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It’s Super Tuesday!

Good morning everyone!

It is finally super Tuesday.  Any guesses on how it is going to play out tonight?  Based on delegate allocation it would be good for Newt to have a strong night. That would keep things going for awhile longer.  Reports say he is surging in Tennessee and Oklahoma so maybe people will step up and give him a victory.  I don’t buy any of these polls that people are coalescing behind Mittens.  The establishment might be uniting but we the little peon people are not.

So with all my moaning about snow, we have had some gorgeous 60 and 70 degree days here in Denver for the past week.  I LOVE it!!!  Maybe all this sunshine and goodness will make for a happy evening of election results for us tonight. Gov. Palin will be on Fox News with Cavuto tonight to talk about the returns.

If anyone gets a chance, please listen to Rush today as a sign of support. I hate that the liberals are doing everything they can to destroy him.  The hypocrisy and double standard between conservatives and liberals is insane.  Not that they had any credibility to begin with but now even my simple democrat friends are repulsed by the left and what they are doing when they are more than guilty of the same offenses if not worse.  Do I think Rush should have used the language he did? No, it was a bridge to far for me but I do get that he was trying to make a larger point.  I have no problem with his apology.  It was worded well and didn’t cross into kissing ass.  It isn’t ideal either way but I don’t begrudge Rush for it.  In fact, I stand with Rush.  Please tune in if you get the chance today.


Well he isn’t going to make any friends saying this

Country first

Maybe he can buy the nomination this time because without his money he wouldn’t have made it past January…

I pray that this trend holds


Preach it Kirsten!

Grizzlies piss on bushes…. just saying…

I hope he is right

This just says why he is all wrong

Oh how I wish they would get in huge trouble…

Normally I would say neither but in this case… I go with Gallup…

He does have a point

Maybe we should scream it from the roof tops?…

MUST LISTEN… McCain finally says that Game Change is completely false on Fox Radio…

A good read before you vote

Well, this helps things…

Thick as thieves


Ha! Excellent…


This is so true…


Have a super day!!  Save your energy for tonight. It may be a late one.

  • indemind

    Good morning barbarians…. From beautiful Carlsbad Ca. (rain today no higher then 60 on the coast) … So in my best New Yooork accent, I say ” hows use guys doooing today”?…. forgetaboutit.! …. *_*

    Firelight, as always your round-ups keeps us all informed . Awesome Work, Thanks…. My neck injury has made me more of a Lurker then ever. …. be glad when I can take this brace off… *_*

    I looked up the word Senile and there was a picture Ron Paul and Babs Bush playing Solitaire together/alone in there Dementia. …. Unflippingblieveable…………….. I pray, for this country of ours…

    Anyway, Stay Cool, Stay Safe and have a Great Day…………. God Bless


    • section9

      My G-d, I didn’t know there were any conservatives left in California. I thought that the Regime had either exiled all of you or sent you to Reeducation Camp in the Central Valley.

      Any VA voters, go all out for Ron Paul today!

      Nice to hear that Newt is surging. Let’s hope for a Shocka’ tonight to disrupt the MSM Narrative.

      Great roundup, Firelight!

  • Akabosan

    Ahhh, now that I have had my Firelit, I can begin my day.

    Thank you Oh, Lighter of many Fires.


  • TEXs

    “Grizzlies piss on bushes”.


    Poster of the month !!!

  • Akabosan

    No one does Dennis Miller like Dennis Miller.  Just as no on can ever do THAT Andrew Breitbart again.

    We are all unique.

    So, “To thine own self be true, and you cannot be untrue to any man.”  OWTTE

    No one can pull Andrew’s plow.  It has been pulled.  Let us not tarry, we have plows to pull.


  • LS as guest

    I realize and have come to peace with what Gov. Palin’s role will be over the next four years:

    1) Most likely keeping Congress and Obama in check as the Democrat president and senate try to fundamentally change the country in his second term, or

    2) If, by miracle, Romney beats Obama, keeping Congress and the flipper in check as Romney repeatedly tries to demonstrate his statesmanlike largesse by rolling over for the Dems.

    If #1 comes to pass, she’ll also need to be gearing up to take the WH in 2016 herself, but in either case she’ll be busy. 

