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Whimsical Wednesday

Morning all!

It’s hump day!! I’m all for the downhill. I love speed! Last night went as expected. Ron Paul had a good showing in Rhode Island and Gingrich had a good showing in Delaware.  Both men had over 24% of the votes so that’s a decent showing.  Romney barely garnered that much percentage in a lot of states so far.  Getting a quarter of the vote is no small potatos.  Those numbers aren’t bad considering this is the northeast and Mitt is a northeastern style republican.  I don’t know anyone who expected Paul or Gingrich to win one, just pull some decent numbers.

So Ed Gillispie was on Rush yesterday and revealed the hypocrisy and stupidity of the GOPe (himself included).  He says that the establishment wants this prolonged primary over as it is bad, very bad but they want to announce who the Veep candidate will be early so they can have a prolonged Veep process because in that case it would be good, very good.  Hmmm, um OK… whatever Ed…

In fact, I am beginning to think that Romney is going to pick someone young, unknown or someone that has a known issue and this is the way they intend to provide a buffer.  Whatever Mittens, it still wont’ make me like you…

News roundup:

Right Wingnut  writes pure excellence

Chuck Jr’s book cover is released…

He has always been supportive of Sarah so I think this is a compliment… I think…

At the 28 minute mark McCain speaks well of Gov. Palin…

Puke alert

Funny, just like Joe

Malignant narcissism…  he’s just so damned special…

So did it happen?…

Some people will be so, so sad… me? I expected this

And yet we are supposed to believe that he can beat Obama with less votes… maybe this new math is the new black…

Hope and change in its full glory

This is winning!…

Good for him

How reassuring

Today is their day…

A whole generation away?…

I can’t wait to see this


Have a great day everyone!!  Since the GOP primary still sucks… do something whimsical today!




  • Crueladev

    Good Wednesday Morning P4A Kids…

    Congrats…GOP establishment!  I could just see these two holding hands and skipping to the White House together.  I wonder if they will invite each other to Prom this year….
    And they wonder why WE think Romney SUCKS! …EGADS…REALLY?

    Well I am afraid we are in it for the long haul no matter who becomes the next President.  I don’t know about you all but I am feeling a bit sick to my stomach and wonder what’s the point? 

    State and Local…State and Local NOW!  We have a race between Doug Lamborn…who boycotted the State of the Union Speech and some guy name Blaha.  Blaha is running as some magic man TP guy who is going to fly into DC on his unicorn and magically transform DC because he says so.  I will stick with Lamborn…not thrilled…but Lamborn has senority on the Military Affairs Committee and I would not like to see that go away.  I really don’t see the reason for this Blaha guy to step into this particular race when it really is not broken!  They recently had a debate and Blaha looked like an idiot on issues.  Besides…could anyone on Capital Hill take anyone with a last name of BLAHA seriously?

    And just because…I really needed something to smile about!  I hope you all smile too…

    You all have a good Wednesday!

    Pray for Bo!

    • Firelight

      I’m with you Cru.  Lamborn may not be perfect but he has done well and I see no reason for this Blaha to primary him.  I’m also tired of the radio ads with Blaaaahaaa in them. His name is annoying.

  • Michael

    Sarah Palin’s real enemy is the gutless Republican establishment that attacks her with ease and holds their fire on Obama. The Bush Machine is her real enemy.

  • John_Frank

    Good morning,

    Santorum, Romney to Meet Next Week

    In an interview with CNN’s Piers Morgan Tuesday night, Santorum said he would support Romney as the nominee, but stopped short of an endorsement.

    “It’s very clear that he’s going to be the Republican nominee and I’m going to be for the Republican nominee and we’re going to do everything we can to defeat Barack Obama,” Santorum said.

    He also praised Romney’s speech in New Hampshire, which concluded just moments before the interview. “I thought it was a good speech. He set the right tone. The tone was, this race is about Barack Obama and his failures, he’s got an optimistic vision for the country,” he said.

