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Wishful Wednesday

Morning everyone,

Well, Santorum is out.  This does not bode well for having a brokered convention.  In fact it stinks.

I don’t know if I can back Romney. I really don’t.  He has been nasty to Gov. Palin for the last 3 years, he has been nasty to all the other candidates, he has no core on values and is like a weather vane and his supporters are really vile and dishonest at times.  I think if he wanted my support, he should have been nicer along the way. Instead, he has burnt bridges at every step.  That isn’t how you unite the party and there will be a consequence for it.

I traded text messages with my friend in DC and he is pretty discouraged too.  He says that half the establishment likes Romney and the other half of the establishment doesn’t believe he can beat Obama.  He generates very little excitement amongst the beltway.  One thing I have learned from him is that the establishment in DC is divided too.  There is the Bush wing and there is the cocktail circuit, academia, elitist (but NOT fans of Bush) wing.  The second half really want to beat Obama and isn’t convinced Romney can do it and the first group are championing Romney and will champion Jeb in 2016.  Both wings are Republican and NOT conservative.

Is the GOP really going to nominate someone who can’t generate the enthusiasm needed to get the vote out and who thinks Rob Portman is a great VP choice?  Lord help us.  If people aren’t motivated to turn out to vote, we could lose the down ticket races too.  I have no motivation right now to work for a GOP victory, no motivation to keep fighting against a machine that doesn’t get it and doesn’t care to and no motivation to campaign for a candidate that I don’t trust, don’t believe in, don’t like and can’t defend.  So I get what many people are feeling right now.  The question is… does Romney?

Can I still wish that Santorum and Gingrich would give their delegates to Palin and she jumps in?  Do I really have to accept Romney and can I accept him?  I know at this point that I can not.  Can that change by November?  My magic eight ball says “not likely”.

On to the news:

Santorum is out

Bristol blogs about Santorum…

Doug answers this question perfectly…

Gingrich wants a one on one debate… maybe Gov. Perry can make that happen…

Mr. Lame but most of us knew that already…

Not my life

Shocking that he needs to be told this...

He wants a cabinet position…

I pray that he isn’t silent because he is dead…

Well, this will spurn a lot of recusals and problems if anything goes to court…

We expect nothing less…

How exciting

Yes, they did

I knew it was one of my favorite stores for a reason…

Keep asking the question

He has a problem with women…

I hope not but I’m sure the money is passing under the table as I type…

Pixie dust


Have a great day everyone!  Do something good for someone else and eat something green (this is advice I give my kids daily).


  • Katie52holland

    Even if Romney is an unNewt’d candidate, you MUST support the GOP ticket against Obama, YOU MUST.  So clear that out of your mind, Firelight (I actually had to double-check that it was Firelight writing and not Cru!).  Just say you are voting GOP, you don’t have to say Mitt.  I don’t CARE if you have no motivation to work for the GOP; you’re a nice person, Firelight, but I don’t care about how you FEEL.  YOU MUST get Obama out of office.  THAT is what you should care about and what you should focus on.  I am hoping Newt will cleanse out the ticket during whatever level of brokerage the convention becomes.

    What a way to re-enter the Palin4America site.  I wasn’t prepared for this, so early in the morning, Firelight.  I wake up every morning of late pissed off at the AnnCoulter types running the GOP.  We can smack their butts later.  Right now, it is powerwash the White House time.

    • Firelight

      The problem is that I don’t believe Romney and especially Romney/Portman can beat Obama.  Beating Obama is my first priority.

      • hrh40

        And I don’t believe that Romney in the WH is enough better than Obama to make a difference.

        He is a go-along to get-along guy, who will appease more of the Obama admin hangovers then work with the conservatives in DC.

        That is his way.

        If this country is going to be turned back from the ills of the Obama admin we need someone as radical as him in the opposite direction in terms of sudden and relentless reform.

        Romney has never been, is not now, nor will ever be that guy.

      • OldPat

         Agreed, and ole 10psi Mitt won’t even wet – let alone powerwash – 1600 Penn Ave.  The GOV is the only one who has the moxie to do that.

