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Moment Of Truth… Just Who Is Behind Those Palin Rumors?

So just who is the culprit?  Is it Team Romney? or is it Team Rove/Bush?

Well, it is both but it started with Team Romney.  They started the attacks as early as the convention. It wasn’t until later on that Team Rove saw it as an avenue to also clear the path for Jeb.

Need some proof?

With the primary season in full swing and the HBO movie coming out, we have gotten a very clear view of how each candidate conducts their campaigns.  There is only ONE candidate who has a clear MO of nasty, dishonest attacks and rumors using a tactic that overwhelms their opponents to not just have the political lead but to actually destroy the person.

That candidate is Mitt Romney.  He used his trademark MO on Newt Gingrich, Rick Santorum and there is evidence that he was behind the Cain attacks but his biggest smear campaign for the past 3 years has been against Gov. Palin.

So let’s explore the facts on whether Romney and his staff were really behind the Palin rumors or whether that was just an urban legend as some Rombots like to claim.

We have Mark Halperin who wrote Game Change.  He was also one of the first to report in Time that it was Romney staffers behind the leaks and now he seems best friends with Wallace and Schmidt.  Hmmmmmm….  I think when Mark Halperin himself says that it is Romney staffers that are his sources behind the smears and he is the one leading the charge in spreading the attacks and gossip via print and his Game Change book/movie… that should tell us all something.

Just this summer Romney Spokesman tweeted this.  Really Eric?

American Spectator reported this:

“Sarah Palin is a lightweight, she won’t be the first, not even the third, person people will think of when it comes to 2012,” says one former Romney aide, now working for McCain-Palin. “The only serious candidate ready to challenge to lead the Republican Party is Mitt Romney. He’s in charge on November 5th.”


Wonkette via Palmetto Scoop reported this:

Adam Fogle of The Palmetto Scoop:

FOX News Channel reported Wednesday that some staffers intentionally leaked negative information to the media about Palin in the final hours of the campaign that painted the Alaska governor as naive, incompetent, and needy. And my sources said that all of those leaks came from the Romney faction of the McCain campaign.

…[R]egardless of a McCain win or loss, Palin would be a serious contender for the Republican nomination in 2012 or 2016. And that made her a threat to a possible second run by Romney. You do the math.

Mark Halperin (remember him? Game Change?) reported this via ABC:

“She’s not a serious human being,” one Romney adviser told Time’s Mark Halperin. Said a “Romney intimate”: “If she’s standing up there in a debate and the answers are more than 15 seconds long, she’s in trouble.”


This was one of my first Erick Erickson experiences:

When I was in St. Paul for the Republican Convention, I heard more than a dozen people say acolytes of Mitt Romney were feeding all the stories to the media portraying Palin in a negative light.

In fact, I heard that one of the biggest pushers of anti-Palin stories, including encouraging reporters to pursue the “Trooper-gate” story was Romney spokes-hack Kevin Madden.

I did not blog on it at the time because I perceived it to be people trying to finish off Romney. It likewise seemed clear to me that if this was going on, it was people loyal to Romney who were still hoping for his come back and not Romney himself.

These days it is hard to miss Kathleen Parker’s savage attacks on Sarah Palin. She, along with several others listed here attacking Sarah Palin were also some of the first pundits in bed with the Romney campaign in 2007/8.

Again, it is hard for me to not place the finger on Romney. It seems to me that these are people who are still convinced he’s the better nominee and don’t want Palin to be in any position to challenge him in 2012.

At this moment, however, it is absolutely clear — there is an effort, organized or not, by supporters of Mitt Romney to harm the reputation of Governor Sarah Palin.

The American Spectator documented it yesterday.

Former Mitt Romney presidential campaign staffers, some of whom are currently working for Sen. John McCain and Gov. Sarah Palin’s bid for the White House, have been involved in spreading anti-Palin spin to reporters, seeking to diminish her standing after the election. “Sarah Palin is a lightweight, she won’t be the first, not even the third, person people will think of when it comes to 2012,” says one former Romney aide, now working for McCain-Palin. “The only serious candidate ready to challenge to lead the Republican Party is Mitt Romney. He’s in charge on November 5th.”

