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Pay At The Pump Weekend Edition – UPDATED

Good morning everyone!

We are rolling onward toward the month of May.  Did everyone get the opportunity to watch the Pay At The Pump special with Gov. Palin and Eric Bolling?  What did you thing?  I really, really liked it.  I loved that it was wonky and heavy on information but also condensed down to the most important parts.

If you missed it, no worries it is playing again tonight and tomorrow. You will have to check the Fox schedule to find the air times.  If you don’t have cable (I saw a few on twitter) you can watch Fox Live online streaming programing here:

It has a few pop ups so if you hear it but don’t see it, close out the extra windows.

So I had my surgical consult yesterday and a funny thing happened.  While the nurse was taking my history she asked me what I did for my job, I told her I was a stay-at-home mom.  She put her hand on mine and told me that was the toughest job in the world and told me not to watch the news.  I smiled and agreed and told her I had already seen the news. She then proceeded to vent about what an idiot THAT lady was for saying something so stupid.  She said she was a democrat and she was still offended. Then she shocked me when she said how horrible the democrats have been to some conservative women. She mentioned Ann Romney, Nikki Haley (she has family in South Carolina) and Sarah Palin.

That was the end of the conversation as she started asking me about my family health history but it really lifted my spirits that she “got” it.

Quick News Roundup:

Nah, he really just wants the vote… he could care less if we volunteer or not.

Pure emptiness

This is pure awesomeness!!!

Maybe I should move there… they seem to have it together unlike my poor state…

The Secret Service got serviced?…  ooopps did I just say that?

Fire him

And this is one of the reasons why he is not a good candidate…

No I think people who took this poll thought they were being asked about buffets, like the all-you-can-eat kind not that silly man in Nebraska…

Is it right that our own President is a threat to us???

Under the bus he sends her… but what about your tolerance for those “type” of comments against a Palin, any Palin?


I am BEAMING with pride!!  I know most of the people on the list of delegates going to Tampa representing Colorado and many, many of them are O4P volunteers and most of the undeclared delegates are Paul delegates who are VERY Palin friendly if not supporters.

*For those that are worried, I would put the Paul delegates in the spectrum of closer to Rand Paul and Palin in ideology rather than the die hard Paulites.  They are VERY strong supporters of Israel. I know most of them and have had some of my peeps vouch for the other two I’m not familiar with.  The Assembly meeting was raucous to say the least, lol!!

Basically, we have 33 delegates (that includes our at-large super delegates). Romney only has 13 out of the 33.  The rest are Santorum and undeclared (Paul) but out of our 33 delegates, we are sending 20 Palin supporters and Tea Party members. I might ad that the 13 Romney supporters are our state establishment and hold office or are running for office here.  It is funny that they were taken by surprise. They thought they owned the process.  Not so much…  Woot!! I love my peeps!!!  Tampa, here comes Colorado!!  Don’t tread on us!

Sen. Thune was at the Colorado assembly and spoke on behalf of Romney. The interesting thing is that he barely mentioned Romney and didn’t “sell” him.  If Thune can’t sell Romney to a stadium of conservatives in a state that is usually considered Romney country… who can he sell him to?

Hey it is anybody BUT Obama right?  So it doesn’t have to be Romney…


Here is an excellent interview with Pat Caddell on the Victory Sessions…

Hmmmm, the Muslim brotherhood disqualified…  do tell…

I’m certainly not condoning the behavior but ALL of them… was this a set up?

Nice big crowd


I don’t think this would be good for our well beings…


If the energy special becomes available online, I will post it.  Have a great weekend everyone!!!

  • Akabosan

    You went in for the consult yesterday and became the angel in the process.  The Lord works in mysterious ways.  Thank you for being our angel here today, Mrs Firelight.


  • section9

    Hope you’re doing well, Light.

    Palin did extremely well on Eric’s show last night (and let’s be clear, it was Eric’s show). Eric’s big reveal was kind of anti-climactic, but at least Palin had nothing to do with it. However, it did make some sense.  Palin showed her mastery of the medium; which is why liberals fear her so much.

