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Snazzy Looking Weekend Edition

Good morning everyone!

So what do you think?  Pretty snazzy eh?  With all this hair on fire talk, I realized that we were due for a new look. I’m still working on some graphics for the top banner but that will take me some time and help from someone with more talent than I.  If you find a hiccup on the site please be patient and just let me know.  We switched servers so I’m sure there might be something that slipped by.

Today Gov. Palin speaks in Michigan. We have some Palinistas going so be hopefully we will get some video and maybe a Ustream from one of them.  TexMex will be there so be sure to follow her on twitter for updates @TexMex817.  I’m still keeping my eye on CSPAN and the cable news stations too.

I have a feeling this is going to be one heck of a speech.

News roundup:

Now this is a man of wisdom…

Rock on! SarahPac has a strong second quarter…

Seriously people?  He isn’t Elvis… there are no blue suede shoes…

I’m pretty sure “because I said so” isn’t going to persuade a judge…

Coolidge!  excuse me while I go do a happy dance…

That’s his story and he seems to be sticking to it… which might be a first…

Uh Oh… they ain’t happy…

Not to fear… She seems to be sticking to hers… I think I knew this already…

And I’m gonna have to go with…. Bain is… a legit issue but probably not the ones Obama is raising…

Yawn… not surprised… they have no idea what’s coming…

“I think he ought to go back to Alaska”… I can think of another word the B could stand for… and I don’t like Norquist…

I think it is going to be close… I’m not sure he measures up…


Wait… weren’t you just saying that it was Romney who was the most secretive… in case you forgot.. POTUS is a J.O.B. that means someones education matters… fork em over…


OK, Ryan (Mr. July in the Palin Calendar for sale in the Juneau gift shop as we call him around here :) sent out this tweet

I’m broadcasting @rjc115 live on #Ustream. Come watch and chat! 12:55 PM

I was also told that this radio station is possibly broadcasting the audio live but I have no verification of that. I’m passing it along anyway just for another option.

WUOM Michigan Radio 91.7 FM



OK peeps, Let’s hope we can all tune in somewhere for the speech.  Here is the info and times.




  • 99Dual99Citizan99

    I find it very snazzy, Firelight. Thank you for all the effort.

  • KatieSilverSpring

    This has a nice, clean look to it.

    • cookboy

      Articulate too!

  • cookboy

    Nice Snazz ya got there! 

  • DDJ58

    Thank you Firelight for your dedication to this web site and to Gov Palin.

  • BostonBruin

    I love purple!

  • Gelston

    “” The first documented use of the word [snazzy] was on 30 March 1901 on page 3 of the The Evening Post, Wellington, New Zealand. The Reference was to “‘Snazzy,’ otherwise G.H. Snazelle .” George H. Snazelle was a noted English vocalist, entertainer and actor who was born George Snazel in 1848, and who died in 1912. It is probable that the word was coined to refer to this stylish, well-traveled celebrity of the age.””

    George H would be proud of you, In my humble opinion

  • Bean Counter

    Raining in Twang Town, so I’m working today, cleaning up some 2nd quarter pestilence. We desperately need the rain, so no whining from me. Might go see a movie later if I can scare up the energy.

    Nice facelift, Firelight, uh, to the site, I mean. Carry on….

    • Firelight

      he, he, he  thank you!  I figured we’d be waiting around forever if we were waiting on Romney for some excitement. 

      I got talked out of adding “this site proudly represents a big middle finger to liberals, the LSM and the establishment” I figured that was a bit much  /sarc

      • Bean Counter

        Well, may I add, for the official record, I wouldn’t have talked you out of it.

        • Firelight


      • poljunkie

        Oh Firelight, do I have a greeting card that would work for that tag line. I bought it about 30 years ago, a year or so before we were married.
        It is a very very old lady sitting in a rocking chair, leaning forward and flipping the bird. It is a perfect card for just the right occassion.We have moved it with us each time we’ve… first rented, then bought and sold, and bought…., taken in out looked at it with appreciation, threatened to send it to someone now and again, but ultimately, have always decided it was over the line. 

    • Whitney Pitcher

      Send the rain a bit to the northwest if you can. :)

      • Bean Counter

        Would LOVE to send rain anywhere right now. We’ve got a flood warning all day today, and the big flood of 2010 is still too raw of a memory, so everybody here is still a bit jumpy whenever it rains hard for a few hours.

      • Bill589

        We could use rain in the northeast too.
        We are going to get “scattered thundershowers” tomorrow – which usually means the rain will be scattered to the north, south, east, and west of our vegetable gardens.

    • senator20526

       It rained here yesterday and last night…we sure need it…..but it’s still so hot, the birds have to wear gloves to pull worms out of the ground.

      • Bill589

        And the robins have a heck of a time getting those gloves on their beaks.

  • Gelston

    thought for today from James Carville who brought us “it’s the economy, stupid.” Speaking in CNBC with Larry Kudlow, he said this:”The problem with our economy today is not that we don’t have enough supply, It’s that we don’t have enough demand.”
    The winner of this election has to find a way to help people increase their demand, if you believe Carville. Obama has failed in this goal. Romney offers nothing.Sarah believes in jobs and the little person in America as we saw in Iowa. Gradually her message will get out.
    We need Sarah’s brand of optimism.

