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Memorial Day Weekend Edition

Good morning all!

What a nice, long weekend to enjoy!  What does everyone have planned?

The Firelight house has a ballet recital today, a cookout with family and friends and we have decided for Mr. Firelight’s birthday on Monday that we are taking the kids and going to the mountains to play golf.  The kids are excited to stay overnight in a hotel with a pool, lol.

This weekend is also a weekend to remember loved ones we have all lost and the amazing strangers that sacrificed everything for a country they love and people they don’t know.

News roundup:

Thanks Choom gang, my pot dealer…  words every mother wants to hear…

Oh, and look at this… he sure looks organized for someone who can’t get a budget together…

Maybe he has be chillin with his choom gang again…

Woman with worst judge of character gets to sit and judge man with worst character…  eeeewwwww

How cozy...

Doesn’t it always work out this way?…

Oh but they want too… she takes the party of stupid to a whole new level…

She is the epitome of the word B.R.A.T…

Interesting… I want to see the rest of it…

Heck yes!…

You must be freaking kidding me…


Have a great weekend everyone!  Have some fun, eat some great food and appreciate your family.



  • Akabosan


    That is my Memorial Day wish.

    I’m outta here.  Got to get the charcoal going.


    • Firelight

      You are speaking my language!  SMORES!!!

      Have fun this weekend!

      • Akabosan

        I thought that might wake you back up…  Thanks for all you do, Mrs. Firelight.


  • RefudiateGOPe

    Good morning all.

    Today, I’ll be taking the granddaughters to Camp Nelson National Cemetery to lay flowers at the marker of their cousin, David Scott Justus, who they never met.  Scottie was lost at sea thirty-two years ago at the age of twenty. My sister, who is now seventy, never really recovered from her loss, probably because she was never able to bury him.

  • section9

    Firelight, don’t ever let  your daughter grow up to date John Edwards….

    What a freakin’ dirtbag.

    Happy Memorial Day weekend everyone. 

    • Firelight

      Over my and her daddy’s dead body would she ever date an Edwards type.  The idea of dating makes my husband break out into a cold sweat.  We keep telling her when she is 30, lol!

      • section9

        Good for you. I suspect your husband is the kind of guy who will have the Louisville Slugger at the ready when the boys start coming around.

        BTW, you’d think the Rombot vs. DeadEnder stuff would lay off for Memorial Day over at C4P. Guess not. Oh well….

      • Akabosan

        You can tell Mr. Firelight that it only gets worse…  

        That should comfort him.  

        There are many ways to protect his little girl(s).  A shotgun should be the first possession seen by the little undeserving male children of irresponsible parents (speaking generally of course), but the LAST resort.  :)


  • Akabosan

    ” (But then who could have handled Spitzer? Oh yes, Sarah Palin.)”


  • Pete Petretich

    This is the sound of all Palinistas converging on Tampa, Florida…


    “Gretchen Wilson: Redneck Woman”

    “Natasha Bedingfield: Pocketful of Sunshine”

    “Eagles and Travis Tritt: Take it Easy”

    “Lisa Mei and Big Dawg: Change You Won’t Regret”

    “I made it”

    “Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers: American Girl”


    “Elvis Costello: Pump It Up”

    “The Lady Who Can Make the Sun Shine”

    “Stevie Wonder: Isn’t She Lovely?”

    “Def Lepard: Undefeated”

    “Rascal Flats: Life Is A Highway”

    “Minstrel Boy: Closing Credit Music from The Undefeated”

    “Johnny Kahn: American Heart”

    “Crazies for Sarah Palin Hey Hey”

    “B.B. King: Better Not Look Down”

    “Krista Branch: Can You Hear Us Now?”

    “Sarah Palin: America”

    “Enya: May it be”

    “Krista Branch: I Am America”

    “Sarah Palin: One in a Million”

    “Sarah Palin: The World’s Greatest”

    “Heart: Barracuda”

    “Shania Twain: She’s Not Just A Pretty Face”

    “Marhta Reeves: Wild Night”

    “Nancy Sinatra: These Boots Are Made For Walkin”

    “Dolly Parton: Nine to Five”

    “Van Morrison: Someone Like You”

    “Notre Dame Bagpipe Band: The Minstrel Boy”


    “At the convention anything can happen!” —Jim Taylor, party boss; 4 minutes 20 seconds into the

    “Mr. Smith Goes To Washington (1939)”

    Full Movie:

    If this primary season ever gets you down then I recommend watching this hilarious film, which
    is one of Sarah’s favorites! Every Palinista needs to see it at least once. The film contains many clues about what has happened in the past few years, AND about what’s going to happen on the road to Tampa…

    “Palin About Open Convention – Anything is Possible!”

