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What’s Up Wednesday

Good morning everyone!

Well yesterday was loads of fun.  Gov. Palin rocked The Today Show even when they were snarky at times.  Dana Bash on CNN said that NBC stated that Gov. Palin was not paid for her co-hosting role and NBC said she did great and they would love to have her back.

After 30 days of perfect weather it snowed yesterday, all day…  The weather people tell me we will have sunny, 60 degree weather for Easter so I am counting on it.

It looks like the big push for Romney’s inevitability is in full swing.  I’m not buying it and after his disrespectful comments on Gov. Palin in his fundraising letter, I’m don’t think I can even hold my nose and vote for him.  How does everyone else feel?


Best wrap-up from Gov. Palin’s Today Show appearance…

Bristol blogs

No, let’s not

Romney’s a dumbass who just guaranteed he would alienate that 75% of the National GOP Tea Party vote…

Go Judge Smith…

He seems so intent on suing all the people I like…

A bounty on their heads…

Yes, yes, yes on West

Another one goes broke…

Onward, maybe upward…

Oh goody, goody… I love this kind of stuff

And here I was laughing at my alarmist, buy freeze dried food and lots of guns friends…


Have a great hump day everyone!



  • Akabosan

    “Be in the lamestream media without being of it.”

    Miss Palin ROCKS!


    • cookboy

      Just like her mother!

  • section9

    Palin was superb on The Today Show yesterday. What she did was to get past the media filter out into the country by actually outshining the hosts and dominating the program. She also blew past the media image of her as someone who is mean and overly partisan.

    The left worked extremely hard to build this image, and she doesn’t have to do much to tear it down. I strongly suspect that we are going to see a lot more of Palin the rest of this cycle. Just not as a candidate, unfortunately.

    Palin will be out there supporting Governor Walker and other downticket Republicans. The Romney people have made it clear they don’t care to have her support, so she won’t go where she isn’t wanted. This catastrophic error on the part of the Romney campaign will have baleful effects in the Fall. She will try and help Republicans retake the Senate and hold the House, under the assumption that Romney will lose.

    But what I want to see is what Steve Bannon does at the helm of Breitbart. I believe that he and Palin have plans for Breitbart’s news division. That’s just a hunch, but I believe it to be a good one.

    Palin is beginning the very early maneuvering for the post-disaster setup for 2016 and her showdown with the Bushtards, and she has decided she needs to get past the media filter as Reagan did and go straight at people. It’s a smart move, and a smart take. It’s probably one of the reasons she didn’t participate in the fixed game we call the GOP primaries this cycle.

    She has to get stronger with the electorate.

    • Akabosan

      Good thoughts and good post, section9.  

      “…she doesn’t have to do much…”  As always Mrs. Palin needs ‘merely’ to be herself.

      I am waiting for people to realize she is now starting to build the “Palin democrat” base as Mr. Reagan built the “Reagan democrats” by just being himself.

      Both of them appeal to Americans, patriots and party doesn’t matter when the chips are down.

      Who doesn’t love her when they really know her?  The number of people whose minds were changed by THE UNDEFEATED is testimony to that.


    • LS as guest

      I respectfully disagree, section9.  

      It’s not Palin’s being mean or excessively partisan that has made her a laughing stock of the MSM minions–it is the (unfair) perception that she is an ill-educated, celebrity and money-chasing lightweight that is the problem.  Becoming a Today-style TV host would less undo than cement that caricature IMO.

      If that’s what she wants to do, that’s great and she should go for it.

      But if she’s working on future political viability she needs to go in exactly the opposite direction.  She needs to move toward less glib, more considered, in-depth and thoughtful political discussion and dialogue than is possible on Fox News.  Her pop culture bona fides are already well enough established.  It is substantial and nuanced wonkiness that she must project.

      • section9

        I don’t see where we disagree. 

        • LS as guest

          Yeah, I thought you saw her interviewing Tori Spelling on entertaining as a smart, Reaganesque, take-it-to-the-people move, when I don’t think that’s how Reagan smartly took his politics to the people at all.

          But you may be right, we may not disagree at all.  

          • blerch

            Reagan did the Dean Martin roasts in the ’70s.  He was the first ever roastee and he was a regular roaster.

  • John_Frank

    Good morning.

    Firelight, thanks for the news round up. I trust all is well in your part of the world. In your post you wrote:

    I’m not buying it and after his disrespectful comments on Gov. Palin in his fundraising letter, I’m don’t think I can even hold my nose and vote for him.

    When was this fundraising letter sent out and what did the letter state that was disrespectful to Governor Palin?

  • hrh40

    The very fact that Huckabee and Palin are being used in the same breath proves the woeful shallowness of analysis that seeks to label people and place them in categories.

    Huck and Palin couldn’t be farther apart IMO after an investigation about 2″ deep into their records.

    The problem is that TPTB look only 1″ into their records. And then place them in categories.


