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We Kicked Ass Wednesday!

Yeah baby!!!  Woo Hoo!!

This is how I’m feeling. Look at me go… :)


What can I say?  Last night was epic.  I am so proud of the state of Wisconsin for taking a stand.  I am proud of TexMex, Janne, Whitney, Brian, Bill and all the people who traveled to Wisconsin to help.  I’m so happy for Riley and her State.  Cheese curds and beer for everyone!  Ya’ll done good!!!

I love the flashbacks Katie Pavlich has posted of Gov. Palin and Andrew Breitbart

In case you missed it… sadly beautiful picture of the day from yesterday… as they said on Twitter… if you hear thunder it is probably Reagan and Breitbart hi-fiving up in heaven over Walker’s victory…  Bold colors, no pastels…

Nice catch

No need to read the article… feel free to just laugh at the title…

I bet this story gets buried quickly…

Gov. Palin tweeted out this blog from Greta on Ailes…


Someone needed to say it out loud…

Oops, he let some truth slip out… he should probably give Newt some of that credit…

Walker and Kleefisch speeches

Well said

Nah… he ain’t got no junk in the trunk…

Well this isn’t happiness…

Not good, this should be looked into…

If they get this approved it could be an interesting event…

Jack Frost has clearly had a brain freeze… he has his liberal narrative backwards… he forgot about Glen Rice… geez Martin get your narratives straight…

This is what democracy looks like…

If its contagious lets stick everyone in that DC jacuzzi together… they won’t know what hit them…


Have a great day everyone!!  Lot’s of hope today and lots to be thankful for!


  • RedDaveR

    Congratulations to Walker and Kleefisch and to all those who worked so hard for them.     Thank you Wisconsin!

  • Pete Petretich

    —>>>Road Music  for our journey to Tampa, Florida!—>>>

    Palinista Jukebox (Version 3.52)

    “Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers: American Girl”

    “Carly Simon: Nobody Does It Better”

    “Rasca Flats: Life Is A Highway”

    “Gretchen Wilson: Redneck Woman”

    “Suzy Bogguss: Drive South” 

    “B.B. King: Better Not Look Down”


    “Heart: Barracuda”

    “Natasha Bedingfield: Pocketful of Sunshine”

    “Suzy Bogguss: Outbound Plane” 

    “Eagles and Travis Tritt: Take it Easy”

    “Lisa Mei and Big Dawg: Change You Won’t Regret”

    “Jackson Browne: Running on Empty”

    – – – – – 

    “At the convention anything can happen!” —Jim Taylor, party boss; 4 minutes 20 seconds into the

    “Mr.Smith Goes To Washington (1939), Full Movie”

    If this primary season ever gets you down then I recommend watching this hilarious film, which is one of Sarah’s favorites! Every Palinista needs to see it at least once. The film contains many clues about what has happened in the past few years, AND about what’s going to happen on the road to Tampa…

    “Palin About Open Convention – Anything is Possible!”

    – – – – –

    “I made it”

    “Elvis Costello: Pump It Up”

    “The Lady Who Can Make the Sun Shine”

    “Stevie Wonder: Isn’t She Lovely?”

    “Ry Cooder, Wim Wenders, Sam Shepard: Paris, Texas et. Al.”

    “Def Lepard: Undefeated”

    “Minstrel Boy: Closing Credit Music from The Undefeated”

    “Johnny Kahn: American Heart”

    “Dolly Parton: Nine to Five”

    “Van Morrison: Someone Like You”

    “Notre Dame Bagpipe Band: The Minstrel Boy”

    “Crazies for Sarah Palin Hey Hey”

    “Krista Branch: Can You Hear Us Now?”

