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Terrific Tuesday

Good morning everyone!

Today is another primary day.  This will be really interesting to see who comes out with the wins.  For delegate purposes, I hope Newt wins one or two and Santorum wins the other.

How is everyone’s weather?  Our weather here is glorious, I admit that it draws me outside so I’m not on the internet as much during the day.  It will snow again in a few weeks and I’ll be stuck inside again so I’m enjoying it now.

I am loving that Breitbart’s BIGS are in full attack and vet mode. They are not backing down or fading away.  Andrew would be so proud…

News Roundup:

Gov. Palin drop kicks President Obama directly into the vetting arena…. Hooah!

Breitbart takes on Obama’s ad against Palin…

LMAO!  Levin slams Nicolle Wallace and Steve Schmidt…

Bila reviews Game Change…

Why do candidates put this kind of stuff out there?

Sorry dude, it ain’t gonna be you…

Um… there is a reason for this… Americans just aren’t that in to you… deal with it…

Former SarahPac adivsor won’t watch Game Change…

The Five say Game Change isn’t about Sarah Palin…

Well pot meet kettle (whose actually worse)…

Oh no he didn’t…

I have fashioned myself a tiny violin again… look at me go…

Oh this so makes me want to tweet you more… and more… especially when I read this

What part of “don’t do this again” does he not get?

Cindy Adams talks Palin and Game Change with her source (I’m guessing her source also wrote this)…

You don’t say

Have a great Tuesday everyone!  Let’s see if this ride continues after tonight’s election results.


  • LS as guest

    Where is everyone?  Up too late watching the replay of The Undefeated last night?

    How very appreciative I am of the Breitbart sites generally, but also in their fervid defense of Gov. Palin.  Mark Levin and a host of others are defending her honorably as well. 

     Credit where credit is due: Cindy Adams has always certainly been fair, as clearly has Elaine Lafferty as well.

    • senator20526

      kudos to Cindy and Elaine…….

  • RefudiateGOPe

    Good morning all.  Another great roundup, Firelight.  Last night, on my Twitter TL, one of my tweeps asked if the first thing you do in the morning is check your Twitter TL or your email.  My answer is that I check to see what jewels Firelight has left us early in the wee hours.

    I usually keep my car radio tuned to Sirius Patriot Channel.  This morning, on my way to Walmart, I got to catch Andrew McCarthy talking to Mike Church about the mess in Afghanistan.  It brought an analogy in mind I’d like to share.

    If you’ve ever had a finished basement, you may have encountered a mold or mildew problem.  You go down one day and you happen to notice these little black spots forming just above your baseboard.  They may only little black spots, but allowed to go unchecked, the next thing you know is that the whole bottom part of the wall turns into a nightmare.  Here’s a list of “solutions” or the steps that some will take to solve the problem:

    1.  Ignore it and hope for the best. 
    2.  Get out the lysol and spray it down and then get the spray cleaner or the miracle sponge and clean it up.
    3.  After cleaning it the best you can, you slap a fresh coat of paint on the wall.
    4.  When the spots return, you go out to your home improvement store and buy a can of Killz, and slap a coat of it on the wall because nothing can penetrate Killz.
    5.  You realize that even though you can no longer see it, the nose tells you it’s still there and growing.
    6.  You call in an “expert” to figure out the source of the problem and fix it, usually at considerable cost.  The fix may include cutting out the affected drywall, the studs, and the bottom plate and replacing them, but not before finding the source of the problem.  It could even involve digging around the outside of the foundation to seal it.

    The bottom line is that you failed to understand the necessary rules of engagement with the mold in order to “nip it in the bud”, and it became an exercise in futility.  To me, this describes our situation in Afghanistan.  We went in, cleaned it up, put a few coats of paint on it, but soon discovered that the problem was never really solved, and we still haven’t figured out any permanent solution to the problem.

    The discussion between Andrew and Mike reminded me of The Palin Doctrine which she shared at the Colorado Christian University (CCU) on May 2, 2011, for the Tribute to the Troops benefit. In it, she outlined five points regarding the effective use of our military force:

    First, we should only commit our forces when clear and vital American interests are at stake. Period.

