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It’s Just Wednesday

Happy Hump Day everyone!

I loved Palin’s interview last night. She definitely knows where she stands with the establishment. I think she also knows where she stands with the people and we certainly matter the most.

If you missed her interview, you can watch it here.

So my house is counting down until The Lorax is out in theaters. It is all I hear about. It better be as good as they are claiming. My kids will be crushed if it isn’t. They show the previews on TV (kid’s channels) pretty much all day.

Hubby also won an Ipad 2 at work in a sales contest so we have a new toy in our house. I’m terrified we are going to break it and if we do, we won’t be replacing it.  He would have to win another one and this is the first time they have offered such a deal.  We have already had to set time limits… mostly on me…  I am learning that I can’t have two toys at the same time (computer and ipad). Apparently my kids have been listening to Obama and think that we should redistribute the toys… Hubby and I disagree :)

I do have to set a good example though so If I don’t follow the rules I have to sit in time out just like the kids.  I did that once when I accidentally said stupid in front of my kids.  I am not planning on sitting in time out again. I did not find it fun since the rule in our house is 1 minute for how old you are… I was there longer than a sitcom and my kids gleefully watched the clock.


News roundup

Heh… she is so good at this… the other candidates should take note.

I like these boys and now I am interested to watch the show and see what the hold up was…

FINALLY!  Yes, she was right… (notice who the author of the article is associated with in the footnotes and Palin herself tweeted this out)

Bwwaaahhhaaaa, karma baby!

Hey Track playing football!

Hey Pelosi… Here we are…

This just upped his chances of a comeback…

Now we know that The Undefeated is going to be playing for FREE on Network TV and here, here and here people are starting to defend Palin against the smears in Game Change.  UPDATED: Breitbart News has a big story by John Nolte to shows how deceptive the very leftist producer and director were during the process. They lied to Jason Recher to start with and he is a great, great guy.

UPDATED: Whitney has a great article at Big Government. It’s all greek so I’m going for some baklava…

And this guy went to Columbia and Harvard?…

I love this idea but they are banking on Romney or Santorum being the nominee and in that case, this isn’t such a good idea…

Hey Ace actually has a good idea

This is called pay for play… and SHOULD be illegal…

Reminds me of the Romney supporters in Denver…

It’s just wasn’t her day…

And you want our vote because you are nice?  um… earth to Rick…our country is massive & the POTUS is an executive manager (even if he downsizes it, he still manages it) oh and about those ads not talking about voting for tax increases… they are running in CO right now. You voted over 50 times to increase taxes and fees… I fact checked it…

Of all things for Rush to take issue with and what an answer for… Rush, I don’t think equating him to Chavez is a good thing. Rush basically says that if you dismiss Chavez’s satan talk then you must dismiss Santorum’s. What if I thought Chavez was an absolute lunatic for his comments?  Does that mean I must think Santorum a lunatic too?  Cuz I think Chavez is a lunatic… bad comparison.

No one is buying what you are selling and the higher the price of gas gets… good luck buddy…

Ok Rick you get props for this. However, you need to remember that Palin has learned the skill of remaining firm and strong in her faith without making stupid, offensive comments.  Please take note…

While I like both men, this would not be a unifying ticket…

MUST READ: He nails it…

Now this is a valid criticism… maybe Rush should ask him to answer for this…

Rethinking Newt?  I’m not convinced of this comeback he “could” have…

Thank you Franklin Graham!  This a a real concern for Christians not the Catholic vs Protestant crap Santorum talked about.

Newt’s Declaration of Energy Independence (someone’s been listening to Sarah)


Have a great day everyone!  Do something good for someone else.

  • OldPat

    As another dawn breaks over the tree tops of  the pine forests of the Carolina Lowcountry, please join me as I salute two of the stalwarts of the Left’s theft of our freedom – pervert Al Gore and draft-dodging coward Bill Clintion.

    In all honesty, I must tell you that the salute I am giving them is not the one I reserve for men and women who serve their country with honor and distinction.  Rather, it is the one they have earned.  Please feel free to imagine what it it might look like were you to see it in person.

  • Akabosan

    As of 0740 Mr. Palin and Mr. Davis are in 6th place.  The are at Nome the northernmost point on their snow machine stroll around Alaska.


  • RefudiateGOPe

    There was something included in that video of the 2008 interview with Sean Hannity, that I thought was very interesting.  In telling Sean which politicians gave her inspiration, she included Lincoln.  Instead of just giving a broad statement regarding his presidency during a very bad time in our history, she cited the book, Team of Rivals by Doris Kearns Goodwin as a reference to Lincoln building a team which included past political enemies. That one statement should have given insight into how Sarah did govern and how she would build alliances to help solve problems. 

    Unfortunately, people paid more attention to Sarah’s answer to Couric about what she reads, rather than hearing her talk about a book that very few people had probably read.  It’s one thing to say you read a certain book, but to use it to frame an answer to a question, shows that Sarah did indeed show a strong intellectual curiosity.