    “Sarah Palin: America”

    “Enya: May it be”

    “Krista Branch: I Am America”

    “Sarah Palin: One in a Million”

    “Sarah Palin: The World’s Greatest”

    “Shania Twain: She’s Not Just A Pretty Face”

    “Marhta Reeves: Wild Night”

    “Nancy Sinatra: These Boots Are Made For Walkin”

  • section9

    Hey, congratulations to all our guys who made the trip and turned out. Palin was great on TV last night. She was very confident of a Walker win, too confident it seemed to me in the early going. I forget sometimes how good her political instincts are.

    She was dead-on, as usual.

    That lady can’t get back into elective politics soon enough.

    • Riley4Palin

      The Republican party as a whole were quietly confident about a win last night.  Besides Palin, Kleefisch and RNC Chair RP were very vocal on talk radio about their chances the last few days.  I never saw them rattled or nervous to be honest. 

  • Akabosan

    As of 8:15 est, the only mention of the Tea Party in this article is in the comments section.

    Credit where credit is due Mr. Priebus?


    • hrh40

      I take your word for it.

      That’s why I never go to pollutico …

      • Akabosan

        One section of my training was as a “sapper.”  Someone needs to go into or near the enemy encampment to keep tabs and even disrupt if possible.  :)

        I like to keep an eye on that site and actually it is mild compared to some of them.


        • hrh40

          But the danger is that it probably has a wider reach than the worst ones.

          It’s snark and bias is not so blatant, so nondiscerning readers think they’re legitimate.

          • Akabosan

            Oh, I agree completely.  When they first started they tried to advertise that they were non-partisan, so I watched…  “By their fruits ye shall know them.”  

            I try to inject some truth and logic when I can, so anyone paying attention has an opportunity to judge them by their fruits.


    • Crueladev

      If you remove all the vowels from Rence Priebus… You have RNC PRBS…just sayin’ 😉

      • Akabosan

        I think Mr. (and I use that term lightly) Priebus has already had his vowels or something removed.  Almonds?


        • Bean Counter

          And….we have a winner!

  • Akabosan

    An example of “austerity, austerity, austerity” working in a euro nation.


    • LS as guest

      They also make good pianos.

      Estonia was a dynamo before the financial crisis, and note how different their brand of austerity is from most of Europe’s–they were all about cutting costs and keeping taxes low, whereas for most countries austerity was led with tax increases.  It’s a bit of political euphemism that has been used for outright deception in the US, with the Dems and the media trying to make US voters think that Europe tried cost cutting, that failed, and now European voters are wisely rejecting it, when of course that’s not what’s been happening at all.

    • blackbird

      Thanks very much John I enjoyed reading that article. I am going to forward it to my Italian Neighbor who I was talking with last night about the problems in the Euro Zone. Thanks again.

      • Akabosan

        How did you know my middle name, Habu?


        • blackbird

          Now that is the strangest thing Akabosan. I have no idea why I wrote John, sorry for that.

          My first name is John by the way.

          • Akabosan

            My Dad’s name was / is John.  It means ‘God is love.’


            • blackbird

               I did not know it’s meaning.

  • LS as guest

    Great good morning and congrats to all–including the guv, Whitney and TexMex–who supported the cause.

    Gov. Palin is reliably good on her Fox appearances, but she often gets a greater opportunity to speak fully on their business channel, and I think her appearance with Neil C. yesterday was exceptional.  I don’t think anyone else can speak so well with the right combination of clarity and detail as she can on what’s at stake here, what’s been accomplished, and what is needed going forward.  Also, of course, she has great credibility when she speaks on reining in state spending.

    • Akabosan

      “I don’t think anyone else can speak so well with the right combination of clarity and detail as she can on what’s at stake here, what’s been accomplished, and what is needed going forward. Also, of course, she has great credibility when she speaks on reining in state spending.”

      Great point.  I was thinking earlier (yes, it CAN happen) that Mrs. Palin is so established in TRUTH that there is no situation in which she can be shaken.  A perfect example of, “Know the truth and it shall set you free.”  What I would not give to see her debate either or both of the candidates for POTUS.  I might even stay up late to watch.  😉


    • hrh40

      Although Greta gave her a good 15 minutes.

