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Today Show Tuesday

Good morning everyone!

By now most of us are watching the Today show and Gov. Palin.  I have my DVR set and uncharacteristically turned on all our tvs to run til she is done. I want her ratings to be good so I’ll do my little part.

Since I know most of the conversation today will be about our fun filled NBC day (never thought I would say that…), I will keep my comments short.

We also have the primary results tonight for Maryland (go Katie!!), Washington DC, and Wisconsin so today should be far from boring.  With Palin in New York I am wondering if she is going to show up again on Fox to discuss primary results either tonight or tomorrow…

Quick news roundup:

I’m sure most of you saw this from yesterday but I’ll post it anyway:

and this:

Tell her Michelle!!!

You can’t fix stupid...

I’m thinking hell will have to freeze over first…

Yay Karcher!!…

Can I get an Amen for Bristol!…  This song is on my ipod

Must read!  He nails it…

Well this is inviting…

And this is comforting…

Hmmmmm I can’t help it if I find this funny…

Wonder what he knows… (hint, it ain’t the Constitution)…

Yes, it would but not for the reason you think…

Now I am sure the GOP leadership has never read “How to win friends and influence people”…

I’ll post any Today show video that I find.  Have a great day everyone!!

  • indemind

    Good morning Firelight and all you Palinistas…From beautiful Carlsbad Ca… Great heads up round up Firelight…Tanks…*_*

    By the way This was posted at C4P That the governor was going to be on Fox News at 5 est Neil Covuto show….

    And Yes, Amen for Bristol…“This Easter week…After all, it’s not about what you’ve done, it’s about what’s been done for you.”… Great Line and So True…

    anyway, Stay Cool, Stay Safe, and have a Great Day……….. God Bless


  • Akabosan

    Super opening!  Mrs. Palin was on the couch with newspapers on and around her.  She was holding one up in front of her for her intro.  UGOGURL!


    • LS as guest

      Agree.  She was and is great.

      But can it be coincidence that they got her makeup wrong?  Washed out lips, heavily powdered near the eyes.  I hope I’m wrong, but that’s what the first clip looked like to me here on my computer.

      • LS as guest

        I take that back–just saw another clip and she looks great.

        • Akabosan

          Of course she looks great.  Mrs. Palin always looks great. 😉

          Maybe it was the time she had in Mr. Lauer’s dressing room with all of his hair care products.  lol


  • section9

    I missed it, and will see the video later, but apparently Palin was en fuego.

    Well done, Sarah, as usual. NBC got it’s money’s worth, apparently, as did Palin. 

    You can tell how well Palin did by the fact that the liberals are in full screech.

    • hrh40

      She was, always smiling, standing up for herself in the first interview in the first hour, and then being a gracious, good-natured participant in the rest.

      What I loved, S9, was maybe something you might not like, but in the first-hour interview, she sounded exactly like she was talking to Greta or Hannity. IOW, for those of us who follow the Governor, what she said was nothing new. I know some have been critical and want her to stop with the “talking points” but she did not change her message for a different audience.

      I have seen so many GOP and some conservatives change their demeanor and even modify their message, soften it, if you will, when they go on mainstream media shows.

      Palin clearly does not.

      1. Matt pressed her to say she was “happy” with Romney as the nominee. She would not say it.
      2. Instead, she used the term Anybody but Obama several times.

      In hour two, when she was on with The Professionals (some segment they apparently do), Donny Deutsch (sp?) was clearly unhappy with that phrase, and tried to bring it up as an example of “enemy” talk when they had the topic of Facebook’s new enemy app – as opposed to friending people. Palin did not back down.


  • Akabosan

    Thank you for the line up, Mrs. Firelight.

    I hope you enjoy your “more snow” if you actually get it, and again if I have any share left, you may have it.


  • LS as guest

    Wow, she really is exceptionally good.

    As if we all didn’t know that already.

  • Whitney Pitcher

    I discovered that my local NBC station doesn’t show the Today show live, but is an hour delayed. Ugh. 

    However, there is already a clip of her chat with Matt Lauer:

    She did great, and Matt Lauer is insufferable.

    • hrh40

      See my comments to S9 above (or below depending on whether you load comments most recent first or last!).

  • Akabosan

    My synopsis of THE SHOW: IMNSHO the opening was great!


    Mr. Lauer and the black lady (I do not know her name) were especially welcoming and friendly to Mrs. Palin. There seemed to be a camaraderie between the lady and Our Lady and a healthy bit of friction between Mr. Lauer and Mrs. Palin. Her segments though obviously carefully crafted were respectful without gushing.

