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Wake Up Wednesday

Morning everyone!

Bwwahh hhaaaa! What a night!! I can not express enough joy that Romney got clobbered especially in my state. I did not see Colorado going to anyone but Romney so it pleases me to no end. I give props to Cruella because it was her county that delivered it. I had no doubt that Colorado Springs would go to Santorum but who knew that the counties that Romney did win would be such small victories and The Springs would be the deciding county.

My particular precinct went to Romney by a good number. In my caucus room, there were over 60 people and 43 went to Romney. I walked in to t-shirts, buttons, signs and hats that all said Romney. Doing a head count of that gave me the freedom to write in Gov. Palin’s name without worry of my vote somehow throwing it to Romney.  I will say that the only passionate support in the room was for Romney and Paul. The Newt and Santorum support was really soft. I think it was more against Romney than anything.

Since Gov. Palin did not advise me on who to vote for and I really couldn’t pick between Gingrich and Santorum, I happily wrote in Palin’s name.  All I really wanted last night was for Romney to lose and he did!!!

Santorum winning Colorado tells me one VERY big thing. If Santorum could beat Romney here, Palin would have smoked Romney here…

Now, for reality, the official delegate count didn’t change last night. Because of the new rules on delegate allocation I suspect that no one will be dropping out until after the Texas primary and in reality, no one should. They all still have a shot but it won’t stop me from taunting Rombots that he should drop out.  It’s really just for fun…

As of now the delegate count stands at this:

Romney 106 – Gingrich 38 – Santorum 22 – Paul 20

I am firmly convinced that the candidates are taking this to the convention. These guys are playing the game of delegates so I don’t see anyone looking at anything other than that in deciding whether to stay in or not.  For fun, I would love to see Paul win Maine on Saturday. Let’s give him a win too and just keep this going. This isn’t about the number of states won or the percentages. This election cycle will be all about delegate counts.

All I can say is that Santorum better hold on to his hat because he will be the target of the GOP establishment, Romney machine, the liberal media and the Obots who hate Rick’s social stances will turn up the attacks to the highest octane possible. His distaste for the Tea Party and major lacking as a fiscal conservative is going to be revealed.  The question will be if the voting public will tolerate that more than Romney.

I’m not a Santorum supporter but I would take him over Romney but I don’t think he can beat Obama. I don’t think any of them can at this point.

News Roundup:

Not sure I like the “why” of the award… stinks of establishment…

Everyone needs to sign up, donate and follow a new political SuperPac called SHE-PAC.  It is a Pac created to support, elect and focus on conservative women. The Treasurer is our favorite Tim Crawford and the co-chairs are Teri Christoph founder of Smart Girl Politics and Suzanne Haik Terrell founder of Project GoPink. You can like them on Facebook and follow on Twitter.

Santorum disses Reagan’s Space Vision…

A defining moment

Someone is headed downward and someone unexpected is in 2nd…

I have mixed feelings on this. I don’t want to see the definition of marriage changed but I do not like the idea that the government has the power to tell me who I can and can’t marry. That is a government too powerful for me. I don’t think the government should be involved in marriage at all. I actually agree with Ed Morrissey here.  Shocking I know… but I believe that as a Christian that this approach does not interfere with my faith. It gives my faith more freedom to set the terms of marriage and it also agrees with my belief in limited government.  I do realize that I am in the minority with this and I’m fine with that.

Stupid is, as stupid does

This will be exciting…  or a pain in the arse for those going.

I agree

Good for her in taking a stand

Not surprised… he did the same to McCain on taking public financing…

Go Dana go…

Kick him out of office… give him a real reason to cry…

heh, this is funny…

Don’t tell our new front runner, he has real problems with libertarianism..

ICYMI: The speeches of the night. Newt gave his at a rally in Ohio before the count begun.


Have a great day everyone!











  • indemind

    Firelight… I’m a happy girl, … *_* … I’m doing the Happy, Happy Dance… *_* …

    Nice Going Rick ….*_* …

    This Win, will keep the Vetting going … and that’s what Sarah wants … *_* …

    SarahAmerica … *_* … 2012

    P.S. Firelight I just saw your tweeter … I voted! … Sarah Palin … BIG *_* ;-)))

    • BrianusBerkleianus

      Amen, Bro!!!