    • Ting

      After the election, when discussion turned to Obama’s transition team, was when we first learned of Obama’s affinity for Lincoln and his team of rivals, intending, I think, to make us relax and hope it would be a balanced administration.  I know a lot of people who thought it would all be okay, because he loved Lincoln.

  • OldPat

    After an exchange of posts with blackbird last nite,I’ve decided to collate several posts I made here or at C4P and repost them below.  They are the results of a brainstorming session and  may give some insight to what the Left is trying to accomplish and how they might go about it.

    Nowadays we know what brainstorming is. It’s when you get to take your brain outta that box you’re keepin’ it in, put it in your head, and think outside that box your brain was in.  Course, your brain has to go back in that box when you quit your session so you can think inside-the-box for awhile.

    It was a lot simpler in the old days.  I remember my Dad telling me, ‘Son, the Lord gave you a brain.  He expects you to use it for something other than a hatrack!’  So I did.  ‘See how easy that was?’ (to quote the GOV)

    And, don’t even get me started on my other favorite term – ‘proactive’.  When those bright young B_School grads and Engineers decided they were gonna teach an old codger how to be ‘proactive’…..

    Well, I hope I wasn’t too mean, but I just couldn’t help myself.  I pulled out my pin and ever-so-gently pricked their bubble by uttering five words – ‘Oh, you mean contingency planning.’

    Friends, there still exists such a thing as responsible environmentalism in this country, and its’ motives are still as good and noble as they were the day Young Pat joined this movement forty-odd years ago and became one of the true pioneers of the Environmental Movement in this country.

    Today, the Left has co-opted the movement I spent my life serving, and they intend to use it to help them steal our freedom.

  • Ting

    Speaking of Chavez…..I was very, very lucky in late January to be on the island of St. Croix for a day.   As you  know, this island is part of the U.S. Virgin Islands.  We were surprised to learn that there is an oil refinery on the island that employs anywhere from 1,500 to 2,000 people, which is a very large percentage of their work force.  The refinery was owned by Hess, but several years ago the Chavez state owned oil company bought into it and changed the name to HOVENSA. Now they are shutting it down and moving the operations to Venezuela.  Every native that we encountered spoke about how devastating this is going to be for that island; it was really sad how anxious they are about it.

     We drove by the facility out of curiosity after we heard so much about it – it is huge.  I don’t know what can be done about HOVENSA leaving, but I wish an American company would make them an offer they can’t refuse and buy the facility and start refining again.  I don’t think that HOVENSA had any immediate plans to dispose of the property – only to shut the doors.  Ominous, if you ask me.

    • cookboy

      All part of the plan.

  • OldPat

    OldPat 15 hours ago in reply to blackbird

    Hi, blackbird.  My ole brain is like a muscle – use it or lose
    it.  So, sometimes I play ‘connect-the-dots’ to exercise it.May I
    ask a favor? 

    Go to last Wed. open thread and read a post I made that
    nite about the Left’s new religion.  I called it enviromentalism. 
    Actually, they seem to be combining the basic tenants of the
    enviromental movement, socialism and progressivism into one dogma.

    I then compare the tenants their new religion to Islam, I see very
    little difference.  They’re the same pig wearing two different shades of
    lipstick.  They are beginning to use their new religion as their
    rationalization for controlling everything we do, and they intend to
    sell it to a gullible electorate.  

    If these suppositions are
    correct, this is indeed scary stuff for we bitterclingers.  It is we who
    are BO’s enemy, not Islamic terrorism.  This is why the Left is so
    intent on attacking our right to bear arms (Fast & Furious anyone?)
    and Judeo-Christianity.  They would like to disarm us so we are
    powerless to defend ourselves.

  • OldPat

    OldPat 6 days ago
    POSTULATE:  There is no longer a separation of church and state in our nation.

    DISCUSSION:  Think of the incredible amount of power that could be
    amassed if your religion allowed – nay, required – you to control and
    direct all human activity up to and including who lives, who dies and

    Why, if your religion decided the earth’s population was 
    too high, you could and would be expected to do all manner of things to
    control it – forced abortions, mass sterilization, euthanasia, death
    panels and even worse. 

    Of course you would choose to do these things to
    those ‘stupid ones’ Palin referenced in her speech Saturday; not to
    true believers.  Indeed, you could sleep like a baby at nite safe an
    secure in the knowledge you had done the right thing.

    Tho many do
    not recognize it as such, the progressives have a new religion
    (Environmentalism), a new god (the earth), and a new mission in life
    (protecting Mother Earth from the ‘stupid ones’).

    Now that the
    watchdogs of freedom(Congress) have passed Obamacare so they could see
    what was in it, the Left’s new religion has the force of law behind it. 

    country that was founded because of religious persecution – the last
    great bastion of liberty and freedom on the face of the earth – now has a
    state religion, and,sadly, most of her citizens are so politically
    unaware and uninvolved they don’t even know it.

    BO and his buds
    (BO&B) are not waging war on all religion, they wage war on
    Judeo-christian religion so that their fledgling state religion will
    have a chance to grow and strengthen.  Hence, the struggle between
    BO&B and the Catholic/Evangelical leadership in recent weeks.  Their
    thinkers finally realized what ole BO&B was up to.