      And I was thrilled that neither host went anywhere near Romney.

      In fact, as Fire posted from ABC, Romney’s “curiously silent” re the whole Walker situation.

      Why isn’t Fox, the all Romney all the time network, the one reporting on this silence?

      Because Fox is the lobbyist arm of the Rove/Romney Republican Party.


      • Bill589

        IMO too.

    • blackbird

      There is a part in the Cavuto interview that the Governor’s “clarity and detail” optimistic certainty had me positive that the future is bright.

      Dear God, how I wish Sarah Palin was the American President.

      • Akabosan

        I see her more as like special forces.  Not necessarily getting the most attention, but doing a whole lot of great stuff where others may not have what she has at her disposal.


  • Gelston

    when C4P was founded, there was a person from Wisconsin who was one of the leaders. I want to say her name was Karen Carpenter. She had an agressive breast cancer and died about 2009.  She suffered in silence, not telling us how ill she was.
    She was the person I thought of last night. She would have loved this.

    • blerch

      I remember her well.  I believe her name was Kathy, though.  She was one of the great early C4P commenters.   

    • Bean Counter

      She also ran for some local office. I donated a few dollars to her campaign. Such a bright young lady.

    • indemind

      hey Doc… Use to love reading Karen Post….Karen death is a BIG lost for Wisconsin, C4P and Sarah …


      P.s. … Top of the day P4A … SarahBeautiful, was wonderful last night… 😉

  • John_Frank

    Good morning.

    Firelight. Thanks for the news round up.

    Excellent news out of Wisconsin for Governor Walker, Lt. Governor Kleefisch and three of the Republican State Senators. Thanks to everyone who helped.

    Unfortunately, one of the Republican State Senators may not have pulled out a win.

    This means the Democrats may regain control of the Wisconsin State Senate. The race is too close to call. There will have to be a recount.

    Excellent interviews by Sarah Palin on Cavuto and On The Record. She continues to use her platform on FOX News to support the third forces pushing candidates and elected officials towards common sense constitutional conservative principles.

    Andrew Breitbart warned about this:

    The Left’s Assault On Free Speech and Conscience

    The Democratic party is not the party of JFK.

    Many of the third forces which have significant influence over that party are controlled by Marxist activists. Calling these individuals Liberal or Progressive is a misnomer.

    The result is an agenda that is straight out of Karl Marx’s Communist Manifesto.

    The Socialist Mask of Marxism

    Every one supports our Charter of Liberties.

    However, when civil liberties are twisted to support a different agenda?

    Yesterday was a good day.

    Let us clearly understand our opponents.

    We must be prepared to fight to save our Republic for freedom is never free.

    • LS as guest

      I’m no expert on Wisconsin politics, but my understanding is that the GOP House will simply stay out of session through the summer, and then in the fall the GOP is very likely to take back the Senate.  Not perfect, but pretty good.

      • John_Frank

        Yes, Ed Morrissey has a post up at Hotair saying that the Wisconsin Senate does not sit again until January, 2013. Before then is the November elections and he says that Republicans are very likely to regain control of the Wisconsin Senate.

        Big Labor drops a do-over deuce

    • hrh40

      The third forces are the globalists and internationalists.

      Read up on the Bilderberg Group.

      The Council on Foreign Relations.

      The Trilateral Council.

      I’m also assuming that Clinton’s “Global” Initiative is the newest entity in this internationalist movement. He’s a Bilderberger from way back.

      Also, in another direction, away from political solutions, which will never “save” the nation, check out Just read it on my vacation last week, and it’s powerful stuff.

    • indemind

      J_F…”Unfortunately, one of the Republican State Senators may not have pulled out a win.”

       I would make a formal challenge, that district was hours behind every one else in counting votes …. less then 800 votes… you know the Unions would if they were behind… JMHO


  • John_Frank

    Richard Viguerie on Wisconsin: Reagan’s Advice Wins Again–Romney Should Pay Attention

    May the rest of your day be blessed.

