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Remembering The Happy Warrior – Breitbart

Today we remember Andrew Breitbart.  I won’t deny that I worry about the conservative movement. Breitbart was unique. He was legend. There really is no one like him. He had that mix of high intelligence yet shear balls to take a stand when no one else would. He was fearless but always made sure he was accurate. He was everything the GOP was lacking. He had fight, guts, strategy and tenacity.

He was a happy warrior.

I was out in the hall charging my cellphone at CPAC when Breitbart came down the hall with is posse.  I got a chance to watch and listen to him speak and said hi when he looked my way.  His eyes don’t miss a thing. He looked at me and followed my phone cord to the outlet in the wall. He just smiled and did that head thing of acknowledgment. I was mesmerized by how blue his eyes were. I have only seen eyes that blue and piercing on my daughter so it was hard for me not to notice that.  He was lively when he talked. I couldn’t help but stare and be happy that I needed to charge my phone.

Here is an account of the last hour before Breitbart died.

It appears that he had a show in the works with CNN…

Who could ever forget his crashing of Anthony Weiner’s press conference. It was sheer brilliance!

Steven Crowder has posted a heartfelt tribute that makes me cry.


Founding has a tribute here:


This brings an entirely new perspective to this movie coming out.


Here is a tribute video to Andrew from the Franklin Center:


Here is Breitbart’s loud and proud CPAC speech this year:


Here are links to many prominent conservative media personalities. Each tribute is filled with personal stories and memories.

James O’Keefe

Chris Barron of GOProud

Joshua Trevino

Hugh Hewitt

Greg Gutfield

Jedediah Bila

Politico with statements from Media Matters, Laura Ingraham, Tucker Carlson among others

RightScoop with interviews from Gutfield, Hannity and Goldberg

Associated Press

Army of Breitbarts

Erick Erickson

Michelle Malkin

Mark Levin

Sarah Palin

Rush Limbaugh

Stephen Bannon

Dr. Melissa Clouthier

Guy Benson

Michael Walsh at NRO

Congress – Andrew memorialized on floor of Congress

Dan Riehl

Misfit Politics

Heritage Foundation

Gavin McInnes

Gateway Pundit

Kathryn Jean Lopez

Jim Hanson

Ann Coulter

Alfonso Rachel

Patricia Heaton



Godspeed Andrew… and God bless your family.







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  • Akabosan

    If now all of those folks will just imagine Andrew looking over their shoulder and continuing to inspire them, his legacy will be fulfilled several hundredfold.

    We have the spirit of the Palinistas on the ground, and now Mr. Breitbart is on high.  (Not that he wasn’t always.)  😉


  • section9

    It is for us to continue the work he carried on. Be of good cheer.

  • hrh40

     Great roundup. Wonderful to have so many tributes all in one place for future reference. Thanks!


    I feel like I’ve lost a good friend. I will NEVER forget him at the Wisconsin rally…….he had me at “Go to Hell!!”  *tear*

  • Ann Virginia

    I still can not believe that Andrew is not with us any longer.    I will buy and read his book in  his memory, RIP MR. Breitbart.  GODbless you.

  • BrianusBerkleianus

    Thank you so very much, Firelight, for this tribute!!!

  • Akabosan


    Well, he was no summer soldier
    Where he fought was hard and cold
    His manner? …less than gentle
    His words were always bold

    Andrew was a leader
    And we happily played the chorus
    When something needed saying 
    We let Andrew say it for us

    Well, the contest isn’t over
    And the system still is broken
    So in honor of his mem’ry
    We all need to be outspoken

    When the moment calls you
    Never turn your back and run
    Gladly face the challenge
    It’s what Andrew would have done

    For he was no summer soldier
    And the battles never cease
    With the others who defend us
    Let us pray he rests in peace.


    • BrianusBerkleianus


  • Ting

    I just can’t begin to say how much I love the photo of AB in the tub that anchors this post.  Amazing! 

    • Firelight

      I love it too. It was sooo him.

  • M_Minnesota

    Also posted on C4P.

    Here is a very tender video by Steve Crowder remembering his friend Andrew Brietbart.  At 3:45 he talks about getting death threats in response to his “Koran Challenge”  video.  Death Threats.  That’s fatwas to you in Rio Linda.

    Understandably Crowder was scared as anyone would be.   AB had his back.

    Firelight please add Crowder to the list.

    • Firelight

      Crowder is an awesome guy. His tribute video was one of the first I included. It is above. I found it very moving.  It still makes me sad to see :(

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