    Second, if we have to fight, we fight to win. To do that, we use overwhelming force. We only send our troops into war with the objective to defeat the enemy as quickly as possible. We do not stretch out our military with open-ended and ill-defined missions. Nation building is a nice idea in theory, but it is not the main purpose of our armed forces. We use our military to win wars.

    And third, we must have clearly defined goals and objectives before sending troops into harm’s way. If you can’t explain the mission to the American people clearly and concisely, then our sons and daughters should not be sent into battle. Period.

    Fourth, American soldiers must never be put under foreign command. We will fight side by side with our allies, but American soldiers must remain under the care and the command of American officers.

    Fifth, sending in our armed forces should be the last resort. We don’t go looking for dragons to slay. However, we will encourage the forces of freedom around the world who are sincerely fighting for the empowerment of the individual. When it makes sense, when it’s appropriate, we will provide them with material support to help them win their own freedom.

    This list may sound simplistic, and it is, but it’s also the doctrine that we need to use in the future.  Our Rules Of Engagement are too politically correct to work.  There is no chance that when we leave Afghanistan, that it will ever be a democracy based on personal freedoms.  To think otherwise, is foolish.  We won the war in four weeks, but we’ve spent the last ten years doing nothing other than placing our soldiers in harms way for a people who hate us.  It’s time to bring our soldiers home and to never ever allow our leaders to place us in a “can’t win” situation again that wastes our blood and treasure. We owe that to the members of our military and their families.

    Here’s the link to Governor Palin’s complete speech:

    • cookboy

      A particularly fine comment!

    • LS as guest

      Great analogy!

    • Firelight

      That is the perfect analogy.  I was at that speech in Colorado. She was great!

  • IheartSarah

    I agree that Santorum will not be the beneficiary of a brokered convention but since I think a brokered convention is the only way to go in order to not have Romney as the nominee (even though I know the chances of him coming out the nominee would be pretty good as well), I think it is good to hear that Santorum is playing for that.  It tells me that he is in it for the long haul.  Since Gingrich said a few days ago that he was in until Tampa, I think this is all good.  We need them all to stay in at this point or, I believe, we will definitely get Romney.  I want Gingrich to win in Alabama and Mississippi.  

  • blackbird

    Good morning everyone. Splendiferous Firelight, are your morning news roundups although I mostly see them after lunch.

    I do not know why now but I have this feeling today that the liberal agenda is crumbling, I get the sense that these liberal propagandist are desperate and are the end of their rope, I see these same detached people confused that their message is ineffective, I am starting to see the full impact of Governor Palin and I want the Governor as the next president of the United States of America.

  • Nancy6

    Firelight, thank you for a great roundup!
    You and Cru do an awesome job making sure we get the news we can use every day!

    That link that talks about how the McCain campaign had to see that Reno speech before Governor Palin could, because they were afraid that she would see it, remember it and say it, before they could make changes and approve if it, is so hilarious!
    She really is a brainiac with a photographic memory!:)

  • poljunkie

    Who is John Galt?


    Have you seen Atlas


    We watched it last night,
    and hubby kept saying- the similarities are striking.


    Sure it is ahead of where
    we are at this time but if we don’t change course “our reality” is headed in
    that direction.


    It is chilling and realistic.

    I highly recommend it.


    Waiting for Part 2.

    Thanks for another stellar roundup Firelight….

    • poljunkie

      p s I don’t know what’s up with my formatting.

    • RefudiateGOPe

       I watched it about three months ago.  I think it’s the type of movie that warrants a second viewing.

