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Monday Mash…

Good Monday Morning P4A Kids….

Well it was an interesting weekend.  First off…Hearts and Prayers go out to ALL in the wake of this weekends storms across the Midwest!  Did anyone hear anything from this Administration as far as encouragement or acknowledgement that these storms ever even took place?  OH HELL NO!!!  We have Secret Service getting servicedHillary parties like it is 1999, and Obama is making light of the whole thing by making really ill timed jokes.  Such a LOSER!  This MAN said it best!  I am afraid folks that the Libs idea to “dumb down America” has finally reached the top! ….YIKES!

I have to keep this sort of short.  For that I apologize!  Today is break down and packing day.  I have reached the end of the first leg of my house sitting duties…then it is home for a few days then back to the big house for a few days.  Then home..then off to 2 more homes to finish out April and the first part of May.  I do have to say that the last night here at the big house was interesting.  I let the dog out about 10:30pm to do her “thing”…well her thing involved a whole herd of deer that had made their bed in the yard.  So she managed to circle them and herd them my way.  Ever had a herd of scared deer running TOWARDS you…in the dark?  HA! Thank You God for Trees!  I think the dog was secretly laughing!  She seemed to have a sort of smile on her face as she came back in the house!  Anyway….


Say it ain’t so Joe!

I…uhh…but….I..uhh….uhm….uhh….a….uhmm….uhhh…..   I really hope the “uh…uhm” syndrome is covered under Obamacare because it appears to be contagious.

Keeping it classy….Have a few more beers boys and ask Hillary! I am sure she would be happy to join you!

Parasites in the neighborhood….

Another good reason to home school!

“Paying at the Pump” was good…but I think they missed a great opportunity to hit Obama and hit him hard.  Brazil was mentioned only in passing.  I was a bit disappointed.  Our own Whit was mentioned in this past article about one of the latest Obama paybacks to Soros.

Another Job well done Bloomberg! Idiot!

If you still pay for HBO….WHY?

And finally….because it is a Wombat life….

Okay…that just about does it!  You all have a good Monday and I will check back when I get back home, unpacked and re-established! Have a good day!

OH..and if you are freaking because you (me) have not done your taxes yet and you think they are due at midnight April 16th….NAH….you have an extra day!  Taxes are not due until April 17th.  I am not even sure why I am even worried about doing mine! Yeesh!





  • Akabosan

    Thank you for ‘showing up’ again, Miss Crueladev.

    President Bush would not have been as successful as he was without Mr. Cheney, Mr. Rumsfeld, Ms. Rice and others with whom he surrounded himself.

    “Unmitigated Disaster” by and for the American People may prove long-range to be an understatement.  It would be a great bumper sticker for 2012 if it was not so long.
    “Unmitigated Disaster vs ABO.”

    This election coming up will show if we are really still Americans or not.  If the same people show up and the same people stay home and the citizenry has changed so much since the days of my youth, we should choose another name for ourselves, comrades.


  • Pete Petretich

    “BOSTON MARATHON: Palinistas everywhere, this is Patriot’s  Day, form it up! We start marching today, marching to Tampa, Florida August 27! Hut 234, hut 234, hut 234…”

    Marching Songs:

    “The Minstrel Boy”

    “Video/Audio Content for Grizzly Fest”

    “Sarah Palin Undefeated”

    News and Doctrine:

    “Wikipedia: Patriots’ Day”'_Day

    “Live Webcast: The Boston Marathon, 2012”

    “Wikipedia: 2012 Republican National Convention”

  • section9

    Best to everyone! Good morning, Cruela, and to you, Light!

  • hrh40

    Thanks for the roundup! Safe moves. I love dogs.

  • JanneMyrdal

    Sorry I missed ya in the Rockies Cru!!   Next time!