  • BrianusBerkleianus

    MONEY BOMB FOR SARAH 2012-11 FEBRUARY IS B-DAY, SARAH’S BIRTHDAY AND “BOMB” DAY–Please give, if you want, whatever you can to SarahPAC on this great day, $100.00, or more or less.  God bless Sarah; God bless America!!!
    My Dear Friends in Sarah,
    Happy Wednesday to you all!!
    It is just a few days until her birthday and the CPAC speech.  We are trying to give her a little help and encouragement through a money bomb.  11 February is not D-Day, but it is B-Day … (Sarah’s) Birthday and (Money) Bombday!!
    Congratulations to Senator Santorum on his big night last night.  To my mind, this extends the process, as Sarah desires, and it keeps alive the chance that she will jump formally into the race.  Santorum, Romney, Gingrich, Romney, Santorum: On and on it turns and spins and twirls and twists.  I think this dance will lead ultimately right to SARAH 2012!!
    Below are reflections on the next page of her beautiful book, Going Rogue.
    Reflections on previous pages, along with photographs, may be found at:

    God bless you all always!!
    DEO VOLENTE, SARAH 2012!!!
    On p. 85 of GR, Sarah continues to talk about her race for Lieutenant-Governor of Alaska.  She writes, “Having advocated for local control across the state as president of the Alaska Conference of Mayors, I added that principle to my campaign platform.  I had great respect for the need for state government to preserve locally enacted policies.  Likewise, I believed that national leaders have a responsibility to respect the Tenth Amendment and keep their hands off the states.  It’s the old Jeffersonian view that the affairs of the citizens are best left in their own hands.  So when I discussed economic policy, I wasn’t shy about calling myself a hard-core fiscal conservative.  Some folks liked what they heard, and I picked up a couple of endorsements here and there and won some opinion polls.  But I wasn’t part of any political machine, or the Juneau good ol’ boys club, so I was definitely seen as the outsider.”
    I would like to follow two brief lines of reflection this morning on these words of Sarah.  The first concerns what is sometimes called the principle of subsidiarity; the second concerns that word that is the final one in this citation from Sarah, “outsider.”
    First, let us observe Sarah’s perfectly aligned “hierarchy” of responsibility and governance.  Families and local communities come first.  Whatever can be resolved and managed at this most basic level should not be touched by the States.  Similarly, what can be disposed of at the State level should be off limits to the Federal Government.
    Sarah, BTW, beautifully defends and vindicates the Tenth Amendment, and its central place and role in our polity, on pp. 72-76 of her second book, America by Heart!!
    The Feds under the usurping obama are acting in exactly the opposite way.
    Not only does the central government usurp the Constitutional prerogatives of the States, but it reaches out its long, sticky, evil-smelling digits and attempts to manipulate and dominate Americans even in the sanctity and sanctuary of their own homes!!!
    Sarah’s Presidency will help end this madness and monstrosity, and restore the proper balance and order and equilibrium in our beautiful system of government!!
    The second element from this passage I would briefly like to examine is its final word, “outsider.”  IMHO, this is one of those words that we often toss off from our lips, but perhaps do not pause to really weigh and examine.
    An outsider must be outside SOMETHING, some edifice, whether it is literal or figurative.  If the building is bad or evil or dangerous, then it is a good and healthy and salubrious thing to be “outside” it; if it is a good and wholesome and clean place, the opposite is true!
    It is a good and grand thing that our Sarah is outside the “clubhouse” of the good ol’ boys.  These guys seem to have a sign posted on the door of that clubhouse: “People with ethics and principles need not apply.”
    However, if Sarah Palin is an outsider with respect to this clubhouse, where is she an “insider”?
    She is an insider within a grand and ancient and glorious assembly; within an edifice and structure built not of brick and stone and wood and mortar, but of principles and guts, and timeless, unshakeable, eternal verities!!
    She dwells inside the congress and congregation of REALISTIC philosophers and thinkers, like Aristotle and our Founders, like the economist Milton Friedman and so many like him.
    Sarah is on the inside of the Fellowship of the Heart and of Patriotism, to which tens of millions of Americans belong!
    I would like to conclude these reflections with a few words about the White House.
    Right now, Sarah is a true outsider vis-à-vis 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, and this is so in two senses.
    First, literally, she is not occupying it right now.
    Second, under the control of the Chicago thug and his minions, the White House has become a place that is totally outside of Sarah; that is at the opposite end of her spiritual and philosophical universe.
    However, if the American People choose Sarah for their President, this White HOUSE will become a model HOME, as well as a “House.”  Imagine Trig, precious little Trig, in this House!!!  Imagine the stalwart First Dude of the United States of America there!!  Imagine all of Sarah’s beautiful family there.
    The ultimate outsider will have become the ultimate insider, in a GOOD and NOBLE sense of the term!!!
    Let us all unite hearts and hands to carry the outsider INSIDE this venerable House!!!

