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Watercooler Monday

Good morning everyone!

Well Nevada went as expected with the exception that voter turnout was very down. This is not a good sign for the GOP. Romney is not inspiring turnout and that will affect down ticket races.

We got the largest snowstorm in February in Denver this weekend. We broke a record that was 100 years old.  It was nice staying home and hanging out with the family. The kids dug tunnels thru out backyard and made a snow cave. We also went sledding yesterday. It was fun for all.

Congrats to the Giants! I am amused that the one time (to my knowledge) that Gov. Palin picks a team they win. When Obama picks a team that is almost a guaranteed loss.  This amuses me…

Gov. Palin will be LIVE on Fox News Sunday this week!

Quick headlines (not many):

Life with Trig

This is serious

Oh this is interesting…

POTUS trading cards…. see anything interesting?

This is low, lowest of low…


Gov. Palin will be given The Woman of the Year award at CPAC!

What was your favorite Super Bowl commercial?  Have a great Monday everyone!



  • KatieSilverSpring

    No, I didn’t watch any football.  Just preparing for our church’s big 50th anniversary.  People do still surprise me at times, even church people.  Couldn’t sleep so I thought I’d check in with you guys.  I’ll try again as soon as Cloud stops wheezing (my American Eskimo); oh, no, now Stella is awake (she’s the alledged Labradoodle who looks more lke a small Scottish Deerhound, and acts the part).  Have a good week.

  • AFinch

    Good morning. I was surprised to see that article on Trig at The Daily Beast. Has Palin written things for them before?

    • Firelight

      For some reason I am thinking there was one other article published there but I can’t remember right now. I’ll look into it after I drop my kids off at school.  Now I am curious :)

      • JLAdevelop

        Peter Boyle wrote a very fair and detailed cover article about the Gov. last summer when many thought she would be a candidate. Sarah was on the cover. She may have felt that Newsweek was fair to her so she submitted an article. 

    • Whitney Pitcher

      The Daily Beast and Newsweek are owned both owned by Tina Brown. The Huffington Post has a piece about this. They wants to give credence to the Trig Truther conspiracy by noting the debunking (as it was a valid enough claim to need a debunking), and they create a strawman about the Governor writing a piece for a publication that she criticizes. If that logic held anyone water, anyone who criticizes the government should never run for office.  Anyway, here’s a bit of an explanation:

      • AFinch

        Interesting. Thanks.

  • section9


    That said, good morning everyone.

    There is deep demoralization setting in among conservatives. Firelight gets it, and the Bushie plan to put Jeb in power in 2016 appears to be working perfectly. There was NO enthusiasm among the Base this weekend, none.

    There is only one person alive who can rectify this.

    • AFinch

      Congrats to your Giants. As a Colts fan, I was pleased to see the Patriots lose and a Manning brother win in “the house that Peyton built.”

    • cookboy


      • indemind

        Ditto … Bingo!

  • hrh40

    Well, I’m actually glad the gov said she’d vote for Eli … it served to ease the pain of the loss … :(

    But the best team won in the end last night. And it was certainly a great Superbowl game, close throughout and came down to the last 5 minutes when both teams had ample opportunity.

    If I were techno, I’d find a way to turn this game into a metaphor for the 2012 presidential election, with Palin in the Eli role!! :)

  • RefudiateGOPe

    About those trading cards, I wonder if Sarah gave approval for the use of her image.  I don’t think the photo used was one of her best.  The photos of the others were a little more dignified.  Maybe Sarah’s photo was chosen because it shows her laughing at the rest of the field.  If truth be known, she should be crying at the miserable choices we have.

    If Sarah didn’t give her approval, I suspect the card may be an infringement on her Trademark.

  • blackbird

    Good morning everyone.

    To indemind and all the Giants fans, good game and congratulations.

    “Obama Pulls Combat Pay for U.S. Troops” some would say they are not surprised, but I am, I cannot imagine any Commander In Chief enacting such a policy as stated in the article.


    The temporary church-school teacher was struggling to open a combination lock on the supply cupboard. She thought that perhaps she’d forgotten the correct combination, so she went to the pastor’s study and asked for help.

    The minister came into the room and began to turn the dial. After the first two numbers he paused and stared blankly for a moment. Then he lifted his eyes upward and whispered something too faint to be heard. He finally turned back to the lock, entered the final number and opened it.

    The teacher was amazed. “I’m in awe at your faith, Pastor,” she said.

    “It’s really nothing,” he answered. “The number is taped to the ceiling.”

    Of course, he still may have been a man of great faith. Or he may have been a man of little faith. Not that it matters, for even a little faith can move a mountain-sized obstacle.

    Often, if we just begin with a tiny bit of belief and fertilize it with desire, even some of the most impossible obstacles imaginable can be surmounted and some of the most outlandish aspirations can be realized. Just a little belief, firmly held, can accomplish a great thing.

    Many Warsaw Jews died during the German occupation of their city during World War II. But some survived, and some were sustained by faith. During those dark years, an unknown hand wrote this graffiti on a Warsaw ghetto wall:

    I believe in the sun, even if it does not shine.
    I believe in love, even if I do not feel it.
    I believe in God, even if I do not see Him.