        It truly is WE the PEOPLE and our MORAL COMPASS vs the PPC, LSM and CCC; sadly, the GOPe has joined the enemy, and WE must also fight them if WE are to save mankind’s greatest experiment.

        Our PPC has been so busy kicking the can down the road, WE are just now realizing we’re out of road. 

        Have WE come to this realization too late to affect the election of 2012? 

        Do enough of us yet realize the ‘clear and present danger’ our way of life is in? 

        And do WE still have what it takes to buck up and get outta the truck and take action?

    • section9

      You’re a member of the politically involved. So it’s okay to feel that way.

      Most people aren’t like this, and won’t concentrate on the election until after the World Series is over. That’s just the way this country is.

      Romney couldn’t beat Dom DeLouise in his “French Mistake” costume from “Blazing Saddles”, much less Obama. He will be on the defensive all through the campaign. Wait until the interest groups start suing him over what happened at Bain (they will be fronts for Obama, of course).

      I’m not going to be driven like a lamb to slaughter to the polls by an incompetent and deeply corrupt GOP that has nominated this two-bit John Lindsey liberal Republican and has relentlessly attacked everything I believe in just because someone says  I must.

      No thanks.

      • Bean Counter

        You know, section, I haven’t been able to conjure up a lot of warm and fuzzy feelings toward you, although I hasten to add I’ve had no negative leanings toward you either; however, you have forever endeared yourself to me with the “‘Dom DeLuise in his ‘French Mistake’ costume from Blazing Saddles” line.

        And I also hasten to add that I couldn’t agree more with your sentiment re: Romney and the GOP.

        • section9

          Take Firelight, for example. Independent. “Incurable smart-ass”. Romney’s people should have been trying to move heaven and earth to make sure that Movement Conservatives like her would be welcome in a Romney Campaign.

          But they didn’t. In fact, Romney’s people have made their scorn for Palin and other Movement Conservatives palpably clear!

          So they now expect people like Firelight, who are right-leaning independents, to enthusiastically staff Romney’s offices all over the country, then troop to the polls or drive buses to get others to the polls. If you run over to Hot Air, you read Ed Morrissey, a Santorum supporter, now telling everyone to GTF in line with the New Order, in so many words. It’s truly revolting.

          Mitt Romney threw Reagan under the bus more times than he tied Seamus to the roof of his car during his long career as a Nelson Rockefeller Republican. Now he and his entire staff expect us to ignore this.

          I’ll tell you what will happen: people like Firelight, and you, and me, will probably hear of a tepid endorsement of Governor Marmalarde from Palin, and go to the polls on election day. But that’s all that will happen. No volunteers. No door to door. No jack.

          Even Nixon had enthusiastic door-to-door volunteers. I know. I was one of them!

          This guy doesn’t. That’s why he’ll lose.

          And yes, he would have a rough time beating Dom Delouise.

          • Bean Counter

            Absolutely right. I’ve said all along that this election will come down to which side’s base is more demoralized. Where there is no passion, the candidate loses. Romney and his thugs have burned too many bridges, yet they think we will come along because, as the old saying goes, where are we going to go? Well, I’ll tell you where I’m going. Nowhere. I was also an enthusiastic Nixon, Reagan, Bush 43 and McCain (only because of Palin) volunteer and contributor. Not this time. Not a chance in hell.

          • Kal Vernon

            Also there will be no grassroots cash contributions.

      • KatieSilverSpring

        I love it when people who don’t know me tell me what I am.  I will tell you, though, section9, that while I am NOT “a member of the politically involved”, I am a part of the politically impoverished.

        I don’t want to come back in 2 years and say, I told you so.  I won’t be able to afford electricity then, under the Progressives; so, I can’t then tell you.  The Progressives here in Maryland are a few steps ahead of the ones in the White House and it ain’t a pretty picture here.

        • section9

          Uh, you want me to paint a pretty picture of the GOP rank and file for you and tell you that the sh*t sandwich that your friends in D.C. have created is going to galvanize people and get them to the polls? I’ve read your posts before and how tough it is for you socially in the middle of Obamaville.

