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Totally Tuesday

Morning peeps!

Summer is half over and the GOP still doesn’t seem to have their act together.  Apparently, they seem to have forgotten that we have a country to save.  Romney seems to have the political instincts of a rock.  He was so vicious during the primaries with a pretty effective rapid response team and he had no problem relentlessly attacking his opponents with false and misleading ads to the point of paralyzing their campaigns.

So what happened?  Surely Team Romney understands who the REAL enemy is, right? It isn’t conservatives, it is Obama.  I used to think they knew that but lately, I’m not so sure.  Romney has had a really hard time ever since he was crowned “presumptive” nominee.  He only disagreed with Obama’s amnesty for youth insomuch that it didn’t go far enough, he agreed with Obama that the healthcare mandate was not a tax and he has been completely ineffective fighting back against the attacks on him regarding Bain, his tax returns and whether or not he is a felon.

Let me ask everyone, how hard is it to defend yourself from someone who accuses you of being a felon with no proof?  What would your answer be?  I could think of a dozen better answers than Romney has given.  Also, if you were preparing to run for President and you knew you would have to show your tax returns, would you not dot your i’s and cross your t’s on them?  So since Romney has been running for President for at least 7 years, is it not reasonable to think he could provide at least 7 years worth of tax returns?  Yes, he makes a lot of money but I think there is more damage done by people thinking he is either hiding something or thinks he is above the expectation.  Even Obama provided 10 years of returns in 2008.  Romney’s response to outsourcing was slow and weak.  I just don’t get it. These are easy smack downs and yet Romney’s camp is not handling this well at all.

OK, also I noted on Saturday that we had moved to a new server and everyone noted that we had a bit of a facelift. There is a reason for that, Sheya has turned the site over to me and no longer a part of P4A.  He has not been involved in the site since last winter and has built a great and resourceful site in Electad that keeps him busy. So the domain, hosting etc… belongs to me now.  Let’s pray I don’t screw it up, lol.  You may see him in the comment thread from time to time as many did yesterday and please know that he is a guest just like everyone else and his opinions are his own.  I think we have a great group of people that post here. Cruela does an awesome job. Whitney, Beancounter and Hrh are excellent research writers and we are always looking for new talent.  I am not a writer. I’m just a smart ass with a keyboard.

I also added an abuse tab at the top of the site.  Please use that email to report comments that need to be reviewed.  I know most people are familiar with that process via C4P.

News roundup:

Boom how’s that nightstick feel?

How not-so-subtly self-serving of him…

A little bathroom reading

See ya!

I’ll take it but when is the Senate going to learn that a dead for now bill is not the same as a dead for good & 6 feet under bill…

How very generous of them

and here’s the answer Romney should have given… after all, someone’s education and college performance is far more relevant to a job qualification than one’s tax returns…

Oh yay! I was looking for another way to be patriotic…


Have a great day everyone!







  • Bill589

    From a post by JP at The Sarah Palin Journal

    “Even if Romney’s campaign completely snubs Gov. Palin at the convention, she will have a presence there. As the Tampa Bay Times reported in April, SarahPAC has reserved space in Tampa the week of the big event at a plaza within easy walking distance from the convention hall.
    Team Romney can ignore her, but they can’t get her to sit down and shut up.”

  • Bill589

    Yahoo front page Poll:

    Would Sarah Palin’s public support help or hurt Romney?
    26% – Help; she’s an asset.
    74% – Hurt: she’s too controversial

    Yahoo is a very liberal site, obviously.
    I don’t know if it matters, but you can go vote if you want.

    I think this poll is partly a measure of ignorance.

    If all people knew the truth about their political world and Sarah, she’d be at 100% ‘Help’ in that poll.

    If all people then faced the truth about Mitt and/or Obama, we’d be at 100% ‘Do Over’ for the primary.

    • hrh40

      Now 27, 73.

      But there are so many votes, it’d probably be hard to turn this one.

  • Bill589

    Sarah Palin is trending #1 in Yahoo News searches.

    Possibly partly due to this article:
    Should the GOP let Sarah Palin speak at Mitt Romney’s convention?
    A fake can fool a lot of the people, a lot of the time.  But if it is placed side by side with the authentic, all the defects/deficiencies become more noticeable. 