  • senator20526

    Morning all……Another bright, sunny and warm 84 degree day in the great desert Southwest…Where is Sarah and what is she doing? Going on three days and haven’t heard a word…lol……Rmoney is going to be one long disaster in this upcoming campaign if he is the nominee….the LSM is already digging up quotes from years gone by…but nothing on the ONE…Mr. Broken Axelrod sure stepped in it on Fox….guess he cant talk and think at the same time…Sure would like to see Sarah and Todd go to Texas and campaign for Newt…that would be fun…Well, I off to the store so have a great day and be safe……

  • indemind

    Good afternoon Palinistas…. from beautiful Carlsbad Ca….A very nice round up Crue… What I would give to see you climb that tree, with those Deers on your tail…. hehe… *_*

    I also like to say, that I think that Governor Palin and Eric Bolling did one hell of a job with “Paying at the Pump”

    Hope everyone had a good weekend… Anyway, Stay cool, Stay safe… and have a great day … God Bless


  • Happy_Miser

    Someone over at C4P posted this link, which shows that the Palin/ Bolling show seems to have done very well:

    • indemind

       Great News….


  • Jasmine Clark

    hi! i haven’t posted on this site for a while.

    i will get right to the point: i no longer think it’s useful to hope for sarah as the nominee. it’s not reality. reality isn’t always what we want. when i (and some others) said this on c4p, people were frustrated because it wasn’t what they wanted to hear.

    so i was wondering how people here will react to this. even though this site has many of the same people as c4p XD but not completely the same people. what do you think?

    i think it’s pointless, and people getting each other excited and worked up about Sarah’s Super-Secret Stealth Campaign that does not exist will just set them up for disappointment in the end. better to accept reality now, than realize it later when it will be more painful.

    so i wanted to post this on this site and see how people react =D

    • Firelight

      We have room for all points of view and accept people for where they are at.

      Neither opinion is wrong but you will find a more sober mindset here.

      • Jasmine Clark

        that’s good!! =)

        • Firelight

          I’m not a secret plan person either. I think she takes things as they come. I do believe she was at one point last summer running. I think something stopped her last fall. I believe last fall that when she said she wasn’t running, she meant it but I don’t think she was happy about it. 

          I think she now takes it a week at a time. I don’t think she really thought the primary would play out the way it has. I am sure she has tried to influence it but no one can control something as massive and messed up as the GOP primaries. Things seem to be playing to her favor.  So what happens if we really do have a brokered convention?  I have no idea.

          I feel that the only thing I can do is push for a brokered convention so that Palin at least has the choice whether to toss her hat in the ring if she wants and then make sure that we send Palin friendly delegates to Tampa as best we can.

          If she doesn’t take advantage of the brokered convention or if we simply don’t have one and Romney gets the nomination, having Palin friendly delegates gives her tremendous influence over them to help shape the direction of the GOP and use as leverage to hold Romney’s feet to the fire.

          So you will see me cheer for a brokered convention and be happy when we send some more Palinistas to Tampa and I probably will never lose hope that a miracle could happen but I am NOT into the super secret stuff.

          • indemind

             I remember Bristol on Fox and Friends promoting her book, back in late June early July where she almost came out and said that her mother (Sarah) is going to run… and that Same day Sarah Tweets to Bristol that what they say at the table stays at the table… So in my mind Sarah Was Running… (*_*)… and, YES something stopped her last fall…


          • Jasmine Clark

            i was hoping for a brokered convention as well, for the last several weeks! however, i no longer think that is going to happen. sorry.

            • Firelight

              Oh, don’t worry. I know that the chances of a brokered convention are extremely small and it is very unlikely that it will happen.

              That is the nice thing here, we are really sober in understanding the reality of things. We do get that there are rules that are designed to prevent a brokered convention. It isn’t as easy as some want to make it sound. Lipstick is right, there would be a price to pay for trying something like that and I’m not even sure if that is really what Sarah wants.  She may just want the pressure on Mitt so that he feels more beholden to the conservative wing of the party. We do know that there are behind the scenes workings as there always is in politics but most of us don’t assume its some secret plan.

              Most of us accept reality here but we can still hold to that tiny shred of hope since most of us also do accept that God performs miracles so who are we to pronounce absolutes in things. Most of us just don’t venture into the super secret plan stuff.

              Basically, will a brokered convention happen? Likely not. Can a brokered convention happen? Sure, with God anything is possible. 

    • Lipstick

      The Governor is not running for POTUS.

      I, like you, see some who are convinced of the Super-Secret Stealth campaign and how everything is “going just as planned” heading for a big fall when Romney gets the nomination.

      I am saddened that the Governor did not run. But she decided not to, so I hate it, but respect it.

