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Fellowship Friday….

As Whitney has pointed out it is Women’s History Month…so in keeping with that I offer up this story…

Rear Admiral Grace Hopper, USNR

Born: Grace Brewster Murray Hopper, New York, New York, December 9, 1906

Died: Arlington, Virginia, January 1, 1992

I find her story fascinating as she is a little known Pioneer of Computer Science.  One I think we all can now say we owe a debt of gratitude.   Hopper was a graduate of Vassar with a B.A in mathematics in 1928 and later went onto an M.A from Yale in 1930 and a PhD in 1934.  Hopper came from a military family where she later joined the Navy WAVES (Women Accepted for Voluntary Emergency Service) in December, 1943.  She was commissioned Lieutenant in July 1944 where she reported to the Bureau of Ordnance Computation Project at Harvard. With that appointment she was involved with a program to “build” an “Automatic Sequence-Controlled Calculator.”  She joined the business world in 1949 and went onto hold several business, academia, and military associations throughout the years when in 1983 she was promoted to Commodore at a ceremony in the White House.   Two years later she was again promoted to Rear Admiral Hopper.  Her accomplishments include a device called the “compiler.”  Her body of work includes developments in digital computing, subroutines, and formula translations.  Basically…what we have today known as the “computer.”   She was buried at Arlington National Cemetery with full Naval Honors on January 7, 1992.

Today as we recover from the news of Andrew Breitbart…the message that has come across loud and clear is that we move HIS message forward.  So with a heavy heart we will do just that.  Continued Prayers to his family and friends…and this Nation.

Headline News…

Energy Lost..

Tricare…When will they take a cut? Panetta? Anyone..Anyone?

Fighting Back….

My Aunt Fannie…this is absurd!  I spent a better part of my life dealing with this FRAUD…

Golf Anyone?…Please…Anyone who has ever played golf has at least cheated a time or two…It’s like Clinton saying he  “Never Inhaled.” (Winter Rules)

10 days and counting til Bannon drops Breitbarts video bombs he had on Obama…

Now that’s just cheating

On This Day:

1807 – The U.S. Congress passed an act to “prohibit the importation of slaves into any port or place within the jurisdiction of the United States… from any foreign kingdom, place, or country.”

1861 – The U.S. Congress created the Territory of Nevada.

1949 – The B-50 Superfortress Lucky Lady II landed in Fort Worth, TX. The American plane had completed the first non-stop around-the-world flight.

Okay P4A Kids…this is a short and sweet round-up of what has taken place in the last few hours.   My phone started buzzing about 6am with the news of Andrew Breitbart.  With that I think it is just a time to reflect on life, politics, and how we deal with all of it.  Firelight has passed the torch to this newbie blogger in order for her to spend some extra time with her kids, family and herself.  So bare with me…you may see a bit more of me in the future.

You all Have a Good Day and Reflect on what is important in your lives!

