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Shake, Shake Thursday

Good morning peeps!!

How is everyone?  Thanks to Cru for her great history and roundups.

Well Tebow is leaving Denver.  I’m a big Tebow fan so this does not sit well with me. I would have accepted it if he was being traded to a team that would value him and he could find success but sending him to the Jets was pure revenge from Elway.  Jacksonville wanted Tim and would have paid his “recapture” fee and given Denver the #3 draft pick but nooooooooooo Elway was determined to send Tebow to the most dysfunctional team in the NFL.  Elway waived half the recapture fee ($2.5 million of it) and accepted a #4 draft pick. I strongly disliked Elway before and now I hope karma slaps him in the face very soon.  For the record, I like Manning. I don’t blame him for any of this.  I do want to thank Joe Namath for stating the obvious…

It seems the most exciting I missed is the revelation that Mitt is his own etch-a-sketch.  So can we all just shake it up and make him go away?  I’m all for that one.  I think the etch-a-sketch gaffe is sack worthy. That is horrible so I guess we will see if Romney has any good judgement at all. Looks like possibly NOT

Seems like someone is stirring up a rivalry

Take that all you shrubs out there and all you shrub lovers… (yes, I call the Bushes, shrubs).

Showdown in Wisconsin…

He is exactly right

I love to see support like this

Vision vs money…

Me thinks the US Constitution will have something to say about this but in the mean time me thinks that some of the hip hop radio hosts are going to find themselves in hot water…

Good for them… wait for no one especially this POTUS and this Congress…

Um… shaking my head…

Here come the calls for Santorum and Gingrich to get out… don’t listen to them…

I know he didn’t mean this the way it sounds but must he feel compelled to compete with Mittens for gaffes?

Fluke puke

I would do the same


Oh look… a shrub backs a mitt…  sounds like a bad kids book…

So did he officially jump the Newt ship or is this his fair weather character showing…

Amen Ben!

Not sure if it is wrong but should anything get to the court levels in the recall this presents a big conflict of interest…

Was it worth it Miss O?

I don’t think I’ll be waiting around for it to report any of this

Vetting ala 1995

They opened the door… what did they expect?


Have a great Thursday everyone!

  • Akabosan

    Hi Mrs. Firelight,

    We often comment on the time and effort you put into moderating this site, but one thing we have missed is the creativity.  I love the lead ins you use.  Without giving away the whole story you pique one’s interest enough to get him or her to click on the link.  Being one who tries to do the same when sending emails, I can appreciate that some times the creative tank can run a little low on ink into which one can dip the quill…

    …besides, Tammy says; “You look so pritty.”


    • Firelight

      That video is hilarious!!!  Thanks AK.

      • Akabosan

        I am glad you enjoyed it, Ma’am.

        It is a keeper.  I just remember “Tammy Nails” and it comes up first on Youtube.  A lady friend tells me that is just how the Vietnamese ladies are in the nail salons in her area.  I of course never go.  I am too macho for that stuff.  Well once.  So I guess I’m “so pritty” too.  😉


        • Firelight

          That’s why it is funny. She is spot on with the ladies that run my salon.  She really nails it, lol!

          • Akabosan

            “Nails it.”  Right.  You are so punny.  LOL


      • Guest
  • Akabosan

    Many thanks to Miss Crueladev for shaking things up on here yesterday.  She definitely has a style that is unique.  Maybe I should apologize for some of the comments I made about her, but, Nah!  I think she knows I like her – kinda.  😉

    I hope she gets rested and ready for her next opportunity in the glaring footlights and in the meantime, we are all back in the faithful and competent hands of Ma Firelight.

    Many thanks to both of them, to the many contributors and to Mr. Sheya for providing the platform.


  • section9

    Good Morning, Mrs. Light! Great lead-in, especially the kerfuffle about Palin vs. Bush.

    I’d love to see Palin become Romney’s pain-in-the-a$$, if only because the hubcap thieves surrounding Romney believe that they can take conservatives for granted. However, we will have to see what happens going forward; no one is happy with what is going on right now, despite what the press is trying to ram down everyone’s throats.

    Etch-a-Sketch, indeed!

  • Pete Petretich

    Nationwide protest against the new HHS rules TOMORROW. All are welcome to join in this protest…

  • hrh40

    Morning all. Glad to see Firelight back, which means testing is over for the present!

    But nice to know there’s no drop in quality with our backup QB, Cruela. Thanks, Cru!

