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Feisty Monday

Good morning all!

I hope everyone had a great weekend.  We launch a new week and it starts with the Supreme Court hearing on Obamacare and Gov. Palin will be on with Greta tonight.  That should make for an exciting and feisty Monday.

This weekend was pretty quiet on the political front. Santorum won Louisiana.  Considering what a dirty word the Bush family name is in LA after Katrina, I have a feeling that Jeb Shrub’s endorsement didn’t help Mittens very much.  Apparently I am part of a new generation, Gen44.  I think I will happily under-perform for my generation with this new label.

Last night my house was filled with lots of giggly girls for a sleepover since it is spring break and my son was running around with his Darth Maul mask on and light saber.  It made for lots of fun!

News Roundup:

Let no crisis go to waste

Today is day one of hearings

I hope the Supreme Court does the right thing…

It is a total farce

Ya think?…

Another one bites the dust…

He can’t name any because he isn’t going to cut any…

Of  course he won’t

I still haven’t completely absorbed this

Now I want to see this

In your dreams

Hmmm wonder what they are planning to hide


Have a great Monday everyone!  I’ll post the Governor’s interview with Greta as soon as we have it.




  • Akabosan

    Thank you Mrs. Firelight and I hope you and your family have a terrific week.

    maobama went to Korea.  He looked over the wall and later remarked, “There are certain things that just don’t work and what they are doing doesn’t work.” 

    If that is the case, why oh why does he want us to go there?



  • section9

    I’ve been thinking about the column Mark Steyn wrote after his return from Australia and one passage leaps out to me:

    I was in Australia earlier this month, and there, as elsewhere on my
    recent travels, the consensus among the politicians I met (at least in
    private) was that Washington lacked the will for meaningful course
    correction, and that, therefore, the trick was to ensure that, when the
    behemoth goes over the cliff, you’re not dragged down with it. It is
    faintly surreal to be sitting in paneled offices
    lined by formal
    portraits listening to eminent persons who assume the collapse of the
    dominant global power is a fait accompli. “I don’t feel America is quite
    a First World country anymore,” a robustly pro-American Aussie told me,
    with a sigh of regret.

    We are being governed (and have been, since 2001) by a political class whose incompetence is matched only by the crowned heads of Europe who sent an entire generation of European young men to their deaths in the trenches in 1914. Hitler’s decision to invade Russia in the High German Summer of 1941 is also comparable in scope and folly. Our press covers up or serves as apologists for this gang of wreckers.

    Understand that the reckoning is at hand. Obama will fail, as the European Soviet project did, simply because there is no more money left to steal. But so will his co-conspirators in the looting, Big Government Republicans and their front man, Mitt Romney. That’s what happens to Looter States; they go bankrupt. But also understand that the Republican Party had a hand in the Looting and that Palin was exiled because she called them out on it.

    Sarah Palin will return to power, but not before a terrible price is paid, and everyone, including her enemies, realizes that she was telling the truth all along.


    • cookboy


    • blackbird

      I agree section9. “fail” to these people are just a word, for the rest of us it’s shouldering the burden of their austerity from their ignorance and corruption. Who feels it knows it.

    • bourque801

      Thank you Section 9 for an outstanding post summing up the trouble we are in as a country….living In my endearingly loony state of Massachusetts, I had a first-hand viewing of “Mittens” Romney’s Governorship….and he was less than useless….basically when election day comes around, i’m going to be voting for a 3rd party candidate, wheter it’s Sarah & Todd Palin, Ron Paul, or even the Nyan Cat!!!!

      Here’s the “Nyan Cat” link:

      I say I would vote for the “Nyan Cat” over a “Mittens” Romney because that’s how fake I think Romney has been a candidate, and a Governor.

      Thank You.  

  • Akabosan
  • M_Minnesota

    Morning P4A/others!!

    Wonder if during Greta’s show if the whole future Balance of the Supreme Court will be addressed.

    I’m with Levin in saying I’ll vote for an Orange Juice Can vs. Obama.   But these “Stillborn” Tea Party Fakes (lee.ect. ) don’t need to endorse now.

    Palin/West  2012

    Steadfast and Loyal!!!

    • hrh40

      I would vote for an orange juice can before I would vote for Mitt Romney.

