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Trash Talk Thursday

Good morning everyone!

How are we all doing?  I want to start the morning off by quoting part of a post from John Frank yesterday.

“They got it exactly backwards – conservatives should not be rushing
to embrace Romney; Romney should be rushing to embrace conservatives.”

He has it exactly right.  For everyone that wants to say we should be getting behind Romney now because the goal is “all about beating Obama” have completely missed the point.  Maybe it is political naivete or inexperience or maybe it is laziness, I don’t really know. What I do know is that we still have 4 months til the convention and a little over 6 months til the general election.  There is no reason to rush to Romney.  He should earn the conservative vote and we should make him earn it not give it to him so easily that he takes it for granted.

So did everyone hear Mark Levin’s awesome smack down of the Bush family and establishment in defense of Gov. Palin?  Ooo let me play it for you!  I love his trash talking.



On to the news:

Bristol blogs about Tripp and fishing…

Why anyone would interview Schmidt is beyond me.  They must want their article to be full of schmidt…


Of course he will that is what narcissist do…

A quality labor force will go to hell in a hand basket if this passes…

I think they should answer for what was said…

Where does he find these attorneys?  Oh well, yay for us!…

Well, this isn’t a surprise but it doesn’t help conservatives have a voice in the process anymore…

See it is possible

Oh, look who was partying in the USA with Romney…

Just what does Gov. Jellyfish know that we don’t…

His slow jam just didn’t do it for me…

And this makes it better how?…


Have a great Thursday everyone!  Do something good for someone else and eat something green :)




  • Michael
    • cookboy


  • Pete Petretich



    “Elvis Costello: Pump It Up”

    “Heart: Barracuda”

    “Shania Twain: She’s Not Just A Pretty Face”

    “Sarah Palin – Isn’t She Lovely?”

    “Sarah Palin Undefeated”

    “Video/Audio Content for Grizzly Fest”

    “Bob Marley: Exodus”

    “The Minstrel Boy”

  • cookboy

    John Frank is among the very best in the insightful commentary department. So says me.

    • Firelight

      says me too :)

  • Jasmine Clark

    “They got it exactly backwards – conservatives should not be rushing
    to embrace Romney; Romney should be rushing to embrace conservatives.”

    i highly doubt that’s going to happen. i see romney leaning more toward the left now that he (unofficially) has the nomination.

    • Firelight

      Romney has no reason to cater to the Tea Party when they aren’t pressuring him.  Of course he will move to the left, that is where he is most comfortable.

      If the Tea Party would stop rushing to fall in behind him and make him earn their vote, the story might be different.

      • TENCOLE

         Shame, shame shame on the Tea Party. *tear*


    I ♥ ♥ Mark Levin. 

  • Whitney Pitcher

    Good morning all!

    Thanks for the roundup! John is exactly right about who should be embracing whom.

    I have to say that I LOVED that Governor Palin weighed in on the ridiculous DOL regulations. It’s unbelievable that there’s potential for kids to not be able to work on a family farm. I grew up on a farm, and I really didn’t help out too much, though I wanted to. However, I did help out some, and I often rode on the combine with him when I was young and took trips to the grain elevator. There are a lot of farm families who have their kids learn the family business and gain a strong work ethic–something that is undesired by the Left who want people to become dependent on the government. 

    • Riley4Palin

      Whip, you nailed it with that last sentence.

      And there are people out there who really could stand another four years of Obama? 

    • Patrick_Skacel

      I can vouch for the work ethic that kids growing up on farms gain.  Not me, I’m a mere suburbanite, but my father grew up on a dairy farm in Wisconsin and man, he was always nonstop – and he left the farm in high school I believe.  Even now, in his 80’s, he can probably out work me on most things. 

      I confess, it used to get a little old when I was a kid hearing about milking cows before school, cranking up the engine on the tractor, having no electricity, etc., (although he never actually complained about that stuff), but I always marveled at how hard he would work – at all things, not just physical labor.

      This administration is so beyond stupid, it really is mind-boggling.  

  • LS as guest

    What a steaming pile of Rove! 

    Three takeaways from this article:

    1) Rove slipping the fib that McCain was leading before he picked Gov. Palin: ” In 2008, John McCain’s camp felt that while they were ahead after a better-than-expected summer, they needed to shake things up with an out-of-the-box pick. This thinking produced Sarah Palin.”

    2) His claiming that what happened in two of the last three races is so rare that it should be ignored: “Rarely does a presidential election come down to one state, as it did in 2000 (Florida) or 2004 (Ohio).”

    3) His admitting that the one time he had a say in a VP pick he both blew it AND was ignored: “…when then-Gov. George W. Bush was strongly leaning toward picking Dick Cheney as his VP. He knew I was opposed and invited me to make the case against his idea.”

