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Weekend Fun Edition – Updated

Happy Saturday everyone!

I want to thank Cruela for stepping in yesterday to post the daily thread.  She will be helping out in the future to keep this place happening when I can’t.  Good job Cru!

So, I am still digesting Andrew Breitbart’s death.  I keep expecting to wake up and find out that it was all a hoax.  It will probably take me some time to really grasp that he isn’t out there leading the charge.

Super Tuesday is coming up and this will be very interesting.  Gov. Palin talked to Greta last night about Alaska’s caucus. You can watch it here if you missed it.

I hope everyone has a great weekend planned.  My weekend will consist of dinner with friends, time with family, having a sleepover for my 7 year old and her bff, swim lessons for my 4 year old tadpole and church to restore my soul.

News Roundup:

Weeks?  If it was a heart attack they would know by now even if they are still waiting for toxicology and labs…

I can’t wait for these to be released…

Excellent takedown of Game Change…

Tap…tap…tap…checking to see if hell has frozen over… I agree with Meghan McCain…

Well this doesn’t bode well… why lie over something so trivial?

WTF is going on with these people…

Me thinks he is trying to get his ducks in a row so he can be on the VP short list.

Yes, fire his ass

And fire his ass too but don’t send him back to Colorado we don’t want him…

Yes, he changed our generation of conservatives for the better…

And yet he has never called Gov. Palin out of concern when Bill Maher or Louie CK called her a slut and cu*%… no one asked those guys to apologize either…  However, Fluke doesn’t seem to be all little miss victim… maybe it’s more like liar, liar pants on fire…

Oh Mittens… you are soooo busted…

Oh, no Mittens… bet ya tried to hide this…  oh Lord it is on video

He just loves to love things

Thank you Jedidiah!

Jonah has another good write up on Andrew… I’m still in shock…

When you can’t run on your ideas or record… distracting attacks are all you have left…

Well at least they have a plan

I got one of these in my mailbox… but Ron has it all typed up and pretty.  Thanks Ron!

Might?  I’d bet the farm on it that he will…

I’m so sorry America, so, so sorry… (shaking my head in shame) Colorado mucked it up electing this one…

Awww Patricia Heaton remembers Breitbart…

Amazing… Zo remembers Breitbart…

What a woos, what a defeatist… he’s a panty waist…

Of course it isn’t… you would just have one of your “unnamed aides” say it…

Come on dude… get it together… are you in it to win it or not?

LMAO!  I never condone someone calling another person a slut EXCEPT when someone is openly admitting to sleeping around and promiscuous behavior and is asking me to pay for that lifestyle. At that point it isn’t so much name calling as a description of a type of behavior… just saying… (and I have friends who in college called themselves sluts and owned it. I love them dearly. For me, I was married most of college) so with baited breathe… here is a parody of Rush Limbaugh’s apology to Ms Fluke.



Yes, he bows too much and apologizes for all the wrong things…

But we aren’t pining for him… that is the delusion of the “family’s” mind…


Rush apologizes…  good for him, set the example, take the argument off the table and refocus… now let’s see if Maher apologizes or keeps up this talk

Romney and the rest of the Bain story…


As always, I’ll update this thread if there is breaking news or something of importance this weekend.  Enjoy your weekend and try something new. Be bold, be daring, have a party!


