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Monday Mash…

Good Monday Morning P4A Kids…

Well I may change up a few things today as I am about to go on a mini-rant.  I know I said I was going to stop talking about the Waldo Canyon Fire and move on…but I received some new information yesterday that absolutely has my blood boiling!!!  My neighbor called me and we had a long chat, as it was the first time since the fire we have been able to chat.  I was house sitting all during the fire and not at home.  Her husband is a retired Air Force Colonel/Pilot.  He went to work out at Peterson Field Air Force Base located on the S/E side of Colorado Springs the morning the fire started.  He saw the two C-130’s specifically used for wildland fires sitting on the runway that very morning.  It took 3 days to get those C-130’s in the air to help with the fire fighting efforts.  The “original plan” called for those planes to be of use as of the following Tuesday morning.  FOUR DAYS after the fire started.   The fire started about noon on Saturday, June 23rd.  Thanks to Doug Lamborn (our Congress Dude) who would not take NO for an answer…he got those planes in the air by mid-afternoon on Monday.  I also have it on GOOD authority that some firefighters in Colorado have made a decision…should there be a fire in a National Forest area.  They will quietly go put the fire out as soon as it is reported and THEN NOTIFY the National Forest Service.  They do this because it seems once the National Forest Service is notified of a fire within their park system…they will form a task force, then hold meetings, then go take a dump, then go get breakfast, then take a nap, then get dinner….you all get the idea!  By the time they get done doing all the “administrative stuff”…the fire has grown out of control.  Plus…they have that wonderful…”let it burn policy.”  That’s my favorite! Which brings us back to the Waldo Canyon Fire.  The very idea that our Federal Gov’t can sit on their collective butts in the midst of growing crisis scares the hell out of me!  The response to the fire was slow at best.  The Federal Law that claims…”We have to exhausted all local resources before the Feds can step in to help with these fires” is an “Obamanation .”  Because of that law…it took 3 days to get 2 C-130 firefighting aircraft in the air to go across town to fight our most destructive fire in Colorado History.

Some folks claim that WE right-wing nutjobs can’t have it both ways.  We call for smaller Gov’t…then in a time of crisis we want the Feds to step in.  This is where judgement and common sense take different paths.  The Waldo Canyon Fire got out of control…yes due to drought, due to wind….but largely due to poor initial response.  Who the hell thought making a “law” keeping folks from doing their jobs in the time of crisis was a good idea?  Because of our unique location and many Military Bases here in Colorado Springs…you think we could have jumped on the WCF in an instant…but no..we had to cut through all the Gov’t BS red tape and 3 days later…we finally got help.

I found it ironic that only days before the fire…Michelle Malkin wrote about the Obama Administration cancelling a contract with a California based company who supplied 44 aircraft for wildland fires.  As you all know…only days later Michelle Malkin and her family were evacuated from the WCF.  I can’t though lay all of this at the feet of Obama.  George W. Bush has some explaining to do as well.  In 2002 several planes went down while fighting fires all across the U.S.  The planes were aged and some lucky to even get off the ground.  It would therefore seem that GWB sat on his hands as well and did little to improve our Air Force Firefighters.

This is no longer an issue of big verses small Gov’t…this is an issue of a Gov’t that is now literally out of touch with what we normal citizens face each and every day whether it be fire, flood, or other acts of nature.  There are countless examples of slow reaction or no reaction by the Fed’s to disasters.  I am still waiting on the Obama Administration to recognize flooding and tornadoes that struck the southern portion of the United States.  I praise the firefighters and the boots on the ground.  I just wish they had support from their Gov’t.

Some good news has come out of this and NOT because of any help from the Fed’s.   Samaritan’s Purse has stepped in to help the recovery.  I hope the Fed’s take notice!


She gets no respect! But then again…why should she? I am sure we paid for that!

See… I told you all I thought the movie SUCKED!  Too cheap to pay for lighting!

Dumbass….What else can be said?

Uh Oh…Whoops?  I guess TOTUS took the day off!

“Remember When Being on the Government Tit Was a Bad Thing?”


It’s not Fair….

If that’s what you call hope, then we want change”…

Another take on the event.

Any warm bed will do!

On this day:

1790 – The District of Columbia, or Washington, DC, was established as the permanent seat of the United States Government.

1862 – David G. Farragut became the first rear admiral in the U.S. Navy.

1912 – Bradley A. Fiske patented the airplane torpedo.

1926 – The first underwater color photographs appeared in “National Geographic” magazine. The pictures had been taken near the Florida Keys.

1935 – Oklahoma City became the first city in the U.S. to make use of parking meters.

1940 – Adolf Hitler ordered the preparations to begin on the invasion of England, known as Operation Sea Lion.

1942 – French police officers rounded up 13,000 Jews and held them in the Winter Velodrome. The round-up was part of an agreement between Pierre Laval and the Nazis. Germany had agreed to
not deport French Jews if France arrested foreign Jews.