Though I initially dismissed the Kevin Madden rumors, Amanda Carpenter has Kevin in his own words going after Sarah Palin.

And it is not just Madden. It may be hard for you to believe, but there are Romney supporters now working on John McCain’s campaign who are, in fact, indisputably out to damage Sarah Palin’s reputation. I am not just convinced of it. I know it to be fact. That there are “conservative pundits” echoing the same talking points makes me deeply suspicious.

So at some point Erickson was actually a real blogger with solid research (before he was infected with Palin PDS)

Now lets look at her most public GOP critics.

Reading this article we have these people for Palin critics.  Click on their name to see who they support.

Kathleen Parker

Kathryn Jean Lopez

and don’t forget Jennifer Rubin

Could it be coincidence that some of the most vocal opponents of Palin also support Romney?  I think not.

The most interesting thing is that many of the rumors that won’t go away are the ones that question Gov. Palin’s intelligence. They are the very rumors leaked out during the 2008 election, promoted by Romney staffers and Kevin Madden and persist today via Kathleen Parker, Wallace and Schmidt.

However, the two people who actually prepped Palin for debate and discussed foreign policy with her claim that none of these rumors are true. Those two people would be Randy Scheunemann and Steve Beguin. Silly them to disagree with the rumors. After all, they were actually there. What would they know?

Here is what they have to say:

Steve Beguin defended Palin here.

Scheunemann defends Palin here and here.  Here is an email exchange between Scheunemann and Bill Kristol blaming Mark Wallace.

I know conservative bloggers talk behind the scenes. I know how much goes on the record and how much does not.  So for anyone who wants to tell me that it is all “urban legend” I suggest you look at the facts, the people involved and the obvious.

I find it difficult to fathom any Palinista dismissing this but I certainly understand that each person has their own choices to make.

Now some want to say that Wallace and Schmidt aren’t Romney people.  Really?  For sure, they are loyal Bush people and therefore come with their own agenda against Palin but make no mistake that during the 2008 election cycle when they realized that they screwed everything up, they needed a scapegoat. They made a decision to go all in, full cooperation with the Romney people in spreading the lies and smears. So yes, they were working WITH the Romney staffers to accomplish the same goal… destroy Sarah Palin so that she has no national political future and cannot be a competitor in 2012 but the rumors did start with Romney staff.

I simply can not trust any man that is so selfish and narcissistic that he is willing to hand our country over to the liberals and Obama out of strategy to improve his chances in the next election or out of revenge for not getting the nomination or  VP nod from McCain.  Someone who is willing to give away decades of my kid’s childhood and future for political “positioning” is not someone who has our country’s best interests at heart (yes, that means you too Jebbie boy).

So the challenge for Palinistas is to decide how and why we would ever support someone who has made it their mission to destroy our girl?

I believe it will have to start with a very public ass kissing by Romney to Gov. Palin and to the conservatives that support her (hint… it is the other 75% Romney can’t seem to get but desperately needs should he pull off getting the nomination).

Any GOP nominee is going to need us to beat Obama but for Romney, should he win the nomination he better get his chapstick out and pucker up buddy…




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  • TwoLegsGood

    Love this.  

  • Akabosan

    Wow!  Thank you Firelight.

    It occurred to me, and at my age, anytime I have an occurrence, I have to mention it.  

    Politics is a dirty business.  Politics makes strange bedfellows.  And the only way to combat evil such as this is with sunshine, TRUTH and maybe some Clorox.

    Thank you for providing the sunshine, Firelight.  Now go have some soup and play time.  :)


  • Nancy6

    Now this is information to be used!:)
    Thank you, Firelight!
    Glad you are not allowing history to be rewritten!