  • Mike Fahy

    “More freedom and more prosperity” — Scott Walker in early victory speech after becoming the first American governor to win a recall election. And he won it big!

    The biggest win for Conservatives since the Gipper carried 49 states in 1984!

    And we partied like it was 1984!

    From 11 AM until the Walker victory party on the isthmus, I worked the university campus wards in Madison doing vote-fraud lawyer work to prevent gov’t union thugs from stealing Scott Walker’s job. A Madison judge had encouraged vote fraud by postponing implementation of photo I.D. cards for voting (a Walker reform) until the November election.

    Strange election law in the People’s Republic of Madison: A voter cannot wear a small Walker campaign button, but it is legal to wear a T-shirt emblazoned with the words “Barrett for Governor” and his big Blue Fist campaign emblem — the Marxist fist of international socialist tyranny.

    Here is the fun part: Liberals in the People’s Republic of Madison actually began celebrating shortly before the polls closed at 8:00 pm. The Madison board of elections had announced the expected voter turnout in Madison would be in excess of 100% of registered voters (because of additional registrations at polling places). A huge voter turnout in Madison and Milwaukee has always defeated the rest of Wisconsin. The talking heads all agreed: big Madison turnout means Walker is gone.

    Reality hit like a bomb. Walker won 31% of Dane County, enough to project a Walker landslide less than one hour after the polls closed.

    So, what happened on University Avenue (once renamed Ho Chi Minh Trail)? I have not yet seen Madison ward data; this is simply my impression. Adult voters waited in line with nasty facial expressions and the comments of voters conditioned to hate the governor. But young students, many voting for the first time, were jovial with the friendly expressions you might expect from voters determined to reward a governor who had balanced the public budget in spite of death threats to his family, and the intense hatred of the ever-present Blue Fist mob.

    When Scott Walker began his televised victory speech by thanking God, you could see the Madison TV people cringe in disgust. God? God! It was a fun night behind the Cheddar Curtain.

    Republican victory? Not really. Romney was a 6% loser to Obama in exit polls of the same voters who elected Walker! The message: Conservatives are winners; RINOs are losers.

    “Eight years to the day that Ronald Reagan was born into Eternal Life, we won one for the Gipper.” — Scott Kevin Walker

    • blackbird

      Thank you for your post Mike.

      Scott Walker, the first American governor to win a recall election. That would show the Recall was not of the People.

  • Bean Counter

    Well, congrats, Wisconsin, on your declaration of independence. Now, take the next step to freedom and become a right to work state. Your economy will thrive and set the example for the rest of the union strangled blue states.

    The CMA Music Fest starts today, where my fair city is invaded by hoards of tourists. Welcome, spend lots of money and pay our sales taxes. This keeps folks like me from having to pay a state income tax. Between this and Bonnaroo, we manage to maintain a budget surplus.

    I’m OD’ing on schadenfreude today, which is a beautiful thing every now and then. MSNBC has been the best comedy on the air. They keep droning on about the exit polls that show Obama way ahead in WI, but don’t mention anymore the fact that the same exit polls showed Walker in a dead heat with whoever that mayor guy is. And the talking point is that they were outspent, which is why their side lost. Well, who started it, huh? You wanted a fight, you got it.

    I love that the Tea Party has become a stealth operation. On the surface, it may seem that there’s no organization or unified message, but it boils down to — we’re awake, and we vote. Put that in your drum and beat it, libs.

    The Gov. was outstanding last night. Pitch perfect, confident, and poked the goobers real good.

    Buh Bye, union thugs. It’s a beautiful day.

    • Whitney Pitcher

       Apparently both Obama and Romney are going to “appear”. Heh. I just can’t picture either of them near country music.

