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June 1….Happy “Donut Day” Friday! WOO HOO!

Good Friday Morning P4A Kids…Welcome to June!

Today is my Great Nephew Caden’s Birthday.  He turns 3!  So Happy Birthday Little Man!  See ya on Sunday!

I want to thank all here and at C4P for the prayers and thoughts about Bestbud!  The MAN has my heart!  Thanks Firelight for your post yesterday!  Thanks to Chuck Heath Jr. for getting in touch with his parents so they could get in touch with Bestbud!  I know it will give him comfort!  Thanks TexMex for your help as well!  

All the best to Whit, and Tex, and Janne as well as all the rest traveling to WI to help with the Scott Walker Campaign!  You are all Patriots!  In channel serfing I came across “The Ed Show” on MSNBC.  I will be honest.. I have NEVER watched it…not for one second until last night.  EGADS…what a lunatic!  No wonder MSNBC is going down in flames!  I find it funny that this article is comparing two failing networks and trying to pass it off as a positive for MSNBC!  Desperate Much? Anyway…the “Warriors” are descending on WI and our Prayers are with them!


Happy “Donut Day” America!  Just don’t have any soda with that donut!  

Be Afraid Black Voters…be VERY AFRAID!  Those pretending to be protecting YOUR voting rights are not acting in your best Interest!  AND they Admit it!

Mr. Hair…walks!  I think I found him a new barber though!

Whose “War on Women” is it again…Mr. President?  Oh did I mention the RACE part?  Congrats Dems!  You just stabbed your Lib. Zombies in the back yet again!

Snuffaluffagus is my Hero!


I…uhm…OOPS! I hope he is just as “successful” with his words in WI!

 The Speaker Has No NUTS!! ..sorry.. I meant GUTS…My bad!

 And finally…because it is a Dog’s life..after all!

On This Day:

 1533 – Anne Boleyn, Henry VIII’s new queen, was crowned.

1774 – The British government ordered the Port of Boston closed.

1789 – The first U.S. congressional act on administering oaths became law.

1792 – Kentucky became the 15th state of the U.S.

1796 – Tennessee became the 16th state of the U.S.

1861 – The first skirmish of the U.S. Civil War took place at the Fairfax Court House, Virginia.

1869 – Thomas Edison received a patent for his electric voting machine.

1915 – Germany conducted the first zeppelin air raid over England.

1916 – The National Defense Act increased the strength of the U.S. National Guard by 450,000 men.

1935 – The Ingersoll-Waterbury Company reported that it had produced 2.5 million Mickey Mouse watches during its 2-year association with Disney.

1938 – Baseball helmets were worn for the first time.

1938 – Superman, the world’s first super hero, appeared in the first issue of Action Comics.

1944 – The French resistance was warned by a coded message from the British that the D-Day invasion was imminent.

1954 – In the Peanuts comic strip, Linus’ security blanket made its debut.

1958 – Charles de Gaulle became the premier of France.

1961 – Radio listeners in New York, California, and Illinois were introduced to FM multiplex stereo broadcasting. A year later the FCC made this a standard.

1980 – Cable News Network (CNN) made its debut as the first all-news station.

2008 – The Phoenix Mars Lander became the first NASA spacecraft to scoop Martian soil.

2009 – The first event, a George Strait concert, was held at Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, TX.
Today in Texas History

2009 – General Motors filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy. The filing made GM the largest U.S. industrial company to enter bankruptcy protection.


You all have a Good June 1 Friday!  Pig Out On Donut Day!  Dunkin’ Donuts..Here I come! :)








  • Pete Petretich

    Palinista Jukebox (Version 3.48)

    “At the convention anything can happen!” —Jim Taylor, party boss; 4 minutes 20 seconds into the film.

    “Mr. Smith Goes To Washington (1939)”

    Full Movie:

    If this primary season ever gets you down then I recommend watching this hilarious film, which is one of Sarah’s favorites! Every Palinista needs to see it at least once. The film contains many clues about what has happened in the past few years, AND about what’s going to happen
    on the road to Tampa…

    “Palin About Open Convention – Anything is Possible!”


    “B.B. King: Better Not Look Down


    “Heart: Barracuda”

    “Natasha Bedingfield: Pocketful of Sunshine”

    “Eagles and Travis Tritt: Take it Easy”

    “Lisa Mei and Big Dawg: Change You Won’t Regret”

    “Jackson Browne: Running on Empty”

    “I made it”

    “Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers: American Girl”

    “Carly Simon: Nobody Does It Better”

    “Gretchen Wilson: Redneck Woman”

    “Elvis Costello: Pump It Up”

    “The Lady Who Can Make the Sun Shine”

    “Stevie Wonder: Isn’t She Lovely?”

    “Def Lepard: Undefeated”

    “Rascal Flats: Life Is A Highway”

    “Minstrel Boy: Closing Credit Music from The Undefeated”

    “Johnny Kahn: American Heart”

    “Crazies for Sarah Palin Hey Hey”

    “Krista Branch: Can You Hear Us Now?”

    “Sarah Palin: America”

    “Enya: May it be”

    “Krista Branch: I Am America”

    “Sarah Palin: One in a Million”

    “Sarah Palin: The World’s Greatest”

    “Shania Twain: She’s Not Just A Pretty Face”

    “Marhta Reeves: Wild Night”

    “Nancy Sinatra: These Boots Are Made For Walkin”

    “Dolly Parton: Nine to Five”

    “Van Morrison: Someone Like You”

    “Notre Dame Bagpipe Band: The Minstrel Boy”

  • BostonBruin

    Woo hoo is right! Got my free donut, with an iced tea. I never thought I would say this, but Dunkin Donuts iced tea is actually better tasting than their ice coffee!

