:
    The State of the Union is…..????

    I did ask this on twitter last night though…
    If someone brought their Chevy Volt onto White House
    Grounds could that be considered an act of terrorism considering
    They are now considered dangerous….anyone…anyone?

    Happy 60th Birthday Katie!!! (Old Lady). HA!!!!
    Hope you have a Great Day!!

    You all have a good day!

    • Riley4Palin

      I can’t believe you sat through it.

    • KatieSilverSpring

      Thank you, Cru, for introducing me to this wonderful website and this fantastic group of people.  All of you have made my birthday great (and balanced out the Blue-ness of Maryland).

  • KatieSilverSpring

    Thank you for the best wishes on my 60th!  I hope everyone is as cheerful about reaching that age when you do.  This is the only life we have, so I plan to enjoy mine.

    That said, I could use a new President.  That would make me happiER. 

    Went to dinner with Lib friends Monday night – I appreciate them taking me to dinner BUT, like libs, it had to be on their schedule so my birthday (for them) was celebrated last Monday, day before yesterday.  And, I took full advantage by just out loud saying, this is the most dangerous man in the Presidency in our history.  I talked down the one who thought our county’s tax on bags would prevent plastic bags flying into trees (I swear, that was her argument for the tax on all bags) and the other lib was just drop-jaw throughout the dinner because I was just openly and honestly critical of the President.  I’ve never done that with her before, as it becomes, you’re-a-racist discussion.  She can be critical because her children are black, I cannot say it because I appear 100% white (which I largely am, I pull to the Irish side in appearance, but you don’t need my entire genealogy here). 

    Oh well, maybe my 60-decade will just be new friends?

    • Bean Counter

      Happy Birthday, Katie! Take it from an old pro, who is sliding head first into 62 at warp speed, this one will sting for a bit, but then you’ll get over it. It was a little unsettling and embarrassing at first, but man, take advantage of all those senior citizen discounts! It’s become my favorite thing.

      And most important of all, it’s not the years, it’s the mileage. Eat lots of cake. It’s good for you.

      • KatieSilverSpring

        thanks, Bean Counter; no sting today, just a bit of joy. and discounts at Harris Teeter!

    • section9

      Jeebus, you need new friends.

      Every other post of yours, and believe me, this is not a criticism, it’s a review of some dinner you had with your liberal friends from D.C. who worship at the Altar of His Oneness. And they always appear to be insufferable libtards who are just itching to goosestep past the Fuhrer’s Balcony.

      Have you ever considered moving to Virginia?

      • KatieSilverSpring

        I was born (Portsmouth) and raised (Va Beach) in Virginia, section9, went to undergraduate school in Richmond but I married a Marylander and raised the kids here.  I am not moving but still going to dinner with Libs in the hopes that they will convert (at least one has) or I will gain an understanding of how they think.

        Hope I haven’t bored you with all my dinner relays.  I could instead tell you about my at least monthly conversations with the mother of NBC and WH briefing room “star”, Norah O’Donnell, but it would make you sick.

        • section9

          Happy Birthday, btw.

          You told us about the Norah O’Donnell story.

          She’s married to Crazy Larry, isn’t she?

          • KatieSilverSpring

            Sorry I repeated the story (I have to get used to your directness). 

            No, Norah is married to Chef Geoff of DC restaurant fame.

        • indemind

          Happy Birthday Katie…….. Best wishes

          drill, baby, drill

    • Firelight

      Happy, Happy Birthday Katie!!

      I think that is a perfectly noble request for a present. I hope you get it :)

      I have some liberal friends too and some know my political stance and some don’t. I can only imagine the faces on the ones who don’t if I said what was on my mind, lol.  Of course, I have converted a few too.

    • virginiagentleman1

      Happy Birthday! Only 60? Geez, you’re still a youngster!
      I have to agree with section9, some new friends are in order, and, a new president.

    • Mia

      Happy Birthday…KATIE!!!

    • Riley4Palin

      Happy B-day Katie!

      I really enjoy reading all of your liberal stories with your friends.  I deal with similar things in my life and smile when I read your stuff.  :)

      BTW:  I would love to be a fly on the wall at a Norah O’Donnel family gathering where she invites all her liberal friends in the media. How do you stomach it with her mother? I think I would need to bring extra cameras, videotape, notebooks, and hand cleaner.