  • Andy Sandoval

    Romney=Obama=Thug. Romney wont energize the base. Neither will Newt. Nor can Rick. Its Sarah with the STAR power. The proven record. And the FIGHT to get this nation back to where we are again THE Superpower and that Shining City on the Hill.

  • Nativevoice +

    Great job. Excellent article.

  • myfairlady

    Wow!  Thank you for connecting the dots and exposing these people.  Good job!

  • LS as guest

    Great work, Firelight!

  • section9

    Smart movement people have known this for years.

    However, Romney is too vain and tin-eared to kneel, Canossa-like, at the altar of Palin. His people are going to tell him that Palin is toxic to Independents and they need to keep her away from the Convention. They will offer her a 5 pm speaking slot when everyone is at dinner and she will decline.

    The Alaska GOP won’t even offer her a delegate position, due to Romney’s pressure on the Murkowski’s.

    This is Rove’s doing. Remember, the key for the Bush Family is to make sure that Mittens does everything he can to piss off he Base and keep them home. The Bushies have got to convince Mitt that Palin is yesterday’s news and unimportant. There are few campaigns more out of touch than Mitt Romney’s, and the Bushtards will walk Romney right into a calculated humiliation of Palin and everyone who supports her.

    Rove will convince Romney that he MUST distance himself from Palin and the “crazies” to attract “Independents” and “Moderates” to his cause. Mitt will buy it because he is a John Lindsey Republican and that is what they believe. They like to avoid political risk.

    Mike Murphy telegraphed this effort. This IS what will happen.

    This will lead to catastrophe at the polls in November, just as the Bush Family intended. Their problem will be that Palin will still be in their way. She knows that Romney is the fall guy; the Mannequin. She knows he’s toast.

    We are beginning to approach the real reasons why she didn’t enter the race. It’s like peeling back an onion. Keep peeling, and you’ll find the Bushes.

    • OldPat

       Indeed, section, Rockefeller East became Bushie South a quarter century ago.

    • Just Passing By….

       Section9 or Firelight,

      Do you by any chance know who Chris Edwards is?  I caught the director of “Game Change” on Tavis Smiley’s PBS show Friday night  promoting and defending the movie.  In defending the movie’s credibility, Jay Roach (director) cited the use of Chris Edwards as a technical advisor during the filming as evidence of valid sourcing. Similarly the letter HBO sent out also refers to Chris Edwards in its defense.  They claim Chris was “Palin’s deputy chief of staff” during the McCain campaign, however I can’t find any reference to him in association with either “Palin” or the term “chief of staff” (unless referring to the movie “Game Change”).  In fact in my brief google searches, the only thing I could find out about him was that he served a part of George Bush’s advance team.  Do you know anything about him and his ties to the Bush/Rove team?  Why has he thrown Sarah Palin under the bus and attached his name to this movie?

      • Richard Dunnell

        Checked the index of “Game Change”. No Chris Edwards in the book.

  • St Obama of Assisi


  • JamesColumbiaMo

    From my observation, it looks like Romney will win the nomination, lose to Obama, then that sets up Palin vs Obama in 2016.  Romney will get creamed like John Kerry did for his incessant flip-flopping.  The margin of victory for Obama may end up being the same margin of conservative GOP voters who decide to stay home instead of voting for Obama-Lite. 

    • section9

      Not quite possible. Obama will be ending his second term. 

      • OldPat

         Section, don’t be such a spoilsport.  Everyone needs a delusion or two to keep them warm at nite when the cold winds blow.

    • Yankee4Palin

      When Sarah says, Obama must be defeated, Sarah means just that.
      If not, there won’t be a 2016 election and an America sinking into 3rd world status

      • OldPat

         Y4P, of course she does.  Too bad the GOP doesn’t believe the same thing.

        Wuf!  Wuf!
        Did you hear something?
        Nah.  Just the wind howling at the door.  Ignore it and go back to sleep.

  • OldPat

    Firelight, great article, but for me it’s ‘if’ – not ‘how and why’.

