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Tuesday Watercooler

Morning everyone!

Gov. Palin is doing a special with Eric Bolling on what we pay at the pump.  This is two of my favorite people so I have high expectations for this special.  It should be fantastic!

Is anyone else getting tired of the politics?  I don’t find the circumstances inspiring or hopeful and I can not see Romney beating Obama. I have a feeling that Team Romney and our lovely GOP establishment is going to pull out all the stops to make sure that he reaches the 1144 delegates he needs so there is no a chance in hell that we have a brokered convention.  With my primary being officially over, I am changing my registration back to unaffiliated.  I haven’t been a Republican for almost a decade and only changed over to vote for Gov. Palin.  I did my part and I want the heck out of that party so I’m changing back.

On a positive note, my medical mystery has been solve. I have to have my gallbladder out.  I haven’t scheduled the surgery yet but it should be quick and easy and I’ll be good as new.  I can’t wait to have a cup of coffee again, it has been a year and a half.  I will still have to have my chai tea latte that I have become fond of but I can’t wait to work in an Americano or two.


zzzz zzzzz zzzzz zzzzzzzzz… this is sure to maximize voter turnout…

Blah, blah, blah… dipshit

Well lookie here Mr. above named dipshit…

Money, money, money

So thankful

They are pushing the issue for a reason…

”Nothing like a little equine love,”…

What? Romney isn’t answer to all the GOP problems?

He’s got a point

Here’s another vote for West to be VP…

I’d rather eat nails than attend something like this with Obama…

He’s just an icon of fiscal restraint

Heh… well done James…

I never doubted for a moment that he didn’t…


Or anyone else if we are honest... a whole 60% to 70% of everyone else…

Contemptuous is the perfect word…

There is no cure for stupid


Have a great day everyone!



  • Akabosan

    Well, Mrs Firelight, for the first time I disagree with your organization of material for today.  I think your banner headline should be something to the effect of MRS. FIRELIGHT’S GALLING EXPERIENCE TO END.  I know I will rest easier now.


    GOOD 4 U!  

    The article by our own Nordic Goddess was terrific.  Thank you for including it.


    • Firelight


  • cookboy

    I’m glad you got yourself figgered out, gallbladderwise anyway.My wife was told by her doctor; “If you’re blonde, have a baby, and nurse a baby, the next step is having your gall bladder removed.” And she did. Coulda been worse.

    Otherwise, an uninterested observer, like someone from another planet or something, would look at the current scene and either change the channel or laugh disgustedly or both. 

    Keep at it. As the old Dutchman said, “Life is good if we don’t weaken.”

  • Akabosan

    This is hilarious.  Mr. Huckabee in his attempt to unseat Mr. Limbaugh has evidently started toward the less than completely honest “dark side.”


  • Akabosan

    “Capitalism does not work.”

    That is why the net worth of AAPL may now be higher than USA.


  • TSM_Admin

    Firelight, I always thought you had a lot of Gall!

  • Whitney Pitcher

    Good morning!

    Prayers for your upcoming surgery, Firelight.

    Here are some interesting thoughts on various VP potential comments on accepting a nomination since Gov. Martinez was discussed yesterday. By her reasoning, it looks like she is indeed out for this cycle at least. These reasons also give me increased respect for her:

    Here’s a bit more:

  • hrh40

    Hey, Fire, so glad to hear it’s your gall bladder. I have heard so many cases of wildly different symptoms being narrowed down to the gall bladder.

    I hope you can have the laparoscopic (sp?) surgery, too. That is relatively easy and may even be same day surgery!

    Back in the day when my mom had hers out, it was major surgery and she has the long scar to this day.

    American medical ingenuity and constant improvement is the best on the planet!

  • Crueladev

    Good Morning P4A Kids…

    Well…I could be wrong but I think the House Keeper just called me a racist…LMAO!
    “People Hate Obama because he is African American”….
    I had to ask her if she forgot about the “white part”….she sort of looked at me funny!
    Yes…she is African American…and still blames everyone but Obama.  EGADS!
    She has bought into the media that Romney and Santorum hate women.  She had no clue about
    Obama’s “halfpipe”…and she thinks that MOOchy is just fine taking all those vacations! She believes that Obamacare will take care of her sickly husband of the elderly set. 

    I guess the problem I have with all of it is that she does a lot for her church and her community…
    but how Christian is it to judge other people just because they don’t like the President.   I don’t care if he is black, yellow, red, purple or green….I don’t like him because he hates America and is a dumbass!

    I don’t like Romney because he is a clueless, pandering, idiot….Does that mean I hate white people?

    It’s all good…the house keeper and I are still friends…we ended by discussing recipes…
    We should just avoid politcs…in which she brought up today..btw. 

    Firelight….prayers for your upcoming surgery.

    As for Easter…my family all went to the ranch.  I am house sitting so I just watched the Masters…colored some eggs.  I probably could have loaded the dogs and gone to the ranch…but I don’t think Abby has ever been around cows before and the stream would have been a nightmare.
    Wet stinking dogs all day long. 

    Oh Well!  We will be there in 2 months for branding.  You all have a good rest of your day.

  • senator20526

    Morning all……Just back from the Donut shop..nothing better than a fresh apple fritter…..Another bright and clear 90 degree day in the great desert Southwest….The stock market is tanking again today…….Firelight glad you found out the answer to your health problem……Where is Sarah and what is she doing? I will have to ask Kjanlady, seems she has a direct link to Chuck jr…..Everyone have a great day and stay safe.

  • Crueladev

    Well… Santorum to suspend campaign.
    I don’t like the timing as his daughter is going through such a battle.
    Prayers…to the Santorum Family!

  • OldPat

    cross post
    As I approached the goat house with a bucket of feed, I spied an old acquaintance talking to the residents.

    ‘Mister, I told you four years ago that you had come to the goat
    house looking for wool, and we didn’t have any.  What are you doing back
    here?’ said I.

    ‘I thought perhaps you were pulling my leg, so I came back by to make sure’, said he.

    ‘Well, I wasn’t.  Not only are they goats, they’re ornery, conservative goats.  And I told them all about you and your kind.’

    ‘You see ole Billy over there.  When he starts shaking his head like
    that, he’s about five seconds away from charging.  Since I’ve got the
    feed bucket, I’m not his target.’

    I yelled out to the retreating figure, ‘Hey mister, Billy’s right behind you;  better start dodging.’

    I approached the figure on the ground.  ‘How dumb can a man be?  Ole
    Billy knew you were going to fake right and go left just like you do
    every election.  You better hurry up.  Ole Billy is starting to shake
    his head again.’

    As the man’s truck disappeared around the first bend in the road, I
    turned towards the goats and spoke, ‘Good job, Sarah.  Ole Mitt doesn’t
    even know the difference between a billy and a nanny.’


  • section9

    Having a daughter in Bella’s condition is a tough go. Santorum was prepared to continue the long, hard slog. His daughter must have take a turn for the worse.

    What this portends for the campaign is a small thing by comparison. 

  • Michael

    We need Sarah Palin to lead the Conservative Revolution, Now.

  • Michael

    Roger Ailes is the man most responsible for Mitt Romney being the Nominee and keeping Palin out of the race. Roger Ailes got what he wanted and successfully manipulated the republican primary. We need a third party. I wish Sarah Palin would do something.

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