    Waiting patiently for Bean’s review of the Bush vs Palin book. I did my rant based on his article and the first pages from “Look Inside” at Amazon where he states that Palin wants a Republican to lose so she can run in 2016.

    I stand by my statement that that seems to be categorically false as I said in my rant, Palin has had no history of having a problem taking on a Republican if she feels they are doing a a bad job. See: Mayor. See: Governor.

    And Palin has said repeatedly, much to the consternation of many supporters, that she will support whoever the nominee is 100%. And, as all the Fox hosts have dutifully followed their orders to get her on the record specifically saying she will support Romney, – even Tantaros when Palin surprised The Five – it is false for this author to declare that Palin wants Obama to win.

    But if Bean says the book is worth buying, then I defer to her judgment.

    I still won’t buy cuz I don’t do the electronic book thingy and cuz I don’t like the attitude from the bits I’ve read, but if Bean recommends I certainly wouldn’t override her opinion.

    I don’t want a ride on her airlines. :)

    • section9

      That sounds like something a Bushie would say.

      Palin has always been able to profit from the squishieness and corruption of the Beltway GOP and its franchise in Anchorage. I suspect she will do so again. She would do fine with Romney in office; I suspect that Romney in office would become as tone-deaf and as unpopular as Bush I, while Palin would be able to run for her old job again on the backs of dissatisfaction with the establishment in power and the realization that most of what she claimed turned out to be true.

      She does not want Obama to retain power, however.

      • Akabosan

        When my son came of age, I announced to him that I would no longer tell him what to do.  From now on, I said; “I’ll just be adding up ‘I told you sos.’ ”

        Whatever Mrs. Palin does in the future, she can rack up a lot of those I told you so thingies.  😉


    • Bean Counter

      Ha, I didn’t say it was worth buying, but that it was worth reading. The cold hard truth is that Obama winning a second term is the fastest route to her winning the presidency in ’16, if that’s what she wants to pursue, and she and the Bushies who are pimping Jeb, know this. She may not say it, but she knows it. There are lots of direct quotes from all parties, plus an interesting take on what would happen at a brokered convention. It boils down to Palin and the conservative, libertarian leaning, tea party factions vs. the Bushies, who control the establishment, moderate, squishy middle of the party. If Romney loses in ’12, it strengthens the case that whenever the party nominates a moderate, we lose. The Bushies think of the tea party folks as the modern angry white Southern evangelical racists who frighten the establishment folks because they are viewed as unsophisticated extremists who want to kill the GOP in order to remake it in their image. Which is exactly what I personally wouldn’t mind seeing happen. The Bushies/establishment fear losing control. It’s just an interesting and thought provoking read. I guess I just don’t see the need for all the hysteria over it. When I have time, which I don’t have much of these days, I’ll post some kind of review. I need to read it again. Only takes about 30 min. or less. It’s very short.

      • narciso

         It would be too dangerous, frankly heartbreaking for her, for Obama to win, it’s not an academic exercise, that’s why she doesn’t treat this like a game,

    • LS as guest

      Those opening lines were more than enough for me: the gist of it was that her tepid or non-support of Romney was evidence that she really wanted to get Obama re-elected in 2012 and she could run in 2016.  

      Which of course is no evidence at all.  I was disgusted at the very first paragraph!

  • RefudiateGOPe

    Good morning all.

    I get soooo confused.  Quite often, when I visit various political sites that allow comments, I see someone describe Governor Palin as radical or extreme.  When I ask them to cite which of her positions on the issues are not supported by the majority of the American people, all I see is…..well, nothing.  It seems that the vast majority of Sarah’s critics have no idea where she actually stands on the issues.  It’s easier for some to label her a right-wing nutjob than it is for them to learn her positions.

    This leads me to one of my many frustrations.  Many people who engage in political discussion wear the moderate tag as if it’s a badge of honor.  If you look at the various definitions of “moderate” in the context of politics, the typical answer is “not extreme” or “not radical”, or “doesn’t hold views on the far edges of the political spectrum”.  It seems that some people describe themselves as a moderate when they are socially liberal and fiscally conservative.  Just because you may have views that fall within the margins of both ideologies, it doesn’t make you a moderate.  It may make you an independent, but it doesn’t make you a moderate. 

    It seems to me that the definition for “moderate” is highly dependent upon the definition of the words “radical” and “extreme”.  When I think about those issues which seem to drive political argument, it’s apparent that many people are just as confused as I am. 