    It was bad enough when I had to stop takin’ a bath to keep Katie away, but now I gotta stop —— to keep Jeb or Mitt away from my rear end??  Sorry, girl, but this is where this old patriot draws the line.

    If it truly comes down to this, I’m off the reservation.  That ole log cabin in the middle of a pine forest is sounding better and better day by day.

    • Firelight

      LOL!  I’m with you Pat :)

  • generictrainee

    Firelight , great work.

  • generictrainee!/DemocratMachine/status/175730344593600512

    “The Democrat Machine


    the fact that Romney wrote a USA TODAY opEd
    supporting an individiual mandate in 2009 suggests that no non-Romney
    Repubs researched Romney”

  • Pete Petretich

    This explains virtually everything…

  • John_Frank

    Excellent post. Thank you!

  • Freempg

    Thanks Firelight


    Great job Firelight….I’m bookmarking for future reference. Thanks.  :))

  • RedDaveR

    Thanks Firelight.  This piece is one I need to save.  When you put everything together it all makes sense.

        I have to wonder if Romney has any idea of how he is being set up by the Bushes.

    • Richard Dunnell

      The fix is in. They’re doing to Romney what they did to McCain.The DC and Eastern Establishment are getting ready for another four years of Obama. They conceded at least a year ago.

  • korn8131

    It’s going to take more than an ass kissing for me to back the pr@#k.

  • John_Frank

    A few additional thoughts.

    Remember this meeting:

    Obama Has Oval Office Meeting With Bush 41 and Jeb Bush

    The meeting took place on January 27, 2012 and was unscheduled.

    Roughly a month after this meeting took place:

    – Obama has gone from saying that he is the underdog to saying on a couple of occasions that he has 5 more years.

    – Beltway Republicans went from saying that they were going to win the Presidency to despairing that Obama is going to win re-election, culminating with George Will recently coming out and saying that Romney and Santorum are flawed candidates and that the best Republicans could do in this election cycle was to keep control of the House and regain control of the Senate.

    Santorum and Romney are miscast as candidates

    George Will: Take Congress, not White House

    Coincidence? I think not.

    The question is whether Romney is so clueless as to not see that:

    – should he become the Republican nominee, as matters stand today, he has been set up by the Bush family to be defeated in the fall; and

    – his only salvation is to stop the attacks on Governor Palin and either select her as his Vice-Presidential nominee should he win enough delegates, or join forces with her and agree that she should be the Presidential nominee and he should be the Vice-Presidential nominee if he does not have enough delegates and we have to go through a brokered convention?

    P.S. FYI – George Will supported Howard Baker and then George H.W. Bush against Ronald Reagan in 1980. The ties between Will and the Bush family go back a long way.

    • cookboy

      Damn nice to see ya!

      • John_Frank


    • hrh40


      My caption for that photo was:

      The 2012 Obama Reelection Campaign Convenes: OK, you do this on your side and we’ll do this on our side and you’ll win reelection.

      It certainly appears as if the Bushes plan to Goldwater whoever the GOP nominee is in 2012.

    • Firelight

      John, you should write up a post elaborating on all of that and I would post it.  Your observations are very keen and this is another example of how the corrupt permanent political class is willing to give away decades and risk further decay so that they can do their backroom deals to keep power.

      • John_Frank

         Thank you for your kind words.

    • section9

      There’s a reason Jeb isn’t running this year, and that he’s putting out statements that undermine conservatives.

    • jerseymark

      Pigs will fly before Romney will involve Sarah in that manner and certainly not stepping down to the VP slot behind her.

    • Laddie_Blah_Blah

      Who knows what they were discussing that day? Not I, and not you. Romney needs no help from the Bush family to fail in the fall. He’s doing a pretty good job of that, all by himself. 