  • BrianusBerkleianus

    Good morning, Everyone!
    Here follows “A Tale of a Post.”
    Guys, I had intended to post yesterday the piece that is presented below.  I wanted to place it on the new open thread (on C4P).
    But no new open thread came … for hours and hours and hours.
    Now we know why: The shocking loss of our Brother-in-Arms, Andrew Breitbart.  I am going to post the text verbatim as I had intended to twenty-four hours ago.  Perhaps it is even more applicable now, with the shock of the sad and dolorous news we have absorbed.
    We must live as never before these following words …
    We must, IMHO, engrave them on our HEARTS, just as they are engraved on our COINS:
    God bless!!!
    Post intended for yesterday:
    My Dear Friends in Sarah,
    Happy Thursday to you all!!
    I have a few thoughts to share with you this morning about the twisting and spinning and whirling of events in recent months that, in their disconcerting vicissitudes, have alternately encouraged us (e.g., the Indianola speech of last 3 September), then discouraged us (e.g., the announcement of last 5 October), then again lifted us up and fired us with zeal (the CPAC speech on her birthday), then cast us down and disheartened us (last Tuesday’s primary results).
    I believe that isolated events reveal their full and fated significance only in relation to each other and in relation to the whole of which they are a part.
    Let us take as an illustration of this truth the isolated letters:
    S …
    A …
    R …
    A …
    H …
    What does an “S” by itself signify?  Nothing.  The same is true with “A” and “R,” etc.
    But when they are taken together, a living “soul” is breathed into and bestowed upon the conjunction and unity of these letters.  By themselves, as isolated and individual entities, the letters are like a mere dead corpse or an exsiccated, lifeless skeleton.  Taken in living and vibrant RELATION to each other, they arise and breathe forth the vigorous and vital and beautiful name of the Lady of the North Country, our dear … SARAH!!!!!
    So it is with isolated events.  We may not perceive the plenitude of their meaning and significance, but the Lord does.
    The following analogy is imperfect, but perhaps we can compare the liquid and limpid sounds of the vowels and of some of the smoother consonants to the bright, happy events in our lives and in the life of our nation, and the harsher-sounding and grimmer consonants to the difficult and dangerous times and events.
    BUT, taken together, taken in a Divine Unity, these sounds and letters coalesce to form and constitute the words, the sentences, the paragraphs, the pages, the chapters of the Divine and Eternal Volume that the Divine Author is writing in our lives and in our times.
    That Sarah (and McCain) could “lose” to obama in 2008, and that we have had to endure over three years of the dangerous and disgraceful “presidency” of this person seems incomprehensible, perhaps, to us.  But we cannot perceive the providential Book that He is penning and composing for us and for our age.
    So the announcement of last 5 October, so Romney’s win in Michigan the other day, etc. can be discouraging, but who knows where it will all lead, what fate The Lord is spelling out for us?
    We must, IMHO, accept the “letters” of recent events as being elements of the “words” that are being written out for us and for our land by the ETERNAL WORD.
    Meanwhile, as we await His final verdict on the Year of Grace 2012, and on coming years, let us, my brothers and sisters, persevere in sending up prayers for, and good “vibes” to, our dear Sister of the Great Land.  Let us, as I have said before, constitute ourselves as the “Spiritual Secret Service Agents” for a unique and special Warrior Lady, who bears and carries a Mantle of Fate as dangerous as it is glorious; as weighty as it is exalted; as terrible as it is beautiful!!
    God bless you all always!!
    DEO VOLENTE, SARAH 2012!!!

    • DDJ58

      Thanks for the re-focus.

      At best, we must strain our finite eyes to see as the Infinite & Omniscient does using the guidance of His Word, His Spirit, and the avenue of communication (prayer) He has provided us to beseech Him for our country, for our troops, and for the warrior from Wasilla until His kingdom comes and His will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

      • BrianusBerkleianus

        You are most welcome, DDJ.

        God bless!!

  • BrianusBerkleianus

    And thanks, Cruela, for the history of Rear Admiral Grace Hopper!!!

    • Crueladev

      You are welcome Brian..Nice Post btw…

      • BrianusBerkleianus


  • LS as guest

    Good morning, all.  I of course can’t vouch for Obama, but I do take small issue with Firelight today: one could indeed be a veteran golfer without having cheated.

    As to the cheating in MI, I knew we didn’t want Anuzis to be the RNC chair–not that Priebus has particularly distinguished himself.

    Weren’t the revelations from the sheriff’s press conference yesterday fun?

    And I’m still in shock at the loss of Andrew Breitbart.

    • LS as guest

      Ha!  My correction–I hadn’t even noticed Cruela had posted the thread.

      Thanks, Cruela!

      • Crueladev

        There is the caveat of “winter rules” which inherently allows for cheating in golf.  Golf rules are obscure at times because of course conditions and because the interpretation can be argued, cheating happens even if unintended.
        My Father used to own a golf course and the battles in the bar after a tourney were something to behold!  I have also played in a few women’s tourneys…brutal is the only word I can think of…

        But considering it’s Obama…he probably has never cheated because the rules have never ever entered into his game.

        You can’t cheat if you never play by the rules!!

        • LS as guest

          IMO ‘winter rules’ are only cheating if they’re not agreed and understood by all or if the scores are used beyond the terms.  Maybe it’s my distaste for liberal relativism to say that cheating is inevitable given the requirement to interpret the rules.  I’ve only played in friendly (mostly male) leagues and I’ve appreciated the nobility of most players.

    • Akabosan

      The press conference with Sheriff Arpiao was just fine.

      More pressure from another angle.  Hopefully we have True Representatives in our Congress that will take the baton and finish that race.  

      If the birth documents and therefore the citizenship of the person in question is truly found to be a forgery and hoax, the only thing I think our government can do is find all documents signed by that individual to be null and void.  All of them.  Of course, the 16th amendment has been acted upon without evidently ever having been ratified, so we can continue to weaken our foundation.