    So, what does an endorsement look like? Inquiring minds want to know.

    Here is the video of his interview with Pierce Morgan:

    CNN’s Morgan Pushes A Reluctant Santorum Into Endorsing Romney

    • cookboy

      It’s very nice to see you here this morning!

      • John_Frank

         Likewise. Good morning!

  • John_Frank

    Having listened to Newt Gingrich’s speech that he gave last night in Concord, North Carolina, he all but conceded that Romney is the nominee.

    While he said that he will continue with the events that he has scheduled in North Carolina this week, I suspect that sometime next week he will suspend his campaign, while vowing to go to Tampa to fight for a conservative platform.

    Of course, I could be all wet on Gingrich’s intentions, but barring some unforeseen event that is my read from his speech. [1]

    At some point Governor Palin will be asked for her thoughts on the state of the race.

    I urge Governor Palin in the strongest terms not to come out for Romney at this juncture. I can not emphasize this point enough. Yes, say the numbers are the numbers. Yes, say the mission is to defeat Obama. However, Romney needs to show that he is prepared to earn the support of conservatives, and tea partiers. So far he has not done that.

    Also, until Representative Paul concedes the nomination to Romney, she can point out that Paul has an important economic and fiscal message and that he needs to be heard on those points.

    “The Black Swan” author Nassim Taleb Cheers Ron Paul’s Economic Platform on CNBC

    Further, until Representative Paul concedes, the process will continue no matter what anyone else says.

    I make this plea for a number of additional reasons:

    – The nominee has yet to earn the trust of conservatives and libertarians. While Romney won all five races last night, the turn out was dreadful. There is absolutely no enthusiasm for his nomination. That needs to change and the obligation lies with Romney.

    2008 Republican Presidential Vote

    2012 Republican Presidential Vote

    Side note: While Paul continues to draw good crowds, other than in Rhode Island, his candidacy did not present a significant challenge to that of Romney in the other four states that held Primaries last night and he received fewer votes in Pennsylvania this year then he did in 2008.

    – Except Florida, Romney has not won any southern States.

    – Speaker Gingrich has a number of important ideas that need to be included in the party platform as reflected in the speech that he gave last night.

    – Perhaps most importantly, as Richard Viguerie has put it in this piece:

    “First, don’t be Mitt Romney’s cheap date.”

    The grassroots movement conservative voters who powered the Santorum campaign can not be taken for granted.  During the 2006 congressional elections some 4 million conservative voters stayed home, producing one of the greatest defeats for the Republican Party in the modern era.

    As an aside, neither can Governor Palin’s supporters.

    Some conservatives were quick to endorse Mitt Romney now that the nomination looks settled.  They got it exactly backwards – conservatives should not be rushing to embrace Romney; Romney should be rushing to embrace conservatives.
    No one wants to stay home during this important election cycle, however, Mitt Romney has given little evidence he wants, and is willing to work for, conservative support.

    If Mitt Romney wants the support of grassroots conservatives and Tea Partiers, the next six moves are up to him.

    So far there’s no new sign that a Romney administration will result in the kind of fiscally sound, constitutionally conservative government that conservatives saw coming from the other candidates in the race.

    In fact, during the campaign Mitt Romney sent every signal possible he wanted to get the nomination without owing conservatives or the Tea Party anything.

    Before conservatives give their support to Mitt Romney we must see concrete action.  We must see that Romney will campaign as a conservative, govern as a conservative and that a Romney administration and a Romney White House will be dominated by conservatives – anything less means that even if conservatives support him and Romney is elected, we will have merely exchanged one set of Washington insiders for another in DC’s halls of power.

    Until the conditions outlined by Viguerie are satisfied, I would strong urge Governor Palin not to come out in support of Romney.