    Hence – I don’t think Mitt will let Sarah be seen close to him in time or place.
    (Of course, he can not always stop her from being seen 8 minutes away.)

  • KatieSilverSpring

    I had another revelation yesterday with soon-to-be 21 year old daughter.  Now this is a child raised in a political and news-watching family, she’s very intelligent.  Yesterday while at the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center (to renew her ID), formerly known as Bethesda Naval, we had lunch in the food court where you never know what cable network will be on the flat screen in one section.  Yesterday it was CNN, which I think it changing a bit for the better of late, not a whole lot but a noticeable bit.  Daughter sat with her back to the TV until they started talking about the Florida voter roll cleanup.  She turned around to watch and said to me, you don’t need to show an ID to vote?  I assumed you had to everywhere.  This opened up a healthy discussion.

    But I am noting it here to remind people not to assume they know people’s positions or depth of current events knowledge.  Open up to your friends and family.  Get the word out, in other words.

    I am getting very nervous about the upcoming election, as those of you know who follow my rather infrequent Tweeting.  This whole 3rd party thing is starting to effect elections in alot of ways.  Look at Virginia who may lose the state to Obama simply because of Virgil Goode who will draw away the not-happy-with-Mitt vote.  Here in Maryland a 2-time primary loser has mounted what may be a successful petition drive to include his name on the US Senate ballot here, creating a possible loss for a great GOP candidate Dan Bongino running against current placeholder & Dem, Ben Cardin (yeah, I know, you’ve never heard of him, that’s because he does what Nancy tells him and doesn’t initiate anything on his own).  I suspect the Dems have come up with this plan in other locales as well.  It’s their only hope of winning and YOU need to keep your eyes open to it.

    • LS as guest

      Even in my state with something of a voter ID law, there’s a superhighway hole right through it (besides absentee voting): anyone can show up at a poll and by signing an affidavit saying he/she is the person in who’s name he/she will vote, cast a ballot.  With lots of dead people in inner city wards and those same wards routinely being held open beyond the usual deadline, you can see how easy it is to make hay there.

      I still remember going to vote in a big Northeastern city when I was the only resident of a one-bedroom apartment–I was only one of the eight names that that very Democrat city had on its voter rolls for the apartment!

  • section9

    Very illuminating post over at C4P about Doug Mataconis and the attitude of the Beltway Elite towards Palin and the Tea Party people.

    Trust me when I tell you this; they just want you to STFU and lick the effing envelopes. And keep sending them the money.

    This is what their high-handedness is leading to: Whiggery. They are too short-sighted to see it.

    • Gelston

      I donate only to Sarah Palin.
      end of story.

      • hrh40

        And some local candidates.

        Though lately even that’s dried up as my funding has …

        • Gelston

          I am invited to meet Gov Martinez in 2 or 3 weeks for a fund raiser. Can’t say I’ll make it.

          • hrh40

            I’m invited to a Linda McMahon event, which they say is not a fundraiser. Since it’s actually just around the corner, I’ll probably go. I appreciate that she’s giving eastern CT a lot of her time. Most of ’em don’t bother.

            • section9

              Linda’s a squish. BUT, if she’s running for that Senate seat again, give early and often. We need everything we can up there.

              • LS as guest

                Yep, she’s no more a squish than any winning GOP candidate would be.  Olympia Snowesque, but way better than nothing!

              • hrh40

                If you knew Chris Murphy, the Dem, or Chris Says, the Repub, you’d be kissing McMahon’s feet.

                Yep, she’s an unknown and no Deb Fischer. But the Chris’s are wretched.

                So, it is what it is.

    • LS as guest

      Whiggery will be great news for our country!

  • section9

    Palin, btw, would be REAL smart to call up her old reporter acquaintance Scotty to get “her” side of the story out before the Romney people can get the “washed-up diva” narrative ramped up. Because that’s what is coming from the Omega Fraternity.

    It’s all they know how to do. To the Romney people, every week is Hell Week for the Pledges, and they never hesitate to get the paddle out.


    • Riley4Palin


      I disagree with you.  Palin already set the narrative and made her point.  No need to take it any further and she won’t.  She put Romney and the GOP on defense and now they must respond one way or another. 

