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Welcome To The Weekend – UPDATED

Morning all!

What does everyone have planned for the weekend?  We’ve had non-stop 100 degree days for several weeks and today’s high is suppose to be 75 so I’m happy.  We will be watching the Women’s LPGA Open and relaxing.

I admit that I am politically bored right now.  Romney is not inspiring and Obama is well, Obama.  There isn’t much going on and there isn’t much we can do about anything anyway.


Another subpoena

Take em off… take em all off…

Yep, lots of grumbling here…

You’d think after campaigning for 7 years there would be no quandry

Romney’s Dewey Moment

Umm… I’m pretty sure they were wanting an improvement to staff when they grumbled… while easy on the eyes, this guy is not, not, not an improvement…

This is brilliance! Give this person a medal.

Woo Hoo, fly that sovereign flag…

Can we all just agree that he is a one trick blowhard?…

His humor will be missed…

Wow!!  This is such a coincidence… my 4 year old wants the same thing and he doesn’t have any money either!..

Whoa… I’m not sure I’m ok with this

Ooops… he might have a boycott

Heh… they needed a study to know this?…

I like any article with “bad ass founding father” in the title…

I like any article with “piss off” in the title…


Stop the presses… something I actually agree with Kraut on…

This is nothing new…



I prefer a spectacular implosion of the GOP and then a hostile takeover… I’m channeling Gordon Gecko… my hair looks great!

You don’t say… maybe we should at least trust him… I’m not feeling that either…

American twilight

My heart goes out to him… must be a tough task when you have no core and have flip flopped so much…

What about your two sons?…


Oh hell no

I’m pretty sure this isn’t the only thing he is confused about…

We’ll just have to fire them


OK everyone, have a great weekend.  I’ll update in the morning if there is anything exciting going on.  Go do something adventurous for yourself and nice for someone else.

  • LS as guest

    So Romney rearranges his flying monkeys.  They’ve all got GOP dirt and conservative blood on their stubby little primate hands.

    They’re so dripping with guilt that it’s in some ways easier that they’ve not reached out to the Palin wing of the party–at least they may have some sense of shame.

    • Gelston

      yay dirt

      • Nancy6

        LOL, Gelston!:)
        Good one!

  • cookboy

    Politically bored indeed. Seems that can only get worse. Still, we awaken each day and look out the window. I ain’t expectin’ any miracles, but I do believe in ’em.

    • suehimel

       You and Firelight just live in the wrong state.  Here in NE we have an exciting Rep nominee for US Senate in Deb Fischer!  My state legislative district has an open seat and it looks like a very popular former high school principal (Dem) is going down to defeat by another grassroots Rep with no money but lots of people knocking on doors.  My county and state GOP are being shaken up by the teaparty and grassroots conservatives who are tired of the establishment doing nothing and the old guard is not going down without a fight.  A very exciting time in NE politics.  I do admit if I only had the presidential race to rely on for excitement I’d be yawning along with you both.

      • hrh40

        McMahon provides the only excitement over here.

        And she may turn out to be Scott Brown, who knows?

        But Chris Shays already is, so I guess you go with the unknown and hope for the best …

      • senator20526

        Our Tea Party state Senator just got a free ride thru the general election…his Repub. primary opponent just pulled out of the race…and he has no Demoncrat opponent…He was the local leader of the Colorado River Tea Party here in Yuma….This is a big deal here……we had our districts re-drawn, which includes part of Phoenix, 200 miles away….

      • Firelight

        Sue – I do think that is a big part of it. My state’s major races were in 2010.  We just don’t have much going on this time around. Coffman will win again so I’m not worried there and the POTUS race is a yawn.

      • 99Dual99Citizan99

        Please help me out suehimel, as I am trying to figure out, what state is NE. Sorry, I just don’t know.

        • suehimel

           Nebraska – Sorry, I know there are people from all over the world who participate on Sarah Palin web sites so I shouldn’t use so many abbreviations.

    • Lipstick

       We got Cruz here in Texas. He is pretty exciting!

      • suehimel

         Aren’t polls showing him ahead of Dewhurst now?  I need to send him another donation.

    • indemind

      Cook…  Super Post!


  • Lipstick

    I am so cool!

    Now that my new AC unit is installed…..

  • JLAdevelop

    I am bored politically as well with Sarah off the political radar. Kind of lost my excitement and focus on elections. Sarah’s focus seems to be on family at this time, not politics. It was mentioned that it is salmon season in Alaska and she is likely with the family business catching food for the lower 48. Todd and Bristol have reality TV shows this summer. And Sarah is having a blast with kids and grandkids. I am glad she is enjoying life and facing fewer slings and arrows. 


