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Simply Irresistible Wednesday

Happy hump day everyone!

So did everyone see the excitement last night?  I will admit that these type of events are sometimes my favorite.  It is a guilty pleasure watching liberals be reduced to groupies who swarm wanting pictures, handshakes and autographs.  They were such tough haters just minutes before “that woman” surprisingly walked in the door.  Gov. Palin accompanied Todd to the Television Critics Association’s NBC party at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Hollywood promoting its fall line-up of shows.  Todd was participating in a panel for Stars Earn Stripes.  Imagine that, she was in a room full of stars and critics…

So let’s indulge shall we:

Rockin the shades… Oh to have seen the view from behind those glasses… the shock and awe… and a few Oh sh*%… bet you some thought they might get a beat down… ha!  Kill em with kindness..

Just gonna say it…. three tough hotties…  I ain’t got nothin’ snarky… they’re pretty cool…

Sarah! Sarah! talk to me, pick me, rub your magic coolness off on me…

They are such a cool couple… I hope they don’t see me sneak this picture… in fact, I hope no else sees me sneak this picture because I’m not sure if it’s cool yet to be excited that the Palins are here… did I mention THE PALINS ARE HERE!!!

She’s so excited… she hopes her liberal friends don’t realize how really, very, very super excited she is because she will tell them it was for a joke but we all know the truth…         (ok, this one actually seems kinda sweet with her tweet)

More Sarah! Over here Sarah! Talk to us, it wasn’t me who said those mean things about you (fingers crossed behind back please don’t push me in the pool)…

Oooh, but you asked for a picture honey… and you took the time in a room full of “staaarrsss” to talk “weather”… and tomorrow you’ll be at Hobby Lobby looking for a frame… we know girl…

Did they love you or is it that you love you?…  Dude… they are really nice people… who like… people…

Word to brother Bruce…

She’d have to do a lot of push ups, lol…  nah, just keep smacking those halibut…

How exciting is a turkey bar?…

Really? Can you guess which tool in the tool box this guy is?  I guess he thinks some of this is flattering when really its sexist.

She ate a cookie! and cake!  How dare she!!!!

Pay attention people! It’s always about the shoes


So apparently this party was full of the whose who of NBC’s fall line up and the two most popular people were Gov. Palin and Crystal… the monkey.  Note to Hollywood… this might be a moment for self reflection.  The most popular people at the party were “that woman” (the one you all profess your hatred for) and a pet monkey… not any of the rest of you.  Think about that for a bit…

Well, that was fun!  I would love to see Mark Burnett take Todd and Sarah as his guest to the Emmy’s.

Newt was the man yesterday.  He deserves huge props for this and I hope he is right and she does speak:


** New** Palin says she will have an announcement on the convention in a few days…

Gov. Palin endorses Martha Zoller…

Ted Cruz gets Gov. Palin to record a robo-call…

The Wrap talks to Gov. Palin about the Colorado shootings…

Heh! Awesome Mr. Caan… Love it!  Could pretty please leave the God part out of it?  You can leave the damn part…that is very fitting… thank you.

Time to cough em up Mittens…

How does one not invite a candidate that has real, live, voting delegates on the floor?

That’s a lot of new taxes

This won’t be helpful…

Some people are having a hard time being team players and it ain’t us conservatives…

God help us…

It should never have been the golden goose…

Proof he is grade A, 110% pure whole ass…

He, he Rush doing what he does so well…

How cute, he loves his bailouts… he’ll release a youtube video of him bullying someone soon to distract everyone from his love of big government…

If you want to follow Stars Earn Stripes on twitter, you can find them here.



Have a great day everyone!!

  • BostonBruin

    Good morning!

    “The people who are ticked off just cannot stand that with all the darts and arrows they throw, your team is still making progress.”

    Todd Palin, Going Rogue, page 370

  • hrh40

    Great roundup, Fire!

    I happened on twitter last night and saw some of the excitement, and I knew you’d have the full roundup in the morning.

    Thanks! :)

  • hrh40

    Here’s another one that popped up this morning – in the NYT of all places:

    • Patrick_Skacel

      Of course they had to throw in a Kardashian comment, but all things considered, not too bad from the NYT. 

    • Guest

       Thanks hrh40.

  • Bean Counter

    Howdy y’all, been working a few hours already, about to take a break to go to the Verizon store to get my phone checked out. It’s got a few buggy things that are making me nuts, plus it downloaded and installed the ‘ice cream sandwich’ operating system, which some things I like, some I don’t like, but it’s got my email all messed up and I can’t have that. So I’m not a very happy camper right now. For what I paid for this thing, it should do everything for me and smile about it.