    If you believe that the constitution is the foundation of our republic, does that make you a radical or extremist? 

    If you believe that the federal government has limited powers, does it make you a radical or extremist?

    If you think that a strong and well-equipped military is a deterrent to war, does it make you a radical or extremist? 

    If you think that all life is precious and that life begins before birth, does it make you a radical or extremist?

    If you think that a government shouldn’t spend more than it takes in, does it make you a radical or extremist?

    If you think there should be government programs to help those who are incapable of helping themselves, does it make you a radical or extremist?

    If you think that ne’er do wells shouldn’t be rewarded for their lack of initiative, does it make you a radical or an extremist?

    If you believe in equal opportunity rather than equal results, does it make you a radical or an extremist?

    There are probably a hundred more similar questions that can be asked, but hopefully you get my point.  My point is simple.  The questions I asked will be answered “no” by the vast majority of the American people, so to suggest that anyone who answers those questions with a “no” is a radical or an extremist, the facts just don’t support it. 

    By definition, when it comes to governance, someone whose political positions and actions are grounded in the constitution and who doesn’t bend to political expedience and who doesn’t put party before principle, is neither a radical nor extremist.  That person is an independent moderate who is also a constitutional populist.  No one in the political theater today fits that definition more than Sarah Palin.  Sarah Palin is a moderate because her positions are grounded in principles supported by the constitution and are representative of the majority opinion.  Conversely, Mitt Romney is not a moderate, and certainly not a conservative.  He’s a statist squish who has no real guiding principles to support his words or actions.  Depending upon his audience, he pretends to be either a conservative or a moderate, when in essence, he’s neither.  Sarah Palin’s message is consistent regardless of her audience.  When your message is based on your principles, there’s no need to alter it to please your audience. 

  • OldPat

    Has anyone else been having problems accessing DISCUS sites?  This is only the 2nd time in over 2 wks that I’ve been able to get on here.  Had a little more luck at C4P, but not much.  I guess it’s problems with my system.

    Here’s several cross posts from C4P


    When reading Bristol’s piece about Bill Maher, I began to realize who he reminds me of.    

    By deed, word and appearance, Maher is a perfect representation of
    the ugly little troll who lived under the bridge we had to cross to get
    to our neighbor’s house when I was a little kid…  At least that’s what
    my older siblings told me.

    Hey, Bill, I’m not a little kid any more so get back under that bridge of yours and stay there unless I call for you.

    No wonder Ann Coulter is so mixed up she doesn’t know who or what she
    is.  As the peroxide seeped into her brain, she had a lapse in
    judgement and let the ugly little troll talk her into leaving the lights

    Friends, don’t linger on that thought too long or you’ll be having the same problem Ann’s having sleeping at nite.  LOL.

    Hey, Ann, if you take a look in the nearest mirror, you’ll see who the ‘stupid one’ really is.

    Hey, Ann and Bill, welcome to an Old Patriot’s Thursday morning rendition of Alinsky’s Rule #5.

    Cross post #2The written and spoken word is the most powerful weapon the world has ever seen.

    Ole Etch-a-sketch Mitt has met his match – the sun-drenched
    unvarnished truth of who and what he is unwittingly spoken by one of his
    own lieutenants.

    From this point forward, etch-a-sketch and the name Mitt Romney will
    be synonymous.  I guess that’s the price you pay when you pretend to be
    something you are not.

    This is why the dwarfs hung back and let Palin take the lead in the
    fight against Obama.  She was the only true conservative in the bunch;
    therefore, she was the only one who had the framework needed to make the
    correct decision and take the correct course of action each and every

    Do you miss her yet??  God knows I do, and so does Lady Liberty.  Hey
    guys, I’ve got an idea.  Why don’t we grow a pair and give these two
    women a hand as they fight to save what we so foolishly gave away to our

    • LS as guest

      I’ve given up on Disqus other than to always just sign in as a guest.

      Less aggravation that way.

  • hrh40

    Report on Don Imus show this morning with guest Juan Williams from conservativemama at C4P:

    “Interesting television this morning.  Instead of Faux and Fools (credit to another poster for that term) this morning as I drank my smoothie, I put on Fox Business and watched Don Imus and Juan Williams. Quick snippet. They were talking VP for Romney……Rubio, Portman and Gov. Martinez in NM. Imus said she’s doing a good job out there. Then Imus said his dream ticket was Gingrich/Palin.  I waited for the snarky remark from either man and it didn’t happen.