  • BrianusBerkleianus

    My Dear Friends in Sarah,
    Happy Saturday to you all!!
    Here are some observations on her interview with Greta last night.
    Re the primary season: She acknowledges that candidates never come to Alaska.  She says that conditions are too tough for them.  Now, while the tone of this remark may have been tongue-in-cheek to some extent, I think that there was an edge and a point to it: WHO is the one who is hardy and strong enough to bear up under both the physical storms of the winter season in The Great Land and the political storms of an election season in America?  She does not have to spell out the answer; she leaves it to us to do that: S-A-R-A-H …SARAH!!!!
    She summarizes the strategic and key place that Alaska holds in our polity, with its riches in natural gas; with its abundance of oil; with its strategic location.  Again, she does not have to SAY it, but we remember who was GOVERNOR of this key State, and who, in part of a term, accomplished more than most governors do in multiple terms!!
    Alaskans look at obama’s naïve apologies to SAVAGES in Afghanistan who turn around and kill our soldiers, and they say, “ABO,” “Anybody But obama.”
    Alaskans are tired of the pettiness in the GOP primary process.
    It is very important to get a Commander-in-Chief whom our troops deserve.
    Alaskans believe in the US Constitution and in their State Constitution.  This State Constitution established that the Forty-Ninth State should be as self-sufficient as possible. But the Feds have impeded and interfered with this principle, especially when it comes to energy development.
    William Seward’s dream for Alaska was for her to help secure the Union through her resources.  It is time for the nineteenth-century statesman’s prophetic vision to be realized and fulfilled.
    obama manipulates the domestic supply of energy and bows to our enemies: This INFURIATES Alaskans.  Further, his manipulation of US currency is devaluing the dollar–which eventually leads to phenomena like the high price of gas.
    We need to replace obama with someone who understands the energy security that is JUST AT OUR FINGERTIPS–and Alaska has a lot to do with that.
    Guys, to my eyes, this was as strong a statement that she is going to run as she could make without formally announcing.
    The other candidates are not tough enough for the winter climate of The Great Land—by implication,  they are not tough enough for the “winter,” hibernal climate of the savage PPD (Politics of Personal Destruction) that are waged by the Chicago thug and his minions.
    She emphasized this point via the raging fire that grinned at us from the background during the interview, a fire that was a symbol both of the storms and winter outside, and the fire inside her that can meet and overcome the storm!!
    The other candidates cannot come close to matching her record with and experience in ENERGY issues, which she emphasized as paramount and critical to the security of the nation.
    Only Sarah, from her lofty seat in the High North Country, takes the long view, as she gazes down with the eyes of the Eagle upon the discomfiture and the crisis of our times!
    IMHO, this great interview delivered a subtle but powerful punch!!
    God bless you all always!!
    DEO VOLENTE, SARAH 2012!!!!

    • cookboy

      Particularly good post from the Scourge of Berkeley!

      • BrianusBerkleianus

        Thanks, cookboy!

  • BrianusBerkleianus

    And have a great weekend, Firelight!!

  • RefudiateGOPe

    I think it’s nice that Jedediah Bila wrote that great rebuttal of the push back the “Palin camp” received for speaking out against Game Change.  However, for me, it doesn’t cancel out her silence when the article was published in The Blaze attacking Sarah for writing an article talking about Trig.  Some people defended Th Blaze by saying that the article was from a blogger and not from one of their “journalists”, but I don’t really buy that.  For me, that makes Jedediah’s silence even more grievous.  If the people at The Blaze used the “he’s only a blogger” defense, it should have been easy for Jedediah to step forward to condemn the blogger’s outrageous column.  For whatever reason, she chose not to do so.

    I know that there are some here who will defend her silence, but imo, if you can’t stand up for your friends, your principles and your integrity should be questioned.  We witnessed Sarah being attacked by the left and the squishes in the GOP, and we were outraged that very few came to her defense.  I am equally outraged that Jedediah sat back and said nothing.  Jedediah had the ability, and the cover from a “speaking out against her employer” label because the writer “was just a blogger”, but she remained quiet.  For that reason, I’m not inclined to forgive and forget.   

    • narciso

       I know Refudiate, but it’s hard to keep up, with all the ‘slings and arrows’ against our fair huntress.

  • KatieSilverSpring

    I will begin my weekend dear Firelight with a stroll over to my Farmers Market.  I wrote a very brief blog about it yesterday.  I am finally finding my writing again after the 2 weeks of being so sick.

    Andrew Breitbart has inspired me to work harder on my blogging and keep it up.  I suggest all of you do the same.  No one man should ever have to take on the load he did in order to straighten up this place.  If anything good is to come from his death, it is or should be that each of us take up a place in this tug-of-war with Progressives and pull our share.  I’m not sure how well I will be at it, maybe you will be better?  But all of us should do something and encourage every single other person we know to do the same.

    I will never forget the look on AB’s face at CPAC when he was being interviewed on Radio Row.  He was looking around him at all times.  I don’t want to say he was being overly cautious, maybe he was being observant but it was what prevented me from approaching him.  I didn’t want to appear to be another stranger in the crowd who might do harm.  I wish he were still here; I miss all his Tweets.  But he’s not, so I have to work harder. 

    I believe in the lifting up on the 3rd day.  I expect him to put his finger into the primaries; the first one is today.  OK, you call me wierd or superstitious (which I am not).  But I firmly believe, I KNOW that the good continue their work after death, even immediately after death.  And Andrew Breitbart was good.

