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Bring It On Thursday

Good morning everyone!

So yesterday was a very good day for freedom, the first amendment and good food.  It was not a good day for chickens… just sayin… The Chick-fil-A closest to me was pretty much packed with long lines until closing time at which they were out of food anyway.

Wow, was the national media shocked, LMAO!  This appreciation day was a 100% online movement.  I think the cable news networks thought it would just be a few restaurants but when it was almost every Chick-fil-A across the country including in the most liberal areas like…gasp… Chicago, the media was at a loss for words.

I’m so excited that Gov. Palin is doing another rally/BBQ this Friday night!  I feel young again with these exciting Friday night schedules, lol!  It is usually popcorn, pjs, and family movie night for us. Well, it still is but now I get to have my laptop with me to listen and post what video I can. I still have kids sitting and climbing on me while I type but when do I not have that?

Hopefully, we can get Ryan or Justin to Ustream the event again.



News roundup:

WooHoo!! Friday night lights will be Sarah & Sarah smoking some BBQ in the Show Me state…

CBS interviews Ted Cruz…

“Sarah, I’m with you sista!”

Mr. Firelight loves this article… political venture capital…

Yeah baby… “Palin holds the pulse”…

Rush makes it clear… Palin was not the mistake on the ticket…

First conservative conversation… next, the world… bwaaa haaa haaa…

O.M.G. Even the LA Times is smarter than the GOP establishment…

He, he, he…  I could watch this part over and over…

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3

You’ve been warned

WTF? Oklahomans have enough beetles around there they sure as heck don’t need to be saving some random annoying beetle instead of a pipeline.  Just ask any Oakie you find…

So it’s safe to say our “top deputies” are not our best and brightest…

This is wrong on so many levels our government should hang their heads in shame…

Exactly! No representation, no taxation…

Reason number 476 why Obama can’t have a second term…

Could they be more inept?…

It may only be symbolic but at least it is something…

This is a start…

I will kiss the person who gets the House to vote to hold Salazar in contempt…  Salazar is a corrupt embarrassment to Colorado…

This sounds right… I think all other names being floated are just fluff…

I just can’t stand the hate… as I hate… and as I hate some more… on innocent people who are nothing but nice… give this girl a raise… what an absolute moron…

I’m shocked I tell you… utterly shocked


Have a great day everyone.  Do something nice for someone else!


  • 99Dual99Citizan99

    That’s the kind of attitude, I like. Thank you for your precious time, Firelight.

  • section9

    I see that it appears to be We Kicked Ass Thursday, as well.

    In the words of a great movie character, “You’re doing great, kid! Don’t get cocky!”

    • Firelight

      What?  The little dog was feeling it this morning and the rino had it coming :)

  • section9

    Speaking of knives in the back, what’s all this skullduggery I’m reading about over at C4P from our friend from the Brunner Campaign who dropped in to dump on the Palin/Steelman picnic.

    Did Brunner actually dump on Palin during Tucson? There was so much of that going on, I didn’t see that tree in the forest.

    There could be some bad blood goin’ on down heah!

    • Firelight

      He dissed her then and a few times since then.  He threw a fit publicly after she endorsed Steelman questioning Palin’s conservative bona fides and judgement.

      After what he said about her and Tuscon the guy was stupid enough to think he had a chance at getting her endorsement.  Men that think that way have no business being in office.

  • Bean Counter

    Mornin’ y’all. Slowly re-entering the universe after an aggravating unforced error. Been unplugged from most goings on for about a week, but from what I can gather — Cheney really is a Dick, Texas gave GOP, Inc. a huge middle finger, and Chik Fil A became the first successful example of the left’s vaunted economic stimulus. There’s not a Chik Fil A in my hood and they don’t deliver, so I’ll have to make my contribution over the weekend. I plan to get a lot of gift cards and hand them out to whiny liberals. If they don’t cash them in, fine with me, as the company already has the money and won’t have to deduct the cost of the meal. An easy way to made an additional contribution to the cause.

    Today is primary day in TN. I’m going to attempt to go vote, although there’s absolutely no state or local race that is exciting at all. I’ll either do an ‘eenie, meenie, miney, mo’ thing or just vote against every incumbent. We have open primaries, so I may get a democrat ballot and see if I can inflict a little mischief.

    Y’all have fun and be careful out there.

  • Nancy6

    I read over at C4P the Chuck Heath thread: I will be seeing you in 2 hours….tick, tock, lady! Tick. Tock!:)
    Hey, how did we miss that Romney was gonna be up in Golden at noon today? Why are we not rushing up there to bask in his awesomeness?:)

    • Firelight

      See, I missed this post because I was busy yaking with you, lol!