    Mitt “not inspiring”?!?…….he’s inspired me to be really, really po’d at him, the gope and their ridiculous political strategy of talking only about the economy and not caring that they’re angering the conservative base.

    -Kevin Madden….seriously?!?…..The greatest leaders are judged by how well they know their limitations
    and especially by who their most trusted advisers and confidants are.
    This just gives me yet one more reason not to vote for Romney.

    -You’re right firelight…ANOTHER subpoena….why do I feel another EO coming our way?

    -Some conservatives are grumbling…but too many conservatives are also making excuses and rationalizing for Mitt……trying to find a silver lining with every gaff.

    -Firelight, that “Dewey Moment” article is terrific and couldn’t be more accurate.
    -“blowhard”….firelight, you are a much nicer person than I. :)

    -a boycott would be terrific ♥…..all who “boycott” can just go right down the road a piece. I hear a party is a brewing at the “Channelside Mall”.

    -It looks like Mr Forsmark and I think alike…..the #1 “badass” IS Washington. ♥

    -I don’t agree with SE Cupp very often, but I do here. I’ve said this from the moment Ann Romney said it….there’s no way in heck Mitt will even think about a woman VP…’s just tooo controversial for Mitt’s team. sheeesh.

    -CK at least is right about Mitt “not deserving to win”. Just what has Mitt actually done?….nothing….Obama’s doing all the work for him.

    Great round up firelight. ♥♥

  • clyde

    -Some conservatives are grumbling…but too many conservatives are also
    making excuses and rationalizing for Mitt……trying to find a silver
    lining with every gaff.
    ALL conservatives are grumbling, some are just louder than others.
    The talk radio pundits, in the end, are just GOP cheerleaders.
    As in 2008, we are left with a nominee whose main qualification is “he’s better than the Dem”
    I pity my friends in the battleground states who will have to vote for Mitt.
    As a resident of a dark blue state, I will have the luxury of a write-in vote for Sarah.
    Lucky me.


      I live in Illinois… I have the luxury of not voting for Mitt….twice even. 😉

  • Bill589

    Too many things I miss now not dreaming of a President Sarah Palin.
    I just saw again a picture of Putin sitting next to Obama. What a mismatch.
    A real world leader next to a media prop.
    To me it’s embarrassing. But then, ‘Mittens’ won’t be any better.
    A real world leader next to hollow man. 

    Now Putin sitting next to and dealing with ‘The Huntress’ – that would be a match up.
    A real world leader next to the real free world leader.
    We know who won last time this happened.

    • 99Dual99Citizan99

      Wanted to say thank you Bill589 for your continuing support of Sarah Palin. It hasn’t gone unnoticed and I wanted to thank you for your support.

  • blackbird

    Good afternoon everyone. Excellent news roundup Firelight, Thanks. Was watching the news and reading some of the folks here talking about the heat wave, and got a little confused at the ‘Take em off… take em all off…’ link :-)

    I wish the guy had stood his ground and stated to Christie ‘are you threatening me Governor?’

    “…we try to convey a lot of important information with these signs… That is what I thought the hacker was doing, what could be more important.

    The Dewey article is a good read.
    I got a weird music video here, I do not know how to describe it so here it is OK Go – Needing/Getting  –

  • 99Dual99Citizan99

    Thank Gosh for TENCOLE. I live in Canada and have the luxury of not voting for Mitt Romney, P-E-R-I-O-D. However, I am a naturalized American and would vote for Sarah Palin.

  • blackbird

    Sometimes when I am watching the Governor in an interview I wonder how did Sarah Palin get here and how she still remains here, I mean a Mother of 5 from school teacher parents, husband Todd Palin a Yupik Eskimo, former Governor of all places Alaska, how in the world did Sarah Palin get to be one of the most influential Women in America and what’s more surprising how is she still more influential now considering how both political parties and the media from day one have tried to bring her down, it defies all reasoning.

    There is something about the Governor I do not know what it is, that folks would line up for days in the freezing cold to get her to sign their book, and I would be one of those in the line.

    I was over at American Grizzlies United and came across 2 links I would like to post:

    The Grizzly Doctrine: A Crib Sheet –

    AGU Citizen Activism Guide –

    • 99Dual99Citizan99

      A great post, blackbird and if you don’t know, “What it is” please allow me to state, in my humble opinion, “What it is.”

      Firstly, Sarah Palin is one of us or at least what we would like to be. That is well-mannered, mother of five, grandmother of two and the same husband for the last two decades.