    • Akabosan

      Mr. Breitbart was probably just keeping an eye out for the “glitter bomb” he mentioned before his speech.  Not that he feared it.  He probably was hoping to see it in time to stick it somewhere…  


  • John_Frank

    Good morning all.

    An excellent news round up.

    The posted parody of Rush Limbaugh’s apology to Ms. Fluke?

    Spot on. Delightfully Wicked. Hilarious. Still laughing.
    Thank you.

  • ErinMC4

    Good morning everyone-
    I’ve been checking in daily but haven’t been commenting a whole lot because we have been sick-central over here at my house (bronchitis, colds, stomach virus-ugh, and shingles…seriously). It’s been a month. I think next year we just skip right over the entire month of February…it was certainly a rough one for so many this year!
    Seriously though, so many terrible things happening, one of which happened in my backyard almost. The news of the school shooting at Chardon High School has consumed our area for days. I live about 25 minutes from this community and I work in several area schools, so this has been an interesting week for many near me. (And of course news of Andrew Breitbart’s passing was shocking and saddening and I’m still not sure I’ve completely grasped it…)
    Anyways, I just wanted to share something that I was very affected by this morning. The first boy that died in the shooting is being laid to rest this morning, and there have been rumors that the Westboro Baptist Church will be showing up to protest. Well, instead of just lying down and taking it, the community of Chardon is saying NO WAY…they have gathered about 1600 people to line the street and block the view of the potential protestors from any of the grieving family. Simply amazing.  Here’s the story:

    There have been so many personal stories I have heard of complete strangers reaching out to show support to this community. It is just one more amazing example of what God does; what was meant for evil will be used for good.

    Hope everyone has a relaxing and fulfilling weekend!

  • LS as guest

    I’m probably in the minority here, but I usually lament when Rush makes news with some sort of crack about women.  IMO he does have some sort of misogynistic blind streak in him that goes for this sort of gender baiting.  But it’s bad enough that Santorum has given the press so much opportunity to focus on birth control as an issue in this campaign–the last thing we need is for Rush to be fanning the flames with the same.

    Maybe it’s because I’m up here in the Northeast, but I know how many liberal and even moderate women the Dems and the MSM have already got motivated to defeat the GOP based on this focus, and every little bit that furthers the discussion just helps Obama IMO.

    • GeekyGrandma

      I agree. Rush put his foot in it when he called this dame a slut. He should have used this word: UNETHICAL.

      • LS as guest

        Yep–and now he’s tracking it all through the house.

    • Akabosan

      I listened to Mr. Limbaugh’s entire program on Friday.  It is not something I usually do.

      I got the impression that he may have been channeling Mr. Breitbart some in stepping up his flames toward the feminazis.  There was an added intensity.

      Being a affectionate misogynist myself, I can see how the far left might be dismayed and how the women of the far left never really give him a chance.  I don’t need to defend Mr. Limbaugh.  I too am busy enough fending off would be suitors. (Or should that be suitettes?)

      In fact, here is a piece that women against his policies and statements can be guided to so they know they are not alone: 


    • Firelight

      I had to listen to his whole program as I took the bait at first and thought he directly called Ms Fluke a slut.  He actually did not.  He said it as a question and was actually speaking to a larger point and not directly about Ms Fluke.

      I also think with Rush’s style that he was trying to show the absurd hypocrisy of the left. They have spewed names and worse at Gov. Palin and many of our conservative women and no President ever called them for an apology and the left never threw a fit over it.

      • Akabosan

        …and if you will recall, Mr. Limbaugh called on maobama to return the $1,000,000.00 given to his campaign fund by Billy (Potty Mouth) Maher for calling Mrs Palin dirty names.


      • LS as guest

        I do believe you are stretching your listening for the benefit of Mr. Limbaugh.  

        He states that she wants to be paid to have sex and because she’s having so much sex and that that makes her a slut and prostitute.  He adds a “Right?” rhetorical flourish at the end, but that is his statement.  Then he closes the segment by saying he “takes back” having “called her a slut” and that she is “round heeled”, which is simply a synonym for a slut or a prostitute. 