      I figured the place Mittens was speaking at could only handle so much awesomeness at once and it simply couldn’t handle him AND the two of us.  I also heard a rumor that he doesn’t like to be overshadowed by Mama Grizzlies and they would see us and our awesomeness coming from at least a few miles away.  :)

  • Janne Myrdal

    Firelight, – I just love your description of your friday nights and motherhood.  So relate.  That is what life is really about, and frankly, those who say they are to busy to help out in restoring America (“Revive, restore and reform” SP) don’t have a clue how busy we all are with LIFE like the kind you describe.  Basketball, work, family, food, dishes, legislation, rallies, tea parties, vaccuming, paying bills, school shopping, ……….. Oh, the joy of it all!    Game On!

  • blackbird

    Buongiorno everyone. Awesome news roundup as always Firelight. I like the new header.

    • Guest

       Buon giorno. Come sta? Sto bene!

  • Guest


    I am so thankful that we have you in Colorado to keep us informed of what is occurring there. I truly believe that Axelrod is one giant step ahead of the Mittbot dorks for the simple fact that he sent his son there several years ago.

    I anxiously await any tiny morsel of info that you are able to grace us with.

  • hrh40

    1. Bummer, I had a meeting and missed Rush’s defense of Palin.

    Bummer, I was back in time to hear his lackluster support of Palin when SonofTed called in.

    Rush has been on my down list these past several months – especially pushing Freedomworks, but it’s nice to see he had the guts to take Palin’s side re Cheney.

    2. The LATimes disagrees with Rush, too, who said the VP selection doesn’t matter. Although he did give Palin props by saying she did matter. Not on board with Condi Rice though and the internal logic of the article doesn’t hold up either. His point is that VPs matter to move swing states a few percentage points. Condi Rice doesn’t do that anywhere. But Allen West could help in Florida.

    3. Love, love, love the Schweizer article re cronyism: We’re seeing Palin’s 2016 platform specifics, cuz Romney ain’t goin’ there noway nohow. Verbally, sure, but physically? No way. Not if his deleting state records and hiding his bundlers is any indication.

    4. But will we get a pick of the kiss re Salazar contempt vote?

    5. Huh. Went to watch the hater video and “this video has been removed by the user.” Heard about it on twitter and was going to watch. Oh well. Guess it’s good I’ll avoid some hate today. :)

    Great roundup, Fire!

    • MiBones

      Concerning Rush.
      Sarah and Rush are both fighting for the same
      thing. His is a broader focus exposing liberal ideology. Sarah’s in the
      trenches fighting to get qualified people elected to change the course
      of the House and Senate. I believe he deliberately tries to stay out of
      the inter party conflicts, (Sarah not being asked to the convention or
      VP), because his job is to expose the hypocrisy of the left. Romney
      needs all the help he can get, even if he does not ask for it. This is
      where Rush comes in. Who else has a national platform for exposing the
      liberal mindset? I am sure Rush knows we have Sarah’s back and trusts
      that we can get our part of the job done getting qualified people
      elected to the House and Senate. Rush is staying on the course he has
      set for himself since the beginning of his show 24 years ago exposing
      the Democratic/Liberal mind.

      • hrh40

        Except he doesn’t limit it to exposing the Dems/Libs.

        He actually endorses not vetting Romney anymore. He defends Romney in areas where I don’t think Rush really knows his record. And if he does, shame on him for ignoring it.

        If he agrees that it’s an Anybody but Obama election, by all means, keep the focus on how bad Obama is.

        But defending Romney when he doesn’t really deserve it is where Rush loses me.

        • MiBones

           I believe Rush has always said anybody but Obama and unless we have a miracle, Romney is the only candidate we have. WE have less then a hundred days before the election, therefore, Rush defends Romney. I agree with you on his tepid response concerning Sarah and all I can say is we need to keep both Rush and Romney’s feet to the fire.

    • Firelight

      If they vote Salazar in contempt of Congress.. you can pick who I kiss, lol!

      Yes, the hater video wimped out but I think Scoop got a copy of it. He doesn’t allow embeds so I can’t re-embed it but you might be able to watch it there.  He is a real jerk.

  • hrh40

    Love the Don’t Tread on Me header.

    • Firelight

      Thanks, I’m still tweeking it. It isn’t very polished but I’m working on it.  I’ll get it right at some point!

  • RefudiateGOPe

    I’m surprised there hasn’t been a lot of discussion regarding Governor Palin’s comments regarding “burying hatchets”, “extending olive branches”, and her relationship with Romney.

    We all know Sarah isn’t stupid.  Those statements were for one reason only:  to stop the media from using a feud between her and Romney as a distraction to all of Obama’s failures.  As Barney Fife would say, “Nip it in the bud”.  That’s exactly what she did.  She knows exactly what the Romney camp thinks of her and she knows exactly what some of the people in the Romney camp did to her.  I doubt that she will ever forgive or forget, but she won’t give the media the opportunity to use a Romney-Palin feud as fodder for their attacks on the Republican Party.

