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Live Free or Die Friday….

Good Friday Morning P4A Kids…

It’s about time I get to see Todd in action.  Sarah is great and all…but SERIOUSLY!!! It’s about time for some Todd! ….just sayin’  :)

 Colorado wildfires in Teller County just west of Colorado Springs are being set by a serial arsonist.  Word is that as of late last evening they may have a suspect.  I was kind of hoping that someone would have had a clear “shot” at him.

Mom is doing well!  She is getting around pretty good and is able to do most things for herself in terms of taking care of herself.  I am at the “big house” this weekend doing dog duty.  But reinforcements are on the way.  She gets her staples out Monday… OUCH!  Has not left me with much time to post. 

Regarding Fast and Furious….Let’s go back in time shall we as to NOT EVER FORGET all the players?  Now the “weeper of the house” wants some credit.  Gosh could it be that Boehner would be “embarrassed” because he wanted Issa to drop the whole thing in the first place?  Could it be that Boehner is just as clueless at running “HIS” house as Obama is at running “OUR” house?  This headline has me spitting my water across the room.  Boehner would not know the term “hard if a shovel hit him in the face!  He needs to go! Screw You Boehner!

Onto the Headlines:

Yeah…sure.  Should he be elected..with his track record he will “tackle it” AFTER his term(s) is over!

Damn…I always thought OUR motto was “LIVE FREE OR DIE“….who knew?

I wonder if the “Unions” are kinda sorta feeling like this “bully” did after yesterdays SCOTUS ruling. 


Oh…you all remember “that guy?” His Parents and this Nation remembers!  Then we have her….as someone posted…”the gift that keeps on giving.”

I am NOT going to argue at all!  Call me chicken! :) Plus he is right!

Congrats to the Heat

And because it’s a dogs life …after all!

On This Day:

1611 – English explorer Henry Hudson, his son and several other people were set adrift in present-day Hudson Bay by mutineers.

1815 – Napoleon Bonaparte abdicated a second time.

1832 – J.I. Howe patented the pin machine.

1868 – Arkansas was re-admitted to the Union.

1870 – The U.S. Congress created the Department of Justice. …HOW IRONIC!

1909 – The first transcontinental auto race ended in Seattle, WA.

1933 – Germany became a one political party country when Hitler banned parties other than the Nazis.

1939 – The first U.S. water-ski tournament was held at Jones Beach, on Long Island, New York.

1940 – France and Germany signed an armistice at Compiegne, on terms dictated by the Nazis.

1941 – Under the codename Barbarossa, Germany invaded the Soviet Union.

1942 – A Japanese submarine shelled Fort Stevens at the mouth of the Columbia River.

1942 – In France, Pierre Laval declared “I wish for a German victory”.

1942 – V-Mail, or Victory-Mail, was sent for the first time.

1944 – U.S. President Franklin Roosevelt signed the “GI Bill of Rights” to provide broad benefits for veterans of the war.

1945 – During World War II, the battle for Okinawa officially ended after 81 days.

1946 – Jet airplanes were used to transport mail for the first time.

1959 – Eddie Lubanski rolled 24 consecutive strikes in a bowling tournament in Miami, FL.

1970 – U.S. President Richard Nixon signed 26th amendment, lowering the voting age to 18.

1973 – Skylab astronauts splashed down safely in the Pacific after a record 28 days in space.

1978 – James W. Christy and Robert S. Harrington discovered the only known moon of Pluto. The moon is named Charon.

1980 – The Soviet Union announced a partial withdrawal of its forces from Afghanistan.

1992 – The U.S. Supreme Court unanimously ruled that hate-crime laws that ban cross-burning and similar expressions of racial bias violated free-speech rights.

1998 – The U.S. Supreme Court ruled that evidence illegally obtained by authorities could be used at revocation hearings for a convicted criminal’s parole.

1998 – The 75th National Marbles Tournament began in Wildwood, NJ.

1999 – The U.S. Supreme Court ruled that persons with remediable handicaps cannot claim discrimination in employment under the Americans with Disability Act.