    • Riley4Palin

      Rove is quite a numbers guy with his fancy schmancy white eraser boards, but his insecurities always come shining through when discussing all things Palin. 

      You know what book could be a giant NYTimes Best Seller?  A book by the ex-wives of politicians, political consulants, and “architects” that show the real side of the men that use to be in their lives.

  • Riley4Palin

    Afternoon All!

    Just thought I would weigh in on today’s main topic – getting behind Romney.

    Since October when Palin decided against jumping in the race, my entire attitude towards politics changed.  I am back to watching and listening from the nose bleed seats. 

    At this point, it would be beneficial of Romney’s team to reach out to Palin and have the GOP Establishment muzzle the dogs, but the thought of giving Palin anymore attention makes them sick.  Will the dogs get fully muzzled.  Probably not.  Why?  Because of egos and the thought of losing total control and power to her.  They already lost a lot (power that they will never get back as long as she stays active in the public arena), but it will be a cold day in hell if they allow Palin to take full control of the party without a fight.

    I have to chuckle how the powers of be in the GOP always think they are smarter than us.  Do you ever really hear anything come out of the DNC that is negative against Obama?  No.  They know their enemy.

    The GOP is banking on Independent Conservatives like us to fall in line for the sake of the party and get Obama out of office.  That might be an easier task if they would just stop ripping Palin apart and shifting blame to her every few days.  All it shows to her supporters is immaturity, bitterness, lack of class, and jealousy.  Mark Levin sees it and is willing to stand up and fight for us.  Thank you Mr. Levin.

    Will Romney surprise us and make a real effort to bring Palin into the circle?  I am not talking about his inner circle either.  Just a real effort by his public comments to show that he wants and needs her support.  It would show a side of him that many of us have never seen.  A politician who was able to swallow his pride, put his ego on the backburner, reach out, and strategize in order to win.  If the effort is made and is genuine, Palin supporters may very well do what needs to be done in order to get Obama out of office.  If not, he will be sweating bullets into the wee hours the night of the election and run the risk of losing to a President worse than Carter.  Does Romney really want that to be his legacy?

    For those of you who say that Romney is just another version of Obama, I have to disagree with you on that one.  He is squishy, but still a slight improvement and he is all we have left (unless Palin surprises us all).  I didn’t vote in our WI primary because I didn’t have a horse in this race, but Obama wasn’t on the ballot either.  I want Obama out and the reality today is Romney is our only other option.  I am not in the camp of thinking another four years of Obama is worth taking the risk of getting a real Conservative in 2016.  So much can happen both personally and professionally to any candidate that we really don’t have the time to wait.

    I remember Palin not so long ago stating that you can never pin your hopes and dreams on a politician because they will always let you down.  I headed that advice and now just want an improvement to what we have today.  How can Romney make it any worse than what Obama has already done?


    • OldPat

       Riley, are you asking me to find my inner squish and vote for Mitt?  LOL.

      As a young man when Mitt was faced with the reality of serving his country, his scared rear end didn’t stop running until it reached the other side of the Atlantic.

      While my friends and I basked in the warm tropical sun of Southeast Asia with the staccato sound of AK-47’s as our background music, poor ole Mitt was forced to scour the hostile French countryside looking for his wayward ass.

      For two and a half long years poor Mitt searched high and low with no luck.  But one day Mitt got a letter, and the next day his sorry rear end miraculously reappeared.

      That letter was from his draft board telling Mitt his scared behind was safe because he had finally won the lottery!

      If ole Mitt is the best the GOP can do, then I guess I’ll do without.  If the GOP wants to play Russian Roulette with me, pull the trigger and hand it to me.  I got a pair and they aren’t the size of raisins.

      For those of you who are inclined to ‘play ‘possum’ once again and expect a different outcome, that’s your choice – not mine.  That road you chose to travel is not only paved with your good intentions; it is also littered with dead ‘possums – ‘roadkill’ in today’s vernacular.

      • Akabosan

        Amen and…

        Welcome home.


    • bourque801

      How can Romney make it any worse that Obama has already done????

      Well first of all, I, as a resident of the Insanely Liberal state of Massachusetts when the “Mittens” was Governor here can personally say that he….was useless when he was governor here, Useless. Molotov Mitchell sums It up here:

      For the Record : Romney Is Obama

      For me, the only candidates that had or have????(I hope) Interesting potential was Sarah & Todd Palin(I’ve always said Sarah & Todd because I’ve thought for a long time that they were co-governors….), and Ron Paul.

      Ron Paul, for his Interest In auditing or ending the Federal Reserve, and Sarah & Todd Palin for their Interest In energy independence.


      In closing, Thank you to Firelight for keeping this site up, I’ve enjoyed the comments that everybody’s posted here.