    There are reports the Gov. Palin will be on Neil Cavuto’s show next Tuesday at 8:00 PM (FoxBusiness Channel). I believe this is a new time slot for his show. They always have her own to help kick-start a new show!

  • section9

    Good morning everyone. Nice to see the O4P folks converging on Wisconsin where the help is needed. Pray things unfold as we wish.

  • Firelight

    Morning peeps!

    Awesome roundup Cru!  Prayers up today for Bestbud.

    Baby girl Firelight has her first golf tournament this morning.  Mr. Firelight is her caddie.  She is only 7, almost 8 in a few weeks and I can’t believe this is something she wanted to do.  I’ll be on pins and needles until I get the full report. 

    Now off to have my favorite kind of donut, Bavarian Cream!!!  (that’s the kind with custard in the middle, yum!!)

    • blackbird

      Firelight I used to make donuts, the dunkin donuts kind all by hand from start to finish, man that was some hard work, I used to start work from 10:00pm till 7:00pm and some times do deliveries afterwards as well.

  • Emily Baxter

    Good morning everyone! :)

    I baked for the first time yesterday without any help. I can see why my friends like to bake. It was fun and I ate a lot of chocolate sprinkles. Oops.

    Prayers for Bestbud. <3

    Tune in to The New Agenda's National Girlfriends Networking Day on June 4th. Go to their FB page and join a group that's in your area…or start one! The main event in midtown Manhattan will be broadcast to all satellite groups, and yours truly will be on the panel! I know Ms. Whitney is in WI for the weekend to help with Gov. Walker, so I will pass this on. 

    Oh, and I cleaned out my closet. I still have papers from junior year of high school. Yikes. Recycle!

    Yeah, and Obama? Your socialist plan is working. How many times do we have to tell you to stop while you're ahead? I mean, my future is spent, let's not spend my children's! Did you see the jobs number this morning? Huh? Huh? Yeah, you want us to become like France. Well I'm sorry but not sorry–I want America back, and dang, you might want to step out of the way.

  • senator20526

    Morning everyone………A warm 113 degrees yesterday and a less warm 111 degrees today in the great desert Southwest….(what’s two degrees among friends). A very good day to stay in under the A/C and play on the computer….Went shopping with the Mrs. yesterday and was not a good day to buy ice cream….anyway, where is Sarah and what is she doing? Glad to see Chuck jr checking on us and I hope Bestbud’s spirits are lifted with the knowledge that so many people are praying for him and his family…..NEWS FLASH……unemployment rises…8.2% I would say that number is closer to 10%…..Someone please tell me how they can count people that are looking for work and those not looking for work?  Impossible.. When I collected unemployment back in 2008, I filed on-line and no one every ask me about work or if I had stopped looking for work. I was looking, but no one asked. Well that’s it for now….everyone have a great day and weekend ….

  • RefudiateGOPe

     When I was a kid, my family always exchanged Christmas gifts on Christmas Eve after we had a big family Christmas dinner.  Since I knew that today would be National Donut Day, I thought it would be appropriate to celebrate it the day before.  So yesterday, I had a bacon-covered maple-frosted cream-filled long john.  I don’t even want to think about how many calories that thing had, but my-oh-my was it delicious.

  • John_Frank

    Crueladev, thanks for the news round up and prayers for Bestbud.

    The latest bone-headed move by the Obama administration?

    US officials leak claims of credit for Stuxnet in partnership with Israel

    In an effort to enhance Obama’s foreign policy credentials, US officials leaked this claim to the NYT, playing up Obama’s role.

    So, where is the outrage by Ed Morrissey over at Hotair? Oh sure, he is upset that the NYT article downplays Bush’s role and believes the leak is designed to give Obama cover over the failed negotiations with Iran concerning it’s nuclear program.

    The real problem? What the heck is the Obama administration thinking in leaking any details about classified operations of this nature?

    For political reasons, we have seen:

    – A Saudi double agent outed;

    – a Pakistani Doctor who helped us in the fight against Al Qaeda jailed for 33 years for “treason;” and

    – now, acknowledgement of a highly classified effort to thwart Iran’s nuclear ambitions.

    In addition, we have found that Obama has taken an obsessive interest in “Kill Shots,” exposing for everyone to see that Obama is a dangerous, disturbed and weak leader.

    Dangerous because rather than capturing terrorists for intelligence purposes he has decided to simply kill them. Yes, sometimes that is necessary, but an across the board policy? This policy also reflects his attitude towards his political opponents. No interest in finding solutions, just destroy them, and the socialist keep screaming about bi-partisanship. Right.

    Disturbed, because like LBJ before him during the Vietnam war, he has become obsessed with micro-managing the effort against al Qaeda.

    Weak and lacking in leadership skills, because his micro-managing of this effort shows that he is unable to delegate to those better suited to carry out this fight.

    While the Iranians may well have surmised the role of the United States and Israel in this operation, the leaking of this information provides confirmation and justifies the Iranians taking retaliatory action. The likely result? Innocent lives being lost. When people are killed, will the NYT acknowledge that Obama has blood on his hands for authorizing the leak, as well as themselves for printing the report?

    Why would any individual or nation want to co-operate with us, knowing that the operation may be leaked to assuage Obama’s political ambitions?

    Talk about a direct threat to national security.

  • blackbird

    Thanks Crueladev for the news roundup. I used to make dunkin donuts from start to finish by hand, for a time there my fingertips were like leather from picking up the hot, hot donuts off the wire tray to apply the icing.

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