Okay…So you all have a good weekend!  Prayers for all fighting fires around this Nation. 










  • Akabosan

    Thank you for the updates today, Miss Crueladev.

    I hope your day is filled with joy.


  • Pete Petretich

    —>>>Road music for our journey to Tampa, Florida!—>>>

    Palinista Jukebox (Version 3.63)

    “Here Comes the Sun: A Tribute to George Harrison by Paul Simon, Crosby and Graham Nash”

    “Gretchen Wilson: Redneck Woman”

    “Kelly Clarkson – Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You)”

    “Elvis: A Little Less Conversation”

    “Carly Simon: Nobody Does It Better”

    “Jackson Browne: Running on Empty”

    “Heart: Barracuda”

    “Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers: American Girl”

    “Sarah Palin: Ride”

    “Rascal Flats: Life Is A Highway”

    “Suzy Bogguss: Drive South” 

    “B.B. King: Better Not Look Down”


    “Sarah Palin: America”

    “Enya: May it be”

    “Krista Branch: I Am America”

    “Sarah Palin: One in a Million”

    “Sarah Palin: The World’s Greatest”

    “Nancy Sinatra: These Boots Are Made For Walkin”

    “Suzy Bogguss: Outbound Plane” 

    “Lisa Mei and Big Dawg: Change You Won’t Regret”

    – – – – – 

    “At the convention anything can happen!” —Jim Taylor, party boss; 4 minutes 20 seconds into the film.

    “Mr. Smith Goes To Washington (1939), Full Movie”

    If this primary season ever gets you down then I recommend watching this hilarious film, which is one of Sarah’s favorites! Every Palinista needs to see it at least once. The film contains many clues about what has happened in the past few years, AND about what’s going to happen on the road to Tampa…

    “Sarah Palin About Open Convention – Anything is Possible!”

    – – – – –

    “Jeff Beck & Sting – People Get Ready”

    “I made it”

    “Elvis Costello: Pump It Up”

    “The Lady Who Can Make the Sun Shine”

    “Ry Cooder, Wim Wenders, Sam Shepard: Paris, Texas et. Al.”

    “Shania Twain: She’s Not Just A Pretty Face”

    “Marhta Reeves: Wild Night”

    “Minstrel Boy: Closing Credit Music from The Undefeated”

    “Johnny Kahn: American Heart”

    “Dolly Parton: Nine to Five”

    “Notre Dame Bagpipe Band: The Minstrel Boy”

    “Crazies for Sarah Palin Hey Hey”

    “Krista Branch: Can You Hear Us Now?”

    “Natasha Bedingfield: Pocketful of Sunshine”

    “Van Morrison: Someone Like You”

    “Stevie Wonder: Isn’t She Lovely?”

    “Eagles and Travis Tritt: Take it Easy”

    “B.B. King & Stevie Wonder – The Thrill is gone”

  • BostonBruin

    Good morning!

    Possible good news for those of you Palinistas in Colorado – Gov. Palin has been invited to speak at the Mountain West CPAC in Denver on October 4.

    Congratulations to Section9 and the Heat fans!

    • Firelight

      Yes, I saw that.  I hope she accepts.  The timing is really good.  There is a Presidential debate between Obama and the GOP nominee the night before so there should be a lot of movers and shakers in town.   I hope she shows up.  Then maybe people will plan a road trip to CO!

  • RefudiateGOPe

    Good morning all.  I always look forward every morning to see what treats Firelight and/or Cruela have given us.  I sit down with my Joint Juice for my physiological needs and with P4A to whet my appetite with links and opinions that are important to Palin-supporting constitutional conservatives.

    Without a doubt, I strongly believe that Governor Palin will be the driving force for sudden and relentless reform of our federal government.  I don’t know that we’ll ever see her in the oval office.  If that’s her decision not to ever seek the office, I’ll be disappointed, but I’ll live with it.  Since she’ll never ever ever get a fair shake from 95% of the media or from anyone within the GOPe. I don’t even know if it’s reasonable to think she could get elected.