          You’re a lot more  politically aware than about 98% of the people in this country. Bet on that. But don’t bet on Obama losing to Romney. Governor Marmalarde and the Bushtards who fronted him have done more to damage the GOP in the past three years than any crew of Stakhanovite communist wreckers I can think of. They have trashed the Reagan Coalition and have trashed conservatives, beginning with Palin.

          I suspect that I’ll end up voting for the spineless jellyfish just out of self-interest. But don’t expect a wave turnout like the one Romney will need to take Obama down.

          • KatieSilverSpring

            No, I don’t want a pretty picture; I am not the stupid woman you must think I am.  And, I don’t believe the country is 98% unaware either.

            And, they aren’t my friends in DC who have created this; I just have to shop next to them, thank you.

            Your posting though has made me want to leave Palin4America.

            • section9

              One, I never thought or said you were stupid.

              Two, if you expect people to just support Romney because the alternative is so unbelievably horrible, then you’re out of touch with the way most of the country thinks. Most people are disappointed in Obama, but they like the guy and think he inherited a sh*t sandwich from Bush.

              They don’t pay attention closely like you and I do, so they don’t realize how close to the edge of the cliff that he has brought us.  That’s not fair, that’s not right, but that is what it is. There’s a reason that Obama keeps hammering Bush in his speeches; he knows it works. He also knows that most voters have short memories.

              Alinsky taught him this. Romney is totally clueless as to this aspect of politics. That’s why he’ll lose.

        • hrh40

          Romney is a Progressive.

          Just like the progressives in Maryland.

          Check out Massachusetts.

          He’s here in CT today campaigning with other progressives. He’s already done numerous fundraisers here.

    • Crueladev

      What does that mean? HA! :) Not Cru?

  • section9

    Firstly, read your post yesterday about your upcoming operation. No coffee for you? Zounds!

    Santorum’s withdrawal was a complete surprise and must have had something to do with Bella. His political condition would have improved in May.

    The Beltway knows, as you stated succinctly, that Romney is a loser. Picking Rob Portman is one of those things that guarantees Democratic control of the Senate. BTW, I don’t blame you for changing your political affiliation back to Independant: the GOP is run by war criminals right now. There isn’t a person of substance alive who would want to be in that Party.

    I wonder about Palin; conceivably, she could get in and have more than a Chinaman’s chance of winning Texas (she would need Perry’s support and what organization he could supply) and moving Santo’s delegates in her direction. There are enough people in D.C. who are frightened of what a Romney/Portman ticket could do to downticket races that a signal to delegates, at-large delegates, and anonymous money people to start a putsch.

    One thing the could work to Palin’s advantage? There has been a huge falling out between Romney and Santorum because of Romney’s Firebombing Campaign against him. The Romney people have been using massed firebombing tactics against all their conservative opponents, and now they expect the conservatives to just line up and jump over the cliff for Teh Mittens. It won’t work that way. If Palin entered in the next couple of weeks (which I consider a remote possibility, but one I do consider a possibility), a LOT of Santo’s delegates would move her way.

    Things are in flux, but only for a short while before Romney solidifies his death grip on the nomination.

    Feel better, Light.

    • Firelight

      I really think Santorum made a deal with Romney.  He will give it some time to pass and then come out for him as the most “electable”.

    • John_Frank

      Santorum’s withdrawal was a complete surprise and must have had something to do with Bella.

      Bella’s illness was the tipping point, but reading what Gingrich said during an interview yesterday, according to conversations that Gingrich was having with Santorum over the last couple of weeks, Santorum was thinking about suspending his campaign for a while.

      There has been a huge falling out between Romney and Santorum because of Romney’s Firebombing Campaign against him.

      Yet, Santorum called Romney yesterday morning to tell him that he was suspending his campaign.

      And today, we find out this:

      Santorum ‘vowed’ to help Romney defeat Obama in November

      Rick Santorum has vowed to help GOP contender Mitt Romney win the presidential election, according to his press secretary.

