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Hello Tuesday!

Good morning everyone!

I completely vegged out this weekend with my family.  I’m not even sure we got out of our pj’s on Saturday. It rained on and off most of the weekend and it poured yesterday.  I loved it!!

I saw this and thought it was cute.



Gov. Palin will be speaking this Saturday!!!

He is totally rockin’ this

They are trying to steal our soul because they don’t have one…

We can all breath a sigh of relief now…

I love a good visual

Excellent advice but a crony won’t fight cronyism…

We won’t need death panels… there just won’t be anyone around to treat us…

Bout damn time

Whether it is fraud or accurate billing… in my humble but most accurate opinion she should be in jail…

Bless her heart… glad to see one son defend her… where have they been hiding him? He’s cute…

I’m really beginning to like old Pat

Good for Texas

Next Obama will force them to play red rover and we will send them back with party favors while they won’t send ours back at all…

I don’t agree that Obama is likely to lose in November…

That was leadership…

Keep the change

Only thing I know about the LIBOR is that most adjustable rate mortgages are tied to it… hmmmm…

The queen no longer sits on top her throne is the understatement of the year…

Good advice

Fat, stinky cats…


Have a great day everyone!


  • 99Dual99Citizan99

    Thanks for keeping us up to date on the goings on,Firelight. Don’t forget, ” God works in mysterious ways.” I know, I know, I’m hopeless. Sure happy to hear, you guys finally got some rain.

  • Michael

    I never rooted for anyone in politics or anything like I do with Sarah Palin. I hope she runs. Too many doubt her and it sickens me. I just hope she has the desire.

  • Michael

    I don’t want to fight for the GOP, I don’t want to fight for Mitt Romney, I want to fight for Sarah Palin. The Polls is she qualified and should she run are invented by the Republican establishment. There was never should Romney run, should Huntsman run and are they qualified. The Fox News poll and the Rasmussen polls were often more anti-Palin than PPP.

  • BostonBruin

    Good morning!

    “I can’t help but think of Michigan – the state where I ‘went rogue’ trying to reach out to during the campaign … Some of the people in Michigan are hurting the most right now … Michigan is a good example of why we must stand up and not give up! … We can’t abandon Michigan and places like it … We’re Americans … We don’t give up on each other.”

    Going Rogue,  page 403

    • ProudAmerican247

      “We can’t abandon Michigan and places like it … We’re Americans … We don’t give up on each other.” ”

      That’s our Sarah!!!

  • Whitney Pitcher

    Good morning!

    About that Medicaid/Planned Parenthood story, I’m glad it came out. Our state government has promised to do a forensic audit of Medicaid for a couple years, but haven’t probably because they will be implicated. It  has to be rife with fraud. Plus, it’s a complete fiscal disaster. Most doctors won’t take Medicaid patients anymore because there is such a backlog in payments that it’s not financially feasible for providers.

    On another note, here’s a new post from Tex:

    • Firelight

      updated the post with a link to Tex’s.  She just makes me smile.

  • Whitney Pitcher

    Oh, and regarding Brangelina, they could both learn a thing or two from their parents, and yes, Brad’s brother is easy on the eyes. :)

    • Firelight

      I heard Angelina Jolie a few years ago say that she was a libertarian and one of her icons was Ayn Rand.  That was before she met Brad but she said it during the early years with Brad.  I don’t know if she still holds those views now but her dad is very conservative and they have made amends so maybe she does.  Brad seems very liberal as his best friend is Clooney.

      • Whitney Pitcher

         I do vaguely remember Angelina noting she was libertarian. I guess I took that to mean a social libertarian, but Ayn Rand was definitely a economic libertarian too.

        • Firelight

          I think her context was both social and economic. She said with regards to the government intrusion in Cambodia and how they helped create the poverty there. I admit that I honestly didn’t fully pay attention to all she said back then. I just remember she dissed socialism and said it never executed as well as people promised or something like that.  It was back when she adopted her son Pax from Cambodia.

      • Riley4Palin


        I think you are right about Angelina.  She doesn’t show up at all of these Obama fundraisers for a reason like the majority of the nitwits in Hollywood. 

        IMO, she always seems to be a very Independent thinker and is not easily influenced by anyone.

    • Riley4Palin

      Angelina lost me a little when she got one too many tattoos, but at least she is the smart one in the relationship and knows how to market herself (including how she handles press regarding politics) without angering half of the country.

      Quite ironic that it took Doug Pitt to speak out publically in support of his Mom and Brad didn’t take the lead.  Who is the the superstar in the family who loves the limelight?  Was Brad more concerned about Obama’s reaction and his Hollywood lib friends over supporting his own mother? 