      I think the chances of a brokered convention just increased with Santorum’s sweep in Alabama and Mississippi yesterday. A failure to win in the early convention balloting will doom Romney. He really is a weak candidate, after all is said and done. What you should look for is Paul’s role. If he cuts a deal and supports Romney, you could see Rand Paul as the VP nominee and Romney as the standard-bearer on the first or second ballot. Paul is one of the few pols with a loyal enough following to take his delegates with him. If Paul’s delegates put Romney over the magic number, it’s all over. 

      Even if Mitt asked Sarah to be his VP, I do not think she would accept, but who knows? Romney certainly cannot count on that happening, and he would be a fool if he did. Romney will not support Sarah in a brokered convention, IMO. He has not been running for 5 years only to fall on his sword for the good of the country. 

      Sarah is the one who would step aside if she thought it was in the best interests of the party and the people (she did so in Alaska), but Romney is made of different, more self-seeking stuff. He will fight to the death to win the nomination and go down with his sinking ship. Others will decide on the nominee, not Romney, in a brokered convention. 

      All your suppositions amount to is the assertion that politics is taking place. Nothing new, there. And the idea that Will is a pimp for the Bush wing of the establishment GOP is not exactly a news flash. There are myriads of establishment supporters for Romney, as well.

      The only unique suggestion is that Obama and Bush are colluding against Romney, and for evidence you site a column by Bush sycophant George Will and a single story in the WaPo. Not very convincing.

      “Beltway Republicans went from saying that they were going to win the Presidency to despairing that Obama is going to win re-election.”

      Hell, it’s not just Beltway Republicans. We’ve been saying the same thing here for months. Yet, Obama has fallen even further in the polls. And the economy is not going to get appreciably better by November. Rising energy prices will put the kibosh on that. Housing foreclosures will set a record this year. The GOP might win with Harold Stassen on the ballot if things keep trending the way they are now.

      I think even Mitt or Santorum could win, or Gingrich. The so-called brilliant campaigner, Barack Obama, can’t get out of his own way trying to turn the election into a contest about contraception and Sarah, of all things. The guy is desperate because he knows he is losing.

      Actually, I think the GOP knows it will win, even with the sorry arse candidates they have to choose from. And I think the Dems share that opinion because of the sorry arse candidate they are stuck with. 

      I cannot believe Santorum was dumb enough to take the bait and suddenly make contraception and his religious beliefs into campaign issues. Look at all the other issues he has to choose from, and that’s what he talks about? He lost Michigan because he lost the women’s vote and the Catholic vote, both. He may have lost the nomination right there. Romney’s hide was his for the taking, and he sank his own chances, all by himself. I would hate to see such a fool in the WH, even though I once supported him.

      And I think you know how I feel about Mittens.

      Hoping Newt wins a brokered convention. Sarah will play a big role in his administration, if she wants to. She might even agree to be his VP, although it looks now as if Newt is teaming with Perry to line up the Texas delegation for the floor fight he anticipates in Tampa.

  • TEXs

    Mitt Romney is the worst kind of slimy politician,actually the worst character as a person.
    All his life he paid others to do his dirty work for his personal benefits.

    In business he paid attorneys and corrupt managers (“Golden Parachutes) of companies
    he raided and dismembered like a vulture,and gained 100s of millions by looting other
    people creations and assets.

    In politics,in 2008 and 2012,no one come even close in comparison to his vicious attacks,
    his attempts to destroy his opponents with his own money ($50 million in 2008) and the money
    from his friends,Wall Street crooks.

    From August 29th 2008 to this day,spineless RINO Mitt is paying thugs to smear and destroy
    Governor Palin.He knows she’s the only one who can stop his pathological ambitions.

    George Soros sees no difference between Obama and Romney,neither do I.

    Backstabbing snake in the grass, Mittens, will never get my vote.
    Under no circumstances!!!

    • TexS2012

      Doesn’t say much for Mitt’s personal behavior.

  • TEXs


    Great and concise synopsis of who and how low life Romney is.

    Will say anything,will pay his thugs whatever it takes to destroy his opponents,to get what he wants.