    • Whitney Pitcher

      Happy birthday, Katie! 


    Sounds like the SOTU was just a rehash of previous SOTUs……

    • Mia


  • section9

    Best picture you’ve ever posted.

    • Firelight

      Thank you :)  It was so fitting for the topic!

  • virginiagentleman1

    Once I stopped laughing after reading your intro, I had to plug in a new keyboard !  You had me laughing so hard coffee was flying out of my mouth and cup!  What a way to start the day!
     Your take on Obamas SOTU was spot on!
     Full campaign mode all the time is the best descripter one can use when describing this president.  Abject failure best describes his policies and presidency.

  • PhilipJames

    Whether he is going to be the candidate or not, this is required reading on how Newt got screwed re ethics charges just like Sarah…

  • Bean Counter

    Mornin’ good buddies. I did NOT watch that work of fiction last night. Tax season is brutal enough, the last thing I needed was adding insult to injury. I watched “Monty Python & The Holy Grail” instead. Much more entertaining.

    Had an interesting conversation this morning with a physician friend in Boston. He’s the only medical person I’ve encountered who is actually fully supporting Obamacare. He’s totally in the tank for Obama, and tries so hard to defend his BS, but it’s becoming harder and harder for him to prop him up and still be remotely intellectually honest. We have very civilized discussions about politics. He knows I’m a conservative and he wanted to know what I thought of the GOP candidates and who I was supporting. I told him I didn’t like any of them and that my preferred candidate wasn’t running, which was Sarah Palin. He was a little surprised, then I started reciting all the reasons why I supported her — her character, her record, her courage in taking on the establishment, etc., said I had met her and was very impressed by her graciousness, sense of humor, etc. I’m going to send him a copy of “The Undefeated” — still got quite a stash of them, plus a scan of the note she sent me when I was diagnosed with cancer, just so he will understand why she’s my preferred choice and why I so respect her as a human being. I don’t expect him to become a conservative, but at least he’ll know the truth about her, that the media and McCain’s goobers refused to report. One at a time….

    Have a splendid day and tell a liberal to cross the road when they see one coming.

    • Riley4Palin

      Very few high school teachers impacted my life.  I had one favorite.  He was my History teacher who always weaved “Monthy Python & The Holy Grail” into every single discussion.  LOL

      • Firelight

        I used to use the line:

        “No, now go away or I shall taunt you a second time”.

        On my poor brother…. (big cheesy grin)

        • Bean Counter

          When my goddaughter was little, I guess 6 or 7, we watched ‘Holy Grail’ and at the very end when the big mob is about to attack the the fort where those annoying Frenchmen were holed up, she said, “Those guys can’t beat all those people. All they’ve got to fight with is poop.”

          To this day, her mother blames me for warping her fragile mind. I just smile….

  • Mia

    Ciao P4A!!

    I watched last night. UGH!

    Most people know about me and my “cows”…

    A few years a ago, a Milk Tanker was in an accident
    on the San Mateo Bridge…
    Milk was leaking from the tanker…
    EPA was involved with other agencies.
    Because they considered it a “toxic” spill!
    They were worried about the “fish” eating the milk.
    Of course… the NUT JOBS in CA. would think milk
    was TOXIC!

    O’BlaBla admitted last night milk was not “TOXIC”…
    What a “NEWS FLASH”!!!!

    Elsie the COW is the new Milk Czar!


    • Riley4Palin

      Milk does a body good.

      I happily missed the speech.  Saw clips on TV this am.  I guess Obama failed miserably on his milk joke too.  He is such a loser.

      • Mia


  • RefudiateGOPe

    I don’t post here very often, nor do I post at C4P very much, but I visit both of them multiple times a day.  One of my first stops in the morning is to read Firelight’s roundup of the news.  It’s the best.

    • Firelight

      Thank you so much (blushing). How ya been Refudiate?

    • Riley4Palin

      Hi Refudiate:

      Good to see you!  I’ve been wondering where you disappeared to.  You always offer very good insight and analysis.

      Yep, Fire’s roundups are the best!

  • Firelight

    Just so no one gets offended…. the F in WTF or STFU stands for flip (well if I say it out loud it does… in my head is another story).

    Just want to make sure everyone knows that lest we get confused with Ace of Spades, lol.

    • Riley4Palin

      Flip???   Huh??


      • Firelight

        he he he….