      See Firelight’s link “He can’t name any because he isn’t going to cut any …”

  • Whitney Pitcher

    Good morning, all!

    So Senator Lee not only voted against drilling in ANWR earlier this month, he also decides to endorse Romney. Very disappointing. These guys shouldn’t endorse anyone, but the fact that they do shows that they are looking to aide their political career by trying to schmooze the probable nominee. I suppose it’s politics, which often means people must eschew principle. Sigh.

    I have a new post up at Big Government today. After giving a green energy company tons of stimulus money in 2009, the Obama administration gave more money to this same company even though they’re under SEC investigation for insider trading. So frustrating!

    • mark1955

      Worse than that,Lee is the co-sponsor of a bill along with Chuck Shumer,that was taken right out of the fall of the Roman Empire.It would allow foreigner’s,without citizenship,to purchase property in the United States, as long as they invested in a minimum of $500,000.This would dilute our national character and destroy our sovereignty. Sorry,i don’t have the Senate bill number.Lee was also fully onboard the Senates PIPA internet censorship legislation.He’s another traitorous phoney!

  • OldPat

    Cross post from C4P

    BO asks Russian President Dmitry Medvedev for a little ‘space’ on
    missile defense until after the election when he has ‘more flexibility’,
    WE the PEOPLE best consider just where ole BO is coming from.

    My friends, ole BO is just asking a bud for a little favor; after
    all, he and BO are on the same side – they’re both communists who wish
    to destroy our way of life.

    Remember what ole Nikita said in 1956 – ‘We will destroy you without
    firing a shot.’  Well, friends, it’s BO’s job to fix things so WE can’t
    fire a shot even if WE want to.

    If Alinsky says it’s OK to bake your cake with a few lies to make it
    rise, it ought to be OK to sweeten the frosting with a little treason,
    shouldn’t it?

    Girl, do you really think a nincompoop like Mitt can handle someone
    like this?  Even with your help, I don’t think any of the dwarfs can get
    the job done.

    The War of the Ballot of 2012 will mark either the death knell or the rebirth of freedom in these United States.

    Reagan’s ‘time for choosing’ is upon us.  Do WE the PEOPLE and our
    Moral Compass have what it takes to buck up and get out of the truck? 

    Or will WE just sit in the truck and watch our freedom quietly fly away into the mists of history?

    An Old Patriot will soon know if he will ever get to see THE WALL or if he must die without ever transferring his duties because no one was worthy.

  • senator20526

    Morning all …….Pietro Leatherchest here……Another bright, sunny 74 degree day in the great desert Southwest…..Looks like Jebbies endorsement of Mittens didn’t mean snot in LA.   Where is Sarah and what is she doing?  Jesse Jackass is stirring up crap again, along with MSNBC’s Rev, Al.
    I love Trayvon’s facebook picture..wearing pants below his waist and flashing gang signs….looks just like Obama….They want to arrest Zimmerman for smashing his face into Trayvon fists…..he is lucky he wasn’t shot 10 times….I dont wish death on anyone, but this over the top…The Justice Dept. hasn’t said a word about the New Black Panther Party’s  bounty of $ 10,000 on Zimmerman……I bet if the Tea Party had a bounty on Obama for trashing the constitution, the FBI would be there in a hot second. End of rant……..have a great Monday

  • Lipstick

    On an upbeat note…has anyone noticed the men’s Barracuda Bracket & who is in first at the moment??? My Jayhawks will not let me down!

    I may not have mentioned I ran my recent half marathon in 2:22:40. I was excited at my time as I was still nursing a lingering knee issue and actually took short walk breaks to rest it. While running, I was moving pretty well and excited to break 2:30.

    My next big race will be in November. A half marathon that runs over a bridge connecting Pleasure Island. It is the first year of this race and should be fun.

    I will not be running the Austin 10/20. Hubby officially has a couple of bulging discs and a pinched sciatic nerve. We are going to a specialist in Houston tomorrow. No running for him in April. I am bummed as we were treating this as a little getaway.