    And always hide behind his paid thugs, like a miserable coward he is.

  • Ann Virginia

    I am voting ABR on Super Tuesday.  Romney is Obama on steroid. 

  • sak


  • cookboy

    Good show!

  • christie

    Newt would make a great president.
    Sarah, you should endorse Newt and not go along for Romney, the liberal.
    Rick is just like the Bush insiders.

  • narciso

    That’s as true as it goes, except Schmidt was a Rov e protege, after a fairly lackluster record at running campaigns and Wallace was a transfer in from Team Jeb

    • Firelight

      I did note that they were Team Bush/Rove.  I don’t think they started the original smears but I do think they have taken the ball and run with it.

      • narciso

         Schmidt, was with Team Arnold as well, after a long string of failures;

        n 1995, Steve Schmidt managed the unsuccessful campaign for Kentucky Attorney General of Will T. Scott, who is now Deputy Chief Justice of the Kentucky Supreme Court. This Kentucky campaign’s advertising strategy was featured in the second edition of George Magazine. In 1998, Schmidt ran California State Senator Tim Leslie’s unsuccessful race for Lt. Governor of California.[7] Also that year, he was the Communications Director for California State Treasurer Matt Fong’s unsuccessful campaign to unseat U.S. Senator Barbara Boxer.[8] In 1999, he was the Communications Director for Lamar Alexander’s presidential run, leaving in June when the campaign reduced its senior staff.[9]

        • Firelight

          I wish disqus would let you highlight the word “unsuccessful” in this post. It would be blood red, lol!  Why McCain picked Schmidt is beyond me. His resume sucks.

  • narciso

    Then there’s this fellow who appeared in Todd Purdum’s sliming of Sarah, in Vanity Fair that was published right around the time of her resignation, who allegedly accused Sarah about lying about
    her insurance, this appeared in one other book, about the Campaign;

  • blueniner

    I despise Steve “piece of “Schmidt and Nicolle Wallace, and that pansy Kevin Madden is another Romney troll as well.

  • carmtom13

    Great article. You put the facts out perfectly. Breitbart would have been happy that you wrote the truth of what went on and is still going on.

    • hrh40

      Slight correction:

      “what is still going on”

      • carmtom13

        Thanks I corrected it.

  • Right_Wingnut

    Here’s another one from last summer…

    Is Romney the leader in social media?Alex Salta says so, using fundraising, Facebook, and Twitter as metrics.

    An important note is that Sarah Palin isn’t included in the study, since she’s not an announced candidate. Her Facebook presence dwarfs Romney’s; she’s at +3 million fans, while he barely tops a million.

    As for Twitter, he’s at 61,000 followers; she’s roughly ten times higher — at 614, 000. And it’s safe to say that her Facebook notes and tweets have been far more influential than Romney’s.

    UPDATE: After I tweeted out that Palin was missing from the study, Romney spokesman, Eric Fehrnstrom, tweeted back: “No Aston Kucher either”

    Did he just compare Palin to Ashton Kutcher?

  • indemind

    Awesome Firelight,…Awesome, Awesome, Awesome….add it all up, and what do you have, Enlightenment!

    Thanks Firelight


  • colliemum

    Thank you, Firelight – this is excellent, because you pull the snippets of information together and draw the line from 2008 to now.
    That line shows clearly who have been pulling strings, and who have condoned the efforts of smearing and damaging Sarah Palin from the get-go.
    They have shown with their acts that they don’t give a fig for your country, all they’re interested in is personal power and personal enrichment.
    As dangerous as Obama is, I’m more and more inclined to regard Romney as even more dangerous because his socialism is so well cloaked. He is the wolf in sheep’s clothing, Obama’s communist ideology is relatively obvious and in the open.

    Soros’ ‘endorsement’ (“Romney is like Obama”) should be all that is needed to confirm that Romney is unelectable for any conservative.