    Mrs. Palin got several of her shots in and since she stands on Truth had no problem speaking out although at first she may have been testing the water in the proverbial lions’ den.

    My mute button finger needs a rest after all of the interruptions. It has been a long long time since I have watched television and I think more people should just get their news and information from the internet.

    I can hardly wait for the responses by the regular “crew” from the show. Mr. Lauer seemed like he was trying to get Mrs. Palin to join long term.

    Finally, the segments seemed tailor made for Mrs. Palin, or she was demonstrating her ability to fit in anywhere doing anything at anytime.


    • Akabosan

      Attribution:  Ann Curry is evidently the name of the black lady on The Today Show.


      • Firelight

        Ann Curry is not black, she is Asian.

        • Akabosan

          My apologies to the thread and especially to Miss or Mrs. Curry.

          Thank you for the correction.


  • hrh40

    Thanks for the Five clip, Fire, I don’t watch and was curious when folks said Perino was nice to Palin.

    She was nice bcuz she got to push the Karl Rove “Sarah is the white Oprah female Rush entertainer/communicator Next Big Thing – aslongasshestaysfarawayfromelectoralpoliticseveragain” meme.

    Juan Williams had the truest statement that Palin is bailing out NBC.

    I saw it all live and Palin certainly didn’t back down on getting the conservative message in every segment she was in. So once again, she does what she says and says what she’s going to do. All her advance comments were that she was going to inject some conservatism into the show. And she did.

    But it also reminds me why I don’t watch morning television. Other than the fact that I’m getting ready for work or on the road, so many of the segments are just not my cup of tea.

    I know, I’m such an old fuddy-duddy.

    I will say that Wilson Phillips still have great harmony. The accapella (sp?) singing is always my favorite because it reveals the raw talent – or lack thereof as is so often the case in the post MTV generation. But these ladies can sing.

    I’ll stop typing now …

    • Bean Counter

       Wilson Phillips were lipsyncing, at least the two Wilsons were.

      • hrh40


        Oh, bummer.

        Can anyone actually sing anymore?

        • Bean Counter

          Not really, no. I’ve been hanging out in recording studios for over 30 years, and it’s amazing how this has evolved, with autotune taking over the recording process. Artists are even using it on the road to cheat. Nobody has to sing on pitch anymore, they just have to look good.

          • hrh40

            I liked your comment for the information.

            Not for the reality of the music business these days.


  • Whitney Pitcher

    Good mid-morning!

    I hope there are clips of the later segments of the Today show that I didn’t get to see.  It seems the Governor rocked those segments as well. Bummer that Wilson Phillips lip synched. I enjoyed their music growing up. Now every time I see them, I think of the movie Bridesmaids. Heh.

    Anyway, it’ll be interesting to see how the Wisconsin and Maryland primaries go. I have a sinking feeling Romney will win both states. I look forward to hearing Riley’s thoughts from Wisconsin.

    I posted a piece at Big Govt about another failed solar energy company:

  • Riley4Palin

    Good Day All!

    Okay, I just watched all the clips of Palin’s appearance.  My twenty cents:

    1)  Excellent opening holding up the newspapers.  Perfectly delivered!  As usual, Palin’s charisma carries the day and you are drawn in quickly.  Very few people in the world can do it.
    2)  She looked amazing!  Stunning, fresh and current.  I couldn’t help but contrast Ann Curry’s appearance – she looked old next to Palin.
    3)  Fair interview by Lauer in the first segment.  He tried to get her off her game quickly with his national level experience question, but Palin hit that one up the left field line for a double.  It was obvious she is confident and not the least bit intimidated by the press when she managed to say “failed socialist policies” more than once in the interview.
    4)  The Panel segment was interesting.  Poor Donnie and Star Jones.  They didn’t know what to make of Palin when she spoke with such ease and didn’t back down about saying she is for “Anybody but Obama.”  Was it me or is Star Jones one of the most bitter looking TV personalities out there?  Its no wonder she was fired from The View.  She doesn’t seem very likeable at all.  I laughed out loud when she tried to get Palin to admit she watched Lame Change.  Um, Star honey, you have the REAL Palin sitting three seats from you and you are jumping out of your chair asking about a movie??  Good Lord are liberals in a bubble.
    5)  Okay, time to fess up.  I was a HUGE fan of Beverly Hills 90210 back in the day.  That is why I know who Tori Spelling is.  I wasn’t a fan of her on the show, but she has matured nicely and the segment with her and Palin seemed very real to me.  Nice that Palin was able to bring in her own children on TV and not what the liberal press writes and lies about.