  • 99Dual99Citizan99

    As far as I’m concerned, Firelight and company can keep those “political cartoons” coming as I am really enjoying them. Thank you Firelight and company.

  • ProudAmerican247

    Gotta love Maxine!

    The Dr. Seuss diddy, errr…’Dr. Barry’ diddy, nailed it!

    Thanks Firelight!!

  • section9

    Romney will either unf**k himself with the Base (not just with Palin) or he will lose.

    This isn’t just about Palin. Right now, he is bedazzeled by his fundraising numbers. That’s just buyer’s remorse on the Street and in the boardrooms about Obama.

    That won’t close the deal. I don’t think Romney gets this.

    Palin does, but Romney doesn’t realize that he needs her and her people more than she will ever need him.

    • ProudAmerican247

      Mittens doesn’t have anything on Palin.

      She has the TP people in her back pocket.

      Something Mittens will NEVER have.

      He’s a smug Progressive and thinks he can win without them.

      Nice try, won’t happen.

      Sarah Palin is gonna let him know it at the convention.

      Should be fun.

      • section9

        You watch. They won’t even credential Palin. Romney and his people are THAT small-minded.

        I take that back. State credentialing may depend on who controls the State Party. If the AK Party is really controlled by a coalition of Miller and the Paultards, she’ll have no problem getting in the door. HOWEVER, one might expect a credentialing fight initiated by the Murkowskis targeting the Paultards and the Miller/Palin axis.

        This will be great fun.

        • ProudAmerican247


          In this corner we have the Voter-Fraud Murky Murkowskis.

          In the other corner we have the Paultards, Miller-Who-Should-Have Won and his trusty sidekick, the Alaskan Arctic Fox.

          Stay tuned. 

    • blackbird

      can a person do that, unf**k themselves, LOL! as a start someone should send Romney this link: Sarah Palin Draws MONSTER CROWD in Florida

  • PetePetretich

    Perhaps Saturday will be the perfect time for Sarah Palin to announce an Independent run for the Presidency for November, 2012. After all, SOMEBODY needs to represent the Tea Party on November’s ballot!

    Will she be appearing together with her Independent running mate? OMG, I just don’t know and neither does the GOPe!!!

    Maybe that’s why Neil Cavuto and William Kristol insulted her last night…

    • Firelight

      Americans For Prosperity is sponsoring the event. They are a 501 c3 and cannot participate in individual political campaigns. They don’t make endorsements.  That is the same reason that Romney was not mentioned at RightOnline by anyone in a candidate status.

      She will talk issues and rail against Obama as she is sooo good at doing.

  • Riley4Palin

    NR Jim Geraghty’s latest:

    Romney should say, “I’ll release my remaining tax returns one day after the DOJ IG report on Fast & Furious is released.”

    • hrh40

      He should.

      But he won’t.

  • PetePetretich

    If Sarah runs an Independent campaign for POTUS, speaking her mind in an unshackled fashion, then the Electoral College would be inconclusive. Nobody would get 240 Electoral Votes.
    Then the election is thrown to the House, according to the Constitution.
    Which party controls the House? Which party expects to have even more House seats in January?
    Would the House choose Mitt or Sarah? At this point, those would be the only two real choices, with each state getting one vote…
    By doing this Sarah could hand the close election to Romney, or MAYBE she could even become President herself. It would all depend on how the House itself decides.
    P.S. Both Sarah Palin and Mitt Romney satisfy her basic “ABO” criterion, and girls don’t like to lose…

    • Firelight

      What makes you think that no one would get the 240 Electoral votes?  Ross Perot didn’t prevent Clinton from getting enough votes to win and Perot had the money to compete. I’m not sure that the grassroots could raise enough to compete against the kind of money that Obama and Romney are raising.

    • ProudAmerican247

       I think ‘270’ is the magic number, Pete.

      Good point, nevertheless.

      Could this be the “unconventional” election year, “mark my words”, that Sarah was talking about?

      It’s not an impossibility.

      Doesn’t hurt to dream.

      Nobody would get the needed electoral votes and if the repubs end up still controlling the House, (which I think they will by a huge number), b.o. is OUT!


      Go ahead Sarah, throw a monkey wrench into the works!!

      You Betcha! 😉

    • Firelight

      I’m not saying it is impossible but I really would like to strategize to find out how you would foresee something like this playing out.