    I love these show bidness things the Gov goes to and winds up being the tallest hog at the trough, so to speak. Yeah, just keep calling her irrelevant while she outshines everybody at these star-studded events, and the candidates she endorses collectively rise in the polls upon getting her nod. Every politician in the world would love to be this irrelevant, not to mention looking so good.

    And while I would still love to hear her speak at the convention, she clearly doesn’t need it to raise her profile, and frankly, she runs the risk of being aligned with GOP, Inc., but I trust her judgement. She’ll do, or not do, what she needs to do. It would be cool, however, to hear her knock another one out of the park just to remind folks how strong she is.

    OK, light a candle for me that I don’t tell some little tech goober to bite me. 10-4, over and out.

  • hrh40
  • Lipstick

    Holy cow! I’m not online at night much and had no idea. Now I have to surf and catch up.

    • hrh40

      Neither am I.

      These night owls (I’m looking at you Firelight) really perform a great service for us!

      • Firelight

        LOL, I do like my nights :)

  • Whitney Pitcher


    From the article:

    Will we see you at the Republican National Convention in Tampa this August?

    “We’ll have an announcement in a couple of days,” said Palin, as an
    aide insisted journalists direct questions to Todd Palin. “I don’t know
    if we’ll do anything fancy as a press conference, but we’ll get the word

    • section9

      Yup, I noticed that, too. Leads me to believe that she won’t be speaking at the RNC, but might show and speak at the Paultard event.

      When it comes to the AssClown GOP, one never can be too pessimistic. 

    • BostonBruin

      Just posted this link over at C4P. They must have something big planned for Tampa if they’re even considering holding a press conference to announce their plans.

      If she really does make an announcement in a “couple of days”, that means she’ll make her splash while Romney is out of the country.

      • hrh40

        “Smart like an alley cat”

        Was that Tony Knowles who said that?

  • Lipstick

    Unpresidential shoes?!?!

    I am obsessed with shoes! I am not a girly girl, except for a shoe issue…. A bonus would be a picture of the “unpresidential” shoes & the mysterious tattoo…..

    • hrh40

      These libs don’t even think through their insults.

      All presidents have been men. I don’t think men would be wearing women’s shoes. That would be news.

      Wouldn’t having a female president be a lib crusade?

  • Riley4Palin

    Good Morning!

    One week ago today, my family was thrown for a loop.  My Dad suffered a small stroke last Wednesday morning. Thankfully, my Mom was home and brought him into the ER right away.  I am a strong believer in God doesn’t give us anything we can’t handle, and I know we will all get through this with prayer, patience, compassion, and understanding.  It has been a very life changing event for all of us.  Yesterday he saw his regular doctor and he said that he should make a good recovery.  They can never 100% guarantee a full recovery, but my Dad is a strong driven man with a great support system.  Things could have been much worse, and we are blessed that he only has a right eye issue (can’t drive until he gets cleared by doctor) and has trouble with word association and cognitve thought process.  Motor skills are good and there was no paralysis. We are hoping all will improve in time.

    For some reason, I was drawn to check in here today.  Sometimes good distractions for family members are just what the doctor ordered.  After seeing Sarah Palin show up at an NBC party, now I know it was the best decision I made today.  :) 

    We all forget that life is precious and politicians put themselves out there for the world to see…..and in the case of Palin…..dissect until there isn’t anything left to dissect.  She appeared at a Hollywood party where she could have easily taken hit after hit.  What happens?  They actually compliment her, act like groupies, and unlike President Obama, didn’t give her one dime of campaign money.  All of those nasty things that were said about her were untrue.  We all know it.  And once they see her for who she really is, the perceptions will change.

    The difference between Sarah Palin and Barack Obama in the case of Hollywood?  She shows up at an event unannounced for her husband to support a great military cause, unlike Obama who only shows up only to ask for their money.

    How do you think the Romney camp and RNC is feeling today?  They have spent the last two weeks bungling the Convention roll out and now they have to watch the star of the Republican party make nice with a bunch of Hollywood leftists while they shift around wondering what the hell just happened again.  They literally got played twice by Palin in less than a month.

    The GOPe should be very, very worried.  Palin is the best politician out there today.  She isn’t going anywhere guys.  Face the reality.

    • Bean Counter

      Praying for your Dad. Hope he makes a complete recovery.

      • Riley4Palin

        Thank you Bean.  One of the greatest blessings that I gained from being a loyal Palin supporter is finding a whole new group of people that I can call friends too.  My family appreciates all the thoughts and prayers.

    • hrh40

      Sorry to hear about your dad. But so glad your mom was there to get him right to the hospital. From what I understand, prompt care after a stroke is the best road to recovery.

      And you’re spot on re GOP and Palin.

      • Riley4Palin

        Thanks hrh.  Yes, my Mom knew something wasn’t right after he couldn’t clearly communicate his thoughts to her and complained of a headache.  She gave him an aspirin and quickly got him to the ER.  God was definitely walking with my Mom last Wednesday morning.