      I have no clue what she will do in the future, but I have turned from a “supporter” to a “fan”. Until she runs for some office, I see her being a really loud mouthpiece to bug who ever is in charge to do the right thing.

      She seems to enjoy not having to answer to anyone directly by being in office, I can’t blame her for that. She seems to enjoy doing TV, but hope she does things like the Pay at the Pump stuff rather than become another constant talking head.

      I truly think even she does not know what she exactly will do. She is taking opportunities as they come up and seems to be enjoying her family.

      I think 2012 was a huge missed opportunity for her to run for POTUS. She threw it away, for whatever reason and it is gone. Not sure she will have another chance like this one and after her missteps this summer of leading people on in Iowa, I can’t see people organizing for her as readily.

      I am sad she did not run the Boston marathon today. When she returned to Alaska over the weekend I knew she wasn’t running Boston either. :(

      I rarely comment at the other site because people are a bit edgy for me these days!! LOL

      • JLAdevelop

        I share your sentiments Lipstick. For some reason I was taken to task by many for suggesting that the race for the nomination was over and Sarah did not win. You may be right that she has not yet decided how she wishes to proceed. I hope it is more than a TV pundit. An active role with the Tea Party or other conservative organization or possibly leading a charity related to people she advocates for like veterans or special needs people. 

        I also think she hurt herself with many conservatives by waiting until Oct. to announce she was not running. Many of her supporters were convinced she was running and were crushed when she announced her decision. It also gave her critics the chance to say they told us so. It was evident to me by August that she was not laying the groundwork for a national campaign (no fundraising, no additional staffing, not getting on the ballot, minimal retail politics and events) so I don’t know why she waited so long to inform everyone of her decision. 

        • Jasmine Clark

          agree that i hope she does more than TV commentary (not that she isn’t great at that too!!).

          yeah i remember that you were someone who was doubting she was running, even before oct 5th. i was mad at you and others because she hadn’t even announced it yet and so i still thought she was running! well even after the 5th i was hoping she’d change her mind and wanted to do all i could to convince her! and i was in the earthquake movement and all that. but over the months my hope declined. i tried to remain optimistic and hopeful but as time passed i thought more and more that it is a longshot chance! when santorum dropped out, i finally gave up on brokered conventions, sarah running, and anyone other than romney as nominee.

          i do think that she WAS planning to run, at first. i still don’t think all those signs and hints were not real. she said herself in a radio interview soon after oct 5th, that there were times she almost said “yes” to running. because of certain signs and hints i saw in that spring and summer, THAT is why i got mad at you and a few others. said “it’s obvious she’s running.” but wow, you turned out to be correct after all!! (unfortunately. hahaha.)

          yeah i agree that i wish she had made her announcement sooner. it was tough to wait that long. especially in september and very beginning of october. people said “be patient” and i didn’t want to be. the thing is, people are still saying that NOW! “be patient, her plan will be revealed later.” but that’s how it’s always been, with palin supporters. it’s always waiting for something to come later, and later, and later. but eventually, those people who think she has a stealth campaign will realize that it’s not going to come.

          • Lipstick

             People are dreaming with the “be patient” comments. She is not running, she is not on any ballots and Romney will get enough delegates to prevent a brokered convention.

            No big secret plan, and really, I am one who thinks if Palin wanted to run, she needed to get her butt in the race and RUN. This business of just showing up in Tampa and being crowned the nominee is not right even IF (and it won’t) it did happen.

            I think it would doom her chances of beating Obama. Someone who was on NO ballots all primary season….now running for POTUS? That would not go over well at all and the media would treat her as Ford, a President who was NEVER elected to anything. Imagine what the media would do with a GOP nominee who was not elected by the GOP voters in all the states but instead “stole” the nomination in Tampa. You can bet they would play that up for all it was worth…Good Grief!!!!

            I don’t see how people think she will some how POOF and be the nominee when she is not on any ballot, not in any state.

            She made her decision and to me, she seems HAPPY with it. I hope to see her do something productive and serious with all her many talents. Anything is possible and I am convinced what she chooses to do or feels called to do she will be successful in doing!