    Overall, it was a great decision by Palin to make this appearance.  I hope she makes more pop culture appearances in the near future.  In order to win over new people to her side, she needs to get out of the Fox studio, keep it fresh, and engage even the detractors.  Well done on all accounts today.


    Whip, update on the WI race today.

    1)  Romney is spending a ton of money here – TV, radio, and robo calls.

    2)  The Paul Ryan endorsement was big for him.  Then a couple days ago Tea Party favorite Senator Ron Johnson also endorsed him.  That was more of a suprise to me than Ryan’s endorsement.  Both are big scores for Romney.  Any candidate would have loved those endorsements.

    3)  I NEVER discount what the far left liberal kooks plan on election day.  I wouldn’t be surprised if they storm the voting booths today (with legal and illegal votes) and vote for Santorum to keep it close or pull off a suprise win.

    4)  If the liberals take part in major chaos, it will be close.  If not, I think Romney wins by at least 8 points.

    5)  Yes, very depressing.  I haven’t voted yet and I am not motivated to either.

  • Firelight

    Hey guys, I added the rest of the video segments to the Today Interview thread. If you missed it all, go check it out.

    • Whitney Pitcher

      Thanks. I’ll be sure to watch them later on tonight after work.

  • Crueladev

    Good Morning P4A Kids..

    I am not going to comment on the Palin thingy to be quite fair…we had high nasty wind all night and Cruela fell asleep right after she let the house keeper in, fed the dogs and took them out back to do their business. I did manage to see the newspaper part and I thought she was a good sport.  I don’t like that the same BS is being facilitated and she is part of the joke…STILL…all be it from the other side.  I will need to watch and see how I feel later. 

    Regarding Obama’s threat to the Supreme’s…I tweeted the other day that I would lay odds that AS SOON as the SCOTUS vote was taken on Friday…Kagan ran out and got a message to her master!
    He knows the outcome and he is sending a message. Overturn or else!

    I have little to NO RESPECT for Judge Roberts as it was his decision that she should not be recused from the case.  Kagan is loyal to Obama…not the United States Constitution.  I now have my doubts about Judge Roberts!

    I see that a certain radio talk show host is still very bitter over Palin and just can’t seem to move on…even to the extent that they are whining because of the little to NO air time they are getting from the same FOX network.  Hmmmm….wonder who that is… Sad! Very Sad!

    Okay..need to run for now….Dad needs some Turbo Tax Help! Gotta run to the office!


    • hrh40

       I agree about Justice Roberts.


      Is there No One strong enough to stand on their principles Forever, Come What May?

  • senator20526

    Morning all……..a bright, sunny, less windy day, reaching 86 degrees in the great desert Southwest….Yeh, for the rain and snow in Denver area….put those nasty fires out…..Got up early and watched the Gov. do great on The Today Show…..She held her own and made some more new friends…It looks like Obama got the inside tip that the Supremes dont like his healthcare bill..You know hell has frozen over when a demoncrat complains about activist judges……Rmoney’s poll numbers are in a freefall…That’s all the good news for today…have fun.

  • KatieSilverSpring

    The hills are alive … with the sound of music!  I feel like I took a bath for an hour!  I’ve voted as a Republican for the first time in my life!

    Then I came home and got an email from an uber-lib friend who had fought with me in 2008 first for Hillary then for Obama.  She had changed her party affiliation in Maryland as well.

    The blue waters are turning purple fast!

  • Akabosan

    Best categorized as Donny Day Dreams.  MSLSD contributor imagines that Mrs Palin “hit” on him.

    Where is “NOW” now?


  • Akabosan

    Today may very well be the day to mark as the beginning of what in the future will be called “Palin democrats.”

    Whether she runs or not.


  • blackbird

    Thanks Firelight, I had not see The Five clip before. The Must read! is a Must read!, excellent article.

  • Akabosan
  • Akabosan

    Puffho reporting Today show with Mrs. Palin beats GMA with Ms Couric by almost 1/2 million viewers.  😉


    • Bean Counter

       Those numbers are for Monday. The ratings for Tuesday aren’t in yet.

      • Akabosan

        Thank you for the correction.

        I will be expecting 1/2 million + then.  😉


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