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Happy Hump Day!

Good morning everyone!


Gov. Palin had a good interview with Hannity last night. If you missed it, you can catch it here

There is a good group of Palinistas headed to Michigan for Gov. Palin’s speech Saturday. If you are going, please let us know.  I am working on getting a live stream embed for the rest of us.





News roundup:

Gary makes a good point

Cuz people are clamoring for her opinion, right?…  um, not really… I can’t even tell you which one she is…

Well if Mitt won’t light his hair on fire, and he won’t light our hair on fire… maybe Ron will bring the fire… holla…

Here’s part 2 of why I’m liking me some Pat Caddell…

Best title of the day!…

How do you define waffling nothingness?…

Good for him… a man of honor… Brad… not so much…

C4P takes down The Fiscal Times Edition.

Gee, please tell me I’m not supposed to be surprised...

Let’s hope not, that would be an easy steal for Obama…


Ok Mittens… as Gov. Palin said… light us up…


Have a great hump day everyone!  See you on the flipside!

  • Bill589

    Perfect election cartoon. That is exactly how I view it.
    Nov. 6, 2012 – ‘A date that will live in infamy.’

  • 99Dual99Citizan99

    ” Cartoon classics” that’s what I call ’em. Thank you for all your effort Firelight. Much appreciated.

  • BostonBruin

    Good morning!

    “As I write this [Sept 2009], Commonsense Conservatives are out of power in D.C. But that does not discourage me. I think of Reagan in 1976, when his conservative politics and his political future were declared all but dead. How did he turn things around in four years? By speaking to ordinary Americans about the ideas that bind us together.”

    Going Rogue, page 400

  • Gelston

    Remember “The Mouse that Roared”? The play about a little country that declared war on the USA in order to lose, be given it’s own Marshall plan and become rich?
    Here’s my plan … we buy a few acres in California and incorporate as the City of Yaydirt. Then we declare bankruptcy. Then the Feds bail us out. Then bingo, bango, bingo, we are all rich as dirt.

    No? Ok, how about this one. … Cru marries Tom Cruise. The next day she divorces. And we’re rich.
    OK- here’s one ………………………………………..

    • hrh40

      Gotta’ love that entrepreneurial spirit!

    • Firelight

      Can we get ocean side property?  I’m there!!  Yay dirt!!!

    • indemind

       If I know Crue, and I do… She would first kick Tom’s Sciencetology Ass, then divorce him… *_*


      • senator20526

         …he would have to walk the dogs at night……..

    • Crueladev

      EWWWWW!!!  That is just WRONG on so many levels… 😉 He is too short in probably more than one area!  Is that wrong?

  • section9

    The perfect illustration of the Choice of a rather short Century:

    Tweedledumb and Tweedledumber.

    • Gelston

      this election is boring me to tears.
      If it doesn’t become interesting soon, I’ll threaten to hold my breath until I turn blue.

      • Bean Counter

        Yeah, but no fair. You’re a medicine man with access to oxygen if you decide to cheat.

  • hrh40

    Great image of the hair on fire! :)

    • Firelight

      I’m trying a new look :)

  • Whitney Pitcher

    Good morning!

    That cartoon sums up the race pretty well!

    Governor Palin’s interview last night was good. She gave some good advice to Romney. Classy lady she is. Indeed, at least attempt to set our hair on fire, Mitt! He probably would never set his own hair on fire because there’s too much flammable product, and it might cause his head to explode.

    Romney surrogate John Sununu is already pushing back against Palin’s comments. I can’t watch at work, but I’ll be interested to what he says later:

    Who is more in touch with the GOP base–Gov. Palin or Romney surrogates? Hmm….

    • Firelight

      LOL, I think Sununu is mistaking his own pants on fire (as in liar,liar) for hair on fire. 

    • Kal Vernon

      They will see what being on fire looks like on Saturday.

    • senator20526

       If you look up White, Rino, east-coast, blue blood, GOPe in the will find Sununu picture.

    • Bill589

      Sarah gave good, constructive criticism – and Sununu thinks he has to push back against it?