    I’ve been saying since day one that Rubio will be Romney’s VP pick…..Mitt would be an absolute fool not to pick him. 
    Having said that, of all people, Dana Perino….whom I never listen to….just happened to make my head turn when I had the tv on in the backround. She said the probable VP pick will be Jeb, and I thought daaaaang, she might just be right!   hmmmmm……that very well could be probable and just makes me shiver.

    Firelight….don’t apologize for Colorado, you start doing that, I’m going to have to start apologizing for all of Illinois’ “election results”.  *groan*

    Great video Firelight….mad me laugh, and oh so true. :))

    Yep, fire Chu and fire Salazar….heck, fire them all !!

    Santorum’s ineligible delegate problems stems into Illinois also….the Chicago area if you can believe it.

    Andrew Brietbart…..I miss him already. *tear*

    BTW….Firelight, another good round up. :))

    • LS as guest

      Dana’s a Bush gal all the way, but I can’t believe Romney would be stupid enough to name a Bush to his ticket.  I could see the Bush mafia trying to strong-arm him into it, however.

      • mark1955

        MITTEN’S/Jeb was a done deal from the beginning if MITTEN’S got the nomination.Do you believe for a second that  MITTEN’S could have organized the collapsing of the Primary and caucus dates,in order to not give Sarah Palin enough time to organize?The probable rigging of the signature rules in Virginia,the probable rigging of the voting in Iowa,Florida,Nevada,Maine without Jeb/Rove’s help? The convincing of Rick Perry,by George W.Bush,to enter the Primary,after previously saying he wouldn’t,on what i believe was the final dagger,along with the moving up of the Primary and caucus dates,in the intention of Governor Palin to Run. Since 2008,this whole thing has alway’s been about stopping Sarah Palin ,so Jeb could eventually be President.

    • mark1955

      I’ve always thought Jeb would be MITTEN’S VP pick. You don’t think the Bush/Rove crime family,would create this whole scenario,with MITTEN’S as the inevitable nominee,then not cover their back end with Jeb as the VP pick?

  • Nancy6

    Good morning all!

    Bean, I’ve been praying for you with all of these tornadoes coming through your area! Hope you’re alright!

    Praying for all of these people devastated by this incredibly destructive weather!

  • RefudiateGOPe

     Sarah was just on FNC with Uma Pemiraju.  Great interview with great sound bytes.  When asked by a viewer if she would consider a VP slot, she first avoided a direct answer and said that the best candidate for VP is Allen West.  I hope the video gets posted here.

    • Firelight

      I’m working on it.  It was a great interview.

  • BostonBruin

    Video of Gov. Palin’s interview is now available at TRS:

    I think it was quite bold of her to name Allen West as her top VP choice. She also predicted that Newt will win GA.

    Palin/West 2012!

    • Firelight

      I saw that. I waiting for Fox to post and so I can post it here. Scoop doesn’t usually share links so I have to wait until Sheya is off Sabbath or Fox posts it.

      I love that she named Allen West.  Dana Perino said she thought Jeb would be VP (oh the insanity).  This gives everyone the chance to really look at West and vet him.

      • BostonBruin

        What amazes me about her naming Allen West is that this is effectively an endorsement since she didn’t name anyone else. She always says that her endorsement is a double-edged sword which we know is true. Makes me think she and West have been talking. …

  • senator20526

    Morning all……Pietro Leatherchest here…..after a blustery 65 degrees yesterday, it look like it will be a bright, sunny, 77 degrees today in the great desert Southwest…could be in the 80’s later on this week…I hate watching taped interviews of the Gov….I want to see her live and answering questions about what happened today…that’s just me..Went to the Doc yesterday and looks like I will be wearing a heart monitor for a day or two..I will find out all the details on Monday…The joys of becoming old…lol.. Tell me one good reason why Dick Lugar should be re-elected. ..He will be 80 next month, and hasn’t lived in Indiana for 30 years. Some people just don’t know when to leave the stage. That’s it for today…have a great week-end and be safe.

  • LS as guest

    How did I miss this?  Gov. Palin at the very end here seems to be suggesting that were she somehow the GOP nominee she would look to name Allen West as her running mate: 

    • RefudiateGOPe

       How did you miss it? She said it twice. :-)

  • hrh40

    Speaking of talking, she also specifically said that she and John had been talking about not watching Fact Change. Hmmm.

    And John came out the other day and said Mitt was damaging himself with his negative campaigning or some such.