    • RefudiateGOPe

       Good for you.  It’s taken me most of my life to do it, but I try to live by the Serenity Prayer:

      God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; courage to change the things I can; and wisdom to know the difference.

      It comes in real handy when thinking about the woulda, coulda, shoulda’s in regard to the Guv.

      • LS as guest

        How often politics calls for that wisdom!

        Of course, we must keep in mind the courage part too.

  • RefudiateGOPe

    Good morning, all.

    Did anyone else wonder if there might have been or will be a secret “meeting of the minds” while Netanyahu is in the states?  Can’t you just see Sarah and Todd taking Bibi on a snow machine ride?

    • hrh40


  • Ting

    2 votes for Ron Paul in this Virginia household, plus pleas to family and friends for more.  I can’t believe it, but it must be done.

  • Riley4Palin

    Super Tuesday??!  

    Ick.  Nothing super about today.  Our candidate is not in the race.


    Random Thoughts:

    1)  There have been some very interesting calculated moves by the White House, MSM, and the Bushies in the last few days about Palin and Rush to try and depress the Independent Conservative voter.

    In between the White House trying to take out Rush and getting their liberal pals to boycott his show, we have the Bushies behind the fake Palin movie narrative these days.  Rush and Palin in the news in the very same week?  Wow… might think this was something planned or something.

    I always expect the worse from the liberals and Hollywood, but you have to wonder as an Independent Conservative, what is worse?  A liberal or a fake Conservative like a Bushie?  We can thank Fox News for hiring all kinds of Bushies to continually get paid to push their own narratives with cutie pie Perino smiling while pushing to get rid of Palin permanently.  And then you have Barbara Bush on yesterday trying to justify compromise?  Are you even freakin’ kidding me?  And who besides the White House is trying their best to get advertisers to drop Rush’s show?  There is too much stuff happening to both Palin and Rush at the same time to think that this is just liberals.

    2)  For two days in a row, Morning Joe is talking about the fake Palin movie.  This was expected.  Yep, on Super Tuesday with the Republicans fighting for the nomination, ding bat Mika and jackwagon Joe led with the fake Palin movie.  Joe spent the first 8 minutes (I watched the clock on the treadmill) bending over in his chair and kissing both Halperin and Heilemann’s butts.  He would smile and kiss them some more.  Then he would text them love notes.  You don’t believe me?  Really?  Okay, I am not being totally truthful (okay lying), but this about sums up my take from any liberal writing about a Republican…..let alone a bunch of Hollywood Obama supporters giving Palin a fair shot.  I think I’ll save myself to reading Bean’s review and when anyone needs any real reality check of all things Hollywood and Palin, read anything written by John Nolte.  He is the best in the business.

    3)  Here’s something “ironic.” On the very same day Barbara Bush quotes appear on TV and on the web, I got a letter in the mail from the George W Bush Library with a photograph of W and Laura Bush.  For the record, I voted for Bush twice, but I NEVER gave one dime to him or the RNC (and never would).  This is the first time I can remember in a very long time that I received anything from the Bush camp.  Calculated?  Of course! 

    Isn’t is lovely that the Bushies are using Palin supporters to try and get money these days while at the same time using their media people and paid strategists to continue a narrative that she is not worthy for higher office.  I will never give a Bushie one penny.  Save yourself the stamp and go find another sucker. 

    Yep, its Super Tuesday alright.

    • narciso

      Hey Riley, how has it been, I missed that part of Morning Joke, because I didn’t want to choke on my ‘cafe con leche’ my only question, about the production, is how they got Julianne to that
      zombified state.

      • Riley4Palin

        Hey Narc!

        Nice to see you around here!  You missed a doozy this AM.  Jackwagon Joe has been more annoying than Mika these days. 

        To me, at this point it seems like Julianne Moore is trying to save her acting career.  I laughed out loud when she made comments that the movie was based on facts and very balanced.  They all are scrambling to save face after Palin gave them a left hook with her own video release last week.

        It really is quite pathetic, yet comical to see liberals in action. 

    • hrh40

      Again: What’s happening this week is a direct result of the meeting of the Reelect Barack Obama campaign in the Oval Office with HW and Jeb, i.e., “you do this on your side and we’ll do this on our side and you’ll get reelected.”

      Mark my words.

      I am disgusted.