      • Bean Counter

        Two friends of mine have been at the arena the last two days helping out with rehearsals for the awards show tonight. They were trying to find out what those “appearances” were going to be. They’re both very conservative, so I doubt they’ll be impressed with either one. I assure you, I won’t. I’ve got a freebie if I want to use it, but I gave it to my godkid. I don’t have the energy to fight the mobs.

  • hrh40

    Great roundup, Fire!

    And yep, Palin gave Newt credit on Greta last night for “Clinton’s” balanced budgets.

    Always reliable. :)

    P.S. And the Shuffling video is pitch perfect, too! :)

  • Akabosan

    Why am I giggling (Tee Hee)?

    Am I THAT insensitive to the idea that “democracy died?”   *snick, snick*


  • 2C714

    Thank ‘you-the people’ of Wisconsin who took a stand for your state and for our country!

    In her Madison, WI speech Gov. Palin described the people of Wisconsin as those who stand strong with courage and integrity.  As always, she was right-on.  They didn’t give in to the union thugs then, and they didn’t yesterday. 

    If the conservatives in Wisconsin can “stand on the frontlines in the battle for the future of our country”  (Gov. Palin), then so can we.  As I said in a c4p post, “I  am still holding out for Gov. Palin in Tampa.”

    Firelight, thank you for the Lincoln quote.  “…..but to overthrow the men who pervert the constitution.”
    BHO, the liberal left, and the GOPe are in that ‘number.’

    • blackbird

      Thanks for the post 2C714.

      The Governor is in tuned with the folks because she is one of us.

  • Riley4Palin


    So much to say, I’ll try to limit my bullet point list today….

    *  Thank you WI voters!

    *  Thank you volunteers for your time and contributions from all across America that were willing to help our state!

    *  Long live the Silent Majority.

    *  I agree with Palin.  I have NO SYMPATHY for any Dem or Lib today.  They picked the battle and we kicked their asses last night. 

    *  Unfortunate battle in Racine coming down to a few hundred votes.  The wrong candidate won there (he is tool), but their power will be short-lived.

    *  Governor Walker is a soft-spoken midwestern guy who knows politics and the game being played.  There are lots of Independents and soft Dems in WI that are reachable and can be swayed when you stand your ground and push through the right policies.  He also stays in touch with the Republican base regularly (he shows up on talk radio all the time).  Right now, he is churning.

    *  Lt Governor Kleefisch has the passion, strength and determination to continue the fight and is just getting started.  Her short speech last night was superb.  This is a woman who knows the Tea Party and gets us.  So happy to see her race wasn’t close either. 

    *  I haven’t heard from my liberal friends.  It could be days, weeks, months……..  I’ll put out an APB in another few days.  Nah, I think I’ll enjoy this for awhile.  :)

    • Bean Counter

       Today we are all Wisconsiners? Wisconsinites? Cheeseheads?

      • Riley4Palin


        Wisconsinites will work, not Cheeseheads.  Can’t stand ’em and can’t stand being called them either.  I roll my eyes every time I see them on TV.  I wore one in my lifetime….that was after one too many beers.

        • Bean Counter

           Roger that, fellow Wisconsinite! And a big 10-4 on the beers.

      • Whitney Pitcher


  • Riley4Palin


    I’ll be happy to share my cheese curds, crackers, and Leinenkugel’s Summer Shandy today.  If you like a little taste of lemon with your beer, Shandy is for you!!  :)

  • Bean Counter

    Here’s a little heartwarming video montage from MSNBC. These delusional goobers honestly have no clue what just hit them.

    • indemind

       Daaaa Unflippingbelievable!…. LMAO


  • blerch

    I am especially happy that Rebecca Kleefisch pulled it out last night.  I got to see her speak in person for the first time at the Racine Tea Party on Saturday and she was great.  She is a rising star in the conservative movement and has a bright future.  There was so much attention put on Walker, that there was some thinking she may get lost in the shuffle, especially considering voters had to cast a separate vote for her.  When Whitney, Michelle, and I were in WI on Saturday, people were telling us they were genuinely worried that she may lose.  The fact that she not only won, but won by a comfortable margin, is very satisfying.