    Imus said that Palin was maligned and that this time around she’d do better, he was impressed by what he’s seen over the last 3 years. Juan had nothing ugly to say.  He said that when NPR fired him he was walking down the street in NY and saw Palin and she gave him a big hug. And then he said a hug from Sarah Palin will really make you feel better. Not an exact quote, but lose.

    Interesting.  She’s slowly but surely winning them over.  Grace, courage under fire, it’s always coming through.  And now to have such a strong daughter out there also speaking truth to power, it’s something to behold.

    “Direct link to comment:

    • Bean Counter

      I download Imus’ podcasts and listen to his whole show every morning when I go out to walk. His Gingrich/Palin ticket thing is a joke. He speaks ill of her every chance he gets. He thinks she’s stupid. He’s a Romney guy. He spouts that Gingrich/Palin thing just to get a rise out of whoever he’s talking to. Most go off on it and trash her. I am, however, surprised that Juan Williams didn’t take the bait. I need to listen to the whole interview to get the context, but I wouldn’t see this as any great turn around.

      • hrh40

        I listen occasionally when driving in to work. Can’t usually take more than 5 mins. So yeah, I thought Imus was a Romney guy. Glad to hear Juan didn’t take the bait if this is so.

    • LS as guest

      Great to hear!

  • Akabosan

    Here are a couple of different perspectives – One from Denver the other from Connecticutt

    The first;  Oh what tangled webs we weave when first we practice to deceive – Walter F. Scott  Char – Cole?

    This lady almost has it altogether: – Lisa Fabrizo


  • Akabosan

    Miss Crueladev!  Oh, Miss Crueladev honey!  Has anyone seen Miss Crueladev?    

    I nudged her hours ago and expected to have my coffee by now…  Oh, I will bet she went fishing.

    Ah, fresh pan fried fish and eggs with my coffee perked over an open fire…  Ah yes, she is really quite domesticated, isn’t she?  

    She may want to move to South Carolina after she sees this:


    • Crueladev


      • Akabosan

        Oh, there you are, “HONEY!”

        Didja remember to bring beer?

        Look, I figured “honey” is appropriate with you trying to give lessons in “yall.”

        As I said it is NOT Ya’all it is a one syllable word.  Grits is two syllables:  gree its.


        • Crueladev

          not worth it….

          • Akabosan

            I know, “Dear.”

            You are zo zweet too!


          • Akabosan

            Not as a fullback, but…  Can you see a play in which Mr. Tebow is a wide out?  Then what would you do on defense?  OMG

            Good article and analysis:


  • Happy_Miser

    Yesterday I posted about the odd “U” shape of GOP voters’ favorables for Gov. Palin in yesteday’s PPP survey, with liberals and conservatives having a much more favorable opinion than the moderates in between.  (Oddly enough, the same was true for Santorum and Gingrich, but it seems to be much less marked than in the case of the Good Governor, and didn’t seem to hold for Paul or Romney.)

    I read an interesting article today from the NYT (via that provided some perspective.  I’m not sure I buy into the whole thing but two interesting conclusions were (1) libs and cons are more similar than they think, and (2) libs tend to exaggerate cons stereotypes and incorrectly state (or understand) cons values more than vice-versa.  Both of those findings match my own impressions.

    Here are the relevant links:

  • Crueladev

    Good Afternoon P4A Kids!

    Thanks Firelight for the fun!
    Thanks all for the kind words..

    Sorry Akabosan….no breakfast for you!  I am a pretty good cook btw…:) And I sorta like you too…(I think).. 😉

    But alas…I have been packing most of the morning as I start into a nearly month and a half of house sitting jobs starting on Sunday.  4 houses..6 tours, 9 dogs, 3 cats and only a one day overlap!  How about that? HA!

    Got this in my email today…it’s long but fun! Those were the days!

    Note to Jebby…if you are pushing Rubio…NO THANKS!  He is in your pocket and thinks MAC DADDY is just to die for! Another liberal JOKE!

    Okay.. I have a REAL Issue with this…Our President can disrespect OUR TROOPS and he does it quite often…but they can’t show any disrespect of him!  Screw you Obama!

    Okay..I need to get back to packing…you all have a good rest of your day!  You too Akabosan.. :)

    • Crueladev

      okay..I lied…10 dogs now! :) 

  • BrianusBerkleianus




  • BrianusBerkleianus


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