    As the
    War of the Ballot of 2012 heats up, I have concluded that none of the
    dwarfs left standing have the testicular fortitude to defeat such an

    There is only ONE that can accomplish that feat.  Tho I think highly of her, I’m not talking about the GOV either.

    carried us on her back as far and as long as she could, but now’s the
    time for WE the PEOPLE to finish the job she started – now’s the time
    for WE the PEOPLE to save ourselves!

    Of course, if our Moral Compass decided to lend us a hand, I wouldn’t object. Would you?

    • cookboy


  • Akabosan

    Uh, Firelight, it isn’t politically correct to call those fellas 

    “boys.”  Many years ago my mother called one of her 

    employees “boy,” and he said to her, “You can’t call me boy.”  

    Her response was “I have 5 sons and call them all ‘boy’ so I 

    can sure call you boy too.

    If Mrs. Palin had become a candidate, it would have “changed” 

    the whole perspective of GAME CHANGE.  As she is now ‘just 

    a private citizen, with no title,’ people are running to her 

    defense.  They might not have done so if she was in the race.  

    Brava Mrs. Palin!  your decision to follow divine guidance is 

    once again proving to be spot on.  Gee what a coincidence.


    • Firelight

      LOL, politically correct is not something I will ever be :)

      • OldPat

        May I join you?

      • Akabosan

        YEAH!  U Go Gurl!


  • Whitney Pitcher

    Good morning, all!

    I had the opportunity to write another piece at Big Government that was posted early evening yesterday:

    President Obama is apparently announcing a corporate tax cut today, which I didn’t know about when I wrote the BigGovernment piece knocking him for not cutting taxes,  but this plan special breaks for green energy etc–you know, his friends.I’m sure there’s some hidden stuff in there too. It should be interesting to see how it plays.

    There are a few good posts about Game Change from Big Hollywood, including one where Jason Recher–one of Governor Palin’s staff who was with her during the VP run. These are must reads! See below:

    • OldPat

       One of these days we may have to let you go, but I do so enjoy having you around.  Thank you.


      Great, great piece Whit…

      People used to laugh and make jokes about “the Chicago way”. Well the “Chicago way” continues and now Obama has brought it to DC……looks like people aren’t laughing or making jokes any more. *sigh*
      It still gets me how Quinn got in office at all. This state is so corrupt, my hubby and I can’t wait till retirement and get the heck out of this state for good.


    Firelight, it’s time we stop talking about “Satan”, “contraception” and  Rick being on the edge of being tagged a “religious nutjob” and start talking about the plans….or lack there of….that Santorum has for this country.

    I’m hoping for a Newt comeback. He’s come up with good ideas and has plans……haven’t heard anything like that from Rick.
    BTW Firelight…..Newt has been saying “drill baby drill” before Sarah….just sayin.

    • Firelight

      I agree, I actually didn’t think the Satan comments were a big deal. I was surprised that out of all of Santorums crazy comments that Rush asks for an explanation on that.  There are much more valid things to question him on…

      We will see if Newt can stage a comeback. I prefer him over any of the others. My comment on him taking Sarah’s advice is that he has finally pivoted from space stations back to energy and how Obama is a threat. I would like to hear more from him on the economy but hopefully he will move that directions.

      None of the candidates are really talking much about how they would solve the economic problems we have.

      • cookboy

        I certainly don’t want anything to do with any pol who has plans for our country. I merely want them to understand that an unobtrusive and non intrusive government allows for a nation to successfully find its own way to prosperity. Anything else is just another path to universal poverty.

        • Firelight

          I with you on that. I just have heard Newt say he would shut down some of the departments similar to Ron Paul and I have never heard Romney or Santorum talk in such a way. 

          I like when candidates say that their plan is to return power to the states, cut waste, lower taxes and then get out of the way. 

          I am not really hearing much economic talk other than Romney’s status quo speak which I don’t like.

  • Akabosan

    My contribution to the social values discussion for our candidates:

    “Don’t disparage families and motherhood and anti abortion efforts.

      Without all of the above…  

        We might not have you.”


  • senator20526

    Morning all…..Pietro Leatherchest here…..a balmy, bright and sunny 78 degrees here in the great desert Southwest..I have hung up the sweater and turned the heater off….for now…I dont trust weathermen as far as I can throw them….So Obama didnt cancel the Keystone Pipeline…..The Republicans did, so says Jay(I know nothing) Carney……No follow-up questions by the LSM…Gas over $4.00 per gallon in California…Refineries closing due to EPA regulations…Gas is being sold, for the first time, to Europe because they can get 8-9 dollars a gallon for it…..and Obama is turning the White House into a juke-joint, singing for the audience..what a guy……That’s  all for now….be safe and try to stay sane.

  • JLAdevelop

    John Nolte has a great article taking on the makers of the HBO movie Game Change as the hit job it is.

  • Akabosan

    This is the prize money distribution for Iron Dog.

    OH!  And everyone of them gets to take part in my share of the snow and cold.


  • Akabosan

    At 1900 hours EST, all of the PRO teams still in the Iron Dog are in Nome.  It is a time for repair and preparation.


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