      In 1992 when we had probably the most viable 3rd party candidate in recent history the breakdown was this:
                                            CLINTON                      BUSH                         PEROT
       Electoral vote 370 , 168 , 0
       States carried 32 + DC , 18 , 0
      Popular vote 44,909,806 , 39,104,550 , 19,743,821
      Percentage 43% , 37.5% , 18.9%

      Perot pulled darn near close to 20% of the popular vote in the general election and walked away with 0 electoral votes. He had no impact at all so how would Palin running 3rd party any impact? It would seem that she would have to flat out win it to do anything and I’m not sure that America’s system or climate is ready for a 3rd party victory yet. There is too much ground work that has yet to be laid.

      • blerch

        You’re right.  In this current political climate, an independent run for the Presidency is not feasible.  Obama’s approval ratings are too high.  They would have to get down into the low thirties for it to be even remotely possible.  And, conservatives would have to decide en masse not to vote for the GOP nominee and go with the conservative alternative.  It may happen one day, but not this time around.

        • Firelight

          Yes, it could happen someday but I don’t think the climate is right this time. I also think the ground work for an official third party run would have to start basically now and be directly led by Palin, no secrets, no confusion.  You can’t risk confusion when you need every vote so she would have to make it very clear in advance that she wasn’t GOP.

          In all honesty, with our political structure in the US, it is far easier to stage a coup and takeover the existing GOP than it is to build a true third party but either will likely take several cycles to accomplish.

    • hrh40


      Edit: I see proudamerican47 beat me to it.

    • pete4palin
  • indemind

    Firerlight…Update From C4P………..Governor Palin Will Appear on Hannity Tonight


    • Firelight

      Yep, Palin is on Hannity tonight!  I’ll post the video when I get it.

  • hrh40

    Did anyone manage to get on Mitt’s mailing list? I did and got one today asking me to join Team Romney with a MyMitt account. This was my response:

    “MyMitt? Really? So this is presidential gravitas?


    Well, let’s see:

    Get rid of Kevin Palin-Basher Madden, Eric Etch-a-Sketch Ferhnstrom, and Mike State-Exchange Leavitt and I might – might – consider MyMitt for something other than perpetual campaigner.

    Oh. And since I doubt MyMitt will make any of these changes – because he agrees with all of
    these positions of his staffers – then you can take me off your mailing list.

    Personnel is policy.

    So no matter what MyMitt says, his personnel choices say more and say it louder. And we conservatives are getting the message loud and clear.

    MyMitt? Really?


    Only you can’t email them. The MyMitt email is an unmonitored address so you can’t respond to it. And if you go to the site to contact them, you have to give them your email.

    So since the email came from @zacmoffatt:twitter I broke it up and tweeted it to him in several tweets.

    Wonder if I’ll get any more emails?

    Still wondering how in the world I got on his list in the first place …

    • blackbird

       That is one of the hazards of the internet, email harvesters.

    • blerch

      I get emails from Mitt’s crew, as well.  Not sure if it is the exact one you are referring to.  I certainly didn’t sign up for them.

    • Whitney Pitcher

      I signed up for all the primary candidates’ and Obama’s emails about a year ago hoping that it would be kind of like watching opponent game tape, and I got the email you’re talking about yesterday. 

      Can you imagine the media outrage if candidate Palin had some kind of volunteer platform called “mySarah”? 

      By the way, interesting little tidbit on Madden, he’s a Bushie, which of course is no surprise, but  specifically he worked on Bush’s 2004 re-election communication team with fellow comm team member Nicolle Wallace. Schmidt was a part of the strategic team. It’s all a tangled Bushie/Romney web.

  • blackbird

    Good evening everyone, excellent news roundup Firelight as per usual, muchas gracias.

    The americanthinker article is a great read and I agree Firelight, only if you do not focus on Romney.

    imho I compare the financial system to a magic show, none of it is real. “…$800 trillion of securities… The combined gross domestic product of all the nations of the world is only about $70 trillion…” I do not have not one iota of understanding how this system works.

    the Fat, stinky cats article was dead on the mark and look forward to a rodent control post in the future :-)

    • 99Dual99Citizan99

      Muchas Gracias to you blackbird for all your posts. Como esta usted.(sp.) Gosh, I hope I have spelled that correctly.

      • blackbird

        Muy Bien 99Dual99Citizan99, it looks correct.

        • 99Dual99Citizan99

           I am also muy bien and thank you for the response blackbird.

          • blackbird

            De Nada :-)

  • indemind

    Cross Post

    Must See…. Sarah Palin “Death Panels”

    Kim Moons

    Neurosurgeon calls Mark Levin about Obamacare: #Palin #Levin


  • blackbird

    Thinking of the Fat, stinky cats link… Rat in mi kitchen by UB40

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