      Thank You

      • hrh40

        “Liked” other than the implication that Sarah Palin could not govern on her own.

        Many first spouses are sounding boards for their elected spouses. All the way back to Abigail Adams.

        But Todd’s role was no different for Palin than first wives have been for other, male, politicians.

        • Akabosan

          Agreed, and as I have said in previous posts, it is now the hour of the woman in the world and this country.  Mama grizzlies rock!


      • Akabosan

        Ditto the Mrs. Firelight thanks…

        The history of the Federal Reserve, for those who are still unaware…


  • OldPat

    If ole Mitt is standing around waiting for me to rush to his side, I hope he ate a big breakfast.  I don’t want anyone to starve.  Not even ……..  Hmm, I might change my mind about that starving business so I’m not going to finish that thought just yet.

    John Hayward of Human Events is one of the few bright lights of his profession, but for most of his bretheren that leather of which he speaks has migrated from their feet to their asses. That makes it so much easier for the ‘me generation’ to sit on their rear end and draw a check for doing much of nothin’.

  • Riley4Palin

    On a much lighter note…

    I watched Morning Joe this AM and my favorite NFL analyst John Gruden made an appearance today to discuss the NFL Draft tonight.  He is likeable, passionate, knowledgeable, and quite funny.  I may be a bit biased because he use to work for the Green Bay Packers organization many years ago and groomed our QB’s, but he really has proven himself to be a great analyst now as well.  I loved that he kept tweaking dingbat Mika about her lack of interest in sports too.

    When you think about the NFL Draft tonight and politics, I cannot help but make the comparisons to how I rate the players:

    Andrew Luck/Sarah Palin – Any team (other than the GOP Establishment) would love to have on their team.

    NFL Team with the 29th selection in the 1st Round/Mitt Romney – What is left on the board in the first round who they hope to be a good player for them.

    New Orleans Saints Bounty Players/Barack Obama – Not likeable, makes you feel queasy by what they have done.

    • Akabosan

      Good stuff, Riley4Palin,

      Uh, wasn’t Mr. Gruden the only coach to take the Bucs to win the Super Bowl?

      No politifcal correctness in that man.  LOL


  • OldPat

    ‘I promise you, Obama has a big stick.’ – VP Joe Biden, April 25, 2012

    A not-so-rare glimpse into the wondrous workings of the mind of the man who a majority of our electorate chose to lead our nation in the event something happened to BO.

    ‘The best insurance policy a man ever had.’ – BO as he read Joe’s comment on April 25, 2012

  • senator20526

    Afternoon all….Just back from the heart doc….scheduled a stress test for next week….I told him a week on this thread will stress anyone, so I should be ready…It a beautiful 78 degrees in the desert Southwest today…Any Sarah sightings by anyone? Check your local airport, she should be on her way to Alabama….Arizona did good at the Supreme Court yesterday…the libs panties are in a bunch again…..At my age it doesn’t take much to make me happy….Have a great day and be safe.

  • Happy_Miser

    Cross-posted from C4P:

    I just thought of something funny – and I’m not even sure if it’s funny “ha-ha” or funny “strange,” but I think it illustrates what a slippery slope it is once the government, especially the federal government, starts to micromanage economic and indeed intimate personal decisions.  On this family farm business, and the discussion for “exemptions” for children of farm owners (but not cousins or friends of cousins or grandchildren, etc.), consider this new business about how to define “marriage.”  Now, I am still a nominal Democrat and not too long ago considered myself “liberal” and I am still certainly “libertarian” in the sense that I do not care and do not want to know what consenting adults do when it comes to “lifestyle choices.”  I also do not judge individuals much on that basis (or certainly not exclusively on that basis).  I know what my ideal is – marriage is between one man and one woman and that is the best environment in which to raise children (supposing of course that the husband and wife are not wildly dysfunctional in some substantive sense).  And all my ancestors going back into the mists of history lived that way, though I am sure at some point, on the other side of that mist, some were polygamous.  But I accept that other people may have different ideas.  Having said that, it is the one remaining unrealized ambition of my life that my daughter marries a good man and they have a couple of kids and that I’m still around to be a grandpa, at least for a bit.  As she’s only 13 and I’m 51 I need to keep my fingers crossed on that one!

    But, to get to my point (sorry for all the digressions), if we, as a polity, are saying that marriage no longer means one husband and one wife, and as I find much more historical precedent for polygamy than for “same sex marriage” (and indeed I can think of no historical precedent for “same sex marriage”), think of how these two intrusions of government into private affairs could combine!  Say a large polygamous unit engaged in multiple “family” farms. Wouldn’t it be discrimination then to deny their progeny the “exemption”?  Just saying….

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