      In an interview on CNN, Santorum press secretary Alice Stewart said Santorum offered Romney assurances when he called the presumptive GOP presidential nominee to tell him he was ending his campaign.

      Stewart said Santorum assured Romney “that they’ll have conversations in the next few days and weeks to come and he has vowed to do what ever it is that Gov. Romney needs to help him defeat Barack Obama in November.”

      Stewart told CNN that Santorum could act as a surrogate for Romney and speak out on the campaign trail on behalf of the former Massachusetts governor.

      She also called on Republicans to “get together” to challenge President Obama and said that Santorum would use the support he has gained throughout the primary to “reach out” to fiscal, social and evangelical conservatives during the race for the White House.

      So much for Santorum supporting a late entry by Palin, or doing anything to help Gingrich defeat Romney.

  • Nancy6

    Always praying for you and your surgery coming up!

    Me too.
    So glad we have some months to be entertained, at least, by what plays out.

    My doggies are sleeping here next to me, and one of them is snoring!:)

  • M_Minnesota


    You bet that Barry Sorentoro has a problem with women!!  One thing that blows my mind that the story has not come out more even in the conservative blogosphere is that Louis C.K. (watch the first few minuted of Bannon’s “The Undefeated”)   WAS INVITED TO THE WHITE HOUSE!!!

    C.K. Louis grosses over 1.1 million on one of his “Concert downloads!!”

    • hrh40

      Which is why running against Palin would have unhinged him.

      I’m still hoping for it.

      I can totally see him coming unglued in the middle of a debate with her. Body language, tone of voice, stuttering, cool cat Obama would implode.

  • senator20526

    Morning everyone……a bright, sunny, and clear 80 degree day in the great desert Southwest..Where is Sarah and what is she doing? She has gone dark again so she must be planning something big. I know that Chuck jr will let Kjanlady know via the super secret snowman….We will have to watch what kind of snowman Piper builds, this will give you a clue of what is coming next….spoken like a guy with too much time on his hands….lol….Hope everyone has a wonderful hump Wednesday and be safe.

  • Lipstick

    Who in the hell is Portman? I thought that was some type of wine. Holy cow. Is he white? Please tell me he is not an old white dude. Good grief.

    • Firelight

      Sorry Lip but he is everything we don’t need…

      • Whitney Pitcher

        Wow. I just thought he was the average go along to get along GOP Senator. I didn’t realize how much of a Bushie he is. 

        • section9

          Think of a watercress sandwich in the vegetable drawer of your refrigerator.

          That’s Rob Portman.

      • Lipstick

         Thanks for the link. I got 3 paragraphs in and feel asleep. Good grief!

  • OldPat

    cross post

    Since Etch hasn’t been able to close the deal with the rank and file,
    the GOPe is trying to do it for him by pushing the ‘it’s all over’ meme
    and some of you are buying it. 

    Mitt thinks he can beat BO in the general, but he won’t.  Indeed, the
    Bush faction headed by Rove intends to use his defeat to BO to set the
    table for you-know-who in 2016, and they will see to it that Etch
    doesn’t win the general if need be.

    Rove is trying to set conservatives up to be the fall guy for Mitt’s
    loss so that he can bludgeon us into supporting Jeb in 2016.

    Palin didn’t fall for Carl’s little game, but she will
    go-for-the-gold if she sees a realistic chance at a brokered convention
    in August.  Otherwise, she will live in BO’s head 24/7 for the next four
    years and go for Jeb’s jugular in the 2015 primary season.

    Don’t fall for the GOPe’s line of bull and push for a brokered convention as hard as you can.

    It’s Palin and the PEOPLE against the entire PPC and the LSM.

    Some are telling us that WE have to take out BO first and then work on the GOPe.  That’s horse malarky.

    Some of you people are waving the white flag five months before the
    convention just when WE should be digging in and telling the GOPe to go
    to ….  Where’s your guts?  This is our children’s future WE are
    fighting for!!!