            • Jasmine Clark

              exactly!!! that’s a point that nobody is making. even if she suddenly became the surprise nominee at the convention, it’s not like voters/media/pundits would all rush to her side and love her. they would think she intruded in and isn’t supposed to be the nominee.

              and i was hoping for a brokered convention but even i, i admit, didn’t think much about this point.

              oh well, i no longer think a brokered covention will happen, so it doesn’t matter.

              but yeah, some people at c4p think sarah is magical and can magically float above and around the rules and everything will fall into place and everyone will love her. not realistic.

      • Jasmine Clark

        you explained sarah’s position well! she’s a great talker who promotes consistent conservative principles and she’s worth listening to!

        yet at the same time, i’m sad she didn’t run, this republican field is weak and she would have stood out from all the rest.

        and it’s true that in summer, especially in iowa, she seemed like she would run. the best times i had at c4p was summer, when we all KNEW she was running! of course she was running! or so we thought.

        i still go to c4p all the time but, i’m annoyed with these “secret plan” people. lol

  • section9

    People would be mindful to listen to Firelight below.

    I think that, like Firelight, Palin is playing the GOP primary race from week to week to see how things go. I think she knows that the press and the Obama Democrats (but I repeat myself! :P) are holding back and serious dirt they have on Romney and Bain until after Romney is safely nominated and someone clean like Palin can’t possibly be nominated at the Convention.

    They’ll wait until October to dump everything on him.

    There is no Secret Plan, unfortunately. Palin had her chance to get in and blew it. She stayed out too long while Mittens was in raising unheard of amounts of money so he could firebomb his primary opponents. Hopefully she learns from this experience: get in early and raise more cash than the next guy. The guy who did is the Last Man Standing.

    Had she got in late they would have firebombed her in ways that I don’t think she had the resources to combat. Palin simply doesn’t have the political backing in the Party that Romney has. People don’t get that, and people don’t realize how much damage Palin’s resignation did to her reputation. She’ll be fighting that all her political life, unless and until she wins another elective office somewhere. Her rather sudden decision not to run last October damaged her reputation in the Party further among the regulars, making her appear less than “reliable”. People hold those who get in the ring and actually fight in higher regard than those who stay on the sidelines.

    This may not be fair, this may not be right. But it is what it is. The Republican Party is a deeply flawed and corrupt institution, but it’s the only institution we’ve got right now until someone decides to start a real, viable Conservative Party along the lines of what Harper did in Canada. And this is the Party that Sarah Palin has chosen.

    For better or worse, it’s all she’s got right now. And I think that Palin concluded that we are stuck with Mitt Romney, who will probably find a way to lose a very winnable race to Barack Obama. Only after the Establishment has humiliated itself does Palin have a Chinaman’s Chance.

    Until then, Palin has to enhance her reputation, which has been damaged by her own actions, some of which were necessary, others not so much. More Reaganism, please, Governor. The Old Man’s wisdom hasn’t failed you yet!

    • Jasmine Clark

      it’s true that the later someone gets in, the harder time they’ll have with raising money and putting together a well-organized campaign. i remember in sept. i was concerned about that and wished she had jumped in earlier! (still… better late than not at all, for sarah jumping in)

      the resignation is, sadly, something that damaged her reputation. it isn’t fair. but i think if she had run, and got the message out there about the ethics complaints and what really happened, she would expose the true story to the world. her haters would stil say “QUITTOOORRRR!!!!111” but other people might be more understanding. however, she didn’t run and try to explain the resignation story. so, many people don’t even know about the frivolous ethics complaints!! =(

      the waiting a long time to make a decision is also something that damaged her reputation. but unlike the resignation, oh gosh i hate to say this but, i can understand why. her taking so long made her appear wishy-washy. and naturally, since she is a beautiful woman, there were so many jokes people made about “flirting” and “teasing” and “leading them on.” it just came across as silly, because the other candidates did not take as long as she did to make their decision.
      there is a Christian magazine called World, that covers politics and current events. i remember back in summer they had, on the cover, an illustration of all the 8 or 9 candidates on bikes on a track, getting ready to begin a bike race to the nomination. but sarah was the lone person standing on the side with no bike, and just standing there thinking while the others were on their bikes, ready to go. it was kinda sad. (but at the time i was optimistic about her jumping in!!)

      “People hold those who get in the ring and actually fight in higher regard than those who stay on the sidelines.” definitely, so i hope she runs for an office soon in the future! (president in 2016?)

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