      Secondly,I believe, Sarah Palin has the “it” factor. Kinda hard to explain what “it “is but I’m with you on this one, blackbird.

      Thirdly,in my opinion, Sarah Palin has charisma. For me charisma means grace, charm and beauty and these are the reasons,” that folks would line up for days in the freezing cold to get her to sign their book, and I would be one of those in the line.”

      • blackbird

        Hi 99Dual99Citizan99, thanks for your post. Yes the Governor is special although don’t tell her that or she will frowningly bite her lip. One day Sarah Palin will be a Great President.

        • 99Dual99Citizan99

          Your post was well deserved, blackbird. Must say I really like the expression,”she will frowningly bite her lip.” Yes, you say it better than I, blackbird.

          • blackbird

            The Governor is so humble, I guess that’s the result of a Servant’s Heart.

            • 99Dual99Citizan99

              The Governor is not the only one who is humble. I mean “Servant”s Heart.” My o my, blackbird, I’m going to have to come to you when looking for help about Sarah Palin.

  • 99Dual99Citizan99

    I believe that there is only one combination for America and the world and that is Sarah Palin for President and Allen West for Vice-President.

    • lonestar

      This would be a winning combination for America and the world.  Sadly, it isn’t gonna happen.

      • Gelston

        deleted by gelston

      • 99Dual99Citizan99

        Thank you very much for your comment lonestar. You may be right but I’m still wishin’. Without, “putting you on the spot” lonestar, what is gonna happen?

        • Gelston

          we should go over to Nanaimo on the ferry and forget our troubles.
          high of 82 in Gastown today. Sounds nice.

          • blackbird

            LOL! Gelston, I am coming wait for me. Had to look up Nanaimo, dubbed the ‘Bathtub Racing Capital of the World’,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_qf.,cf.osb&biw=1920&bih=882&q=Nanaimo&um=1&ie=UTF-8&hq=&hnear=0x5488a15e20ac1c5b:0x50135152a7b0fd0,Nanaimo,+BC,+Canada&sa=X&ei=qgT5T6KbCIX68gT2-8zpBg&ved=0CJQBELYD

            • 99Dual99Citizan99

              Very good blackbird. That is Nanaimo dubbed the ” Bathtub Racing Capital of the World.” The question is of course, blackbird,’ What other city would be crazy enough to have a bathtub race?”

              • blackbird

                I suppose somewhere with lots of ice, but that’s a good question 99Dual99Citizan99, oh wait maybe Newfoundland?

                • 99Dual99Citizan99

                  Newfoundland, well, maybe.However, if one wants ice, how about Quebec City in January during the Winter Festival.

            • Gelston

              OH come on! Be A little Classier than that! It’s the hometown of Diana krall,

              • blackbird

                Indeed Gelston :-) I did not know Mrs Krall is from Nanaimo, I have some of her music but must admit have not listened to her, ok I am listening to ‘A Blossom Fell’.

                • 99Dual99Citizan99

                  Don’t feel bad, blackbird as that Gelston is hard to beat on trivia. However, here is some trivia, just for you and me he might not know anything about. Every year, here in the Vancouver area, Mrs.Krall has a special for her dear mother who passed away from a blood disease. I believe, Mrs. Kralls mother passed away in the Vancouver General Hospital. We got him on that one. Perhaps, the only piece of trivia the guy doesn’t know, unless, of course, it’s the birthplace of Dianah Washington

              • 99Dual99Citizan99

                You are right again, Gelston. Boy, how can I stump this guy? Let’s see………………

          • 99Dual99Citizan99

             As you know Gelston, being from Yakima, these are the summer months in the Pacific Northwest and yes, we are already complaining about the 25 Celsius or 82. To be blunt Gelston, I usually cheat to find the “real” temperature. I take the Celsius, double it and add 30 to get the “real” temperature. I figure 80 is close enough. As a result, I have held many weatherman jobs. I believe that was an old Bob Newhart joke.

        • lonestar

          Romney will pick someone even duller than he is.  I am starting to believe many people will get into the voting booth and decide they had enough of barry’s destruction/incompetence and vote for the alternative.  I’m pretty sure that is what Romney is counting on.
          Why else is DOJ challenging every voter ID law?

          • 99Dual99Citizan99

            Thanks for the time lonestar.Perhaps, you can now see why I am still wishin’ when you state,” I am starting to believe many people will get into the voting booth and decide they had enough of barry’s destruction/incompetence and vote for the alternative.”

            America needs more than 50 million of these folks.  Yikes, oh well, “hope springs eternal.”

  • Gelston

    I found this gem in Investor’s Business daily with the help of a tweet from the Baraccuda Brigade.