  • indemind

    Afternoon P4A’s… From beautiful but rainy Carlsbad Ca….. As always Firelight Awesome round-up…. *_*
    I’ve been on the run, the pass 3 weeks none spot… coming here and C4P on short stop overs, Trying to do some catch up. …I know I missed a lot, I miss hearing what everyone has to say, about this and that… There is one thing I like to say.

    Firelight…praying for you on your up-coming surgery ……. God Bless


    • Firelight

      Thanks Inde!  Even in the rain, Carlsbad is beautiful :)

  • John_Frank

     Gingrich denies fundraising drought, calls bounced check ‘goofy’ mistake

    Gingrich told conservative Laura Ingraham on her radio show Wednesday morning it was “purely a mistake.”

    “We have far more money than that implies,” he said.

    He later told CNN it was a “goofy” mistake caused by his campaign switching banks.

    “It wasn’t a question of money — that particular bank account was closed,” he said.

    Gingrich sought to squash rumors that his campaign, which is heavily in debt, might not be able to survive an ongoing fundraising drought. “We had over 3,500 come online to donate after [Rick] Santorum announced that he would withdraw,” he told Ingraham.

    But he promised the campaign would be able to finance his bid through August.

    Gingrich has promised that he will stay in the presidential race until the convention, where he hopes to make a last-minute bid for delegates, and has promised at that point to “campaign enthusiastically” for Romney if he becomes the nominee.

    Gingrich made a bid for Rick Santorm’s supporters immediately after the former senator left the race on Tuesday. Gingrich called himself “the last conservative standing” in the race, automatically discounting Mitt Romney. Asked about his description of Romney Wednesday on Fox News, Gingrich said only that Romney would be “more conservative” than President Obama.

    On Ingraham’s show, Gingrich called Romney “a very, very good manager.”

    He went on to describe Obama as “kind of like having the cheerful cousin that borrows your credit card, your car, runs up hundreds of thousands on your credit card and wrecks your car … but he’s a nice guy!”

    To those who are saying the Republican primary race is over, Romney has won the nomination, blah, blah, blah, I say “Nuts!”

  • Whitney Pitcher

    Obama White House pays women 18% less than it pays men. Oops.

    • cookboy

      And why wouldn’t they?

  • Crueladev

    Good Afternoon P4A Kids…

    Fogged in here..have been all night and most of the day. Nice to hear the Thunder that is now rolling across the mountains.  Now just bring the rain.

    Eric Holder needs to go to prison! But we have a lazy Congress that just does not care.  I almost threw my phone through the wall today as I read a really STUPID ASS tweet from John Boehner that said the “GOP holds POTUS accountable”….WTF?  On the golf course maybe…but not as President.  Such a LOSER…BOTH of them!

    Here comes the “token” charge against Zimmerman.  Did I originally hear that this was a “gated community” and Martin should not have been there?  That seems to have gone away.  I need to research the community to verify “gated” or not….but that was an initial report.

    And Yes….Katie…I still have NOTHING within my being that will get me to vote for Romney.  I just can’t see a difference between he and Obama.  He is a scumbag. He hides behind others who are stupid enough to do his dirty work.  I don’t like the guy.  I don’t trust him.  I can’t vote for him.  I am at a loss right now.  This is 1992 all over again for me when there was NO WAY I was voting for Bush!

    And finally….I just loved this as there is no better sound in the world!

    You all have a good rest of the day!

    • Akabosan

      Great video to play back on prom night…  :-)


    • Firelight

      It is a gated community and Martin didn’t normally live there but he was temporarily staying with his father who lived in the community.  It is reasonable that Zimmerman didn’t recognize him as a usual resident but it is unreasonable to say he was a complete stranger.  Martin was staying with his dad because he had gotten suspended from school and his mother was working and couldn’t keep an eye on him.

      I think it is going to end up being a tragedy all around.  Zimmerman was unreasonably suspicious and Martin likely overreacted to questioning.  They obviously got in a fight but I do think that Zimmerman likely started it.  Martin was a high school kid with a chip on his shoulder and didn’t want to be questioned. Zimmerman probably took his neighborhood watch a bit too seriously and that is a recipe for disaster.