  • BrianusBerkleianus

    Thanks, Firelight, especially for WRITING IN SARAH!!!!!

    God bless.

  • Michael

    • BrianusBerkleianus

      Thanks, Michael, for posting this!

      • Michael

        Mr.L has so much passion and he does a great job debunking those in the hitpiece.

  • blackbird

    folks up early :-)

    Over at C4P Ian posted a link to a new site ~ The year 2010 was touted as “The Year of the Conservative Woman.”  –

    It was love at first sight. I knew how the boy felt who clambered breathlessly through his front door and cried, “Dad! I’m in love!”

    “How do you know it’s love?” his father asked.

    because, when I kissed her good night, her dog bit me and I never even felt it ’til I got home!”

    I can relate to him, because even without the dog-bite test, I knew love when it bit me. And it must have bit her, too, because a few weeks later she asked me to marry her! Before long, though, I began to notice something “peculiar” about her love. She some­times said, “I love you too much to hold on to you.” And she said, “I want you to be happy…even if that means we won’t be together.”

    Another time she said, “I love you so much I want to let you go. Don’t feel tied to me.”

    Talk like that sounded peculiar to me. You see, my love was a little different. “I love you so much I want to always keep you with me,” better described my kind of love. “I love you too much to ever let you go,” was more typical of how I felt.

    My love was a hanging-on kind of love. Hers was a letting-go kind of love. My love wor­ried about what it might do to me if I lost her. Her love worried about what it might do to us if she hung on too tightly.

    One day she returned from a doctor’s ap­pointment distraught. “He told me I can’t have ba­bies,” she said. Her swollen eyes overflowed. “I know you want children. I’ll understand if you don’t want to marry,” she continued. “I love you too much to keep you.” There again — that pecu­liar let­ting-go kind of love.

    All of this happened many years ago and, in the meantime, I have learned something about love. Love can sometimes be about hanging on. But it can also be about letting go. It is as simple and as diffi­cult as that.

    And I learned something else, too. The doctor was wrong about the babies!

    How about you? Is your love one of hanging on, or of letting go?

    By Steve Goodier:

  • blackbird
  • devitor


    Good morning. Regarding the award, what will be telling is the final disposition of Gov. Palin’s appearance at the award ceremony. If she is not there or declines the award, then that will really say something. As it stands today though, she will be there, she is accepting the award, and the ceremony is closed to the media (which I quite frankly don’t understand). If Gov. Palin is there and accepts it – all I can say is – if it’s good enough for her, it’s good enough for me.

    • LS as guest

      I suppose that award means Mtch Daniels would be Man of the Year as well?

      • devitor

        I get what you are saying…but Sarah is the final arbiter and judge on this. If she accepts the award and speaks at the ceremony, then as Palinistas we musit defer to her wishes and support it. If she declines the award before or during the ceremony; or declines the award and declines to speak – we would have to support that decision too.
        All we have now is that it is scheduled to be conferred and she is scheduled to speak there. Nothing from CBLPI, Bannon, or Curzon indicates a decline.
        POTUS is not the first position she declined to run for over family. She declined a Senate run years ago because NOs came up on a family vote. She praised Santorum for temporarily leaving the stump to care for his daughter.
        She preaches and practices putting family first, so based on the foregoing I see her accepting and speaking. If something changes, I’ll report it.
        But…the final answer is about what she wants.

        Sent from my Palin-Powered iPhone

        • LS as guest

          I have absolutely no beef with Gov. Palin accepting this award, speaking there, etc..  I just don’t want conservative women to have an additional burden to put family first beyond that expected of male political leaders.

          Perhaps needless to say–but then again perhaps not–any prospective candidate for president of the United States has to be willing to make a commitment that, for a time, puts family whims and wishes aside.  The last thing we need is a president who decides to step down because some family member decides he or she doesn’t like the spotlight.