    80,000 people got jobs last month.
    275,000 applied for disability

    “”In other words, the number of new disability enrollees has climbed 19% faster than the number of jobs created during the sluggish recovery. (Even after accounting for people who left the disability program because they died or aged into retirement, disability ranks have climbed more than 1.1 million in the past three years.)
    And the disability ranks will continue to swell. In just the last month, almost 275,000 put in applications for disability benefits. Experts say that more people try to get on disability when jobs are scarce, and changes to eligibility rules enacted back in 1984 have made it far easier to qualify””

    • 99Dual99Citizan99

      Some very interesting stats; Gelston and thank you for taking the time to post them. Even if I take the people who got jobs last month and double that figure and add 30,000, I am not even close to the number of people, who applied for disability.

  • blackbird

    for all the late night bluesers Joe Bonamassa – Blues Deluxe I wish I knew what he was saying LOL! but he sure can play.

    • 99Dual99Citizan99

      Thanks for the post,blackbird. Classic example, of learning something new every day. Must admit, I have never heard of Joe Bonamassa before. Wow, he sure can play. However, if you want to understand the words, you have to come over to my generation,LOL! ! ! !

      • blackbird

        I like this music video 99Dual99Citizan99, it’s a remake of The Who’s song My Generation hope you enjoy it The Zimmers “My Generation”

        • 99Dual99Citizan99

          Thank you so much for this video. There is hope after all. Thanks for the time, blackbird.

          • blackbird

             Thank you too 99Dual99Citizan99.

  • blackbird

    I guess I did not know how much MSNBC rubbed off on you Miss. Cupp till the Lying comment.

    • clyde

      I must have missed this.
      What did Cupp say?

      • BostonBruin

        She accused Ann Romney of lying when Ann said they were considering a female for VP.

        • section9

          Cupp was probably just calling it as it is. Ann Romney is peddling BS and she knows it. Mittens just sent her out to calm the Republican Women’s Clubs. Romney hates Palin like poison, and doesn’t have the gravitas to pick her again and unify the party for the fall the way Jack Kennedy buried the hatchet with LBJ in 1960. And this talk about Condi Rice is just that, talk. Rice hates elective politics and is too closely tied to Bushtard.

          Nope, he’ll pick Portman or Jindal.

          I wish I were wrong, of course, but for me to be wrong, Romney would have to be someone other than Romney.

          • blackbird

            Hi section9, I agree with the sentiment that it’s unlikely that Romney will pick a Woman for VP but Miss. Cupp calling Ann Romney a lair tell’s much, did anyone really expect Mrs. Romney to say any different? the fact is that S.E’s comment was nothing more that her sucking up to the liberals with a contemptuous back handed insult towards Mrs. Romney. Just my 2 cents section9.

            • Firelight

              She did walk it back to make sure people understood that she wasn’t being literal but this it was a good fib more in the line with good PR.  I get what you are saying though.

              • LS as guest

                A good fib in that it is hard to disprove such a claim about such a secret process.

            • LS as guest

              So you just expect that Mrs. Romney should promote this very likely complete untruth–and therefore it shouldn’t be considered a lie?

              If Mrs. Romney is going to get down and dirty making such claims, I don’t see why special spousal deference should be extended to her.

              • blackbird

                “Mrs. Romney should promote” she was asked a question.

                Hi LS, do you know for certain that Ann Romney is lying when she said: “We’ve been looking at that, and I love that option as well. There are a lot of people that Mitt is considering right now.” and is that comment proof that she is some kind of ‘down and dirty’ person.

                What would you have her say?

                I like S.E but she stepped into the MSNBC cesspool with that one, and walked it back only after Toure was surprised and commented on it.

                We have to disagree on this one L.S.

  • Bill589

    Late last summer, my large, GOP, extended family were still believing many of the lies against Sarah – never by the Dems of course, but the lies by the GOP – and thought she might be well meaning but gaffe-prone and lesser capable. And as the great GOPe face Rove said, she is ‘not worth snot.’

    Anyway, many in my family started with first recognizing Sarah’s authenticity around Thanksgiving, and admired that about her, especially compared to Mitt. (We’re New Englanders and upper state New Yorkers; we all know Mitt Romney, and since we’re basically constitutional conservatives, we do not like him.)

    Maybe while wondering how in the world we ever got stuck nominating Mitt, and then after stumbling through discoveries of Sarah’s record and capabilities, many have just recently reached what I think is called a ‘gestalt’ about her.

    Now, for the first time in almost 4 years, they understand that their trusted GOPe have beared false witness against Sarah Palin, and she is in fact a proven, capable, constitution loving, politician.