      In the heat of the moment Zimmerman shot him.  I don’t think racism was involved but I do think bad judgement was involved.

      At the end of the day, Martin didn’t have a weapon and it is completely reasonable for him to defend himself by beating Zimmerman to a pulp if Zimmerman was waiving a gun at him, threatening him and questioning him.

      We live in a free country.  Martin didn’t owe Zimmerman jack squat of an answer as to what he was doing.  He wasn’t armed and was staying with his dad.  People don’t have a right to accuse someone of something they haven’t done yet. That is how the law works.  No one will know if Martin was planning something or if he was just taking a walk.

      I personally feel that Zimmerman used poor judgement and overreacted to a kid with an attitude (which is most teenagers).


      I will point out that the “real” case is completely different than this stupid media circus that has been hijacked by the liberal nuts.  I also think that Zimmerman will never get a fair trial.

      • Crueladev

        Well then..if it is a “gated community”…and there is “security”…typically the coming and goings of new people would be reported.  That is kind of the whole idea behind the concept of a “gated community.”  People just don’t wander in and out of “gated communities” without notification.  This I know from both a former Security Occupation and and as an Appraiser.  You tend to get shot or arrested for being on property where you don’t have prior permission.  Where then was the family to notify the proper people that Martin was on the property.  There again are 2 sides.

        • Firelight

          I’ve lived in several gated communities.  Some have guards and most just a have garage door openers and call buttons.  The guards don’t report to the neighborhood watch leaders. They report to the police and the HOA.  In reality, they let in anyone that looks like they have reason to be there, pizza people, delivery people, yard maintenance people, pool people, etc…

          I’m not saying this kid is a saint but he had a right to be there. His dad lives in the neighborhood and he was staying at his dad’s house.  Just because Zimmerman didn’t know who he was doesn’t mean he was trespassing.  As a neighborhood watch person, Zimmerman’s only role is to call the security or police and report. His role wasn’t to apprehend.

          Again, I don’t know all the facts but I have a feeling that both sides are at fault.  It is the media twisting everything and causing the division.  I worked as a legal investigator for years and testified in many court cases.  Situations like this are never cut and dry.

          • Crueladev

            In this case there was a “known” neighborhood watch program.  It was at least up the the parent to let the kid know that if he is confronted…let the watch person know you belong there especially if there was a rash of crimes.  Like you…I was not there.  But I don’t lay blame at the feet of unknowns. 

            Zimmerman did notify the police.  Therefore he did what he should have done. I am not sure what provoked the attack.  I do know that it would appear that ZImmerman has the medical records on his side but he also ignored the 911 dispatcher request to stay put.  Again…we don’t know why.

            The point I raise about “gated communities” is a point of law that could make the parent cuplable.  In this case it would be a reasonable defense to go after the parent for not doing due dilegence in a gate community. Again…just going off of some experience.  I was not there though…I don’t know what provoked the attack.

            • Firelight

              I agree that we don’t know what provoked the attack.  I could make a legitimate case in court for either person with what is known but as I said before Zimmerman will never get a fair trial so whatever really did provoke the fight may not be believable because of the witch hunt the media has been on.

              Zimmerman will have to convince a jury that he had good reason to disobey the 911 dispatcher and the rules of engagement for a neighborhood watch captain. He is going to have to explain why he had a gun with him. He is going to have to convince a jury that he didn’t provoke the attack by seeking out a confrontation with Martin when the dispatcher told him not to and Martin wasn’t looking for or bothering Zimmerman.  He is going to have to convince a jury that deadly force was necessary to defend himself in a fist fight.  Yes, he will have injuries in a fist fight but was a gun necessary when the other person was not armed with any weapon.  He will have to convince a jury that he really wasn’t looking for a confrontation despite the fact that he brought a gun.

              Again, in normal circumstances the case law isn’t on Zimmerman’s side. There is lots of case law regarding the limitations of a neighborhood watch role.