  • Akabosan

    Another voice of hope… “This is only the beginning.”

    What if ALL the polls are wrong?


  • Crueladev

    Good Wisconsin Afternoon P4A Kids….

    Congrats to all!  Thanks again for all the volunteers and voters! 
    Now onto Utah to Kick some Hatch Butt!  (Sorry Gov. but he needs to go)

    It was fun watching MSNBC last night. Is it wrong to watch and enjoy watching delusional people self-destruct on live TV? 

    RIP Ray Bradbury….

    You all have a good rest of your day!

  • John_Frank

    Interesting post over at the Ulsterman Report, viz the Wisconsin election:

    White House Insider: Don’t Repeat That Walker Campaign Donation’s Lie – It’s BullSh*t

    Just one of a number of items in the report that will cause people to raise their eyebrows.

    (Because these reports are anonymous, the caveat remains take them with a grain of salt. That written, both the White House Insider and the Wall Street Insider reports have been reasonably prescient.)

  • senator20526

    Late morning all……..Got a late start today…just back from bible study and enjoying a bright 98 degree day in the great desert Southwest. I thought Sarah would be in Wisconsin last night, but it looks like she is still in the Southern Command at Ft. Scottsdale……She looked serious and was hitting on all cylinders last night. I predicted a 10 pt win, but it was 7. Don’t you just love the unions complaint about being out-spent, when they started the re-call…don’t go to a gun fight with a hatchet.Well, everyone have a great day and play nice…..

  • Whitney Pitcher

    Good afternoon, all!

    Yesterday was quite an exciting evening! I’m very glad to see that both Walker and Kleefisch won. I think the Senate seat that was lost will be picked up again in November.

    Regarding Prebius, he spoke at the rally in Racine on Saturday and praised the Tea Party. The WI O4P coordinator said that those words were very hard for Prebius to say. He’s an Establishment guy, and he did not mention Kleefisch or any of the recalled Senators during his speech–only Walker. Prebius had apparently supported the Establishment candidate when Kleefisch surprised everyone and won the GOP Lt. Gov primary in 2010.

    Anyway, this is all very exciting, and I hope it bodes well for November, especially in the Senate races.

    • Riley4Palin


      Somebody must have had a few choice words for Prebius in the last few days.  Every radio talk show and interview he did in the last couple days….including this AM, he mentioned both Walker and Kleefisch.

      Here again many thanks go out to Dana Loesch, Michelle Malkin, and Sarah Palin for their vocal support for Kleefisch.  Sometimes all a man needs is a big, swift, kick in the ass by strong women to show them the way.  I say this all the time.  Men just need direction and let’s hope sooner rather than later they realize that the Tea Party and Independent Conservatives are needed and MUST be supported by the GOP Establishment.

      • Akabosan

        Yes, ’tis true.  If it was not for y’all wimmen, we would still be living in caves.  😉


    • section9

      I noticed that Palin gave an extra special big kiss to Kleefisch in her post. That wasn’t by accident. Walker is a Romney man.

  • Crueladev

    Never forget…
    Yesterday American’s once again stood up for Freedom.
    Today we honor those that died for that Freedom!

    1944 – The D-Day invasion of Europe took place on the beaches of Normandy, France. 400,000 Allied American, British and Canadian troops were involved.

    • Gelston

      I have known a man who was with the first wave at Omaha Beach and the first wave at Juno Beach and two men who were with the 82th airborne – one of which was a physician. What an honor.
      Trivia: Yogi Berra was on the ships at D-Day. JD Salinger was at Utah Beach
      The oldest person known to have gone ashore and the only general in the first wave was Teddy Roosevelt’s son, Teddy, Jr,

  • blackbird

    Thank God for the Tea Party.

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