  • Akabosan

    Good morning Crueladev et al

    There is an old saying that; “I will stick with you through thick and thin, but if it gets too thick, I may thin out.”  I thought of that when I read the last sentence of your next to last paragraph.  I will do my best to help bear the load with you, but if I literally were to “bare” with you, you might point and giggle and I would blush.

    Thank you for the round-up and God Bless Firelight while she takes some much deserved down time from here and up time with her family.


    • Crueladev

      The “load” I can handle…I was hoping you would “expose” yourself as I am doing…hehehe

      • Akabosan

        See how you are?  

        There you go again… Giggling at the mere thought.  Gosh…  Golly…  *BLUSH* (toe in the dirt)…


  • Bean Counter

    Mornin’ comrades. Thunderstorms and tornado warnings on deck for me all day. Just hope the power stays on so I can work. I don’t have time for a tornado. I went out at 5:00 to walk, got 40 min. in before I was nearly drowned in a thunderstorm.

    Absolutely devastated over losing Andrew Breitbart. I was in a funk all day yesterday, and still am today. I saw the notice from the Bigs on Twitter very early, but ignored it as some kind of clever stunt or satire to read later. When it finally hit that this was no prank, it literally knocked the wind out of me. All I can say is, ‘Well done, good and faithful servant’, pray for his family and friends, and vow to help carry on his fearless work.

    Love the in your face Game Change rebuttal video! Brilliantly done and a grand mal body blow to the merchants of smear. They know not what they do, but are about to find out — big time.

    Got phone polled yesterday afternoon re: the TN primary on Tuesday. I said I was undecided, didn’t like any of the goobers running, but that I definitely wouldn’t vote for Romney. If the polls here are to believed, Santorum will take it handily, but who knows? I’ll either write Palin in or vote for whoever will do the most damage to Romney.

    Well, I need to hit the showers and fire up the Keurig. It’s probably going to be a 4 K-Cup morning. Y’all be careful out there today and do something good for the cause.

  • Lipstick

    I can say I have never cheated while running. ;0

  • BostonBruin

    Good morning! Perhaps I need to clean my glasses, but the second time I watched the SarahPAC “Game Change” video, the more it looks like a campaign kick-off video (as did the President’s Day video).

    The sound bites chosen from her debate with Biden and from her convention speech were very carefully chosen to clearly define her as the people’s candidate. The emphasis on huge, enthusiastic crowds was very telling as well. Perhaps the game is about to change. Stay tuned.

    • hrh40

      Especially the section of the speech they chose to show:

      “I’m not going to Washington to seek the good will of the permanent political class. I’m going to Washington to serve the good people of this country.”

      Done from memory, so probably not completely accurate.

      But that section certainly jumped out at me. There were many great moments from that speech.

      Yet they chose the “I’m going to Washington” bit.


  • Pete Petretich

    Speaking to Lawrence Sinclair of Sinclair News, Breitbart stated, “Wait til they see what happens March 1st…”

  • Pete Petretich

    Breitbart’s secret Obama tapes from Harvard are ON THE WAY and will apparently be premiered on Hannity…

  • senator20526

    Morning all……Pietro Leatherchest here….another windy, cool, but bright sunny day in the great desert Southwest. Probably not the best weather to have our annual ” Midnight at the Oasis” old time car show…over 750 cars and trucks on display….Still in disbelief over AB untimely death..Sometimes we just cant understand God’s plan…Listening to Rush tell everyone how Obama intends to rule over the Congress, because Congress will not stop him, even if its against the law or constitution. GOPe  conceeding they cant win the Presidency….Good work Cru..or as they say on NCIS,”probie”.That’s all for nice and be safe.

  • Emily Baxter

    Good afternoon guys,

    I was so sad yesterday. I feel like we’re losing big time. It’s really hard to go on with people being killed left and right. I myself am still grieving for my dad’s coworker. My family has been at the house 24/7. I hardly get to speak to them, they are so wrapped up in helping this family. I’m not angry, but life is precious. This spring break, I am deleting my Disqus account because I need time. My family is too important right now. I don’t know when I’ll be back. I really am not doing well as much as I put on a façade. I need a break from politics right now. Twitter’s going too. I have to think, “Is this really what I want to do with the rest of my life?” Politics? Being a commentator? Maybe I’m not cut out for it. Anyways.

