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Easter Weekend Fun

Happy weekend everyone!

I hope you all have some fun planned for the weekend. Mine includes another egg hunt and dinner with friends, church and dinner with my extended family. I’m cooking and hosting so it should be fun.  I love having people over. It brings out my Martha Stewart side.

I want to hear what everyone else does for Easter tradition.


Ooooohhhh shiny…  I like sparkly!


Since art is in the eye of the beholder… I’m NOT impressed…

Darn right

Is the sky blue?… I think I’ve been saying for months that my DC friend told me that something happened last fall that involved the establishment to prevent Gov. Palin from running…

Stop the presses… I agree with Allahpundit…


I just really love the title but Jim is also spot on as usual…

Hmmmmm… this surprises me…

Just shoot me now...

Romney and momentum are an oxymoron… did you hear that moron?…. time for you to go.

This is scary…

Well this is curious…

Prayers for Isabella

And we would know this is true… how?…

RIP Mr. Kinkade… your plein air pieces were beautiful…

Which is why they will never go this direction

Me too… much, MUCH less enthused


I’ll update the post for tomorrow. Have a great day everyone…







  • BrianusBerkleianus

    My Dear Friends in Sarah,

    Holy Saturday greetings to you!!

    So many of you extended to us Good Friday and Easter Sunday (and Passover) greetings on C4P (and P4A) yesterday, and it was beautiful and well done.

    But what about today, Saturday?

    It seems to me that this day is, in its very quiet obscurity, set as it is between a great Friday and a greater Sunday, it seems to me that this day bears and carries its own particular and special significance.

    It is a Great Interval …

    It is a Great Pause …

    It is a Great Wait.

    I think that we can observe a pattern and order in the divine disposition of things, ranging from the tiniest utterances and syllables of our speech to the very splendor of the vast cosmos, a pattern and order that require an oscillation and “dance” between thunder and silence, between noise and quiet, between fire and ice.

    Consider the ALTERNATION between stressed and non-stressed words that is the basis of emphasis in our enunciations and oratory. If I give powerful intonation to every word, then no word is stressed. Similarly, if I use capital letters for every word, then no word is emphasized. Non-stressed words are the very foil and contrast that are a necessary basis and pedestal for our lofty and mighty elocutions!!

    Behold the difference between:



    “SARAH is the one to lead our country in this hour.”

    So with the cosmos: The very spaces and distances between planets and other heavenly bodies make these bodies stand out in all the celestial glory of their brilliant orbits and royal rotations!

    We can see this even in the observation that, if every day were Christmas or our birthday, then no day would be Christmas or a birthday; these days would not be special and glorious in their distinctive otherness. Ordinary days are required to provide a seat and “throne” for the extraordinary ones.

    So I believe that this Saturday has been placed as a subdued setting between the earth-shaking (literally) events of Friday, and the Eternal Dawning of Sunday: We watch; we wait … in silence.

    To bring these brief remarks to a close, I believe that we are sitting on a “Saturday” in the blessed days that we have spent following and supporting the Governor since Sarah Palin Day, 29 August, 2008 (or earlier!!) How long this “Saturday” will last, we know not.

    I am sure that, for many of us, the heartrending announcement of last 5 October, which I discussed in a post the other day, I am certain that this day was a kind of “Good Friday” for so many of us, a day of grief; a day of disbelief; a day when a part of us, when a core of us “SEEMED to die”!!

    I am also personally convinced that SARAH will be our President, and will be one of the greatest Presidents in the glorious history of the United States of America. As you know, I still have faith that we shall witness her election THIS year. But even if it is at a later time, such as 2016, when that day does come, I think that it will seem like a true rising again and rebirth of America, after years of deathly and deadly domination by obama and by other Establishment hacks and politicos.



    God bless you all always!



  • Akabosan

    Whether or not it is clear to you…

    The Universe is unfolding exactly as it should.

    The Lord is in His Holy Temple… Let all the earth be silent before Him.


  • section9

    Happy Holy Saturday to everyone.

    Great posting by Firelight. And yes, the RNC is in the tank, only not for Romney.

  • Lipstick

    Happy Easter!
    We are going to the town I was raised in today for a family get together.

    This is a small, yearly event. There will be an Easter egg hunt for the little ones and lots of meat on the grill. The weather is always perfect on this Easter weekend.

  • senator20526

    Morning all…..another bright, sunny 86 degree day in the great desert Southwest…..Happy Easter to all my friends on P4A and guys are the best and it has been my pleasure to meet a lot of you in person……..I think the people on these sites are some of the smartest and most knowledgeable as far as politics and the understand of how this country of our should work….We know that in order to effect the changes that need to be done, strong and relentless reform must take place…..We must elect people on the local, state, and national level that understands this………(climbing down from soap box) Have a happy Easter and a blessed week to come……..

  • alohasteve

    THANK YOU for posting this! I love visiting – keep up the great work!!
    SteveCommon Cents

  • Akabosan

    For the aspiring writers among (or should it be amongst?) us…  

    AHEM!  Emily!  Are you paying attention?

    Here is an excellent letter from a master to a young admirer.


  • pete4palin

    I have an Easter message to the establishment from the people. Tell your Mr. Romney to go home.       Go now…. in peace.  If you do don’t stop now, we will oppose you at the convention    I have seen enough…   negativity…    but if you want more, I can not stop you. I can only warn you it will be your candidate to have it….  not ours.I wait for your answer.    I pray for a miracle

  • section9

    Happy Easter to one and all!

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