      She accomplished her goal and that was to set the narrative and tone of what the GOP Convention will be like this year – either a fully unified party or a bunch of Establishments and elitists expecting the TP and Conservatives to fall in line and do what they are told.

      True leaders never need to do follow ups, or second interviews to clarify.  They stay on offense.

  • 99Dual99Citizan99

    Watching, in slow motion, the presumed republican nominee going to the slaughterhouse is enough to turn one into a vegetarian.

    • Gelston

      The worst thing is that he has mad COW disease

      • 99Dual99Citizan99

        Very well stated, Gelston. Thank you very much for finishing my statement.

  • Guest

    I’m just a BRILLIANT smart ass with a nightstick keyboard is more like it!

  • Gelston

    Continuing my theme that the economy will pay against both Romney and Obama (and, with luck to Sarah)
    retail sales are down for the third straight month. this usually means that we are ALREADY in a recession, Carville recognized this the other day. So the bigwigs know the problem.
    This is not a keynesian attempt to stimulate the economy. This is an attempt to keep it from getting worse. However, Europe and China are stumbling. We are in trouble, more likely than not.

  • hrh40

    Thank you, Mr. Lord:

    Does anyone know if Levin mentioned the Romney snub last night?

    The Yankees preempted Levin – as they do most nights on my local station. :( I have the phone app but the volume is so low it’s frustrating to listen to.

    • Firelight

      The only radio person I have heard mention it so far is Laura Ingraham.  I didn’t hear all of Rush this morning but so far I haven’t heard him say anything.

      • hrh40

        Nope, he didn’t.

        He’s too busy saying Mitt had a successful business career, saved the Olympics, and had a successful governorship.

        All GOP talking points that could be disputed.

        • Bill589

          It’s a hard job making Mitt sound even palatable.  IOWs – Rush’s job is hard lately.
          But Mitt meets the minimum requirement: He is ABO.

  • Mr.L

    Just saw the Obama ad against Romney where it shows headlines of Romney’s
    tax havens & outsourcing jobs overseas with Mitt Romney singing
    America the Beautiful in the background. As if Obama hasn’t met a job
    that he didn’t want to send to China. At the end it says: Mitt Romney
    is not the solution. He’s the problem. And I immediately said: “neither
    is Obama. so is Obama.” After the past four years, am I supposed to
    believe now that Obama all of a sudden loves America so much that he now
    cares about getting jobs back here? Where is his record in the last 4
    years of showing that he cared about jobs going overseas? It doesn’t
    exist. His precious green sector alone have supplied China with
    thousands of American jobs. Then there’s Romney. He’s now out there
    calling Obama a crony capitalist. Yes, that’s true. Obama is. But
    didn’t Newt Gingrich get criticized by fellow Republicans for calling
    Romney a crony capitalist during the primaries? Folks the reason why we
    have a dead heat election is because we basically have two hypocritical
    phonies running for president at the same time.

    • senator20526

       …ask Obama about the two Billion dollars he sent to Brazil for their oil drilling….jobs, jobs, jobs. …all in Brazil

    • Michael

      Right Mr. L haven’t seen you here. Great video of Palin vs. Christie. Sorry about not reading the dms.

  • section9

    Agree hrh. I read the entire Jeffrey Lord piece. Lord is an old Reagan Hand. I can say with some conviction that his opionion reflects the tenor of a LOT of the Reagan wing of the Party not in agreement with Peggy Noonan.

    Party Unity is paramount, and it is up to Mittens to reach out and lead. So far, nothing but petulance. It’s as if Doug Mataconis is running the campaign.

    Into the ground.

  • Riley4Palin

    Day 2 of Romney’s “Steve Schmidt” Campaign Moment

    We all remember it well back on the McCain/Palin campaign.  The day that McCain (through the “guidance” of Schmidt) decided to suspend his campaign, it was over.

    Every campaign has critical moments that are game changers.  If the Romney campaign doesn’t correct this error of the Palin diss, his campaign is over.  

    Word is that Laura Ingraham said on radio today that Palin should have a slot at the Convention and be out campaigning for him in order to fire up the Conservatives and TP that he needs to win.  How bad of an error was this?  Huge, if Ingraham is now speaking up.