    • LS as guest

      It was in my neck of the woods, among ‘my people’, that the Romney campaign apparently used that pairing.  And I expect it was effective for their purposes.  Evangelical Fox News yahoo is the triple threat they were going for, and the corrupt GOPE effectively uses that specter to keep pro-business, multi-degreed, Northeast and NYC-area voters in line.


    • Akabosan

      Hi hrh40,

      I looked for this earlier regarding your comment from 11 hours ago.  I just found it and thought you would enjoy perusing it at your leisure.  It pretty much tells the tale of our ‘friend’ Mr. Huckabee.

      I hope you catch it.  I will add it to a post tomorrow or the next day if I see you on.

      Have a gr8 week.


  • BostonBruin

    Good morning! With respect to Romney’s fundraising letter, this is the second major occasion that Team Romney has spat in the faces of evangelicals.

    The first occured a few months ago when 150 evangelical leaders met in Texas to vote on endorsing one of the GOP candidates. When the Romney people got up and made their pitch, they blatantly accused these 150 leaders of being anti-Mormon bigots. They endorsed Santorum.

    I don’t know how Gov. Palin can expect some of us to support Romney – unless she still believes there will be a contested convention.

  • Whitney Pitcher

    Good morning!

    The Romney “fundraising letter” appears to actually be a pitch to donor which may have been a donor event rather than a letter. The National Review link makes it unclear. However, that story excerpts an ebook from Politico authors. This ebook seems to be anonymously sourced, so it’s hard to know what’s true and what’s not. I’m not surprised at all though considering the consistency in how Romney and his cohorts handle things anonymously or behind closed doors–appease the GOPE and throw all other Republicans/conservatives under the bus.

    Regarding the Huckabee-Palin ticket that they “warned” of, I wonder if that might be a way simply to curry donations–a scare tactic in a sense– from the Romney faithful. Huckabee was Romney’s biggest rival in 2008, and even though Palin didn’t run, she’s been his biggest rival since November 2008.

    Governor Palin understands how much damage President Obama’s policies have done to the country. In America by Heart, Governor Palin mentioned that liberals are driving the country off a cliff at 100 MPH, but Republicans are doing so at 50 MPH. 50 MPH is preferable, and perhaps, can help us hold on until someone is elected who can turn things around. I don’t think Governor Palin wants anyone to support Romney; she wants us to support “not Obama”. We’re just sadly in a position where it seems like Romney is that choice.


      Whit…Romney will never get my “support”…..I will not defend him, I will not send him any money, he will not have my “boots on the ground”, he will not have my enthusiasm and at this point he doesn’t even have my vote.

      Living in Illinois gives me the luxury of voting “anybody but Romney” and I might just bask in that “luxury”. 

      • Whitney Pitcher

        I understand, and I’m not advocating for anyone throwing support for Romney with their money or time.I hope I didn’t come across the wrong way because the political maneuvering of Romney’s guys here in Illinois that I notice doing O4P stuff and even afterwords has given me even less respect for him than I even had before. Everyone has to make a choice for themselves. I’m not trying to put words in Governor Palin’s mouth either.

        I understand what you mean by the “luxury” of living in a state that’s going for Obama no matter what anyway.

        • TENCOLE

          Whit, I wasn’t harping on ya….Sarah yes, but you, no. I’m just venting.

          This primary is making my head hurt and my heart ache, and I’m getting to the point where I just don’t care any longer.  

      • hrh40

        Yep, for once, living in CT may free me up to vote my conscience. :)   :(

  • Bean Counter

    Palin beats Couric!

    From TV Newser:

    NBC’s “Today” show maintained its lead after day two of Katie Couric‘s return to morning TV.

    With Sarah Palin as a special co-host “Today” drew 5.497 million total viewers according to Nielsen Fast National data, that’s +356,000 more than #2 “Good Morning America” which drew 5.141 million. Half way through the 2011-12 season, the gap between the two shows is +528,000, so “GMA” continues to chip away at “Today’s lead.

    In A25-54 viewers, “Today lead by +249,000 viewers (2.209 vs. 1.917). The season-to-date gap in that demo is +449,000.

    The “Today”show also won Monday’s face-off with a +333,000 Total Viewer lead on “GMA.”

    Link to article:

  • John_Frank

    From the NRO article, it appears that the fund raising letter was actually a pitch to donors at fund raising events for wealthy donors held in March in New York and Connecticut.

    A couple of observations:

    – The book’s authors, Mike Allen (Politico) and Even Thomas (Newsweek) are both Democrats.

    – The people in the Romney campaign who talked to the authors should be fired from the campaign.

    The fight between the factions within the Republican party over the role of the Federal Government in society has been going on for over one hundred years.

    In 1912, the factions openly split, leading to the election of Woodrow Wilson.

    It has been evident for some time that individuals within the Romney campaign, along with some of Romney’s most prominent public supporters have little use for Sarah Palin.

    All that written, it is clear from the comments made by Sarah Palin during her interview last night with Sean Hannity that she has no interest in what she calls this “inside baseball stuff.”

