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Wahoo Fish Taco Wednesday

Morning peeps!

Today is a gorgeous day in Colorado. The sun is out and I am spring cleaning all day so I get to spend the day in my sweats doing what I consider is therapy and my hubby is bring home lunch from Wahoo Fish Taco which is one of my favorite places to munch.

For that reason, I am keeping it short today.  Maxine is in charge…


Whoa…. yes he does go there. I’m pretty sure that Peter Schweizer wouldn’t go there if he didn’t have a reason…

Does anyone think that Gillespie has always been working for Mitt? (ooh, ooh! me! me!) There is an identifiable nastiness to the Romney campaign and we all know that Bachmann was Mitts stalking horse…

Wow! This is painful for Mittens…

Well, it is legal in Colorado and it isn’t the boogie man that I would have thought it would be…

Let me guess… they could hit Alaska…

He’s been campaigning for 7 years now and he is just now realizing this?…

Oh this would be entertaining…

Wait, I thought Gore invented the internet…

Yay! I’m doing the happy dance!…

I love it when he talks like this

Good for them

I would like to see them win this

My favorite new PAC!!

and the video:  ‘2012 won’t be a war on women, it will be a war by women’, Yes! We have had enough!  grrrrrrrrr…



I also want to wish a VERY Happy Birthday to Trig Palin!  He is 4 yrs old today.  (h/t BostonBruin)


Have a great Wednesday everyone!

  • Pete Petretich

    Palinistas, we are marching to Tampa…

    Marching Songs:

    “Video/Audio Content for Grizzly Fest”

    “Sarah Palin Undefeated”

    “The Minstrel Boy”

  • Akabosan

    Just some thoughts regarding women.  And believe me, during my time I have had many (thoughts, that is.)   :-)

    I believe that women are the real hope for the future of this dear country which my fellows and I have fought and worked and prayed to preserve.  We fought “over there,” but now the major battles are here in and at the homeland.  No one cares more for home than Mom.  The whole idea of “Mama Grizzlies” just tickles my heart.

    Since leftism is androgynous, attacks on women will be just as fierce as attacks on men have ever been.  Attacks by leftist women on conservative women will be even more fierce.  One way to counter and lessen those attacks will be a form of “loser pays.”  If it is punishable to bring unfounded charges against someone, then attacks, like the ones recently on Mrs. Haley in South Carolina and previously on Mrs. Palin, would surely dissipate.  As it stands, leftist pigs and sows can run out of the bushes, throw accusations and innuendos like a gang of kids throwing snowballs at passing cars, then run back into hiding.


  • section9

    Good round-up.

    Firelight, I find it hard to imagine that Schweizer didn’t at least talk that article over with Palin before publishing it. 

    • BostonBruin

      Excellent point. Our SarahPAC donations are being put to good use. 😉

    • Firelight

      I thought the same thing Section9.

      • Gelston

        good to fine section9 and firelight together so i can thank you. your comments yesterday were excellent. (as always)

        • section9

          I can’t fathom Schweizer not going to the Governor and giving her a read as to this piece. It goes to her project of making sure that Romney is at least vetted NOW if he is the nominee.

          It also keeps things unsettled and gives Romney’s opponents in the GOP some breathing room, at least for a little while.

  • BostonBruin

    Good morning!

    Firelight – We all love you for the daily round-up, but you missed the big one today: Happy 4th Birthday to Trig Palin! This will make you smile:

    Ok, so Mitch Daniels comes out this morning and endorses Romney. The real race in Indiana is the primary between Lugar and Mourdock on May 8. If there is a surge of conservatives at the polls to vote for Mourdock, then hopefully they’ll also vote for ABR.

    • Firelight

      Thanks BB, I fixed it and hope the little dude has a great day!

  • hrh40


    ShePAC endorsing Linda McMahon.


    Well, I guess pragmatism is a good quality certainly.

    I think Peter Lumaj is the most conservative. But he probably has very little chance of winning.

    And Chris Shays is an ABSOLUTE nonstarter.

    I guess since McMahon is a blank slate regarding a voting record, but has name recognition now from her last run, she’s the most pragmatic choice.

    Yes, I would rather her than ANY of the Democrat candidates and then Chris Shays.



    And several of those clips were from the Mama Grizzly video, so Palin is definitely knowing what’s going on with ShePAC. Last go-round she gave McMahon a shout-out on Greta’s show, but that was as far as she went. This may be as far as she goes this go-round, too.

    A fellow tea partier, who I respect, just told me she likes Lumaj the best, too, but McMahon was her second choice.



    • Whitney Pitcher

      I think part of the purpose of She PAC was to support “conservative” women running for office, which may mean that they would support a slightly less conservative women against a more conservative man in some cases. I don’t think Linda Lingle of Hawaii is not particularly conservative as I understand it, and I don’t know if anyone is running against her or not in the primary. I know that Dana Loesch was upset when the Tea Party Express endorsed Sarah Steelman over a supposedly more conservative candidate, though from what I’ve Steelman is still pretty good.

      I guess there is a balance between supporting conservative (in a broad sense) women and supporting the  most conservative candidate. They may not support the most conservative candidate in every case, but I think it is nice to see this group emerge. It seems that there are the female conservatives like Gov. Palin who have had essentially no Establishment support or defense, and then there are those like Susan Collins and others who even run to the left of the GOPE.There are a few who fall in between the two end points of the spectrum too. Perhaps SHEPAC will help provide support so that there are more conservative, although perhaps not perfectly conservative, women in office, and help defend and support those like the Palins out there who aren’t getting any defense or support from the Establishment.