  • freeperjim

    I simply cannot see the Establishment controlled GOP continue to be home to patriotic conservatives.

    There is a day coming, sooner rather than later, the Conservatives will either take control of the GOP or just split and create their own party for conservatives.

    Either way, the GOPE supporters will ultimately lose and, I suspect, will move to the DNC/Socialist party – their true home.

    • Richard Dunnell

      The New York State Conservative Party did just that and I’m  proud to say I was one of the first charter members. Their vote was important and pivotal in many elections which they won. They endorsed Republicans as well as Democrats providing they adhered to conservative principles. We need people such as Dan Mahoney and Keiran Odoherty to start a third party.

  • jerseymark

    Seems pretty conclusive. As I posted recently, it is important for us to connect the dots for the sleepers. Schmidt and Wallace were Romney people in 2008 and switched over to McCain when Romney bowed out. McCain’s biggest mistake was taking these two on in such important positions as it was in their interest as Romney people to sabotage the campaign so that Romney would be set up for 2012. As such, it was also their focus to take down Sarah after they saw her Convention speech and how she actually prepared for and worked on the campaign as they knew she was the prime opponent to Romney in 2012.


  • Min Max

    I hope Nicole reads this.

  • AndreaB

    Great work, Firelight! God help us all if we are stuck with Mitt as our candidate. I’m not sure how I would get myself prepared for a Romney vote. Drinking, nose plugs, and a barf bag are sure to be involved in a vote for Mitt kit. Lets pray things shake out ok and it isn’t needed.

  • Agent99SP

    Excellent post Firelight, just riveting. 

    While there has been a strong sense that Romney, et. al. were behind all or many of the smears against Gov. Palin for a long time now, reading all this makes me wonder whether Cabal Willard were the ones or some of the ones behind the many ethics charges brought against her.  It seemed at first as if they were coming from Obama and the Left…but now?  Makes you wonder.

    Voting Tuesday in Ohio:  the NON-Romney!

  • sodakhic

    This stuff makes her rise in Alaska even more fascinating.She had no support, no real name recognition, at the time, no money and Alaskan politics is as corrupt as it gets. All she had were willing people to stand on the corners in 20 below weather with signs. Murkowski, and his goons were probably laughing their rearends off thinking this woman was going to challenge them. Fastforward to election night, McCain staff really didn’t want Sarah around. No speech, no family was allowed on stage, its a wonder they let her and Todd on stage at all.She knew from that night, this was a setup and her life was going to be hell. And of course we know what followed. The DNC, the RNC, Soros, who knows who was behind those ethics complaints. And now we’ve had four years of trying to get rid of Sarah by a whole host of scumbags. What’s next?

    • virginiagentleman1

      What’s next, my friend? 
       She will become President, hopefully in 2012. If not then, in 2016.  Regardless of the pundits, the backstabbers, and the traitors who ‘call themselves’ republicans, she will become President.

  • Lipstick

    Great piece! C4P needs to post this.

  • Billy Vmax

    Now this is the true story……..

    I’ve been working over 20 years in Washington and I’ve been around literally dozens and dozens of politicians. She is among the smartest, toughest, most capable politicians I’ve ever dealt with,” Scheunemann said. “She has a photographic memory. 

    Randy Scheunemann

  • Michael

    If Mitt Romney is the Nominee, I am done with Republicans. He should be defeated not rewarded. Sarah Palin has to speak out against this. Mitt Romney and Barack Obama should get screenplay and producer credits for GameChange

  • James Tyler

    It was enough for me when Romney kept his mouth shut during the Tuscon massacre’s aftermath. That could equally have been naked cowardice on his part, at least that’s what I would have believed after what I’ve seen in the last three months, I’m convinced it was something more.

  • sodakhic

    Mitt and his cohorts must have been seething when she rained on his parade in New Hampshire around Labor day. The problem with Mitt is that nobody comes to his parades. That Ford Field debacle has got to be the worst disaster in political history, or the funniest. He’ll be lucky to get a couple thousand to his campaign stops, if he gets the nomination.. I know I wouldn’t waste my time.