    I have a 12 year old, so we saw the Hunger Games on Friday. His ELA teacher is a big Hunger Game gal. He read the whole series and was pumped about the movie. They even had Hunger Games Week last week at school. The movie was pretty good, if you can get over the premise of young people fighting to the death….my son told me….”Mom, it is not real, ya know”. Keep that in mind and you should be OK.

    Did I mention the whole primary race is so damn (yes I said DAMN) boring without Palin in the mix? Imagine all the action with her in the race.

    4.0 miles/ 45:01/ 11:15 pace

    • Akabosan

      Good race time.  Especially for a “gurl.”  {Sheepish just kidding look all over his face}.  Many many many years ago I ran.  For sports for training for conditioning (thankfully never from the law) and I appreciate the training and commitment it takes.  

      In fact, the inventor of the ankle weights was the basketball, football line coach and weight trainer at my high school.  He went on to become one of the best horse trainers ever and his name is D. Wayne Lukas.  We, in track and our basketball team were some of the first to use the weights.  

      Good Luck in the future, and as they say in theater, “Break a leg.”


  • blackbird

    Good day everyone.


    Novelist Vicki Baum once said, “You don’t get ulcers from what you eat. You get them from what’s eating you.” And what’s eating us much of the time is worry. It eats us from the inside out.

    I wish I could always be like former baseball player Mickey Rivers. He philosophized, “Ain’t no sense worrying about things you got control over, because if you got control over them, ain’t no sense worrying. And there ain’t no sense worrying about things you got no control over either, because if you got no control them, ain’t no sense worrying.”

    Maybe that makes sense, I’m just not sure. But even if it does, I’ll likely wind up worried anyway. Which is why I like this story related by inspirational Dutch author and holocaust survivor Corrie ten Boom.

    Corrie learned a powerful lesson as a little girl. Having encountered the lifeless body of a baby, she realized that people she loved would someday die, too. She thought about the fact that her father and mother and sister Betsie could quite possibly pass on before she does. The thought frightened and worried her.

    One night her father came in to tuck her into bed. Corrie burst into tears and sobbed, “I need you. You can’t die. You can’t!”

    Her father sat on the edge of the narrow bed and spoke tenderly to his daughter. “Corrie,” he said gently, “when you and I go to Amsterdam, when do I give you your ticket?”

    She sniffed a few times and considered the question. “Why, just before I get on the train,” she answered.

    “Exactly,” he continued. Then he gave her assurance that was to last a lifetime. “When the time comes that some of us have to die, you will look into your heart and find the strength you need – just in time.”

    Some years later Corrie and her family, arrested for sheltering Jews and members of the Dutch resistance, were sent to Nazi concentration camps. She, indeed, experienced the deaths of her parents and sister, as well as numerous friends. She endured hardships that she could never have imagined as a young child. But the words of her father stayed with her and proved to be true. “You will look into your heart and find the strength you need – just in time.” She always did. Regardless of the suffering or hardship she encountered, when she looked inside her heart she found the strength she needed – just in time.

    If you worry and fret, or if you feel anxious about your future, you may find Corrie’s experience helpful. And if that thing you dread should ever arrive, then you need only look inside your heart. The strength you need can be found there – just in time.

    By Steve Goodier:

  • Happy_Miser

    Cross posted from C4P, where somebody earlier posted the oral arguments transcripts for SCOTUS on ACA (aka “ObamaCare):

    I thought I’d post the general link for anyone that might want to follow it over the next couple days:

    Then go to “Oral Arguments” (on the left-hand bar) and select “Argument Transcripts” and each day should appear near the top (filed under “Department of Health and Human Servs. v. Florida”, Day 1 = March 26).

    • blackbird

       Thanks for the info Happy_Miser.

      • Happy_Miser

        Thanks!  NoMoreMeh posted this one as well which I also found useful:

        • blackbird

          Thanks very much Happy_Miser and also to NoMoreMeh for the link, an excellent read, thanks again. I have printed it off and will pass it along to my neighbor he will enjoy Mr. Denniston’s Opinion analysis.

  • section9

    Palin’s call-out of Obama’s attempt at appeasement was superb today. She beat Chicago Jesus like a rented mule.

  • Michael

    I hope Sarah Palin and her lawyers go after those that use her name and likeness especially in a defaming. Look at the stuff on Ebay. Report all the obscene stuff that violate her copyright.

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