    That being said, maybe we need to find a way to launch a campaign to get her elected as the Speaker of the House.  It’s not a requirement for the holder of that position to be a member of Congress.  As a matter of fact, if you look at the recent history of that position, it strongly suggests that it shouldn’t be.  Our government is broken and Congressional hyper-partisanship is one of the causes.  If Congress isn’t fixed, the government cannot be fixed, no matter who gets elected as POTUS.  I can think of no one, absolutely no one, who has a history of putting principle before partisanship more than Sarah Louise Heath Palin. She is the epitome of the kind of leadership the House needs. 

    Come this fall, we can ask the congressional candidates if they would support Sarah and if they say no, ask them why not.  Just as the Tea Party made a difference in 2010, the Tea Party pushing the idea of Sarah Palin as the speaker could be quite effective.  Which bloggers who are not lapdogs of the GOPe could not support this most unconventional idea?

    IMO, a “Draft Sarah” for Speaker of the House would send the strong message to Congress that we are indeed madder than hell and we won’t take it any longer.

    • LS as guest

      That’s a creative thought!

  • hrh40

    Thanks for the roundup and the history. National Marbles Tournament! Who knew? And the 75th? Wow. :)

  • Gelston

    People of the Great Pacific Northwest are dealing with our tragedy today. I said the other day that mountain climbing is easy to understand. The hard part is going up. You die on the way down. Four climbers from Texas fell on a dangerous glacier on Mt Rainier while descending. In the rescue, a Park Ranger fell 2500 feet to his death. It’s the second Ranger death in the Park this year.
    The athletes that are admired in the Great PNW are the mountaineers. To me, it puts other sports in perspective. There is a lot of glory for the Heat today. The truth is that there was very little personal risk.
    The Todd Palins of the world, competing in the Iron Dog, risk broken limbs or death. The players on the Heat team risked little.
    Todd Palin is a real competitor. LeBaron James? Meh
    Nick Hall, a real man, died to help others. A part of all WA State citizens went with him.

    Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.
    John 15:13
    King James Version

  • Akabosan

    Jonah Goldberg on AFTER WORDS a very good interview.  His views on “compassionate conservatism” and other pithy points as he is wont to do.  About an hour, regarding his book THE TYRANNY OF CLICHES.

    Sunday at 12:00, or 8 am and pm on July 4th all eastern time.  Or at your leisure…


    • LS as guest

      Thanks, GB.  Jonah did a great job, maybe because his interviewer was much more civil than the usual.

      • Akabosan

        I was amazed that the interviewer never got snarky.  She seemed to know he might crush her.

        She did get in one quick side remark re the WaPo.


  • Firelight

    Cru, you are the first person I thought of when I heard about Todd’s show, lol! 

    “Weeper of the House” is perfect and priceless!!!

     I’m glad to hear that your mom is doing better.  Godspeed on her continued healing!


       “Weeper of the house”…is perfect!….I’m stealing it cru. ♥

  • section9

    Godspeed to your mom, Cruela.

    Best to all, off to work for me!

    • blackbird

       Have a good day section9

  • blackbird

    Thanks for the news roundup Crueladev and great news about your Mom.

    Todd is a gentleman and will go easy on his trainer :-)

  • Whitney Pitcher

    Thanks for the roundup, Cru. Ironic on the DOJ’s creation. . 

  • Akabosan

    For the “Polutico” fans…

    Breitbart has their number and it is getting closer to “0” all the time.


  • Akabosan

    Thomas Sowell has this piece at American Spectator on his random thoughts.

    Here is his thought on the left and Mrs. Palin; “The visceral hostility of liberals against Sarah Palin is something that liberals themselves ought to be concerned about. After all, she is just someone who has a different opinion about politics and a different social background and style. What I fear the liberals most resent is their perception that she is someone who is talking back to her betters.”


  • Riley4Palin

    Who will be the lucky one to break the news to Cru that Todd doesn’t want to use her as a parachute in the training exercise?

    Bean?  Whip?  Fire? 

    • Crueladev


  • wanliu228

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