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Desert Sun Friday

TGIF everyone!

It is Friday and I am soooo glad!  I wish I was landing in Arizona today with so many others from here but I’m really looking forward to the updates and reports from those there.  It should be a fun weekend for them.

We are still having beautiful weather here in Colorado this weekend so I plan to prune back my roses, play outside with my kids, go to church and run errands. I’ve decided that I’m burnt out on this primary season.  I want all the candidates to stay in and make it a brokered convention.  That gives Gov. Palin an opening IF she wants it and it not she could be kingmaker.

For me, I think I am just going to sit back and enjoy the spring and summer without getting too wrapped up in politics.  I know we will all be busy this fall no matter who our nominee is but for the first time in a long time I think that Palin is actually starting to give people a peak at her hand by openly saying “anything is possible” in her recent round of interviews.

So my plan is to go for brokered and hope that “anything possible” happens. Until then, I’m just not going to sweat it and read the tea leaves.  I will, however, remain snarky :)


News roundup:

Gov. Palin has an op-ed on Breitbart.

Bristol has a new blog

Flashback to this article on Schmidt… (h/t IsraeliCojones)

I have indigestion just thinking about this

And this is how it is done behind the scenes…

A peek behind the Pella curtain…

Well then, what do we need you for…

Inflation is coming…

His campaign doesn’t need a makeover… it needs to go away…

Uh oh… this might not be helpful…

Well, this seems more her “style”…

Maybe we should worry about this

But we’re not drilling…

Preach it Joel…

Hmmmm Constitutional law


Breitbart is here.


Have a great Friday everyone!!!



  • OldPat

    Cross post from P4A

     Did you hear a little whoosh followed by a small clap of thunder last week?  That little whoosh and clap was the air of Soledad O’Brien’s superiority leaving her little bubble and meeting the cold reality of some of Sarah’s and Andrew’s sun-drenched unvarnished truth as calmly told by Joel Pollak.

    Tho Joel has never failed to impress me with his knowledge, his encounter with O’Brien was one for the ages – an instant classic.  As I watched one of the Left’s little darlin’s epic meltdown on National TV, I couldn’t help but LMAO.

    The would-be LSM journalist who had set herself up as the moral arbiter of all things racial more than met her match – one of Brietbart’s young guns.  And she committed the unpardonable sin –
    instead of reporting the story she became the story as Joel so graciously pointed out.

    Such is the life of one of the Left’s useful idiots.  Don’t think for yourself;  think that which you have been trained to think;  think inside your little bubble of delusion, lies and half-truths;  think
    inside your box.

    Katie Who? meet Soledad What?  I understand you two have a lot in common.  You both know a lot about self-implosion.

    To my friends in the LSM, you need to tighten up a bit.  You only have when, why, where and how left before we dumb ole bitterclingers will have to make up some new words to describe your propensity for self-destruction.

    • Whitney Pitcher

      I had to laugh at the whole O’Brien-Pollak enchange. He handle himself so well, and of course, the “racist” charge was laughable. Pollak’s wife is black and originally from South Africa. He ran for Congress in Illinois in 2010 in a pretty liberal district, and all things considered did well. Jan Schakowsky, the uber liberal corruptocrat, unfortunately won.

      I was just reminded of one of Pollak’s ads I ran across during the election that he made with Isaac Hayes (yes, that’s really his name) who was the Republican challenger to Jesse Jackson Jr.

      Yeaaah, Pollak’s a real racist:

      • Firelight

        Whitney, I absolutely rolled on the floor laughing when the CNN people were embarrassing themselves with their absurd accusations toward him.  I had to google him because I did remember that his wife is from South Africa.  Two seconds verified that info for me and the CNN wack-a-doos were still making their accusations at the time.

  • LS as guest

    Good morning, everyone.  I just loved the Governor’s piece on Breitbart, coupled with the article on Pella.

  • KatieSilverSpring

    Speak out and speak loud!  Never again should one person have to carry the load Andrew Breitbart did for us.  We must take up the yoke and carry on his mission, each and every one of us in our way, no matter what way or manner that is.  I say this on every blog and in every place I can and so should YOU.

    I Am Andrew Breitbart.  Breitbart is Here.

  • Whitney Pitcher

    Well, I’m finishing packing things up and getting things ready this morning, then I’m hitting the road for the airport. I look forward to seeing everyone who will be there in Arizona!

    Have a great weekend everyone!

  • Emily Baxter

    For those in Arizona, welcome! Glad you’re there. Again, my grandparents won’t be too pleased, but that’s okay. 😉
    Met a Congressional freelance reporter today in class. Seemed nice. He also gave me some great advice as a commentator. Couldn’t tell whether he was liberal or conservative.
    It is cloudy here. Oh, and check this out: I want to do this sooooooo badly. 

    Have a good day, and report back please?!

  • Riley4Palin

    Happy Friday!

    So happy to see Sarah Palin’s name at this morning.  Great piece!

    Nice to see she has some media people willing to have her back and not be disloyal.  I hope this is her new media outlet going forward.

    Speaking of disloyal, if you were stuck on a deserted island for six months and had a choice between Schmidt, Wallace, or the entire team at Politico, who would you choose?  Three years ago I would have said, none, I’ll take “Wilson” the Volleyball.   But now that I want to stuff “Wilson” down Tom Hank’s throat, I guess I would prefer none of them.  Peace and calm is way more important than the negative energy all of these people could bring into your life.  God tests us with certain people in life and you can choose to be a part of their party, or not.  I am glad Palin continues to rise above all of them and keeps smiling.

    Hollywood lib George Clooney spent a full year schmoozing Hollywood and kissing Obama’s butt and still struck out with Oscar voters so he decided to take his fledging career to a new level to create some interest.  This morning he took the more looney leftist route of Occupy DC and got himself arrested.  When Megs McCain saw Clooney being taken away in handcuffs she blogged, “Hey George, mind if I borrow those for date night tonight?” 

    Happy Trails to those attending the AZ Meet Up!  I heard through the grapevine that Mamma Mia is buying the first round. The more you drink the easier it is for a Yankee to understand those chicks from the South.

  • John B. Hefmier

    Hope that everyone has a blast at the meet-up.  :^)

  • section9

    Hi everyone! I’m home from Clarkesville, TN, just in time to monitor the hijinks at the RRR meetup in Arizona.

    Here’s hoping every one of you have a wonderful time of it out there in the Desert, and go forward with the Governor!

    I read Sarah’s Breitbart piece. One would hope that the Governor has found a permanent home!

  • Nancy6

    Hope everyone has a wonderful time in Arizona!

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