    • Firelight

      Yes, before the bubble burst, people were living beyond their means spending money they didn’t have so demand was a foregone conclusion in the market.

      Now, people are either living within their means or have lost their access to credit. With so much job instability out there, people are making due with what they have.

      I don’t see demand rising until jobs come back, stability comes back and then credit access eventually comes back.

      • section9

        Well, yes and no. Beginning in the 1970’s, the Financial Services community (aka: the Banksters) became addicted to Debt Servicing instead of getting their customers to save. You recall when you were young? Banks had “Christmas Clubs” and whatnot. You could save for Christmas and receive a small rate of return on your CD. No more. Banks through the late Seventies and into the Nineties gave out unsecured debt instruments and lines of credit in the form of plastic. This was encouraged by a Federal Government that was addicted to debt and deficit spending. Everyone was living off credit.

        This became of form of debt peonage for their customers, providing massive cash flow to the banks but destroying the ethic of savings built up over centuries.

        Naturally, the government cooperated with this unholy scam, in the form of juicing up the mortgage market, repealing Glass-Stegall, passing the Community Redevelopment Act in the late Seventies, and other encroachments upon thrift and market capitalism.

        There should be no surprise that we have come to this pass: it has been building for decades. Fundamentally, it is not the fault of Obama and Bush; but those two did make it monumentally worse.

        Palin was attacked as viciously as she was precisely because a corrupt and bankrupt Ruling Class saw her as a danger to this system of debt financing, which she spoke out against in Alaska and acted against in Alaska. However, as this system of debt financing and Fiat Money cannot last, she will be the Last Woman Standing when all is said and done.

        Bet on that. Remember two old sayings: “In the Land of the Blind the One Eyed Man is King.”

        And from P.J. O’Rourke: “When you see that buying and selling becomes subject to legislation; the first thing to be bought and sold are legislators.”

        • LS as guest

          Inflation and stagflation through the 70’s did as much to squelch our savings habit as anything.

    • LS as guest

      Watch out, ‘demand side’ arguments are Keynesian and Krugmanesque and roundly discredited to real market experiences.

  • Bean Counter

    One more piece of random lint that just floated out of my fuzzy brain — it looks like Obama and his goons studied GWB’s campaign playbook and are swiftboating Romney w/Bain. Kerry got hammered so hard and so fast, and with such force in ’04, that he never recovered. Looks like that’s what the dear leader’s team is looking to do with Romney. Unfortunately, it may have the same result, as it doesn’t appear that Romney’s goobers, at the wise insistence of Gov. Palin, intend to take the gloves off and fight like girls, or fight like anything else, for that matter. She was right when she warned them that they have no clue what all they’re going to be carpet bombed with.

    And, psst, just a friendly reminder, Romney, with all of his money, couldn’t take McCain out in the ’08 primary. So I’m not expecting anything different this time. I’d like to be wrong, but so far, I ain’t seeing it.

    OK, back to adding and subtracting….

    • M_Minnesota

      Could I get you permission to tweet your thought that Obama is “Swift Boating”   Mittens?


      • Bean Counter

        Sure, knock yerself out, bro.


    Sarah is to speak between 3:15 and 4:30……Wish I could be there, hopefully there’s a good turn out. 

    The Dem Super Pac vetting the GOP VP pick….now that’s rich.  
    Question of the day…..Why doesn’t the GOP Super Pac vet the Dem anything??…..doesn’t matter, Mitt will never call them out on it. *sigh*

    Firelight…’s looking good.  ♥

    • Firelight

      Hey Ten,

      Is that 3:15 Michigan time?  Where did you see that time posted?

  • hrh40

    Great new look and great roundup. I love the royal blue background.

    The Coolidge article was great. But I had to put my two cents in when a commenter rightly said that he sounds more like Sarah Palin than Mitt Romney, and someone jumped in to slam Palin and say Mitt Romney showed up to play, he had the courage to take the slings and arrows.

    While I understand the facts of it are accurate in that Palin did not run, Mitt Romney showed no courage because he knew he had the full backing of the GOP Establishment and all their legitimate (Fox News cover) and illegitimate (manuevering Iowa, Florida, Virginia, etc., primaries/caucuses) firepower to back him up.

    He was virtually invisible for the first 3 years of Obama’s regime showing no courage at all.

    • LS as guest

      Also, of course, it is largely the Romney teams slings and arrows that Palin has taken over the past four years.

  • 99Dual99Citizan99

    Only the names have been changed to protect the guilty. My Grandfather used to tell us as kids,”if you’re not 15 minutes early, you’re late.” I have said something like,” if my Grandfather was alive today, he would say something like,” ” if your not 2 hrs. early, you’re late.” So, I tune in to Michigan radio to hear Sarah Palin speak and for a “split second,” I thought I was back in Canada, as I listened to 91.7 Michigan, radio. A little of the ” good, bad and ugly.” The only good part is no advertising. However, I’m going back, as I don’t want to miss Sarah Palin’s speech. ” Quite an education, for this Canadian boy.”