      • JanneMyrdal

        Some good points here Whit and hrh.  Just to put my two cents in, after long and drawn out battles here in the Heartland recently.  I have seen, over the past couple of years, a tendency for  of us Tea party folks to swing into a dangerous area of ultimate judgement.  Not talking about you guys here, but including all of us!!   I think we all must be aware of the “divide and conquer” tactics we see from the left against us as a conservative coalition.  Reagan swa it clearly and that is where his wisdom of the “large tent: came into effect. I recently spoke for and against candidates, and stand by said actions strongly.  However, some dear and die hard conservatives disagree with me, and strongly so, which I think is good and healthy debates, even thoough at times hurtful accusations come with it.  But if it comes as judgement of character , it is not good at all!.  I am afraid that what I have sadly and painfully seen here is happening across the board, where we are lured into thinking that only “one” candidate is good and all others not.  There is NO perfect candidate, not even the one we all respect highly.  The ONLY way to approach the work we have set before us is from a public policy stand, precepts and fundamental truts, if you will, not political stand.  Which essentially means this; – principles and time tested truths are what we hang our hat on, not persons or candidates.  Candidates will always some day or another hurt,offend or chose wrongly.  (Any of us who are married knows this by the fact that you and your spouse do not see eye to eye all the time. Smile)  This is why we so highly respect SP and what she brings forth, as she sticks true to her convictions regardless of cost! 
        So, I may be rambling here, but have such a concern on my heart that we look for long term reform and restoration/revival of our great nation, but do not look and get caught up in persons!  One of the first obvious signs of this in our group is the fact that so many “gave up” after SP October 5th choice of not running. 
         It is indeed hard to see candidates endorsed that do not seem to meet the standard at times, but I have myself done it and will continue to do so in spite of the mis understanding that often comes with it.  Why, becauseI want public policy forwarded that is true and has stood true to God and to truth.  Do I sell out on my principles?  I want no more rhetoric, – I want fruit!  I, as others, have disagreed with SarahPac in the past, but continue to fully support it, financially and other ways, as I trust the principles and truth put forward by SP and her team, even though the persons they sometimes chose are not my favorites. 
        PS.  Have written an op ed on this issue many times, but never felt it clear enough to publish, so you all get the brunt of my morning thoughts today, as I trust you hear what I am saying, and may hopefully add to my thoughts??

  • John_Frank

    Excellent roundup Firelight. Thanks.

    Oh, but look at this:

    IRS Might Have Stalinist Powers Under New Law
    Congress May Soon Let The Taxman Take Your Passport On Suspicion Of Tax Debts.

  • Whitney Pitcher

    Good morning, all, and a big happy 4th birthday to Trig! :) 

  • Michael

    Sarah Palin was betrayed so many people. She was stabbed in the back by too many and they did it for money.

  • John_Frank

    FWIIW – Obama flips, re-labels likely foe Romney as hardcore conservative

  • indemind

    Good morning fellow Barbarians…. From beautiful Carlsbad Ca. ….

    Firelight, as always an Awesome round up…. *_* … Love Fish Tacos!

    Terrific She-PAC Video… Not to familiar with all the candidates, but they seem to have their Grrr on. Lets hope that they stick by their commitments to “We the People”…and of cause, show some Love for the Governor.(*+*)

    Happy Birthday Trig Van Palin …. enjoy your day…. God Bless …. *+*

    Anyway Stay cool, Stay safe… and have a great day…… *_*


  • senator20526

    Morning all…….A very happy birthday to Trig…..It is a glorius sunny, warm 94 degree day in the great desert Southwest…Where is Sarah and what is she doing?  She probably planning a big birthday party for Trig…wish I could be there as today is my 70th birthday….maybe next year..Listening to Rush …all of a sudden he went off the air…Obama must have pulled the plug..Obama is now known as the “Five Trillion dollar Man”….if this keeps up…the dollar will be worth less than it is now……Have a great day and be nice to fellow Palinistas…

    • Firelight

      Happy Birthday Senator! :)

  • Crueladev

    Good Wednesday Afternoon P4A Kids…

    Happy Birthday Trig! Eat as much cake as your little belly can hold! :)

    Today I have heavy heart! One of My Heros has just retired due to health.  Pat Summitt steps aside as the Head Coach of the Lady Vols after 38 years.  Her legacy will never be matched.  It is not about the number of wins, the National Championships, or even the 100% Graduation rate. Her legacy will always remain…bringing Women via basketball to the forefront. She is a true Pioneer and one that can never be replaced!  My Prayers and Heart are with her and her family as she enters into a new phase of her life.

    Also…Dick Clark has passed. What an Icon we have just lost! Prayers also with he and his family.

    You all have a good rest of your day!

  • hrh40

    Yes, I’m glad to hear it:

    The Enquirer’s track record of 1 correct story in 1,000 remains intact.

    Actually, they’re batting 0.000 when it comes to accuracy with stories about the Palins.

    • Nancy6

      Thanks for the link, hrh!
      Bristol is awesome!

  • Akabosan

    “MOM VS UNIONS” It doesn’t get any better than this.  ON WISCONSIN!


  • Michael

    Palin was such a Great Pick that Obama and the Liberal Media and the Republican Establishment Couldn’t Let Her Live. She Shined In the Convention Speech and The VP Debate. She did that great. She outshined Obama and continues to outshine Romney and the GOP Establishment and their shill media are well aware of it.

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