1945 – The United States detonated the first atomic bomb in a test at Alamogordo, NM.

1951 – J.D. Salinger’s novel “The Catcher in the Rye” was first published.

1957 – Marine Major John Glenn set a transcontinental speed record when he flew a jet from California to New York in 3 hours, 23 minutes and 8 seconds.

1964 – Little League Baseball Incorporated was granted a Federal Charter unanimously by the United States Senate and House of Representatives.

1969 – Apollo 11 blasted off from Cape Kennedy, FL, and began the first manned mission to land on the moon.

1970 – The Pittsburgh Pirates played their first game at Three Rivers Stadium.

1973 – Alexander P. Butterfield informed the Senate committee investigating the Watergate affair of the existence of recorded tapes.

1979 – Saddam Hussein became president of Iraq after forcing Hasan al-Bakr to resign.

Thanks for letting me rant a bit!  You all have a good day.


Oh Good God….I just realized it is our 30 year high school graduation thingy.  Well I missed the last 2 ….why make it to the third?  I hated High School!  Yeesh!!!














  • BostonBruin

    Good morning!

    “As a young mother in Wasilla, I got involved in local politics for the first time. All I wanted to do was lend a hand in my community, trying to help solve some day-to-day problems that directly affected my family, friends and neighbors. Little did I know where that first step would take me.”

    America By Heart, page 129
    I know what you’re all thinking, so I’ll just say it. That “first step” hopefully will take her to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue January 2013.

  • Lipstick

    “The very idea that our Federal Gov’t can sit on their collective butts
    in the midst of growing crisis scares the hell out of me!”

    This quote pretty much covers everything the government is involved in doesn’t it?

    By the way, if the GOP offers Palin a Tuesday 5PM speaking slot, she should take it.
    Do these goofs actually think the lady who lead the entire MSM around on a lease chasing her in her little bus will not fill the place anyway?

    Mitt and the boys will be sitting around dinner and wonder what the hell is going on down stairs while Palin speaks with all the racket they will be hearing.

    Or she can tell them to stick it in their ear, either way is fine with me.  

  • PetePetretich


    Have any of you read Orwell’s 1984 or seen the well done film version released in the year 1984? The Eurythmics put together several memorable songs for that film version, one of which came to mind as I woke this morning:

    Maybe this could be a theme song for the repression we are living through?


    “One day, at the Minitrue, as Winston assisted a woman who had fallen, she surreptitiously handed him a folded paper note; later, at his desk he covertly reads the message: I LOVE YOU. The name of the woman is “Julia”, a young dark haired mechanic who repairs the Minitrue novel-writing machines. Before that occasion, Winston had loathed the sight of her, presuming she was a member of the fanatical Junior Anti-Sex League, because she wore the red sash of the League, and because she was the type of woman he believed he could not attract: young and puritanical; nonetheless, his hostility towards her vanishes upon reading the message. Cautiously, Winston and Julia begin a love affair, at first meeting in the country, at a clearing in the woods, then at the belfry of a ruined church, and afterwards in a rented room atop an antiques shop in a proletarian neighbourhood of London. There, they think themselves safe and unobserved, because the rented bedroom has no apparent telescreen, but, unknown to Winston and Julia, the Thought Police were aware of their love affair… Later, when the Inner Party member O’Brien approaches him, Winston believes he is an agent of the Brotherhood, a secret, counter-revolutionary organisation meant to destroy The Party. The approach opened a secret communication between them; and, on pretext of giving him a copy of the latest edition of the Dictionary of Newspeak, O’Brien gives Winston The Book, The Theory and Practice of Oligarchical Collectivism, by Emmanuel Goldstein, the infamous and publicly reviled leader of the Brotherhood. The Book explains the concept of perpetual war, the true meanings of the slogans WAR IS PEACE, FREEDOM IS SLAVERY, and IGNORANCE IS STRENGTH, and how the régime of The Party can be overthrown by means of the political awareness of the Proles…”

    It really was an unforgettable film, very well done and the creators stayed close to the text of Orwell’s classic political novel.

    “Nineteen Eighty-Four (film)”


    We all wish that our dream girls were real but, alas, George Orwell’s tragic figure “Julia” seems to have been a composite…

  • Gelston

    Elliot Spitzer is an immoral slug.
    He is also a brilliant person
    He called the LIBOR scandal “huge”.

    We all need to be up to speed on this. This scandal is going to go through government at many level. It will go to The White House. It will effect a man who governed MA and claimed to be a brilliant governor.
    This is HUGE.
    This could be the so called “earthquake.”

    Am I shouting loudly enough?