    I’m hopeful that she doesn’t speak at the convention.  Her absence will do far more to strengthen the Tea Party movement than a 15-20 minute speech at the convention.  Her absence from the convention will elevate her and diminish Romney in the eyes of the people who count.

    • section9

      Palin’s twin objectives are to gain a Senate Majority and remove Obama from the White House, thus taking revenge on Obama for his participation in the conspiracy to suborn her Administration in 2009. 

      If she has to bury the hatchet with Romney to do that, she will do that. She is a practical politician. She has waited for the Romney people to come ’round to her and her patience has paid off. They are starting to see reason.

      The Bush Clan, not so much. But they have their own agenda.

      She is young. The Presidency can wait. Destroying Obama comes first to her.

      • blackbird

         Sarah Palin, Born: February 11, 1964 (age 48)

    • IsraeliCojones

      I’m hopeful that she doesn’t speak at the convention.  Her absence will do far more to strengthen the Tea Party movement than a 15-20 minute speech at the convention.  Her absence from the convention will elevate her and diminish Romney in the eyes of the people who count.

      I’m torn on this: I think the main reason why Romney doesn’t want her to speak is that he doesn’t want to give her a national audience which would count in millions for sure (even the Dems would watch her). And if she’s hitting it out of the park, it will mean trouble for him in 2016…

      • ProudAmerican247

        “And if she’s hitting it out of the park, it will mean trouble for him in 2016…”

        Not to mention, cause him extreme embarrassment at the Tampa Convention party.

        • Gelston

          I heard he has already filed for 2016, 2020, 2024, 2028, 2032, and 2036.
          She is trouble in all of those years.

        • IsraeliCojones

           You mean if she’s more cheered than him? Yes it may be embarrassing for him, but I think he sees further than that…

          • ProudAmerican247


            But at the moment, Mittens, likin’ everything perfect, wouldn’t want Palin upstaging him. When she speaks, she delivers the goods. Don’t think he wants that momentus occasion to stick in the delegates’ minds, (maybe even second guessing themselves about nominating Mittens). Palin’s ’08 convention speech rocked the house and will go down in history as one of the most electrifying convention speeches of all time.

            P.S. It left Andrea Mitchell nearly speechless, didn’t know what hit her, when Sarah was done. 😉

            It’s an EGO thing with Mittens.  JMO

            • Firelight

              I actually think that is an easy fix, if Romney wants to utilize Palin to ignite and energize the base, bring unity and really inject that excitement that only she can do… he should give her the opening keynote speech on Monday or Tuesday night.

              Let her start the whole convention off with a bang and get everyone juiced up. Yet there is enough time and speeches between her and Thursdays nomination that she won’t overshadow him if the event is run properly.  It’s all in the planning.

              Mitt’s ego is huge but he wants to win more than anything and if he thinks having her on his side will bring that win, he will let her speak.

              • ProudAmerican247

                “…there is enough time and speeches between her and Thursdays nomination that she won’t overshadow him if the event is run properly.”

                Spot on, Firelight.

                It’s all in the planning.

                Let’s see how smart and calculating Mittens is.

              • Patrick_Skacel

                I like your idea.  I still think she would overshadow him somewhat, but there’s no way to totally avoid that.  The media will make her part of the story of Convention week no matter what happens, so Romney should just let her give a good speech and suck it up. 

                In fact, as I think your comment essentially implies, he should not only let her open the convention on Monday, he should make it known throughout the week how appreciative he is to her for getting the thing started off right.  Never let up that he thinks she did an awesome job, make jokes about how hard she will be to follow, even after three days, etc. 

                He should just be man enough to accept the reality that she has certain skills he doesn’t, and to turn that to his advantage.  But unfortunately, he’s an egotistical moron, so I don’t think it will play out that way. 


                • Firelight

                  Exactly, who better than to walk out on stage and say “let’s get this party started” and set the tone for the whole week.

                  You are right, there is no getting rid of her star power completely but to put some distance between their speeches and put some likely boring speeches in between too will help. 

              • blackbird

                If I were advising Romney I would suggest he pick up the phone and ask Sarah to give the keynote address.

              • LS as guest

                A good idea, yes.

                But I can’t see the guy who had his flying monkeys inside the McCain campaign trying to sabotage her in ’08 and to this day has them trashing her to the press as ‘anonymous sources close to the Romney campaign’ turning around and making her part of his convention.Oh, if she had said yes to their query/quasi-invite, he’d have had her on for 15 minutes at 4 PM on Monday afternoon, but a real, featured slot in prime time?I just can’t see it.