  • indemind

    Picture of Sarah Today

    insider7 ‏@insider7 Yeahhhh!

    Retweeted by Carol C. Edwards


  • Bill589

    I love the blue. I especially love the little smiley face in the bottom left hand corner.  (I love little surprises.)
    G. H. Snazelle would be proud.   (h/t Gelston)

  • indemind


    Via @C4Palin Live Streaming Governor Palin at the AFP/Willow Tea Party Open Thread #tcot #palin


  • panchita

    buenos dias y’all. poignant how Sarah’s speech can barely be heard. yet i can still hear her bashing obama with her trusty halibut club “whats hope without change” “not 4 years 4 more months” the crowd joins in the chant.
    obamas stimulus package should be called “no beaurocrat left behind”

    you can hear each and every word crystal clear. calling them the lapdog media. red meat to a hungry nation.

    te amo Sarah.

  • Bill589

    Palin to Romney: Time to take the gloves off against Obama.
    Fire up. Vote inspiring. Etc. Etc.

  • Firelight

    FYI – if you go back to Ryan’s Ustream link, you can replay it now without interruption.  Let’s roll!!!

  • pete4palin

    No endorsement yet???  hehe  ….. poor Mitt.

  • 99Dual99Citizan99

    I’m a patient man, we used to have a party-line. Those of you,who don’t know what a party line is, allow me to explain. You pick up the phone and there is someone on it, let’s say, Mr. Jones, from down the street. Mr. Jones,”how long will you be?” He might say, “only a couple of minutes.” So, in a couple of minutes, you make the call.

    Those of you, who don’t believe me, talk to your parents. Er, on second thought, you might want to talk to your grandparents.

    “Time flies when your having fun.”

  • 99Dual99Citizan99

    Thank gosh, Firelight lit her hair on fire, a couple of days ago. Well, today, Sarah Palin lit America and the world on fire, as she literally set Obama and the Democrats, ablaze.

  • Gelston

    Alaska women wants gun.
    endangers two young girls
    neglects dog
    sprays manmade chemicals into wilderness area.
    Breaks into car

    I ask you ladies and gentlemen, what is this world coming to?

  • 99Dual99Citizan99

    ” Our family has the same ups and downs as any other.”      Sarah Palin

  • KatieSilverSpring

    Any hope of the speech recorded for replay?  I haven’t heard ANYTHING about it beyond here (and isn’t that a surprise?).

    Is anyone coming to town for the Smart Girl Summit 2012 next weekend (noon Friday thru Saturday 6pm Reception).  I plan to attend (Alexandria is just across the river from DC, btw) and is on the subway system.

    • Firelight

      Hi Katie – I know there were two video cameras that recorded the event but I haven’t heard yet how those recordings came out and when they will be uploaded. I am hoping soon.

      Have fun at Smart Girl!  That sounds like it is going to be a great time. I love that organization!

  • Gelston

    thank you for all your hard work here.

    • Firelight


  • LS as guest

    Doggone it–I’m spoiled!

    I’m looking for my update on the weekend…

  • KatieSilverSpring

    Everyone: keep your eyes open for petition drives to get 3rd party people on the Nov6 ballot for various positions (VA even has a viable one for President – Virgil Goode).  Report on them, either here or on Twitter.  I firmly believe this is a sotto voce move by the Dems to water down the GOP vote, their only means of winning.  And, it may work unless they are exposed!

  • 99Dual99Citizan99

    ” The best defence is a good offence.” Sarah Palin understands this and I don’t believe it has anything to do with her basketball days in Wasilla.

  • section9

    Nothing at this stage of the summer happens by accident. Neither did this Newsweak article.

    Palin does not like what she is seeing develop out of the Romney Campaign, and neither do a lot of other people in the Reagan Wing of the Party.

    Newsweak, for its’ part, is merely serving the interests of the Obama Regime in trying to cause trouble within the GOP. Nevertheless, it accurately describes, as near as I can tell, what is going on from what I can see.

    The lack of enthusiasm among Movement People for this guy is telling. But the self-regard and the sense of entitlement in Romneyland is a corrosive that will lead to that campaign’s undoing. 

    If Romney and his people will not listen to Palin now, when she can do them some good, then they will not listen to her later when it will be too late to help them.

    • Gelston

      I don’t see Romney winning. Sarah is correct to focus on races for Congress.

    • JLAdevelop

      Romney’s failure to invite Sarah to speak at the convention or even to attend is deeply disappointing. It is also short sighted by his campaign and a slap in the face to Sarah, her supporters and many other conservatives and Tea Party supporters.

      I truly want Obama defeated. I had decided to vote for Romney and lately considered contributing to his campaign. I will still vote for him but will not contribute until he contacts Sarah and invites her to speak at the convention. 

  • Michael

    Mitt Romney and Reince Priebus are Small Tent Big Government GOPe Hacks.

  • Michael

    Sarah Palin gets abused from a party that she saved. She made the Tea Party into the greatest political force in American politics, before her it was listening tours and the era of Reagan is dead.

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