          • devitor


            I agree with that…about not having a burden placed above and beyond the males…
            …yes a POTUS candidate needs to consider those things before running. But things can happen. My former mayor Rudy Giuliani had to shut his gubernatorial campaign two weeks after launch – prostate cancer. An unexpected family tragedy would also be cause to stop.
            Nothing in life is guaranteed.

            Our over-arching message has to be one of support of Sarah’s wishes whatever they may be.
            Sent from my Palin-Powered iPhone

            • LS as guest

              Yes, though that kind of stepping down doesn’t seem to be what this award is celebrating.  

              I also don’t expect that Americans want a president who would step down for a spouse’s cancer or whatever.  The commander-in-chief has to perform through whatever his or her military underlings are expected to handle.

              • devitor


                We’re talking about two different circumstances here. In the example you cite, Sarah would have started her campaign then terminated it due to a family problem. In the case that is before us – that which she is being awarded for – she had a pre-existing family issue and chose not to run.

                I understand Firelight’s and your discomfort with the concept of awarding Sarah for not running and I certainly understand the sub-current of messages that such an award can convey. Hopefully either Sarah or this Institute will address that when they finally issue a press release for this closed media event that is receiving a lot of media attention from cherry-picked interviews. And if you detect a bit of anger in that sentence, you’re right. This should be open to the press, not closed and if it’s closed, why do these interviews? It’s one or the other. Anyway, I’m digressing.

                When viewed in context of conventional leadership theory this award does not make sense. But, Sarah is not a conventional leader. She is a Transformational/Charismatic Leader and Servant Leader. Self-sacrifice is a core behavior of this leadership methodology. For a Transformational/Servant Leader – this award makes perfect sense.

                We are now four months and three days out of that announcement. In 5 ½ hours, the earth will have completed 123 rotations and has completed over 1/3 of an orbit about the sun since that day. If we go back to two out of her three speeches delivered in the week that followed, Gov. Palin did cite family as being the reason she chose not to run. She chose to sacrifice her ambitions….and not put her supporters through an aborted campaign – an outcome that would have been far, far worse.

                The lesson to be learned here is that no human being is indispensable. None. It’s why we have a Presidential Succession Act of 1947. If POTUS dies, 13 people are in line for the job. That means, all 13 at the top of the stack can be killed at once and the 14th will become our President. Life goes on and the country goes on. Obama is not the first bad president we’ve had. We’ve survived some really bad ones.

                That is why I made the reference to our planet’s rotation and orbit earlier. My feelings about Sarah are well-published. After all, I’ve been chided by some for “wearing my heart on my sleeve,” “hero worship,” and “putting her on a pedestal.” I’m guilty of all of it. But, even all of that has limits. She’s not indispensable.

                The bottom line is: Sarah has chosen not to run and cited family as a reason in public forums. What this award – and her acceptance of it – will do is clarify her reason in a very public way and close the circle that has been left open in many people’s minds these 123 days. It will also hopefully put an end to the conspiracy theories backed by un-named sources.

    • Firelight

      I agree with your opinion. I also agree with LS that I just don’t want female politicians feeling pressure that male politicians do not.

      However, I cannot see Gov. Palin turning down the award at this point. The time for that would have been when she was notified about it and the luncheon. I think it would be too late at this point and not be good optics.

      I am assuming that she is fine with the premise of it. I am just not entirely comfortable with the organization’s reasoning but that is me.

      • Akabosan

        I think female politicians and women in general are doing just fine.  My mother was a strong woman well before “women’s lib,” and she and her friends scoffed and laughed at the whole idea.  One of the things strong women have known all along is they do not need any “help from their friends,” so to speak.

        The way men have wussed out for the past couple of decades, we can use some amazons, spartan mothers and mama grizzlies to help get things straightened out.

        You GO Gurls!

        I was incredulous about the way the write up was composed.  It seemed like it could have been political correctness or just someone who was possibly a little star struck and not truly confident about what she was writing.  WHATEVER – sometimes infamy will work too.


        • Akabosan

          Here I go talking to myself again…

          But with this, I rest my case.  


  • section9

    Now that’s odd. Why would the ceremony be closed to media?

    Anyway, congrats to Rick on his hat trick.

    If Palin wants any influence on this process going forward, she will need to get in and campaign. Otherwise, she will be left at the curb.

    Sorry to be harsh, but anyone can sit at the side of the road and comment. If you want real power to influence events, you have to act. That just is what it is.

    • hrh40

      The ceremony is also closed to anyone who is not a female undergraduate. The media thing is no big deal. It’s an inspirational event for conservative young women interested in politics.