    Mr. Viguerie has been writing a series entitled “Where Do Conservatives Go Now?” which people may want to read:

    Parts 1- 3

    Parts 4 – 6

    Part 7

    Part 8

    Part 9

    In making these comments, I have taken Governor Palin’s statement on October 5, 2011 at face value. Some believe that other actions may be afoot. Only time will tell.

    While I appreciate that she will be heavily criticized for not urging Republicans to rally around the nominee if she takes the stance that I am suggesting, the reality is that:

    – There is no enthusiasm for Romney’s campaign, as evidenced by the total vote count in 2012 compared to 2008;

    – He is being even less transparent than Obama in not disclosing his bundlers;

    – Other than Florida, where he grossly overspent Gingrich, while slamming him with misleading ads, Romney has not won a southern State; and,

    – While a Romney Presidency would be better than an Obama second term, based on his actions to date, a Romney Presidency simply means we are replacing one group of insiders with another group of insiders.

    The end result? Let us be honest. As matters stand today, while the election will be close, Obama will win.

    P.S. I stand with Sarah Palin


    [1] Some will not will be happy with my views about what Gingrich said in his speech last night.

    Here is the summary as posted over at

    Newt Gingrich Election Night Rally in Concord, North Carolina – April 24 2012

    Newt Gingrich holds a rally at the Vintage Motor Club in Concord, North Carolina on the evening of primaries in five Northeastern states; Connecticut, Delaware, Rhode Island, New York and Pennsylvania.

    Gingrich told his supporters that he was staying in the race “all the way to Tampa,” where the Republican National Convention will be held, so that he could get some key issues into the party platform, including Medicare, Social Security, and independent American energy.

    He did not reference the primaries directly, instead using the speech to push some of his key policy ideas.

    Newt Gingrich did acknowledge that he will need to consider whether to continue his campaign. “Governor Romney is going to have a very good night,” Gingrich said, going on to say that if Romney becomes the nominee, then every Republican needed to stand behind him.

    I hate to write this, but despite all the effort that Gingrich put into Delaware over the last three weeks, he did not do very well.

    The total vote count was down significantly from 2008.

    Romney received almost the same amount of votes as he received in 2008 and that was more than twice the number of votes that Gingrich received, despite multiple visits to the State.

    He did not come first or a close second. In his speech he made it quite clear that he is going to reassess where he is going with his campaign.

    • Firelight

      “They got it exactly backwards – conservatives should not be rushing
      to embrace Romney; Romney should be rushing to embrace conservatives.”

      Thank you! Thank you! Thank you John Frank.  This is exactly what I think and IMO the conservatives rushing to Romney right now because it’s “all about beating Obama” are showing their political naivete and inexperience.  We still have time. Romney should come crawling to us.

      • John_Frank

        “They got it exactly backwards – conservatives should not be rushing
        to embrace Romney; Romney should be rushing to embrace conservatives.”

        You are welcome. We need to shout this observation from the roof tops, so that Sarah Palin understands she can hold firm and that conservatives, along with libertarians will stand with her, despite the attacks she may receive in the media.

        Because right now it is pretty clear that the leadership of the Republican party, along with the Romney campaign do not give two figs for the grass roots, tea partiers and independents, while the attacks on Sarah Palin have already started.

        See this article for confirmation:

        • hrh40

          I’ve made several comments at that article.

          Wonder if any of them will be posted?

          • John_Frank

            Just checked and did not see your comments, presuming you used the handle hrh40, but the comments are running in favor of Palin and Bannon, while panning Schmidt et al.

  • section9

    Good morning, all. Nice to see McCain speaking well of Palin still.

    Ed Gillespie is a Bushie stooge. BTW, picking early is Bushie-Stupid. That hands the initiative over to Obama, who will throw Biden over the side after Governor Marmalarde does the safe thing and picks Pawlenty or Daniels, while Obama drags Hillary with him to jazz up his ticket. Romney will be overwhelmed. But then again, Romney is staffed up with stupid, anyway.