  • indemind

    Top of the morning Extraordinary Barbarians i e chuckjr…. Yes it’s still morning here in Beautiful Carlsbad Ca….. *_*

    Thank you Firelight for another Awesome round-up….About time some news person took it to O’Bummer … but old barry can lie with a smile on his face, even better then Clinton did…

    Anyway Stay cool, Stay safe… and have a great day…… God Bless


  • senator20526

    Morning everyone….a windy, cool 73 degrees in the great desert southwest this morning…..Sarah did great on the show last night…but being on Fox, she is preaching to the choir…The audiene had some great stories and feedback…..Some good news..The demoncrat re-districting committe has split my town of Yuma in half, so now as of Jan 2013, Raul Grijival D-Mexico will no longer be my congresscritter. Well. that’s it for now….Leatherchest is still among the missing, but watch out for him, he might delete a post or two….be safe.

  • Pete Petretich

    Are we agreed that the villains at Fox News ONLY released this short portion of the program onto the Internet because it makes Sarah look like Vanna White?

    How is that treatment any different than the recent derogatory/ sexist remarks about Mitt Romney’s wife?

    Were Roger Ailes belittling words about Sarah’s career potential from two nights ago a form of workplace abuse? Did Ailes maybe get legal advice or a nasty-gram from Sarah’s lawyer which forced him to “run away” from those remarks, as Ian so wittily put it?




    So this ain’t the end – I saw you again todayHad to turn my heart awayYou smiled like the Sun – kisses for everyoneand tales – it never fails!You lying so low in the weedsBet you gonna ambush meYou’d have me down on my kneesWouldn’t you, Barracuda?Back over Time when we were all trying for freeMet up with porpoise and meNo right no wrong you’re selling a Song – a namewhisper gameIf the real thing don’t do the trickYou better make up something quickYou gonna burn it out to the wickaren’t you, Barracuda?”Sell me sell you” the porpoise saidDive down deep to save my headYou… I think you got the blues too.All that night and all the nextSwam without looking backMade for the western pools -silly fools!  

  • Right_Wingnut


    Do you know Cindy Smith from Colorado? She got elected as an alternate delegate to the RNC tonight.

    Check out the photo of her hat with all of the Palin 2012 buttons. 

    By the way, Mittens only came away with 13 of 30 delegates. The article will put a smile on your face.

    Wait….are you Cindy Smith?

    • Firelight

      Yes, she is from my district. She was a county alternate but not an alternate for the Convention in Tampa.  Great lady!

      Mitt has 13 of the 33 delegates. We have LOTS of O4P and Palinistas going to Tampa :)

      No, I’m not Cindy Smith :)

      • cookboy

        But if you were you’d be really good at it. 

  • Michael

    The Bushies are Really Running the Show for Mitt Romney. Romney is really a betrayal of everything Sarah Palin stands for. Ed Gillespie, Karl Rove, John Sununu, and no doubt the Wallaces. They are getting the band back together.  Crony Capitalism, Corporate Welfare, and Lobbyists will run Romney. It is everything Sarah Palin and Peter Schweitzer write about. The Swamp won’t be drained unless Sarah Palin takes over.

  • Akabosan

    Spring has sprung…  Here is a nice little ditty by Cat Stevens and more pretty flowers than in a cemetery on a Sunday…


  • BostonBruin

    Good morning! Videos of the “Paying at the Pump” show are here (courtesy of C4P):

    The whole show:

    The Gov’s closing argument:

    Thanks for filling us in on what happened at the Colorado caucuses. I think the serious work being done by the Paulbots could help Gov. Palin’s cause at the convention. She is their most likely second choice. Game on!

  • Akabosan
  • senator20526

    Morning….another bright, sunny 78 degree day in the great desert southwest…..Just back from church and singing the praises of our Savior..The lefts heads are exploding over the Hilary Rosen comment….hypocracy everywhere……Why did SaraPac buy space in Tampa? Will there be a Tea Party gathering in Tampa? Inquiring minds want to know….Have a blessed Sunday and be safe.

  • section9

    Conservatives did real well in Colorado, it seems.

    However, I wonder how we are doing NATIONALLY.

    Should be an interesting couple of months.

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