  • Whitney Pitcher

    Good morning!

    I visited some of the war memorials here in Springfield last weekend and wrote a little Memorial Day message here this morning based on that visit:

    I’m looking forward to having lunch with an old friend and her husband today, then I’ll head back to my hometown tomorrow to have lunch with my extended family, then it’s a cookout and fishing with my immediate family and some friends on Monday.  It’ll be a nice weekend. Everyone enjoy!

  • indemind

    Good morning P4A’s… From beautiful Carlsbad Ca. … To My Fellow Vets, and Barbarians, Everywhere in SarahAmerica  Happy Memorial Day Weekend, ….God Bless you all…. *_*

    Firelight, another Awesome round up –  very interesting …  Elizabeth Warren  “A Women of Color”, yeah RED… Doobage and basketball the ‘Choom Gang’  (Choom, had to look that one up  in the Urban dictionary) What a bunch of Chumps. Wouldn’t last 2 min. in the south Bronx….and someone should tell Meghan McCain that “Breitbart is Here.”
    I wish everyone a Grrreat weekend 


    P.S. … Last night Whitney twittered this…Whitney Pitcher @whitneypitcher ‏RT

    One of my favorite Lewis quotes! “What draws people to be friends, is that they see the same truth.” ~ CS Lewis

    To which I’ll answer, with my favorite Lion quote. –“Aint it the truth, Aint it the truth.” – The Cowardly Lion

  • senator20526

    Happy Memorial Day week-end everyone……..a bright, sunny 85 degree day in the great desert Southwest….a perfect day in the desert for boating on the Colorado river or a picnic at the park…Where is Sarah and what is she doing?  She hasn’t called yet so I’m still in the dark..actually been in the dark for sometime now……The new line with Obama is that it was the republicans that spent all the money……really? If I remember my history….the early settlers from the Mayflower tried this socialism by growing and harvesting for the common good, but a certain segment of their society  saw they did not need to work and they still got fed…They promptly change this so that everyone grew their own food If you didn’t work, you didn’t get fed.. I guess OWS missed this part of history in school…..Have a great week-end and stay safe.

    • Akabosan

      Not to worry, Senator20526.  The word on the street is that you will receive a call soon.  Real soon…  It may not be Mrs. Palin, but you will be the one to get the call.  Enjoy!


  • Akabosan

    He catches her pitch…  She snags the ring…

    Great memory caught on tape in St. Louis.


  • OldPat

    This Sunday morn as I stand in the middle of God’s church, I see bold colors, not pale pastels, all around me, and it’s beautiful.

    If only Snuffles and his hardy band of little  ‘possums were a pale pastel, perhaps I could convince myself to vote for the lesser evil one more time, but when I look at Mitt all I see is bone white.

    If you take a look at Techno’s recent posts, you’ll see what I’ve been saying for some time:  A vote for Mitt is a vote for BO in spite of what Romney supporters claim.

    As for all these polls that show BO and Sketch running neck and neck, you gotta remember that pollsters have to eat.  Right now they are intent on driving the narrative that Romney can beat BO. 

    Ras and the ‘possums want us to see Mitt as Mr. ‘Inevitable’.  The Dems consider Mitt their dream opponent for BO in the General, so their pollsters are driving the same narrative as Ras.  As a result, they’re probably fudging their polls 3-4 points in favor of Etch.

    As an aside, how many nicknames is this guy gonna have before this election cycle is over?  One for each time he has changed his position on a topic, or one for each time he’s played ‘possum for the Dems?

    Friends, I sometimes wonder if many of you understand the true gravity of our situation.  If WE do not take back our party come August,  then come November you will be ‘voting’ in your first election in a one-party system where the PPC selects both candidates, and this will be your introduction to BO’s communist utopia.

  • Akabosan

    FINALLY… a list of maobama accomplishments by which we will always be able to memorialize him.


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