  • Anonymous

    For all of you who claim your very negative feelings about the president are racially tinged at all, why do you ALWAYS use a picture of a monkey to depict him?  You do know that is a classic racist comparison don’t you? Perhaps you used the picture of the monkey to show your reaction to the SOTU speech but again, why a monkey when talking about the president? 

    If none of you here can admit how much he has gotten done in office on ALL of our behalf and cannot admit how intelligent he is (writes his own speeches) and what a remarkable speaker he is then maybe you need to check your own cognizant abilities.  Many of you are nearing or at retirement age with limited incomes.  The fact that you don’t ever realize that Obama is a friend to you, more of a friend to  you than ANY republican is just amazing!!!!!  PLEASE read something, anything other than C4P OR P4A or DRUDGE, DAILY CALLER and all the other right wing radical sites you quote here————-along with FOX news and ALL of the paid commentaries!!!  THE PAID COMMENTS!! Paid for by Ailes and Murdoch…………….c’mon SERIOUSLY?  

    • Bean Counter

      1. Prove where we “ALWAYS” use a picture of a monkey to depict him.
      2. I’ll gladly admit what he’s gotten done — raised gas/food prices, increased the debt, increased unemployment, passed Obamacare that his friends are getting waivers to they don’t have to participate, and probably set record for going so long without a working budget.
      3. You got me on the “intelligent” thing — I don’t think he’s intelligent — he thinks there are 57 states, can’t pronounce corpsman, thinks Austrians speak Austrian, the list goes on. And if he writes his own speeches, he can’t seem to read them without a teleprompter.
      4. As someone reaching retirement age, the only thing I’ve seen that he’s done for me, is to put my life at the mercy of a death panel if I get sick. With friends like these….
      5. Thanks for coming by.

      • Bean Counter

        Anonymous, as we say in the South, bless your heart.

        • Firelight

          Now, you have just gone nasty.  You support Obama, fine but you can spew your misguided hate and ideas somewhere else.

          This board is for intelligent discussion not personal attacks.  Bye!

      • hrh40

        Check it’s “Activity.” A BO sniffing sheeple. Hired to take out Palin. Who’s not even running. The desperation is amusing. But it’s not worth the effort.

        But good rebuttal nonetheless.

        Sometimes it just feels good to get that out of our systems, don’t it? :)

    • Firelight

      Actually, the picture of the monkey represents me…..

      As for why the monkey?  I liked the picture. I like monkeys.  My kids like monkeys. It is simple as that.

      You made such a racist comment with your assumed stereotype. The thought never crossed my mind. Perhaps you need to engage in some self-reflection and introspection as to why it crossed yours.

      As for your opinion? You are entitled to it but clearly we completely disagree on ideology and the direction we want this country to take.  I’m fine disagreeing with you on that without calling you names or passing unfounded judgement on you.

      Your approach will not be effective if you are looking to engage in intelligent dialogue on policy.

      • Bill589

        I’m WASP, but was always called a monkey as a child. I could climb and swing through the trees in my woods with the best of them.  (I pretty much grew up in the woods.)

        Sometimes people seem to be just looking to turn anything into a ‘racial’ fight. Ex.: Al Sharpton.

        Btw, I’m pretty sure your picture is of an Orangutan – a great ape, not a monkey.

        • Firelight

          It is an orangutan. It is the orphan one from Russia.  He lives at the Moscow zoo and his name is Zakhar. 

          My son is the same as you were growing up. Man can he climb, swing and jump around. He is a big climber.  My goal is to just keep him alive until he is old enough to understand how nuts he is :)

    • KatieSilverSpring

      I don’t suppose, Anonymous, you remember George W Bush depicted as a chimp, do you?  And, with a bit of historical perspective here, the Irish were also depicted in political cartoons at the turn of the 20th Century as, now steady yourself, … monkeys. 

      So, maybe the monkey picture used for O’Bama is really a crack against his Irish side?  And, Irish isn’t a race unless you are one of those cartoonist back in 1900.

      Obama is a friend to George Soros who destroyed my retirement portfolio in his successful effort in 2008 to get his little Socialist in office, Anonymous.  And, yes, I am retired, and, no, Obama could care less about me.

    • section9


      You f**king Hitler Youth, is that what they told you to say?