      As am I with Rush by playing soundbites of BOTH Halperin and Heileman today. I part ways with him on this. If it’s some kind of strategery on his part it is above my head. Granted it was about Romney and that the dirt coming out is from Chicago – but if these guys are saying it you can bet it’s because Chicago wants it out. So why Rush is helping Chicago by playing it on his show is beyond me.

      Anyone else get the strategery behind this?

  • hrh40

    CT ballot announced yesterday with the 4 left standing. Their listing order will be announced on March 20 by a lottery drawing.

  • Patrick_Skacel

    I suppose we should be grateful that McCain said what he said in that clip on Game Change, but his comments still fall way short in my view. 
    All he ever really says is how Gov. Palin is a decent person who brought energy and enthusiasm to his pathetic campaign and therefore everyone should just stop being mean to her.  But he never seems to be able to bring himself to really defend her as a strong, successful, leader.  The big lie in Game Change and all the other anti-Palin crap is that she is something other than that.  That she is nothing more than an unsophisticated and unstable dolt.  Charismatic, sure, but really just a lightweight moron who was in over her head.   
    Everyone knows Gov. Palin has great political skills, but as we all know, her talents certainly don’t end there.  We want her to be president not because she is good at ginning up votes for the loser party, but because she has a long record of strong, successful leadership and is a proven reformer of the very kind that we need right now.
    I guess we should rejoice whenever McCain manages to speak coherently for a few seconds and without saying something infuriating but I would have preferred an answer more along the lines of:  “You know, ‘Game Change’ is an obscene work of fiction.  If anyone really wants to know about Gov. Palin, they need to turn off that hideous nonsense, get their heads out of their fluking arses, pull up a chair and go watch the Undefeated.  Beyond that, I can’t really help them.”   

    • narciso

       Well we know that she defended him in that speech, better than  he could,

    • Riley4Palin

      Excellent points!

      Many things irritate me to no end with McCain, but nothing more than his lame efforts defending Palin when his surrogates turned on her.  He continues today to be a tool.

      And yet, McCain speaks up so forcefully yesterday about Rush.  I know McCain has it in him when those big, bad Conservatives hurt someone’s feelings, but what about hurting Palin? 

      He needs to keep quiet.  He does no good for her now.

      • hrh40

        Well, to be pragmatic, she’ll need SOME allies in DC if she’s ever going to run.

        I believe that is why she didn’t run this time. She was able to defeat the Establishment in Alaska ONLY because she had already defeated them at the AOGCC not 2 years previously.

        And not to be a broken record but she did come to most of our attention by agreeing to run with him for VP. And she did campaign for his reelection. She is loyal. I think she’ll welcome his support if she runs again.

        It wouldn’t surprise me.

        She did, for the first time in months, say on Fox the other day that she and John had been talking. It really sounded like they had talked very recently when I don’t think they had for months.

        Sure, it may just be about Game Change. Fair enough. But it may be more …

    • Firelight

      I wish McCain would acknowledge that most of the attacks in Game Change didn’t come from the left. They came from his own people on the right.  He never acknowledges the establishment right’s hatred for her or what Wallace and Schmidt et al did to her.  When he condones those people, I will be more enthusiastic about his defense of her.

  • blackbird

    Good morning everyone. Excellent round up Firelight. Saw your post to Nicole’s column over at C4P.

    I am with you on the Rush issue. Sandra should be the poster girl for this movement

  • blackbird


    A clerk at a Philadelphia airline counter picked up the telephone and heard the caller ask, “How long does it take to go from Philadelphia to Phoenix?”

    She was busy with another customer just then and intended to put the caller on hold.

    “Just a minute,” she replied.

    As she was about to press the hold button, the caller said, “Thank you,” and hung up.

    We live in an age when it seems almost anything is possible. But a trip of a couple thousand miles in a few minutes?

    Our time is one of unprecedented change. I understand that 2005 was the first year that there were more spam e-mails sent than cans of Spam sold. And if you wonder what a can of Spam is, then you see how much things have changed.

    In a restaurant, a mother noticed her eleven-year-old daughter staring at a movie poster on the wall. The picture portrayed Superman standing in a phone booth. The girl’s mother whispered to her husband, “Doesn’t she know who Superman is?”