              Did Zimmerman have reason to bring a gun to a fist fight and can he prove that he isn’t the one who instigated the confrontation?  Maybe if the media hadn’t gotten involved but I highly doubt it now. 

              Remember that Martin’s past suspension from school and issues there likely won’t make into the record because it is not relevant to the case at hand. The reality is the kid was simply walking down the street.  He had no weapon.  Now what he was up to, we will never know but the prosecutor will try and prove that Martin was simply defending himself from Zimmerman which is why Zimmerman was injured.  The question will be whether Martin’s toxicology report shows that he was under the influence of anything.  They will also look for typical defense wounds on both men. It isn’t hard to tell who was attacking and who was defending in many cases. Of course this all falls under the assumption that the truth of these reports will be provided but Pam Bondi is the AG and I would think her office will do what they can.  The Sanford police is a different story.

              Zimmerman’s biggest problem will be that Martin is a minor.  A minor is never responsible for an adult’s poor judgement.  Zimmerman should have stayed in his house.  The police were on their way.

              Unfortunately, Zimmerman is at the mercy of a jury now and he will have to convince them that he was justified in his actions.  Personally, I believe he probably was but our legal system doesn’t work like that and I can see big problems he is going to have.

  • Guest

    I’m with you Firelight. I won’t lift a finger to help Romney, nor will i defend him. In fact though it is not nice of me, I will rather enjoy the machine released on him. Might humble him a little to walk a mile in Palin’s shoes (though the establishment won’t attack him). Will I vote for him, well it is not looking like it right now.

  • devitor

    Firelight, I hope you’re well. It was good seeing you in DC. What you wrote in this passage sums it up: “If people aren’t motivated to turn out to vote, we could lose the down
    ticket races too.  I have no motivation right now to work for a GOP
    victory, no motivation to keep fighting against a machine that doesn’t
    get it and doesn’t care to and no motivation to campaign for a candidate
    that I don’t trust, don’t believe in, don’t like and can’t defend.”

    But…the problem is – if enough of us stay home because we hate Romney, Obama wins. Staying home also hurts the down-tickets as you mentioned. So, staying home is really not an option. We have to vote against Obama, whether that be by voting “for” Romney or writing in someone where legal to do so. I do not come from the “anybody but Obama” school of thought. Running a big government progressive against an incumbent who is a big government progressive leads to a major victory for the incumbent. When there is no point of difference, there no point in changing and voters vote accordingly – including with their feet. That whole thing about bold colors and pale pastels. Romney is offering only pale pastels – and that’s putting it kindly. The pastels are actually quite faded and some of them are the same colors as what the other one is offering – i.e. on health care.

    If my state still has a primary on April 24, I’m writing Sarah in. And now, I’m very tempted to do it in the general too. Obama is going to win NY anyway. We’re a blue state over here, so any non-Obama vote is probably going to be a squandered vote. I might as well squander it on someone I believe in rather than someone who I don’t, then go back to normal on my down-tickets.

    For the love of God, don’t stay home. Do go out and vote. And if anyone knows delegates – work them. Work them hard. Romney has not been nominated yet though he and the GOPe certainly want the world think he’s been coronated.

    • Firelight

      Thanks Ron. I won’t stay home but I might write in Palin again.  I already did it in the Colorado primary and I might just do it in the general.  I don’t think Romney will win Colorado. It is possible but I doubt it.  I think it will be close but I think Obama will win it.  The Tea Parties just don’t like Romney as evidence by the fact that he lost to Santorum here in our caucus.

  • Michael

    We Will Never Have A Conservative Nominee As Long As The Bush Era Apparatchiks are Running the Republican Party and Every Beltway Class Republican since the 1960’s is Tight With Non-Conservative Bush Family, which is why I advocate a Conservative Party Now! Ed Gillespie and Karl Rove are going to be around for a while and so will the Bush hitmen that populate the conservative media the kind that took shots at Palin from day one. They think they can out gun Conservatives. It is time for the Civil War!

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