      Is the the Meme of the Day? Firelight posts a pic that’s supposed to represent HER and the Sicherhiedstdeinst over at Media Matters told you to come over here and call her, and by extension, the rest of us, racists?

      Is that all you’ve got?

      People are tired of your garbage. Those lefty swine should be horsewhipped for telling you to come over here and pick on a small time blogger.

      And you, Anonymous, should be made to answer for peddling lies for a man who was foisted on the country by George Soros, Warren Buffet, Larry Blanfein, Timmy Geithner, and the rest of the greatest collection of economic war criminals since the Fuhrer himself put together the Organization Todt.

      The day will come when Obamists will be chased through the streets by angry mobs, and forced to deny that they ever voted for this man.

    • Whitney Pitcher

      The irony of your comment is that the phrase is “cognitive abilities” not “cognizant abilities”.

      President Obama doesn’t write his own speeches; Jon Favreau does.

      Also, Firelight linked the Washington Post and Politico in her blogpost, which of course, are not “right wing radical” sites.

      Nice try.

  • Riley4Palin

    Morning All!

    After reading Fire’s commentary, I knew I made the right decision to skip that show last night. 

    So, here are my latest ramblings regarding the GOP race:

    1)  It seems to me that Newt is playing the best game right now.  He manages to focus in on voter anger and passion while trying to be pragmatic at the same time.  Romney has never managed to sharpen his skills in that regard.  I think Romney has spent the last two years trying to be as pragmatic as possible and forgetting about what it takes to persuade others to your way of thinking.  It is definitely a balancing act and Newt seems superior right now in that regard.

    2)  Santorum has never rid himself of the image and perception that he is a social conservative candidate trying to be all things to all people and a whiner.  Everytime he has a decent debate (which makes him more likable), he kills that momentum by whining to the press that he isn’t getting any attention (not likeable).  A confident candidate who has the political skills never has to do that.  They frame the debate and focus on their strengths.  Case in point.  How long was Newt in the back of the pack?  It was months.  Did you ever hear him complain to the press he wasn’t getting any attention?  I didn’t.  He just figured out a way to use the press to his advantage and now he has more momentum.

    3)  Why is Nancy Pelosi speaking out now about Newt?  Are the Dems showing their cards too early?  If they really had something juicy on Newt, wouldn’t they want to save it for October for maximum effect?  Are they actually getting scared now?  Doesn’t Rush always say they will tell us who scares them.

    4)  How out of touch are the elites in DC and NY?  I am talking about both the GOP Establishment and Dems.  Many months ago they told us that Chris Christie is the next superstar of the party.  If he were so wonderful and powerful, why aren’t Romney’s numbers moving up?

    It seems to me that many media people on both sides are absolutely frightened that Romney no longer has this race in the bag and momentum has shifted.  Something is going on here.  I guess the Tea Party voters are still a powerful voice.  Why does Newt have the momentum?  Because he didn’t give us the middle finger like the rest of the bunch.

    I’ll watch the debate tomorrow.  Which candidate will remember to give a voice to our voter anger?  There are many topics to choose from these days.  Pick your weapon.

  • Jim809

    I didn’t watch Obama’s speech last night and don’t intend to watch any of his furture speeches unless he schedules one solely for the purpose of apologizing to the American people for the damage he has inflicted on our country during the last three years.

  • Firelight

    Ooooohh  I feel so important P4A’ers and so should you!!!  We have clearly hit a nerve with the liberals and haters as the trolls have been out in full force today.

    They don’t realize that they are adding credibility and relevancy to our little site here.  Why attack a place that has no influence and is irrelevant?

    The difference here is that we make no secret that we moderate comments.  If someone wants to have an opposing viewpoint, we welcome that.  I have lots of liberal friends I adore but don’t agree with BUT when anyone crosses the line into attacks they are gone.

    I don’t play the strawman game of racism as race has no bearing on my thinking.

    I might just post another monkey tomorrow, it is after all one of my son’s nickname.

    • Guest

      Very much liking your polite but equally deadly version of the RAM hammer!

      • section9

        Remember, Firelight, the first rule when dealing with lefty trolls:

        “Why use a throw pillow when brass knuckles will do?”

        • Firelight

          I do have brass nuckles. It is the “enter” button on my moderator page after I click to ban :)

      • Firelight

        He insulted my monkey >:o

        Nice to see you here Rich!!

        • Guest

          Thank you. 

