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Weekend Relaxation – UPDATED


Good morning everyone!

What does everyone have planned for the weekend? We are taking the kids to play golf, cooking out with some friends and going to church. I also have a book to finish reading and I’ll likely be found on Pinterest (my new obsession) looking for some goofy craft or snack for my kids so that I can embarrass them with their nerdy mom.

It’s just another low-key weekend for us in the Firelight house.


News roundup:

Yesterday was World Down Syndrome Day and the pics are beautiful!

What happened to the party Mr. President?

Sarah Palin wins!!!

Deal with the devil?…

Newt is exactly right

Oh look… a pipeline to nowhere


Maybe he should try the Financial Peace snowball… just sayin…

Word… no, not really…

I hope somebody puts a stop to this nonsense. There is a limit to how much you owe your employer…

This looks really good…



Prayers for the Cheney family…

This isn’t good…

The gift that keeps on giving, lol…

What is wrong with these people… Whit, they need some sense knocked into them!

Classy… Harvard law classy…in fact, I’m in awe of the class…

Dynamite on a stick…

Did I mention that it is supposed to be 80 degrees here in Denver today?  Oh yeah baby!!!

Enjoy your weekend everyone!!

  • Akabosan

    Good morning Mrs. Firelight.

    I hope you and your family have a superb day.

    Having read some of your recent tweets…  Uh, I hope Mr. Firelight knows he cannot get away with a thing. 😉  He is a lucky man indeed.

    The last two items in the above post seem to be the same url.


    • LS as guest

      Yes, I’m curious as to what “looks really good” as well!

      • Akabosan

        Relax.  It may have just been a picture of something in one of those wimmen magazines that Mrs. Firelight spends her days perusing.  :)


        • Firelight

          Fixed it!  Thanks for the heads up.

          • Akabosan

            O.K.  Go ahead and take the rest of the day off with full pay, and have a gr8 time.  😉


      • Firelight

        Fixed it! 

  • Akabosan

    Let us all pray that Mrs Firelight gets a positive result before resorting to this.  LOL'PSYCHIC%20SURGEON‘…%3C/A%3E%3Chr%3E%3CA%20HREF=


  • BostonBruin

    Good morning! Love the photos of Trig, although I am disappointed that there are none with his Mom! My two favorites are the one with him sleeping and the one with the puppy!

  • Akabosan

    It is not only “really good,”  but I think it is really important. <= Reviews by people who have seen it.  <=  The trailer.

    A quote by one of the professional reviewers:
    "The faith current in October Baby is strong and undeniable, yet the film is a "faith-based" film not because it preaches but because faith is essential to the story and to the characters involved in the story."  <=  Two professional reviewers.

    It seems the only people who do not give this movie objective reviews are people with fears.


  • blackbird

    Good Day everyone. Thanks Firelight, excellent news round up. I started off with tears and then went to laughing… Sarah Palin wins!!!

    I am starting a new music app project and the link was very interesting thanks and btw this looks scrumptious –

    Have a great weekend everyone.

  • senator20526

    Morning all /…….Pietro Leatherchest here…….a bright, sunny 85 degrees in the great desert Southwest this morning……Just back from a work detail at my church..I will be dead the rest of the day…lol. I was disappointed in Hannity’s interview with Sarah….with so many other important things to talk about, he has to bring up all the nasty things said about Sarah…..He is preaching to the choir. Now if NBC or CNN ran a storey about this, it would be different. That’s  it for now, have a great week-end and be safe.

  • BostonBruin

    FYI – Gov. Palin is listed as a guest on Greta VS’s show on Monday night. Looks like the discussion will be about the ObamaCare Supreme Court case.

  • Crueladev

    Well Good Evening P4A Kids….

    So I had a chat with someone “in the know” today about the situation with the NCAA’s new ‘point system”…

    You won’t hear about this until May because the NCAA does not want anyone to know about it…just yet. 

    If you like your college sports…get ready to NOT see some of your favorite teams in post season play.  14 teams that were in the NCAA Men’s Division 1 Basketball Tourney.. WILL NOT be playing next year because they have been bannned.  This effects all Men’s sports. 

    If a kid has poor grades, leaves the team (for whatever reason), or get’s into trouble…the NCAA docks points from the whole team.  In several cases the NCAA went back to prior coaching staff’s and docked the current team and coach.  In one case the NCAA went back 4 years…thus penalizing the current team and current coach when in fact they had NOTHING to do with the situation.

    The crap is going to hit the fan folks….when THIS story breaks.  Right now it appears the NCAA is trying to find a way to cover their collective butts….but if you have a favorite College Team or sport….prepare yourselves as they may not be in post season play…next year!

    Okay…time to break down the computer..and go to bed!  You all have a good rest of your weekend!

  • Akabosan

    Mrs. Firelight never rests . . . another excellent update that saves me time for chasing wild women.  😉

    Cheney is derived from French and means ‘from the oak forest.’ I can see that, but the Mr. Cheney I know about is a real mensch too – a real American.

    Ah, happy Sunday.


  • senator20526

    Morning all…..Pietro Leatherchest here…….A windy, overcast day, reaching 81 degrees here in the great desert Southwest……Prayers for Dick Cheney for a speedy recovery from a heart transplant..Where is Sarah and what is she doing? Can somebody tell me why Obama is in Korea? I guess when you have no answers for domestic problems, you run away and pretend you have all the answers for foreign problems….The fact that he is the laughingstock of the entire world does not faze him…..He thinks he is punching “above his weight class”. That’s it for now…enjoy the rest of the week-end……

  • Akabosan

    The wife of the soldier accused of murder of civilians in Afghanistan has set up a defense fund:

    “Contributions to the defense fund are welcome only from donors who (1.) grieve with Mrs. Bales over the lives that were lost that night, and (2.) believe that in America everyone is entitled to a fair trial. Over time, the truth will come out. That’s why we have due process under the laws of our country. Unfortunately, due process is very expensive,” Kari Bales’ statement said.

    Contributions to the defense fund, at P.O. Box 2774, Seattle, Washington, 98111, aren’t tax deductible, she said.


  • Michael

    Mitt Romney Loyalists like Billionaire T. Boone Pickens tried to undermine SarahPalin and John McCain on Energy and Now the Country is Paying for it. T.Boone Pickens and Palin are not friends. Look at the fact Pickens follows Romney and not Palin. You all remember that huckster Pickens telling the country to switch to Wind Power and Natural Gas while undermining Drill Baby Drill. That Huckster Pickens is one of the folks that helped but Obama in office by undercutting a huge issue. Pickens also claims to have lost money on the Wind Scheme, I say Bullshit. Guys like Pickens never lose on these schemes and it looks like he is on Team Romney. Pickens is one of the biggest Crony Capitalists Around and screwed over the McCain/Palin ticket and helped put Obama in office and Pickens got Pelosi to invest in his schemes. Pickens was a Long Time Big Money Republican Donor but he is exactly the kind of creep that would try to stop Palin and push Romney and losers like Rick Perry.

    • Akabosan

      Mr. Pickens probably DID lose money on that venture as he has on many ventures, but the tax write-offs he receives, as a result, more than make up for it.  

      Mr. Pickens did not get to where he is by being ignorant OR stupid.

      Your choice now, Michael, is whether you want to have the billions he has or not.  If so, all you have to do is be willing to do the things he did.


      • Michael

        Pickens won big on it he knew damn well what he was doing. So you approve Crony Capitalism? Subsidizing T.Boone Pickens with Natural Gas Subsidies.

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