  • Richard Dunnell

    Indisputable. The rumors were there during the campaign and the only one to gain from them was Mitt.

  • Richard Dunnell

    Thank you Firelight. You are commended for researching the truth about the machinations of the Romney Machine. The best investigative report I’ve ever read. Deserves a Pulitzer. Keep up the good work. It’s deserving of the widest distribution possible.

  • kinikia

    After seeing Gov. Palin’s interview on Fox posted on Right Scoop: I believe that Sarah should endorse Gingrich (or Santorum) before Super Tuesday and Gingrich (or Santorum) should announce that they would tap LTC Allen West as their VP pick if they become the nominee. That would be a game changer!

  • korn8131

    For what it’s worth;

    I don’t care who Sarah endorses as long as it isn’t Romney. I love her to pieces but if she makes the mistake of endorsing Romney, the GOPE puppet, then I will have to move on because now she has become part of what we in the tea party are fighting against. I will continue to support her as long as she fights the fight with the GOPE. We will never defeat Progressive Socialism if we don’t defeat the GOPE first and Sarah is well aware of that!!!!!!!!

    A Tea Party Patriot

  • TexS2012

    So anytime Mitt gives us one of those goofy sly smiles don’t be fooled. Thanks for laying this out in black and white for us Firelight now don’t anyone forget it!

  • SDakota29

    Great insight, research, and follow thru. It makes perfect sense.This explains why the hair stands up on the back of my neck whenever I watch Romney, Rove, and many of the other related rodents. There has to be a way to derail this runaway train and help Sarah reach the station. We need an uprising to shine the light on these cockroaches and their evil plan.

  • SDakota29

    And then there’s Barbara Bush’s comment about Sarah on Larry King. I kinda liked her until she came out with that uncalled for remark. I’m seriously sick of the GOPE, And the Bush Dynasty, not to mention the progressive NWO gang. Let’s take em all down for the sake of our future, our children’s future, and the future of our grandchildren. It won’t be easy, but neither was the first Revolution.

  • Johanna Whyte

    Wonderful piece; you opened my eyes to a new dimension in Romney’s lies (there, in plain view) about Romneycare/Obamacare and how smoothly he does that and some people just don’t catch up on it. Yes, Palin smelled the establishment ten miles away and now, let’s see if Romney will survive this one. I like his wife Ann a lot, but darn what a dishonest man running for the presidency.

    Thanks, ThePalinExpress

  • MichiganSwingsWithReason

    The first casualty of both wars and politics is always the truth. Understand that I am not attacking the author. I am merely stating that just once during elections – just ONCE – I’d like to hear the truth. Not a bunch of bashing, nor political pie throwing or head hunting, just the truth. It would also be grand to see more unity. You know, “unity?” As in, “union?” In this day and age though, I am probably more likely to be struck by lightning a dozen times before that happens. The politics have changed because the people have changed. People have grown lazy, agitated, complacent. And they are now adverse to hardship. Of course, your tax money bailing out mega-banks and businesses does have a way of grating against you. Morally, it was wiser, and more justified, to bail out homeowners and small business owners who, through no fault of their own (outside of ignorance and being taken in by shady lending practices, and I do understand that this does not qualify everyone), had lost or were prepared to lose everything. Politics and economics are rarely moral avenues though. Which brings me to me one question…

    If politics and economics seem like they should work with morality, but do not, in fact, work with morality. Given that these institutions are man-made, are we not responsible for correcting them? Or do we just accept our grievous mistake, say “we’ll get ‘er right next time ’round”, and let it all happen again? Cause if we do nothing, then I hate to tell you, ladies and gentlemen, but it will happen again. My point? We haven’t actually solved ANY problems in more than twelve years… If our current leadership/figureheads cannot get the job done, they need to be replaced. Plain and simple. Thank you for reading. Your coats are hanging next to the door.

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