    Next to the black vote, the very group that Obama continues to keep in his corner are women.  I consider myself to be a pretty rational person who isn’t easily provoked.  What I can say today is I am extremely pissed about this.  I really don’t care how the GOP or Romney’s team feels either that Palin let the cat out of the bag.  How many other women voters out there would consider this a complete lack of respect and slap in the face to the former VP nominee?  How about swing voters? 

    Romney’s team is lacking in almost everything needed to secure the win.  They don’t have a good communication team (Obamacare is a tax, not a tax), they don’t know how to stay on offense (release the tax returns and move on), they don’t know how to unite the party, and they still consider members of the party like Palin more of an enemy than Obama (Romney gets called a felon by Obama’s deputy, then refuses to apologize and Romney still doesn’t show any real passion and want to knock out his teeth?)

    There have been many things that have happened in the last three weeks that could very well be turning points in his campaign.  IMO, it needs a complete makeover.  They can say, “Oh, noone is paying attention yet, these are all just distractions”, but that is a weak response and shows they are not willing to fight and battle each day….like they sure did when it was against Republicans.  By the time they realize they have a problem, it will be Convention time.  Oh and that’s right, and Palin may not even be in attendance.  Good Lord.  What a freakin’ mess.

    • hrh40

      Oh, but they are doing a makeover. Didn’t you hear?

      They hired Kevin Madden, Mastermind, to do the makeover. /sarc

    • blerch

      Mitt’s been running for POTUS for 6 years.  This is who he is.  Mitt’s had the same crew for awhile.  He’s not going to break up the band.  I do not expect anything to change over the next 16 weeks.

    • Firelight

      Riley-  Yes, Ingraham openly spoke out about it and asked Newt Gingrich about in an interview she did with him today and he also said that Palin should absolutely be given a speaking slot at the convention. He went on to talk about how she excites the base.

      It was nice to hear both of them speak up for her.

      • MiBones
  I remember when Coulter and Ingraham were dissing Palin. Sarah is good enough as a cheerleader, but not as a leader, to their way of thinking.

      • MiBones

        Sorry about the double comment. Having trouble with Disqus.

  • LS as guest

    Oh, GB, GB, wherefore art thou, GB?  (AKA Akobasan)

    No matter, here is the estimable Jeffrey Lord weighing in on the invite that didn’t come from Romney: 

    • Firelight

      I reached out to Akabosan last week to make sure everything was ok.  He is just taking a break from politics right now.  He is dearly missed.

      • hrh40

        I don’t blame him.

        It’s good to do now and again. :)

        • blackbird

          My selfish self hope you hrh don’t take an extended break, you are a tireless warrior for the Governor.

          • hrh40

            Thanks. Back atcha’! :)

      • blackbird

         Thanks for the update Firelight, and if you hear him again say hi for me.

      • LS as guest

        Thanks, Firelight–that’s good to hear!

  • blackbird

    Good morning everyone.

    That was very gracious of Sheya to turn over P4A to you Firelight, that’s great and if you need any help anytime with the html code please feel free to contact me It would be my pleasure to help.

    If the Governor was in any way near the cowardly, backstabbing, corrupt temperament of the elite establishment and their hacks the GOP political landscape would be laid barren of Romney and the establishment’s political career’s and self-serving ideology when the Governor gets through with them.

    • Firelight

      Thanks Blackbird! I’ll remember the html coding offer!

  • Bill589

    I think it will be argued, that if Sarah is snubbed from the convention, and she has anything going on 8 minutes away, that she will be the divider. And when Mitt loses to Barrack, it will be Sarah’s fault.

    But I also think, that that 8 minute away place, may be leverage to get her into the convention – the GOPe will not want her doing a ‘New Hampshire clambake’ to Mitt one more time.

    Why is Mitt doing everything possible to get me to not vote for him? I really want Obama to lose for the sake of our country, but Mitt, please give me something more than your new conservative/TPM words and phrases. Do something right and bold.

    While governing, they grew governments size, power, intrusion into people’s lives, and expense – yes I mean both BO and MR. They govern as progressives. Mitt needs to show that he is different now.