    Yes, the pitch bothers me. Yes, the public comments of people like Coulter upset me.

    As to Coulter, I stopped paying attention to her sometime ago.

    As to the donors pitch to wealthy individuals, given this is the same crowd that likely supported Obama the last time around, or if they did support McCain, bought into the propaganda that Sarah Palin cost McCain the election, my attitude is a fool is easily parted from his money.

    Romney has yet to secure the nomination and we do not have to vote until November.

    In the meantime, I stand with Sarah Palin and will continue to oppose Barrack Hussein Obama.

    • Akabosan

      Tee Hee!  I used to think that Ms Coulter was cute and thought; “If she would just quit smoking she might have a chance with me.”

      Now, she would have to quit talking too.


  • John_Frank

    Obama’s Most Dangerous Israel Leak

    If people think that just because the Soviet Union is no more that the communists are no longer on the march, think again.

    Another reason why re-electing Obama is not an option.

  • John_Frank

    Canada: After Keystone, We’d Rather Sell Oil to China

    Solyndra is no longer the administration’s biggest energy blunder. Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper appeared a think tank event held in Washington yesterday. During an interview Harper explained that President Obama’s rejection of the Keystone pipeline had forced Canada to change course in ways that will permanently affect Canada’s approach to its own energy market:

    A blunder? No. The Canadian government warned the Obama administration. The Obama administration ignored these warnings.

  • senator20526

    Afternoon everyone…..Another bright, sunny 90 degree day in the great desert Southwest…..The Gov. did great yesterday and made liberal heads explode everywhere……I think they have a new found respect for her….everytime she does something like this, she exceeds expectations….She throws them off guard by making fun of herself, then zings them when they are not expecting it….That’s why we love her……..That’s it for today….have fun and be safe.

  • John_Frank

    Governor Palin: Frankly, I’m Ecstatic We Beat the ‘Perky One’

    Yes, the Governor wrote that in an email she sent to Kate O’Hare at

    This morning (Wed., April 4), Palin commented by email about the experience:

    “The people backstage,” she writes to Zap2it, “who make the ‘Today’ show happen are top-notch! Todd (husband Todd Palin) said to let you know, Kate, that ‘…they put my home TV crew to shame’ (That would be my crew of Todd and a buddy — and sometimes the kids helping out — in our Wasilla studio located in the back of Todd’s airplane hanger).

    “Really, it was a lot of fun to work with every single one of the folks at the ‘Today’ show. I have so much respect for the workerbees at my FOX job, and to see this network support staff working just as hard to produce their network’s product reinforces my belief that it’s the good people with their elbow grease and nose to the grindstone who make the world go ’round. They make the talent look good!”

    And, frankly, I’m ecstatic we beat the ‘perky one,’ although I wouldn’t have gone up against ABC’s vacationing Robin Roberts, because she’s such a good egg. By the way, both Robin and Matt Lauer have traveled the long journey to Alaska and dealt with unglamorous, rugged conditions to see more of our world; they’ve shown respect for a more unconventional Americana lifestyle, and we appreciate that.”

    LOL …. she gives kudos to the little guys who work behind the scenes, throws a bouquet to Robin Roberts at ABC, along with Matt Lauer and with a great big smile, lowers the night stick on the ‘perky one.’

    • Bean Counter

      From now until hell freezes over, Couric (and her BFF Nicolle Wallace) will deserve every bit of scorn she gets from whomever gives it to her. I wouldn’t p*ss on her if she were on fire.

  • John_Frank

    New FB post:

    We Remain Determined to Defeat Crony Capitalism

  • OldPat

    Cross post
    Last nite and today I’ve seen a lot of long faces on here.

    The opposition loves to see that.  Until WE learn to keep a more even keel, they will continue to pick us off one by one.

    Friends, please try to understand that it’s our goal, not hers, to see her at 1600 Penn Ave.

    Our goal is puny and selfish when I compare it to hers, but I guess
    that;s why she’s the first pathfinder we’ve had on our political scene
    since Abe.

    I gotta ask some of you just what else does she have to do to satisfy you and earn your trust?

    Some of you have bought into the false meme that she’s not that
    bright, and you think you understand her.  You couldn’t be more wrong. 

    After a century and a half, our scholars, historians and artists
    still don’t really understand who and what Abe Lincoln was, and Palin
    just may be Abe’s match in complexity, depth, intuitive thought and

    Friends, forget trying to understand her, and just ask yourself one question – ‘Do I trust her?’

    If the answer is yes, then sharpen your axe and join my friends and I as we blaze her trail so others may follow.

    • Akabosan

      Interesting that you should choose “trust.”  Both Aquarians with Mrs. Palin being born just one day before the anniversary of Mr. Lincoln’s birth.

      Some of the positive traits attributed to Aquarians:

      Friendly and humanitarian
      Honest and loyal
      Original and inventive
      Independent and intellectual


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