    He told her it was worse than that. “She doesn’t know what a phone booth is.”

    I heard someone mention that he believes most of the changes that will ever take place already have occurred. I am sure that isn’t so. Our new reality is one of constant and unending change.

    Some changes can be good and some we may feel are not for the best. Most change is uncomfortable and awkward at first. But, of course, if we don’t occasionally feel awkward with what we’re doing, maybe we are not doing anything new. And unless we’d rather live in the past, we’ll be happiest learning to embrace this world of change and to change and adapt along with it.

    The world can still be a wonderful and exciting place to live. Do you believe that? If so, change with the changes. Resist your resistance to changing. Your attitude toward change is one of the most important measures of determining whether you can be happy.

    By Steve Goodier:

    • Riley4Palin

      Great stuff!  Thanks again!

      • blackbird

         Thanks Riley.

  • Bean Counter

    Well, I’m off to vote. Light a candle for me. I’ve got my voter registration card, my photo ID (for our new law, which the dems are still screaming about) and my quarter to flip when I get behind the curtain. After what the polls are showing, which is that Mitt, Rick and Newt are pretty much tied, all within the margin of error, so I’ll vote for Newt. Sigh…. Still wish I had somebody I could enthusiastically vote for, but oh well. My mission today is to prevent Romney from winning.

  • Bean Counter

    I love the South. My polling place had sweet tea, coffee (regular and unleaded), juice and little individually bagged cookies, cakes, candy, cheese and crackers.

    Had a new polling place this time, a big church around the corner and down the street, it was pretty crowded, but I don’t know how it compares with other elections, since it was my first time there. Ha, the poll workers were really doing due diligence checking everybody out, making sure we were who we said we were — with the new photo ID law — which was fine with me. I heard no rumblings from any of the voters about it. Anything that will ensure a fraud-free election I have no problem with whatsoever.

    I guess we’ll see how it goes…

    • Whitney Pitcher

      Geez. My polling places rarely have working pens.

      • Riley4Palin

        Whip, LOL

    • Riley4Palin


      Wow!  Many of our WI polling places have dead voters, fake ID’s, community organizers, and ungrateful union employees who drink piss & vinegar for breakfast.

      How about I trade you 1 truckload of sweet tea for 10,000 union employees?

      • indemind

        You guys are killing me here, ROTF/LMAO …Not very good, when you have a neck brace on… *_*


    • Firelight

      We have a caucus and it is bring your own water before they trap you in the room for 3 hours.

    • hrh40

      Even in my podunk little town in CT (14,000), I have always had to show ID to vote. Wow, CT gets something right anyway.

      Well, at least in our towns. Bridgeport, New Haven, Hartford, Danbury, and now New London, sanctuary cities all … who knows how they vote in those places? Which always determine our elections anyway.

      Just like the nation, probably 80% to 85% of CT voting map is red, but around the cities, blue.

      RE food, in the bigger elections sometimes Girl Scouts or cheerleaders will sell baked goods in the hall. Though not lately, so I don’t know if they’ve been forbidden? Probably … :(

  • Whitney Pitcher

    Happy supposedly super Tuesday!

    Two weeks until our primary in Illinois. It’ll be interesting to see who is in the race at that point. We directly elect our delegates, so the real vote is what delegates we choose on our ballot who have committed to casting their vote for a candidate at the convention. There is part where you select the candidate too, but that’s essentially a “beauty pageant”. This means that means I’m putting Palin in that slot, if only for my own sake. I’m still deciding if I’ll mark support for any delegates. Romney has the support of pretty much every person in the state’s GOP ranks, and I haven’t heard of any elected official who has endorsed anyone outside of him. Santorum is mounting a respectable challenge, but I don’t know that he has the organization/money in the state to beat Romney. We’ll see.

    • Bean Counter

      We directly elect delegates, too. We were supposed to vote for 14, so I voted for all of Newt’s (10), then finished it out with uncommitted ones. It was actually pretty confusing the way it was laid out and not explained very well.

    • Riley4Palin

      Very interesting.

      You cross the border and Santorum is leading here over Romney. 

      Right now, everything is on schedule.  The lib media is dutifully following instruction from the White House and each day has Obama leading all GOP challengers by 15 points. 