    Hmmm …

    Could she be working on getting John in her corner at a brokered convention?

    We know from S9 that McCain despises the Bushes for 2000 election.

    Hmmmm …

    • LS as guest

      I do think she has to be a bit careful with one line she advanced: that a VP candidate should have West’s kind of military experience–or a close family member in the military.  That latter qualification could invite incoming from her detractors if she presses it further.

  • BostonBruin

    Firelight, BTW – nice touch in the headline photo. Squirrels love bendy straws too!

    • Firelight

      Someone got my joke!!  That was the first thing I thought of when I saw that picture…”ooh bendy straws, Sarah would like, LOL”  Then I thought it was a cute pic.   Yay!!! someone got it :)

  • BrianusBerkleianus

    Good Evening, Everyone!
    Here are a few thoughts from her interview this morning with Fox and Friends Weekend.
    Re a brokered convention, she says she won’t be asked to serve, but then says we should not fear such a convention.  What we should fear or be concerned about is the question of WHO would control such a convention; who would be behind closed doors in the proverbial “smoke-filled room” deciding matters!
    As our friend Refudiateobama points out on this site, she takes an oblique but devastatingly effective shot at Romney: When she is asked if she would campaign for Romney, if he is the nominee, she first says that he has been running for President for SIX years, with his MILLIONS and MILLIONS of money, but, in the end, she says she would campaign for him.
    The most striking part of the interview, IMHO, was her unequivocal endorsement of COLONEL ALLEN WEST FOR VICE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.
    My friends, what does it say about the current candidates for POTUS when SHE REFUSES TO ENDORSE ANY ONE of them, but endorses a VP CANDIDATE???!!!!!!!
    IMHO, this was a scintillating and brilliant stroke:
    1) She IMPLICITLY condemns the current field, because she is saying that there is no one in the group who has the qualifications of a Colonel West.
    2) She IMPLICITLY places herself on the plane of the candidates for POTUS.  WHO, after all, is it who selects a VP candidate other than the Party’s POTUS nominee!!  By naming a VP, BUT NOT A POTUS, she is implicitly, if subtly, tossing her hat into the ring.
    3) She wins the hearts of millions of Americans (or wins them more–she already has them!!) by naming a patriot and hero like Colonel West!!
    Let’s look at a few of her other words in this connection.
    She says, “If I were in a GOP presidential candidate’s shoes, I would first look to Colonel Allen West.” By positing it as a hypothetical possibility (“IF”), she places the idea out there!
    She says a good VP choice would be “Someone who has served in our military, or at least has intimate knowledge of the way the military works and should work, perhaps by having a close family member serve.”
    Two things:
    How many of us, upon hearing these words, thought immediately … “TRACK PALIN”??!!
    If this is a criterion for VP, how much more so is it for POTUS??  Again, she seems to be referring, at least in part, to herself with the reference to “a close family member” in service.
    Guys, it is still going to take all that we have to give, especially in terms of prayer and sacrifice, but I am still hopeful.
    She said certain things on the surface this morning, especially about her willingness to campaign for Romney, should he win the nomination.
    BUT, I think she said many other things with the subtlety of the Wasilla Warrior from the North Country …especially the words about Col. West, and what they IMPLY.
    God bless!!
    DEO VOLENTE, SARAH 2012!!!

  • Michael

    Disappointed that C4P’s Nicole Coulter is joining the Dark Side and Supporting Mitt Romney. I guess the Mormons take care of their own. They are worse than Blacks with Obama.

    • narciso

       No, that’s not right, Nicole is a very creative person, with a good heartlord knows they need someone like her, over there, how much imput they will accept is something else entirely

    • Akabosan

      Excuse the pun, but the “dark” side is maobama’s side.  

      Mr. Romney, should he win the nomination is still a better choice.

      He has never served in national office, but he did learn how to “compromise,” in Massachusetts.  If his record says anything, it tells us that he can rely on, and has used input in the past.  Hopefully his input in D.C, will (just as anyone occupying 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.) be CONSERVATIVE leaders of the house and senate.

      Mr. Romney has demonstrated some less than conservative traits and tendencies in the past, but nothing like the determined marxist regime we are working to oust.


      • LS as guest

        Compromise in Massachusetts?  Romney bent himself into pretzel to out-Democrat the Democrats in Massachusetts.  He wasn’t compromising, he was leading the opposition’s cause for them!