    Love you guys. Stay safe. xoxo

    • OldPat

       Emily, please know you have made friends here, and I ask that you take my well-wishes and prayers with you on your sabbatical.

    • Firelight

      Noooooo, we need you and your voice.  Politics is a tough fight so maybe build in some breathing room when you need it but don’t let the other side get you down and out.

      Remember God doesn’t give us more than we can handle. We conservatives just need to understand that we can win this, we can handle this challenge of saving our country. We just need to remind ourselves where we get our strength, what is at stake and then lean on each other for support.  God never said it would be easy and even though we may not think we can handle something, he knows we can.

      It’s ok to take a breather but I want to see your bright, smiling face back here at some point even if it is just to update us about your smoking awesome guitar.  We are designed to live in fellowship, not isolation. It’s OK to lean on us for support. Hey, today is Fellowship Friday… :)

  • Akabosan

    Rush Limbaugh, on news that maobama had called Sandra Fluke to ask her how she is and to tell her that her parents can be proud of her…

    “”It’s one thing for maobama to call her…

    I’m waiting for Bill Clinton to call her.”  OWTTE


  • cookboy

    Nice to see such a great mind manning the keyboard! Otherwise, I like the “bare with me… you might see a bit more of me in the future.” Gives the sight a bit of the racy feel it’s been missing. Oh, and thanks for the ‘today in history’, it was always a c4P morning thread highlight for me!

    • Crueladev

      Racey…hmmm 😉

  • hrh40

    Welcome, Cru!

    I just got a snail mail letter from SarahPAC calling the tea party to action. She signs the letter, not Tim Crawford.

    Great call to arms!

    And the stamp is a Ronald Reagan forever stamp. Who says she isn’t a detail person? :)

    • Bean Counter

      I just got that, too, along with TWO separate/different mailings from Ron Paul, which went straight into the post office trash can. And may I just say for the record that I’m sick to death of all political ads. Lordy, I’ll be glad when Tuesday’s over.

    • Crueladev

      Thanks Hrh…

  • Whitney Pitcher

    Thank you for the roundup and the women’s history note, Cru, but where are the anecdotes about dogs and coyotes? :)

    My sister got me Andrew Breitbart’s book for my birthday a couple months ago, and I decided to start reading it last night. The first three chapters were quite interesting. He is irreplaceable, but he left a huge legacy behind that will continue for a long time.

    • Crueladev

      Next week week!  I am not taking my dog to the big house this trip…too many dang stairs. :)

  • Mia

    Ciao P4A!

    My deepest condolences to the Breibart family and his loved ones.
    May his goals and values continue through us..

    I have played organize golf for years.
    There is more to the rules than giving a putt or moving the ball.
    In fact when playing in a tournament the rule book is
    on hand and the Pro and Markers are available for official rulings.

    O’Blabla and the “official rules of golf”?
    Nice job Crew!

    • BrianusBerkleianus

      Ciao, Mia!!

    • Crueladev

      Thanks Mia..

  • Crueladev

    Phew!  Sounds like Miss Bean survived the tornadoes.  They put the Lady Vols vs. Vandy in delay as they cleared the court and took all to safety!  The game was in Nashville! 

    Prayers to all those going through the aweful weather in the Midwest and South. 

  • Akabosan

    A little known fact, and possibly somewhat off topic, but it is about the creation and I know there are many here who may have missed this in their copies of Genesis.

    When God created the earth, he created two people, Adam and Eve Smith.  After that, whenever someone messed up, they would have to take a different last name.

    I know it is true because a pastor told me many years ago at my grandmother’s funeral.  I was twelve years old at the time and am certain that a pastor would not lie to a young man at his grandmother’s funeral.  The fact that my last name, my grandmother’s and the pastor’s are all Smith, probably had nothing to do with him telling me about it.

    So, all of us named Smith can trace our family tree back to the creation.

    The best others can hope for is to marry back into the Smith family to give them a shot at redemption.

    With that, I hope y’all have a wonder-filled weekend.

    P.S.  OH, I am doubly blessed since my mother’s maiden name was Smith as well.  NO, my parents were not close enough to be cousins…  I saw that.


  • Pete Petretich

    SECRET VIDEO: Romney bragged about his success in getting massive earmarks for his all his Winter Olympic needs

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