      • Akabosan

        I’d rather see it on youtube with some conservative woman’s spin than to see it trashed in the LSM anyway,


    • RefudiateGOPe

      I know that I’m probably in the minority here concerning your need to regularly take shots at Sarah.  When I first saw your post, I started to respond, but decided to think it over a bit.  I thought it over, so here goes.

      I guess maybe Sarah doesn’t feel the need to take your advice. Since you are in no position to know the whys or wherefores of Sarah’s decision process, why do you always want to interject your negativity?  Its almost as if you’re saying, “As long as Sarah does what I want, I’ll support her, but if she doesn’t, I’ll just use the Palin-supporting sites to lob shots at her.”

      I am curious about one thing.  What makes you feel that you have any insight to her decision-making process that allows you to cast judgment on her?  We’re all disappointed that she decided not to run, but until you can spend just one minute in her shoes, I think it’s a bit arrogant for you to think that your opinion really matters.  Why is it that you have the need to continue your onslaught of critical comments about her decisions and actions?  Sarah’s decisions are what they are.  You can either accept that she makes decisions based on factors that are important to her, and maybe unbeknownst to you, or you can move on.  Criticizing her on almost a daily basis, either here, at C4P, or on other sites has gotten old.  Just as Sarah asked after Oct. 5, if you cant trust her judgment now, how could you have trusted her judgment to run for POTUS?

      I stand by Sarah Palin.  If she were to remove herself from the public eye tomorrow, I would respect her.  If she chooses to speak out using whatever soapbox she chooses, I will listen.  She has made decisions that affect her and her family.  You seem to think that coming on to the message boards and criticizing her is somehow noble.  I disagree.  It’s a feeble effort to show your self-perceived political smarts.  I don’t always like what she says or how she says it.  I don’t always understand what she does or how she does it.  Unlike you, I won’t pretend that I am qualified to offer her advice.  Unlike you, I recognize that I don’t know what she knows that may have lead her to say something or act in a certain way.  If you occasionally offered your dissenting opinions on her actions, I wouldn’t see it as a big deal, but for some reason, you seem to make it a part of many of your posts.  She seems to be living just fine with the decisions she has made and the actions she has taken.  Apparently, you aren’t.  Get over yourself or you may turn into John Ziegler.

      • section9

        You have no idea what I think, Refudiate. You’re just annoyed that I refuse to be a cheerleader. That’s not me.

        I’d much rather she were in the race, but I understand that she’s not. I get that. But don’t ask me to cheerlead it. I won’t. She has her reasons and they are her own. I get that.

        But don’t think for a moment that the Conservative Movement is better off for it. It’s not. You don’t want to believe this, but for now, the movement is leaderless and somewhat rudderless, precisely because the one individual who could lead it chose not to.

        Actions have consequences. One of those consequences is that the GOP is back in the hands of the people who turned on Goldwater in 1964 and Reagan in 1976.  The Moderates. People like Mitt Romney and the Bush Family. In this state, the GOP is headed towards the same fate the befell the Whigs in the 1840’s and the Canadian Progressive Conservatives in the 1980’s: inconsequential irrelevance. The GOP is back to being the ‘yes, but’ party it was during the 1960’s. That’s not a party worth belonging to or fighting for. I wouldn’t blame ANY young person who refused point blank to join the GOP and signed up with the Libertarians instead.

        At least THEY believe in something.

        I know that what Sarah Palin did was a choice she made in her family’s own interest. That is entirely defensible. Don’t think it doesn’t have consequences, however. Palin can’t continue to play this game until and unless she is willing to get in the game and pay the price that others, like Scott Walker and Suzanne Martinez, continue to pay every day. Palin has paid a lot in sweat equity, but please, people like Walker and Martinez are the ones doing the heavy lifting now: they are serving Governors making policy decisions that are in the conservative vanguard.

        They are what Palin used to be. They are what Palin can be again. But she must choose to be this again, or five years from now, no one will care how good a governor she was in 2007.

        That’s not fair. That’s not right. But that is what it is. I’m not trying to be a jerk. But I refuse to be a fanboi. The difference between me and Zig Zag is that I won’t turn on Palin because she won’t give me a job.

        You want to keep telling people what Palin did for Alaska back in 2007 as if you think that will make a difference? It won’t. People want to know what you will do for them NOW and what you’ve done RECENTLY. Her governorship is ancient history in political terms. Today her gubernatorial record won’t get you a cup of coffee.