        • Akabosan

          Oh, I should have put quote marks around the word “compromise.”

          I apologize.

          Oh, I did put quote marks around it.

          Well, it is Sunday, I apologize anyway.

          I hope you and yours have a wonder-filled day.


          • LS as guest

            And a good Sunday to you.  Will you be accompanying any lady friends to church?

            • Akabosan

              Thank you for your well wishes.

              Ah, no.  I will not be accompanying any ladies to church.  I liken that to taking a ham sandwich to a banquet.

              For, as I am sure you are aware, when one wishes to meet “bad” women, one goes to a tavern or club, but when one wishes to meet “good, bad” women one attends church.


              • LS as guest

                Ha ha–and the numbers are certainly in your favor!

    • Firelight

      MIchael, its fine to be disappointed that someone supports a candidate that you don’t BUT that doesn’t make it the dark side.

      Please do not make this an issue about religion or ethnicity. That isn’t what this site is about and I won’t let it get side tracked on irrelevant issues.  I’m a Christian and yes, I do take that into consideration when picking a candidate. I have no problem with other people doing the same.


  • M_Minnesota

    Also posted on C4P

    Here is a very tender video by Steve Crowder remembering his friend Andrew Breitbart.  At 3:45 he starts talking about after his “Koran Challenge” video he was getting death threats.  That’s Fatwas to you in Rio Linda.  Anyway he was scared as anyone would be.   AB had his back.

    • Akabosan

      …and AB STILL has his back.  :)


  • senator20526

    Morning all…….Pietro Leatherchest here…….a bright, sunny Sunday morning, temperature a nice 75 degrees in the great desert Southwest. Just back from church, full of the good spirit….I hope everyone is having a wonderful week-end….of course being retired, every day  is a week-end. It’s funny when I worked, I worked most week-ends as I was in the hospitality industry and also law enforcement…Jails and Hotels all are 24/7.   God be with you all this fine day and for the rest of the week…..

  • OldPat

    Had WE the PEOPLE not been so busy taking care of our families and making a living last Oct. 5th, WE would have heard the Lady of Lake Lucile softly exclaim, ‘Et tu?  Et tu, RINOS mia??’ as her friends-the GOPe-drove their dagger of thanks for carrying our nation on her back for over two years deeply between her shoulder blades.

    Now that these dear fellows have dispatched the PEOPLE’s choice and rigged their primaries, they expect me to meekly vote for the dwarf of their choice or darlin’ Jeb in the unlikely event there is a brokered convention.

    Not so fast, you cowards.  If this old patriot is to dance the last dance of freedom in these United States, then I choose to do so by the side of the unselfish couple who loaded and carried me on Sarah’s back for so long.  I choose to dance that last dance with the couple who brung me, not one of your little gutless wonders.

    My friends, I grow old and am not the man I once was, but I have three strong sons.  My sons and I volunteer to carry our nation’s Moral Compass the first mile on their journey to Tampa Bay in about six months for the Republican National Convention.

    Two of my sons will alternate carrying their sister, Sarah, on their backs that first mile, and my third son and I will do the same as we carry Todd.

    Do I have any volunteers for mile #2?

    • Ting

      Well, I am a very petitie woman, but still strong enough to be on the team!

      • OldPat

        Ting, as it is in combat, in this endeavor it is the size of one’s heart that matters most. You are a most worthy addition to our team.

  • Akabosan

    Oh, I failed to mention earlier… not that I forgot or anything.  Yes, good job subbing Crueladev.

    It was PHUN PHUN PHUN!


  • Michael

    I tweeted Nicole Coulter a lot last night. We are fine. She is still a Good One and I admire her work on Sarah Palin’s behalf and we’ll need her on Sarah’s side come 2016.

  • irishcoins

    I wrote this on Romney, April or so of last year.  What prompted it was Romney’s use of two campaign slogans with racist overtones.  I was cautioned by Nicole, at the time, to not rock the boat with this, as a lot of Mormons were supportive of Gov. Palin.  The converse is perhaps not applicable, at least for me.  I will not be campaigning for or supporting Mitt Romney. 

    I am a bit of a student of advertising slogans.  Romney was clothing his campaign with past slogans of Reagan and Margaret Thatcher.  Romney was in the habit of borrowing campaign slogans from Conservatives, so he could appear as a Conservative to the Colin Powell branch of the Republican  Party. 

