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It’s The Weekend!!! – UPDATED

Welcome to the weekend everyone!  Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!

I’m going to keep this short and sweet since many of you are in Arizona soaking up the sun and relaxing by the pool.  I’ll update the thread if there is any breaking news and interesting stories.

Could everyone please take some time this weekend and say some BIG prayers for Bestbud. He has pneumonia and really needs our prayer warriors to rally for him.  Prayers up Bestbud!  We have your back!


Headline News:

Let the vetting begin…

Heh… I love a good freak out

Top conservative college list for all you parents of teenagers…

Stand up Chuck

Duuuuuuude… heh…

Hmmmm… keeping secrets in government… never a good thing…

Oh, poor, poor Georgie porgies…

This is a fun quiz… if you REALLY need it… we have a program for that…

Yes and he will run a lousy government… just look at Massachusetts…

This is comforting…

Yay! Go for brokered… be that historical figure you’ve always wanted to be…

The vetting part 3…

That is not an attractive head… just saying…

Winning… Rush style…

Bill Maher sucks… but we already knew that…



Look who tweeted a pic of the Gov…

Here is another pic

Yes, they are wrong and Breitbart is right

What a mess

Martial law?…

Oh this is good PR for her… she has already paid a huge price…

You must be kidding… I hope this isn’t true…

A day late, a dollar short in my opinion

Oh it sounds like poor little Mittens is worried...

Love this!!

This is surprisingly well done… wonder what mommy thinks?…


Have fun this weekend!!

  • Akabosan

    Top o’ the day to all.

    For those who have an hour or so, here is an old interview.  Mr. Lamb on C-span interviewed Mr. Levin just before the last presidential election.  Here is Mark at is finest… and onliest.

    We have adopted him.  He is now officially an Irish – Jew.  Or in his case maybe a Jewish – Ire.  😉


  • Nancy6

    Praying for you, Bestbud!
    Palin 2012!
    Right, friend?:)

  • KatieSilverSpring

    I started the day by going to Church for St. Patrick’s own day.  And, right now I am on my way over to McGinty’s Pub for fish & chips.

    You guys in AZ, enjoy! 

    Have a very good St. Patrick’s Day!  remember, the Catholics wear the green today; the Prots wear orange.

  • Akabosan
  • indemind

    Good morning barbarians .….From beautiful Carlsbad Ca. (rain today) and “Breitbart Is Here” … *_*

    Thanks Firelight for another awesome round-up,…Yes, Praying for my friend Bestbud,,, Get Well Bud. …. *_*)

    Sarah Palin “Now let the vetting begin”…..and I Stand With Sarah Palin. …. *_*)

    SarahAmerica 2012

    P.S. ……… Happy St. Patrick’s Day! ….. *_*

    P.S.S. … Wish I was in Arizona this weekend with my fellow Palinistas, … But the good news is the neck brace comes off next week…. ha ra….

  • Bean Counter

    Having a great meeting so far. We’ve heard from Michelle McCormick, Peter Singleton, our home girl Whitney, and the great Rebecca Mansour. Great group, lots of laughs and no arrests! However, that may change after tonight, it being St. Patrick’s Day and all. We’ve hired secret service protection for Ms. McCormick. We have to bring her back alive.

    • generictrainee

      What are people saying?

    • TexMex817

      Those are lies and damn lies, folks!

      • generictrainee


      • Bean Counter

        Don’t believe her. I have pictures.

    • Guest

      Bean, what are you doing in AZ when the Gov. is kicking around in TN at Bristol?

  • Akabosan

    Mr. Levin will be on C-Span’s Book TV tomorrow, Sunday the 18th twice discussing his new book AMERITOPIA.  (An excellent way to get over the hangover from green beer.)  😉


  • section9

    I hope everyone is doing well there in AZ. I hope we get a report on the goings on, especially what Rebecca had to say.

  • M_Minnesota

    Praying for Healing Best Bud!!

    God is with you!!  And we are with you!!!

  • senator20526

    Good Morning everyone………This is a short report on the Reload Retreat in Phoenix….with mrs. senator and Leatherchest in tow…we arrived in Phoenix Friday afternoon….we dropped Leatherchest off at a local pool hall where he met up with Tony “two taco” Duran…..Mrs. senator and I proceeded on to the hotel for the meet-up..Mia and Beancounter were already well on their way….Well, enough gossip……We had reps from Alaska, Az, Ca, Conn. IL.and Tenn. This meet-up was short on speeches and long on one-on-one converstations. We all received shirts with “BeanCounter Airlines,  where landing is optional” Really enjoyed Tex-Mex take on Pella, Iowa encounter with the Palins…Peter Singleton is a very interesting person….The general consenus is “everyone is working more in their own communities, i.e. Tea Party…local offices” This is due in big part to Gov. Palin’s effect on us all. Mrs. senator, Leatherchest  and I, had to leave early due to bad weather( wind storm and rain from the west) so we didn’t stay for the Sat dinner….at some place called Ajo Al’s…I think Leatherchest suggested it to Mia….in Italian……We arrived home safe and sound, but very tired….Have a great Sunday….

  • BostonBruin
  • RefudiateGOPe

    Denny Hamlin, NASCAR driver of the #11 FedEx Toyota tweeted: 

    2 highlights of my day- driver intros and riding back to the airport after the race with @sarahpalinusa.

  • blackbird

     Keep warm Bestbud and get well soon.

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