    You’ve been a conservative on and off before – Mitt – show me you might not be just acting the part to get elected, yet again.

    • blackbird

      Hi Bill, this is a great question: “Why is Mitt doing everything possible to get me to not vote for him?” I know its perplexing, the Governor got them all in a kerfuffle.

      The ‘New Hampshire clambake’ line made me laugh but you know Bill no matter what happens I hope they like New Hampshire clambake LOL!

      I shouldn’t post this considering the whole unity and acting like a team player bit but I cannot help myself this is an oldie but goodie There’s a Bore in the Woods:

  • BostonBruin

    Very good article by Byron York entitled: “How did vaunted Romney Death Star break down”?

    Interesting comment that I wasn’t aware of:

    “Until the Republican National Convention, which begins August 27, Romney is forbidden from spending the money he has raised for the general election. Instead, he is using money left over from the GOP primary race … he doesn’t have gobs of cash to use right now … The result is that Obama is hugely out-spending Romney in key states.”

    I think we are seeing one of the side-effects of Gov. Palin’s attempts to drag-out the primary as long as she could. That forced Romney to spend loads of cash during the primary season and now he doesn’t have much to spend right now.

    • Firelight

      I think as long as this was a contested primary, Mitt is prevented from using that money until the convention even with everyone dropping out because it has to be legally official via election law. Obama wasn’t contested at all.

      However, Mitt is getting a taste of his own medicine because this is pretty much what he did to Newt, Santorum etc…  They didn’t have near the money he did so he could make up whatever he wanted and they did not have the resources to fight it.

  • hrh40

    Tony Lee posts about the noninvite:

    Not happy that it was posted at 2:30 am though so it’s now buried down the page …

    • blackbird

       I like this: “She is the north star of the Tea Party movement”


    “I know most people are familiar with that process via C4P.”….touche firelight.

  • hrh40
  • Whitney Pitcher

    I’m hesitant to post because I’ve become increasingly politically cranky as of late. 😛

    However, I suppose I should settle in for how ridiculous this next four months will be. Apparently Romney gave a good speech today, though I haven’t heard it yet, which is what he should have be doing all along.

    Also, I tend to use sports analogies in politics, and I think Romney doesn’t have any advisers who’ve played basketball. Romney doesn’t know how to catch the ball–politically speaking. Fundamentally sound basketball players do two things when they catch a pass: 1) They enable themselves to establish a pivot foot to enable themselves some mobility either upon catching a pass initially or passing around a defender 2) They always catch a pass in triple threat position–in which their posture and hands enable them to quickly pass, shoot, or dribble.

    Romney doesn’t know how to pivot–i.e. return the focus to Obama’s failed policies instead of the whole Bain stuff. Also,  he doesn’t know use all the weapons he could potentially have in his arsenal (triple threat)–Obama’s record, Romney’s contrast of ideas, and grassroots support. He’ll be in deep trouble if he can’t enable himself to do all three. The first and third he could easily do by learning from Palin. Her Michigan speech was perfect at hitting on Obama’s record. Additionally, there is no better way to muster up the grassroots support you need than to have Palin speak at the convention and perhaps pick someone like Allen West for a running mate.

    • blerch

      I watched the entire speech and it actually was pretty good.  It wasn’t as good as Palin’s speech in MI over the weekend, but it was certainly one of the better speeches he has given.  If he repeats this over the next 4 months and the electorate believes he believes what he is saying, he may have a chance.  Of course, he will have to make a concerted effort to reach out to conservatives and have his crew stop trashing Palin, which so far appears doubtful.

      • Bill589

        Yes.  It’s the trust that he lacks.

    • Riley4Palin

      Hi Cranky Pants!

      Good analogy.  I will add that Romney continues to clap his hands wanting the ball when he is down at the baseline or in double press coverage.  He never seems to be at the top of the key wide open…….ever!

      Romney’s Olympic “Dream Team” of political advisors suck to put it mildly.  They should be at least 10 points ahead of Obama with this economy and instead play defense all the time.

      Not only that, the “Dream Team” somehow always seems to throw up more half-court shots (Palin diss, tax…not a tax, Kevin Madden and John freakin’ Sunnunu as advisors) instead of easy layups to score points.