          Have been calling in for several months and enjoying the gathering of welcome names. 

    • blackbird

      I think its an Orangutan Firelight, but yes I like monkeys they are mischievous little animals and I have some that are always walking on my roof so maybe instead of a monkey try a Baboon picture tomorrow LOL…

  • senator20526

    Morning all….Pietro Leatherchest here….a bright, sunny 73 degrees here in the great desert Southwest….Sure glad the SOTU is over for another year…what a bunch of BS….some of the same lines he used in 2010 and 2011….a real deep thinker  we have here….sorry we interrupted Moooochele night on the town in her $2400 dress with her having to sit through that speech first…hope she wasn’t late for her party….and Hilliary in her 70’s headband looking out of place as usual. They asked Gov. Daniels to stand to give his speech…..he said he” was already standing”. Will 999 ever go away?  Go forth and prosper.

  • Guest1776rcp

    Romney invested in Fannie & Freddie which essentially means Newt was paid with money from Romney for Freddie to ignore the advice Newt was paid to give them. And that Romney’s investment was bailed out by taxpayer funds. Oh the irony!

    Top Romney advisers lobbied for Freddie Mac

    What really happened in the Gingrich ethics case?

    1999 CNN Report On Newt Gingrich’s Exoneration By The IRS Over Ethics Charges

    Romney is pathetically desperate. He lies a lot when he gets desperate just ask Huck or McCain

  • Guest1776rcp

    Why would Obama want to run against the man who helped balance budgets, paid down debt, lowered taxes, helped put policy in place for a booming economy whcih created jobs jobs jobs and is capable of motivating the base etc…

    You know because:

    Why would Obama want to run against a flip flopper from MA when he himself is polling under 50% and most especially since it didn’t work out so well for Bush. 😉

    Why would Obama want to run against Romney whom he can easily paint as a 1%er and Wall St’s boy toy who hides his money offshore and made a fortune as a corporate raider. Surely in this political environment that’s a big mistake because people just love those CEOs who cash out credit give themselves raises then bankrupt the companies, send jobs to China and such. People love and reelect Governors who impose fees on the blind and try to impose them on the mentally challenged. Its a sure loser for Obama.

    No way, not in this economic and political environment. Obama would be a fool to wish for someone whom he can say my O-Care was based on your R-Care and some of your people even helped us write it.

    Nope, No way Obama wants to run against Mittens who doesn’t defend himself or conservatism very well. Nope, not in a million years does Obama want to run against Mittens.

    Seriously, think about it. Why would Obama want to run against a guy who doesn’t motivate the base of the Republican party.

    And of course we all know Newt’s affairs will take him down like they did Bill Clinton in 1992. Bill would have been POTUS if it weren’t for them flings. And Newt actually marrying the women is far worse than Clinton dumping them right after he had his fun.


    It sure would be fun seeing Obama diss Clinton and his legacy to try and make the point against Newt that budgets weren’t balanced, debt wasn’t paid down etc… Do you think that will PO the Clintonites who are already POed Obama played the race card on (of all people) the Clintons last election. Quite the conundrum for Obama if Newt is the nominee. What else does Obama have other than personal attacks that people aren’t going to care about?

    Oh wait! The people that worked with him hate him blah blah blah.

    Newt passed the only conservative entitlement reform in our lifetime. Why would I trust what the people who ran him out of town on trumped up BS charges say ie Romney is the guy? Those people doubled the debt in his absence while they grew the size and scope of government more than any since LBJ. Those people left the GOP brand so tainted that Republicans were basically unelectable in 2006 and 2008 and we got Nancy, Harry, Obama another 5 trillion in debt piled onto our children and Obamacare as a result.

    The fact the establishment GOPers call themselves ‘conservative’ is a joke because conservatism begins with and ends without fiscal sanity. The fact they call Newt immoral because of his personal business which does not affect my children is laughable because piling 10 trillion onto the backs of my children is far more immorally irresponsible and reprehensible than anything Newt ever did in his private life.

    We know why the establishment wants the flip flopping milquetoast mush that is Romney and its because they can push him around and its quite the contrary with Newt.

    The American people don’t want business as usual, we want big reform in DC and Newt can deliver it and knows how to twist arms to get it done. Romney’s executive experience will frustrate him more than it helps him because he can’t order pols around like his subordinates at Bane and he won’t have line item veto like he did as governor. We don’t need another Harvard know-it-all who knows nothing about how to operate in DC in the WH.