        As his youngest daughter who worked with him in business for many years, it has been both emotional (hard to watch your Dad struggle with words) and very rewarding at the same time.  I am finally able to help him in some way for all the love, guidance, and support he provided to me over the years. 

    • Lipstick

       Prayers for your dad!

      • Riley4Palin

        Thank you Speedchick. 

    • Firelight

      Lots of prayers and warm fuzzies sent your way for you, your dad and your family Riley.  I pray your dad has a full recovery.

      • Riley4Palin


        Thank you for the prayers and warm fuzzies.  :)

    • Guest

       Praying for your family and your Dad. If it gives you any consolation my mother-in-law is 98. She had a mini stroke months ago and she is back to normal.

      Thank the good Lord that your Mom was right there to get him the needed assistance.

      Agree with you 100% regarding the Governor and the GOPe.

      • Riley4Palin


        Thank you.  We’ll take all the positive thoughts we can get these days.  Let’s hope that my Dad progresses well just like your mother-in-law did.

        Thanks again for your note.

    • Nancy6

      Praying for your Dad!

      • Riley4Palin

        Thank you Nancy for your prayers.

    • blackbird

      Hi Riley, prayers for a full recovery for your Dad. That was fast thinking by your mom.

      • Riley4Palin


        Thank you.  Yes, very quick thinking by Mom.  I never would have thought of it myself.  We still learn from our parents each day. 

        • blackbird

          Riley when you wrote “I am finally able to help him in some way for all the love, guidance, and support he provided to me over the years.” in reply to hrh it brought back memories when I used to massage and rub my father’s leg and arm after his stroke.

          Your Dad and Mom is blessed to have you.

    • John_Frank

      Prayers for your dad. Trusting he has a full recovery.

      • Riley4Palin


        Thank you for the prayers and well wishes.

    • ProudAmerican247

      Sorry about your Dad having a stroke.

      My Dad had a stroke also, in 2009.

      It was a mild stroke and he had few symptoms.

      He had a little trouble combing his hair and using a fork and spoon, at first.

      My Mother took him to the emergency room also, after he complained his arm felt funny and he couldn’t perform the things mentioned.

      He did go to physical therapy and that seemed to help.

      We think the stroke was caused from him over-working himself after he cut a huge tree down and proceeded to cut it up, remove the stump, etc.,

      He was 87 at the time!

      He recovered completely and uses a cane, not due to the stroke but due to being “90”!

      He’s a tough Norwegian!

      Best wishes to your Dad for a speedy recovery.
      On Sarah and the gopE….

       I love what you wrote….

      “…and now they have to watch the star of the Republican party make nice with a bunch of Hollywood leftists while they shift around wondering what the hell just happened again.”

      LOL! Too Good!

      Take Care.


      • Riley4Palin


        Thank you for your note and well wishes.  Wow…..your Dad is still living a great life at 90!!  Congrats!

  • Bean Counter

    I know everyone has been waiting breathlessly for my phone verdict — only took a solid hour trying every possible thing short of doing a hard reset back to factory settings, but the guy finally got the email accounts working by removing and setting up via a back channel. My signal issue is some phantom thing in the system that they’re working on, so that wasn’t the phone. I didn’t have an hour to waste, but at least I’m not pissed off anymore, just annoyed.

    Carry on….

  • RefudiateGOPe
    • blackbird

      To be honest I did not think that ‘Stars Earn Stripes’ would make exciting t.v but looking at the trailer, WOW! I definitely will be tuning in, it looks awesome and all credit to a fantastic cast. Go Todd!!! I like Terry as well.

    • Riley4Palin

      Interesting that the Palin camp selected this specific quote for Bristol’s blog.  The clip is great and I’ll definitely tune in.  Not only does the Palin family support each other 100%, but isn’t Chuck Norris a big Huckabee supporter too?

      • RefudiateGOPe

         Bristol actually got the quote wrong.  As far as the Norris reference, it was made because there’s been an ongoing thing on the internet with jokes using Norris as the epitome of toughness. 

        It has nothing to do with politics.  It was said as an extreme compliment to Todd.

  • Riley4Palin

    Just catching up….


    Its nice to see you become a part of the regular line up here.  I know you will offer lots of southern sass and great posts.

    God help us all when you start up with Olympic running times in the coming days.  :)

    • Lipstick

       Thank you!
      Oooooooooo, you read my mind, I was already thinking about how to cover the Olympics, the marathon should be especially exciting with the American line up on both the men’s and women’s. I know you will be anxiously awaiting those posts.

      Prayers for you Dad, so thankful he is recovering well.

  • Firelight

    Hi guys, I updated the NBC party box with some more write-ups.  I also linked to a new article quoting Gov. Palin saying she will have an announcement on her plans for Tampa in a few days. 