      Do the Rombots really think they do not need Palinista/TPM/Conservative support?

    • blackbird

      That was a funny clip, “…but they are all on fire…” what was Sununu suppose to say?

      The Governor gave Romney props for the right message and is trying to get Mitt to loosen up some. Does anyone think Romney can inspire the folks like the Governor can? the truth is unintentionally the Governor has set the bar too high.

  • Bean Counter

    RE: the cover photo — that pretty much nails it. Have we ever had two more worthless choices? I sure can’t remember a more depressing election, and I’ve been voting since 1968. I don’t even think you can apply the old reliable ‘lesser of two evils’ to this one. Basically a coin flip if you ask me. Obama is a corrupt, lying big gov’t. dictator (so to speak), and Romney can’t get out of his own way. A passionate and energized conservative would be about 10 points ahead across the board by now, but this guy can’t pee without a focus group, trial balloons, and a gang of goobers who make the Keystone Cops look like Navy Seals. And the sprinkles on the cupcake is that he’s got the personality of cardboard. Doesn’t exactly inspire confidence and enthusiasm.

    Watched the Gov’s interview w/Hannity and got depressed all over again.

    I need a bag of M&M’s….but will settle for another keg of Starbucks. Oh well, I’ve said it before, but I believe the winner in November will be the candidate whose base is less demoralized, and all the conservatives I know are scraping the bottom of the demoralized barrel now.

    So be of good cheer, comrades, we could be in Greece, or France, or . . . I know, but it’s the best I can do right now. Y’all be sweet.

  • Lipstick

    As I have many years experience as a teacher/sub and mom I know when the kiddos are bored they get into all sorts of trouble stirring things up and just being a pain in the rear.

    Romney better make sure all us conservatives are not bored (our hair being on fire would do the trick) or we may be a pain in his rear.

    Worse, we may occupy ourselves with other activities than voting for his non-inflamed self.

  • Lipstick

    I am ticked and will no longer shop at Amazon. If I am paying tax, I just assume it go to my local hometown area.

  • JanneMyrdal

    Palin was totally right about Romney last night.  There is NO fire out here, and someone in his campaign better figure it out soon and encourage him to come out swininging to stir up the conservative base!.  We will work our buns off to elect ABO, and also secure the Senate majority, but some “help” from Romney’s campaign would be good.  I will be engaged in all I can, incl TeaParty efforts and especially SheVotes2012 efforts across 9 states. And I am utterly grateful for Palin’s constant pushing the truth and the issues to the right!  Game On started in WI, and will continue until Nov 6th and beyond!   We MUST stand with her in this battle for our nation! 

  • PetePetretich
    • Bill589

      Now we are at 974 inspiring vs. 678 obnoxious.  Those are both very big numbers; obviously many think her opinion is at least worth snot. /s

  • indemind

    Firelight… Another Awesome round-up, Love your cartoon quote,  So True!……. LOL *_*

    Governor Palin was wonderful last night… Palin to Romney Light My Fire, i.e “Light The Conservative Base’s Hair On Fire”…

    Firelight I follow you on twitter…so are you going to Michigan, for Gov. Palin’s speech Saturday. your tweet last night made It sound like it…. (put i could be wrong) ……….. *_*

    As always you barbarians- Stay cool, Stay safe… and have a great day…… God Bless


    • Firelight

      No, I’m not going to Michigan. I wish I was but it’s too late notice for me.  I will be watching via live stream.

      • hrh40

        You found one?

        • Firelight

          I’m working on it.