    Faith, little or great, can make a big difference.

    By Steve Goodier:

  • blackbird

    What a beautiful picture of Trig and his Mom and what a big boy he is now, how time flies.

  • senator20526

    Morning all…. Pietro Leatherchest here…..a cold, blistery, drab, 69 degrees in the great desert Southwest today, breaking out a sweater and a coat…..Congrats to the Giants (who narrowly beat my Niners in over-time) a very good game….Firelight, I had to put on another sweater just thinking about all the snow you had…lol….Everyone have a good day and be safe.

  • ErinMC4

    Good morning, fine folks :)

    Quick comment on the playing cards…is Sarah Palin running for President in 2012? Because…and please correct me if I’m wrong here…it seems those featured are people who were candidates in 2012 for President of the United States. Did I miss something? Hahaha…irrelevant, my foot.

  • Whitney Pitcher

    Good morning!

    I was a bit underwhelmed by the commercials in the Super Bowl, though I always get a chuckle out of the eTrade ads. :) The Giants were the only team that had former Illini players on it, so I cheered for them, and I was glad they won.

    I like that the Governor has her own “baseball card”, though Refudiate makes a good point about the trademarking. I wish they would have at least used my avatar picture for her card though. :)  I collected baseball cards growing up, and most of them are still at my parents. Perhaps I see where the political cards are available.


    Obama pulling “combat pay”…one more reason to get his a$$ out of office. I wish the average American would read this.

    Have I said yet today how much I loathe this man?

    • KentonAK

      How about prorating obama’s pay while he is in the golf course, Martha’s Vineyards or campaigning. If he is not at the Oval office he is not doing his job.

  • RefudiateGOPe

    Congrats to the pipsqueak for her appointment to the board of The New Agenda.!/AmyTheNewAgenda/status/166590941849862144

    • Lipstick

       Wow! Congratulations!

    • AFinch


    • Whitney Pitcher

       Thank you!

      • blackbird

         That’s great Whitney, WOW!!!… Congratulations!, Outstanding!. Guess you have to submit your official photo for the Board page 

      • indemind

        Way To Go Whip… *_*


      • Nancy6

        Way to go, Whitney!

      • section9

        Congrats Pip! You deserve it. Your writing is first rate and you’re a complete loyalist to the Gov!

        Are any NA people going to be at CPAC?

        • Whitney Pitcher


          I don’t think anyone from the New Agenda will be at CPAC. 

  • John_Frank

    For those who missed it, follows is the link to the Victory Sessions podcast of the interview with Michelle Easton, President Clare Boothe Luce Policy Institute concerning the presentation of their Woman of the Year Award to Governor Sarah Palin

    P.S. Governor Palin will be on Greta’s show this evening.

    P.P.S. Governor Palin posted a FB note in celebration of Ronald Reagan’s birthday:

    The note has a great picture of the Governor riding a horse.

  • Riley4Palin

    Afternoon All!

    Very busy day at work, but probably not as busy as Tom Brady today.  Me thinks wifey should stick to doing the catwalk in her skimpy outfits and avoid all football discussions – especially when she blames her hubby’s teammates for the loss.  It is called a TEAM for a reason.  Should be a “fun” off-season for Tommy – trying to make nice with the organization and teammates again for his ding dong wife.

    I wasn’t impressed with the Super Bowl commercials, but did enjoy the Madonna half-time show – with the exception of the idiot rapper who thought it would be cool to give the viewing audience the bird.  I never expected Madonna to sing live, so I wasn’t disappointed it would be a lip-sync performance.  Duh.  At least she kept it clean and non-controversial and my hat is off to any woman being able to move like that in her 50’s.  My favorite song – Vogue with the dancers.  Least favorite – her new single.  Something about Madonna trying to dance with pom poms makes me laugh out loud.

    As for the game, good stuff.  Sad that my Packer’s weren’t in it, but I love exciting Super Bowls.  I thought the Patriots had the momentum at halftime, but like the Giants have done the last few weeks, they made the plays when it counted.  I was never an Eli Manning fan, but his play over the last few weeks made me a fan.  Congrats Giants! 


    As for politics, I believe the Obama Administration gave the middle finger to the white Pro Life Catholic voters by his latest decision regarding how we should help people that want Abortions.  This is so disheartening and cause for great anger.  Can you imagine if the Administration ever risked going after Muslims with a position that is held by so many of their faith just to appease a voting block? 

    This is why politics have taken a backseat in my life.  It is too depressing.  The GOP Establishment seems set on Romney as their candidate and he seems to be creating some separation now with the other candidates.

    Of course when I mean separation that only means with the Conservative voters.  I am not sure if this is fact, but I heard that Romney will not make this latest bone-headed move by Obama a campaign issue because they are doing something similar with Romneycare already.  UGH.

    I miss Palin.

  • RefudiateGOPe

    It’s nice to enjoy the serenity here at P4A (if you catch my drift).  No fighting, no snark. Just good friends exchanging thoughts.

  • ErinMC4

    Please, please, please Firelight: give us some good (and unfiltered) commentary on this one…

    CanNOT wait!

    h/t texmex on twitter

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