    The exact person they were looking for to nominate. I’m saying the change in view of Sarah Palin is markedly evident in a large part of my extended family, through generations, and it is all positive.

    Maybe my family are not the only conservatives recently coming to this truthful conclusion about Sarah. The more knowing the truth, about both the GOPe and Sarah, the better. Her Facebook ‘likes’ rising is more evidence that this may be happening.

    “Rumor travels faster, but it don’t stay put as long as truth.” – Will Rogers

    During another 4 or 8 years of Sarah bashing I believe the lies will wear thin. They work for a while, but it is truth that is eternal.   I believe we will have a President Sarah Palin; maybe not as soon as I was hoping, but when we do – our beloved republic wins.

    Pray for her safety and success.

    • pete4palin

      The 2012 election cycle will determine our health care (and budget) future.  Now is the time for our conservative leaders to step up and take the lead.
      We could all sign a decolaration of independence proclamation against the establishment and have it read to the delegets and press at Tampa.  It’s not too late to do something.  Palinistas do not give up!
      If we work together and not try to censure one another like on other sites….  anything is possible. Faith can move mountains.  Romney and company are just little mole hills!   

    • blackbird

      Bill, I would wager to bet you played a part in the turning around of their perception.

      I never heard of gestalt before “A holistic perception of something – seeing it as a whole”

  • M_Minnesota

    Happy weekend P4A!

    Cross posted C4P

    Don’t know if a well funded Medical free market Advocates could take the music (Who owns the rights to the Beatles “When I’m 64?” song) And make a saterical.realistic commercial on what will happen to people under Obamacare/ORommneycare.

  • blackbird

    I know Erickson is no supporter of the Governor far from it, but as I was reading ‘Maybe We Really Do Need a Third Party’ I got the feeling he wanted to write Sarah Palin.

    There is only one, one politician in America with the skill and ability that can inspire the folks to rise up and throw off the shackles of the old propaganda machine and the corrupt political representatives to successfully rekindle the lamp of Liberty.

    • section9

      Erickson is one of those guys who started out in the right place but was compromised over time. RedState was bought by Eagle Publishing and is now basically one of the mouthpieces of the Conservative “Establishment”, the same kind of people who bought out Townhall, etc..

      I mean, Erickson probably likes Palin, but only as a cheerleader. Erickson’s job is as an opinion molder for TPTB on the right. It actually took some guts for him to right that column.

  • blackbird

    I like Mark, he certainly has a way with words.

    From weaselzippers: “The needle on the bulls**t detector just snapped off” LOL! reminded of Mark Levin’s observation “He (Obama) doesn’t even know he sounds like an idiot”

    You know, that is something I always wondered about, the things Obama says, does he not realize  they are recording him?

    • 99Dual99Citizan99

      Yes, blackbird, I believe Obama realizes they are recording him. I also believe that Obama is not in “over his head” but actually believes some of his own rhetoric.

      I also think, this election will determine in what “direction the U.S. will head.” This is why I am in agreement with you when you state, “There is only one, one politician in America with the skill and ability that can inspire the folks to rise up and throw off the shakles of the old propaganda machine and the corrupt political representatives to successfully rekindle the lamp of Liberty.”

      Very well done, blackbird and I know, I couldn’t have said it as well. I know sometimes it seems hopeless. However, don’t forget:

      1) ” God works in mysterious ways.”

      2) ” Hope springs eternal.”

      3) “It’s not over, ’til it’s over

      • blackbird

        Hi 99Dual99Citizan99, thanks for the post, it reminded me of this story.

        Hut Burning

        The only survivor of a shipwreck was washed up on a small, uninhabited island. He prayed feverishly for God to rescue him, and every day he scanned the horizon for help, but none seemed forthcoming. Exhausted, he eventually managed to build a little hut out of driftwood to protect him from the elements, and to store his few possessions.

        But then one day, after scavenging for food, he arrived home to find his little hut in flames, the smoke rolling up to the sky. The worst had happened; everything was lost. He was stunned with grief and anger. “God, how could you do this to me!” he cried.

        Early the next day, however, he was awakened by the sound of a ship that was approaching the island. It had come to rescue him. “How did you know I was here?” asked the weary man of his rescuers. “We saw your smoke signal,” they replied.

        It is easy to get discouraged when things are going bad, but we shouldn’t lose heart, because God is at work in our lives, even in the midst of pain and suffering. So remember, next time your little hut is burning to the ground, it just may be a smoke signal that summons the grace of God.

        • 99Dual99Citizan99

          A very interesting post, blackbird. Thank you for sharing it with the site.

        • LS as guest


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