  • Bean Counter

    Just had an interesting conversation with a friend who is a devout liberal, but he’s a good egg, and you can have a civilized conversation with him about politics, etc. and he won’t turn into a snarling, foaming at the mouth, zombie. He’s also gay, which is only relevant in light of the rest of our conversation. We were talking about movies and he, all of a sudden, changed the subject and went off on Obama, something he had never done before. He’s pissed about the economy, pissed about Obamacare, and pissed over Obama’s token support of gay marriage. He then told me something I found quite interesting — that all the gay folks he knows are outraged at him and have no intention of voting for him. They’ll either vote for Romney or stay home. He said it wasn’t just here, that he had talked with other gay folks in other areas, and according to him, that sentiment is pretty much universal. The gay marriage thing, really hacked them off, as it was perceived as being a crumb tossed to them, that would placate them and keep them in his corner, but apparently it had the exact opposite effect, at least among the people he knows. I was really taken aback over his outrage. I have no clue what the overall liberal landscape looks like, but I thought that was quite interesting. Most of the libs I know will probably still vote for him, but I haven’t encountered one yet who is pleased with him. They’re all hacked off over something he’s either done or not done.

    • hrh40


      To sum.

      The liberal base can’t stand their nominee.

      The conservative base can’t stand their nominee.

      Have at it, mushy moderates!

      This election’s for you!

      • Bean Counter

        I’d say that pretty much sums it up.

  • section9

    Romney actually did something very constructive today. He signalled to the Base that he was serious about repeal of Obamacare and streamlining departments.

    Why do I say this? Because he said this in a speech in front of the NAACP, where Beltway Republicans usually engage in a Full Pander, Romney didn’t pander or suck up to the audience.

    That was him moving the ball down the field in a constructive way. I think he might be hearing what Palin is saying. 

    If Mittens keeps doing this kind of thing and does it consistently in front of whatever audience he is in front of, conservatives, including Palin, will start warming to him. Some idiot will even call him “Reaganesque”.

    • blackbird

       That surprised me. Maybe he does get it, we have to wait and see.

      • Bill589

        A true repentance in life I think is always possible. But Mitt has been ‘conservative’ about most things before – just not always. So for Mitt I would be happily, but very, very, surprised if he really does get it any particular time.

        • blackbird

          Hi Bill, for Romney to stand before the NAACP members and say he would repeal Obamacare took a lot of cojones, I was surprised.

          Romney knows how the conservatives feel about him and imho after the scotus decision and the mixed messaging from his camp, just maybe him and Ann was watching the interview of the Governor with Hannity and after the hair on fire comment Ann turned and said to him look, you are going to need the conservatives you know that Mitt.

          The thing is the repeal of Obamacare is an easy decision, most of the folks want it repealed, that was an easy call but it was how he did it.

          the saying A leopard cannot change its spots still holds true.

          • Bill589

            I think it just shows that he fears conservatives more than the NAACP.   Which is a good thing for us, because that is evidence that we’ll scare him more once he’s president.   Which is the only way I see him doing good.  We will see.

    • Bill589

      He’s acted every part before. When a liar stops lying – it happens that it does take a while before significant trust can be earned. But don’t forget that one important positive attribute he has: He is not Obama.  And there is a chance we can get him to do Right things as president.

      Then ‘we’ will have to have the fire.  One we keep lit under his butt.

    • hrh40

      Oh, some folks are already calling him that.

      Which is a joke considering the Romneys long history of outright antagonism toward the Reagans.

  • PalinTV

    Hi GuysYou may have noticed that PalinTV has been given a complete facelift and has been completely redesigned. We’ve organized things to keep things simple and easy to find. So to keep the site unique and serve it’s true purpose, the site is now solely video based and all blog items have now been removed. 

    In the process of redesigning the site we ran in to some technical difficulties. When we originally set up the site running a video site was not as simple is it is today. Many plugins and work arounds had to be used to get things to work. Over the past two years the internet has come a long way and video processing and embedding has become much simpler and easier. 

    Being that our original site was.. well old, all the video embeds and thumbnail images had to be updated and basically manually moved around in the post to get things to work in the new theme.

    We are now in the process of updating all the posts, but it’s a lot of work to get it done. (think of manually updating 1000 posts) We are looking for people to volunteer to help us out. What’s involved is simply to open the post in edit mode, move the embed code from one area to another, and move the image code from one area to another and hit update. it’s pretty simple but you would need at least some WordPress experience. 

    If you’re interested in helping us out please email us


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