    There’s an outside chance that Romney picks Bobby Jindal, and a real outside chance he picks Palin, which is why you’re hearing all this Palin-bashing by the Bushite Media, but that would require some original thinking on Mitt’s part. We can’t have that now, can we?

    I hear miniature dachsund is on the menu at the White House these days. What say you, Cruela?

    • hrh40

      Mitt doesn’t do sudden.

      Mitt doesn’t do relentless.

      • Patrick_Skacel

        In fairness to Mitt, he sometimes does relentless when he attacks conservatives. 

    • John_Frank

      a real outside chance he picks Palin, which is why you’re hearing all this Palin-bashing by the Bushite Media, but that would require some original thinking on Mitt’s part. We can’t have that now, can we?

      I suspect the attacks may also involve Governor Palin’s suggested choice for VP, Representative Allen West. He is an officer and a gentleman. He is black. He is conservative. He is capable. He can give a great speach and he can take the fight to Obama.

      Oh sure, the hard core communists, oops I meant progressives would go nuts, but they were never going to vote for or support Romney anyway.

      His selection would delight conservatives, tea partiers and evangelicals.

      But nope, the George H W Bush/Mitt Romney campaign can’t have that.

  • Pete Petretich

    On The Road To Tampa…



    “Heart: Barracuda”

    “Shania Twain: She’s Not Just A Pretty Face”

    “Sarah Palin – Isn’t She Lovely?”

    “Sarah Palin Undefeated”

    “Video/Audio Content for Grizzly Fest”

    “Bob Marley: Exodus”

    “The Minstrel Boy”


    Crue… sound like I did last night, and I’m glad I’m not alone. This whole process is making my head spin and giving me a headache.
    I loathe Mitt/Gope….I loathe Obama and I just can’t vote for either one. If my little “no-vote” causes Obama another 4 years then so be it. …..I just don’t care any longer. 
    That link to the Romney/Obama video is a very powerful, scary one……I’ve been posting it where ever I go……our fellow “republicans” need to see who they’re really voting for.

    Firelight, I just gotta tell ya that you’re doing a wonderful job here. Your “round ups” are the first thing I go to in the mornings now and you even manage to make me feel better about things….at times. ♥

  • senator20526

    Morning all…..Just back from bible study and today it was about the separation of church and state..A very important subject now days….Don’t let the Govt. creep into your religion…I believe it starts with the education of our children…Teachers come out of college  brain-washed by liberal Professors that the Govt. should be involved in everything..(climbing down off my soap box) I hope we hear from Sarah soon…she has a big speech this week-end…Have a great day and by the way, its 84 degrees in the great desert Southwest… safe.

  • Pete Petretich


    “Hi C4Peeps:  I’m still pondering the post by Clifford in an open run this weekend, where he said that his nephew is someone who works at an airport in Alaska.  He said that his nephew witnessed Todd and Sarah meeting with (he thinks) Sheldon Adelson and his wife — in Feb. 2012 — AFTER CPAC.  Now, why would Newts money man meet with Sarah and Todd?  Just to plea for Sarah’s endorsement of Newt?  Or, could it be to plea for something bigger?  I pray that this secret meeting really did happen, and is a preview of Sarah’s “earthquake”.  God, please use Sarah as your instrument to lead the TEAmovement to save the USA!”


    • Firelight

      I would be cautious of Clifford.  Some of his key points were not true and therefore that makes me question the rest of his post.  Just be cautious.

      • Gelston

        Clifford is a swell guy.
        He is about 92 years old. He is a great example of the greatest generation.
        I work with old folks daily. They try to have the best in their heart

        • Firelight

          I am sure he is sweet but he needs to get his facts correct before he puts information out there. It is the responsible thing to do.

          • Gelston

            I am trying to think of a nice, polite, respectful way to say “don’t listen to him.”

            • Firelight

              You did well then :)

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