    I see that Whitney already posted it in the comment thread.  This gives me hope.  I can’t help but feel that maybe she has been offered a speaking slot.  It would certainly be a step in the right direction for the RNC and Romney.  I’m crossing my fingers!

    • Guest

       Thank you.

      I don’t know why but I just have this overwhelming feeling that whether the Governor gets to speak or not she knows what to do to make sure she is the one that will benefit from whatever the decision is.

      I think she is running circles around these dinosaur frat boys. They have no idea what to do to stop her from succeeding.

  • Riley4Palin


    If you are still lurking….

    Sorry to see you go, but I do hope you re-consider down the road and pop back in from time to time when you are ready.  

    • blackbird

       Yes I hope so too.

  • blackbird

    Good afternoon everyone. Excellent news round up Firelight but an even better indulge narrative, superb. I do not know what to say about the Governor at the party so I will comment on Todd being a very luck Dude… ok the Governor was smoking hot, there.

    The Get Out video and song is very, very good, thanks for posting it, oh I think RefudiateObama would make a great moderator.

  • Whitney Pitcher

    Palin to campaign for Cruz in Houston Friday night:

    • Riley4Palin

      Palin goes where she is wanted and appreciated by the zillions of Conservatives and Tea Party supporters across the country.  Some candidates (unlike Romney and the RNC) are smart enough to realize her power and influence.

      I hope Ted Cruz kicks Dewie’s ass.  Even more so, I want to watch Ted Cruz walk into DC in the coming months and kick GOPe ass.

    • John_Frank

      Ted Cruz GOTV Rally

      Where: Town Greene Park, 2099 Lake Robbins Drive, The Woodlands, TX

      Time: 6:00 pm

      Speaking at the rally: Senator Jim DeMint, Cathie Adams, Texas Tea Party and Tea Party Express Leaders and Governor Sarah Palin!

      People who are attending can RSVP using the provided link.

  • senator20526

    Morning all……Sounds like Sarah and Todd had fun at the expense of the liberals last night. What is not surprising is the mostly positive remarks…..Once you meet her in person……everything changes…it gets really hard to say something bad….Cant wait for her rally in Texas with Cruz on Friday…..and lastly…Ms Bean, what did you do when you had to dial “O” for operator in the old days?….when your phone number was BR 549

  • blackbird

    From the comment section to the NYT article Gary from Texas wrote:

    Sure are a lot of jealous liberals commenting here. Maybe if you spent more time doing something productive and less time wallowing in your hate you wouldn’t be such miserable human beings.

    Palin is a superstar, get over it. She was the best, highest rated Governor in the country, and now has a knack for picking and backing incredibly good Conservatives to run for Congress [and Governor] and they win. She endorsed over 100 candidates in 2010, and 80% of them won. So far, in 2012 she’s batting 1000. She’s gonna remake Congress in her image. That’s a very good thing for America.

    Palin has fought corrupt politicians in BOTH political parties for 20 years. Remember, she took down the entire corrupt Republican Party in Alaska. The corrupt Attorney General was forced to resign and face charges, the state party chairman was forced to resign from his government job, and pay the largest civil fin in Alaska history, and of course, she defeated the sitting Republican Governor in a Landslide.

    While you petty, small minded liberals hate, the rest of the world admires Sarah Palin, a true reformer, and a true leader.

    • Guest

       Wow! Thanks for posting that. It was awesome. It is extremely difficult to weed through all that progressive hate and it sure appears that you were richly rewarded for your troubles. Very nice for you to pass it on and share it with all of us.

      Now that’s what I call redistributing the wealth!

      • blackbird

         Hi JRD1, Gary was awesome indeed, when I read it I just had to re-post it.

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  • John_Frank

    How twitchy covered the NBC press tour party story:

    Sarah Palin outshines stars at NBC press tour party

    Lapdogs: Tampa Bay Times says Sarah Palin ‘crashed’ NBC party

  • John_Frank
  • John_Frank
  • John_Frank

    Audio of interview of Sarah Palin talking motherhood with interviewer at NBC Party:

    Here is a transcript of the interview, posted at

    Exclusive! Sarah Palin Talks Motherhood

    So, who are the people behind

  • Pete Petretich

    Here’s a quick audio interview w/ Sarah from the NBC party last night…

  • John_Frank

    Parody: Disillusioned Obama Supporter Interviews Her 2008 Self!

  • JanneMyrdal

    OK, totally off the subject, BUT Go USA womens soccer team!!  woohoo.  All the way to gold this time.  OK, HAVE to have something to distract from all the serious work these days, right??

    • Whitney Pitcher

      Yes! I’m a big fan of the soccer team. It was a bit worrisome at first when they were down 2-0 to start, but no doubt they were going to pull it off and win. :)

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