    Romney motivates the base even less than McCain and will lose or at best it will be too close to comfort and the last thing the country needs is another Gore vs Bush type debacle ending up in the courts.

    Imagine the conundrum for Obama attacking Newt’s record as Speaker he’d be attacking Clinton too ie balanced budgets, paying down debt, jobs jobs jobs etc… I wonder if the Clintonites have forgiven Obama after Obama played the race care on the Clintons last election.

    • Guest1776rcp

      “The buzz in Washington now is that the Republican Establishment fears Gingrich will cause them to lose the House and not get the Senate. Put another way, the current Republican leadership fears that the man who helped the GOP take back the House for the first time in 40 years and his allies in the tea party who helped take back the House in 2010 will cause the GOP to now lose.

      They’ll lose alright — they’ll lose power to others. That’s their real fear.”

      “The establishment is right to be worried about a Gingrich nomination….We are going to make the establishment very uncomfortable. We are going to demand real change in Washington.” –Speaker Newt Gingrich about the establishment (on Meet the Press / quoted in the NYT Michael Shear article)

      Feb 1980:  Reagan 32%  –  Carter 64%

      • Bill589

        I know Newt from this millennium, so I’m not a big fan.

        Better than the other candidates?  Maybe.  But I can’t get enthused.

        Still hoping for the what some say is the un-hope-able:  Sarah Palin
        IMHO, the one person who can beat Obeyme.

        • Guest1776rcp

          We all would have loved for Palin to get but its not going to happen. Newt will stcik to what he says because he’s a historian and understands legacy and wants to polish his up. I trust him he’s older and wiser.

          Romney invested in Fannie & Freddie which essentially means Newt was paid with money from Romney for Freddie to ignore the advice Newt was paid to give them. And that Romney’s investment was bailed out by taxpayer funds. Oh the irony!

          Top Romney advisers lobbied for Freddie Mac

          What really happened in the Gingrich ethics case?

          1999 CNN Report On Newt Gingrich’s Exoneration By The IRS Over Ethics Charges

          Romney is pathetically desperate. He lies a lot when he gets desperate just ask Huck or McCain

          • Bill589

            I don’t know about his ethic problems in the 90s. Recent behavior I figure is more important. And I figure if he repented it would show. But from watching him this millennium, I thought he was a very liberal Republican. I’ve seen videos of him with Pelosi, and Sharpton, that seem to support that.

            Sarah Palin is my first. The first and only time I’ve paid any attention to a politician and politics. It just seems like such a big step down to any of the others, that I’m having a hard time accepting it.

            I realize that is ‘my’ problem and I have to deal with it.

            And I know – the responsible thing to do is to vote for the best we’ve got. The lesser of two evils. (Oh, I forgot to mention, I think the GOP is evil. I’m a new Republican – only because of Sarah. My new ‘team’, the Republicans, haven’t treated Sarah very well these last few years.)

            And I’ll probably vote for Newt over Mitt, and then either of them over Obama, but I’m sure I’ll think of Sarah at the time, and sigh.

  • Mia

    Here’s one of my Favorite “Monkey” avatars…


    • Firelight

      LOVE IT!!!

  • Whitney Pitcher

    I made the mistake of watching the SOTU address last night. Such lies! In addition to what the AP called out, here is a summary of some of his lies on energy:

    and here is how he misused/misquoted the Abraham Lincoln quote:

    Another thing that I found *interesting* is that he used the Hoover Dam as example for government “investment”, but the Hoover Dam is one of the few, if not the only, government projects that paid for itself. The power generated by the dam was sold and the revenue went back into the government (i.e. taxpayers were reimbursed). Just a little tidbit I learned in between National Lampoon Vacation jokes when visiting the Hoover Dam a few years ago.

    I also found it *interesting* that he decided to bring up insider trading finally and also discussed cracking down on Congress directing funding to their campaign bundlers. Of course, he leaves out himself and the direction of DOE loans ( from the Executive branch) given to his bundlers like all the funny busy with Solyndra.

    • Riley4Palin


      You are way more intelligent than many voters.   No offense, but you are not the voter Obama wants and needs.

      If he mentioned the Hoover Dam last night, then he is talking directly to the union workers in Nevada that he needs to get excited again.  All I’m hearing today is that this was definitely a campaign speech last night.