        You think I liked being the House Cassandra last summer? Nobody likes Cassandra.

        But the legend has it that Cassandra told the truth as she saw it. Of course, I don’t have a lock on the truth. Just my opinion. And of course, everybody’s got one.

        • RefudiateGOPe

          Yes, you have an opinion and seem to have the need to express it over and over and over and over again. 

          “At least THEY believe in something.” What the hell does that mean? What a foolish, stupid statement.

          And you don’t annoy me because you refuse to cheerlead, whatever that means.  You annoy me simply because you repeat your criticisms all over the internet.  Who are you trying to convince?

        • generictrainee

          A small correction , newt mitt and snanty has been out of office for a longer time than palin.


    Obama and his “superpacs”….he’s such a crook.
    I wonder just how many other thugs….mexican or otherwise….he has excepted bribes…er, I mean donations from?

    Great little piece by Dana….”Tonight inevitability was rejected in three states.”…..gee, I wonder who’s been steering the debate, and speaking ad nauseum, that this process needs to continue?……hmmmmm I wonder. 😉
    BTW….that picture with Dana’s piece is awesome…

    I’ll say it again…we need to make Allen West speaker. HOOAH!

    Another great round up Firelight. :))

  • Whitney Pitcher

    Good morning all!

    Congrats to Santorum on his victories that give him momentum and likely more funds, but no actual delegates. I assume that those who win such races generally get the delegates later? I don’t know. Now Romney will turn his guns toward Santorum,and we’ll see what happens. I want to like Santorum and I think he’s the most genuine of the candidates. But, there’s something about him rubs me the wrong way. Plus, I see his plan to only cut the taxes of manufacturers as a covert way to support unions, especially since he voted against national right to work laws. He claims federalism, but I see it more as a way appease the unions in Pennsylvania. Right-to-work laws give individuals more freedom, but it’ll decrease the “buying” power of unions (i.e. reduce the union fee dollars that go to fund Democratic races).

    I love the fact that this SHE-PAC is starting. It’s about time!

    BTW, Firelight, I guess I’m in the “minority” with you. 😉

    • LS as guest

      I’d say you have Sen. Santorum pegged perfectly.

    • Firelight

      We share the same wavelength with Santorum.  I do want to like him but it isn’t happening. I can definitely tolerate him more than Obama or Romney but that is about it.

      As for delegates, usually the delegates go with the precinct results BUT the CO GOP changed the rules this year. They did it to try and bypass Palin. The delegates are not bound to vote for who the people chose and the state GOP will make a push for electability at the State convention in June.  They assume by June that Romney will have destroyed the field and be the last man standing.

      However, I think this could work against them. If Romney destroys Santorum as he has Gingrich and he keeps falling in the polls a new candidate really could get in and take all of CO delegates or people would have to vote for Paul.

      • Akabosan

        I’m sure Mrs. Santorum is happy that y’all cougars don’t have designs on her man.  LOL


  • senator20526

    Morning all…..Pietro Leatherchest here…..A great day for “Rick’s Raiders” and another sunny, clear, boring, 73 degrees in the great desert Southwest….We are expecting a warming trend this week-end, none to soon.I have a question….Why  all the FEMA camps being built with barbed-wire fences and drones being deployed over the U.S., which was authorized by Congress today? This could be housing for the unemployed who “mysteriouly fall off the unemployment rolls”. That’s all for today, my tin foil hat is starting to hurt my head….Play nice and be safe.

  • Michael

    The Long Primary is thanks entirely to Sarah Palin! She is winning. If Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum go the distance, Mitt Romney likely can’t win the nomination outright and we get a brokered convention. Sarah Palin is relevant folks. Remember she said on Greta that she thinks the race isn’t over. It was a strategic move in South Carolina and Florida. Sarah Palin is the leader of the oppoose Mitt Romney movement. She has a plan and it looks like it is working.

  • Michael

    Look at the delgate chart and tell me that this isn’t a rigged game. The winner takes all states and PR really favor Mitt. The unbound delegates could be worthless. Newt and Santorum and Paul have no chance. The only way to stop Romney is with a brokered convention revolt.,_2012
    Romneybots should sleep easy. Reince Priebus and the boys rigged the game for Mittens. Romney probably has 400 delgates certain to go his way in the winner take all states.

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