      Our consolation prize……having to watch Obama & Michelle on the kiss cam.  LOL  

      Feel better now? 

  • MT4P

    FYI, below is a copy of an email sent yesterday to each member of the state delegations going to Tampa.

    One of the questions is “Who are your three favorite current Republicans?” So, encurage everyone that you know who is going to Tampa to list Sarah Palin!
    Dear xxxxxxx,

    Congratulations on being selected to serve as a(n) xxxxxx to the 2012 Republican National Convention! I look forward to seeing you in the Tampa Bay area where we have an exciting Convention planned for you!

    You will play an important role in history, and we want to make sure you have the best experience possible as you represent the state of xxxxxxx. Please take a few minutes to tell us more about you by filling our our Delegate Questionnaire.

    More details regarding the agenda of events will be available in the coming weeks. In the meantime, I’ve asked Alyson Higgins, Convention Delegate Coordinator, to reach out to you. You will hear from her soon.

    I look forward to seeing you in Tampa Bay where we will officially nominate our Republican presidential candidate and begin the sprint towards victory in November!

    Best regards,

    Reince Priebus
    Republican National Committee

    • Firelight

      Thanks for sharing this!

  • Riley4Palin

    Oh looky here, another half-court shot by Romney’s “Dream Team”….

    “In the political environment that exists today, the opposition research of the Obama campaign is looking for anything they can use to distract from the failure of the president to reignite our economy,” Romney said in an interview with National Review Online. “And I’m simply not enthusiastic about giving them hundreds or thousands of more pages to pick through, distort, and lie about.” …
    Asked by the interviewer why he didn’t get rid of the off-shore tax accounts that have also become the subject of Obama campaign ads, Romney declined to offer a detailed explanation. He said only, “The world of finance is not as simple as some would have you believe.”

    Yeah, this will go away.  I’m sure the MSM will just say okie dokie Mitt, we’ll move on now. 


    He gives a good speech today (Conservatives get a little bread crumb of hope) and then he continues the tax return narrative, fumbles the off-shore tax accounts answer, and never kills the Palin Convention diss narrative.  Absolutely pathetic and inept preparation for a candidate who has wanted to be President for a very long time.

    • blerch

      It really is amazing, isn’t it?  Ted Kennedy pounded him over his wealth/Bain stuff when he ran for Senate in 1994.  Didn’t he know that Obama would come after him on this, only twice as hard as Kennedy did?

  • Emily Baxter

    I am with Ms. Whitney. I feel cranky pants too. Although I’ve now got a book that gives me a laugh about liberals. 

    Some wonderful quotes from liberals that are extremely stupid/funny/interesting:

    “You think you are big enough to make me, you little wimp? Come on, come over here and make me, I dare you…You little fruitcake. You little fruitcake. I said you are a fruitcake”
    –former Rep. Peter Stark (D-CA) after former Rep. Scott McInnis (R-CO) told him to “shut up” amid a legislative dispute

    “Winnie the Pooh seems to me to be a fundemental text on national security”
    –Obama foreign policy adviser Richard Danzig

    “Let me be absolutely clear. Israel is a good friend of Israel’s.”
    –President Obama

    I know. Sheesh, some of this stuff is insane. The quotes are weird. I don’t like the ones about Sarah though. Awful. I wanted to puke. 

    I like the Winnie the Pooh quote the best :) 

  • Michael

    What the heck is Neil Cavuto’s problem with Sarah Palin. He is becoming Bill O’Reilly. Repeating the same old memes. Cavuto stood for the forces against Palin speaking. He is a disgrace.

  • Nancy6

    Congratulations, Firelight!

  • Michael

    I wonder if FoxNews will keep off the air until Romney invites her.

  • Michael

    What a difference a week makes Romney has alienated Palin supporters. There seemed to be a thawing of relations towards Romney at the big site but not anymore. The Palin supporters are ticked. I know they Romneybots see all the Palin sites and our tweets and no they have alienate Palin supporters and Sarah Palin. If they don’t make it right and they pick a lackluster choice like Portman or Pawlenty it is over and Palin and all of us can get in gear for 2016.  

  • blackbird

    One for the late night bluesers The Fabulous Thunderbirds – Tuff Enough

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