      He really pissed everyone off in Vegas a couple years ago and now its time to use them again for his re-election chances.  He lies all the time to try and gain an advantage and he counts on his voters not to be all that smart that they would really research his speeches and words he uses. 

      • Whitney Pitcher

        It was a campaign speech. That’s for sure. The Hoover dam line just
        reminded me of the “Sputnik moment” he brought up last year in his SOTU address that Governor
        Palin pounced on.

  • blackbird

    Speaking of Orangutans reminded me of the Clint movie Every Which Way But Loose

  • blackbird

    …and one more thing, I agree with this comment “Best actors to come out of Hollywood in years” in reference to the ABC Saturday morning show “Lancelot Link: Secret Chimp”

  • Riley4Palin

    When did Target start selling $2,400 blue designer dresses?

    • Whitney Pitcher


      You can buy 100 blue dresses at Target for that price. Good grief.

      • Riley4Palin

        And tell me again why the Republicans don’t make issue of this?  I don’t care if it is FLOTUS.  Her husband’s campaign message will be about fairness for the middle class and the wealthy paying higher taxes and here she is showing up at the SOTU in expensive designer duds?  Who paid for that dress?  Did it come out of the Obamas “Target Photo-Op” Fund, or did the taxpayers pay for it?

        I am no fan of Romney, but he is stupid not to make this an issue to kill this narrative.  While he is getting slammed for his wealth and what he pays in taxes, he lets the WH get away with Obama spewing this crap while his wife lives the high life.

        Michelle prancing around like this is just as bad as when Bill Clinton reminds us every 3 days that he is now a very wealthy man. 

        Reason # 2,987,654 why I cannot stand liberals.  Bold face hypocritical ballsy scumbuckets.

  • blackbird

    These Are the Top Videos From Last Night’s Stunning Northern Lights Show ~ I wonder if the Governor and Todd ever gets to see the Aurora Borealis

  • section9

    Here’s one reason why the Governor may not be so eager to jump on the Newt bandwagon.

    There are all sorts of rumors that Newt has a zipper problem, over and above Callista. Palin probably knows about this, which is one of the reasons, probably the chief reason, she may be hesitant to move on Newt before CPAC.

    Sometimes we underestimate this in the GOP, but a lot of you forget that in many ways the GOP has become the Southeastern Football Conference at the Ballot Box. And the oldest and most supreme rule of Southern Politics is as follows:

    “Never get caught in bed with a dead girl or a live boy.”

    There’s only so much tomcatting around the GOP will tolerate. Todd Palin will tolerate many things. Sarah Palin might not, because she knows how working and middle class women voters think about these things.

    So while she might speak favorably about Newt’s politics and his convictions, she may just withhold her endorsement while she sees what the Establishment is going to dump on him.

    As much as a Newt endorsement, say, on Friday would help juice Newt by five to seven points; it would be just like the Romney/Bushista crowd to wait until Palin endorses to release the video of Newt giving a sound rogering to some Japanese idol singer that he could have sworn was over 18. I put nothing past the Establishment. They’ve got lots of stuff on Newt. Newt, while brilliant and loquacious as all get out, is also a prisoner of his own vanity, much like the President.

    The Bushistas would love to kill 2 birds with one stone. They would kill off Newt and also bring severe sanction on Palin’s judgement.

    If you want to know why Palin isn’t rushing to Newt’s side, I think that’s the reason.

    • Firelight

      I think if there is anything recent (past 10 years) then Newt will be out of it BUT if all his indiscretions are a decade or older I actually think that people are more willing to leave the past in the past.  Especially when he is giving answers like he did in the video above.

      Rush was right a while back when he said that because Newt admits his past it neutralizes much of it. Also, since the media has been making up so much about Newt and his ehtics issues, lobbying/consulting status, open marriage/no it’s a lie etc…. I have a feeling that most Americans will just write it all off instead of sorting it out and consider it in the past.

      When South Carolina voted, Newt’s past was built into their decision.

      However, if there is anything recent all bets are off and he is toast.

      • blackbird

        Like Cain.

      • section9

        I happen to agree with you.

        The problem is if there is something more recent, post-Callista. That’s what might be giving Palin the jib jab. 

  • blackbird

    for the late nighters, Keith Medley “Ancestors” – 27 string guitar ~

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