  • indemind

    Morning barbarians, great round up Firelight… So, how you’ll doooing today… Awesome Facebook Note from the governor … *_*)

    Sarah … ” I’m willing and free to discuss these issues with the President anywhere, anytime;”

    I’m thinking, that maybe old barry just might have Open The Door for a Sarah run himself…

    “Game On” …………*_*)

    SarahAmerica 2012

  • Crueladev

    Good Day P4A Kids…
    I got my face back…Aren’t you all lucky? 😉
    So I am at a new house with new dogs…and ponder why would you give a deaf dog a name? She is great though…high strung and loves to be on your lap…ALL THE TIME!  She needs to be herding cattle.  The other dog is an older male shepard mix…Mr. Mellow.  Loves to snuggle and kiss.  MY dog does not do the kisses…and I LOVE that about her.  If I want my face washed I will use a washcloth…HA! 
    So I hear there is a new batch of excommunicated TAMS….so let me be the first to say…WELCOME TO THE “CORNFIELD”…
    So because I got so intensely bored with Game much so I only made it about half way…I have a question…Did they throw in a scene where SP showed up at the hotel room door only wearing a towel…or did they forget about that Schmidt/Nic-HOLE lie?  I saw the “dud” playing the “dude” and I think that is when I lost interest.  :)

    I see Jane Fonda is trying to make herself news worthy again.  So Sad.  I think all that exercise has destroyed her brain cells…what few she had. 

    NO TO PEYTON MANNING!  Go to Miami…or AZ…NOT COLORADO…Don’t get me wrong..I like Manning…he WAS a great QB.  But I want TEBOW!  I want to see how far he can grow! I don’t want to see a guy that has the potential to take one good shot and be out for the rest of the season.  Yes that could happen to any player….but Manning has a target literally on his back.  NO MANNING!

    Well you all have a good rest of your day!

  • senator20526

    Morning all…..Pietro Leatherchest here…….a glorius, sunny, bright 82 degrees today in the great desert Southwest……Where is Sarah?   No sightings yesterday…Maybe she is visiting her Scottsdale compound…..Looks like Sarah and Todd made the rounds in Las Vegas, meeting new people and having a good time….I bet they are enjoying this great weather after being stuck in the snow this winter. Ricky and Newt are shooting for a brokered convention….Mitt says Ricky not up to being VP……not conservative enough……..Oh,Oh , have to comes senator20526…..Have a great day and be safe.

  • hrh40

    crossposted from C4P

    K, guys, here’s the transcript of Rush today:

    Partial bits:

    “RUSH: Okay, here’s the audio from the ad from Obama for America, Obama running for reelection against Sarah Palin. Sarah Palin is not on the ballot, yet. She’s not running for anything. I’m looking here at the list. Do we have Palin reacting to this? Hang on just a second. I thought I read that we do, but maybe not. We don’t. Okay, on her Facebook page she reacted to this. Anyway, here’s the ad. And, by the way, this ad uses the same font and the same logos as the HBO movie Game Change, which debuted on Saturday night.”

    “RUSH:  Now, there’s a possibility here that we have to consider on Obama going after Palin.  That is this: When the HBO movie Game Change was written and in production, the Democrats may have seen Palin as a potential candidate, given the Republican field.  They may have thought she might end up getting in the race and win it.  They are scared to death of Sarah Palin.  And for those of you new to the program, understand one thing: The Democrat Party will always tell us who they fear by virtue of who they try to destroy.  If they thought Sarah Palin was actually this stupid fool idiot they’d be laughing at her and making fun of her. They would not be afraid of her. There would be no need to destroy her if she were all those things that they claim she is.

    She would destroy herself. It would take care of itself. They wouldn’t have to further it along.  Same thing with me.  So they may have thought when they were writing and producing Game Change that she could end up in the race, maybe end up getting the nomination.  And maybe they’re thinking if there is a brokered convention, that she could emerge then.  So this could be a preemptive strike on a woman who is essentially a private citizen.  Ahem.  Ahem.  Ahem.  So that’s what this could be.  Sarah Palin could very well be that, ladies and gentlemen. 
    You just never know.
    By the way, Michael Steele, the former Republican National Committee chairman, was on TV somewhere (I forget where) and he said that he wrote the rules for this Republican primary when he was RNC chairman.”

    Emphasis mine.

    There’s lots more at the link. Check it out:

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