                • Firelight

                  I didn’t say he would do it, I just said this notion that she will overshadow him is an easy fix.  From an event planning standpoint at least.  From Romney’s ego, probably not so much.

                  The only thing I can hope for is that his desire to win is bigger than his hatred for her.

      • hrh40


        It will mean trouble for him in 2012.

        And if he wins, in 2013, 2014, 2015 resulting yes, ultimately, in BIG TROUBLE for him in 2016.

        Because, as you know from Palin’s record, she is UNAFRAID to expose corruption within her party.

        Even. If. She’s. Holding. An. Appointed. Position. Within. an. Administration. Held. by. Her. Party.

        See: the AOGCC, Randy Ruedrich, and Frank Murkowski.

        IOW, If Mitt Romney thinks he’ll use the Team of Rivals strategy and keep his enemies closer by appointing Palin, he better understand what he’s getting into.

        IF Romney wins, he better be on the up and up. Because neither Palin nor the Tea Party will let him get away with unethical though legal behavior.


        For starters:

        Who are your bundlers, Mitt Romney?

        • IsraeliCojones

          The rest, I get. But why:

          It will mean trouble for him in 2012.

          If Palin speaks, it will be to unify the Party in order to defeat Obama. I don’t see how it spells trouble for Romney in 2012 (unless you’re speaking about her agenda for Congress – which is already settled anyway, whether she speaks or not at the Convention).

          • hrh40

            In 2012, during his president-elect period (And his transition team leader is already trouble, you know, the guy who has personally benefited financially from Obamacare’s state exchanges and loves em!?).

            Who will he appoint to his cabinet?

            Palin already asked Romney to surround himself with conservative advisors. He hasn’t done so yet.

            I read that he just hired a former Fannie Mae VP?


            Once he’s elected, we need to start holding him accountable in his president-elect period when he formulates his staff.

            Personnel is policy.

            And based on his staff so far, his policy ain’t lookin’ so hot.

            • IsraeliCojones

              Ah, hence you were speaking of November and December in case of victory?

              If he wins, she’ll begin to kick his butt right away…

              • hrh40


                Of course, I don’t know what Palin will do specifically.

                But I know what I as a tea partier will do. :)

  • hrh40
  • ProudAmerican247

    “I will tell you, though. It’s cracking me up watching what the Democrats, this idiotic strategy of theirs, to have Elizabeth Warren, who has almost confessed to her Marxist views. These views that replicate failed European countries about redistribution of wealth, you know, and all these failed policies and she is going to be the face of that message in the convention.” – Sarah Palin

    The Charlotte Comedy Hour runs Sept.3 thru the 6th.

    • BostonBruin

      This statement points out one of the reasons why it would be great to have SP speak at the GOP convention. Why not have her throw a few darts at the DNC’s key speaker the week before and burst their balloons?

      • ProudAmerican247

        “Why not have her throw a few darts at the DNC’s key speaker…”

        Excellent thought, Boston.

        I can hear the zingers now.

        This would be a golden opportunity for Mittens.

  • blackbird

    When the Governor stated in the Bolling interview their people was in contact with her people PAC quote on quote, I thought why doesn’t Romney pick up the phone and just call the Governor directly, maybe he hasn’t got his wind bearings sorted out, the weathervane hasn’t stopped yet I guess.

    also at first with the governor’s response ‘their people was in contact with my people’ before she said PAC I thought Romney’s people was coordinating with Piper, LOL!

  • 99Dual99Citizan99

    Both the front door and back door are open. Obviously, we trust you, we just want to verify, that’s all.

  • John_Frank

    @AGUGrizzlies: Volunteerism Works! (Or: A Fruitbasket 4 @SarahPalinUSA)

    A very heart warming story. People may want to spread the word through social media.

    P.S. Firelight, thanks for the great news round up.

    • blackbird

      Thanks John, a wonderful story “that’s why we support her so much…. she’s just like us”

  • 99Dual99Citizan99

    S.O.S. Could someone on the site please help me? What is the difference between a “swing state” and a “battleground state?’ I’m sorry, I just don’t know.

    • Firelight

      I don’t think there is a difference. I think they are the same but if they are not I would love for someone to educate the both of us!

      • 99Dual99Citizan99

        Thank you Firelight. I think you are right but I have heard both terms used.

      • Patrick_Skacel

        I would also love to know the difference between seltzer and club soda while we’re at it.

        • 99Dual99Citizan99

          I believe they are the same. I don’t think there is a difference, except as lonestar says, “it’s a word preference.”

    • lonestar

      There is no difference.  It is a word preference. Swing state, battleground state, or purple state, they’re the same thing.

      • 99Dual99Citizan99

        Thank you very much for your response,lonestar. Much appreciated.

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