  • Whitney Pitcher

    Probably my favorite line from Going Rogue is when Gov. Palin is discussing Thomas Sowell, and she either quotes him or paraphrases him–“government’s role is to protect us, not perfect us”.  I think that sums it up pretty well. I don’t think it’s hypocritical to expect the government to protect people from legitimate things like fires. The problem is  the federal government too often wants to protect us from ourselves (i.e. perfect us). That’s where they get into soda bans, cigarette taxes ( or really most taxes), etc. They try to become the arbiter of what’s good for us, and that’s  not their role.

    When I was in grad school, I had a brief, very part time internship with our local fire department because they needed help with a preparedness campaign when the bird flu was the big “scare”. Part of my role ended up including helping them reorganize their disaster preparedness manual–this was summer after Hurricane Katrina. The flow charts of hierarchy and the interaction between local,state, federal and outside orgs (i.e. Red Cross etc) was incredible. I know that there needs to be some kind of structure, but I think you’re right, Cru. The bureaucracy sometimes gets in the way of dealing with the problem. There needs to be a balance between organization and orderliness and actually getting the job done in a crisis.

    • hrh40

      Palin in Michigan:

      “No Bureaucrat Left Behind.”


  • hrh40

    Great rant on the fires. Hope you feel better now. :)

    And DC shouldn’t be our nation’s capital any more. It should move to St. Louis or Kansas City or somesuch central location. In 1790, DC was central to the 13 states. It sure ain’t central to the 50 states!

    Palin has worked with Samaritan’s Purse in Alaska and Haiti; wonder if she’ll help out in Colorado?

  • Firelight

    Part of the problem with the fires is that the federal government keeps taking land that doesn’t belong to them.  They declare land a national forest so a fire starts in Pike National Forest so city, county and state response teams are not suppose to respond.  That is federal land, the federal government is suppose to respond.  That is why the fire was reported to them and not just extinguished. However, they do not respond. They choose to “let it burn”.  They keep their planes grounded. 

    As a result, the fire grows out of control and crosses into locally controlled land and now the state/county/city is involved and they must exhaust all their resources before the federal government will help them (to deal with something that wasn’t their responsibility to begin with… ie started on federal land and could have been dealt with).

    See the problem?   Sound a bit much like immigration?

    So now, we have local firefighters deciding that they will have to break policy, sneak onto federal land, put out the fire and either just not report or report it after the fact and hope there is no consequence.

    To top it off, the feds control the best technology paid for by our tax dollars to deal with
    something like this so to withhold it and leave it on the ground when
    the tax payers have paid for it and need it is wrong.

    Our government sucks…

    • Gelston

      Why does the Federal government own land within a state?

      • Whitney Pitcher

         Very good question. I think some of it is the national preserves, but that’s not the only reason. Alaska is 60% federal land: Hence the problem with being able to develop their own resources. A little bit more than a third of that land has been set aside for public use, but they have more hoops to jump through to develop the land. Still Gov. Parnell is blaming ACES for why North Dakota is developing more land than Alaska, when largely it’s because they have a lot more private land.

        • Firelight

          I’m trying to like Parnell. I really am. He seems like a really nice guy but I’m just not seeing much of a backbone.

          • Whitney Pitcher

            Parnell is good on most things,except oil, which of course is a big thing in Alaska. He’s had a revolving door relationship between the oil/lobbying industry and government. This is something I wrote a while back that is old, but is still true. They still haven’t overturned ACES thankfully:


            • Crueladev

              Parnell is in the pocket of ConocoPhillips.  He is a weasel!

            • Firelight

              Yeah, I should have clarified on the oil issue.  He seems to have no backbone when it comes to standing up to big oil but I do remember your article. I guess maybe he doesn’t want to stand up to them.  That is the issue that really keeps me from fully liking him.  

  • Bill589

    Sarah Palin “Likes”

    7/11 3,429,414
    7/12 3,430,533
    7/14 3,432,599
    7/15 3,434,138
    7/16 3,435,357 (a few hours early)

    When buzz about her running was highest, her FB numbers increased much faster, but she is doing quite well for an irrelevant, simpleton, diva, whose opinion is not worth snot. And that’s not even mentioning what the Democrats say about her.

  • Michael

    Sarah Palin worked so hard and the party machine treats her and us like garbage. This an appearance or two every couple weeks on FoxNews isn’t good enough. It’s not good enough for her. She deserves better. What happens after the GOP loses with Romney?

    • pete4palin

      They will blame conservatives.
      I tend to believe the GOPe is beyond hope in trying to reform. Unfortunitaly, everybody had to drink the ABO cool-aid, and we get what the party “wants.”  The question will be, will Americans move forward with a conservative leader reguardless of the Republican party?

  • Michael

    Fred Malek was never a member of Palin’s inner circle, heck probably was working against her the whole time. Malek was President of Marriot. Marriot has deep ties Mitt Romney. J.W. Marriot was George Romney’s best friend also a Mormon. Romney is named Willard after J.Williard Marriot.  After the 2008 election Malek undermined  Palin every chance he could not doubt for Romney.

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