    There was even a 3rd campaign slogan borrowed from Reagan, but it escaped me, and perhaps someone here can remind me.  Romney would be better to come up with his own slogans, but this is perhaps another problem, as there is no there there.  It does not work to plagiarize others, and the reason it does not work, is rooted in Romney’s conflicted mind. 

    I went to Rice U. in Houston in 1965, the year following the passing  of the 1964 Civil Rights Act.  Rice was originally founded as a segregated school with free tuition for all that could get thru the academic hoops.  But when Rice wanted to expand its space program, and apply for money from the feds, they had to integrate.  My freshman class was the first integrated class, and I took my math 100 in German from the first Black professor, who did not speak English, as there was no college level Black math professor to be found who could.  Rice U. and most of the rest of the country went along with integration and embraced the civil rights movement.  Two schools did not.

    I might title this, “Why I don’t Like Mitt Romney.”  Romney’s recent remark, inartfully plagiarizing Margaret Thatcher, “Obama Isn’t Working”,

    which some leftists have jumped on as inappropriate because of the racial overtones suggesting the old school adage that Black men are lazy, points to a familiar theme re Mitt Romney, BYU English grad class of ’71.  This remark portends racist code overtones similar to Romney’s
    April “hanging Obama with the misery index” remark:

    Not only is the remark to be condemned as a racist metaphor, it shows the same lack of originality.  The two remarks together, reveal in part, Mitt Romney’s mind, and the world in which he grew up. During the late 1960’s and early 1970’s, when Mitt Romney attended Brigham Young University, it was a segregated school, only becoming integrated in 1978, 14 years after the passing of the 1964 civil rights act. Sporting events between segregated BYU and other integrated colleges and universities during this time, frequently led to boycotts and riots and demonstrations, because of BYU’s racist policies re segregation.  BYU was one of 2 schools in the country to fight integration during this time, and well after, Bob Jones U. being the other, from 1964 until 1983.

    Segregation at BYU, during and well after Mitt’s time there, during the late 1960’s and early 1970’s, was not just a casual rule, but rather part of an all embracing honor code and code of conduct, which required all LDS students to adhere and conform to the doctrines of the LDS church.  LDS doctrine included Brigham Young’s founding theology that Blacks were made black because of their sins against God, and that slavery was a “…divine institution”.  Blacks were prohibited from entering the LDS temple until June 1978, and then only if they were considered “worthy”.

    This was Mitt Romney’s world during his school days, and during the formative years of his “education”.  So yes, he is going to repudiate it, in part, and claim he and his father marched with MLK, which later would become he was in the same town that MLK was in at one point.  But in Mitt’s mind, he is conflicted, because on one hand he is commanded to conform to these abhorrent racist doctrines and codes of conduct, and on another he surely must realize, that at least others, if not himself, consider them repulsive.  So, yes, this would lead to a flip flopping personality prone to avoid verbalizing the profound issues of the heart.  Wholly understandable. 

    Now, Romney and his father were leaders in the LDS Church, and as such, bear responsibility, at least in part, for the continuing segregationist policies of BYU, which flew in the face of the mood of the country, for integration, and equality of opportunity and housing and education, and drinking from the same water fountains, regardless of the color of one’s skin.

    And although I could care less if Mitt Romney, or Nicole Coulter, or anyone else, wants to practice their LDS religion, for me, the racism part is disturbing, as an American and as a Republican. It does not belong in the Republican Party.  It much better suits the Democrat Party.  The Republican Party, forget for the moment, whether the Colin Powell wing or the Clarence Thomas wing, was founded in 1854 on the principle that freedom is for all men regardless of their race or skin color.  Mitt Romney’s burden re this seminal Republican principle is too heavy to contest leadership of the Republican Party.  Indeed, the Republican Party is perceived by most Blacks as being the party of racism, rather than the party that was formed to fight it.  That ground is sacred to the Republican Party and needs to be reclaimed, and Mitt Romney is not the man to do it.

    • hrh40

      I also won’t be campaigning for or supporting Mitt Romney.

      I’ll leave it at that out of respect for the moderator’s wishes.

      I’ll always support Sarah Palin. But if she works to get Romney elected, I won’t follow her there. Local races only for me. Lord knows, we have our hands full in CT anyway!

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