      • Whitney Pitcher

         Santorum is winning downstate Illinois. Romney is winning the Chicago suburbs and most of the GOPers in Chicago (yes, there are some). The last poll I saw had Santorum within 3 points. It’ll be interesting to see if he can maintain that small gap.

  • Whitney Pitcher

    I’ve been asking this same question. Governor Palin asks, “why doesn’t Obama’s SuperPAC return the $1 million donation from Bill Maher?”

    • Akabosan

      Kirsten Powers is also questioning the “fairness.”  

      Please see my post of a few minutes ago,,,  “Rally for Rush” is on. 


      • Whitney Pitcher

        Right. The Governor tweeted her article yesterday.

        • Akabosan

          Yes, I saw that.

          I was also pointing to the Jeffery Lord article from American Spectator which lists some of the sponsors and contact information.  Not that anyone is suggesting anyone contact them in droves, or anything, but US is more numerous than “them.”


  • senator20526

    Morning all…..Pietro Leatherchest here…..A bright, sunny 84 degrees today in the great desert Southwest,BUT tomorrow is expected to be 65 degrees with cold winds….everyone east of Arizona watch out…….Back from the doc where they took off my heart monitor..will get the results Friday…I had a greasy cheese-burger just in case…..Don’t know what’s wrong with these’s always “watch what you eat, and get more exercise”….God, dont they know how busy I am on the computer? Anyway remember to vote every chance you get and be safe….

  • Riley4Palin


    Palin’s Facebook:

    Pres. Obama says he called Sandra Fluke because of his daughters. For the sake of everyone’s daughter, why doesn’t his super PAC return the $1 million he got from a rabid misogynist?


    **This is why I love Palin.  She doesn’t jump out and quickly rip apart Rush for his comments.  She waits it out and watches how the White House plays it.  She knows many of her Independent Conservative supporters like and respect Rush and it would be stupid politics to insult us. Instead she puts the boot on Obama’s neck after he makes his move.

    His narrative of winning over women for a sympathy vote has officially been killed.  Nice try Axelrod, Palin just kicked your ass again.

    • Whitney Pitcher

       Yep, she said it succinctly and perfectly.

      • Riley4Palin

        Whip, I have seen only one honest liberal speak the truth about Obama’s call to Fluke.  Normal Obama butt kisser Savannah Guthrie of NBC actually said that he overplayed his hand on this one.

        She has officially filled her anti-Obama statement quota for the year.  Back to regular scheduled programming….

  • Akabosan

    Rally for Rush

    Mr. Breitbart would probably have been all over the Rush Limbaugh incident with real TRUTH on his side.  

    Kirsten Powers is stepping in from the left to defend what is RIGHT.

    …AND Jeffery Lord from American Spectator is starting his own movement:  He even lists advertisers that are dropping with phone numbers and addresses for anyone who is inclined to get involved…  I did not know, for instance that Carbonite has some ties to George Soros.

    There are more of “US” than there are of “them.”


  • Riley4Palin

    As expected, the MSM media rollout of the BS Palin movie continues tomorrow on Morning Joe with Nicolle Wallace making her appearance. 

    I’ll provide my thoughts on her Emmy-worthy performance as best supporting actress.  Let’s hope she remembers to put on something sparkly and flashy from her 150K wardrobe. 

    • narciso

       Alice Paulsen is playing her, if you saw Firefly, she was the scientist attacked by the Reivers,

      • hrh40

        Firefly = fantastic

        And the wrap-up movie was also fantastic.

        That is all.

  • Lipstick

    So, are we gonna do one of those basketball bracket things again this year?

    • Whitney Pitcher

      I’ll set one up if you want! :)

  • Crueladev

    And for some pure fun…Seems Carbonite forgot about their Stock Prices….I am not sure who is sinking faster…Obama or Carbonite..

    • Akabosan

      Thanks for that.  LOL

      I am not sure, but was Mr. Limbaugh’s audience not their largest audience.  Tee Hee!


  • Akabosan

    This is heartening to read…

    To paraphrase an old high school cheer;  “SHIFT TO THE RIGHT – SHIFT TO THE RIGHT – STAND UP – SIT DOWN – FIGHT – FIGHT – FIGHT!!!”

    YAY  Team!

    Let’s keep moving them our way.


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